MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s01e06 Episode Script


[Peter] Focus, Parker.
You can do this.
- [Gwen] Level the ionic charge.
- [Miles] Increase the temperature.
[Peter] Guys, I'm trying to concentrate here.
And if I mess up, I won't win that giant Princess Strawberry Rainbow Golden Hair doll! - Yes! I win! - Congratulations.
But if you want to win at the Stark Expo, then you'll help us with our experiment.
Max specifically said to give our brains a rest today, - and have fun.
- But this is how we have fun.
Well, maybe we can examine a different kind of fun, like the ringtoss game.
But the ring's circumference is smaller than the diameter - of the bottle.
It's impossible.
- Is it? - Yes.
It is.
- Okay.
But it was fun, right? Not as fun as unlocking the secret of V-252.
You brought our science project to the beach? The clock is ticking.
We need to spend every waking moment on it.
The lab is closed.
Come on.
[Anya, Miles gasp] And to think at Midtown High, I was the socially awkward one.
[bell dinging] Yes! I am the strongest.
All who see me tremble, like Parker.
[laughs] Long time, no "sea.
" Get it? "Sea"? 'Cause we're at the ocean? [grunts] Hey, Flash.
[laughs] Yeah, I get it.
[grunts] [sighs] These are my friends - from Horizon High.
- What's up, nerds? Hmm? [wind whooshing] - Typical alpha male.
- Classic power imbalancer.
Surprised he's not kicking sand in our faces.
What'd you call me? I'm not a [grunts] - Hey! What gives? - Uh, chill out, Flash.
The weather [grunts] just took a dramatic turn.
[wind continues whooshing] Never heard of a sandstorm at Coney Island.
[bellowing] And I've never heard of a sandstorm with a face! [all gasp, exclaim] [bellowing] [wind whooshing] - Look out! - It passed right through us! And now it's headed for the Ferris wheel! Uh Oops! My prize! Peter, is that really important? Not as important as changing into Spider-Man.
[distorted voices laughing on P.
] Whoo! No more funnel cake for me.
Bad enough I got sand in my shorts.
Now this seems to be going from bad to worse.
[Ferris wheel creaking] Everyone, take cover in the fun house! Go, Spidey! [grunts] Hey! - Spidey said get to safety! - So go then.
[creaking continues] One person's ride is another person's rescue.
[whirring] Never doubt the strength of the Spidey-go-round.
[playing calliope] Let's go! Let's go! Head for the fun house! Unh! - The science project! - Take cover! - Not without my project.
- I'll get it.
[heart beating] [grunts] Whoa! What was that? Felt like my whole body just got jolted with pins and needles.
Put it in this.
Here's your goo back.
Now get inside.
Don't have to tell me twice.
[girl screams] [panting] [bellowing] [grunts] Let's see how you do with a mouth full of webbing.
[bellowing continues] Nothing.
If I can't stop it, might as well go along for a ride.
Whoa! Spidey's having a hard time out there.
How can he fight it when it doesn't have any shape or form? - We should help him.
- He said stay by the carnival games.
Doesn't mean we can't do both.
Grab some of those lava lights.
Anya, unhook the water guns.
Hey, wanna try the new parachute ride? Fun, right? [girl yelling] You don't have to answer.
[grunts] Now get to the safety of the fun house.
What are you supposed to be? Stand back, Spider-Man.
We used parts of the carnival games to create a coagulation gun.
Just now? Wow.
It took me a full day just to make these web shooters.
- Now watch me stop it in its tracks.
- Sorry.
[gasps] You must be at least this tall to fight the sand creature.
- Hey! - Don't worry.
You'll get the credit.
I just want the big sandy prize.
[grunts] Huh? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Uh Whew.
[raspy voice] Help me - What did you say? - [Flash] Don't worry, Spidey.
I got your back.
[grunts] No! - I did it! - Yeah, you did it, all right.
Ruined my chances of finding out what that thing was.
[sighs] Couldn't sleep at all last night.
That plea for help sounded more human than sand creature.
And since we live in a world where a kid like me can gain the powers of a spider, it's worth checking out.
Luckily, there was enough sand in my costume to grab a sufficient sample.
And since it's Sunday, I'll have the lab all to mysel - What are you guys doing here? - Making up the time we lost yesterday.
Great social director you turned out to be.
Don't worry about it.
Just get over here - and start logging some hours on this thing.
- I will.
I just - I just need to take care of something else first.
- [Anya] Whoa! - [Miles] Huh? - [Anya] Look at this! Those readings are off the charts.
What did you do? Nothing.
It was just a sudden surge of activity.
Gotta check something in my lab.
- [huffs] We lost it.
- Let's run another full analysis.
