MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s02e11 Episode Script

Bring on the Bad Guys (Part 4)

1 [PETER YAWNS] I wonder if Thomas Edison stayed up for 47 straight hours perfecting the light bulb? [EXHALES] Probably not, 'cause as far as I know, Edison didn't have to secretly fight crime while working on his science projects.
But his inventions did make him money, which is exactly what I need this Horizon Open House project to do.
Corporate sponsors always attend, looking for projects to back.
And I need a new way to pay for school, so some company has to be blown away Ow! Oh, not literally.
By my new power amplifier.
[BEEPS] This thing can increase the energy output of almost any electrical device.
And done! And I still have [GASPS] Exactly zero minutes to spare! [PANTING] [GRUNTING] Some mysterious villain put a bounty on Spidey.
But even though sporting my good old red-and-blues makes me a target, web-slinging's the only way I'll make it to Horizon in time for tonight's open house.
Oh, man.
I'm so out of it.
Between this project and the endless villain fights, the hardest part'll be staying awake long enough to present my device.
[SIGHS] Almost there.
And nobody trying to stop me.
[CHUCKLES] Maybe my string of bad luck's finally [YELLING] [GRUNTS] hit rock bottom.
[GROANS] Supposed to be clear skies today.
Where'd that lightning come from? [WOMAN] That'd be me! Name's Electro, and I gotta thank you, Spider-Guy.
Uh, thank-you cards, thank-you gifts? These things are normal.
[EVIL LAUGHTER] But thank-you attacks? [GRUNTS] [GROANS] Not so much.
[YELLS] Thing is, the sweet, sweet bounty cash I'm gonna get from turning you in is gonna fund the completion of this awesome Electro suit I invented.
Huh? Yeah, I was gonna say, [HUFFS] Exposed power sources, inadequate insulation That might not be the safest outfit.
[CHUCKLES] Oh [CHUCKLES] totally not safe [ASCENDING WHIRRING] For you! [YELLS] That's not what I meant! [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Made it almost two hours without getting attacked.
Hey, that's better than yesterday.
[GRUNTING] [STRAINING] Look "Electro," did you say? I'd love to have some big, epic webs-against-zaps battle with you, but I gotta be somewhere.
Rain check? Sometimes rain brings lightning! [GRUNTS] Aah! [GROANS] [GRUNTS] Gotta love weather comedy.
[CHUCKLES] Well, that was easy.
Honestly, Spidey, I thought you were gonna play a little hard to get.
[KNUCKLES CRACK] [GRUNTS] It's been a crazy week! You try heroing with no sleep.
Tired? Then I'll put you down for a nap! You have no idea how nice that sounds.
[GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Huh? Bogus! Must be the hyper-conductor core again.
Come on, Electro, get it together! Maybe it's a capacitor problem.
Have you tried Why am I giving the bad guy suggestions? Capac Oh, maybe.
Let me just Ha! Got it.
[YELLS] Thanks for the tip.
[CRIES OUT] Ugh! Great! Now I gotta recharge.
See why I need funding? [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Powering up from an on board generator? [GRUNTING] Can't keep up with the current situation, huh? [CHUCKLES] Okay.
That pun even hurt me a little.
[ASCENDING WHIRRING] Recharge complete.
[CHUCKLES] Rad! Aaah! Whoa! [GRUNTS] Huh.
What's this little beauty? Some kind of power enhancer? [CHUCKLES] Wicked.
I've never seen a build like this.
You don't want that! It's, uh boring.
I'm an engineer.
I love geeky stuff.
[ASCENDING WHIRRING] Whoa! [CHUCKLES] Crazy-awesome energy efficiency.
I wonder if I could get even better results if I manipulated the inner manifold.
No! [GRUNTS] Your suit's generator probably can't handle a surge like that! It could create an energy feedback loop that Aah! Electricity coursing through me! Don't worry.
We'll find a way to fix this.
Don't tell me Fix it? Why? [CHUCKLES] This is awesome! So not awesome! [STUDENTS CHATTERING] [BOY] Do you think I'll get a ribbon this year? Okay, everyone.
We're seconds away from throwing those doors wide to the public.
Put the final touches on your open house projects, and let's show the world why Horizon students have the best [THUNDEROUS ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] Everyone, get down! [STUDENTS EXCLAIMING] [GRUNTING] Sorry! Her fault! Also kind of my fault too.
It It's complicated.
[STUDENTS SCREAMING] Students, get to safety! Go, go, go! My old suit was nothing.
This is true power! [YELLS] Even if I had enough sleep, I can't go faster than living energy! [GRUNTS] Maybe I can find a way to contain her.
If only I had the parts.
[GRUNTING] Ah, a thermal converter.
[GRUNTING] Ugh! Ooh-hoo! Nice! A hyper-locked power cell! [GRUNTS] [GROWLS] Mm? [HUMMING] One of these.
And one of these.
Mm! [GROWLS] [HUMMING] I'm just gonna borrow this.
