Sports Night (1998) s02e22 Episode Script

Quo Vadimus

Isaac: I understand.
|I understand.
I want to be kept posted|throughout the day and night.
They're called|Quo Vadimus.
Quo Vadimus? Yeah.
Where did they come from? They put in a stock offering|this morning at 6:00 A.
-- From out of nowhere?|-- Yeah.
From out of|the clear blue sky? That's where things|come from.
-- What about MDl?|-- They're still in it.
MDl was our hope, lsaac.
They're still in it.
We want MDl.
They're still in it.
But now these other guys|come along -- Platypus.
Quo Vadimus.
What do we know about them? We're getting information.
|In the meantime -- I won't say anything.
-- Dana|-- I won't say anything.
-- You say that in here.
|-- Isaac You say that in here,|but then you go out there -- -- When have I done that?|-- Every day you've been here.
I can't believe you've|been keeping track.
We'll know something|by the end of the day.
Don't start a brushfire.
People can change, lsaac.
I have incredible capacity|for growth.
It's called Quo Vadimus.
And they put in a bid? At 6:00 this morning.
-- What about MDl?|-- They're still in it.
-- Quo Vadimus?|-- Yeah.
-- Who are they?|-- We don't know.
-- What do they do?|-- We don't know.
-- Do they want|the cable company?|-- We don't know.
-- MDl wanted|the cable company.
|-- MDl's still in it.
-- So it's a bidding war|-- Yeah.
between a company|that wants to keep us -- and a company|that who the hell knows?|-- Yeah.
What does it sound|like they do? -- Quo Vadimus?|-- Yeah.
It sounds like they're|the official airline of the Holy Roman Empire.
-- Well, they're probably|not that.
Can't make any money|doing that.
|-- No.
Listen, lsaac asked me|to keep this quiet.
So if you could do me|a favor and just keep -- Yeah.
Kim, Elliot,|get everything you can on a company|called Quo Vadimus.
-- [ Sighs deeply ]|-- They put in a bid|for Continental Corp.
Okay, thank you.
See you at the rundown.
Casey, I can't|possibly concentrate.
-- Danny|-- No human being could be|expected to concentrate under these kinds|of circumstances.
What happened? Rebecca sent him flowers.
That's right.
-- Danny|-- That's who the flowers|are from? That's who the flowers are|from with a card signed "R.
" And you're sure they're not|from Robert Wagner? Casey: Can we get to work?|-- Very sure.
Walks out|of my life a year ago, she walks back in|with cards and a flower,|and, Casey, I ask you How can you be expected|to concentrate? How can I be expected|to concentrate? Why don't you|get it over with? -- What do you mean?|-- Why don't you call her? -- Call her?|-- Yeah.
I'm not calling her.
Okay, let's get to work.
There's no way|I'm calling her.
-- Well, you seem|pretty resolute.
|-- I am.
-- Okay, then let's work.
|-- I couldn't call her|if I wanted to.
-- Why not?|-- She got a new phone number.
-- How do you know?|-- I tried calling her.
-- Hey.
|-- Hey.
There's a new bidder|for Continental Corp.
-- Who?|-- I'm not saying anything|more than that.
Why not? 'Cause lsaac doesn't trust|that when he tells me|something I can be cool.
He thinks it's gonna spread|around, and the information|will get all twisted.
And I'm gonna|show him he's wrong.
Isaac, I don't know|if you heard -- at 6:00 this morning|there was a bid from an ltalian airline|called Platypus.
Keep it|under your hat, would you? You bet.
Jeremy:|It's a holding company.
Dana: Tell me.
In the early '90s,|a guy named Calvin Trager perfected something called|the hard-disk controller.
Say this next part|so I understand it.
[ Chuckles ] Hard disks|used to be very big.
He made it so that|they're very small.
Trager realized|the astronomical potential for the technology and formed|a company to sell it.
He made $100 million|by the time he was 25, then he started|buying companies.
What companies? Lofton Chemical, DataTech,|Evergreen Systems Group.
Six months ago,|he formed an umbrella|company for all three.
-- Quo Vadimus.
|-- Yeah.
Do they want|a cable channel? Well, Dana, a company like|that -- their interest|in the cable channel isn't gonna|be the programming.
It's the coaxial cable|with the wider bandwidth.
How did you|know that? I met a guy|at Anthony's last night -- Actually, I saw him|the night before, too.
He guessed Time Warner|was gonna pull out at $27 a share|and predicted MDl-Transcom.
And he also explained|why somebody would buy a cable company|and dump the programming.
Do we think that's|what's gonna happen|if it goes to them? Well, these guys have a|track record of stripping.
-- In public?|- It means gutting a company|and selling off its assets.
