Sports Night (1998) s02e14 Episode Script

And the Crowd Goes Wild

Dan: Adding|to Milwaukee's woes, Tayshaun Reed was just 2 for 16|and 0 for 6 at the line.
Commenting on his sub-par|performance after the game, Reed said, "my head|just wasn't in the game.
" Anyone knowing the location|of Reed's head should contact|the proper authorities.
[ Laughs ] -- Stand 40 and 40A.
|-- 40A standing.
|-- Stand by.
-- "Contact|the proper authorities.
"|-- Hmm? -- Didn't you think|that was funny?|-- I did think it was funny.
-- You didn't laugh.
|-- What do you want from me? Judy, we're 40 seconds fat,|so keep it close, okay? Go 40, go 40A.
-- Stand by 50s.
|-- Stand by sound 22.
-- Did you think it was funny?|-- What? "Contact the proper|authorities.
" Yeah.
You didn't laugh.
Am I bothering you? No.
-- Am I bothering you?|-- No.
-- You're bothering me,|if that's -- Okay.
|-- Shut up.
Casey: Coming up -- the Kings|go hunting for Grizzlies, and Houston goes hunting|for a power forward.
Plus we're gonna|keep you up-to-date on this situation|outside the Garden.
By way of a PSA, if you're watching us|here in Manhattan, you're gonna want|to avoid 34th Street|for a little while.
This is "Sports Night" on CSC.
|We'll be right back.
-- We're out.
|-- Two minutes back.
What is the situation|at the Garden? They've made 15 arrests|so far, but that news|is 20 minutes old.
-- Any injuries?|-- Scrapes and bruises.
There's some|property damage.
-- I didn't get that.
|-- It's coming in right now.
You guys want to work|together a little bit? I'll get it off the wire.
You guys want to work|together a little bit? Now you're bothering me.
-- Fine.
|-- 90 seconds.
Kim, the TelePrompTer said, "Houston goes bunting|for a new power forward.
" It said "hunting.
" -- No, I'm looking|right at it.
|-- So am I.
It's a poor workman|who blames his tools, Casey.
You're right.
It's an old saying.
-- No, I mean,|it says "hunting.
"|-- Yeah.
From the desk, it looked|like "bunting.
" Come here.
What? Come here.
Sit down.
What are you doing? Let me take a look|and see what we got here.
-- Ah, would you get away|from me?|-- Let me take a look.
There's some -- there's|some blurring sometimes.
Blurring? Yeah.
Blurring|of anything specific? Yeah, the things|I'm looking at.
All right.
What are you doin'? Yeah, it could be|a tumor -- Get away from me.
Something on the optic nerve,|something in the brain.
I need new contacts.
Don't rule out a tumor.
-- 30 seconds live.
|-- Good evening.
-- Hey, Sam.
|-- Hey, Sam.
|-- Hey, Sam.
What's going on|at the Garden? St.
Mary's won the final in the lnterborough High School|Basketball Tournament, and a riot, actually,|has broken out on 34th Street.
Really? I didn't|get you a cake I'm sorry? For your last day.
I hope you weren't|expecting a cake.
I wasn't.
There wasn't a lot|of time today.
I wasn't expecting a cake.
Tayshaun Reed said|his head wasn't in the game, and Dan said|anyone seeing his head "should contact|the proper authorities.
" [ Laughs ] I thought|it was really funny.
Very tough house tonight.
Dave: In 32 Welcome back.
[ Telephones ringing ] -- Natalie?|-- Yeah? Hey, I need|to talk to you.
You are talking to me.
That's right.
Uh, what do you need? I guess you can't say,|"l need to talk to you," without talking to you.
-- Yeah.
|-- It's ironic.
-- What are you,|Alanis Morissette?|-- Hey.
I'm sorry, was that|reference too hip for you? She's a recording artist, and, like, 4 billion people|listen to her music.
I want my stuff.
-- What stuff?|-- My stuff|at your apartment.
-- Hey, Jeremy.
Hey, Nat.
|-- Hey.
Hey, Chris.
-- Stuff at your apartment.
|-- Yes, you told me.
-- And?|-- I'm sorry,|I forgot to tell you.
My moving van's|been in the shop.
-- It's, like, one carton.
|-- Yes.
Good morning.
Good morning.
