MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Bring on the Bad Guys (Part 1)

1 [PETER] Three days before the Horizon High Open House, and, thanks to my secret life as Spider-Man, barely started to get my project together.
I'm trying to build an environmentally sound energy amplifier, and companies have been known to buy inventions directly from the Open House, which is something my bank account could really use, because without a job, I can't afford school.
But you know what else I can't afford? $162.
Equipment for my project.
Too expensive.
Used equipment $97.
Very used equipment 42 bucks.
[SIGHS] New York City, Panda-Mania.
Can you believe it? The Big Apple.
And we're three hours early.
I told you there wouldn't be any traffic, Hippo, but no, you had to get us on the road at 2:00 in the morning.
So how about some sightseeing? Wax museum? Or-Or-Or I've always wanted to take one of those tour boats around the island.
You get seasick in the bathtub.
Of course, there's always our favorite pastime.
[JAMESON] I was captured by that lunatic Venom! All Spider-Man's fault! [PETER SCOFFS] My fault? Since that wall-crawling weasel first appeared, New York's been overrun by his superpowered cronies.
Do your job, Police Chief Watanabe.
Bring that masked menace to justice, or face the consequences! Uh [DISGUISED VOICE] Spider-Man's not all that bad.
[WOMAN] Uh-huh.
Aw, yeah! I love bank robbing.
A panda person.
That's got to be the weirdest thing I'll see all day.
[GRUNTING] So awkward.
I take that back.
One web locker for my equipment.
Now time to become a zookeeper.
[BOTH PANTING] Who the heck are you? [GASPS] You're kidding.
Spider-Man? The web-swinging wonder? Idol of millions? [AUDIBLE SHRUG] Sorry.
We're from Toledo.
Then welcome to New York.
Ooh! I told you we would have had more fun at the wax museum.
[GRUNTS] Are you kidding? This is where the fun really starts.
I hate tourists! [GRUNTS] You come to New York, rob a bank, and trash our statues? Who came up with your vacation itinerary? [GASPS] Uhh! Ow! Ohh! You'll save yourself a lot of unnecessary bruising if you just give up now.
No way.
You ain't taking this job and stealing our cash.
Raah! Ha! Ha! First of all, it's not your cash.
- Ohh! - And second of all, I'm not stealing it, I'm giving it back.
You're supposed to be a good guy? In a scary spider costume? As if.
[TELLERS] Ohh! I happen to be New York's most beloved superhero, as anyone in this bank will tell you.
Just don't hurt us, Spider-Man! Hurt? But Jameson! Huh! [STRAINING] Body slam! [PANDA-MANIA] Menace! [GRUNTING] So, wax museum? Seriously? Just grab the bags, Fluffy Lumpkins, and let's move! What are we gonna do till the meeting starts? It's a big city, with a lot of banks.
[GROANING] Ohh! Out of the way! Hey, wait up! [GRUNTING] Ohh.
Oh, pardon Oh, excuse me.
Just make way.
Oh, sorry! Sorry.
We should have taken a cab.
When am I ever gonna get another crack at riding a New York subway? Hey, where's the rest of our money? Sorry.
I'm an even-toed ungulate.
Among other things.
Oh, well.
There's a bank in SoHo that looks promising, but we have to get off at the next stop and change trains.
You think that spider guy's gonna come after us? After the beat-down we gave him, he'd be a perfect idiot to tangle with us again.
- Whoa! - [GASPS] Whoa.
I don't know about "perfect.
" [PANDA-MANIA] How? My unerring subway sonar led me right to you.
You have subway sonar? No.
That map shows every stop.
Doesn't Toledo have a subway? You're not getting away from me in my town.
What are you doing? Running away! Sorry.
That's obvious, but why? This spider guy knows the city like the back of his webs.
Let's forget about robbing New York banks.
Just get to the meeting and I make the decisions on this team, and I say Huh? Aah! One down, one to [HORN BLARING] Uh-oh.
Aah! Are you all right? Aah! Uhh! With my tough hide, it'll take more than that to stop me.
[HORN BLARES] Rude much? Okay, tourists, get ready for some spectacular views of New York's best prison cells.