[ Stomps foot ] I knew coaxial|cable, all right? I'd like|a little credit for that.
I gave you a lot|of credit for that.
-- Why are you carrying|the carton around?|-- I'm settling my affairs.
What affairs? My affairs, whatever we|mean by that when we|say it.
I have affairs.
And you're settling them? Yes.
Last year,|I went into your office.
You weren't there, a pack|of Juicy Fruit on the desk.
I look around, walk out|with the Juicy Fruit.
Why are you|telling me this now? I'm settling my affairs.
I'm going to lunch.
Would you ask Dan and Casey|what it's gonna take for me|to read some draft copy? -- Kim|-- Yeah? -- 7-minute ab video.
|-- Thank you.
Dana wants to know what|it's gonna take for her|to see some draft copy.
-- It's gonna|take us writing it.
|-- Okay.
By the way, it turns out|it's a holding company called Quo Vadimus, not an ltalian airline|called Platypus.
All right.
-- We're gonna sit here|-- Yes.
-- and we're gonna do this.
|-- Yes.
-- We're gonna write this|-- 'Cause that's what we do.
-- We're writers.
|-- We're doers.
-- Yes.
|-- Okay.
[ Sighs ] [ Sighs deeply ] Man on TV:|The market stayed more|or less unchanged today -- Dana|-- Earnings data is in|for the period, -- Dana.
|-- and investors are|responding as expected -- Thanks.
|-- by buying and selling stocks based on little or|no real information.
Man: Hey, Jack.
|-- Let's look at the latest|trading information -- Hey.
|-- from today's market.
Man: Any chance Tony|can fire up a steak for me? Yeah, you want a beer? And a glass of ice water,|if you don't mind.
How you doin'? I don't believe this.
It's me again.
-- This is pretty weird.
|-- Yeah.
I mean, I don't know if|I'm comfortable with this.
With what? Every time I've come in here|in the last three days, you've been in here,|so I'm saying I'm not|comfortable with it.
You've been here every time I've|been in here in the last three|days, yet I remain unconcerned.
What is your story? My story? Yes, you're this strange|person in my life right now.
I was born in Ely, Minnesota, very close to the|Boundary Waters canoe area.
What do you do for a living? I own my own business.
-- And you don't|live in New York?|-- I think I mentioned -- Yes, you live|in Paris and Seattle and Chicago and Tokyo|and St.
To be perfectly honest|with you, I think I may have sold|the place in St.
I can't remember now.
What book are you reading? It's the new biography|of Lyndon Johnson.
So, you decided to sell|the place in St.
Barts and livein this bar? You don't really want|to talk about me, do you? What do you mean? You seem pretty down.
What do you mean, I seem pre--|you don't even -- You're drinking alone|at 5:00 in the afternoon.
I'm having a glass of wine|with lunch.
I work|from noon to midnight.
because I'm reading a book.
No, you're not.
-- What are you --|-- You had to|look at the cover|to tell me what it was.
You're here,|you're alone, you're having a drink.
[ Sighs ]|MDl-Transcom came in the way|you said it would.
I know.
Another bidder came in|this morning.
If they get it, that's|pretty much the ballgame.
Do you feel responsible|for the show failing? The show didn't fail.
The man I work for --|a guy named lsaac Jaffee -- [ Sighs ]|he took a chance on me, andI didn't rise|to meet his expectations.
And there are people|who work for me who needed me to be|a better field captain.
The show didn't fail,|but I do feel responsible, and that's gonna have|to be all right with you.
You know what would make|you feel better right now? [ Chuckles softly ]|Really, nothing.
You don't want to hear|what I think would make|you feel better? I really don't.
In the 3-day history of our relationship, have l|been wrong about anything? Look -- Dana, I'm what|the world considers to be a phenomenally|successful man, and I've failed much more|than I've succeeded.
And each time I fail,|I get my people together, and I say,|"Where are we going?" And it starts|to get better.
And that's|what you should do.
That's it? Yeah.
-- "Where are we going?"|-- Yeah.
-- That was|what you thought was|gonna make me feel better?|-- Yeah.
-- If I just|say to my people,|"Where are we going?"|-- Yeah.
Do I have to close me eyes|or click my heels or anything? Well, you can mock it|if you want to.
I think I will, thanks.
That's what you thought -- By the way, the streak|is certainly over.
So is my lunch break.
You, uh, want|this at the bar? Thanks.
Jack, [Clears throat]|I'm leaving this|on the table, okay? Yeah.
Hey, Dana|it's not over yet.
MDl-Transcom could step up|with the money and outbid the other guys.
You think that's|what's gonna happen? No.
Man on TV:|Some analysts feel that the|market has already taken Sandwiches.
Now we can focus.
Uh, hey, Dave, this ladder's|been up here all day.
