MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Bring on the Bad Guys (Part 2)

1 [SIGHS] It only took three weeks, seven hours, four wrenches, and two school blackouts, but we have our Storm Impact Pattern Machine built.
What do you plan on doing with your first million? I mean, after SIPMA gets funded by all the corporations attending Horizon's Open House.
Let's finish it first and go yacht shopping later.
But if SIPMA gets funded, I'm totally buying a hot-air balloon.
Fancy tastes.
[PETER PANTING] Peter, what's wrong? Not enough hours in the day! [PANTING] Only 24 of them left until the open house! Hope your project's ready! [PANTING CONTINUES] Endless bad-guy attacks, a looming school deadline, and me without a changing room.
[CHUCKLES] He must be really far behind.
I haven't seen Peter this frantic since that whole Spider Island business.
When every single New Yorker, including us, got spider powers It was madness.
Luckily, everybody was cured.
Well, Pete should've managed his time better.
Look at everything we've accomplished on our project.
With these antennas set to measure ion-charged air, SIPMA should be able to predict oncoming weather events, like superstorms, more effectively than science can now.
Time to see this baby in action.
[WHIRRING] Looks beautiful.
And it can all be controlled by an app on my phone.
I think this thing might actually work.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah! [CHUCKLES] Huh? Wait.
Something's wrong.
Either the machine's broken, or Midtown's about to get a tornado.
Ion buildup on Antenna 4.
[GROANS] Your ears just pop? [ANYA] More like reality just popped.
Aah! Gwen, Anya, get out of here! I don't know how long I can hold the Spot! Hold what spot? Guessing he's talking about that human Dalmatian.
We gotta call the police.
Whatever! [GRUNTING] Aah! [GWEN] Whoa! This guy can teleport stuff? [GRUNTS] Run! Too late! Anya, Gwen, watch out! Huh? Aah! [GROANS] Time to split! [ALL GRUNT] "Time to split"? Did you just make an atom pun? The adrenaline.
I couldn't help it.
Get to safety.
A whole string of weird, new bad guys have been after me.
Huh? [GROANS] Spidey's gonna get slammed.
We can't just call the cops.
They'd never get here in time.
We have to do something.
We both know who could help.
Yeah, us! Doing what we do best science.
That's not what I was Come on! You know the crazy readings we got right before the portal popped open? Those portals probably charged the air with ions, which SIPMA can detect.
It's still connected.
Let's put your hypothesis to the test.
There's an ion spike near Antenna 1.
Open SIPMA's video feed.
Look! Pop goes the portal.
We can predict where he's gonna strike next.
But how does that help? I've got an idea.
These portals are somehow created by ion flow, right? What if instead of just detecting Spot's portal energy, we could distort it by redirecting the ion waves? Hmm? Hypothetically possible, if we had a way to project the ion pulses.
But we'd have to pump an insane amount of power into SIPMA.
And I know just the thing.
- Come on! - Anya, wait! If whatever you're planning fails, you need to be prepared to use your It won't fail.
[GWEN] What's up here that's going to Oh, the school's solar grid.
Hello, insane amount of power.
Now to find a way to transmit the ion pulses.
The sat dish! Yes! I love science! [SPIDER-MAN] I hate everything! [ECHOING] [SPIDER-MAN YELLING] [GRUNTS] Got the app fired up and ready.
Hate to think what this is gonna do to your phone's data plan.
They offered me unlimited.
I think the company's gonna regret that.
[WHIRRING] Fifty percent sync! Come on already! I think I'm going to be sick! We got sync! [YELLING] [ANYA] But the Spot's closing up his portals! [GWEN] He could've sent Spidey anywhere.
Underwater, the top of a mountain, deep space We can take control of his portals now, right? Open them back up.
We have to get Spidey! Ugh! I can't! They need to be active.
[ANYA] He's leaving and taking the portals with him! Should I Yes! Anya, open his portals again.
You know what you need to be.
Amazing it is.
Polka Dot! We're not through here! [YELLS] [GRUNTS] Looks like Spider-Girl hits the Spot.
[GWEN GROANS] Your first line in costume, and that's what you went with? What? That was totally classic battle banter.
[GWEN] Seriously, cut the puns and get him to send out his portals! [BOTH GRUNTING] [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] I'm all the way over here, Spotty.
How you gonna get me? [GRUNTS] Huh? [GRUNTS] [GROANING] Aah! This is way more painful than Spider-Man lets on.
Gwen, his portals are active.
Do your thing! Almost.
[BUTTONS BEEPING] Yes! Got it! Let's see what we can do.