Aah! I can even draw you a map so you don't get lost.
How are you so fast? It's not human.
Not human? You're a hippopotamus.
[HORN BLARING] The ceiling's going to collapse.
Another reason why you should never take animals on the subway.
Oh, no.
[HONKING] Run! You have the money? Uh You better hope tonight pays off.
[SCREAMING] Ta-da! Don't worry.
I'm fine.
Everybody get out now, before he wrecks the rest of the station! [CROWD SCREAMING] No, wait.
I was saving you.
I I was talking to myself.
[GROWLS] Jameson.
There are some heavy hitters here.
This thing's bigger than we realized.
Quite an impressive response to my invitations.
Greed is an exceptional motivator.
And if you want to collect the generous bounty I have offered, then all you have to do is bring me Spider-Man.
Spider-Man? Not again.
No way.
- Who among you - Pardon me.
Excuse me.
- has the courage and skill - I'm so sorry.
- to be victorious? - Just let me get by.
Pardon me.
So, uh, wax museum? - Fine.
- Aw.
Mmm! No hugging! Sorry.
I was just overwhelmed with emotion over famous people in wax.
You are so weird.
Okay, fighting a hippo and a panda wasn't exactly the evening I had planned, and neither was saying something that crazy.
But the Horizon Open House is now two and a half days away, so I have to kick things into gear, starting [SIGHS] Not any time soon.
[GROANS] Aunt May, do we have any glue? A lot of glue? [AUNT MAY] You missed a wonderful brunch, Peter.
The wheat cakes were fantastic, though not as good as mine, obvs.
[SCOFFS] Did you just say "obvs"? Oh, is that not cool anymore? Maybe you'll bring it back.
Look, I'm sorry I couldn't make brunch, Aunt May, but I have to finish this project, and I've only got Got two days.
I know.
You'll get it done.
You always do.
And it will be exceptional.
I'm sure of it.
Yaah! I wish I had your confidence in me.
I've always had confidence in you, and so did your Uncle Ben.
He Aah! [SIRENS BLARING] Aunt May? Aunt May? That was some kind of What do they call them? Monster trucks? Only it's a bus.
Must be going 80 miles an hour, right through all the lights.
Someone's got to stop it, or people are gonna get hurt.
[SIGHS] And I know who that "someone" is.
- Excuse me! Got to catch a bus! - Wha You know your problem, people? You're all too slow! Ha ha ha ha! I don't believe we've met.
Joyride's over, dude.
Name's Overdrive.
Remember it.
What is this, Weird New Villains Weekend? Well, so much for hoping this bus was empty.
So let me guess.
Nanites? Like little nano-machines, rebuilding the tech on this bus on a microscopic level? Didn't know you were the science type.
Well, "Science-Man" isn't as catchy of a name.
But you have to communicate with the nanites somehow.
Let me guess.
You text them? I believe in physical communication.
Okay, see, that's exactly why we use science terms.
Otherwise, it just sounds super Aah! What is your deal? It's all about the need for speed.
And you just can't keep up, can you? [GASPING] Didn't think so, insect.
Wow, that bus is fast.
When I take the bus, it's really slow! So many violations.
Going 200 in a 25.
Reckless endangerment! Aah! That costume, Speedy Pants.
Whoa! You don't like the name "Speedy Pants.
" Noted! Speed is my thing.
Risk, danger.
Getting the adrenaline pumping.
You did this because you like to go fast? No.
Speed's just a bonus for me.
I did this to get to you, web-head.
[BUS APPROACHING] Huh? Free us! This is worse than what you did in the subway, menace.
What, me? No, that was Hippo.
He and I heard what that J.
Jonah Jameson guy said.
You're all in it together.
Cronies! "Cronies"? Jameson! "Physical communication," he said.
Overdrive has to be in contact with whatever he transforms, or it eventually reverts back to normal.
Okay, everyone, stay calm, and I'll keep you [ENGINE ACCELERATES] Huh? safe.
Yikes! - Overdrive's attack - Huh? must have jammed the bus into high gear.
