Spirited (2010) s02e03 Episode Script

Alone With You

1 Why are you weird? Might have met someone else, be having a raging love affair, anything.
She's very interesting.
Do you love her? Could be worse off, rattling around in that big apartment on my own, talking to myself.
From now on, you will not speak until you are spoken to.
You're like a queen.
Well, very special.
My mum was there.
Henry, my mum is alive.
Why should I trust you? Well, that's up to you.
Like a snake calling on a phone I've got no time to be alone Someone coming at me all the time Babe, I think I'll lose my mind 'Cause I'm stranded On my own Stranded far from home Alright Stranded.
Mum? Mummy? Mum? Mummy? Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Mum! Shh.
Shh, shh.
It's alright.
I want a glass of water.
Not from you, from Mum! I'm sorry.
Happy birthday, Suzy.
Mum? Mum? Mum! Yes.
I'm awake.
Call your dad.
Now? Mm-hm.
I want to have a shower before school.
You should speak to him every day.
He misses you.
She doesn't get to decide.
We're dead.
We do what we want.
Look, new rules - you lot need to leave Suzy alone, OK? Her apartment is now off-limits.
- The surgery - off-limits.
- Incidentally Speaking to her only when spoken to.
But she can see us.
The only one.
Not anymore.
It's not fair! Look I was here first.
My house, my rules.
Henry's right.
We shouldn't need her.
Only the immature dead hunger for life.
What could she have that we could possibly want? We're untouchable.
We should pity the living.
Bloody hell.
He seems wise.
Spoken like someone who died young.
Did you call him? Oh, yeah.
Think we got the walking dead sorted.
Laid down the law to the spooks downstairs.
Oh, you need to sign my homework.
My homework? Yes.
Hey, shoes on.
The King.
He's my pet project now.
You know, freaks like him, they shit me.
Maybe you should just leave it alone.
If I left it alone, I wouldn't have been banned from entering four South American countries, would I? No.
What, no follow-up to hear my brilliant anecdote about that? No? You alright, Suze? I don't understand - why was my mother living with me and Steve in that other time? Suze, I don't know.
If I hadn't left, and if you hadn't come along, I might have my mother back.
And I would have been a really successful dentist.
I won an award for the Joan Dart disease.
Yeah, well, awards are overrated, trust me.
Three BPI Awards and I don't give a shit.
Robbed the fourth year, of course.
"Sid who?", I say.
I was really successful.
Maybe I don't concentrate on my work enough now.
You're very distracting.
I'll take that as a compliment.
This what you're looking for? Brilliant! Oh, I think Linda must have filed it away in the wrong place! Oh! Yes, she was very emotional when Joan died.
Happened right in front of her eyes.
Perhaps she was just inefficient.
Death doesn't frighten me.
Tell her about me Tell her tell her I'm here.
Joan Dart had terrible gum disease.
Didn't respond to any of the normal treatments.
Might be genetic.
I'd always thought bacterial.
Don't have a sample, though.
I'd love to help.
I can do research - after hours, of course.
Just look at the damage in the premolar area.
Eaten right through raw bone.
It's fabulous.
Bring in Mr Adams.
Behave yourself, or you won't be allowed in here.
Pttthh! Oh Nice try.
Graham, why are you breaking the rules? Fun.
Not here, friend.
Apologise to Suzy as you leave.
No! Sorry.
Oh I'm fine.
You're very beautiful.
I'm not.
- Hello! - Hey.
Sorry, Penelope.
I just dropped a tray.
I'm not usually clumsy.
I promise.
Sit, please.
How you doing? Did you hear the carry-on from the King fella? Beautiful - me.
Yeah, well, he's a curious one.
Listen, uh, where are you buried? Sorry? You weren't cremated, were you? No.
I had a lovely plot with my husband in Bronte.
View of the sea.
Really? Really? Don't remember a, uh, row number? I don't understand.
Oh I guess I'm just a collector of arcane information.
Ask me how many suits Sinatra owned.
Amazing, innit? Mm.
All one One for all, one for all One for all! Oh, better.
Elvis, come here.
Old school friends are better than family.
You are in no condition to drive a car.
You're right.
You drive.
