Spooks: Code 9 (2008) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

(TV) Authorities have commenced an evacuation of London.
Didn't anyone tell you? New world.
New rules.
Vik, Jez.
Report, please.
- Who are you? - (RACHEL) Charlie Green.
He's the final member of Field Office 19.
Hannah's the best person you'll ever work for.
(CHARLIE) You live here together? - Where is Jez? - He's done his disappearing act.
- (GUNSHOT) - Hannah? (YATES) Interim team leader.
I'm relying on you, Charlie.
(MAN) Hannah asked me to give it to you, if she died.
(PIGEON COOING) Oh, shit, I've gotta go.
- We should go out sometime.
- Are we allowed? What if someone sees us together? No-one will see us if we go out of town.
What would they do to you if they found out about us? Wouldn't be happy.
Against the rules, is it? Shagging an informer? - Just a bit.
- So why're you doing it? Cos you've got beautiful eyes.
Come Saturday, we'll go out, get off our faces.
See you later.
In the event of a terrorist attack, the security alert system sends a warning to all phones and computers in the target area.
The message will advise you of the best course of action to take.
- If you are instructed to evacuate - (VIK) You're late.
I had to see an asset.
Where's the new boss? With Yates.
Obviously not taking his new role lightly.
It looks like he's been here half the night.
You've got some pretty big shoes to fill.
Feeling confident? Yes, um, I think so.
I'll try my best.
I'm actually more confident than that sounded.
You have the ability.
I wouldn't have chosen you if not.
What about the investigation into Hannah's death? Any progress? I was thinking there must be several lines It's all in hand at Central Command.
I need you to focus on Field Office 19.
Nothing more.
- We were handling the investigation - This is how it works.
Central Command co-ordinate all field officers and handle everything to do with Ml5 personnel.
The field officers do exactly what their title says.
They handle everything in the field.
Now, that's any and every threat facing the stability and safety of this country and its people.
I think that should be enough to keep you busy.
Charlie, word of advice.
Don't make me look like a dickhead.
- (ROB) Morning.
- Don't mind me.
I've got a few things to sort out.
Carry on.
Is there any news on Hannah? Um, no, but Central Command are now in control of it.
They're handling the investigation from that end.
Give it the attention it deserves.
But aren't we gonna follow up on anything? No.
(SIGHS) Not yet.
(CHARLIE) Let's go back to basics.
What did you do, Hannah? (SIGHS) (VIK) Keep me posted if anything crops up, OK? - (TANNO Y) After months of testing - Who's that? I recruited him last week.
I'm losing track of how many assets we've got here.
(TANNO Y) No matter where you live, your water is safe to drink.
- (TEXT ALERT) - So from the end of the month for hot drinks.
Normal drinking water (INTERFERENCE) (GIRL) That's sick.
(JEZ) This doesn't look good.
- (GASPS) - God! Is this for real? If you're watching this, I must be dead.
Which probably means they got to me (DOOR OPENS) Someone's hacked into Bridgewater University's alert system.
The shit's hitting the fan.
This is a serious breach.
Only Ml5 have access to it.
(KYLIE) They exposed Windsmere using our system.
- (TV) secret Ml5 detention centre.
- It's not secret anymore.
It shouldn't have been in the first place.
The media are gonna love this.
It's all over the internet too.
It's out there.
How do they access the university alert system? Access codes are encrypted.
(KYLIE) It's a secure system.
There's been a breach on one of our most important - protective measures since 2012.
- Tech think they probably hacked in through a connection to the transmitter on campus.
- What's the range? - Depends on signal strength.
They must have been near the transmitter when they hacked in, - so let's check the cameras on campus.
- OK.
Right, I've got someone using a laptop near the transmitter.
- I can't get a face.
- Here, I've got a face.
Jez and Vik are on campus.
Get it over to them.
Good work.
It's that girl Kate.
She's one of our assets.
