Spirited (2010) s02e04 Episode Script

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

1 I go wherever I like.
Would you like to be free? Aah Aaagh! I died for 92 seconds and I saw that guy.
There must be a reason for this, a a purpose.
Zac Hannigan? What do you think he would think of this? I think he wanted me to write the book.
What is he doing? Writing my biography? Do you ever think about Mum? She's alive, you know? Leave it alone.
It'll drive you mad.
If we found my mum If we found my mum, what would you call her? Nanna.
Definitely Nanna.
Like a snake calling on a phone I've got no time to be alone Someone coming at me all the time Babe, I think I'll lose my mind 'Cause I'm stranded On my own Stranded far from home Alright Stranded.
So everything alright here, girls? Can I get you anything? Fresh pillows? Robes? Cup of poison? How about some moron pills? Help me out here a bit, ladies.
Come on.
This chap here brainwashes you, poisons you and you die, yet you all still remain here, washing his crusty feet.
What's the story? He promised us eternal life.
And he delivered.
Well enjoy the view.
Oh, um, just one thing that's bothering me, Daz.
You came here of your own volition.
Why the hell don't you leave? I'm like a book reader.
I want to know what happens next.
Well, enjoy the show.
Be my audience.
But keep your distance.
And stay away from Suzy.
Of course.
Hey! Where's she going? Henry said.
Henry! You changed the rules! What if I did? Can't I come too? Oh Start to bring your focus towards my voice.
There's a doorway in front of you.
It's beautiful.
Old, richly carved What is this? Take a step towards the doorway.
The door is opening just for you.
Smell the richly perfumed flowers Explore, experience.
Do you want to help your daughter? Or will you ruin this because you're unable to accept the fact that I can help her? Sorry.
She has to let go of this imaginary friend.
She has to.
Yes, yes, yes.
You're right.
Do it.
Go, go, go, go.
Now all your friends and family are gathering around you to greet you.
You're surrounded by their love.
Take this love, this warmth, to a special place.
Maybe it's your bedroom or your house.
There's someone here in the room.
Your friend.
Your special friend.
And now, see the one that you can't let go of.
Picture them standing right there, in front of you.
And now, close your eyes on this person.
Say goodbye.
They want to be free.
You're awake.
Opening your eyes now.
Hello there.
What did you see? My friend, Barney.
I was at his funeral, actually.
Oh, dear.
Oh, Verity.
Oh don't worry.
He was He was happy to die.
Cup of tea? Yes, please.
Mmm, I'd kill for a coffee.
Hey, did they have cappuccinos in the '80s? See you later.
Yeah, whatever.
What's going on there? Oh, um, no she's just, um she's just a bit on the outer with Dazza and the virgins.
I was just being friendly.
Oh, Henry.
I just went somewhere.
Well, you know, we can all sometimes take a one-way trip to Jealous Town.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, with the hypnotherapy.
I just went back and I saw my mum playing cards at Steve's house, and I remembered, she works at the casino.
You think she might be alive? You gotta go and look for her.
How's Verity? Great! Very resilient.
She's like us, but strong and sane.
You're a good mum.
Thank you.
I wonder what our mum would have been like.
Marriages end I don't know who would leave their children behind.
This kind of person.
Apollo, remember? I've only asked myself that question 15 million times.
The only answer I've got is, it wasn't us.
It was not our fault.
She's good.
You should listen to her.
You're right.
Can you look after the kids this afternoon? Yeah.
No problem.
If you pay me.
- Terry.
- What are you doing? Meditating.
Oh, yeah? How's that going for you? Shit.
Come over.
Uh alright.
Do you want me to bring anything? Scotch, disposable razors, gumboots and maybe some porn.
Good stuff.
Just don't get your hopes up, Suze.
I mean, she might not even work in the casino now, you know, in this version of events.
Yeah, I I know that.
You went to the casino in a dream, so it's gotta mean something.
And I was almost killed.
Maybe that's a sign.
Should I just just leave it alone? No.
Throw the dice.
I wish you could come with me.
I'm sorry.
I know I shouldn't say that.
Look, you know I would if I could, Suze.
You're gonna be alright.
It's only your mum.
I mean, how scary can it be? Look, it's not a dream.
