MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Rise Above It All

1 [web shooter deploys] [yells] Aah! [J.
Jonah Jameson] Who can look at this footage and see a hero? All I see is an amateur menace.
Hey, kid, next time, call the Avengers.
They're pros.
Ah, another delightful evening of "amateur menacing the city.
" [dog barking] Cody, come back here! Worst is, I'm partially to blame for my new bad rap, since I'm the one selling J.
Jonah Jameson that footage so I can pay for school.
Who needs super-villains when you can be your own worst enemy? [Jameson] Spider-Man is a vigilante and needs to be stopped.
Lawless! [horn blares] Huh? So maybe I've made a few mistakes.
I'm still pretty new at this.
[laughs] It's not like anyone gave me a superhero instruction manual.
[panting] [grunts] [chuckles] [yells] I bet even the Avengers aren't always perfect.
Thor probably throws loud parties with his obnoxious Viking friends.
I bet Tony leaves hair gel everywhere.
And Hulk? Being angry and unlikable is that guy's thing.
Why am I the only one [yells] [grunts] My old enemy, the Vulture.
So much for Adrian Toomes going into hiding after prison.
Whoa! Two Vultures? Well, like they say, taking down two villains is better than one.
Actually, I have no idea if anyone's ever said that.
You're not Toomes, are you? H-Hey! [yells] Do you guys keep multiplying? [Vulture 1] Spider-Man, we were hoping we'd cross your path.
Time for a little fun.
Aah! I hate your idea of fun! Whoa! Okay, Spidey, gotta web-chute yourself out of this situation before [grunts] [bystanders exclaiming] All right! That was epic! Gotta post this.
Nice! Are these guys putting on a fully rehearsed air show? What the what? [exclaiming continues] [male teen] I didn't know the Wake Riders were in New York! Yo, Spidey, I caught you on the news.
You got some serious skills.
Come on.
Let's give the crowd what they want.
Boom! [Spider-Man] Wait.
What? Trust us.
This'll be epic! This is epic, all right.
My epic destruction! [bystanders exclaiming] [whooping] Whoa! You're even more awesome than I thought you'd be.
Listen to your fans.
Up for the grand finale? Wait.
That wasn't it? Hit us up with more weblines, buddy! Why do I feel like I'm gonna regret this? And now nail that bull's-eye! Didn't wake up today thinking I'd join the air circus.
Here goes nothing.
Whoa! Spinning? You're a natural! [whooping] Yes! Yes! Yes! Who knew Spider-Man was so cool? That was awesome.
But this isn't! [yells] Don't pretend you didn't love that.
People need to see how epic your skills really are.
[chuckles] So, impromptu flying daredevil stunt shows - That's your thing? - The stunts are our everything, bro.
We fly, snowboard, surf If it's cool and dangerous, Barkley Blitz and the Wake Riders are there.
And the fans just eat it up.
[whooping, cheering] Make sure you upload all your videos of the Wake Riders online.
You actually know them? Of course I do.
I'm their promoter.
Here, have a T-shirt.
Five bucks.
[whooping, cheering continue] The Wake Riders? How do you not recognize us? You live in an actual spider's nest or something? Right.
Of course.
You're the [stammering] Um, I'm sorry.
I don't know who you are.
We're only the world's top extreme sports stunt group.
With 17 million followers.
And that number's about to go way up, thanks to pulling off this stunt with the most epically awesome superhero in New York City.
And BT-dub, great first test of our new flight gear, Riders.
Where did you get these wing suits? They look familiar.
Built them all myself.
A perfect blend of high tech and showbiz.
But this gear pales compared to your natural skills, man.
I'm thinking this'll be our most watched stunt.
- Until tomorrow, you mean.
- Mm.
Let's make this a thing, bro.
"Spider-Man and the Wake Riders.
" What's more epic than that? 4:00 p.
at the old Pemberton Building site, mañana.
- See you there? - Oh, uh So cool to actually meet you.
[growls] Oh, man! I can't believe you did a stunt with the Wake Riders! First I thought they were some kind of Vulture army, but they turned out to be awesome.
- You're a fan? - Try "obsessed with them.
" You're the luckiest guy ever.
People cheered for me.
[chuckles] It's been a while since that's happened.
Uh, yeah.
You're the number one trending topic right now.
Not like "menace" trending, but, like, "people actually like you" trending.
Our whole material science class was watching it when I walked in.
Thirty million views?! [chuckles] [chuckles] Let's see J.
compete with that.
[phone vibrating] - Hey, Harry! - Whoa, Pete! Didn't know you were a fan of the Wake Riders.
You know about the Wake Riders all the way over there in Europe? Does everyone know about them except me? You were never the trendiest guy.
I am today, apparently.
A question, though.
Oscorp hasn't lost any Vulture gear recently, have they? You're wondering if they stole it.
