Spectros (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Block Party

Zeca, are you okay? Wow Damn What happened? Just a sec.
I was driving.
We were looking for that dude.
- The Necromancer.
- Right.
You were driving Bandit.
With GPS from beyond the grave, no? I don't know how long I can stand being in this guy's head.
Keep getting directions, babe.
Did you just call me "babe"? No.
You're a real badass, you know? I don't know how you can stand it.
You're pretty brave.
"Brave" is not something I'm used to hearing.
Me neither.
What's that? - What? - You're bleeding.
What the? Let me see.
I don't even remember how that happened.
Ow! - Hold still.
- Ow! Ouch! Easy.
- Can I ask you something? - If it hurts? Remember when you said you'd had enough of self-loathing and wanted to be better for your own sake? When you say it like that, it sounds cheesy as fuck.
Well "Cheesy" is not always bad.
You reckon? Carla! Wake up! Leo is gone.
Carla! Where's Leo? Get out.
Where's Leo? Leo's gone.
Where the fuck is my brother? I don't know.
We were attacked.
- I think - You think? Guys, did you find the Necromancer or not? No, we didn't.
It must've been him.
Fuck! That son of a bitch took Leo.
I told you to look after him, you fucking idiot.
You look after him.
He's your brother.
- Are you mad? - Fuck! - Stop it! - I'll kill you! - This won't help.
- I can't lose my brother! We find the Necromancer, we find Leo.
Fuck the Necromancer! Fuck this whole thing! If my brother wasn't involved, he'd be at home watching TV.
We all knew the shit we were getting into - when we got in that car.
- He's a kid! I don't care if you want to die.
But not him.
Go fuck yourselves.
Pardal! Pardal! Pardal! We have to stick together.
- It'll be easier to find Leo.
- I'm sick of this.
I'm gonna find my brother.
How do you intend to do that? Wandering around the neighborhood? I don't know, but I can't just stand around.
You got a better idea? Are you going to ask that witch for help from the spirit world? Maybe she and my dad can help.
This is my problem.
I'll solve it myself.
Pardal! You think he's right? About what? That we're going to die.
Don't worry, Zeca.
Nobody's dying.
Nobody's dying.
Death is a possibility.
But it's too high a price to pay for freedom.
You again? Do you know what the name of this neighborhood means? Is it "the shithole I live in"? Try again.
"The shithole I'm leaving as soon as possible"? "Freedom"! Freedom from the past.
Freedom from a future in which, it is said, we're all doomed.
An unyielding future that drains your life like a rope around your neck.
You're Chaguinhas.
I read about you online.
A slave who fought for Brazil.
Unpaid, you protested and were sentenced to hang.
The rope broke twice.
It seemed like a miracle.
Chaguinhas, what happened after the rope broke a second time? The governor decided to use his own leather belt and finished the job himself.
What does this story have to do with you know, the ashes, the ghosts and all? Only you can decide if it's still worth fighting for your freedom.
Not just for Liberdade.
If the bride is released, you'll have fought in vain.
This is not just about the ghosts.
It's about you.
About all of us.
Hey, dude.
All good? Have you seen Leo? Here.
We are here.
Leo must be nearby.
Whoever took him must've had an hour.
That's how long I was with Pardal.
Can I ask you a question? Why don't you just use your powers? You got us here, didn't you? Do you think I haven't thought of that? He blocked me.
He knew I was trying to get into his head But I can't do it alone.
Not without Celso.
Go! Guys Come here.
Look at this.
- These idiots are ghosts.
- Go! Are they getting stronger? What do you mean? Dunno, but if that's what's happening and someone tries to control them, things will get ugly.
We need a plan.
What would Burt Reynolds do in our place? - Burt Reynolds? - Who's that? Burt Reynolds, the greatest American movie star since forever! Smokey and the Bandit? The rebel type with wind blowing in his face? He always knew what to do.
Rest in peace.
What would he do, then? He wouldn't just stand here.
That's for sure.
He's a man of action.
Like me.
Tonight is our only chance, remember that.
Finally, we have everything we need.
