Spirited (2010) s02e02 Episode Script

Time After Time

1 They are in my surgery all the time.
They're in my bedroom.
Really, what what's here for you? I can't even do a whiz without them wanting to come in and chat.
Someone very important is here to see you.
I am the King.
Is it a one-off or an ongoing stalk? Stalk? This is my wife.
This will probably take you back to the way things were before.
What?! Where is he? Suzy, what's going on? What's he doing? Talk to me.
You're scaring me.
And nobody knows that I've got all these voices and I'm gonna fix this.
Henry?! Suzy? Suzy? Suzy?! Like a snake calling on a phone I've got no time to be alone Someone coming at me all the time Babe, I think I'll lose my mind 'Cause I'm stranded On my own Stranded far from home Alright Stranded.
I can't wait for that drink.
Rocco? - A little cocktail.
- OK, you're dead.
It's gonna rain today.
It's gonna rain tomorrow.
You died.
- I never had the keys.
- You've got the keys.
"Go through the door ".
and things will return to the way they were before.
" Before what? I've got the key.
Where is everyone? Who the hell are you people? What are you doing in my house? I'll lock up.
Yes of course.
Are you alright? Oh, I feel like I've forgotten something.
Oh, I hate that feeling.
I never have that feeling.
I rarely forget things.
New feelings can be good.
Where you going? Oh, good luck for tonight.
There's Germans living in our house.
Thank you.
'Night, Linda.
Yes, I'm here.
Suze?! Sorry, Doctor.
You asked me to remind you to pick up Steve's suit.
Steve! Uh, 'night, Linda.
You're home early.
The awards are tonight.
I've got dinner sorted so, um, go jump in the shower.
Amazing how you can read that magazine upside down.
What? Yeah, I'm just, um, looking at the pictures.
Um you said hello to the kids yet? That was bad.
Well, she came home early.
She's supposed to ring.
Steve, you're terrible.
What the hell was she doing at Steve's house? I gotta fix this.
Shit! Shit! How late will you be? Mum gets back around 10:00 if we're not home by then.
Thanks for doing this.
I've got nothing better to do.
I'm sure that's not true.
You know Mum locks her bedroom door? She's a very private person.
You shouldn't be snooping.
I'm not snooping.
I'm curious.
Aren't you? She just lobs back into our life and, suddenly, she's living with us, part of the family, and we know nothing about her.
Give her time.
I'm just pleased she's here.
Hi, Steve.
You look very relaxed.
Thanks, Jonks.
You tried some of my osso buco yet? Unbelievable.
One of my best.
Hey? It's good.
Don't be such a spoilsport.
I'm coming to your little party, aren't I? It's not a party, Steve.
I'm being presented with an award.
Oh, yeah? But can you make an osso buco like that? You know he's screwing Magda? Yes, I know.
In the house.
That was her just leaving.
So, the new boobs didn't work.
I didn't get them for Steve.
I got them for me.
Sure you did.
Imagine if you'd left Steve when you bought that apartment? You ever think about that? Yes.
A lot.
You'd be living in that fabulous penthouse.
You might have met someone else, be having a raging love affair, anything.
Could be worse off.
Lonely rattling around in that big apartment on my own.
Talking to myself.
I did think about it.
I do think about it.
It's just a fantasy.
You know what's happened? He said - the King said - if I went through that door, things would go back to the way they were before.
But what that spectral arse-wipe neglected to mention is that the way things were before meant that Suzy never moved in here.
She knows nothing about it.
Time has moved on without me.
Potter are you even listening to me? 'Cause if you're not, I'm gonna spend my days throwing myself off this building again and again! What the hell?! Ahh! It needs fury.
Aaaaagh! And I've got plenty of that.
Congratulations, Dr Darling.
Ohh! Ha! Oh, hooray.
Oh, and lovely speech.
Thank you for your bacteria.
Any time.
Hey, you have any of that smoked salmon? No.