Huh? Uh Gotcha! Hm? [GROWLS] Why am I always building science projects under so much pressure? Silly spider.
You can't hide from me! [YELPS] You might as well come out.
You should know, I still get the money even if I bring you in fried to a crisp! Sorry, but I had to slip into something a little less comfortable.
Time to take you to school.
Or, more literally, out of school.
[GRUNTS, YELLS] And you were mocking my power suit? Like that thrown-together costume's gonna stop what I've become.
As if! Well, I'm not wearing it for a fashion statement.
[GRUNTS] Is that all you got? [WHIRRING] I bet I can get more out of you! Hey! No! Where ya going? [GROANING] [CRYING OUT] I thought we had a spark.
See? I knew you had more in you.
[GROANING] Stop! You're draining my power! My glorious power! [CRIES OUT] [GRUNTS] My power amplifier.
[GRUNTS] All that work for fried-out tech.
Well, that was a draining experience.
Ha! And he can still pull out the science comedy.
Spidey! Are you okay? [GROANS] I'm gonna be sore in the morning.
But here, Max.
There should be enough electricity in this power cell to run every project in the open house.
Yeah, uh, we're not gonna be able to hold the open house now.
There's too much damage.
Good point.
I'm really sorry this happened.
I know you were just trying to stop her, but I don't know if they do.
Oh, uh [NERVOUS CHUCKLE] hey, guys.
Today we all stopped Electro.
Your inventions saved the day.
So you get, like, a double A.
Like the battery.
So I might not know if Edison stayed up for 47 straight hours working on the light bulb, but one thing I do know for certain: Edison never had an invention destroyed, and his life nearly ruined, by a series of costumed maniacs bent on his destruction.
It's time to find out who sent all these clowns after me, and put an end to it once and for all! The Horizon High Open House was an absolute disaster.
My project was fried, the event was destroyed, and now I have no idea how to earn money for tuition.
But at least now that it's over, I have time to figure out who sent Electro and all those other lunatic villains after me.
Starting at this warehouse.
According to Prowler, this is the secret meeting place where someone put a bounty on me.
No security.
No thugs.
No problem.
Okay, Spidey.
Time to play detective.
Just as I suspected.
And in here? Empty box.
Whoever operated out of this place was a professional, I'll give 'em that.
[TRILLING] Wait a second.
Did I just strike gold? And by "gold," I mean a computer data drive? Property of the Daily Bugle.
I sold them this footage.
Jonah Jameson keeps trying to run me out of the hero business.
Maybe it wasn't working fast enough, so he hired a bunch of bad guys to do the job instead.
[BEEPING] Miles, you won't believe Where are you? You're not robbing a bank right now, are you? Uhh, no.
You sure? Yeah.
Pretty sure.
Check the Daily Bugle, now! [BEEPS] [WOMAN]which is why I'm on your show to urge your viewers and the public in the area to stay inside.
Here's the real question, Chief Watanabe.
Will you finally arrest this menace? We've had many eyewitness accounts of Spider-Man saving innocent lives, so we've been reluctant to brand him a criminal.
But there's no denying it now.
Spider-Man is officially a wanted man.
So JJJ put a price on my head, and, when that failed, hired a Spidey imposter to get me thrown in jail? He is a terrible boss! Spider-Man, we have you surrounded.
Come out and Huh? [OFFICERS COUGHING] [COUGHING CONTINUES] Why would anyone think that's me? Except for being totally identical, we look nothing alike.
[GRUNTS] Hey! Do I know you? You look kind of familiar! No way he can outrun someone with the actual proportionate speed of a spider What?! Where'd he disappear to? The Daily Bugle, huh? Reporting to your boss? [MAN ON RADIO] All units Uh-oh.
Repeat: all units, arrest Spider-Man on sight.
Something smells fishy, and it isn't the trash.
[WOMAN] Freeze, Spider-Man! You're coming with me.
Chief Watanabe! Nice to meet you.
Okay, not that nice, given the circumstances.
But I'm not the robber.
It was an imposter, and I'm pretty sure he was hired by J.
Jonah Jameson.
Jameson? The J.
Jonah Jameson? You can tell me all about this insane theory once I have you safely in a holding cell.
We don't have time.
Look, maybe this will help you trust me.
[GRUNTS] I web-cuffed myself up so I can't get away.
Now will you listen? The real crook is on the loose, and if you hurry, you can catch him.
So you expect me to believe someone dressed up like Spider-Man to frame you.
Yes! I have had the most terrible week.
All these crazy villains came after me, and I'm pretty sure Jameson hired them.
Well, he's no fan of yours, but he's also a respected journalist.
I know this all sounds like the paranoid delusions of a crazy spider-person, but No, Spider-Man.
[CHUCKLING] It's not paranoia if someone's really out to get you.
Uh you're kind of creeping me out here, Chief.
Your theory is spot-on, except Jameson isn't behind it.
