MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

Bring on the Bad Guys (Part 3)

1 When I woke up this morning, this was so not how I saw my day turning out.
[STRAINING] [PASSENGERS EXCLAIMING] Should've been a quiet afternoon.
Meet with Gwen to pick up the battery for my Horizon Open House project.
Maybe grab some hot cocoa.
But instead, here I am.
I'm used to things going wrong, especially lately.
[LAUGHING] Every costumed whacko in the tristate area seems to be after me.
[LAUGHING] [STRAINING] But this guy? Couldn't he have at least waited until October 31st? [LAUGHING] Obliterating you is such a thrill, Spider-Clown.
This is so boo-tiful.
[LAUGHS] More like boo to that wordplay.
[MANIACAL LAUGHTER] [STICK BLOW LANDS] Let me tell you, whoever this jack-o'-lantern guy is, [BLOWS LANDING] He's definitely more trick than treat.
[LAUGHS] Hey-ho! Who wants to gather round the ol' campfire for roasted marshmallows and spooky stories? Ugh! Who is is this creep? And where'd he get all these dangerous toys? Hope you like it hot, little spider.
Pop, sizzle-fizzle! Bat's all, folks! The cemetery is about to get a new tenant.
I used to think Halloween was fun, but you're out of your gourd.
[CREAKING] [PASSENGERS WHIMPERING] [CRACKLING] If I can use the weight of the bus in my favor, I might be able to pull this off.
Gravity, don't fail me now! [LAUGHS] I deliver the Spider, I get the biggest candy bag of all! Aah! [PASSENGERS YELL] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [BOTH YELL] - Everyone, hang on! - Like we got a choice.
[LAUGHING] Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Dangling spider with a bag full of goodies to go splat.
Should've designed a Creep-O-Meter for the open house.
[GRUNTING] This guy would measure off the charts.
[GRUNTING] Last stop, Brooklyn Bridge.
Transfers to pedestrian walkways are that-a-way.
Thank you for flying the Spidey skies.
That isn't your regular costume, is it? Because I think it's making everyone uncomfortable.
Look, I'm not happy about it, either, but normally I don't fight villains who attack me with industrial-strength itching powder bombs.
[LAUGHING] Jack is back to get the Wicked Web of the West! [GRUNTING] That doesn't even make sense! Gotta lead him away from these innocent bystanders.
Come on, pumpkin head! Let's see if you can keep up with me.
[MANIACAL LAUGHTER] Chills and thrills! [LAUGHS] Ghosties and ghouls! This guy likes Halloween way too much.
That's a dangerous prop, pumpkin-man! I told you, the name's Jack O'Lantern, King of Halloween! [GRUNTS] But you didn't tell me who put out the order to take me down! I'll never reveal the skeletons in my closet on this special day.
Today's not Halloween! Every day is Halloween! [SINGSONGY VOICE] Trick or treat? Yeah, not the time for games.
Don't you even know the rules? [SINGSONGY VOICE] Trick or treat? Uh, okay.
Treat? You got it! [LAUGHS, GRUNTS] Not more of those things! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] I knew caramel apples were bad for your teeth, but, man, this hurts! [YELLS, GRUNTS] Bet ya can't catch me! Being taunted by a guy with a pumpkin head.
Could this day get any weirder? Yes, this day could get weirder.
Gotta have a serious talk with this guy.
These fake webs are just embarrassing.
And this must be where he makes all those explosive caramel apples.
Ten out of ten dentists would agree they are bad for your life.
What is a dentist? [LAUGHS] Never heard of such a thing.
[LAUGHS] Oh, when I defeat and deliver you, spider, they'll give me a big, [LAUGHS] big prize! Just think of how much more spook-tastic I can make this place with all that sweet money.
[LAUGHS] Are you incapable of a clear answer? Who asked you to deliver me? [SINGSONGY VOICE] I've got another treat.
Another treat? All you give out is tricks! Oh, no.
[LAUGHS] This is a treat for me! [LAUGHS] Aah! [CRYING OUT] Wait.
Candy corn? [MANIACAL LAUGHTER] [GRUNTING] Ow! Stop! [GROANS] Candy corn really is the worst candy ever! [GRUNTS] Oops.
Now I'm helping him produce those explosive apples.
Hey! I'm in charge of Halloween here! [GRUNTS] Seek and hide? My, my! Enough is enough! Who hired you, Jack O' Lantern? Ghosts have real spirit! [LAUGHS] Ugh! Is he even hearing me? Who put a bounty out for me?! That's witch-ful thinking.
