MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Symbiotic Relationship

[alarm blaring] [man] Let's go! Let's go! Come on! Where's the van? This way! [tires screeching] [grunts] Let's go, go, go, go! [tires screeching] All they'll see on those security cameras is a bunch of guys with these stupid Spider-Man masks on.
- What? - Huh? Spider-Man? Don't worry.
That clown barely knows how to use those powers of his.
[Spider-Man] Don't be fooled, fellas.
Everything before now was just a beta-test.
Those masks are so last week.
Get him! [grunting] Whoa! [grunting] [blows landing] Can't see! [men shouting] [horn blaring] [Spider-Man] And this is our last stop, [horn continues blaring] courtesy of the more awesomer than ever Spider-Man.
And I'm out, guys.
[music] This new costume made from the V-252 substance is everything I've ever dreamed of.
It morphs over my body, so no more need to carry a change of clothes.
It has unlimited webs.
[grunts] Oh, thanks, Spider-Man.
- Remember, stay in school and eat your broccoli.
- Son! Get over here.
[screaming] - [Spider-Man] Sorry, buddy.
- Hey! But your new accessory clashes with that outfit.
Write me a good review online.
But most importantly, it reacts with me, making me faster, stronger, nearly unstoppable.
Oh, what's this? Three more wins? [chuckles] Why do I even bother counting anymore? [Aunt May] Peter? [grunts] Come in, Aunt May.
Breakfast is ready Oh, my! Peter, did you get any sleep last night? [phone buzzing] You look exhausted.
[beeping] No time for breakfast.
Horizon calls.
- Gotta go! - Huh.
I've never seen him so intense.
That police scanner app I created works like a charm.
And something tells me I'll even beat 'em to the scene.
Ha! One AIM agent breaking into a warehouse? [beeping] Sorry, buddy, but this'll take Spidey 2.
0 about 2.
0 seconds.
[AIM agent] Don't move.
I might have to adjust my calculation.
So a dozen AIM agents against one spider.
Mathematically, I can see where you think you have the advantage.
[grunts] But that's only if you forgot to factor in that I'm the all-new, all-different Spider-Man.
[grunting] Ice guns? You guys even make winter evil.
[grunting] [groans] [grunts] And, ladies and gentlemen, that's how you do it.
Selfie time.
I'll text this to the police.
Smile, guys.
What do you think? New profile pic? [bird screeching] Huh? Vulture? Huh.
He's supposed to be in prison.
Booyah! Bring on the baddies! Sorry to ruin your dreams, fellas.
Next time, aim higher.
[web shooter deploys] Ha! Even my jokes are better.
Long time, no see, Vultchy! [grunts] Don't remember me? - It's your old pal, Spidey.
- Get off of me! This suit is not calibrated for your extra weight.
Really? That all you have to say? You were my first bad guy.
You can't come up with something more sentimental? Actually, scratch that.
If I remember correctly, your Sonic Scream never has anything good to say.
[muffled grunting] Anyway, I thought you wouldn't mind giving me a ride to the local prison.
My friend, Adrian Toomes, is behind bars, and I thought I'd pay him a visit.
Wait! [grunts] [gasps] - Isn't your name also Adrian Toomes? - Huh? Here you go, boys.
Courtesy of the immeasurably awesome Spider-Man.
That vigilante just assaulted an innocent man.
When did I do that? I was busy clipping your wings.
I am the innocent man.
- He's right, dark Spider-Man.
- It's, uh It's actually still just "Spider-Man.
" Oh.
Well, Toomes here was released this morning.
Who in their right mind bailed him out of prison? - Norman Osborn.
- What? The head of Osborn Academy knows genius when he sees it, and therefore arranged my freedom in exchange for services as his newest faculty member.
Do you want to press charges, Mr.
Toomes? - Press charges? - I should, for the good of society.
But I'm making a new start, and I'd rather untangle myself - from any spider affairs.
- But But he's a criminal! Not if he stays on the right side of the law.
A bad penny is bad no matter what side it's on.
- Yo! Over here.
'Sup? - Pete? So Toomes is a professor at Oz Academy now? What's up with that? Hey, we're lucky to have him.
The guy's a genius.
Plus now Oz has his Vulture tech.
I was trying out that Sonic Scream earlier.
Pretty sweet.
Pretty sweet for a criminal.
And I'm not buying the whole "fresh start" bit.
People don't just change overnight, H.
- You seem to have.
- What? Just a little confidence, brah.
If I was like this at Midtown, I'd have been way more popular.
Didn't realize that was important to ya.
Gotta bolt.
Working on that Expo pro er that thing that cannot be discussed.
Ka-pow! Booyah! - Text me later.
- Hmm? - Adrian.
- Hello, Norman.
I see you're already busy.
We need to discuss the Stark Expo.
I'm working on a variety of options that are Not what we're working on.
- What Horizon High is working on.
- I see.
So you didn't hire me just for my skills.