Little Darren Bonnie, he's probably getting a pedicure right now off his zombie slave dolls.
Ahhh Come in.
"A shy and solitary child, "Henry battled chronic shyness at school.
" You know he just used the word 'shy' twice in one sentence? "His fifth-grade teacher, Mrs Hynde, "was both a mathematics teacher "and a local, avid, amateur musician, "and she allowed Henry to" "Mrs Hynde was the first adult Henry had ever met "who allowed him to truly be himself.
"Her love of music was infectious to him.
"Henry would often find himself holding back tears in the staff room "as she allowed him to listen to her exquisite collection "of jazz and blues.
" "Gave Henry the lessons not only in maths "but some music lessons as well.
" Yes, Zac, it's shit.
Well, at least he knows it.
Henry, we're dead.
All that's gone.
You can't even play music now.
So, what does it matter what the living think of Henry Mallet? Well, this is my death and that is my life.
Huh? Who knew we'd get a part two? Whoopie-fucking-doo.
That is part one, and I happen to give a shit about it.
The Bowmore.
Zac, you crafty bastard.
What? What's with the grog? This is a bottle of Bowmore.
From Islay, in Scotland.
It's my drink.
Henry Mallet, wherever you are I open you.
And you and I, Bowmore, we will find our groove and we will find our Henry.
That's it.
I got it on the second one OK.
Good, good.
Now, feel that.
That's soft.
That's right.
That's right.
It's OK.
Look, it's our little secret.
If no-one knows, did it really happen? I'm just a bit nervous.
I need you.
This isn't right, Steve.
Don't be like that.
I need you, Terry.
Be my catcher.
Yeah, OK.
That's me.
Yep, I'm your catcher.
Thank you, mate.
Place your bets.
Last call.
And Best of luck, everyone.
Place bets.
How many chips? How, uh how much? It's a 150 table.
Well? Is 10 a good number? You think you can avoid amateur hour at a 150 table.
I'll teach you.
The jack, the queen, the king all count as 10.
An ace can be a 1 or an 11 - you pick.
All the other cards are just their number.
If you want a card, you knock.
If you don't, you wave.
Make sense so far? Yes.
What you want is to get to 21, or as close under it as you can.
Got it? Yes.
Thank you.
House won.
Let's go.
Anything? Nuh? Bullshit.
You're so old.
Sorry? I didn't think Dad is dead.
I'm a dentist.
I have two children You have to go.
I don't understand.
It's illegal for me to deal to a family m to you.
Take your chips to another table.
I'll wait for you to finish work.
Don't come here again.
Do it.
Steve Do it! 'Cause, either way, I am there.
Let's do it.
You want answers We can do this .
you be a seeker.
You wait around for them to come? 174 Bennelong Road No.
You go find them, you hunt them down.
Mate Focus! - You're my catcher.
- Always.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaaagh! Suzy.
Oh What are you doing here? I followed you.
How? How can you leave? I can go wherever I want.
Well, good for you.
What are you doing here? I wanted to talk to you.
I can't talk to you here.
They'll think I'm a mad woman, sitting in a bar, talking to herself.
Take a look around, Suzy.
Casinos, asylums, churches, large sporting arenas - all places you can talk to yourself.
Nobody gives a shit.
They're gonna stick a warhead Down in Wandsworth Common We all say "Fine "Cool "Well, come on, then" See the rats rise up Through the cracks in the city They never tell it like it really is On the BBC Shit.
Where are you? Where are you, Adam Ant? Mum? I'm here.
I live here.
I see everything you do.
No way.
The women, the porn, the masturbation, the drinking Go on.
Get back to it.
You're disgusting.
- Clear! - You're disgusting.
Clear! You're disgusting.
Oh, no If I can see you here, where are all the other dead people? The truth is, it is very difficult to be out in the world.
You have no anchor when you're dead.
The world's full of wind and noise.
You've got no control over where you go.
That's why most spirits stay put in a house, around living relatives - anchors.
You look alright.
You look fine.
That's because of you.
I beg your pardon? Suzy, you see me.
You give me gravity.
You're a bridge.
You tried to kill me.
No-one has control over what happens in their dreams.
Why can't Henry leave? No idea.