I'm 14.
I know, it's overdue.
I can call us a cab or something.
Cab? Do you know what the problem with your generation is? You know? You've always got your head in a book.
Or a video game.
It's building this nation of wimps.
You need to feel what it's like to feel the rush of danger.
Yeah? Yeah.
You got to say to society, "Society, you don't own me.
I own me.
" OK.
Dad, it is really quite illegal.
You feel it, don't ya? I can tell you do.
Dad! Let's roll.
We haven't met, which, uh considering the way you're dressed, seems like a bit of an oversight.
Welcome to my home.
So, Antonia, what brings you here? 'Cause, uh, something tells me it's an interesting, possibly depraved, story.
Don't you think it's interesting that, when you're alive, everyone asks you what you do for a living but when you're dead, it's, "How did you die?" For old time's sake, I'm an accountant.
I used to work at the Tax Office.
Not really how I thought it'd start.
I went to a party, a fancy dress party, hence the Right.
Of course, yeah.
I grab a hot dog and I dance around the table for a bit and oh, man, this hot dog was so good - it's, like, the most amazing thing I have ever tasted.
So, I'm chowing it down.
And I'm gutsing it up so much, that I inhale a piece.
Frankfurt lodged in the oesophagus.
Didn't anyone notice? Yeah, I think, for a while, they thought I was dancing.
An inglorious death.
And not exactly how I would have dressed for the afterlife.
OK I know.
I'm not stupid, alright? Was that Dad? I don't have to tell you.
I suppose not.
I thought we could have salmon shepherd's pie for dinner.
Verity? Verity, what's what's the matter? Are you not talking to me? I can't tell you that.
Why not? Stop asking me questions.
That was close.
She didn't even find Sorry, did you say something? Henry? - Hello? - Hi.
It's Mum.
Oh, hi.
What are you doing? Uh, driving home from Dad's footy.
How are you, Mum? Oh, I miss you.
Tell me about school.
How are rehearsals going? I've I've got to go.
Why can't you have a chat? OK.
This, uh this King and his gang, do you hang out with them much? He's kind of fascinating.
The girls all claim to have different memories of him when they were alive but I don't think they're nearly as old as he is.
He never talks about his time as a corpse.
I think he was either a musician or an artist.
Why do you say that? 'Cause he's arrogant and hot.
Is there a compliment in there somewhere? If there is, you'll find it.
I think he was born in medieval times or something.
He's kind of old-school for a guy, you know? Actually, once, when he was asleep, I heard him say the word 'Darbon', kind of French.
Medieval? Yeah.
A medieval French kind of thing.
I look at him and I smell hippie.
Or maybe you just look at him and smell competition.
Hey, where do you sleep? With Suzy.
'Night, then.
Where are you? You're here.
Give me your hand.
Magenta? Unbutton your shirt.
You're so lovely.
I wish you could see that.
What are you wearing and why didn't you wake me up? I did.
And you swore.
And I told you, 'Duchess of Malfi', Restoration comedy.
Do you think it's wise, son, to wear your little outfit to school? It's, um It sends a message.
I can't care what people think about me.
You always told me that.
Be myself.
Of course.
I'd better go.
I'll be late.
They said this was a good idea, Barney.
No, I did remember them.
We're bringing the red ones and the gold ones.
Are we talking yet? I'm getting a lift with Katie's mum.
Gotta go.
Verity, can I have a clue? Uh, nope, a-nope, a-nope.
- Morning.
- Hi, Mum.
Why won't you be my Facebook friend? Uh, well, you'd see things you'd rather not.
Like what? There's no secrets between us.
Uh, yeah sure.
How do you get blood out of silk? What? Uh Yeah, I gotta go.
The bus is here.
But but Bye.
Blood? Oh, hi! Hi! Hey, Suze.
Welcome to, uh, our humble abode.
- Oh, your place looks great.
- Doesn't it? Honestly, our stuff separately is not so great but, uh, put it together and Bam, it works.
We seem cool.
Do we? A little bit, I think.
Yeah, actually.
Did you, uh, get your lunch? Yeah, I got it.
He makes me lunch to take to work.
How sexy's that? Yeah.
Do you believe this? Believe what? My life.