Don't get your feathers ruffled.
I hired you because you're supremely qualified.
But if you also happen to know what Horizon High is presenting at the Stark Expo, then I am all the luckier.
It will most likely be the V-252.
V-252? What is that? Three years ago, the Space Administration donated a substance they discovered to Horizon High for further study.
Max Modell labeled it "V-252.
" His hope being that he could stabilize it and add it as a new element to the periodic table.
When I left, they were getting close to doing just that.
That would be quite an achievement for Horizon High.
You have no idea.
It's lighter than plastic but stronger than steel.
If Max Modell could figure out how to maximize it, it's a game changer.
Not just for the school for the world.
Then we need to get our hands on it.
You still have your old access codes? - I'm certain Modell's changed them.
- Then perhaps you could enter by other means.
I just got out of prison, Norman.
I'm not going to throw it all away by breaking and entering.
Then let me do it.
I've been dying to try out your tech since the first day I saw it.
Well, look at that, Adrian.
- Young Alistair's a fan.
- Huh.
Well, we could always take another shot at the perpetual motion machine.
I can't believe we're not presenting the V-252.
This might be the first year Horizon loses the Stark Expo.
Oz Academy will definitely beat us.
[students sigh] 'Sup, gang? What's with all the mopey mopes? You're not still upset about the missing V-252, are you? Come on! We're Horizon High.
I'll come up with seven brilliant ideas by this afternoon.
It's what I do.
Someday, they'll call Tony Stark "the poor man's Peter Parker.
" Later, Horizonaters.
It's gotta be here somewhere.
This isn't it.
[keypad beeping] Uh-oh.
Huh? Who's there? Security! Huh? Adrian? [grunts] [groans] Huh? You read my mind, suit.
Adrian? Why would you [grunts] - Aaah! - Well, look who it is.
Knew you were still a criminal.
Can't teach an old Vulture new tricks.
[yelling] [grunts] Spider-Man? Is that you? Know anyone else who fights this awesome? I'll get Toomes back behind bars.
[grunts, groans] But first, time to teach the professor a lesson! [grunting, groaning] Stop! I'm calling the police.
Can't you see he's had enough? You're going overboard! I am? [grunts] No! [groans] You're not getting away from me! [grunts] [yelling] [Spider-Man] Max! [yelling] [Spider-Man] Max! Did someone order a lifesaving superhero? Buckle up, big guy! [grunts] - This is our floor.
- Phew.
I thought I was done for.
You got nothing to worry about as long as I'm around, M.
Spidey? Has something happened? You seem different.
Forgot the sunscreen.
Got a little too much sun.
Ka-pow! Lates.
I searched the whole place.
The V-252 wasn't there.
But worse I was seen.
[Norman] Get back here now, Alistair.
Making a beeline for Oz Academy, huh? Big surprise.
[beeping] Gotcha! Vulture's gonna be back in prison by morning.
Ah, ventilation systems.
A spider's best friend.
[low electrical buzzing] High-tech motion sensors? What ever will I do? [humming] [music] [grunts] [humming] [beeping] Tracer says Vultchy should be through here.
[scoffs] This is what all the fuss is about? Oz Academy doesn't seem all that special.
Ooh, check it! Must be potential entries for the Stark Expo.
I'm not exactly supposed to see what the competition has planned, but, hey, rules are meant to be broken.
[camera shutter clicks] Time to enroll in night school.
- Surprise! Guess who.
- What? - How dare [grunting] - What? Breaking in and fighting a teacher? I learned this from watching you.
[grunts] Let him go.
Harry Osborn This man is a criminal.
Toomes here almost sent Max Modell to his tomb.
The professor's been here for hours.
There's a room full of night-class students that can prove it.
I'm the one that can prove it.
I put a tracer on [beeping] It's not in this room.
What did you do to it? [grunting] No worries.
I'll just get you to confess.
No! Leave him alone! [Sonic Scream blaring] [crying out] [grunts] [grunts] Harry! I didn't mean to [grunts] I can't control it! [grunting] That was it! That was the V-252.
Somehow Spider-Man's using the substance as a costume.
No wonder I couldn't find it at Horizon.
So, Spider-Man has some kind of inside connection to Horizon High.
That seems shortsighted on his part.
Perhaps it's time to show him how superior Osborn Academy is, by any means necessary.
[web shooter deploys] Is this thing alive? I could feel its pain.
Maybe it's not just a substance, but some kind of alien life-form.
My attitude, my aggression Attacking an unarmed man? Lashing out at my best friend? Am I controlling this thing, or is it controlling me? [grunts] [Aunt May] Peter, you'd better not still be awake.
- You need your rest.
- Cut me some slack! What did you say to me, Peter? I've gotta get this thing off, now.
[grunting] I'm sorry, Aunt May.
I, uh I caught my hand in the door.
I didn't mean to snap at you.
[Aunt May] It's okay, Peter.
Just get some rest, please.