Okay, Sandy.
Maybe if I can help you become more cohesive, you can say more than "help me.
" I need to ionize the granule particles and get them to bond.
Sure could use some help with this, but the other are so focused on the Stark Expo entry.
Hmm? [mechanical whirring] [phone beeping] - Hey, Pete.
What's going on? - Got a sec? Sure.
I'm just, uh, fiddling with something new for the Stark Expo.
- Us too.
- Yeah? How's it going over there with the, uh Uh, what did you call it again? Very funny.
You're not getting any secrets out of me.
[chuckles] Then this is gonna be a short conversation.
Actually, I've got a non-Expo-related question.
What do you know about cohesive materials? Keemia Need to follow, but still having trouble forming.
Something's missing.
[electricity buzzing] [exclaims] Harry's a genius.
The molecular polarity reacts to the ions of an electrical charge.
Given time, I might be able to achieve cohesion.
Yo, Earth to Pete.
You forget something? The experiment! I'm so sorry, Miles.
- I lost track of time.
- Well, jump to it.
If we get this baby to stabilize permanently, Horizon High gets to add it to the periodic table.
I'm thinking we call it "Miles-Moralium.
" I think "V-252" will be fine.
And I'll get on it.
[phone beeping] Later, Pete.
Hey, Aunt May.
No, I won't be home for awhile.
I need to let something charge a few more hours.
I guess I can bring it home.
A jacket? It's the middle of summer.
I can stop at the grocery store.
What do you need? [squelching sound] Huh? No.
I'm here.
I heard something And you know what? I will wear that jacket.
I just got a chill.
Hey, Aunt May.
As promised.
Oh, Peter, you're freezing.
- I told you to wear a jacket.
- I did.
You worry too much.
I'll be working in my room until dinner.
Better get down to business.
[electricity arcing] And now we wait.
Dinner's almost ready, Peter.
Hmm? Yes! You're starting to stack.
Huh? Where do you think you're going? [metallic thud] [cat yowls] Oh, no.
[Aunt May screams] Aunt May? I shouldn't have brought this home.
[Sandman growling] S-Sand creature! Get away from her! [screams] [grunting] S-Spider creature! No! I'm here to help! [yells] [grunts] Ma'am, I need you to vacate the premises.
Not without Peter! Peter, are you okay? [Sandman] Give it to me! I'm fine, Aunt May.
Run next door to Mrs.
Watson's and call the police.
I'll head out the window.
[grunts] Gotcha! Whoa! [Sandman yells] [grunts] Is this what you want? Then come and get it! [grunts] Ignore what you're about to see.
Help me! Stop! Give it back! I've been hoping to get to the beach this year.
Never thought the beach would come to me.
[panting] [grunting] Oh, look! A sandbox that isn't attacking me.
Whoa! Let alone fought in one.
What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? Actually, maybe I do.
I hope this is not a mistake.
And since we're far enough away from putting anyone at risk [yelling] Okay, maybe this was a mistake.
[grunting] Now we're talking.
What? I'm me again.
How did you I ionized a sample of your sand by charging it.
Helped it coagulate.
When it reunited with the rest of you, the remaining particles followed suit.
Oh, I never thought I'd be the old me ever again.
And who would that be, if you don't mind me asking? [sighs] Flint Marko.
- What? - You're still made of sand, but by charging the particles, now you're able to retain a more human form.
You'll get better at controlling it.
I can't believe you helped me when I was so out of control.
It's what you asked for, wasn't it? Of course, it would've been easier to ask for help before you ravaged Coney Island.
I was trying to reach my daughter Keemia.
The girl on the Ferris wheel.
The one you were chasing.
Trying to protect.
From the people who did this to me.
I should've never brought those monsters into my home.
I understand more than you think.
What happened to you? - I worked for this guy named Hammerhead.
- I've heard of him.
Not someone I'd recommend doing business with.
He gave me a job when nobody else would.
Helped me provide for my daughter.
When I messed up too many times, he taught me a lesson.
Told me to meet him at a chemical plant in New Jersey.
Wait here.
I won't be long.
[car door opens] [car door closes] [departing footsteps] And when I got inside You've disappointed me for the last time, Marko.
Lettin' my financial ledger fall into the wrong hands that was the last straw.
Hammerhead, it wasn't my fault.
Let me explain.
Let me No.
No! [screaming] Buried me under a ton of sand and toxic waste.
Hammerhead thought I was dead.
Turns out, I was this.
- Now things have gotten worse.
- How's that even possible? Because Hammerhead took Keemia.
But now that you've helped me retain my form, I can rescue her.
We can rescue her.
That looks like a Mob boss stronghold.
Complete with thick-necked goons and everything.
[doorknob rattles] Door's locked.
