MARVEL Spider-Man (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

Dead Man's Party

1 [YAWNS] A new dawn.
Kinda love it at this hour.
Nothing but possibilities.
[YAWNS] Sure, sure.
But all-nighter patrols wear me out.
No clue how you manage it all, Pete.
But, hey, at least there's bagels! You buy, I eat.
Perfect world.
- Thanks, man.
- Don't thank me.
Thank J.
Footage captured by the Bugle's own Peter Parker shows none other than Spider-Man using his brand of brazen barbarism yet again! [BUTTON CLICKS] [PRERECORDED VOICE] M-M-Menace! He's the one paying me for all the Spider-Man "menace" footage - he uses on his network.
- No amount of money can be worth helping him ruin your hero rep.
It's the only way I can cover Horizon tuition.
And it pays pretty well.
I even have enough money to buy Aunt May tickets for a surprise vacation.
Wait, wait, wait.
Did you say "vacation"? Party at Parker's is So not happening.
We all know what goes on [GROANS] when a house party's thrown the unexpected.
And not the good unexpected, where you accidentally discover penicillin.
Pete, we're ber-nerds.
We don't party hard.
If anything, your house would be more energy efficient when we're done.
[SIRENS WAILING] [PETER] Looks like some kind of emergency.
[YAWNS] Go sleep.
I got this one.
[CLAMORING] [SPIDER-MAN] So this is what they mean by "mobile banking.
" Excuse me while I make a deposit! [GRUNTING] [GROANS] Okay, okay.
I'm really good at this bug motif thing.
You call yourself the Incredible Aphid? [CROWD GASPS] - Oh, no.
- The Furious Bed Bug.
[GRUNTS] Name's Beetle.
Not that you'll be alive to remember it.
I'm Spider-Man, as seen by these spider webs.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] What beetle uses missiles? Aah! Whoa! That was bright! Aah! [GRUNTS] [STRAINING] [BEEPING] [GRUNTS] Why don't villains use the ATM like everyone else? [BEEPING] Get clear, everyone! Big boom coming! [CROWD CLAMORING] It is way too early for the day to already be this bad.
The webs contained the explosion.
I guess my back did too.
Think I'd blow up my own score? That wasn't a real bomb, just a can opener.
[GRUNTS] - Do let the door hit you on your way out! - Aah! Nice! I gotta write that one down.
[EXCITED CHATTERING] [GRUNTS] Hey, watch it! You're ruining my [CHATTERING CONTINUES] [GROANING] Flash bangs? Looks like Oscorp tech.
Just what I need Norman Osborn's dangerous gear out on the streets.
[GROANING CONTINUES] Hmm? Maybe I won't get blamed for this.
But better play it safe.
[WEB SHOOTER DEPLOYS] I don't get it.
What am I looking at? Was that supposed to make it better? What is this? Money.
Spider-Man blew the door off an armored car.
It's all there, J.
It's all where? A toddler could get better footage with a selfie stick.
[GROANS] Shooting Spider-Man takes a lot more effort than your usual lurking-around-in-disguise paparazzi tactics.
Spider-Man doesn't go to parties.
He's shifty, arrogant, in your face! So you have to be too.
Be bold! Get in there! [DOOR OPENS] Enter at your own risk! Uh, okay.
Got footage of the armored car battle between that Beetle guy and Spider-Man.
Impossible! I was there! - I didn't see you.
- [GROWLS] Quiet, Brock! Your whining's ruining the mastery of Parker's eye.
Ah, you've done it again, kid.
Boom! I know you're angling negative on Spider-Man, but I saw him in action.
He saved that crowd and took out the Beetle.
More like took out the competition.
Talk to Betty, and she'll get you squared.
Maybe even a little bonus.
[GROANS SOFTLY] You look flummoxed.
Well, sir, I Not you, Brock.
The other one.
Jameson, I was wondering if there were any other assignments I could cover.
Take a breather from the masked menace? I suppose.
Too much of that freak could drive anyone mad.
Hey! Brock's prepping for this Space Administration press conference in a few days.
Something about talking to aliens and yada yada.
Anyway, it's yours.
Put that Parker shine on it.
Wait a minute! I've been working on the V-252 story for the past month! V-252? Oh, no.
It seems like Eddie's got it covered.
And now it's your job, Parker.
I'm running a media company here, not a charity for talentless photogs.
- [PETER] But - Dismissed! Eddie, I [EDDIE] What's your secret, Parker? Huh? No way you get that kind of Spider-Man footage every time.
Uh, I'm lucky, I guess.
[SCOFFS] You know you're not the first, right? To try and scoop me, to get in my way? But I always come out on top, no matter what it takes.
Look, Eddie, what happened with the V-252 assignment I didn't want that.
I'm just trying to pay for school.
[SCOFFS] Well, congratulations.
You're the flavor of the month.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] You're not the first, and you won't be the last.
