Spooks: Code 9 (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

(KYLIE) Someone's just hacked into the alert system.
Against the rules, shagging an informer? - What did you do, Hannah? - Rob, DS Phillips in reception.
Julian Nelson.
We were training to be doctors.
I'm afraid he's dead.
- On the painkillers already? - No, I'm fine.
We have to keep hurting them until the government admit what they did.
- Where is she? - Jez I believe there's a traitor within Ml5.
(WOMAN) News has come to light of a massive growth in the distribution of illegal radiation sickness pills.
Government sources say the scale of the market has been massively underestimated and that security services have been tasked to track down all sources.
(MAN) There has been panic over the radiation effects of last year's terrorist atrocity in London.
(WOMAN) Despite government denials, many are convinced they've contracted radiation poisoning, and public demand for medication is soaring.
(MAN) Protestors looted hospitals and pharmacies, desperate to get their hands on rumoured stockpiles of medication.
(WOMAN) Even more troubling is the rise of the so- called black market radiation therapy medication.
Despite having no official sanction, its use is thought to be wide (MAN) The National Institute of Clinical Excellence has underlined that these drugs are, at best, pointless, and in many cases could cause serious physical harm.
So what's the codename of this drug-bust mission? It doesn't need a name.
Does it? - What about Operation Kamikaze? - (CHARLIE) Hold on - Operation Certain Painful Death.
- I like that one.
Jez? - Sounds about right.
- Every precaution's been taken Don't worry, Charlie.
Danger's my middle name.
Look, you're taking this seriously, aren't you? If anything goes wrong Piss off, Charlie.
Stop acting like their dad.
Shut up, Rob.
At least he cares.
(KYLIE) I thought you were gonna send me and Jez off in style.
Are we going out or what? I'm not following them in there.
It's a no-go area.
- We're going in.
- Sure this is a good idea? - What? You scared of a little boy? - It's not the boy.
It's the place.
Come on.
Come on.
Let's go back.
There he is.
Oi! Boy! Put that down! Put that down! Come on, mate.
We're gonna let him go.
Don't be stupid.
Boy! Oh, Jesus! Jesus.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
- Do you mind if I join you? - Oh, no.
Come on, sit down.
- Something on your mind, Charlie? - Those pills Kylie takes.
I've never asked.
Is she really ill? Talk to her about it, Charlie, but, yeah, she's not well.
- God.
Is this really a good plan? - You came up with it.
That's the problem.
What do I know? (TEXT ALERT) What's up? A policeman was shot in Prospect Towers last night.
He's in intensive care.
This will make the job twice as hard.
- What d'you think? - I say we go now.
There might not be another chance.
You still up for it? What do you reckon? Prospect Towers is one of the most dangerous housing compounds.
If our Ml5 officers are caught in there, they'll be lynched.
Are you certain that's where the drugs come from? Fairly.
We track them up to a certain point, then the trail goes dead.
The police put up CCTV, but it's been vandalised.
Zero doesn't know they've installed a sonic crowd control system.
It can render a crowd unconscious in seconds, so it's only ever used as a last resort.
They fitted them on all the new estates, so if it really kicks off, they can disable the troublemakers and mop it up.
It's run by someone called Zero? No one's ever actually seen Zero, or they won't admit they have.
- So what's this? - A rival drugs gang.
Their leader, Vickers, has been useful, but he's so far been unable to identify Zero.
So that's where Kylie and Jez come in.
Kylie's posing as his girlfriend to make him look less suspicious.
- You ready for this? - Always.
(CHARLIE) Jez has an old friend who says he knows people there.
He's hoping to use him to put a face to the name of this Zero.
His name's Dylan.
Him and Jez used to rob houses together, apparently.
He sounds trustworthy.
Nevertheless, it's a good way in.
- So, what's the problem? - The police shooting last night.
We don't want them to make things harder for Jez and Kylie.
So what are you saying? Do you want to call it off? No.
We've already agreed to go ahead.
Then let's do it quickly.
(CHARLIE) I just hope they're OK in there.
(ROB) They can handle themselves.
- He's late.
- He'll be here.
(CHARLIE) You really think Dylan can help us find Zero? In another life he could have been prime minister.
He's more than proficient at lying and stealing.
We're all up on the mobile phone routines? I'll process their encrypted transmissions.
And we've got the tracker bracelets as backup.
Give me your money.