(DOOR SMASHES) (KATE) Did you lose someone in the attack? (JEZ) My mum.
And dad.
And my sister.
- They're missing.
- I'm sorry.
(VIK) There's nothing.
She's gone.
She's cleared everything out.
She's been burning stuff.
There's something she didn't want us to see.
This is bad.
We've recruited her.
This reflects on us.
When did you last see her? (VIK) What? What's that look? I was with her earlier.
(JEZ) We were here this morning.
You are kidding? You're shagging her? Tell me this is a joke.
You stupid prick.
- What happens now? - Jesus! If they find out about this, I'm fucked.
You never told me about her.
I know nothing about it, yeah? - I owe you.
- You're still a prick.
We need to find her.
(TEXT ALERT) We've got an address for her parents.
Are you nervous? Meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time.
That's funny (!) (JEZ) We need to talk to you about your daughter Kate.
- My God, you've found her? - Was she in London during the attacks? She's listed as missing.
What is this? Have you found her? Is-is this your daughter? - Who is it? - We don't know.
- She's using your daughter's identity.
- She's pretending to be Kate? - What does that mean? - It's hard to say for certain.
Criminals have assumed the identities of people who are listed missing.
I'm sorry that we can't tell you more.
Thank you for your time.
I hope you find your daughter.
- I've got a photo.
- Oh, yes.
We've been to all hospitals and relocation centres, but no-one's doing anything.
- Can you help us, please? - I'll try.
(TV) As Head of Ml5, I can now confirm the existence of Camp Windsmere.
All detainees are being held lawfully and within the authority of the Britannia Act Charlie, this security breach happened on your patch.
This is on you.
We have a lead on the suspect.
Jez and Vik are following it up.
So I can tell the Head of Ml5 that your Field Office is on top of the situation, can I? - Yes.
- Good.
What do we do about your girlfriend? She isn't even who she says she is.
This is serious.
She's using fake ID.
Did you recruit her or did she recruit you? (PUMPING MUSIC) (VIK) Maybe you should tell Charlie about you and this girl.
You could try being straight with him.
He'll shop me to Yates.
He's got to prove himself.
He won't put his neck on the line for me.
What happens if we find her? It's gonna come out.
She'll use your relationship as leverage.
Did you listen during training? They warned us about getting close to our assets.
Do what everyone else does.
Shag someone at work.
Cos I've got so much in common with the girls at work.
Right (!) You think you're soul mates? She was playing you.
You don't know that.
We tell Charlie she's disappeared.
She got the video out.
Maybe she's done.
She goes back to being whoever she was.
together with the police - (YATES) Is it real? It looks real.
I was thinking If we knew who they were, it might help us track down whoever sent the video out.
There could be a connection.
Just an idea.
The MOD's insisting the video's a hoax.
There won't be any names because that would imply these people exist.
(TV) categorically deny any allegations of torture or brutality.
The video you have seen, supposedly showing dead detainees, is a hoax.
They're denying it even happened! Everyone's seen the video.
- There must be an enquiry.
- They're covering it up.
(KATE) Getting the video out was never going to be enough on its own.
It's just the first step.
(CHARLIE) You're telling me our chief suspect is one of our informers? - Yeah.
- Oh, God.
Then I say the situation just got about 125o/o worse.
Do we know where she got the encryption codes that enabled her to hack in? Did she ever have access to our phones or laptops? They run the same encryption software as the alert system.
Not that we know about.
Tech are working on changing the encryption codes, but it'll be a couple of days before they can stop her hacking in.
So we're drawing a big fat blank on security breach.
- What about finding her? - No hits on the ID since the video.
- She's off radar.
- Maybe she's switched to a new ID card.
How many identities has she got? (CHARLIE) We don't know who she is, where she is, or how she did it.
Maybe we need to start thinking about why she did it.
What if she's with a civil liberties group? They're using more aggressive tactics now.
Nah, I think it's more personal than that.