Let's make sure we don't make any more mistakes.
Then let's go over the plan again.
I pick up the ashes and place them on the altar.
After drawing the The heptagon.
Then, I read from the book.
But before that, I have to wait until the blood moon is full.
Then after that We'll control the dead.
Of course.
Of course.
They will do everything I say.
Everything I say.
Everything you say.
Yes, son.
And don't ever forget it.
Well we still have time.
Let's tie up all the loose ends.
No need to kill him.
Oh, no.
I won't kill him.
I'll torture him.
Leo? Leo? Leo? Leo? SLAVE? WHERE IS SHE? I miss her, too.
Do you think she'll come back? Yeah.
Why didn't you tell me you knew about the ghosts? I tried, but you don't believe anything I say.
What are you doing? Looking for clues.
- Ah! - Find something? The popcorn dude! He must have taken Leo! Just 'cause he works round here? Well the last thing I remember is Leo going to buy popcorn.
He was the only one here when you left with Pardal.
Zeca, that doesn't mean anything.
The popcorn guy may have left before Leo disappeared.
And what about this? Isn't this proof? Carla? Mario! You okay? Son I'm talking to you! That ghost.
Dad, I know.
I know where he is.
Leo! Leo! If we're gone too long, get out of here.
Go to the place where we used to play when you were little.
Do you remember it? Hey there, Pardal.
Avoiding us? - Where do you think you're going? - Chill.
We're friends.
- No? - Are we? My friends don't fuck me over.
No, they don't.
Our boss is pissed at us because of you, asshole.
You know the boss.
He's not very forgiving.
But you're alive.
You're both healthy.
Are we, Pardal? Are we, Pardal? Remember the doll you stole and were supposed to deliver to us? Boss we can still find the doll.
Boss, we just need more time.
It's Pardal's fault.
We just need to find him.
More time, huh? You think I need you? - Boss I’m sorry.
- Have mercy.
I don’t want to die.
Boss, have mercy, please! I'm sorry, boss Boss, I’m sorry Don't kill me! Please don't You cost us our jobs, you little shit.
You cost us our lives, and you don't seem to be sorry.
Ah, but you will be.
Sure will.
Is he dead? You killed him? You killed him, you idiot! He was our only way of finding out who knew about us, about the ritual about the ashes.
And you killed him, you moron! I'm sorry.
What? I'm the one who should be sorry.
I'm sorry for having such a worthless piece of shit for a son, a complete moron, a useless shitty popcorn man who's good for nothing, except giving me headaches.
- Did you hit me? - Yes, I did.
And you know what? I enjoyed it.
A lot I am your father! Dad? What's wrong? Are you okay? I didn't hit you that hard, did I? It's this body, Junior.
This weak-man's body has almost given up.
I need another body so I can perform the ritual.
What do you mean? Oh, son did you really believe me? You really thought I'd trust you? This was my plan.
It was your plan.
I have a different one.
Bastard! Lowlife! Let me in! Are you sure this is it? Yes.
You sinners! Parasites! Didn't I say they were getting stronger? - Scum! - Go! They can throw stuff now? Lost souls! Human waste! It's that motherfucking cop.
It was.
Now it's just a corpse.
Fuck Leo! Leo! - Leo! - Leo, wake up! - Come on, bro.
- Wake up! Don't do this, man! Please be alive.
- Don't do this to me.
- Wake up! Fuck! Leo! I think I peed myself again.
Again! - For God's sake! - Holy shit! - We were looking for you.
- Don't do that to me! You scared the shit out of me! What happened? I'll tell you on the way.
There's no time to waste.
Where's Pardal? - On the way to where? - To church.
The ritual has to be performed at the church tonight.
Why tonight? Something to do with a bleeding moon or blood moon, I don't know The blood moon! It happens every 100 years.
And it's happening tonight.
- We won't make it in time! - Hold on.
I know a shortcut.
Fuck, Zeca! - Zeca! - Sorry! My bad! Where do you think you're going, Pardal? - What else did you find out? - Tons.
I heard everything.
The popcorn man helped me fake my death using ketchup.