It's it's actually working out.
To be honest with you, deep down, I kind of didn't think it was ever going to.
Oh! He's great.
It's great.
I'm really happy for you.
Oh, God.
Have I made you sad? What? No.
Morning, ladies.
Going down? No, I have.
I was insensitive.
My perfect man and my perfect life, and you have nothing.
You you have so little.
I'm sorry.
I don't have so little.
I have almost everything that I want thank you.
Maybe you could start dating.
I'm fine.
I have things.
We all need human touch, Suze.
Don't worry.
I'll sort you out.
Time to get back in the saddle.
Steve, is Elvis alright? I think you may have ruined him in some way.
Issues of masculinity are in play.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Look, this is not about blame.
You mollycoddled him and I let you.
You let him talk in that pretentious British accent and I let you.
We were both negligent and now he's become strange.
Steve, we agreed him living with you was good for him.
This is about being a man.
Oh, my God.
The idea of a real man scares you, doesn't it? You're scared.
Your dad was soft.
Testosterone terrifies you.
That's why you had such an attraction/repulsion thing going on with me.
Well, you're half right.
Anyway, I've gotta go.
Some of us are working.
Joan? Joanie? Look, um you need to stay away from the King.
Why? He's nice.
He he has a way of making you feel special.
The afterlife is such a disappointment to me, Henry.
I know.
Where are where are the wings? Harps? God.
Where is God? Mm.
You'd think he might at least visit sometimes.
I'm lonely, Henry.
I miss my sister.
It does get easier, Joan.
It really does.
People they fade.
So, what was she like, your sister? Jean? We were so different.
I loved musical theatre, but she was very scientific.
She was beautiful.
I was plain.
Well, I was there when you died, Joan, and I feel responsible for you, you know, for why you're here.
You do? You don't seem the type.
Well, don't tell anyone but I'm really not.
For you, I make an exception.
You weren't soft.
You were lovely.
- Hello.
- Hi.
I am relaxed.
You should go.
There's new rules.
I think you know that.
Don't know that you and I can obey the rules.
Do you? Uh, I can always obey the rules.
You should know that about me.
I'm very good at that.
Well, what I've come to tell you is that you need to be more present with your daughter.
What? Her life will be affected by this gift you have.
If you don't attend to her very carefully, she will suffer.
Were you in her room this morning? Verity's room is off-limits.
Keep an eye on Barney.
Who? Ask her about him.
I'd like you to go now.
Oh my God Dr Darling, are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Look at this little fella.
It's a bit of an unusual pet, Dad.
You know, a dog would have been fine.
Oh, that's no pet.
What is it? That is roast pork.
You mean we're gonna kill it? No.
You're gonna kill it.
That that's a joke, right? Ha Good day? Much homework? How's Barney? Verity, can you just talk to me, please? This is awful for me! We used to be friends.
It's just better if I say nothing for a few days.
Can you just tell me if Barney is a friend? Yep.
And so are you.
Do you know about Barney? Barney who? Verity has some friend called Barney.
The King knew about him.
I thought you might have heard her talking about him? I haven't really seen Verity much lately, to be honest.
A bit distracted.
Yeah, I know.
I noticed.
I've got used to you keeping an eye on her.
Oh, well, I'm sorry, Suze.
That King man scares me a bit.
There's something whiffy about him.
And he's not some 12th-century explorer either.
I wasn't particularly good at school, with their over-reliance on books and the like, but I'm pretty sure they never said 'cool' in medieval France.
Why did I agree to this? This is what's gonna happen, Suze.
The people that care about you, they're gonna try and set you up on dates, get you to meet someone else.
Do I look OK? You look great.
Don't be too sweet.
Talk about dentistry a lot.
That'll put him off.
Don't come down.
It's gonna be embarrassing enough.
I will stay here with Verity and the boys.
Thank you.
I might just pop down later, though Parking officer.
Your sister said.
I also play bass.
Shepherd's pie.
Ooh! My granny's recipe.
Are you OK, Mitchell? Are you a vegan? Oh, sorry, but my grandma died last month.
She made shit like that all the time.
Sorry about that.
That's sad.
Death is tricky.
And not really something you talk about on a date.