[ELEVATOR DOOR CLOSES] [MAN] Perfect timing.
I was just out collecting back rent from tenants.
You're up, Eddie.
[SIGHS] Accounting sent my check to the wrong Edward at the Bugle.
It's getting fixed, but it'll be a few days.
End of the week, at most.
Poor kid, [SQUEAKING] relying on luck.
Well, Parker, no one scoops Eddie Brock.
[PANTING] Miles, what's the word on Beetle's flash bangs? - Is it Oscorp tech like I thought? - [MILES] Yep.
Similar to Harry's goblin bombs.
Way too similar.
Don't know how this got on the streets.
But that's not why I'm calling.
We're running out of time, and we've got our party to plan.
One second.
Got a purse-snatching distraction.
Let's say we're throwing a party.
How many people are we talking? Trip! Eh, not a lot.
Come on.
We've gotta do this.
Party? Bug's lost his [MUFFLED GRUNT] Shh! I can't hear the voice in my head.
Be just another minute, boss.
Hey, take your time.
Sorry for the clearance sheet mix-up.
Morning shift gets lazy sometimes.
[SQUEAKING] [YELLS] Gah! Was that a rat? Looks like you've been invaded.
Oh, man.
Hey, Rick, we got a rat problem down in the break room.
[SIGHS] Huh? Walkie's dead.
Hold here.
Be back in a second, okay? [GRUNTS] Sorry.
You got it, boss.
[BEEPS] [DOOR OPENS] [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] Bugle bonus for Eddie Brock check.
[HUMMING] [MILES] Okay, look.
You're sending your aunt on a much deserved break.
But what about a break for you? - I don't know.
- A fun but quiet night.
- I promise, Pete.
- Fine.
We'll do it.
But seriously, nothing crazy.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING] Let's see Parker get this exclusive scoop.
Huh? [GRUNTING] Aah! [CRYING OUT] Please! No! I just needed the story! [SCREAMING] [VENOM] Parker is Spider! [GRUNTING] [JAMESON] The Masked Menace of Midtown strikes again, [GROWLING] this time robbing an armored bank vehicle an audacious move even for one so criminally repugnant! Parker [SIZZLING] [PETER] Okay, breakfast in bed, surprise plane ticket.
And the Nephew of the Year Award goes to the guy throwing a party behind your back, Aunt May.
[SIGHS] Okay, before you get super excited about this spread, I have something to confess first, uh May? Oh, hi, Peter.
Fantastic! I don't have to make you breakfast.
- Huh? But - Oh, thank you.
This really means the world to me.
Wait, wait.
Back up.
- You knew? How? - Oh, I ran into Miles at the store.
He told me about your surprise.
It's wonderful.
He also mentioned you were afraid to throw a party this coming weekend because you thought I'd be mad.
Uh, about that Peter, my darling, I trust you.
Party away.
'Cause I know that's what I'll be doing.
Ciao! [GROWLS, LAUGHS] Hey, dude.
What's with all the flyers? I thought I'd print out some party invites.
- You know, for tomorrow.
- Already got it covered, bro.
Huh? More like you got the whole school covered.
That's, uh Wow.
That's a lot of publicity.
And wall space.
Dude, this is gonna be epic.
What happened to a "fun but quiet night"? "Epically fun but quiet," I meant.
[SNORING] Well, you were right about the "quiet" part.
Ugh! I didn't think it was gonna be this bad.
What "this bad"? What happened? Well, turns out Flash Thompson's throwing a party tonight as well, and he not only invited Midtown, but Horizon students too.
Sorry, man.
My first high school party, and I still feel uncool.
Okay, so this is everyone.
Who's up for some board games? [SNORING CONTINUES] This party's a "bored" game.
[GRUNTS] Sorry I'm late.
Is your party finished? Maybe.
I don't know.
I Wait.
Are you here for my party? Didn't know, uh You knew? Oh, the entire school was covered with your invites.
Ergo Yes.
[CHUCKLES] "Er-go" right on in.
[DOOR CLOSES] Again, apologies for being tardy.
There was a break-in at the Space Administration.
Someone stole the V-252 substance.
I had offered my help but got shut out.
It's a matter of national security now.
But nobody knows that V-252 stuff better than you.
Not anymore.
While experimenting, the Space Administration found a way to communicate with it.
With an alien life! Could you imagine the information a being like that holds? The power? Without more to do, I figure it's a Friday night, an alien's on the loose, and I'm here to preoccupy myself.
So, point me to the punch and party on.
I gotta go check this out.
[PANTING] Hey, all.
Hold down the fort.
Forgot to get ice.
I'll be back in a jiff.
Already got you covered, man.
[FAKE CHUCKLE] Who wants to listen to some music? Oh, wait! Gotta get the right audio cable for my phone.
I'll be right [TECHNO] Way ahead of ya.