Then, the ghost cop possessed the popcorn man's body.
And the ghost cop is actually the popcorn man's father! What? No, I didn't get it either, but that's how it is.
Now, he's just a body possessed by his father, who's controlling everything.
At the right moment on the night of the blood moon, he'll release the bride.
Then he can control the dead.
That's the ghost cop's plan.
Fuck! Shit! Son of a bitch! They can move things now.
That means the ritual has started! Eternal spirits, hear my call! Grim, tormented souls.
I am the one who commands you.
I am the one who returns you from the dead.
Hear my voice! I summon you! Pardal, you're gonna die.
That's enough.
We're coming, bro! Forget Pardal, guys.
- He could be anywhere.
- Carla! I won't go anywhere without my brother.
How do you know where he is? Trust me, Zeca.
I know where he went.
He used to take me there.
Yeah, Pardal.
You're going to die.
- Shit.
- What's so funny now, asshole? Shit! Wait.
Pardal! I missed you so much! Where were you? I was looking for you.
I was coming to our secret spot, like we agreed.
Let's go! We've gotta get across Liberdade, and the dead will try to stop us.
- Let's go.
- First, one question Who fancies some good old rock 'n' roll? Let me in, let me out Let me in, let me out Stop it! Enough, dudes! Enough, man! Enough! Is it over? Are you okay? Shit, everyone's gone fucking insane! How long until we get there? Only a plane could go faster, my friend.
Don't call me "friend.
" - Do we have a plan? - We do.
Right, Leo? We do? Remember what we found out at Zenobia's place? - Right.
- Mm-hmm.
Don't play dumb, Leo.
You know what to do.
Pardal, help him.
Weird this world we live in So what did you guys learn? We read that we can use these magic symbols to protect ourselves.
Will we live in magic Magic, magic, magic, magic, magic I can see the magic Written in your eyes It's the only thing Will lead us to survive I believe that we will learn And never die Oh This is it.
- Here? Here, what? - Yeah.
There's nothing here.
- Where's the church? - It's here some - This is the wrong place.
- No, it was on the map! All right.
I believe you, but we have a bigger problem.
What? That.
Oh, shit.
Let's go.
- Where? - Anywhere.
Come on.
- Zeca, let's go.
- Move it! Quick! - Come, Zeca! - Wait for me.
Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fucking shit! Zeca! Zeca! Zeca! My God! Once upon a time We turn into sand Watching woes Of a brave man's tale Oh, fuck.
I'm going to die.
Holy fuck! - You're not going to die.
- Shit.
Listen, trust Leo.
He's smarter than he looks.
Don't try to speak, Zeca.
Why not? This is not the right time for it.
You're an idiot.
You need to be quiet.
Not anymore.
You should go.
They're coming.
I'll be fine.
I can't leave you here.
Are you crazy? No.
I can die a hero.
Just like Burt Reynolds.
That's right, Burt Reynolds.
You're the only one that can finish this.
I'll be fine.
I mean it.
You speak to ghosts, no? Maybe I'll talk to you from the other side.
No Zeca? Failed illusions And purest dreams Hiding in the mask Fuck! In the desert, he was Pay attention, kid! You better be right! Zeca died getting us here! Where's the church? I'm sure it's here.
Let's go.
To show the real him What the hell is this? What do we do? - Dunno.
- We're fucked.
We can't go on.
Well, we can't go back.
We're fucked.
Not yet.
They are.
Let's go.
- Go, go, go! - Let's go.
Now what? Fuck! What do we do? Dad! - I know what you're doing.
- I'm buying time.
You said this was irreversible! He's entering their minds.
You said we can't come back from this.
You'll get stuck.
What does she mean, Dad? Go, honey.
Go! I have five minutes.
Go in there, get the ashes, and come out alive.
Then this will all be over, and we'll celebrate.
You're the best daughter I could've had.
Stop it, Dad.
It sounds like you're saying goodbye.
Nobody's saying goodbye.
If you have five minutes I'll be back in four.
- I love you.
- Let's go.