It was good.
Had this kind of, uh, dill cream thing with it.
Must have had about 15 of them.
When they said, "Jump", do we say, "I-low high?" Well, this is shit.
Who is this? I do not know.
Leave it.
I can't sit still with this blindfold on Awful.
Goin' one by one from the squats to the prisons To the tenement flats! We all pull down the shutters And make way for the rats See 'em rise up Through the cracks in the city They never tell it like it really is Aaaagh! On the BBC! BBC! We're all down in the bull pen now And we ain't got nothin' to say Oh We're livin' in the USA In Wandsworth, USA U S A I'm sorry.
This is delicious.
It's just it's my tooth.
Have you made an appointment? I'll make one tomorrow, but I'm not going to that one downstairs.
Is Zac Hannigan, author There is a dentist near my work.
I'll go in tomorrow.
A big, fat tome Zac Hannigan? I've got to ask you, though.
Zac, unauthorised? As you know, Henry Mallet went missing in 1983, um, presumed dead, but his body has never been found.
And you believe he is dead? Well, I have some fairly strong evidence, uh, that Henry Mallet lived in Geneva for years He never met Jonquil.
reported missing and He never got my diaries.
Who is this? Um, he was in The Verve.
He was the singer.
Henry Mallet.
I think he killed himself.
What do you think he would think of this book? Um I think he wanted me to write the book.
I think he'd appreciate that, you know, I work at the Australian You kinda have to say that, don't you? Well, look, I probably How was your night? Hi, Mum.
Oh, Mum, you can't smoke in the house.
I know that.
It doesn't mean I don't want to, though, does it? Your reward.
How was work? Scintillating.
Ah! What's up? I beg your pardon? Since I've been back in your life, I've never once seen you stand still and moon.
Come to think of it, even as a kid, you weren't much of a dreamer.
Yeah, I've felt strange all day.
It's there's a a name or a thought just just here.
It's so close, but I just can't reach it.
Oh, I know that feeling.
Leave it alone.
It'll drive you mad.
You're just tired.
Why don't you go upstairs and get into bed with that lovely husband of yours? Hmm? Mum? I do have dreams.
Of course you do.
Of course.
'Night, sweetie.
It's stressful enough moving a surgery! No.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I am afraid, as a supplier, you are inconsistent and unreliable.
Now, please consider this a termination of our Excuse me? Suze You're here! You came.
You came home! I came, um You came home, Suze.
Who are you? I'm Suzy Darling.
Dr Suzy Darling.
I actually own this apartment.
Did we have an appointment? We're currently eating our breakfast.
Suze No! No, no, no.
We didn't.
I, um I just thought I'd pop up and see if everything was tip-top.
Very satisfactory.
It's a lovely view.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to please make an appointment if you wish to visit the property.
This is a breach of lease agreements.
Yes, of course.
I'm I'm sorry.
But while you're here, can you please tell me why there is a cat always coming into this apartment? Oh.
Hello, puss.
Do you know this cat? I am very allergic to cats.
I cannot have a cat near me.
You put it out, it just comes back every day.
It's unacceptable.
I'm gonna talk to the agent about this.
Take the cat now.
I can't touch it.
Come on, puss.
Apologies!! Terrific, so, now I get to watch Suzy the freak all day and then you go home to Steve! And we do the same thing tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.
Every day.
Here we go, Dad.
End of an era.
You wait till you see the new surgery.
It's amazing.
Yeah, of course.
Four dental suites, three new dentists.
It's so exciting! What new surgery? You're leaving? I know! It's hard to believe.
Mum thought I became a dentist to get your attention.
Well, have I got it? Suze, if you leave here, I'll I'll never, ever see you again.
I'm a little bit sad to be leaving.
But life's not a bus stop.
What have I done? What am I supposed to do, Potter? Eh? I just You just winked at me again, didn't you? I saw ya.
You're laughing at me, ain't ya? Potter, what on earth? Right, that's it.