-- Hey, Jeremy.
|-- Hi.
What's going on? The captain of the|Ukrainian handball team thinks they've got a good|chance to medal in Sydney.
I meant in general.
"Nothing" what? Nothing, sir? -- Jeremy|-- I'm workin' here.
Okay, well, keep me posted on the Ukrainian|handball captain because we may|want to break in on regular programming|with that one.
You asked.
Yeah, yeah.
[ Laughs ] -- Hello.
|-- Hello.
Are you gonna be doing|"Georgia on My Mind" later? I saw an ophthalmologist|this morning.
Tumor? New contacts, but he dilated|my pupils for the exam, and I have to wear these until|the medication wears off.
Well, it's a little bit much|for an eye exam, isn't it? -- Yes.
|-- So then why does he -- 'Cause I had him check|for a tumor, Danny.
Okay, well, it's good to get|a second opinion like that.
Ah, thank you.
So, how long did he say|it was gonna -- Six to eight hours.
You'll be fine|for the show.
No, I have to write the show,|and I can't see the keys,|and I can't see the screen.
-- Ah|-- Yes? I myself|am a touch-typist.
-- You took typing?|-- Sure.
-- Okay.
|-- Very important.
You wanted to get out of|pre-calc or something? Choir.
How are you today,|Mr.
Nicholson? -- Dana.
|-- I was doing Ray Charles.
Could have done Ray Charles.
|Could have done Stevie Wonder.
Could have done|Mr.
José Feliciano.
Oh, I'd like|to shove a piano -- Oh, there's a lady|in the room.
-- How would I know that?|-- Are you able to write? Of course|I'm able to write.
We can bring someone in to -- -- I'm able to write.
|-- Suit yourself.
[ Thud ] Anything else? -- I didn't get Sam a cake.
|-- Okay.
'Cause I think he'd see|right through it, don't you? -- Don't I what?|-- Think he'd see right|through it -- the hypocrisy.
The hypocrisy of a cake? Pretending we're gonna|miss him when the truth is|we're relieved.
I'm not relieved.
Well, that's fine, Danny,|but you're not the one that had to answer to him|for three months.
-- He took control|of the show.
|-- I understand.
-- He took control|of everything.
|-- I know.
And so if I'm relieved|to see him go, I think it's not|that out of line.
Nobody here's fighting|with you.
See ya.
[ Keyboard keys clacking ] You can't see anything|right now, can you? No.
You're just|typing gibberish.
[ Telephone ringing ] -- Hey.
|-- Hey.
What's going on? The captain of the Ukrainian|handball team -- With you and Natalie? Look, Dana,|it's gonna take some time.
What's gonna|take some time? I'm saying,|after a breakup -- -- Who broke up?|-- She didn't tell you? -- Who broke up?|-- Natalie and l.
-- What?|-- I just assumed|you knew already.
[ Sighs ] Excuse me.
Natalie: Something better|than $250,000 in property damage.
|It turns out -- Hello.
Come with me.
-- Dana|-- Come with me.
-- Look|-- When were you|gonna tell me? I assume you're talking|about Jeremy? Yes, you assume I'm talking --|yes -- Jeremy.
-- What about it?|-- When were you gonna|tell me? That's funny, it sounded|like you said, "When were|you gonna tell me?" When what I'm sure|you said was, "ls there|anything I can do for you?" You're absolutely right.
-- I meant --|-- Don't worry about it.
-- What do you mean,|don't worry about it?|-- It's one of those things.
One of what things? Whatever.
-- Look|-- Whatever? Dana -- -- When did this happen?|-- A few days ago.
-- Why have you just been --|-- Look, Dana, I'd like|it if once in a while I didn't get a review|on my behavior from you, and in this case,|especially from you.
Not every woman in the world|falls apart when she breaks|up with her boyfriend.
I gotta get back|in there.
Oh, you see? -- What?|-- I just heard it.
What? You just spelled|"irreversible" with one "R.
" I spelled it with two R's.
-- I only heard one.
|-- Go home, would you? [ Sighs ] My other senses|have come alive, Danny.
-- Okay.
|-- I'm a little scared of|getting trapped in a fire.
-- I understand.
|-- You'd help me to safety? If there wasn't|anything else better to do.
-- Like what?|-- Save myself.