[BEEPING] Redirecting portals now.
[GRUNTS] Time to give him a taste of his own medicine.
[YELLING] [BOTH GRUNTING] You've got a neat trick, Spot.
Thought we'd get in on the action.
Finish him up.
We've gotta get Spidey.
Don't freak out.
You just beat your first bad guy as Spider-Girl.
No biggie.
[CHUCKLES] Nice! Now to get Spidey back.
If I invert the polarity [BEEPING, TRILLING] There! I reoriented one of his portals via quantum tunneling.
It should take you to the exact coordinates where Spidey was sent.
Weird first day, huh? Yeah.
But normal's overrated.
Come on, Spider-Girl.
I know you got this.
[SHIVERS] Polar bears [SIGHS] [GWEN CLEARS THROAT] Spidey, wake up.
[SPIDER-MAN GROANS] [GROANS] What happened? Our machine was able to take over the Spot's portals.
- No big thing.
- Weird.
I could've sworn another spider person saved me from polar bears? Yeah.
Hypothermic hallucinations can be very convincing.
Oh, heads-up.
The police are on their way to arrest the Spot.
[GROANS] The police aren't the biggest fans of me right now.
Don't know how to thank you guys enough.
You saved my life.
Saved by science.
It's how we do.
You ever gonna tell him? What? That I'm the only person that kept their powers after Spider Island because of the experimental cure I tested on myself? Nope.
Why not? It's awesome.
As fun as dressing up as an arachnid may be, going to college and running a tech company someday is all the adrenaline I need.
Muggers and maniacs already have enough heroes to deal with in this city.
What are more webs gonna add? You know I'll support whatever you decide.
But I gotta admit, I'm a little jealous of those powers of yours.
Plus you got some rad moves.
Could be one of the greats.
Top ten, easy.
[SIGHS] Maybe someday.
Twenty-three hours till my open house project is due.
[GRUNTS] Fighting with the Spot really put a hole in my day.
Gotta focus [MUMBLES] Open house project's almost done for [SNORES] [SEMITRUCK HORN BLARING] [SCREAMS, GRUNTS] Worst alarm clock ever! [SHUDDERING BREATH] Oh, man.
If a near head-on collision with a semi doesn't wake me up, nothing will Wait! Wh-Where'd the sun go? But it was just daytime! I didn't just fall asleep, did I? Oh, man.
Gotta get back.
Only eight hours left now.
Cut me a break.
Fog's as thick as soup.
Can't even tell which way Queens is.
And this bridge is never empty.
[RUMBLING] What's that rumble? Sounds like a Gah! [GRUNTS] A tank?! I had no idea that thing was coming.
How did two tons of steel slip past my spider-sense? Plus Hydra agents?! [WEAPONS FIRING] [GRUNTS] Okay.
Guys Seriously, why is this my life right now? Aah! [GRUNTING] Let's all just go home.
Have some cocoa.
Read a book.
Huh? What happened? Get down, soldier! [GRUNTS] Captain America?! Yes.
We've met once, but you probably don't remember.
I'm a huge fan.
Tony I mean, Mr.
Stark You know, Iron Man He ever talk about me? Spider-Me? I mean Man.
Speaking of talking, I should I'm I'm I'm just gonna stop.
What's going on? [WEAPONS FIRING] The world's in danger, and we need you in the Avenjet, now! [WHIRRING] Whoa! By "we," you mean The Avengers.
Now go! Oh, man, oh, man! Avengers missions are the best missions! What about you? I can't just leave Captain America high and dry.
We can't waste time.
I'll hold them off while Black Widow debriefs you.
Yes, sir, Captain, sir! Yo, Widow! Long time and all that.
Oh, uh, was that too casual? I-I-I don't know.
We worked together that once.
I'm not saying I'm totally memorable.
You probably see super people every day.
I just I-I should stop talking.
Uh, so, yeah.
What's going on? More Hydra messiness, huh? Widow? That's not normal.
A hologram? Is this an Avengers' initiation prank or something? You guys! [YELLING] [YELLING CONTINUES] [GRUNTS] Ouch.
I fell asleep on that bridge.
I'm dreaming, right? [MALE VOICE] Welcome, Spider-Man, to my fun house.
Please, don't let there be clowns.
Clowns equal un-fun house.
Allow me to properly introduce myself.
For I am Mysterio, Master of Illusion and dealer of your demise.
Mystery-who-now? Ahead of you are three pathways of doom.
Come, choose, and see what's on the other side.
[EVIL LAUGHTER] Considering there's no emergency exits, guess I have to do this.
I don't know, though.
