Sprint: The World's Fastest Humans (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[adventurous music playing]
It's a powerless time
That you took what you got ♪
It's a new world
what you shine light at the dark ♪
[commentator] Beautiful Budapest.
The Paris of the East.
It is such an incredible city.
[commentator] Then you invite
the best in the world of track and field.
I'm here. I made it.
[commentator] For the 2023
World Athletics Championships,
and it goes up to a whole new level.
Don't stop take me as I am ♪
[commentator] The field is stacked
with stars.
You don't know me, so please ♪
[woman] For track and field in a
non-Olympic year,
the World Championships is
the most important thing.
So please
Walk on water ♪
Do it with ease
Be strong ♪
- Yes, it should be.
- I'm ready.
You know you are.
[woman] There's a lot riding on
these races.
You have to be able to perform
when it matters under pressure.
[woman 1] You're not just running
against the United States,
now you finna run against the world.
[woman 1] Like, everyone is coming
with their A game.
That brings a different level of pressure.
Worlds is going to be dog eat dog.
[bass drum pulses]
[dramatic music playing]
[city traffic hums]
- [man] Shall I take it?
- Thank you!
[man] The World Championships are
very significant.
- Come on this side.
- Thank you.
[man] The city, everything is there
for track and field.
[commentator] So much to play out
over nine days of coverage.
- [man] The media, the TV.
- [cameras clicking]
[man 1] I've always had to work hard
for everything and try my luck
[woman 2] As I said, I'm among
the best sprinters
[man] All of this attention brings
a heavy pressure.
[reporter] Zharnel, the major champs
haven't gone exactly as you would like?
I wouldn't call them failures.
I can still achieve something.
[woman] On the World Championship stage,
the media,
it's a much harsher environment.
Some block it out.
[woman 1] I would say, never allow media,
never allow outsiders
to define who you are.
[woman] Some people feed off of it.
Am I talking to
the fastest man in the world, or?
- Is this him?
- I think this is the guy.
[woman] The limelight.
It's a lot to deal with.
But ultimately, when it matters,
can you perform
under that extreme amount of pressure?
- [woman] Especially in the big moments.
- [starter blocks rattle]
[jets buzzing]
[commentator] The track and field
World Championships will all play out
in this amazing stadium.
[dramatic music playing]
[crowd cheers fade in and intensify]
[commentator] Thirty-five-thousand
capacity cannot wait.
- [fans cheer]
- [fans whoop]
[man] Over 2,000 of
the world's best athletes
from all four corners of the globe
will dazzle us
with their breathtaking performances.
[man] The stage is set.
It's time to witness the wonder together.
[commentator 1] Can you feel
the ground rumbling?
[announcer] Ladies and gentleman,
let the wonder begin!
- [dramatic music]
- [clacking]
[music fades]
[indistinct chatter]
What's on the playlist today?
- This is like a race day playlist.
- [swooshing]
It's kind of old,
but it works just as well.
DJ Noah Lyles,
reporting live from Budapest.
[feet pounding quickly]
The thing that motivates me is that
I believe I can be the very best.
[Lyles] And so I need to achieve
a goal that everybody sees.
[feet lightly pounding]
[Lyles] I'm definitely going after
the double gold.
100 meter and 200 meters.
Very few who have ever doubled.
And I'm gonna make sure by the time
I'm done that I'll be on that list.
[feet skim quickly]
[feet pound quickly]
But I want to do it
different than everybody else.
- Get your lane, neutral with the head.
- [clunking]
[blows whistle]
[feet skim quickly]
[feet pound quickly]
[Lyles] I wanna transcend the sport.
I want to be able to bridge the gap
between track and field
and the rest of every other sport.
- The same time.
- Okay
The shin angle's
a little steep and it causes you
- to be a little short on that first step.
- Okay.
- See how it's behind you?
- Okay, and you want it to be in front.
- I want it to be underneath.
- Okay.
I want a little more distance
covered on the movement.
[Lyles] I'd love to see
the sport come with me.
And that's why I feel that double gold
on the biggest stage,
that's only gonna help the sport.
So of course, I gotta beat everybody.
And that includes
the previous world champion.
[producer] Which is who?
Fred Kerley.