Look, Oscorp's had some break-ins since my dad died, but I doubt it's them.
Barkley Blitz is famous for creating his own gear.
Don't turn this into something it's not.
Just enjoy it.
Maybe I will.
Don't tell me.
Your next stunt is still under construction? Spider-bro! Didn't I tell you guys? Spidey wouldn't let me down.
Well, despite my screaming and general confusion, I had fun yesterday.
So, what's today's big stunt? Sheer epic-ness.
I fly up into the stratosphere in this atmospheric balloon, then I'll freefall, aiming right where we're standing.
But then big drama I'll pretend my suit fails, and you catch me.
Catch you? Your velocity's gonna be so extreme Hey, don't overthink it, brah.
You'll figure it out.
You're the Spider-Man.
I trust you with my life.
[bystanders exclaiming] - Wow! - What's that? - The Wake Riders again?! - [promoter] Prepare to be amazed.
The Wake Riders will blow your mind with Spider-Man by their side.
Who wants to buy a Wake Rider T-shirt? Oh! Do you know Spider-Man too? I do.
In fact, I'm his promoter.
Who wants his autograph after this? [crowd shouting] [promoter] Hey, kid! - Hey! - I'm the promoter here.
What? Is someone afraid of a little competition? [wind howling] Come on, Spidey.
Don't let me down, bro.
[grunts] Blitz has more faith in me than I have in myself.
Can't mess this up.
If he comes in at the speed I expect, his momentum could only be slowed by the tensile strength of Got it! Each web net will slow his velocity exponentially until he safely stops.
[explosion] A crime? Right now? Uh, okay.
Blitz should be covered.
Maybe I have time to What? No! He's coming down in the wrong location! The most amazing stunt of all time is going to make me famous.
For destroying the Wake Riders! Blitz misjudged the air currents.
I am not ready for this.
Oh, no! Blitz's wings won't open! [bystanders exclaiming] What?! He'll smash right into the ground! Come on, Spidey! Web like you've never webbed before! Nice! I knew you'd find a way, Spidey.
[both yell] [grunts] [Blitz] Now take a bow.
[exclaiming] Ha! Menace who? You rule, Spidey! This stunt will break the Internet.
[exclaiming continues] [grunts] Hey! Where you going? - We gotta celebrate, brah.
- Sorry.
I gotta handle something.
I'll be right back brah! Still here? What, are you going for the record for slowest robbery ever? Who are you, Turtle Man? [sonic scream blares] Aah! [grunts] I forgot how much I hate that sonic scream.
[sonic scream blares] Time to catch up on some fly-fishing.
Yeah, I said that.
[grunts] [grunts, groans] [electricity arcing] The original wing-suit guy hanging out near the Wake Riders.
What, seeing them made you jealous? Of course not.
But seeing you working with those extreme criminals has made me disgusted.
What are you talking about, Toomes? Who do you think robbed that lab? You.
I came to that conclusion because I caught you doing it.
Really? And did you know the whereabouts of all the Wake Riders during that stunt? [scoffs] Yes.
Ha! You only think you did.
But I tracked them.
After they escorted that balloon in the air, they used the fireworks as a diversion for their break-in To steal solar power packs from this lab.
This is what they do use stunts as cover to steal gear.
Not only did they steal my tech from Oscorp, they've been pulling off these heists across the globe! Well, if that's true, why haven't you gone to the authorities? No real proof.
I tried to catch them in the act, but it was too late.
I'm sorry, Toomes.
Not buying it.
I've never seen Blitz or any of the Wake Riders do one thing wrong.
You, on the other hand I spent a lifetime perfecting my scientific breakthroughs, but my mistakes in the past year have branded me a criminal.
And that I'm gonna change.
When did you become so noble? I'm not a villain, Spider-Man.
I'm a scientist who got blinded to what's right and wrong.
Can you imagine what it's like to be branded something you're not? Maybe.
I want the name Adrian Toomes to stand for scientific achievements, not criminal mistakes.
And the Wake Riders, using my gear, threaten to destroy all of that.
[Blitz] There's Spider-Man! Hey! You missed the crowd! Hmm The biggest audience we've ever had.
I got a little sidetracked.
Well, don't get sidetracked tomorrow.
You're an honorary Wake Rider, the best thing that's ever happened to us.
Tomorrow will be our biggest stunt yet, and it won't work without you.
You need me for every stunt? You're part of the team now, bro.
Look, we're good, but you, my friend, are like a master.
Tomorrow, Erskin Center, 3:00 p.
? I'll be there.
Boom! It's gonna be epic! Huh.
Every Wake Rider stunt does correspond with a high-tech crime.
But Toomes is a criminal, and Blitz has a clean record.