Come on, guys! Quick! Guys, do you see what I see? Please tell me I'm high.
You're not.
This is real.
But where are we? Where it all started.
In the old cemetery of Liberdade.
My mom would freak out if she knew I was messing with the supernatural.
[Mila Your mom freaks out if you wear lipstick, Carla.
I think we should split up.
Have you never watched a horror movie? We have to stay together.
And be careful.
Don't trust anything you see.
Where do we go, then? Ask her.
Zenobia? Remember: once we're inside, we'll see some pretty weird stuff.
Whatever happens, don't get distracted.
We go in, get the ashes, and get the hell out.
Are you encouraging me to steal, princess? Don't call me It's the Church of Souls.
Guys Where's Leo? Pardal? Leo? This doesn't seem right.
Leo? I've been waiting for you.
Are we stuck here? You can no longer go back the way you came.
The only way to leave this place is by crossing through it.
You're about to reach a turning point where divinity and profanity meet.
Light and darkness.
The living and the dead.
You either come back with the ashes, or you die trying.
I knew you would come.
That's the thing about the young you guys always think you've come up with something new.
But it's all so predictable.
I, however am fine when things just carry on.
We came here to take the ashes back.
What are you going to do? Stop us? You must be thinking about throwing the club at us.
But you won't.
You're alone.
There are two of us.
I don't think you're fast enough to get us both, grandpa.
I won't need to.
Such arrogance! Always thinking you can change things.
Well, you can't! Young people make me want to vomit.
Nothing changes.
Because deep down, nobody wants change.
Not really.
My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
You would rather die than change.
Before the concentration camps, before Brazil was tainted with the notion of freedom, people wanted No! people needed masters.
You shout and scream, you protest for freedom.
But the truth is you wouldn't know what to do with it even if it were served to you on a silver platter.
You sabotage yourselves with an endless series of bad choices and fake rebellions.
So that nothing ever changes.
This way, you can say to yourselves: "At least I tried.
" Lies! More lies for you to grow old with.
Actual freedom would be like a curse.
One that would ruin your sad little life story.
I am here to take all the darkness and freedom away from you.
Believe me! My body is my temple, my temple is my armor.
I mean it.
You should be on your knees thanking me.
Where are the ashes? - Where's the Japanese girl? - Run, Mila! - Run, Mila! - Go find her! Run, Mila! No.
No! No.
It's me.
I saw you die and It's like everything was an illusion.
Carla? Now we're here.
What is this place? I don't know.
But I know we're not alone.
What do they want? They want what they've always wanted.
Since the day they came back, they've wanted someone to guide them.
Give me the ashes.
Give me the ashes.
No! You should return the ashes to me.
Zenobia? How can you be here? I'm capable of things you can't imagine.
You only understand violence.
And you are too young to understand anything.
Give me back the ashes.
I'll protect them, - as I've always done.
- If you do that, I'll split your friends' skulls open.
This time, it won't be an illusion.
You need someone to tell you what to do.
Give me the ashes.
I am that someone.
You don't know how much power you're dealing with.
You could be possessed.
Give the ashes to me.
I'll protect them, as I've always done.
You are not ready to control the power of the ashes.
I cannot leave them with you.
We can't trust her.
He's even worse.
You can't handle this power.
They're right.
- What? - Give her the ashes.
Are you insane She can't handle this.
She can't handle this.
You're right.
You're just a girl.
- You're a good girl.
- Obedient.
- You play by the rules.
- You're perfect.
A princess.
- So selfless.
- You get it? You're a princess.
- For the last time - Such a princess.
Do not call me a princess! I'm free.
- Mila, is that you? - Yes and no.
Mila, are you there? You tell me.
Hear me, all of you, the dead of Liberdade.
I am Sado Khan's eighth bride.
I have returned to this world to rule over all of you.
This is my first command: Kill them all.
I told you.
We have to kill her.
Before they kill us.
Come on, help us! Mila, it's us.
Do you remember us? Your friends? I know you can hear us, Mila.
Call me "Princess.
" I'm not talking to you.
I'm talking to my friend.
Mila, it's us, Carla and Pardal.