My senses|have come alive.
-- Uh-oh.
|-- What? Mmm-mm.
What, what, what,|is there a fire? Yeah,|there's big fire, Casey.
That's why I'm saying|"uh-oh" and "mmm.
" Yeah, yeah, yeah,|what's going on? -- Peter Sadler's here.
|-- Uh-oh.
Casey, watch out!! What?! What?! [ Laughs ] There's nothing there,|is there? That's one, baby.
|It's gonna be a long day.
-- Hey, guys.
|-- Hey, Peter.
Ah, Roy Orbison -- cool.
Roy Orbison's another one|I could have gone with.
How you doin', Peter? Whatever we've done,|I'm sure it's Casey's fault.
Haven't done anything.
-- Good.
|-- But do me a favor,|would you? Next time you say,|"Curt Shnittke" on the air,|slow down a little.
No problem.
-- lsaac in his office?|-- I think so.
All right, take it easy,|Dan, Casey.
Petermy senses --|they've come alive.
Hit the high note in "Cryin',"|and I'll be impressed.
-- What did we do?|-- Nothing.
Shnittke's a hard name|to pronounce.
-- I'm here to see lsaac.
|-- About what? Well, I suppose if|it was your business,|I'd be here to see you.
Ooh, stunning comeback.
I'll see you later.
Hang on.
-- Hello.
|-- Hello.
Please don't talk|when you look that ridiculous.
Did you guys know|about Jeremy and Natalie? What about 'em? Okay.
Stay right here --|I'm gonna go with Peter to see lsaac to find out what|this new mythigoss is about.
-- [ Laughs ]|-- Mishigoss.
I'm getting better.
Tell building maintenance to|call an exterminator, would you? -- Why?|-- We got bugs all|over this office.
Where? Right there,|crawling up the couch.
[ Laughs ] That's two, baby.
Actually,|can I get in on this? It's like tuna fish|in a barrel around here.
Don't go anywhere.
[ Knock on door ] Peter: Hey, Isaac.
Hey, Peter, how are you? I'm here, too.
Thank God.
-- What's going on?|-- Were we served? -- About an hour ago.
|-- What's going on? -- They want all the tape?|-- In 48 hours.
I told them we would not|have a problem with that.
-- No.
|-- Do you want to see|the subpoena? -- What's going on?|-- We got subpoenaed.
What did we do? Manhattan D.
's office|wants the footage of the|riot you shot last night.
-- Why? Let's refuse.
|-- It's evidence.
-- Why?|-- Just to be ornery.
The two of you|can get out now.
What happens if we refuse? Ah, you'd be cited|for contempt.
-- What happens then?|-- Would go to jail.
-- I wouldn't do well|in jail.
|-- No.
See you later.
Take care, Peter.
What? -- Did you know|about Jeremy and Natalie?|-- No.
Okay, here's what|I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna take care|of this footage.
Then I'm gonna stop by|Dan and Casey's office to fill them in|on Jeremy and Natalie.
Then I'm gonna come back here,|and I'm gonna talk to you.
That sounds good.
Why|don't you do everything|you just said, except coming back here|and talking to me? -- Oh, how you like to kid.
|-- Yes.
We could do it, you know? Refuse to hand over the tape and go to jail for|a First Amendment principle.
Ah, Dana, don't you|think if I could have|figured out a way to send you to prison,|I would have done it already? You're a regular cutup|there, skipper.
-- Get out.
|-- Okay.
-- 2:40 or 2:14?|-- 2:40.
-- Kobe Bryant?|-- They said two hours.
Two hours,|the offer's gone.
Call them back and tell them|I need to know in 30 minutes.
-- Hello.
|-- Hello.
-- Can I ask you this?|-- What? Can I just keep my keys|to let myself in? No.
|To let yourself in? -- Natalie|-- No.
-- It's not like --|-- You'll get your|Magic 8 Ball back, okay? -- Natalie.
|-- Yeah? -- Dana needs you|in her office.
|-- Thank you.
You'll get your stuff.
[ Knock on door ] -- You needed to see me?|-- Hey.
How much footage did we shoot|outside the Garden last night? You need to give it|to Peter Sadler in legal.
-- Why?|-- It's been subpoenaed believe it or not.
-- Why?|-- The Manhattan D.