Maybe he can.
Well, he can't.
I've followed you a few times - supermarket, school, hairdresser.
Seriously, you need to get out more.
I'd like to go and see a Skyhooks concert.
I don't think they exist anymore.
I don't want to hear that.
Can we go? I'm sick of this.
Jesus wept.
He's he's getting worse.
I can't do it.
I can't do this.
Yeah, you're telling me.
Speak to me, Henry.
Speak through me.
I am speaking to you, numb nuts.
Why don't you try listening?! Speak through me.
Henry, you bastard.
Speak through me! I'm trying, Zac! I'm fucking trying! Henry, you stupid bastard, speak through me! Listen to me! Speak! I'm here! I'm your receptacle! I'm in the fucking room! Speak! Listen to me! Listen! Henry Mallet! Henry! Henry? Where are you? I'm here.
Henry? Yeah.
I'm in Zac Hannigan's fucking body.
How did you do that? Gravity's a bitch.
Where is Zac? I don't know.
I don't like the way this body breathes.
So much oxygen.
He's got bloody ox lungs.
Well have some water.
Oh! Ah! Come to daddy.
What are you guys doing up here? Suzy's left the building, Henry's probably at the end of her bed, waiting for her, so no-one's going to know.
Why are you following this one? And why is he wearing the Henry jacket from off the wall? You ask too many questions, soldier boy.
Don't get too above yourself.
Henry told Paperback he thought you were fucking annoying.
That's what he said.
I did not say that.
It's OK.
Meet you up there.
Place bets.
Last bets.
Broke my left leg and sprained my right Now she takes my temperature every night Women in uniform Sometimes they look so cold Women in uniform But, ooh, they feel so warm Women in uniform Women in uniform Women in uniform Oh, yeah.
Actually, you you hate her cooking.
But you hate my cooking.
Did I say that? Yeah.
This is genius.
Yeah? This is seriously good.
This is so it's so delicate.
So rich.
Mmm! Mmm! You're stoned.
Yes, but, this is seriously good, yeah? Mmm.
I gotta I gotta piss.
I forgot about pissing.
I gotta piss! I'm going for a piss! Ha! I'm off for a piss I'm off for a piss Careful.
And drunk.
Oh Still got the aim.
Oh! This is so good! Eh? You're incredible.
Look at you.
Elvis! Come here.
Hug me.
Hug you? Come on.
Group hug.
Yeah? Group hug? Oh, mate, you're such a man.
Come on, Jonqs.
Everybody hug me.
Oh, this is good! I didn't know you could play.
Come on.
D-major, A, E, F, G-sharp.
Let's go.
You look tired.
Yes, I am.
I'm off to bed.
Think about what I said.
Oh, I'm sure I will, yeah.
Pete, we know you're there.
I I didn't mean to intrude.
You're not intruding.
'Night, Suzy.
What is it? Sorry.
I was just going for a walk.
Down here's alright, isn't it? Oh.
Yes, Pete.
Tonight's been so Have you seen Henry? Uh, no.
Come on.
Ride the lift with me.
Are you sure? He followed me.
Get that look off your face.
It's none of my business.
This was my only secret from Rocco.
Now I only allow myself .
one after dinner every night.
You have no idea how good this feels.
Believe me, I do.
Are you peckish? I'd pick you as a bit of a brie lover.
Very astute.
Do us a favour.
Go keep a lookout and tell us when Suze gets home.
Errand girl? Come on.
Be a sport.
I did not say you were fuckin' annoying.
I hope not.
Oh, sorry, Pete.
I just need to get myself together before I see Jonquil.
I can't tell her I've seen Mum.
It can be Your mum is an important aspect in, um Have you seen Henry? Henry? Nuh.
I haven't seen Henry for quite a while.
If you see him, can he come to tell him to come to Suzy immediately? Oh, yes, sir.
Sure I will.
Whatever you say, sir.
Grow up.
Grow up.
Just plain, old, simple brie.
My old friend.
More camembert, hmm? Of course.
I'm falling in love Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.
Oh! Oh, yeah.
She just got home.
Thank you so much.
Best fucking meal I've had in years.
You're a lovely woman, yeah? Don't feel bad about being alone.
