MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Venom Returns

1 [BOAT HORN BLARING] Gwen, hey, uh, sorry, but, uh, Pete says the party's gotta end, like now.
What's happening? You and Pete just ran off, real weird-style.
"Weird"? Noooo.
Totally normal.
Just something, uh, personal came up.
[CHUCKLES] Way too personal.
So can you, in a totally normal way, just get everyone to leave, and then lock up Pete's house? His aunt is still out of town.
Okay, whatever.
This party was dead anyway.
Aleksei time to wake up.
[SPIDER-MAN] Venom could be anywhere.
And he won't set off our spider-sense, so keep an eye out.
I'll keep both eyes out.
But now that the sonics don't affect the symbiote anymore, - do you have a plan for how to stop him? - Nope.
But I do know this: Venom came to my house looking for Peter Parker.
He's going after the people he thinks wronged him when he was just Eddie Brock, before he bonded with that space goo.
We need to check places that Eddie goes all the time, like the Daily Bugle.
Here's the headline: "J.
Jonah Jameson's Time Is Up.
" [GRUNTING] What are you supposed to be, a sideshow act? Not what Who! Eddie Brock?! [GRUNTS] That's right, boss.
I knew you'd be here, burning the midnight oil like always.
Looking for new ways to humiliate hardworking employees, like me! Don't blame everyone else for your lack of talent, Brock.
Also, you're fired! [GROWLS] I don't think so.
I've got plans for you, boss.
We're just waiting for the others.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [ROARS] Let that innocent well, innocent-ish man go.
The Spiders, right on time.
You certainly know how to play your parts.
What parts are those? Kicking symbiote tail? Here's our audition! - [GRUNTS] - Aah! Take one more step, and Jameson goes flying! [SPIDER-MAN] I'm sure JJJ's a terrible boss, - but can't you just talk to the union? - Talk? Are you waiting for him to hug it out, you gutless menace? Do something! [YELLS] [GROWLS] [GRUNTS] Whoa! That grumpy old dude's got moves.
[YELLS] [GRUNTS] I'm sure this is all your fault somehow, Spider-Man.
- What?! We came to help you! - This is you helping? I wouldn't be surprised if you staged this whole thing to trick me into giving you good press.
Well, you failed.
[GROWLING] And what are you supposed to be? Some kind of menace-in-training? Who, me? No, no, no.
I'm a hundred percent menace-free.
You can tell all your viewers that.
[ROARS] Down! [GRUNTING] [GROWLING] [THUD] If you think I'm afraid of you, Eddie, you've got another thing [YELLS] See you soon! Venom, wait! Well, that went smoothly.
Ow! What have you dragged me into? Surprise, surprise.
Black ooze suits are really tough to spot at night.
How are we gonna find him? Venom might know my secret identity, but I also know his.
Let's get Brock's home address from the office downstairs.
So you really think he'd take Jameson back to his own apartment? [SCOFFS] That would be some bad super-villaining.
He's not that crazy.
But maybe we can figure out his endgame.
Hey, you think Venom has a master plan? He seems more like a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-goo type to me.
He was waiting for us at the Bugle.
He wanted us to see him take JJJ.
Why? That's what we've gotta figure out.
Whew! Should an apartment this small have a stench this big? Seriously! Is this an apartment or a junkyard? Yeesh! And Aunt May gets on my case about cleaning my room.
Whoa! Someone's got a secret admirer.
I'm guessing this guy was creepy even before he met that alien goop.
Never thought I'd agree with Jameson about anything, but those pics are terrible.
[POP] [CRASH] What was Hello? Dad? Dad! That you? I thought you were working the graveyard shift.
If anyone's there, you should know my dad's a cop.
A mean one.
Gwen [GRUNTS] What [HISSES] [GWEN SCREAMS] [VENOM ROARS] Seriously? How did he ever get hired as a photographer? He blamed me for taking his job, but he's awful.
Are you finding anything on his laptop? Secret hideout addresses? Lists labeled "People to Get Revenge On"? [KEYBOARD CLACKING] His hard drive's as messy as his apartment.
Can't make Hey! It locked up! You broke it? No.
It just freaked out.
Wait! That's the café by Horizon! Is this live? Max! [EDDIE BROCK] Max Modell, you're coming with me.
Oh, this can't be good.
No! Uh, do I know you? [VENOM] You don't remember? You used to experiment on me.
Maybe I should return the favor.
[SCREAMING] Ah, don't worry, Spidey.
I'm just taking him where I took JJJ, and Gwen Stacy.
He knew we'd come here and find his computer! I understand JJJ, but why would Venom take our teacher or Gwen? Because they ran tests on the V-252? Maybe he's taking the people closest to Peter Parker, which means Oh, no, Aunt May! Her plane's landing any minute! Venom couldn't know that.