I've walked underneath it,|like, seven times now.
I mean, how much bad luck|do we need? -- Plus there's karma|to consider.
|-- Stop with the karma.
-- Could you get|a grip to move it?|-- Yeah, sure.
|-- Thanks.
All right, we're gonna|go in there, and we're|gonna focus now.
[ Sighs deeply ] -- So|-- Yep.
-- The show.
|-- Yep.
Can you believe she|sent me flowers right|out of the blue? -- Back to the office.
|-- Yeah.
Can't focus here.
-- Vibe's all wrong in here.
|-- Yes.
-- Out here I can focus.
|-- Yes.
I'm focusing already.
Hey, Danny,|did you get my flowers? Rebecca: Are you all right?|Dan: Yeah.
Casey: You sure?|-- Yeah.
-- You got hit in the head|with a ladder.
|-- Yeah, I saw it.
-- I guess not|soon enough, huh?|-- I guess not.
Hey, how you doin', Rebecca? -- I'm great.
|-- You look fantastic.
-- You look good, too.
|-- Thank you.
-- You've been working out.
|-- Yeah.
-- You changed your hair.
|-- Yes.
Hey, hey, hey,|hey, hey, hey -- I'm sitting here|with a massive head wound.
|-- You're fine.
You went to medical school|in the year since I've|seen you last? -- I'll leave you two alone.
|-- Do not leave us alone.
I'm gonna go back in|the office and focus.
-- I'm right behind you.
|-- Take your time.
So you got my flowers? Flowers? I sent you flowers.
Those were from you? They had a card|that said "R.
" -- Ahh|-- You didn't know|they were from me? I thought they were|from Robert Wagner.
What do you have going on|with Robert Wagner? -- I am much beloved,|Rebecca.
|-- Yes.
And it's almost 6:00,|and Casey and I haven't|started writing yet.
-- Why haven't you started?|-- We're having|a little focus problem.
-- Why?|-- Continental Corp's|being sold.
-- I know.
|- I wasn't sure if|the West Coast office|heard about the news.
I know the East Coast|office, where you used to|work, has heard about it.
I just didn't know if|those who transferred|out to the West to be with their husbands|had heard about it yet.
I've moved back here.
I gotta get back to work.
Steve and l|are divorced now.
You're actually divorced? Yes.
You're divorced, I mean,|not just in Rebecca Land? No, I'm divorced|in every land.
Okay, 'cause the last|time you were divorced,|you know, not so much.
Would you like|to take me to dinner? I just got hit in the head|with a ladder.
I got|to buy you food now? Dinner could help you focus.
|I could help you focus.
Yeah, 'cause you've always|had that effect on me.
Should I wait|in the greenroom? Why don't you wait|in your office? Oh, hang on, that's|right, I forgot, you|don't work here anymore.
-- [ Both chuckle ]|-- I'll wait in the greenroom.
Rebecca you really do|look good.
I know.
-- Hey.
|-- Hey.
-- What are you doing?|-- I'm looking out the window.
-- What are you doing?|-- Returning lsaac's|tape dispenser.
-- Why did you have|his tape dispenser?|-- It was the good one.
There is such a thing|as a good tape dispenser|and a bad tape dispenser? Yes, but since they're|cosmetically identical, I made the switch.
I always|felt pretty bad about that.
You seem to be taking|this all pretty well.
I'm not.
I didn't think you were,|but it seems that way.
You're gonna|get a lot of offers.
So are you.
I wanted this job so bad.
You got the job.
Thank you for that,|by the way.
You're welcome.
Remember your interview? With you and Dana? -- Before that -- just me.
|-- Yeah.
You had the job when|you walked in the door.
I tripped.
-- Yes, and then you said|"Excuse me" to the threshold.
|-- Yes.
I wanted to do one|of those things where you shut the door,|knock everything off the desk|and, you know Well, I don't think|you'd have had to use|a lot of force on me.
Where are you going? Natalie -- -- Great job in L.
|-- Yeah.
-- Let's review --|-- Danny solid network, big audience,|more money, warm weather, Laker Girls.
Now, we got|girls here, Danny.
We don't have Laker Girls,|my young friend.
I can't do it.
I know.
-- I can't take Charlie|out of school.
|-- I know.
-- He does well in school.
|He's got friends.
|-- I know.
Danny [ Sighs deeply ] You gotta go|out there yourself.
Casey -- You can do it|without me, Danny.
This is it? You can do it|without me.
You should think about it.
Let's write.
[ Groans ] [ Keyboard keys clicking ] I'll be right back.
[ lndistinct voices ] [ Mechanical whirring ] Hi.
-- Hi.
|-- How you doin'? -- There's good fruit|in the greenroom.
|-- Yeah.