Get off me.
- Get off! - You're late.
Nice to see you, too, bruv.
- Welcome to my yard.
- What's happening? - I'm king of the castle round here.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Oi, Chantal! Chantal! Come here! Oh, mate.
I forgot.
She's gone deaf.
- Yeah, course, bruv.
- And who's this, then? This is my girl, Donna.
Ciao, bella donna.
Yatties love a bit of Italian round here, trust me.
- Yo, d'you wanna buy a watch? - No.
- Wanna go to mine instead, then? - Yeah.
Check it, rude boy.
Genuine Rolex.
It says, "Made in Taiwan".
Come on.
- So where'd you two meet? - I was running doors at a club.
This one wouldn't leave me alone.
So why'd you bring her here? Holiday? No.
My prick of a dad threw me out cos of Jez.
You know what they say, D? Once you go black So what's happening, J? Ain't seen you for time.
Couple of phone calls here and there.
Then you show up with some crazy white chick, wanting to stay on my floor.
I wanna meet Zero.
Who is he? Where can I find him? J, he's everywhere.
Come here.
That's Zero.
That's Zero, too.
They're all Zero.
(KYLIE) I thought you said you were king of the castle.
I'm more like the man behind the man.
Which is why I get such a wicked gaff like this.
I've got a microwave and everything.
You're saying there isn't one man behind all this? I'm saying I don't know.
I ain't seen him.
No one has.
Or they won't say they have.
Jez needs to find him.
Why? I've got a business proposition for him.
- I can sell him something he needs.
- What is it? You don't trust me any more? Can you help me or not? Yeah, I can help.
I know a couple of people who might know Zero.
I'll see what I can do.
Give me an hour.
- Tell him you'll cut him in.
- I don't wanna get him involved.
He didn't want this.
We did.
- Innit, blood? - Taking the piss? - Yeah, I am.
- (PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - (WOMAN) This is Gecko calling.
Would you like to talk about our new call rates? No, I'm happy with my call rates, thank you.
There is a traitor within Ml5.
I believe this person is directly responsible for the attack.
- Charlie.
- I was just - Looking at the message? - Yeah.
It's just, we owe it to her, you know.
Yeah, I know.
But you need to be careful.
You never know who's watching.
I don't know, man.
People are being bare cautious.
- Nobody wants to say anything.
- Let's start at the bottom.
Where's Zero at, bruv? - Fuck off.
- He's just a kid, Jez.
Come on.
- (TV) Police are still baffled - (KNOCKING) as to the source of the black market radiation therapy medication.
- Food.
- Cheers.
- Safe.
- Tell him I said thanks from me.
D'you need some help? Do you mind? - Ain't seen you before.
- I'm Donna.
I'm staying with my boyfriend down the hall.
Fancy a cup of tea? - So, when are you due? - About a month.
And who's the lucky man? - My husband.
- Is he around? London.
He's volunteering, giving directions out to tourists.
He said we should show Britain off to the world.
Yeah, but, Lizzie, the bomb was well over nine months ago.
He's the father, all right? My husband's the father.
OK, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said anything.
When the government moved us onto this estate, it was absolute chaos.
Then Zero? Then things started to quiet down.
We were told if we needed anything, we just had to ask one of the boys.
Then one night, the first night that I actually dared to walk outside my new front door, I got attacked.
I thought, "This ain't right.
" It just ain't right.
The police can't come in here, so who can you talk to? So I told one of the dealer boys, and they made an example of him.
And you know what, Donna? I'm glad.
Cos this child will only ever know its real father because Zero made that bastard disappear.
- Why do you take them? - They prevent radiation sickness.
- Do they? - Well, they can't hurt.
- Do you know what I heard? - What? The government have got mountains of these pills in warehouses.
But they only sell them to rich people and important people.
- Where does Zero get them? - Steals them from the warehouses.
What, like Robin Hood? Steals from the rich, sells to the poor? I'm grateful that I get them at all.
Two beers.
This is Zero's place.
They graft for him, no question.
Set me up.
- My man here wants to know Zero.
- I don't wanna know him.
- I wanna do business with him.
- What sort of business? I'm only dealing with him, face to face.
- I don't know no Zero.
- What about Zeeko? - Muslim kid in the second block.
- Yeah, I know Zeeko.
- Don't take the piss.
- No, shit.
I do know Zero, you know.