- What makes you say that? - Just a hunch.
Well, if she is connected to one of the dead detainees, I'd say she's really pissed off that we're denying they even exist.
She'll want to strike back.
You're right.
It's like we just poked her with a sharp stick.
- So what's our next move? Any ideas? Jez? - No.
Yates made it clear that us not knowing things just doesn't cut it.
We need to find her before she makes her next move.
- Are we really going to do this? - We've achieved nothing if we stop now.
In a couple of days everyone will have forgotten.
We have to keep hurting them until the Government admit what they did.
We need to strike during rush hour.
(DOOR CREAKS AND SLAMS) (FOOTSTEPS) I think she cloned my PDA.
That's how she got the encryption codes to send out the video.
I don't know how much longer I can cover for you.
Just give me a chance to fix it.
Rob, there's a DS Phillips in reception for you.
Sorry, we're short of meeting space.
What's this about? Do you recognise the man in this photograph? That's Julian Nelson.
We were training to be doctors at the same hospital.
I'm afraid he's dead.
I understand you were working together on the morning of the attack.
Yeah, last I saw of him.
I heard he was missing.
It seems he may have taken an overdose.
His body went into cold storage with the victims from the attack.
They've only just got round to the post mortem.
Had he seemed depressed to you? I don't know.
No, not really.
I understand you also knew Mr Nelson's girlfriend.
- Emma.
- We're trying to track her down.
Have you seen her since the attack? No.
You're going to a lot of trouble for a suicide.
We're not entirely convinced it was a suicide.
- What did the cops want? - One of my assets got himself arrested and now he wants me to bail him out.
Um, fancy a walk? Where to? Down the corridor.
How do I speak to someone in the military about the detainees from this video? Do you wanna speak to them officially or unofficially? They won't tell us anything officially.
Apparently the video's a hoax.
Seriously, though, we need to get some information on these prisoners.
It could be our only lead.
There's an officer.
He helped us when Army medical supplies were leaking onto the black market.
I'll talk to him.
I appreciate it.
I have to go back so, um You fancy walking back? - Sure.
- OK.
(TANNO Y) 24-hour CCTVrecording is in operation at this station for your security and safety.
Please listen for further announcements.
(TEXT ALERTS) (MULTIPLE TEXT ALERTS) - (ALARM WAILS) - (TANNO Y) This is a security alert.
Please make your way to the nearest exit and follow instructions from members of staff.
(STAFF) This way! This way! (TANNO Y) This is a security alert.
Please make your way to the nearest exit and follow instructions from members of staff.
(ALARM WAILS) (PEOPLE SHOUT) This is a security alert.
Please make your way to the nearest exit and follow instructions from members of staff.
(PEOPLE SCREAM) This is a security alert.
Please make your way to the nearest exit and follow instructions from members of staff.
(GASPS FOR BREATH) (GASPS FOR BREATH) - (PHONE RINGS) - (KYLIE) Who told you to evacuate? - An alert went out at the station.
- The police didn't issue the alert.
- Did we issue one? - I'm trying to find out.
It's the same deal as the video.
Your asset's made the next move.
(KYLIE) I'm getting reports of fatalities inside the station.
The police want confirmation that it is a hoax before sending their people or the paramedics in.
(JEZ) Paramedics need to get in.
There's people dying.
(RACHEL) Central Command can't confirm it's a hoax.
The bomb squad'll be there in 15 minutes.
What do I tell the police and paramedics? Can they go in? (RACHEL) Charlie.
It's your call.
(SUDDEN SILENCE) (SOUND OF BREATHING) OK, we treat the alert as genuine until we know for sure it's a hoax.
Police and paramedics don't enter until bomb squad give the all-clear.
We can't be certain there isn't a device.
Lift the road blocks in front of the bomb squad fast.
Tell Central Command they need to figure out what they're doing.
Got the casualty figures from the station.