Who do I trust? Hey, Double-P, can you sign all these Spider-Man pics? Uh, why do you have all these? Ah, just doing what a promoter does.
Spider-Man doesn't have a promoter.
Pete, I'm We're gonna make a killing off this.
That balloon stunt got 40 million hits.
Your collab with the Wake Riders could translate into cash, which means never having to worry about tuition ever again.
[sighs] You don't seem as excited about this as you should.
Hypothetically, if I gave you a solar power pack, nano-tech armor plating, and propulsion boosters, what would you build? Um, strange question.
But obviously, I'd build a rocket that'd go straight into orbit.
I mean, what else would all that be for? For a personal jet-suit! Except you'd need extremely lightweight polymer wings.
So you're not signing these? Dude, where's my glossy? Soon.
Spider-Man's very busy.
Yeah, he is.
The Wake Riders are over the Erskin Center right now! [excited chattering] Midday, no alarms, no worries.
[beeps] Score.
Hey, the show's across the street.
Oh! Spider-bro, I was just Printing out illegal polymer compound wings from the material science lab? Dude, it's not what it looks like.
So you're not going to combine these with everything else you've stolen to create the world's fastest rocket suit? How many more fans will that get you? And how much more money? [growls] I thought you were cool, man.
But don't feel bad.
You did your part.
You upped our flash mob crowds by almost 40 percent, keeping everyone's eyes on the show, including the police.
Totally made our secret missions here easier.
You used me.
And now you're all used up.
[crying out] Being right really hurts! Aahh! [grunting] [yells] [groaning] Spidey, you're too old school.
[grunts] This is the new economy.
We do what we want, take what we want, and the world watches us online like heroes.
But do you have any idea how competitive it is out there? We need to keep our fans interested, with new gear like this suit [sonic scream blaring] Aahh! - I hate that sonic scream! - Sorry, half-wit.
That is my tech.
Ugh! My ears are ringing! [shouting] How did you find me? Am I screaming? I created a weapon to shut down their stolen Vulture gear.
Its targeting system tracked his power generator.
Now to stop this imposter for good.
Guys, get over here.
Spidey's onto us.
But you'll never guess who just showed up.
[grunts] Please, sir, you don't understand.
This is all about your tech.
You're right.
It is thief! Whoa! Cool! Is Horizon part of the show? Yeah, I don't think so.
Sorry, Spider-Man.
It was fun while it lasted.
[groaning] - Aahh - Wait! I-I don't want to fight you.
You're You're my hero.
Our hero.
- What? - All the robberies, all the stunts to cover them, are so we could upgrade this Vulture tech.
We're trying to live up to your genius.
Why do you think we're called the Wake Riders? A wake.
It's a group of vultures.
[both grunt] Looks like I have to clip your wings! [grunts] [grunts, groans] Get it? It's a bird joke.
[web shooter deploys] I hope you like it, sir.
That new rocket suit will be put to better use on you.
And I can't tell you the honor I have wearing your old-school wings.
[Spider-Man] Wait.
Aren't you two supposed to be fighting? So shortsighted, Spider-Man.
This is what I'm supposed to be doing Assuming my rightful position.
Is that Adrian Toomes himself? I think you mean our new leader.
What happened to repairing your name, Toomes? Wanting the world to recognize your accomplishments? Exactly what I'm doing, Spider-Man.
Is this the legacy you want? Leading a wake of Vultures who I inspire? I think it's exactly what I deserve.
And I think you all deserve to be put behind bars.
My Wake Riders, attack! - Aah! [grunting] - Don't let him get away! [chuckles] [grunts] Aah! [grunting] [Vulture] Wake Riders, time to accomplish what everyone else has failed to do.
Finish him! [grunting] [blow lands] Aahh! [both grunt] [grunts] [sonic scream starts, stops] [muffled grunt] I can't believe I was such a fan of those guys.
[sonic scream blares] [both grunt] [sonic scream blares] Sorry, bro, but this ends now.
[grunts] [grunts] Toomes' weapon.
Yes, it does bro.
[grunts] [grunts] [sonic scream blaring] Whoa-oa-oa! This does not end here, Spider-Man! [Blitz groans] Is Vulture cool, or what? [grunts] [crowd exclaiming] These athletes were framed by the menace known as Spider-Man.
So Spider-Man framed the Wake Riders? Not only is he menacing our city, he's corrupting our youth! So, I, um, still have 700 glossies of you, unsigned, sitting in my lab.
- You want them? - No, but I'm sure J.
To rip 'em up on TV.
Yeah, you'd think being superheroes would make us the most popular people in the world.
But that's not why we do this, is it? Then how do we know we're making the world better? Spidey? You rule, man! I don't care what anyone says.
You just gotta notice it in the little things.
[web shooters deploying] Spider high five, kid! [laughs] [grunts, laughs]