He lives with Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky, innit? (BLEEP) Rob, Yates just called.
The policeman who was shot, he's dead.
Do you think they'll raid Prospect Towers? We've been assured the police aren't gonna do anything tonight.
- Are you all right holding the fort? - Yeah.
No, absolutely, yeah.
Vik'll be here soon to take over anyway.
Till then I'll just make sure that Jez and Donna stay out of trouble.
- (RACHEL) Night.
- Night.
(CHARLIE) Night.
Would you mind coming somewhere with me? We're gonna need gloves.
Not how it sounds.
- This is Hannah's flat.
- Yeah.
The thing is, I hacked into a timetable.
They're packing it up tomorrow, shipping the contents to her family.
- Surely they would have blitzed it.
- Probably.
But Hannah was too clever to put everything in one place.
And she knew that I was clever.
She wanted me to chase this down.
There might be a bit of a problem.
What? How are we gonna fit your head through the door? - The Yorkshire Dales.
- It's where Hannah grew up.
- She was an astronomer? - She was a big geek, Charlie.
- You could have married her.
- You know what Jesus said? "Blessed are the geeks for they shall inherit the earth.
" What? They're just telescope coordinates.
- Not this middle one.
- It's just a long random number.
Numbers are never random.
- Have you memorised that number? - Yeah.
(RADIO) Hold your positions.
Go, go, go! This is the police.
Everyone stay calm.
Please move inside as quickly as possible.
We are here to arrest the individuals who were responsible for yesterday's shooting.
(SCREAMING) (MAN) Everybody out! Come on! - I've gotta see what's happening.
- I'm coming.
Are you stupid? You'll get fucking killed.
Just stay here.
(GUNFIRE) Engage sonic weapons.
Engage sonic weapons! - I'm trying.
I'm trying.
- What's going on? Why aren't the banshees working? - (JEZ) Why are they here? - Revenge for yesterday.
It must be.
- Why aren't they using the sonics? - Zero's smart.
If he's taped up the cameras, he must have damaged the sonics as well.
Retreat! Retreat! There's people down on both sides.
We've got a serious problem.
Get down! Get down! I'll have a black coffee, two sugars, please.
No, I'm the acting head of Field Office 19.
Charlie, Chief Constable Whitley.
I've got eight officers injured.
The rest are up in arms.
Let's get to the point.
Your actions last night severely compromised my officers in the field.
I've got men in the ICU and you complain about being compromised? I thought we were on the same team here.
We're trying to identify the head of this organisation.
Your completely pointless raid just forced him back underground.
Identify him all you like.
It's not going to be enough, is it? He's sitting on an army, like Pablo fucking Escobar.
- We need to send the paras in.
- What? There's a police-led consensus that the only safe way to properly clean up Prospect Towers is by military means.
We've got to wipe the bastards off the map.
There's thousands of innocent civilians in there.
We can handle a bit of collateral damage.
(MAN) Chaos engulfed the Prospect Towers estate when a raid by police officers descended into warfare.
They are no official figures yet, but both sides sustained casualties.
(WOMAN) Prospect Towers is one of 15 resettlement compounds set up to house those displaced by the bomb.
Designed as a temporary measure, its numbers swelled to over 5,000 (MAN) thought to be one source of black market drugs.
(MAN #2) The government must confront the issue of compounds, which many feel have been ignored recently.
Most people now admit to taking - Where are you going? - We gotta keep looking.
I ain't taking no for an answer no more.
There's a real loyalty to Zero.
The residents know more than they let on.
- It's about getting them to talk.
- Last night could have screwed us.
Zero's gonna be paranoid.
No way he'll wanna meet strangers.
I'm gonna force him to talk to me before more people get hurt.
I'll see what I can get out of Lizzie.
For what it's worth, I completely agree with you.
- Military action will not look good.
- Won't BE good.
I can keep the situation under control for 48 hours max.
Charlie, if Whitley gets his way, people will die.
We need to identify this so-called Zero and neutralise him.
(YELLS) - Oh, Zero! Zero, you're dead! Bang! - (PHONE RINGS) (RACHEL) This is Gecko.
Would you like to talk about our new call rates? - Yeah, I do.
- We've got a special offer.
But you've only got two days to sign up or the offer expires.
OK, cool.
- Big man, where's Zero? - Who's Zero? - Don't take me for no punk! Where?! - I don't know.