I know you're in there.
Remember how much you like kitty watches? And you love colored pens and no one really gets why.
And you wear insoles in your shoes to look taller.
You're a wonderful person who wouldn't hurt a fly.
She can be a pain in the ass, though.
But we love you.
We love you.
- I love you, too.
- Mila! Mila! Now I understand the bride.
She's good and evil.
Angry and compassionate.
Dead people of Liberdade, hear me now.
Nobody can control you.
Nobody can tell you what to do.
You are free.
You can stay here and haunt Earth or go to a better place.
But the choice is yours! Only yours.
Be good, or be evil but be warned before I set Sado Khan's bride free, know that if any of you even think about messing with me or my friends, I'll bring her back, and you'll wish you were never born.
Is that clear? Mom? Mom! It's you! You came back.
My sweet boy! - I missed you so much.
- Me too.
I missed you and your brother.
No matter what happens to me, I've made up my mind.
About what? I'm staying with you and your brother.
I'll never leave you again.
No matter what happens to me.
You're dead, aren't you? Oh Okay, Princess.
You may go now.
You can't set her free! I won't let you! Whatever you did, it worked.
They're going away.
Where are they going? Wherever they want.
You should go, too.
Or you'll be stuck here forever.
Is this some kind of rule now? - We better go.
- Wait.
Where's Leo? We'll find him on the way back.
- Come on.
- Fuck.
Leo? Go to Heaven, Mom.
Honey Pardal isn't perfect, but he's a good brother.
We'll struggle, but we'll be okay.
Because we have each other.
- Move it! - What about Leo? - Pardal, come on! - We gotta hurry! - Leo! - There's no time! Come on! - He's my brother! - Hey, Pardal.
- Where were you, bro? - Why are you yelling? Why did you go? Where were you? - Come on, guys.
- I'm fine.
We have to go.
Are you hurt? No.
Just run.
Careful there.
Go! - Where's the church? - It's gone.
Are we back? Yeah.
Everything's back to normal.
Dad! Wait.
Stay here.
Give her some space.
Dad It worked.
Dad! Let's go home.
Dad! Dad! You were amazing.
What now? What is gonna happen? Do you have the answer? Or just another question? Hey, you Won't you just come down to see If you really need to prove We're waiting for your move Another day, another light And the sun will rise again And so much like A group of archaeologists have found the remains of São Paulo's first cemetery in the neighborhood of Liberdade.
Seven skeletons that date back to the slavery era have been found.
The researchers believe that there are more skeletons in this area, but are unable to continue their search as they are unable to disrupt local businesses.
Their research officially makes this area an archaeological site and proves that socially marginalized citizens were buried here in the past.
Slaves, the poor, convicts, and those with no family It was all real, wasn't it? Yeah.
Did I really lose my dad? But you have us now.
All right? Everything will be okay.
I'm hungry.
Come on.
I was wondering when you were talking to the zombies, do you remember saying you could bring the bride back whenever you want? Is that true? Of course not.
You know there's still a bunch of ghosts wandering around, right? Yes.
They probably want to kill us.
Pass the juice.
We're still fucked.
Talk to me.
About what? Go on.
I'm listening.
- Did the voices come back? - What do you hear, Carla? It's Zeca.
- My friend? Where is he? - You're speaking to Zeca? Of course not.
This isn't a date.
Yes, I'm still a lesbian.
Why "still"? I've always been gay.
Are you crazy? All right, Birch Raynolds.
- "Birch Raynolds"? - Yeah.
- And again.
- Nice English.
Birch Raynolds.
Of course not.
You're a virgin.
Shut up, Carla! - Why you laughing? It's not funny.
- I'm not laughing.
Have you ever been to That's disgusting.
Swallow first.
That's not how I raised you.
Cheese rain! Oh, no! - You're gonna miss - Hey! - Stop wasting food.
- Right, that's it.
Stop it! Well that worked out better than I had hoped.
Not for them, but for me.
I'm free.
After being confined for centuries It doesn't matter.
I'm ready to have fun with the living.
And with the dead.

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