[sighs] So, you're a living thing, huh? Weird.
I've gotta get you back to Horizon right now.
But to get across town, I'm going to need my original red and blues.
Now, that feels What? Okay, that's creepy.
I need to get you [grunting] off! [grunts] Oh, no.
No, no, no! Don't tell me that you're adhering to me.
[grunting] This is like some sort of invasion of the body grabbers.
Get off me, you gooey goblin! [grunts] [growling] [grunts] Uh-oh.
I think I offended it.
[growling] [grunts] [grunts] No! [grunting] [grunts] Gotta get it out of the house! [grunting] If it can make me lash out at my best friend, I don't want it anywhere near Aunt May! [grunts] [grunting] Okay.
Time to take this fight to the streets.
I've gotta get us to Horizon! [grunting] [growling] Aah! [grunts] I've had arguments with myself before [grunts] but never worried about losing.
Aah! I get it! I get it! But on this planet, that's called being needy! [grunts] Max Modell's studied you.
Maybe he'll have an idea of how to get you off me.
Let go! No one likes a backseat, parasitic, alien web-slinger! [straining] [grunts, yells] Sorry to interrupt, Spider-Man.
- My benefactor would like a word with you.
- Vulture! I'm not taking villain appointments at the moment.
Oh, you want me to let you go? Not a problem.
[screaming] [thud] [grunts] [Norman, echoing] Having difficulty, Spider-Man? A wardrobe malfunction, perhaps? Not really.
What makes you think that? I'm sorry if the Vulture was a little rough.
I asked him to bring you here because I want to help you.
We don't need your help.
"We"? [echoing] I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but speaking on behalf of your costume is not normal.
What do you want, Norman? To be friends.
[echoing continues] I have to say, I'm a little jealous of Max Modell.
You and he seem to have a close relationship.
Am I right? Max Modell is a decent man.
As am I.
Ask anyone.
I'm the kind of guy who would give you the clothes off his back.
And I'd like you to do the same.
So that's it.
You want the V-252.
I want your cooperation.
But if you give me the V-252, we can create something wonderful together.
No! It belongs to [groans] Horizon High.
[grunts] [growling] You can't get it off, can you? Because it's a living Symbiote.
Make the right decision here, Spider-Man.
[echoing] Let me help you get it off.
With our resources, Oz Academy will accomplish more with that substance in two years than Horizon will in ten.
No deal.
I'll find my own way to remove it.
I'm sorry to hear that, because now my security team will have to take it from you by force, since you are trespassing on Oscorp property.
All yours.
I've taken you down before, Toomes.
But can you take down Two of us? So it really wasn't Toomes that broke into Horizon.
And with Dr.
Toomes' tech, I could have a battalion of Vultures at my fingertips.
Imagine the possibilities.
Better yet, experience them.
[Sonic Scream blaring] [Sonic Scream blaring] [beeping] Uncanny.
That creature's interacting with his nervous system, empowering him.
[grunts] [both straining] [grunts] [grunts] The power, the speed! Why did I want this thing off me? [grunting] Incredible.
Oh, right.
The whole way-too-aggressive thing.
[grunting] Becoming harder and harder to control this rage! Hate to say it, but I might need their help after all.
Is that a containment device? You're right, Norman.
I can't do this on my own.
If you're using cadmium telluride as a superconducting medium, which clearly you are, then your brain lives up to its rep.
Welcome to Osborn Academy.
Hey, Vultures, help me get this thing off.
[Sonic Screams blaring] [crying out] [screaming] [screaming stops, grunts] [hissing] Yes, now it shall be mine for the Wh - Thanks.
I didn't know how I was gonna contain this thing.
- No! [Sonic Screams blaring] Yep! Horizon High sends their thanks.
I was wrong, Norman.
You were helpful.
Thanks again.
[yells] That Symbiote will be mine! [echoing] As someday, so will you, Spider-Man.
What are you doing here? It's the middle of the night.
- It's just Well, here.
- The V-252! - How did you find it? - I've had it all along.
I wanted to run some of my own tests, and I kind of took it without permission.
Parker! I'm severely disappointed in you.
I have no choice but to disqualify you from the Stark Expo.
You can participate, but your work will not be counted towards your grade.
But by the same token, I remember being an eager young student wanting to make my mark, no matter what the cost.
- Were you able to stabilize it? - Sort of.
It's all in the research I, uh, acquired.
Excellent! Then maybe we have a shot at winning after all.
We can't use it, Max.
It's not ready.
Look at the research.
I think you'll come to the same conclusion.
I'll study it tonight.
In the meantime, you should get some rest.
- You look exhausted.
- Will do, Max.
I'm sure Max will come to the same conclusion when he sees that thing is alive.
Can't say Norman Osborn would make the same choice.
Is it wrong to experiment on something potentially groundbreaking if it also means causing people harm? I guess that's what scientists call a gray area.
Luckily for me, the decision of whether to move forward with the V-252 is pretty black and white.