I don't know.
It's a sequence disguise.
She's hidden a number inside a number.
- What number? - Know what a square root is? - Yes, I know what a square root is.
- Now, a square root is the solution.
Knock out the solution to 2 and leave every second number, you get this.
- Another random number? - No, this is an OS map coordinate.
(ROB) How are we getting along? (TV) Further tension on the streets after looters ram-raided a pharmacy, in search of radiation therapy medication.
- (KNOCKING) - Who is it? (NEWS REPORT CONTINUES) All right, Donna.
I was thinking about Zero and the pills.
- Yeah? - I need to show you some things.
This is pentetate calcium trisodium.
I take one of these a day.
And here's some more.
This is Ca-DTPA.
This helps remove the radioactive elements of plutonium from my blood.
This is available to anyone who has absorbed high levels of radiation.
- Donna, why are you? - Look, Lizzie I was only a mile away from the bomb when it happened.
The radiation in my blood is slowly killing me.
- How long have you got? - Nobody knows.
- How old are you? - 22.
Shit! You're younger than me.
- Doesn't it scare you? - No.
Yeah, it fucking terrifies me.
I'm not ready to die.
I want a life, Lizzie, and I wanna see things get better first, you know? Zero's just a myth.
Why do you think he hides behind that name? He only helps people so he can bleed them dry longer.
You must see that.
Are you police? You can't tell anyone about this conversation.
Are you going to? Anything you know about Zero, you have to let me know.
- I've never met him.
- Anything.
When I told the boy, he took me to see his boss.
It's like an army, ranks and everything.
Well, where did he take you? The cafeteria.
Through the kitchen there's a door.
Jez, I don't think you should mess I don't have any proof this prick exists.
I'm gonna hit him till he starts to pay attention.
Zero! Where the fuck is Zero? Someone knows who he is.
- Jez.
Oi, Jez.
- Leave it, Dylan.
I'm gonna make (MAN) Take it off.
All right? Excellent.
- What the fuck - If I want to hear you talk, I will address you first, you get me? You've been disrupting municipal harmony.
The day after the feds try and rush my estate, no less.
I can't have that.
It gets me nervous.
That's not good for anybody, least of all you.
What are you saying? It's a big coincidence, that's what I'm saying.
Ask Dylan about me.
Where's Dylan? Don't worry about Dylan.
Focus on your own safety.
- Who are you? - Nobody.
- Are you undercover police? - No.
Do you wanna die today? No.
Do you answer no to everything? No.
This guy's got balls.
I got bare heat on me, so why are you here now? I didn't plan to come the day the feds rushed the place.
That shit's fucked up, but it happens.
You can handle the police.
It's nothing.
I wanna be in business with you, help you move more pills.
I got some serious contacts.
Try me.
All right.
Let's check out your contacts.
(PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - Yeah, bruv.
- Jez.
- I'm with Zero.
- Few things I want you to hook up.
- Who is that? It's my boy.
What, man? Yeah.
Here's what I need.
- Is he OK? - Pay-as-you-go.
- What does he need? - Drugs, but that's not all.
I'll give Vickers a call.
(ROB) He's been no use finding Zero.
We'll use him for what he's good at.
- I'm not saying anything.
- We're not here to talk about Zero.
- We want you to get us some coke.
- What? And something else.
Get us this and the drugs and we'll look at taking the heat off you.
If you were to remember anything about Zero, it might help you a lot more.
Better check you're not wired.
- And your chains, too.
- I just bought this, man.
Jez's mobile and tracker have just gone offline.
This is Gecko.
Your partner's account has been deleted.
- OK.
- You have 24 hours to reactivate it.
Here we go.
- It's all right.
- What about that other thing? My girl's gonna love this shit.
Never thought I'd see the day fur was harder to get hold of than Charlie.
This shit's pure.
- What are you doing? - It's a thing of the past, Jez.
Only junkies buy drugs.
Everybody buys pharmaceuticals.
Especially since that bomb got dropped.
What's in them pills, anyway? Powdered fucking nicotine.
(CHUCKLES) (KYLIE) Lizzie, I need you to help me find Zero.
(LIZZIE) I can't.
I'd be killed.
You don't know what it's like.
(KYLIE) I promise you they'll never find out.
(ZERO) I know you were worried about your little friend, Jez.
You've honoured your side of the bargain.
Now it's my turn.
- Hey, man.