It's not a date.
It could be, if you two tried a little.
More wine? No, I'm alright, thanks.
I'll top you up, mate.
"Henry Mallet - enigmatic genius or drunken arsehole?" Why does it have to be 'or? Because, um uh, gum disease is quite strongly related to heart disease and heart attacks and, basically, if I can get the genetic material with the similar Are you actually talking about gum disease during dinner? Well, it's like being home with Dad again.
It's actually very interesting.
How's your writing going, Zac? Uh, had a bit of a setback this week.
Um, Henry's mum died.
How is that a setback? Well, we'd been in touch.
She was gonna send me some, uh, artefacts, some items of interest.
Bloody hell.
This is scintillating dinner conversation.
More, um, wine and death anyone? Hey.
Dad, can we talk? Of course.
Maybe we need to accept the fact that I'm not like you.
I don't want you to be like me.
I want you to be all that you can be.
How is killing a pig gonna help that? I'm taking you outside your comfort zone.
Look, did Tiger Woods' father accept who his son was? No.
He shaped him, moulded him, psychologically screwed with him I don't think he's a good example anymore.
Don't be trapped by conventional morality, Elvis.
Why am I successful? I really don't know.
Because my dad made me tough and confident.
He was on me relentlessly.
I couldn't take a step without him making fun of my walk.
He tied tennis balls to my knees to change my gait.
Did it work? I could do catwalk.
I don't want to kill a pig.
And that's exactly why you have to.
Now, we shouldn't be talking about this in front of him.
Why? Does he understand English? Don't give me lip.
And don't be sorry.
You stand your ground.
I'm not killing the damn pig! Whoa! That was great.
So, I don't have to kill it? No.
You still have to.
But we are making progress.
Oh, my God.
Aren't we? Progress, progress.
I have to go.
So, do you want him? Pardon? Mitchell.
Well, you could just use him for sex, get back on the horse.
You're right.
He'll cry.
He's a crier.
You can always tell.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, she was a nice old bird.
Bit of a shock, really.
Maybe she'll turn up here.
I hope not.
She did nag a bit.
At least I got to speak to her again thanks to you.
Did I ever tell you her name? I know my mum's name.
My mum.
Nice name.
Very English.
Do ghosts still celebrate their birthdays or do they celebrate their death days? I don't know, Suze.
Can you find out? On the to-do list.
Now, go to sleep.
Are you gonna stay here all night? Yes.
Stop talking.
'Night Mallet.
'Night, Darling.
I've been waiting for you.
I wasn't sure I'd come.
Yes, you were.
I can help you.
How? I can free you.
Am I trapped? Uh-huh.
Would you like to be free? Yes.
Oh Jesus, what is it? Oh! Argh! What? Oh What the fuck is that? Oh It happened in a dream! Oh! Suzie, cut the shit.
What happened? The King The King was there.
I didn't want him I didn't want to be there.
What is it? Henry! Oh Where are you? You seen Creepy? What's wrong, Henry? Joan.
You need to get yourself down to the surgery.
You seen the King? Go.
Oh! Oh, what a lovely smile! You're? Jean.
Jean Dart.
The girl told me to come in.
Oh, my! It's Jean! She's here! Oh, Doctor, isn't she beautiful? You look exactly like your sister.
Identical twins.
I miss her terribly.
I'm sure you do! - Morning.
- Morning, Doctor.
Jean Dart.
We can complete our research.
Let's take a look, then, shall we? OK, so, just opening wide.
I'll just take a sample.
I'm hoping that, with your help, we'll be able to complete our research paper.
Penelope and I are very excited about the potential for this bacteria's properties.
This is really very special.
Is there something the matter? I'm sorry.
That tattoo, that symbol on your wrist, it's very unusual.
I haven't ever seen one on a on a living person.
Why did you get that? Oh, it's not Magenta.
What? It's Magenta.
The Magenta Liberation.
Jean's a criminologist, expert in her field.
She's brilliant.
Get Henry, please.
I'm sorry? Nothing.
Oh, my God! Darbon.
You gotta be kidding me.
What are we gonna do? Yeah.
Interesting question.
It's time.