-- You're canceling dinner.
|-- You know what? This|isn't the best night.
Danny, I can show you|the divorce papers if you|want.
I carry them with me.
They made us a job offer|in L.
, but Casey's gonna stay here.
And I think I'm not.
If it turns out|"Sports Night"'s over,|I'm gonna have to make|that decision, and, frankly, I don't want|you factoring into that.
I'm just talking|about dinner, Danny.
I believe if I have dinner|with you tonight, I'm gonna want|to stay here a long time.
-- So I was wondering if --|-- We can do it tomorrow night.
That would be better.
-- Danny?|-- Yeah.
I'll wait.
I'll, um, [Clears throat]|give you the number where|I'm staying right now.
I'll be there|all night, okay? Yeah.
Hi, Natalie.
-- How are you doin',|Rebecca?|-- Good.
Good seeing you.
Continental Corp's|been sold.
MDl lost the bid? Yep.
Dana's getting everyone|together before the show.
[ Paper ripping ] Dana: Can I have|everyone's attention, please? We just have, uh, minutes|before air.
I know most of you have heard by now,|but we've been sold to a company|called Quo Vadimus.
I don't know|what our future is anymore.
I know there's things|that I'm supposed to be saying to you right now, butI don't know.
I don't even know -- I don't even know what the hell|"quo vadimus" means.
[ Chuckles ] Does anybody know|what "quo vadimus" means? It means,|"Where are we going?" Well, that's fine,|but -- what? It's Latin.
It means,|"Where are we going?" Natalie: Dana? I have to go someplace.
What's the matter? Natalie,|take the top of the show!|I'll be right back! -- Natalie.
|-- Yeah? Five minutes.
Yeah, first team, places.
|Let's go.
Guys, five minutes.
Let's go.
[ Breathing heavily ] -- Dana.
|-- Is your name -- -- Dana, what --|-- Is your name -- What the hell happened? I had to run from --|I think I'm hyperventilating.
Jack, you got a paper bag? -- Is your name --|-- Stop talking.
I just need your water.
-- [ Gasps ]|-- That was a gin martini.
Yes, I know that now.
|Is your name Calvin Trager? Yes.
There was something|that was big, and you invented something|that made it small? Yes.
You own Quo Vadimus.
You bought Continental Corp? Turns out I picked up a few|more shares of stock, yeah.
Why didn't you tell me? I just wrote a check|for $18 billion, Dana.
-- My scouting says you don't|keep a secret so good.
|-- I could change.
Dan: [ On TV ] Good evening.
|From New York City,|-- Yeah, well, we're gonna|work on that.
-- I'm Dan Rydell|alongside Casey McCall|-- We're gonna work on it? Yeah.
You're keeping|the station? Yeah.
You're keeping the show? Yeah.
|It's a good show, Dana.
Anybody who can't make|money off "Sports Night" should get out of the|moneymaking business.
[ Breathes deeply ] I don't know what|to say.
Your show is on.
That's right.
[ Laughs ] My show is on! My show is on! My show is on! My show is on! With the 0-2 pitch|from Fin McAllister, andsmoked!|Take a seat, sir.
You've been brought down|by the fastball.
McAllister's fifth save|of the season coming at the expense|of a.
383 hitter.
We're gonna take a break.
You're watching|"Sports Night" on CSC.
We'll be right back.
Dave: We're out.
[ Silence ] Hey, let's hear some|chatter in here.
We're still|doing a show tonight.
Jeremy's right.
So, how are you, Jeremy? Okay, let's not|do the chatter.
Chris: Sound 2 standing.
|Will: Denver's up.
Dave: You've got Katie.
|Kim: 30 seconds live.
Stand by 1-4-4.
Natalie: Dana?|Chris: Standing.
I'm back.
-- What's going on?|-- I need a headset.
Dan, Casey Dave: In 32 Well, it looks|like we're stuck with each other|for a little while.
Let's go|to the American League.
Yes, we are [ Laughing ] going to|the American league.
Stand by, sound 20.
Loading 20,|FIX-5, -6, and -6A.
Let me see the Chyron|on four.
-- I got tape working|on Oakland.
|-- Hold it for the 50s|and keep it tight.
-- How tight?|-- 20 seconds plus|over the shoulder.
-- And I need|to preview Denver.
|-- Comin' up.
All righthere we go.
They welcome the Tigers|to the house that Ruth|built this evening.
Excuse me, Casey, but Ruth|didn't build the house|this evening, did he? No, Dan, and thank you|very much for correcting|my every mistake, no matter how small,|oh, these many years.
-- What are friends for?|-- Annoying the hell out|of you? Exactly! Elsewhere|in the A.
East, the Blue Jays visit|the Orioles [ Rock music plays ]