Don't wanna draw any attention.
You wait here.
I'll crawl up to the roof, see if I can make my way in - You say something? - Or we can do it your way.
[quietly] Let's get her and get outta here before anyone notices.
[Flint] There she is.
[gasps] - Keemia.
- Dad? Oh, it's me, Keemia.
[grunts] It's really me.
I never thought I'd see your face again.
I'm sorry [grunts] [grunts] So I'm glad I got the chance to finally do that! What's the matter, Dad? You always said, "Like father, like daughter!" Keemia? But But how? Actually, I would also like to know what's going on here.
- Stay out of this, Spider-Man.
- What's going on? This doesn't concern you.
[yells] Uh, it does when you unleash a sandstorm at my head.
[both grunting] [straining] You haven't figured it out, Dad? Oh, who am I kidding? You couldn't even figure out how to form before now.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- I came here to protect you.
- Protect me? [scoffs] You're a little late for that, Dad.
[grunts] [groans] I'm stuck.
[Keemia] If you were so interested in my safety, you wouldn't have brought me with you the night of the accident.
[thunderclap] You know I didn't approve of your line of work, but you brought me along anyway.
I hated what you did, and I swore I'd use my brains to give myself a better life.
But when I got creeped out sitting alone in the dark, I did the one thing I said I'd never do.
I followed in my father's footsteps.
As a result, all the studying I did, all the high grades I got didn't matter [Hammerhead] You've disappointed me for the last time, Marko.
Let me explain.
Let me No.
[switch clicks] No! Nooooo! [yells] Because my fate was sealed [yelling] in sand.
[thunderclap] When Hammerhead found my body, he saw no reason why I should pay for my father's mistakes, and he took pity on me.
Together, with his money and my knowledge of science, we found a way to charge my particles so that I could live [thunderclap] like this! You robbed me of a better life, Dad.
So if I can't be a better person than you, I'll be a better sand person.
[grunting] Keep her talking, Flint.
Almost have an arm loose.
Keemia, listen to me.
Hammerhead is the one who's to blame for this, not me.
I took those jobs so that I could provide you with a better life.
But did you? No.
Hammerhead is the only one who's ever helped me.
By making me the best version of what's left of me.
By doing the things a father does.
Oh, that's not gonna help.
[laughs] I hate to say it, Marko, but, uh, I think this sand - has slipped through your fingers.
- Hammerhead! [yells] [grunts] [groans] Come on, Spidey.
Wriggle faster.
[yelling] [yells] [grunts] [yells] [groans, yells] Don't settle for this life.
You can still have the future you want.
[Keemia] That's impossible! Keemia, listen to him! Aaahh! I hate you! [grunting] Why couldn't you be the father you said you'd be? Keemia, stop! Flint, fight back! [groans] I'm sorry, Keemia.
[grunts] [yells] Aaahh! You failed me! I love you, Keemia.
I'm so sorry.
[yells] No! [grunts] [grunting] All this sand's clogged up my shooters.
- We can work this out, sand girl.
- Don't worry, boys.
This one's mine.
[yells] [grunts] [grunts] Whoa! [yells] [grunts] [grunts] You should've stayed out of this.
Good-bye, Spider-Man.
[electricity arcing] [strained voice] Not good.
Can't breathe [grunts] - Huh? - Huh? [grunts] Hello, second wind! I'm as surprised as you, boys, but I'm going with it.
[grunts] This looks and feels just the like the V-252.
But how did it wind up on me? Well, don't look a gift super-suit in the mouth.
Unless you want a broken jaw, that is.
[cries out] [yelling] You ready try this again? [yells] [grunts] [alarm blaring] [cries out, groans] [grunts] Aw, did that hurt? Sure sounded like it did.
[grunts] Now you're coming with me.
No, no, no! That sand family really can't keep it together.
[police radio chatter] [Spider-Man] Well, at least tonight wasn't a total loss.
Very funny.
[siren wailing] [beeps] Insurance agent says he's not sure we're covered for sandstorms.
- I'm sorry, Aunt May.
- Oh, not your fault.
You're not the one who brought that sand thing here.
Uh, right.
[thinking] That was dumb of me.
Have to remember that Spider-Man's life is a dangerous one.
I need to keep my home life out of it.
There's no telling who could show up.
Or if they'll return.
But from what I've experienced in the last few hours, I'd say I'd be ready for them.
- Don't be late for school.
- I won't.
Morning, guys.
What's up? You tell us, Parker.
The V-252 is missing, and you were the last one with it.
Modell is gonna freak out.
And we can forget about any chance of winning the Stark Expo.
I'm sure it'll show up.
If you're so sure, then why don't you head up the investigation? I'm all over it.