Brock was in my house an hour ago.
Aunt May's travel schedule is right on the fridge.
He could have seen it.
I have to make sure she's safe.
Then let's go! No, I can handle Aunt May.
With sonics not working anymore, I need you to figure out how we stop Venom once we find him.
The Space Administration! They found ways of communicating with the symbiote.
They might know how to stop it.
We don't have a moment to lose.
[GRUNTS] - [AUNT MAY] Oh, hi, Peter.
- Aunt May! - Are you okay? - More than okay.
A first-class seat on the flight back? Peter, you shouldn't have.
Are you okay? - You sound tense.
- It's just - It's good you're safe.
- You worry too much.
Flying is way safer than driving.
I'm headed home now.
[TIRES SCREECH] I can't wait to tell you all about my trip.
No, wait! I'm coming to get you.
You've done so much for me already.
I'll just take a cab.
Oh, hold on.
Yeah, I'm headed to Queens.
Actually, I had somewhere [VENOM] else in mind.
[SCREAMS] Aunt May?! Get out of there! Aunt May?! No! [HORNS HONKING] [YELLS] Ugh! She's not here! [PEOPLE GASP] Not there.
[GRUNTS] [HONKING CONTINUES] Where is she? May? Nope.
[GRUNTS] Whoa! Spider-Man! [GRUNTS] Come on.
She's gotta be here somewhere.
[BEEPING] Oh, no! Aunt May! Venom, if you Max's ID? Did he take them to Horizon? Uh, what are you supposed to be again? I'm a superhero! I'm friends with Spider-Man.
Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be letting you in here.
This is a matter of grave danger! I'm sure.
What if I said I know Tony Stark? No doubt.
Look, I just wanna speak to someone on the symbiote project team.
- Just five minutes.
- We don't let civilians inside without an appointment and a lengthy approval process, let alone people in third-rate Spider-Man costumes.
Don't make me call security.
[SIGHS] "Third rate"? I'm second-rate, minimum.
Have you been issued one of the new isomorphic key cards yet? Got it this morning.
Security's been much tighter since that breakout.
Could a third-rate Spidey do this? Okay, let's see just what makes this symbiote tick.
Ugh, maybe Venom used Max's ID to throw me off his trail? [MUFFLED GRUNTING] Oh, no! [MUFFLED GRUNTING CONTINUES] Shh! I'm gonna get you out of here before [VENOM LAUGHING] Show yourself, Venom.
Why? [ECHOING] Because your spider-sense doesn't work with me? You never know where I'm hiding.
Behind you! Aah! [YELLS] [ROARS] [GRUNTS] [GROWLING] That all you got? Hopefully I didn't need those ribs.
[GRUNTING] [ROARS] Have I gotten under your skin, Spider-Man? [STRAINING] - Hit you where it hurts? - Let them go, Eddie.
We are not Eddie.
[GRUNTS] We are not the V-252.
We are now one.
We are Venom! [GRUNTS] Aah! [GROANS] [GROWLING] [GRUNTS] But this has nothing to do with all of those people.
This is about you and me! Yes, Spider-Man abandoned us, left us to be experimented on.
And Peter Parker had everything friends, family but he took our job too.
Both sides of Venom want both sides of you broken! [GRUNTING] I'm going to enjoy destroying my victims while you watch! May Parker, Gwen Stacy, Anya Corazon, Max Modell, Jameson! Everyone closest to you! Jameson? Close to me? I think you're misinterpreting our relationship.
That one's for me.
[BOTH GRUNTING] [ROARS] Okay, Electro-discs.
I designed you to fight Octobots, but let's see if you can help me out here! Aaahhh! [ROARS] [SIZZLING] Okay, fried symbiote smells terrible.
Good to know.
[GRUNTS] What happened to that monster? He's down, but he's not out.
You need to get out of here now.
Okay, but I'm not leaving without everyone else.
That thing it's a version of the V-252 that we experimented on, right? That's why it captured Horizon students and their family members.
I can grab sonic devices from the lab, and It's evolved past its weakness for sonics.
What I need you to do is help everyone get to safety.
I know I'm gonna regret this the moment I remove the gag, but - Citizen's arrest! - Ouch.
- Spider-Man's behind all of this! - Uh-huh.
- It's all his fault! - Wha My fault? Eddie Brock's doing all this because you demoted him and treated him like garbage! This is his revenge on me and on you.
Have you no decency? Your web of lies knows no bounds! Aah! We weren't finished.
[GROWLING] Get out of here! Run! [BOTH GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] Of course you couldn't be bothered to finish freeing me, you clown! Okay, Venom, we can agree on one thing Jameson's a grade-A jerk.
[GRUNTS] I can hear you.
But even he doesn't deserve what you've done to him.