's|office thinks it can|help them to identify the -- whatever it is you|call the people who started|it -- the instigators.
-- And you're gonna|give it to them?|-- Yeah.
You're gonna|just hand it over? -- Yeah.
|-- That's great, Dana.
-- Why shouldn't we?|-- 'Cause we don't|just hand over.
U-Unused footage is the same|as a reporter's notes, which means if we|challenge the subpoena -- We're not challenging|the subpoena.
-- Why not?|-- What, are you crazy? No, I'm saying,|if we start compromising -- Natalie, if you want|to talk about Jeremy,|I'm available to you.
Otherwise,|dub a 1/2-inch tape off the Beta|for Peter Sadler.
[ Keyboard keys clacking ]|Casey: Read back to me what we got so far.
"The Sooners|of Oklahoma.
" -- Yes.
|-- It's a good start.
-- I can't do this.
|-- Okay.
-- I can't.
|-- Okay.
-- I can't dictate.
|-- Okay.
Writing for me|is a tactile experience.
A what? -- A tactile experience --|it's in the fingers.
|-- Okay.
[ Sighs ]|Read it back to me again.
-- Casey.
|-- Yeah? I am sitting here writing|your script for you.
-- Don't worry about it.
|-- Okay.
-- I like alliteration,|you know?|-- Yes.
-- Hey, Kim.
|-- Dana.
-- Ah.
|-- Jeremy and Natalie|broke up.
-- Really?|-- Yeah.
-- Why?|-- I don't know.
Why not? Could you take those off? My pupils are dilated.
Your brain is dilated.
Why'd they break up? I honestly don't know.
Natalie hasn't talked|to you? No.
On the other hand,|she has gotten very angry that we're turning the riot|footage over to the D.
-- lnteresting.
|-- Yeah.
-- Puzzlement.
|-- Casey no, 'cause I could be,|like, a blind detective,|have my own TV show.
You do have|your own TV show.
Ah, yes, the student|becomes the teacher.
Anyway, this is what's|going on today, so it's|a good day to be nice.
-- I'm always nice.
|-- Rundown's at 10:00.
By the way, Dana,|you look hot today.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,|what are you wearing? That's three, Johnny.
[ Sighs deeply ] -- Hey.
|-- Hey.
What are you doin'? Home-ice advantage.
Hmm? Home-ice advantage -- the advantage of having|the home ice.
I'll be curious|to see that.
-- Yeah, you and me both.
|Do you need anything?|-- No.
'Cause I'm pretty behind|with this.
So, you and Natalie -- is this one of those things,|or is it real? We broke up,|if that's what you're asking.
Yeah, but it|could blow over.
It's not gonna|blow over today, so Yeah.
If you need any pointers, I've gotten very good|at being single.
Nah, I appreciate it,|but I'm fine.
I used to mind a lot, but now, not so much.
I used to mind, uh [ Chuckles ] not being with a guy|after the show.
That's when I'd always -- I don't know why.
Maybe it was|because it was the end|of the day or maybe -- You know,|you're the boss all day long, and you're barking out|these orders, and you just want -- I don't know --|a check on your femininity|when you're done.
Anyway, I don't mind|being alone anymore|you know? I go to sleep,|andthe night's over|before you know it.
Yeah, you know, you get home,|you open a can of spaghetti|and meatballs -- [ Laughs ] A can|of spaghetti and meatballs? -- Yeah, like you heat up.
|-- Yeah, like soup.
-- Well, you don't add water.
|-- Okay.
Anyway Home-ice advantage.
I'll have it|in a half-hour? Okay.
[ Chuckles ] [ Tape unrolls ] So Yes? -- You're off.
|-- Yep.
-- You going straight|to the airport?|-- Yeah.
You could wait till|after the show, you know? I got to make the flight.
There are flights|to Chicago every hour.
|We could book you on -- I'm not going|to Chicago yet.
-- Where are you going?|-- Angkor Wat.
-- Angkor Wat?|-- Yeah.
-- In Cambodia?|-- Yeah.
There's a television network|in Cambodia with ratings problems? [ Chuckles ] I'm taking|a week off first.
Oh, you're vacationing|in Cambodia.
I see.
It's nice that we could|help out the police, don't you think? You could|take a flight tomorrow.
I realize it would cut|your vacation short a day, but on the other hand,|it's one less day in Cambodia.