No, you can't make me kill it, can you? Like, physically, you can't make me kill it.
What? II can just.
Just not do as you say.
And so endeth the lesson.
That was the lesson? Not really, but it'll do.
Gotta learn to improvise, Elvis.
That's next.
Think of a name for the pig.
Your Majesty? Mind if I have a word with you, in private? Anything you want to say, say to all of us.
We have no secrets.
Thought you might say that.
Just wanted to clear something up with you.
I've, uh I've heard all the tales of how we all died, but, uh, I really, really want to hear your story.
I'm flattered.
However, the memory of my death is gone, as yours will be when you free yourself from the living world.
Oh, I look forward to that.
But, um, any any clues in there? Any remnants? Wee scraps, perhaps? Magenta? Hmm.
Ring any bells? If this is about Suzy's dreams, I have no control over my effect on her.
Dar bon.
Is that your name? Or is it, perhaps, something more pedestrian? Maybe something a little less European.
Something a bit more modern than medieval, hmm? Darren, perhaps? Darren Bonnie? Little Dazza, from Adelaide? Lake Eyre, 1972.
Randy little freak with a Napoleon complex lures a group of innocent young Adelaide girls up into the hills to form his own empire the Magenta Liberation.
Darren! But when the authorities start to close in on this putrid, hippie, sex-slave camp, brave little Razzle Dazzle here gets you all to sup from his poisoned chalice.
And then - and here's the best bit - he tops himself.
That's right, girls.
He poisoned ya.
The King here killed you all.
"Drink together "and we will become as one for eternity.
" I remember it.
You killed us? No.
How could I do that? How could I? Well that's why my stomach hurts.
I thought you loved us.
I do.
No, no, no.
I couldn't.
I couldn't.
I wouldn't.
Oh, but you did.
Hey, darling.
Mum, where are you? I'm I'm at home.
Dad said you were supposed to take me to chess club.
What? No.
Not today.
He's supposed to take you.
He's not here.
Oh, you're just gonna have to get a taxi.
I have no money.
Just steal some from his drawer.
Look, um, Verity's crying.
She's very upset.
I don't know what to do.
Mum! Mum! - Verity, what's the matter? - Mummy! Mum! Mama! Mummy! What's the matter? Verity? I'm coming! I'm coming now! OK.
Steve! Where have you been?! The kids rang Verity sounded hysterical.
It's your week, Steve.
When it's your week, I arrange things.
I have appointments to go to Surprise! Mwah! Happy birthday.
I miss you.
Come on.
Oh, Mum! Oh, I can talk to you now.
I was just so scared I'd tell you, I just had to zip my lips.
Mum, you got heaps of presents.
Presents? Steve! Oh, what's what's she doing here? Oh, I'm banging her.
We can tell each other those sorts of things, can't we? It's mature.
Are you banging anyone? No.
Yeah, I thought not.
You still have that pinched look.
Is, um is Elvis alright? Can't change him.
He's his own man.
Oh, what a relief.
Hello! Happy birthday.
Wow! This is amazing! Keep talking.
It won't get less warm.
No, no, no.
Look, these these aren't toys.
Do you ever think about Mum? Every day- Me too.
I didn't think you did.
More and more.
She's alive, you know? You think I'm stupid, but I can feel it.
I always have.
I just stopped telling you.
No, I don't think you're stupid.
That's, like, a compliment.
Happy birthday.
Henry, where are you? I'm right here.
Happy birthday.
Don't talk.
A game of chance, my son? Your mother's still alive.
What? Suzy! Wake up! Trust me.
You'll love it.
No Suzy, wake up.
Oh, shit.
Suze? Suze, no.
No, no, no All bets down.
Oh Suze, Suze, breathe.
Suzy, wake up! Suzy! Wake up! Come to Dazza.
Suzy! Shit Suzy.
You say I'm only dreamin' A trick I'm playing with you Afraid I'm disappearing But I couldn't leave you if I tried Suze.
He's gone.
He's gone.
You OK? Yeah.
You? Bloody terrified, actually.
I heard you singing.
I'm a very powerful vocalist.
'NME' once described my voice as spooky.
I don't know who 'NME' is.
I know.
Henry, he said my mother was alive.