Three dead, 14 taken to hospital, and walking wounded being treated at the scene.
The media are blaming us for the false alert.
- They're saying we caused the stampede.
- That was her plan.
We've got to figure the next attack could be even worse.
We need to stop her accessing the alert system.
(KYLIE) Tech's working on the encryption software.
Then they shut down the alert system before they use it again.
What if there's a genuine attack when it's shut down? How would we tell the public we failed to warn them? Maybe she wants us to shut it down.
OK, let's focus on her.
What have we found out about our missing asset? There wasn't much to find.
She told us she was in London when the attacks happened.
We checked local relocation centres.
The receptionist at Wood Road recognised her photo, couldn't tell us any more though.
Maybe someone at the centre knows her real identity.
There's been lots of black market activity at the relocation centres.
Could be where she got fake IDs.
- One of us could go undercover.
- I'll go.
Is that such a good idea? She knows you.
Her people might know you too.
How does this work? Do you volunteer or do I pick? - You pick.
- OK.
- Cool.
- Sort yourself out a legend.
Did you speak to this army officer at Camp Windsmere? Yeah, but he wouldn't talk about the video of the detainees.
I couldn't get anything out of him.
That's a problem.
Without their identities, we're getting nowhere.
Maybe the incident at the station gives us leverage.
If that doesn't work, we could threaten him.
I wasn't suggesting we resort to those tactics.
Could be the only way we get the names of these detainees.
It's your call.
That's your bed, and that's your locker.
You need to keep it locked.
Oh, a friend of mine might have stayed here a few months ago.
I lost touch with her after the attack.
Can you remember seeing her? The receptionist thought she might have stayed here.
Thousands come through here.
(CHARLIE) Very nice.
I struggle to hit it once.
What's it gonna be like when it's a real person you're firing at? You ever shoot anyone? - You? - Me! Before all this I was a mathematician.
Not much call to be shooting people.
I'm not sure I could pull the trigger, to be honest.
Maybe if you have to you just do it.
I had a look at your personnel file.
Your background, the criminal convictions.
It's all pretty unconventional for a field officer.
They said they wanted unconventional.
No disrespect, but I doubt you could infiltrate a terrorist cell.
Fair point.
Is there anything you wanna tell me about you and this girl Kate? I'm thinking something may have happened.
Just a hunch.
If so, I'd rather know so we can deal with it.
Better you tell me now than she tells me when we bring her in, I would have thought.
If something did happen, how would you deal with it? Well, I guess that depends on what you did.
All I can say is I'll be fair.
How's that? I was seeing her.
I think she got the encryption codes from my PDA.
She must have cloned it.
I fucked up.
Um, that wasn't very smart.
Those people dying at the station.
It's down to me.
No, that's down to her.
I signed up to stop this sort of thing happening.
Now I'm causing it.
We're We're making this stuff up as we go along, Jez.
Did you see me in there this morning? I froze.
I was terrified.
What happens now? You shop me.
You can prove yourself big time.
I don't want you guys running to Yates every time I make a mistake.
Because you'll be running to her a lot, and that'll piss her off.
Which isn't good.
You messed up, Jez.
You learn from that.
At least, I hope you do.
I'll do whatever I have to to put it right.
Then that's good enough for me.
I thought you were gonna shop me for sure.
There's a saying we had in the maths club.
"Never judge a geek by his glasses.
" (JEZ LAUGHS) By the way, don't ever lie to me again.
(GUNSHOTS) Something you want? I'm looking for a friend.
Have you seen her? No.
I hear you're the man to go to if I need ID.
That's not my thing, mate.
So whose thing is it? - You know someone, right? - No.
You get me an ID card and I'll make it worth your while.
Let me ask around.
I'll see what I can do.
I really need this.
And if you remember anything about my friend This better be important.
They'd court-martial me just for talking to you.
Don't worry.
We're in a CCTV black spot.
The video of these dead detainees.