How much are you being paid? I only spook when spooken to! [LAUGHS] Oh, this guy's crazy even by super-villain standards.
Maybe I need to play along.
[GRUNTS] Okay, Jack O'Lantern.
Your turn.
Trick or treat? [LAUGHS] No one's ever asked me that question.
Now you're a delicious treat, Jackie.
[MUFFLED YELLING] [MUFFLED LAUGHING] [MUFFLED YELLING] What's that? You realize it's not actually Halloween? [MUFFLED] Nooooo! I agree.
We should only ever act like this once a year.
[MUFFLED YELL] Well, since it doesn't look like I'll be getting any answers from you, I'll just be calling the police to shut down your little fun factory here, and then I'm going home to find my backup costume.
Spider-Man costume, that is, not Halloween costume.
Because a Halloween costume this time of year would just be weird.
[GASPS] And I've flaked on Gwen already today.
[GASPS] Not that this morning was entirely my fault.
That pumpkin-headed maniac wasn't exactly something I had scheduled.
[GRUNTS] Whoa! Ow! [GROANS] Man, every muscle in my body aches.
Must have hurt myself fighting Jack O'Lantern.
Or it could've been Overdrive, or Mysterio, or the Spot, or that giant hippo creatively named "Hippo.
" [GROANS] I'm really losing count of the bumps, bruises, and costumed bad guys.
[GRUNTING] Focus, Peter.
You've got ten hours to finish your project for the open house, and you need that integrated battery for the project, and you need to get said battery from Gwen.
Before she loses patience and never speaks to you again.
Being followed.
Whoever you are, I know you're out there.
Let me guess.
Another bad guy I've never heard of.
[GRUNTS] We might as well get this over with.
Just testing to see if this sixth sense you're supposed to have is real.
[HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] Aah! [GROANING] Yah! Who are you? Just a guy with a job to do.
[GRUNTING] Amateur gadget party? Am I supposed to be impressed? [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [COUGHING] A smoke screen? Really? Okay, in terms of senses, you've covered sight, sound And touch! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Please don't let there be smell.
You know, it would be bad for my superhero cred to lose to Fog-man.
And this is coming from a guy who almost got beat by a panda-person.
The underworld knows me as Prowler.
Oh, good.
A villain who answers questions.
Who sent you? I haven't gotten a straight answer from anyone.
Here's a straight answer.
This is nothing personal, just business.
[GRUNTING] [YELLS] Let me tell you, this is starting to feel really personal.
[GRUNTING] [GRUNTS] Why won't these villains just let me finish my homework? [GRUNTING] [YELLING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS, GROANS] [GRUNTS] [ZAPPING] No! What's wrong with this thing? [BEEPING] Problem with your gear? That's not very super-villain of you.
[BEEPS] Finally.
Can you blame a guy? I thought I'd be lonely in here.
You only made this easier for me.
Huh? Don't get mad, but if you're gonna do this bad-guy thing professionally, you've gotta take better care of your gear.
[BEEPING] I'm just the muscle.
I can't fix this without my Without what? My brother.
He makes this gear.
I'm no scientist.
Well, here's some science.
Water plus electricity equals bad news! Gotta insulate ourselves! Hold on! [GRUNTING] [ELECTRICITY ARCING] What are you doing? Trying to keep us alive! [BEEPING] Tell me you have a way to shut this thing down! [STRAINING] Aahh! [YELLS] [PROWLER GRUNTS] [SPIDER-MAN GROANS] Just needed a stupid battery pack.
Why did you do that? Save me? Uh, is this a trick question? I attacked you.
Why would you save an enemy? Uh, it's kind of implied in the "hero" part, you know, after the word "super.
" I can't take in someone who just saved my life.
Even a guy like me lives by a code.
So you have a moral code.
Well, most villains don't.
Maybe you're not as bad as you think you are.
Say, and now that we're not beating each other up, any chance you can tell me who put out a bounty for all these crazy villains to take me down? I don't know.
He was hidden in shadow.
Disguised his voice.
Shadowy spider-hater, huh? Let's see.
Osborn is gone, Doc Ock is in a coma, I defeated Jackal Well, I hope they offered a lot of money, or I'm gonna take that personally too.
The paycheck would've been good.
But now I gotta find another way to solve my problems.
See ya around.
Wait! You ever try to get a real job? Like a non-villain who doesn't try to cage superheroes? I got problems bigger than you'd understand.
I once had to cure this entire city of being spider-monsters.