These don't seem particularly doomy.
I mean, come on.
There's a door with a kitty theme.
Destruction by kittens sounds like the most adorable way to go.
And also a really solid name for a band.
[ALL MEW] [PURRING] Aww! Talk about warm and fuzzy overload.
[PURRING] [DEEP GROWLING] Uh, that cat's meow is a little rough.
Maybe it's just fighting a cold.
[GROWLING] Like a really, really bad cold.
[ROARS] Not a cold! [YELLING] [ROARS] Wait a minute.
This whole night's been nothing but holograms and fake Avenjets.
Which explains why that Hydra tank didn't trigger my spider-sense.
[GROWLING] Ohh, who's just the cutest man-eating thing in this room? That's right.
You are.
[CHUCKLES] I'm not in any real danger, because you're totally [ROARS] Ow! [GRUNTS, GROANS] A real man-eating thing! Not fake.
Not fake! [GROWLS] Nice kitty.
More panthers.
And I was thinking this fight wasn't fair enough.
[ALL GROWLING] [GRUNTS] [SIGHS] Another hologram.
So only one of these deadly panthers is, you know, deadly.
Trouble is, which one? Projection's gotta be coming from somewhere.
Gotcha! It's tracking the two on the left, which means Oh, please be right! [PANTHERS ROAR] Okay.
Kinda awesome, but still weird.
[GROWLS, ROARS] [KITTEN MEWS] Now to get outta here.
Here again? How can that Something tells me this Mysterio guy is not gonna be my new best friend.
What I really want is a big exit sign.
But this door promises zero saw blades, so [CHUCKLES] This is great.
Just me, myself, and I.
[THUD] [GRUNTS] Ouch! Glad no one saw that.
[WHIMPERS] This is what J.
Jonah thinks I look like anyway.
Not bad.
Maybe I could go by "Daddy Longlegs.
" Watch out, Ant-Man! [CHUCKLES] Whoa! Dead end, I guess.
Uh Huh? Uh Sure.
Nothing creepy about this.
At least that's a normal reflection What? I have to get outta here.
I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Huh? Aha! Gotcha! [GRUNTS] Stop hitting yourself! Oh, joy.
A reflection of me jokes and all.
[YELLS] As if I don't already beat myself up enough.
Okay, that looks nothing like me.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Take that, robo-me! Robotics? Panthers? Holograms? Mysterio's all illusion.
And felines.
But what does he want with me? Two rooms down.
Welcome to number three.
Come find me, Spider-Man, if you can make it to the exit.
Finally! Exit sign, how I love you.
[CHUCKLES] Just glad I didn't have to go through the room with the saw blades.
If I can predict the paths of the blades, I can Got it! Talk about cutting it close.
All right.
Is there a word for the opposite of a fun house? Please be a real exit.
Hmm [MYSTERIO] Welcome to my domain.
I admit you've progressed farther than I imagined.
But now, to all good things must come an end.
For the fortune you gaze upon is your doom, at the hands of Mysterio! Oh, come on! Nothing? Really? Do you know how long it took to perfect that entrance? [SIGHS] Showmanship's a dying art form.
Oh, well.
Good-bye, Spider-Man.
[SNAPS FINGERS] Stop [SCREAMING] Hello, payday.
That was disappointing.
No witty repartee? I expected more.
[SIGHS] That's a wrap.
[LAUGHS] And one of my best performances to date.
The bad man scare you? [PURRS] I'm sorry.
It's all over now.
[GROWLING] Oh, I know.
It's mere scraps.
But once I collect the bounty on Spider-Man's head, you'll be feasting on only the finest filets.
Psst! Ta-da! It It can't be.
I destroyed you! Does this feel like an illusion? [YELLS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS, GROANS] But how? Please! You think you're the only one who knows how to program a robot? S-S-Stop hitting [DISTORTED] yourself.
[STATIC, RATTLING] So busy gloating, you didn't notice the ol' "switch Spidey with a robot double and fool the bad guy" trick.
It can't be.
I was so close to the brass ring! The money! The respect! [WHIMPERS] Buddy, this can't be your first time losing.
Take a breath.
So, someone put a price on moi? Mind telling me who? Also, how much? Curious what an arachnid-powered hero goes for in this economy.
A magician never reveals his [CRYING OUT] Yeah, well, the New York Police Department will be able to get some answers out of you.
I'll let them know you're here.
Where is here, anyway? Whoa! Wait! 8:36AM? It's still day? I only lost half an hour! Even after dropping a call to the police, I still have over 23 hours to finish my Horizon Open House project! [LAUGHS] Science, here I come!