It's real, isn't it? You brought me here for that? You know I can't talk about it.
This is just between us.
Come on.
What happened up there? (SIGHS) There was a riot.
And it got nasty.
The men went in hard.
When it was over we had three corpses on our hands.
I thought your officers were supposed to stop this sort of thing from happening.
Your lot rounded these people up.
No evidence.
No trials.
They take it out on us.
What d'you think was going to happen? We didn't think you'd start killing them.
Scared 17-year-old soldiers make bad prison warders.
We're doing our best.
Covering this up is just making things worse.
Well, your people wanted it covered up.
As far as the MOD's concerned, these men don't exist.
Military Intelligence came and took the bodies.
They're gone.
Did you see the incident at Chapel Street station today? We think the deaths of the detainees at the camp, could be motivating the people behind it.
Maybe a relative or a friend.
If we had the names of the detainees that died, we could see if there was a connection.
- I can't.
- We'll only use the names to find the people behind the incident at the station.
This isn't about someone sending out a video any more.
It's more than bad PR.
They're killing people.
And we can stop them.
We just need the names.
If they found out, they'd crucify me.
I'm sorry.
They'll do more than crucify you if we tell them that you leaked the video.
- Well, I didn't leak the video.
- I know.
But I'm sure we could manufacture some evidence to suggest that you did.
- You wouldn't.
- Trust me.
We'll make it look very convincing.
He's showing people a photograph, asking if anyone knows her.
Don't get me wrong, I like Charlie.
But you saw him when it was all going off at the station.
He went to pieces.
And if he screws up he'll land us all in the shit.
Give him a break.
It can't be easy taking over like that.
- What? - Oh my God, you fancy him! - No.
Shut up.
- Has anything happened? - No.
- You have to report it if you sleep with him.
Nothing's happened.
Do you think Rob will mind us drinking his wine? Nah, that's what housemates are for.
I suppose Charlie is quite cute, in that geeky sort of way.
You'd definitely have to take charge in the bedroom though.
He probably doesn't know where anything is.
We are not having this conversation.
Rob wouldn't be happy about it.
Who is this? What do you want? - Why are you looking for her? - She's a friend.
She's a friend.
(MOANS) She says she doesn't know you.
- I went to university with her.
- (SHOUTS) Bullshit! (GROANS AND GASPS) Why are you showing people photographs of Kate Richards? OK, the security services are after me.
- I think you work for them.
- I don't.
I swear to God they're after me.
I was told she could help me.
Please, you've gotta help me.
(DOOR CREAKS) What are you doing in 'ere? Get out! Doesn't look so bad.
You'll live.
You should have seen the other guy.
You mean the guy who got away? There was two of them.
And they had guns.
That's her.
I've got it.
Through Rachel's contact I've found your asset's true identity.
Her name's Laura Daniels.
That's her brother Liam.
He was picked up during the security sweeps after the attack.
We sent him to the camp.
That's him.
Why was he picked up? Suspected of laundering money for a terrorist cell.
I looked at his file.
There's phone tap evidence.
He was a viable suspect.
So we know who and why.
We still need to find her.
Any ideas? The guys who grabbed me knew I was looking for fake ID.
There's only one person I talked to about that.
You told someone I was looking for IDs.
Who was it? I don't know what you're talking about Who the fuck are you? You can't do that.
This is out of order.
I'm gonna report you.
Where are you getting fake IDs? - I want a lawyer.
- This is fairly simple, Billy.
Tell us where or we stick you in Camp Windsmere.
It'll be two years before you even see a lawyer.
(PANTS) All right.
All right.
There's a guy I know, does a clean-up operation in London.
It's not like they need their IDs any more, is it? Do you know this girl? You been supplying her with ID? I need the names on the ID you gave her.
- I don't know the names.
- You're fucked! Get him! It's not like I keep records, is it? - When did you last see her? - A few days ago.
She comes in 'ere asking for someone who knows explosives.