I know problems.
Try me.
[SIGHS] It's my brother.
The one who designs all my tech.
I botched a job, and now he's being held by someone dangerous.
If I don't pay up by tonight, my brother's history.
So, time for plan B.
[COUGHING] Ugh! Fog-man sure knows how to make an exit.
[PHONE HUMMING] Ugh! Gwen! "Pete, you're late, and I can't wait around.
Heading back.
" Well, it looks like I missed my deadline.
That doesn't mean Prowler should miss his.
Miss me? What are you doing here? Just hanging around.
Also, you seem like the kind of guy that doesn't like to ask for help.
So I thought I'd volunteer.
Let me guess.
Your plan B means trying to sneak in and free your brother.
This is my problem.
The guy holding him isn't someone you want to mess with, Spider-Man.
Are you trying to give me advice? 'Cause, trust me, I'm terrible at taking advice.
So who exactly is this guy you don't think I should meet? A Mob boss named Silvermane.
He's as powerful as he is crazy.
I knew I shouldn't have worked for Silvermane but took the gig anyway.
It came down to either me taking out a guard or leaving without the loot.
So you left without it, and now Silvermane figures you owe him.
Something like that.
This way.
Hobie! What are you doing here? You're gonna get yourself You brought Spider-Man?! [SNICKERS] "Hobie"? [SIGHS] I prefer "Prowler.
" - We gotta get outta here before it's - [SILVERMANE] Too late, ya punks! [SPIDER-MAN] Thugs with tommy guns? Holding someone's brother for ransom? Old-school gangster accents? Way to pull out the cliché bad-guy moves, Silvermane.
An interesting turn of events, Prowler.
I see you brought me the Spider.
It's not exactly the cash you owe me, but the bounty on this little insect's head is worth quite a bit.
[CHUCKLES] I barely had to lift a finger.
Spider-Man followed me here just to help and be a hero.
This was a setup? Hmm.
You might just prove useful to my organization after all, Prowler.
Finish Spider-Man, and I might forget your debt.
Hobie? You can't! Don't do it.
I can tell you're better than this.
[WEAPON CLATTERS] You're gonna pay for that.
Did you know that could happen? [BONES CRACK] Mm, guess so.
[GRUNTS] [BOTH YELL] Why didn't you tell me Silvermane was a cyborg Mob monster? Don't know how that part could've slipped my mind.
[LAUGHS] [YELLS] Kicking a houseguest? [GRUNTS] Now, that is bad manners! [YELLING] Please don't see me.
Please don't see me.
[GRUNTS] Ah, he saw me! [YELLING] [GRUNTS] [YELLS] Oh, I'm fine.
[GRUNTS] Not fine! [SCREAMS] Whoa! Abe, get outta here! Call the police! Friends don't let friends get blasted! Wha Now take a time-out and think about what you've done.
Little spider, I'm gonna have to squash you myself and collect that bounty.
[SPIDER-MAN] How about a parting gift instead? Like this, uh, coffee table! [YELLS] Maybe not.
[YELLS] You picked the wrong day to start being a hero.
[GROANS] I need a strategy, but I'm too exhausted to even think straight lately.
Just like the fight on the roof.
The roof! [GRUNTS] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] Prowler, do you have any more of those doohickeys? You know, from the cage? Not enough to make a complete cage.
[GRUNTS] We don't need one.
Remember the science I taught you? Got it! It's time I put an end to this pathetic stunt, Prowler.
Wha Pillow fight! What? Everybody likes a good pillow fight.
[GROWLS] [FIRE ALARM BLARING] Prowler, now! [CRYING OUT] [SCREAMING] [GRUNTS] [GROANING] You saved my life more than once today.
Not how I expected this to turn out.
Neither of us have had the day we expected.
Thanks, Spider-Man.
No need.
It's all part of that whole super and hero thing I keep trying to explain to you.
And for what it's worth, I think you make a better hero than a thief.
You did all right back there.
Both of you.
Maybe something to think about, huh? See ya around.
Oh, and, Spider-Man, you said something about needing a battery.
I did? You mumble when you're barely conscious.
[CHUCKLES] I mumble when I'm completely conscious too.
This is This is an even better battery than what I needed.
It's yours.
Okay, now you may have just saved my life.
Thank you.
No need.
I hear it's all part of that whole superhero thing.
That it is.
Sorry to have to run, but I have a science project to finish.
See ya, guys! [WEB SHOOTER DEPLOYS] Did he just say "science project"?