[CONTINUES] [QUIETLY] Why you acting so weird? Remember that black goo with attachment issues? The V-252? Well, someone stole it.
[STOPS] The music probably tripped the breaker.
[RESUMES] [THUDDING] No one's supposed to be upstairs.
Uh Eddie? Why are you here? Why are you in my room? Does anything go sideways on you, Parker? What? I look at your life your house, your job, everything and I ask myself, "How does this kid have so much?" Look, Eddie, you should go.
You know I've never even left the state? I've never known anything else.
I used to think that's why I was good at what I did.
I know this city like the back of my hand.
It almost feels like it's pushing me, edging me toward great things.
New York is truly my home.
And then you come along and and threaten me? My livelihood? In my home? So it's time we threaten you in yours! Get out of my house before I call the cops, Eddie! [CHUCKLING] [SQUELCHING SOUNDS] Eddie? Oh Eddie is no more.
[VENOM'S VOICE] Now there is only Venom! And you, the Spider-Man! [GROWLING] Eddie, it was you? You stole the V-252? Eddie? We are Venom, and you are Spider-Man! Think you got the wrong house.
I'm not Spider-Man.
Useless to deny.
We share all the delicious memories, like when you rejected us! [GRUNTS] Eddie, please! I know the V-252.
I know what it can do to your mind! Enough! [ROARS] [GROWLING] [GROWLING] [PANTING, GRUNTING] [CAR ALARM BLARING] [GROWLING, ROARING] [TECHNO] What the heck was that sound? Uh, nothing.
Hey! Uh [IN ROBOTIC VOICE] Who wants to see my robot? Ugh! [NORMAL VOICE] Oh, boy.
Uh [IN ROBOTIC VOICE] No matter.
I will win you over with my swee-eet dance moves.
[GROWLING] Come out, Parker.
We don't wish to play, only hunt.
[GROWLS] The thrill of this hunt wears thin.
Perhaps your friends will be more fun.
I have had it up to here with the creepy, Venom! [GRUNTS, GROWLS] Finally, the Spider! We hate you! [CONTINUES] [IN ROBOTIC VOICE] You realize tha-at is the worst robot ever, correct? [IN ROBOTIC VOICE] Bring it, Anya.
Who's up for something that's not this? Excellent.
Anyone know any party games? Uh, we can play horseshoes in the yard.
- I keep a set in my car.
Let me go - De de de de! I-I can beat anyone here at chess.
Oh, really? [GRUNTS] Come on, symbiote.
It's me you want, not Eddie.
Remember me, old Spidey? Aah! [GROWLING] That's it! Come on! Come home to me! [SINISTER LAUGHTER] Come on.
Come on! In the labs they poked, prodded, unlocked the ability to communicate with my host.
Home? Brock is home! [GROANING] And I thought my lame party would be the lowest point of the night.
[ROARING] Time to end you, Spider.
[GROWLS] [CONTINUES] [MAX CHUCKLES] Feeling the pressure, Mr.
Morales? You have no idea.
Where's Peter? Not sure.
Okay, cool.
Who's gonna play in the tournament next? I'll be right back.
Game on, Modell.
[KNUCKLES CRACK] [VENOM YELLS] [SINISTER LAUGHTER] [GROWLING] For someone who hates loud noises, you are gonna love this! [HORN BLARING] [GROWLING CONTINUES] Why didn't that work? Lab experiments made me stronger, better than before! Better than Parker! [GRUNTING] Is it weird that I'm really hating on science right now? [GROWLS] You won't be for long.
[MILES] Hey, ugly! [GRUNTING, GROWLING] What was that? [GRUNTING] [GROWLING] Thank you, Oscorp! Big bang, little package.
I call 'em "Ow, My Eyes!" Eh.
How about "Flash Stingers"? Not as fun.
[GRUNTS] [GROANING] Stop! You hurt us! [SQUEALING] Careful.
Venom doesn't trigger our spider-sense! [YELLS] [GROANING] Message received by all the bones in my body.
[GROWLING] [YELLS] [GRUNTING] Eddie [GRUNTS] I know how addictive V-252 can be! Its enormous power! Aah! [GROWLING] If I can fight it, then you can too.
You wanted to be better than me? Prove it by beating the symbiote! [GROWLS] "Better"? We have never been better than this.
My hate for Peter Parker and the symbiote's hate for Spider-Man.
We are now one in mind and body! Good! So you'll both feel this! [GRUNTS] Aaahhh! [SQUEALING] [GROANING] [GROWLS] [MECHANICAL WHINING] Who's up for an encore? [GROANING] This isn't over.
I'll be seeing you soon, Spider-Man! [GRUNTS, GROWLS] So who was that in the V-252 this time? Eddie Brock.
He works at the Bugle and hates me.
Not Spider-Man me, Peter Parker me.
The symbiote told him who I really am.
[VENOM GROANING] The fun has just begun, Parker.