You'd like Cambodia.
I swear to God|I wouldn't.
Dana, you know,|it -- it's just the way it is.
It's -- it's the way it is.
|I don't stick around places.
I understand.
|Look, your job, it -- It's my job, yeah,|but it's me.
I mean,|I make my job this way.
I -- you wouldn't know it|to listen to me, butI get attached -- is I think what happens --|to a place, and then things change, and I have an adverse|reaction to that.
So I sort of preemptively|change them myself.
-- That's really sad, Sam.
|-- Hey, you know what? I'm the guy that's got to|live inside of this thing|24 hours a day, so Yeah.
You did a really good job|while you were here.
I never gave you|enough credit for that.
Yeah, you did.
And you're a good friend|to lsaac.
So are you.
[ Chuckles ] Stay tonight.
I'll get a cake any kind of cake|you want seriously.
It's gonna be a long time|till I'm back here, Dana.
Then stay tonight.
-- Yeah?|-- Yeah.
What kind of cake|do you want? Uh, w-whatever.
Come on.
What do you like? Strawberry.
-- There you go.
|-- [ Chuckles ] Isaac.
Hey, Natalie.
I know it's not my place,|but want to say I think it's terrible|you're handing over the tape.
-- Why?|-- You know why.
-- Natalie|-- We're a news organization.
I'm aware of that.
Are you telling me the next|time someone calls us to tell us who's fixing|college basketball, we got|to hand them to the police? -- No.
|-- What are you saying? I'm saying we're handing this|over to the police.
What's the difference? "Deep Throat"'s not|on that tape.
There's no one|we need to protect.
We shot a crime scene.
We're helping out|the police.
-- There's|a bigger principle.
|-- No, there's not.
How about|the First Amendment? The First Amendment's|great, Natalie, but I don't think we need|to protect ourselves behind it just because we can.
Well, I've said my piece.
Natalie Yeah? What's wrong? Nothing.
What's wrong? I just -- I don't know -- maybe|journalism holds a romance -- This isn't|about the tape.
Yes, it is.
Did you and Jeremy|have a fight? We broke up.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's fine.
Well, you two will|find your way back.
Would you like to take|the night off? I'm not upset about this,|lsaac.
I'm upset because|there's a principle -- a bedrock principle|that doesn't change -- and now I'm supposed|to hand over these things.
[ Voice breaking ]|I'm supposed to hand over|these things that are ours.
[ Sobbing ] It's okay.
It's okay, baby.
-- It's okay.
|Kim: 5 minutes to air.
-- It's all right.
|-- First team in the studio.
|5 minutes.
It's okay.
-- [ Sobbing continues ]|-- It's okay.
Casey [ Sighs ]|This is a big step.
Let's go.
-- The removal|of the glasses.
|-- Casey Wow.
-- Come on.
|-- Very bright.
Let's go.
Danny, would you|give me a break? -- The whole room just|went supernova.
|-- We're late.
-- Yeah, d-did they print|the script in -- in big type?|-- Yes.
-- Super-big?|-- Yes.
I am not going to be able|to read off the TelePrompTer.
Script's in big type.
[ Exhales sharply ]|And I'm very light|sensitive right now.
Well, it's a TV studio,|so I wouldn't worry about it.
Yeah, well, my senses|are alive, Danny.
You're about to walk|into a glass wall.
-- I'm done with that now.
|-- [ Thud ] That's four.
Dave: Roll VTR.
You guys|took your time.
Please, I got Jerry Lewis|strapped to my back.
In case any of you were|wondering, I'm fine,|by the way.
Get in there.
Actually,|I ran into a wall before.
Get in there! Were you crying? I was.
Do you want anything? Can we talk|after the show? Yeah.
Hey, I'm gonna|have a cake for Sam.
We'll slip off and talk.
Hey,|it's strawberry cake.
[ Laughs ] Good.
In 32 Dan: Good evening.
|From New York City, I'm Dan Rydell|alongside Casey McCall.
Those stories,|plus Kobe Bryant on how to shoot down|the Rockets and Bobby Knight on letting|a snarl be your umbrella.
We've got the Heat|going cold and an Avalanche|in Colorado All that|coming up after this.
You're watching|"Sports Night" on CSC,|so stick around.
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