I've had three complaints this week.
The time has come.
I am ringing the vet and he is going to he is going to neuter this aggression.
And until then, Mister Pussy Cat, I don't want to hear complaints from the Germans or anyone else.
Aaaagh! Aaagh! Ugh! Yeah, I'm here.
I'm fucking well here.
Oh, hello, Rocco.
Nice to see you, you thievin' old bastard.
Yeah, that's right.
You hid my death from the world, didn't ya? You stole all my money and kept it all for yourself.
Oh no.
No, Rocco, not now.
No, Rocco Not this! Not again.
I can't bear it.
Rita?! Your husband's gone and died again.
Suzy Hello, Suzy.
Do you know me? You catch this ferry to school.
I did.
That's right.
Who are you? Don't you remember? Yes I'm trying to.
You have to remember.
Why? I need you.
I'm trying to remember.
Henry Hello! Oh! Look at you! Napping.
I thought that we should farewell the old place and cheer on the new surgery.
Mmm! Oh So Who is Henry? Henry? Yeah, that's who you were dreaming about.
"Henry Henry" Oh, I don't know anyone called Henry.
Oh! Oh, Linda! Well, you know what they say, dreams are the windows to the soul.
Poor Rocco.
Well, there's one patient who won't be making the move to the new surgery.
He was a nice old man.
It's 'eyes'.
Hmm? Eyes are the windows to the soul.
Not dreams! What do you think happens when we die? Uh Linda, I'm not very religious at all.
I like churches, though.
Mm All the art on them.
Whenever I go to Europe, I spend a lot of time in churches.
Beautiful! Usually free admission too.
You better lay low, Potter.
The boys want to get you, uh de-balled.
They've got a cage.
They're gonna tempt you with chicken breast.
Oh, this Rocco's gone and died.
Gone off in his taxi to the eternal party.
I didn't mean to scare him.
It just keeps happening.
I don't know what to do.
Suzy's moving out.
I'm never gonna see her again.
Yep, Henry Mallet's spirit life is now officially down the khazi.
Hello? Sorry, can can you see me? Yes, I can, Henry.
How do you know my name? It can't be.
You're Potter.
That's the name they gave me.
You're a man! Uh, was.
No, I am, now.
For now.
So, you're not a cat! No, I am.
What - man or cat? You're confusing me.
My brain needs time to adjust.
Tell me about it! I'm sorry.
Um I just I Mm.
Sorry sir.
Take your time.
I was a man once a long time ago.
I did die.
But then, at some point, I became a cat.
How the fuck does that work? I don't know.
I believe I became a cat because I was for the most part, I was basically good and kind.
I'm starving.
So, when you're a cat, can you actually understand what I'm saying? Mm.
So, how did you become a man? Seriously, Potter, this is fucking great.
- Afternoon.
- Hi.
Puss, puss? Potter? He could see you.
The cage was for me? Um I love those boys.
They they wouldn't do it to me.
How could they? Chicken! I came with you to protect you.
And all you've done is abuse me and ruin my reputation.
You made the boys think I was mucking up their house, and they are very tidy people.
It wasn't me.
It was you who made the mess.
And now they think that they have to castrate me.
Um I'm sorry.
Don't patronise me.
Sorry, look, I'm still trying to get my head around this myself.
When we went through that door, everything changed, but it is not the way it was before.
Imagine Suzy had never chosen to move in here, if she had never left her husband, we are living in that time.
What? The King told you a sort of truth.
You just never listened to him properly.
And now the door's gone.
Yes, it is.
What is the connection between the amazing dentist and yourself? Um well, you know, we started out pretty badly, actually.
Um, but then, a a sort of relationship was started Not your feelings, Henry.
I don't give a rat's arse about your feelings.
What connects you? A book? Uh a ring? A medallion.
The medallion.
Where is this medallion? Uh, I dunno.
Well, think.
Right, well, if she never moved into the building and she's not wearing it now it must be at her house.