You cool? - Yeah, man.
Come on, Jez.
If me and you are gonna be doing business, I need to show you how this place works.
(MAN) I'm gonna get a Merc body kit, some chrome lids, some racing car seats, some sick UV lighting.
We're low on revs.
Yeah, it's a Punto, innit? The operation's like a body.
The guys on the roofs, they're my eyes.
The guys taking the cash, they're like my hands.
Old Zach over there, he's like my muscle.
And this, this is the brain.
And nothing happens here without me knowing.
(ROB) Guys, you should see this.
(CHARLIE) Jesus.
She's found it.
- She's found the drug source.
- (PHONE RINGS) Hello? - Jez, ain't that your girl? - She's nosy, man.
Don't worry.
Cass, sort this for me.
There's gotta be a reason, Zero.
Come on.
Really? OK.
Looks like our drug source, Vickers, has had a change of heart.
He's got some information on Zero.
He's on his way in.
Not just a nosy girl, then, is she, Jez? Zach, take these two down to the cells.
Kylie's tracker's off.
Vickers is our only chance of finding Zero.
Fuck! What the fuck was Donna doing filming that shit? I don't know.
I don't know.
We've gotta be real with each other, mate.
We ain't got anybody else.
It's me and you, bruv.
I've been thinking.
Zero's getting too powerful.
He's gonna take us over.
Eventually he's gonna come after me.
I'm safer if you guys take him out.
We can protect you, but what have you got for us? You know a lot, but you don't know everything.
(DYLAN) You bitch! You stupid bitch! What were you thinking? - Calm down.
- We're gonna die! Zero's a psycho.
- It's just a scratch.
- What the fuck, Jez? - We're not gonna die.
- They're gonna kill us.
It's all right.
We've got people coming.
- He's on your radar already.
- You're wasting our time, John.
No, bruv, you don't understand.
He's there.
That's him there.
That's Zero.
Crazy Mr White Boy.
Jez? Are you police? Oh, my God.
Jez, no, please.
I don't believe this.
Cass! Sort me out, man.
It's over.
- What the fuck? - (DYLAN) Why are you doing this, man? - What's going on? - I told you.
You wouldn't listen.
I'm king of the castle.
- Zero? - I'm the man behind the man.
- You lied to me.
- You lied to me.
I just did it better.
I know why you think you're doing this, Jez.
Because of what happened to your family.
You wanna look after everyone, protect everybody, but that isn't you.
You're one of us! Now, you can fix this.
You can fix this for us, like we always talked about.
You and me together.
Jez! (CHARLIE) We've got one shot with this.
We go into Prospect Towers and the sonics aren't working, we're dead.
- OK.
We're here.
- OK.
- Nothing on the trackers.
- What about the sonic weapons? - We won't know until we try.
- Either way, we're getting them out.
Give it another whirl.
Come on, Jez.
One last chance.
You ain't gotta make me do this.
Why is she smiling at me? Why the fuck are you smiling at me? We can waste this bitch in a second, cover it up.
Make sure you clean that up.
Why would you wanna save that? Come on, Jez.
You and me.
You kill her and you'd better kill me too.
Do 'em both.
(HIGH-PITCHED SOUND) You fuck I fucking loved you, man.
What did you do this for? See? I told you.
We could have done this together.
- We're family.
- You don't get it, do you? I ain't got no family.
(SOUND STOPS) (VIK) There they are.
Somebody help me.
Get her out of here.
(VIK) I'm covering.
Go, go, go, go, go! (WOMAN) These shocking pictures were taken by Ml5 operatives from inside Prospect Towers.
These same operatives have revealed that the radiation medication contains nothing but a revolutionary new form of nicotine.
Come on, guys.
What's with the long faces? We found our target, we removed him and, best of all, we didn't die.
It was too close, though.
You don't go through life without getting a few scars.
This is why we all do this, isn't it? - She's right.
- Course, you shouldn't listen to me.
The amount of painkillers I've had, I'm high as a kite.
This is the coordinate.
It's this square 100 metres.
I am not ending up as a dead body with a sign stapled to my chest.
Informers are scared.
News of the murders is getting round.
We need to find out who the Ghostman is.
We tell the team? - Absolutely not.
- (CHARLIE) Kylie, what's going on? What did you see? I know it's to do with the nuclear attack.
- Who are you working for? - Be careful about threatening me.