Nice to see you're finally listening to me, Chief.
I knew he was a menace from the start! We're casting a wide net throughout the city.
We recommend that citizens please remain That's live.
If Chief Watanabe's in the Daily Bugle studio, then who are you? Chief Watanabe, if I choose to be.
Or maybe you remember me as a certain Avenger.
What did you think of me leading you straight to Mysterio, by the way? Or I can be someone a little more familiar.
Knew you'd never be able to sit by and watch yourself rob a bank.
No identity is safe from the Chameleon.
"Chameleon"? Never even heard of you.
What is all this? It's only fair that you get to see the true face of your enemy before the final phase of the plan unfolds.
Say good night, Spider-Man.
Good night, Spider-Man.
You did not just do that.
I joke when I'm about to be blasted into oblivion! We only just met, Chameleon.
Shouldn't you at least take me out for ice cream before calling for my destruction? Destruction? No.
What a waste.
There are much bigger plans in store for you.
You're getting pretty blasty for someone who doesn't want to destroy me.
[GRUNTS] [YELLS] [GROANS] I thought you'd have realized this was a stun gun.
Maybe you aren't as smart as my studies of you indicated, Spider-Man.
You were studying me? The hard drive back at your warehouse! Found that, did you? No matter.
You see, as a master of disguise, I've been in and out of the Daily Bugle for weeks, learning about you the places you're most likely to be found, what kind of crimes you show up to fight.
I do my research! And I [GRUNTS] Take out the trash! [YELLS] [GRUNTS] With my power, I don't have to rely on weapons.
Catch me if you can! [GRUNTS] This has not been my day.
He couldn't have gotten far.
But wait.
He could be anyone.
[PEOPLE CHATTERING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Ow! Ugh! Hiding as a nice old lady? [CHUCKLING] Really? [YELL STARTS] [STIFLES YELL] I know you're actually the Chameleon, but I just can't [YELLS] [GROANS] And I knew that was gonna happen.
[FOOTSTEPS] [GROANS] This is the least awesome game of hide-and-go-seek ever! Gotcha! All right, tough guys.
I know one of you is a shape-shifting supervillain in disguise.
[GRUNTS] Aah! [GROANS] Guess I owe those kids an apology.
[GASPS] [PANTING] Honestly, why can't I fight normal villains anymore? They take over New York, then I take them down with a combo of webs and witty repartee.
It's so much cleaner.
What?! You're me! How Chameleon! Got ya now! Spider-Man! See, boss? I told you I'd seen that web-wielding wall-crawler.
Oh, no.
Jonah Jameson?! And who are you? You look kind of familiar.
Wow, Stan.
I never would've believed he'd show up here, but I guess he's just that dumb.
This can't get any worse.
[GRUNTS] Is this one of your tricks, Spider-Man? Yeah, what's going on here, web-for-brains? How are there two of me? Two of you? There are two of me! You're a fake! I'm a fake? Look at this strong jawline! You're the fake! Nope! No! I cannot take two of him.
This ends now.
Aah! [GRUNTS] Wow, Spidey.
How did you know which one was the genuine journalist, and which one was the deplorable doppelganger? I didn't.
I just took a shot.
Why, you you Citizen's arrest! Please let the police do the arresting, Jameson.
[SPIDER-MAN] Some kind of embedded hologram projected from the mask? That's some mind-blowing technology.
Color me impressed.
Me too.
This imposter robbed the bank while looking like me.
He calls himself the Chameleon.
I can see why.
Good work, Spider-Man, but you're still going to have to come in and answer some questions before [WEB-SHOOTER DEPLOYS] [SIGHS] You don't make this easy, Spider-Man.
What?! You're just gonna let him get away? We caught the robber, Jameson.
That's what we came out to do.
[SIRENS APPROACHING] You gotta do what you gotta do.
That's a cut, Stan.
[MAN] Your Chameleon tech won't work in here, buddy.
This superpower holding cell puts a tech damper on abilities like yours.
But you can keep trying all you want.
[CHUCKLES] [DESCENDING WHIRRING] What's happening? [MECHANICAL HUM] Sir, it's you.
We have less than a minute before the authorities discover my signal intrusion and shut me down.
Sir, I'm so sorry I failed you.
Wrong, Chameleon.
All is exactly as I planned.
Now that Spider-Man has been fully prepared, the final phase can begin.
I am proud to have been of assistance, then, sir.
[WHISTLING] [ASCENDING WHIRRING] [SPIDER-MAN] So now I know it was the Chameleon who put out the bounty on me.
But I still have no idea why.
Maybe you gotta get used to this, Spidey.
When you're a famous superhero, villains hate you for no apparent reason.
[YAWNS, GROANS] Might not have gotten to the bottom of Chameleon's plans, but I do know what I am getting to the bottom of right now.
Catching up on some major sleep.
[ALARM CLOCK ALARM BLARING] What?! Time for school? [ALARM CONTINUES BLARING] Already? Nooooo!