I'm immune to flattery, Spider-Man, so don't bother! If your plan was to break me, you failed, Venom.
[GROWLS] I'm just getting started.
[ROARS] [GRUNTS] [SPIDER-MAN GRUNTING] [VENOM LAUGHING] Ever wonder how Peter Parker got all those wonderful shots of Spider-Man? Because Parker's got more talent in his pinkie finger than you ever dreamed of having, Brock.
Or maybe there's another reason.
[STRAINING] No! [GRUNTS] Parker is Spider-Man.
Parker? [GRUNTS] [GROWLS] This is awkward.
Parker! Let me explain.
[GRUNTS] [LAUGHING] Now you're truly broken, Spider-Man.
Prepare to be destroyed.
[STRAINING] [GROWLING] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] He was playing you for a fool, Jameson.
Playing all of us for fools.
And now he's going to pay.
Are you ready to meet your maker? [GROWLS] [MILES] Do you ever stop talking? [GRUNTS] Aah! [GRUNTS, GROANS] And I thought I, Spider-Man, never stopped talking.
Great job buying me the time I needed, Parker.
What is going on here? You've never heard of the old "using a decoy Spider-Man so you can develop some tech to save the day" move? It's classic.
[VENOM GROWLS] Liar! Parker is Spider-Man! Wow.
That symbiote's really messing with your head, Brock.
You think Spider-Man's a high school kid? You're as clueless as you are ugly.
Now say good night.
[ROARS] [SCREAMING] How does this thing work Spider-Man? If you must know, Peter Parker, the Space Administration's tests desensitized Venom to sonics.
So this projects a different resonant frequency - that disrupts the symbiote's cohesion? - Exactly.
It's designed to put the symbiote in a coma state, freeing anyone the symbiote's bonded with.
You're much smarter than you look, kid.
[QUIETLY] You're enjoying this way too much.
Where'd you get my costume? Your lab, under your gym shorts.
I saw Venom rip off your mask, and I had to think quick.
But I wish I had nose plugs.
Blech! [GROWLING] He's back! [GRUNTS] The device should've worked a little better than that.
He was out for what, ten seconds? We need an acoustic chamber to focus it.
Too bad Horizon doesn't have a basketball court.
We totally have a basketball court.
We do? How did I not know this? You gotta get out of the lab more often.
[GRUNTS] Two Spider-Men will only make my victory twice as delicious.
[GROWLS] [PETER] Whoa, this place is huge.
How have I missed this? [YELLS] I will destroy the both of you! [ROARS] [MILES] Whoa! Load up, Pete.
I'll keep him busy.
[GRUNTING] [GROWLING] It's not me you should hate, Eddie.
I never wanted to hurt you.
[GROWLS] [GROANS] Parker and Spider-Man are the source of every problem! [ROARS] [PETER] I really didn't think we'd be able to talk this out.
[GROANING] [SCREECHING] Aah! [ROARS] [SCREECHING] No! You're hurting us! No! I'm nothing without you.
Parker [GROANING] [EXHALES] The device shut down the symbiote, but it was supposed to separate Brock from it.
- What happened? - Maybe after all this time, the symbiote finally found the perfect host [GROANING SOFTLY] someone as angry as it is.
Uh, look, JJJ, I know it was confusing, but Spider-Man asked me to pose as him while he figured out how to stop that monster.
I knew Spider-Man was a menace, but I never dreamed you'd be working with him, Parker! How many innocent people got hurt because of you? You're fired! Well, guess your dreams of being BFFs with JJJ are crushed.
Trust me, Pete, getting fired by that guy is probably the best thing that could've ever happened to you.
[SIGHS] Yeah.
But what am I gonna do about money now? Man, can you not worry for, like, five seconds? You saved your friends, you saved your family, your secret identity is still intact, and you shut down Venom.
What more do you want? I think you owe me a bagel.
So what's going to happen to Brock? [PETER] The Space Administration scanned his vital signs.
He's stable and in some kind of coma.
[ENGINE STARTS] They'll be working on a method of separating him from the symbiote.
Better them than us.
[VEHICLE DEPARTING] I've seen enough of the V-252 for a lifetime.
So Eh, any interest in picking up where the party left off? Wait.
Peter Parker wants to party? I never got to play a single game of chess.
Plus you missed my robot dance.
[IN ROBOTIC VOICE] It was epic.
Ugh! Well, at least Venom saved me from having to experience that.
[CHUCKLES] You're just jealous of my skills.
Jealous? [IMITATING ROBOT SOUNDS] [IN ROBOTIC VOICE] My robot skills are known worldwide.
Yeah, maybe having another party is a terrible idea.
Are you afraid, human? I can tell you are intimidated.
Please stop.
[CONTINUES IN ROBOTIC VOICE] Peter Parker never quits.
Oh, boy.