I told her forget it.
Way too heavy for me.
You told someone I was looking for ID.
This guy, a nurse, used to work here, David something.
He asked me to call him if anyone asked about the girl.
Call it in.
Kylie, it's Rob.
No, I need the name of a nurse.
First name David, used to work at Wood Road Relocation Centre.
Right, I've got a David Younger, registered nurse, worked there about two months ago.
He now works in the medical unit at Camp Windsmere.
He lives in the Green Residential Sector.
I'm sending his picture through now.
Hello, David.
You remember me? I suppose you helped drag me out of bed.
Where's Laura? We know all about her and her brother so tell us where she is.
Why explosives? What's she planning? I don't know what you mean.
Why are you covering for her? I love her! You ready to die for her? Tell me where she is.
Where is she? You know who I am, don't you? You know what she did to me.
I can't let her kill anyone, cos that would be on me, and I've already fucked up once.
You need to understand I'll do anything.
Tell me where she is.
What's she planning? - Jez? - (SHOUTS) Where is she? - Jez! - (SCREAMS) Where is she? The university! Right.
Rob's bringing a suspect in.
Jez has gone after the girl.
She's got explosives.
We think she's planning an attack at the university.
Contact the police, bomb squad and campus security.
Get Central Command to issue a security alert.
We need to back Jez up.
This is Field Office 19.
We need to issue a security alert for Bridgewater University.
- (ALARM WAILS) - (TANNO Y) This is a security alert.
Please evacuate all university buildings.
- (ALARM WAILS) - This is a security alert.
Plea (BOY) Hey, look.
(BOY) It's all right.
- She's countered the alert.
- Send it again.
They can't.
She's blocking the system.
We're not going to be able to warn them.
(SHOUTS) Laura! (STUDENTS SCREAM) Put the gun down.
I know about your brother.
I know why you're doing this.
- I hated lying to you.
- You fucking played me.
I'm sorry.
It's over.
Where's the explosives? You let me walk out of here, no-one needs to get hurt.
I can't do that.
You gonna take me in? - I'll tell them you slept with me.
- It's gone past that.
You killed the people at the station.
If you don't want anyone else to die, let me go.
This isn't you.
Think about what you're doing.
You made me do this.
It was people like you that took Liam to that camp.
You killed him.
I'm sorry about your brother, but this isn't the way.
Violence is all they understand.
If the bomb goes off and you didn't warn them they'll blame you.
- This won't bring Liam back.
He wasn't meant to be there.
He's innocent.
(SOBS) They've got evidence.
Phone tap.
(SHOUTS) That's bullshit! Whatever he was mixed up in, he didn't deserve to die.
We'll work something out.
- You're just saying that.
- I'm not.
I promise.
You're running out of time.
You lost family too.
(LAURA) You know what it's like.
(LAURA) You understand.
This ain't the answer.
Put the detonator down.
We could all walk away from this.
You don't owe them anything.
- You're not one of them.
- I am one of them.
- (SHOUTS) Please! - (GUNSHOTS) No! We need to get the bomb squad in here now.
Clear everyone out.
Keep away from the detonator.
(RACHEL) You OK? I know you feel like shit.
But if you need anything or you just wanna talk I need to show you something.
If you're watching this, I must be dead, which probably means they got to me before I got to them.
I believe there's a traitor within Ml5.
I don't know who, but I believe this person is directly responsible for the attack on London.
(TV) the production of illegal radiation sickness pills.
Those pills Kylie takes Is she really ill? The radiation in my blood is slowly killing me.
(CHARLIE) A policeman was shot in Prospect Towers.
(RACHEL) We need to identify this so- called Zero and neutralise him.
I wanna meet Zero.
Military action on British civilians won't look good.
- (YATES) People will die.
- (SCREAMS) (ROB) I don't believe this.
(ROB) We're not gonna die.
(CHARLIE) They're gonna kill us.