So you have to get the medallion and Suzy and you, and all together, and touch it.
This should correct things.
You can go.
You're a free man cat.
You just go to Steve's house, grab the medallion - you bring it back here.
No, no! Too hard.
The world is full of sharp edges.
I don't have any money to pay a horse or carriage or cab or car.
Where does he live, then - Steve? II don't know.
Um You could ask Suzy.
Oh, yeah Hello, lady dentist.
Where do you live and could you give me some money to get there? Hi.
Uh, you haven't seen a ginger tabby cat out here, have you? Hello.
Have you lost your cat? Yeah.
I haven't seen him all day.
You must love him very much.
Oh, please! I do.
He's the most wonderful cat.
Is he? How lovely.
Can you give me some money? Idon't have any on me.
That's alright.
No bother.
That was gonna work.
Bye, Mum.
The kids! They'll be walking to Steve's house.
You're gonna lose 'em.
What?! What now? It's alright.
It's only the world.
Speed, Potter.
Speed is essential.
Off I go.
It's only the stupid world.
That's all.
Hi, Nanna.
Oh! Who's had a shitty day? Oh, well Hands up if you think we should go and get some pizza for dinner.
Sounds good.
Give your nanna a hands-up, Toots.
Come on.
So, how you feeling? Ah, not so bad.
Helen? Is that you? Suze What? Suzy, don't go.
Try to remember, please.
Henry Yes.
Who is Henry? I'm Henry! I'm here.
I'm fucking here.
Suze Never confuse emotion for truth.
Do you ever wonder what might have happened if you'd met someone who could have really could have seen you - the real you? I do have dreams.
Let's go.
Hands above your head! Oh, hello.
Yeah, right.
You want some of my stuff? Want to just wander in here and take some of my stuff for yourself? You just keep your hands up and you put my chicken down! OK.
Under control.
Under control.
Nice and slow.
In the chair.
Mm-hm? Steve? Suze? Oh! Oh! Steve! Darling She's bound to find out sooner or later.
Steve, is this one of your sex things? What? Suzy Are you kidding? We've pushed her too far this time, darling? Perhaps you wanted to get caught.
Weird guy, you, my friend, are going to jail.
I don't think it's illegal to be homosexual anymore, Steve.
I think she's right, Steve.
You think you're smart, yeah? Well, um, look who's the one who's tied up? Suze? You stay here.
Just, um, keep your distance.
I'm calling the cops.
Are you working alone or, um is there someone else here? Oh Suzy? Suzy?! I am I am very old! I don't want to hear any details.
Steve does what he wants.
It's not about him.
It's about you.
I'm not Steve's lover! I'm here for you! OK.
Suzy, have you felt strange today at all? Felt like like you've forgotten something? Felt like something wasn't quite right? Does the name 'Henry' mean anything to you at all? - Who are you? - Suze, you right? Yes.
Just securing the perimeter.
Yes, I'm fine.
Suzy, there's no time.
In my pocket, there is a medallion.
Please, get it out of my pocket.
I can't move! Steve knows his knots.
He sails.
Please Suzy?! It's right here.
Please! This is mine.
Yes, it is! It is very powerful! It connects you with the person who gave it to you! Suze? Suze? Step away from the loon.
Henry needs you.
Come on.
Come to here.
That's it.
The gig is up.
Steve Did you lock up the house? What was that noise? What?! Who is Henry? Loosen these ropes.
You said you were gonna tell me something.
You are very powerful.
You are you're like You're like a queen! Well, very special.
That'll be the cops.
Oh, the cops? Right, this way.
This way.
This way.
Make way for the cops.
This guy is a real fruit loop, OK? Are you paying attention? This way.
That chicken there, you might want to fingerprint that.
That's part of the crime scene.
Kids alright? Asleep.
Weird, Helen? She's in her room.
She's not weird.
I'm afraid she is.
Is anything stolen? Uh, no, no.