Whoa! Oh! Ohh! - Whoa! - Whoa! Okay, this pedal should stop the bus.
Or not! [GRUNTS] Scatter! Huh? [SPIDER-MAN] I don't have my driver's license yet! You deliberately tried to crash that bus into this construction site.
To prove what? You hate buses? Wait.
Was this all supposed to be a big trap? Worked pretty well, didn't it? I've got places to be and races to run.
So long, Spider-Man.
If that's the best you've got you're gonna have to go back to Bad Guy School and take Basic Trapping 101.
Oh! Aah! School? Ha! I'm self-taught.
And that's not the trap.
This is.
All those hard cases, all those big names, and I'm the one who got him.
Overdrive beat Spider-Man, and now it's time to collect.
Digging him up's gonna take all day.
I don't have the patience for this.
This ought to be enough to convince them Spidey's been taken down.
Ah, web cocoon.
Best idea I've ever had while having a building fall on top of me.
[GRUNTING] Problem is, a web cocoon can keep me alive but can't get me out of here to stay alive.
[GRUNTING] This Overdrive guy wasn't just committing a crime, he was hunting me.
Everyone on that bus was in danger just because I exist.
No wonder people think I'm a menace.
But if I'm gonna show this city I'm not I've got to bring Overdrive down.
But how? Aha! A sample of Overdrive's nanites.
Now we're in business.
I just need to figure out how they work.
The nanotech's programmed to respond to Overdrive's thoughts.
Wonder if I can manipulate the nanites' processing code so they'll respond to mine.
Experiment would a nano-souped-up vacuum clean the house in, like, 2.
2 seconds? Well, so much for nanites handling my chores.
Maybe they can't be programmed for my DNA code.
The bus? The need for speed? Did Overdrive design his nanites to only work on vehicles? Okay, I need a kick-butt vehicle to test this theory.
Maybe if I was chasing a preschool supervillain.
Wait a minute.
Uncle Ben's Don't wobble, Petey.
Keep her steady.
[FRETTING] That's my boy.
So when do I get to ride this one? Not yet, buddy.
Not till you've grown into the amazing young man I know you're gonna be one day.
But you can have a minute to get the feel of her.
Easy, Peter.
The shifter's a real beast.
Looks like my theory was right.
Now to implement my own ideas.
The Spider Shifter.
Thanks, Uncle Ben.
Whoo-hoo! I've covered half the city looking for you, and here you are, returning to the scene of the crime.
You're still alive? Wait.
Is that my tech? You stole my tech? You left your nanites just laying around.
Couldn't resist.
Don't worry.
I made some improvements.
Bet you can't keep up.
Oh, pul-ease.
Nobody's faster than Overdrive.
DeFalco Parkway's not scheduled to open for another two weeks.
Want to test that hypothesis? So why were you going back to the construction site? Having second thoughts about what you did? They wouldn't take your glove as proof, so I needed your body.
"They"? Who's "they"? They're the ones that are gonna make me rich when I take you down.
Oh, hey.
Can your bike do that? Didn't think so.
That ride of yours may have some tricks, but mine are better.
You really thought that would work? You invented this stuff.
Now you're starting to annoy me.
Starting? I've been doing my best to annoy you all day.
I thought you said your bike was fast.
- You weren't lying, were you? - Nobody's faster than me! Nobody! Huh? What's happening? Oh, I overwrote your code.
Inputted a virus into your chopper back there.
Science-Man, remember? Push that thing beyond 150 miles per hour, and the nanotech overheats and shuts down.
It's over, Overdrive.
Were you rehearsing that? [SIRENS BLARING] [SCOFFS] No.
He's all yours, officers.
You're both in trouble.
What'd I do? Allegedly robbed a bank, wrecked a subway station, terrified a busload of innocent people, and now speeding.
You're kidding! A speeding ticket? Yeah.
You get used to them.
Peter, you did all this? Uh, I was reminded today that when I hit a roadblock, you and Uncle Ben always gave me the skills to break through.
Well, then, let's sit down and I can't.
Got to get back to my project for Horizon.
But you need to eat.
You know, I'm on a really tight deadline.
But I can always slow down for what's really important.