Get out there and squeeze the bejesus out of life.
Come on.
Oh, stupid reality's so fucking slow.
Hey, babe.
Uh hey, uh, babe.
Suze about? Apparently, she's gone for a swim.
Go figure.
So the kids are asleep.
So, that song you wrote Uh was that about me? You're a you're a very lovely woman What's wrong? Very I've eaten so much and drunk so much tonight, I feel I feel a bit dizzy.
Oh! My poor baby chicken! Oh! Let me take you home and get you into bed.
You, with your little Mallet jacket on.
You're so cute.
Don't mind me.
Oh, hi.
We're just going.
Did you have a good night? How was the play? It was a very disappointing play.
Zac, you look like Henry Mallet tonight.
I do.
And I feel like Henry Mallet tonight.
I'm writing his biography and I had a very intense experience with it tonight.
Good for you.
Come on.
I should, uh, stay and work on the song.
Yeah, make sure that Elvis has got it all sorted properly.
Ooh, alright.
Oh, no, no, no.
You go.
You look tired.
Um But you said you were sick.
Go on.
I love you.
You should tell me that more often.
I will.
Where are you, Zac? Oh, Jesus! Zac! It's not Zac.
I'm not Zac.
Yeah? I'm Henry.
It's pretty late.
Is Jonquil still here? She went home.
Suze, fucking hell.
It's me, yeah? I'm a ghost that you live with.
And, yes, yes, you get it, yeah? I was with Zac tonight, yeah? He's writing my biography - the guy can't string a fucking sentence together and and he's drunk and stoned and and he called out for me, Suze.
He called for me to come and and to help.
And Shit.
Henry This is this is insane.
This is insane.
Suze Wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Oh, I need this.
I need you.
You were kissing Jonquil when I came home.
No, I wasn't.
I wasn't.
Zac was.
But who's who's kissing me now? I am.
Yeah? Henry is kissing you.
Henry's thinking, "Feel her hips.
" Look.
I made the hands go up, yeah? "Grab her arse, Henry.
" Oh, the arse is grabbed, eh? Go on.
Now, take your clothes off.
Come on.
Oh, Suze.
Henry It's perfect.
Henry where is Zac? I don't know.
But where is Zac? Is he dead? Or if he comes back into his body, is he gonna remember this? This is terrible! Five minutes ago, it was the greatest thing that could ever happen.
Now I'm a murderer.
Did you find your mum? Not what you expected? No.
She told me to go away.
She might need some time.
I don't think so.
I'm not gonna tell Jonquil.
Don't you either.
Either of you.
Suze, you're dead a long time, yeah? Tonight I tasted cheese with Rita.
I smoked half a pack of fags.
II tasted my Bowmore whisky, which was spectacular.
I felt wind on my face, warm water on my skin.
I nearly split my gut on Jonquil's bolognaise sauce.
But nothing satisfied me.
I want you.
I get it.
I'm Zac to you.
I will stay fully clothed.
But, please take your clothes off and give me some memories.
You say I'm only dreaming A trick that I'm playing with the light Afraid of disappearing But I couldn't leave you if I tried The world will come between us And all you want to do is hide But no-one here can see us Hi.
What? Um morning.
Look at him.
I know.
He's so focused.
He's been writing all night.
You need to go to bed.
Come with me.
I fell asleep.
Well, I wrote and wrote.
And then I fell asleep and I woke up here.
It's me.
Sorry, Suze.
It's OK.
You must have had quite a night of it.
I have no idea what I did but, um, I seem to have written 100 pages.
So, uh, hopefully it's not all crap.
It's not crap, my friend.
Actually, babe, have we got any headache pills? My stomach feels like it's about to burst.
Ah You wrote a a song with, um with Elvis.
Did I? Well total blackout, then.
Ooh, that's scary.
Oh, I don't think I said anything did anything regrettable.
No! Did I? Suzy? No.
No, no, no.
You were funny, sweet.
Very very nice to Elvis.
Is Zac alright? I think he'll sleep it off.
He's got no memory of it.
Just a gut ache and a couple of sore lungs.
Thank goodness.
Imagine that.
Who'd have thought, eh? That some of the best memories of my life would be made after I died? Suzy?