Nothing I can see.
Suze you do know that that freak is no-one that I've ever seen before? Yeah.
Of course.
You alright? Yeah.
Yeah, I actually feel kind of pumped.
Oh Well, my property, my castle Defending it from the hyenas.
I fought to keep my pride safe tonight.
And now I'm back in my pride, baby, I am ready to roar! Oh Yeah.
Oh! I'm gonna go and just brush my teeth.
I'm comin' to get you.
And I'm gonna take my time.
Steve Ooh! Steve Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! Hello? Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh! Yes.
Oh I understand, of course.
Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! Yes, I can.
I'll come down straightaway.
Steve, it's a dental emergency.
Bullshit! Well, how long are you gonna be? Not long, I promise.
I'll be back as quickly as I can.
Mum Oh! What are you doing up? I thought you were in bed.
Emergency call.
Just like old times.
With your dad.
That's an interesting piece.
Yeah, I got it when I was eight.
A strange old drunk man gave it to me on the ferry, on the way to school.
I don't remember.
Oh, it was, um after you left.
Of course.
Mum, do you think I'm happy? Well you've got a beautiful house and you've got two beautiful children and a great career.
You've got a lot to be thankful for.
I am.
There's just something that feels Missing? Yeah.
I'm really I'm really glad that you found us.
I really love you being here for me and the kids.
Me too.
Yes, me too.
Bye, Mum.
Bye-bye, love.
You say I'm only dreaming You say that we're just dreaming You say that I'm just dreamin' A trick .
we've been playing with the light A trick That I'm playing that we're playing A trick that I'm playing with the light The world may come between us I'm just gonna put When all you want to do is hide Afraid I'm disappearing But I couldn't leave you if I tried Potter! You're doing a very nice job.
Oh, thank you.
- It's strangely calming.
- Suzy? Ah, medallion! Bingo.
Adam? Mm? You're gonna feel some pressure and some tugging.
Is that right? Uh-huh.
Yes, that's good.
What the fuck? Come on! Is that right? Mm-hm.
Ah! Yes! - It's out.
- Thank you.
Oh, what a relief, eh? You say I'm only dreamin' A trick that I'm playin' with the light Afraid of disappearing But I couldn't leave you if I tried The world may come between us When all you want to do is hide But no-one here can see us And you're still the apple of my eye Oh, Henry! Oh, of course! It's you! Oh, thank you, Potter.
Thank you, life.
Thank you, universe.
What was that? I don't know.
We went to some other time.
As if you hadn't moved into the building, and you were back to being uptight weirdo dentist.
You couldn't see me.
And you had these ridiculous Oh, I know! I know.
I remember everything.
Joan Dart was alive.
And my mum! My mum was there.
Henry, my mum is alive.
Not quite what you expected.
Oh, God! You know what? Fuck you! It's not something I have any control over, Henry.
Yeah, I repeat - fuck you.
How long have I been away? You just left a minute, maybe.
Suzy, I am so sorry.
Henry, what did you see when you were over there? Enough.
I said enough.
Shhhhh! Right.
Um I learned something about myself back there, and you guys had better listen up.
From now on, you will not speak unless you are spoken to.
You will not show yourselves in the surgery or in my penthouse.
And those of you who adhere to these rules will gain privileges.
Calls to relatives and DVD nights and other very good things like that.
OK? Goodnight.
I am going home.
Did you like that? Very impressive.
Ask me the questions about your mum.
My mum? Yeah.
My mum's lost and we don't know how to find her.
No, no, no.
Um, the questions.
Please? Favourite colour? Mine is purple, yours is green and hers must be red.
What's your name? Dad calls me 'V', you call me 'Sweetie' and she'd call me 'Toots? 'Toots'.
Do you like that? Yeah.
Well? "If we found my mum" If we found my mum, what would you call her? 'Nanna'.
Definitely 'Nanna'.
Yeah, that's right.
You'd call her 'Nanna'.