["Leave 'Em With Nothing"
by Emanuel Vo Williams playing]
♪I'm a monster ♪
I'm a lost soul, I'm a freak
I'm whatever you made me ♪
I want your blood on my teeth ♪
I don't think they ready.
I don't think they ready
for what's coming.
Show me what's up then ♪
[Fred Kerley] I always knew I was fast.
[man] Set.
Take everything,
Leave 'em with nothing ♪
[man] There. Run. Run. Run.
[Alleyne Francique] Okay.
[Kerley] I'm from Texas.
Football was my first choice.
- [interviewer] What do you play? Safety?
- No, I actually play cornerback.
[interviewer] You'd be a scary cornerback.
[Kerley] Yeah, I like to hit people.
But God had a watch
and he told me track was gonna be
my ticket to see the world.
[Francique] Set.
[pistol fires]
[commentator] Kerley moving smoothly.
Beginning to get away.
He's the biggest, he's the most powerful,
he's the quickest tonight.
[commentator 1] Fred Kerley,
the next great American star.
I knew I was gonna be the best.
Any track meet, any event,
I was gonna win it.
I'm a boy from Texas.
I'm born for this shit.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] Is he about
to make history here?
- [pistol fires]
- [woman] Biggest threat to Noah doubling,
that's gonna be Fred.
[commentator] Kerley's under pressure.
This year he's been on the trajectory
where he's getting faster.
[commentator] Kerley's done it
and it is all gold here!
[man] Going into the World Championships
having the best year of his career.
- Fred Kerley is on his way to defending.
- [swooshing]
[commentator 1] Fred Kerley's
a world champion.
- 9.86!
- [triumphant electronic music plays]
[commentator 2] See it, believe it.
[triumphant music fades out]
Yeah, pretty fast time, I'm not gonna lie.
Nothing I don't think
I can't handle myself.
[drums pulse and fade out]
[indistinct chatter]
But he's gotta go to a press conference.
Thank you very much.
- How's the farm coming along?
- Pretty good.
What animals have you got?
Got plenty of chickens and some cows
- and then some, um, honey bees.
- Oh nice.
- We are on the actual stadium track.
- [indistinct chatter]
Wondering where we're supposed to be.
Okay, cool.
[Lyles] It takes a different mindset
to be a track athlete.
And in your mind you gotta think,
"Yo, I know this man is faster than me."
But you have to truthfully believe
that you're going to win no matter what.
If you don't have that drive,
track and field ain't for you.
["Hit the Scene" by Gullie Lamont playing]
[Lyles] I say
I'm gonna run 9.65 and 19.10.
The amount of hate was astronomical.
Look at they face
Look at they talk ♪
Bitch get mad
When you hit the scene ♪
[Lyles] What the heck does me saying
my goal have to do with you?
[swooshing repeatedly]
[Ato Boldon] When Noah starts to talk,
does it ruffle feathers?
Of course it does.
His competition, they go,
"he's a 200 guy."
What makes him think
that he can come into the 100
and actually make some noise?
Bad bitch do same thing
Got shit on can't even name ♪
Oh, that sounds about right.
We're locked out.
What's popping?
[Kerley] That's Noah's style.
He do it for attention.
I don't do nothing for attention.
This is who you see me 24/7.
I run track and go about my business.
[exhales deeply]
So, what dumb question do you guys think
we're going to get asked first?
I have a great question.
Okay, so if you had to go to jail
- Gosh! Starting off so great.
- [Gabby Thomas laughing]
and you were there for as long as
it took you to solve a Rubik's Cube
or 10 weeks, which option would you take?
Solving a Rubik's Cube.
- Wow.
- [knocking]
I can actually solve
I can solve two sides.
This says a lot about you as a person.
Fred, I want to hear about your cows, man.
- How many you got now?
- I got three, man.
But how many goats?
Huh? It's just one and that's me.
[Brauman laughing]
[Lyles] Fred and me, you know,
we're really different.
[upbeat music playing]
I'm very open about my emotions.
He's not.
- Okay, maybe I will take the two weeks.
- And no internet.
- Maybe I will take the two weeks.
- No, ten.
Oh, ten weeks?
[indistinct chatter]
I think I'll take the Rubik's Cube then.
[Lyles] Fred is that very much
quiet personality.
He's not calling me, "Hey bro,
come over for the weekend?"
[music continues]
[cameras clicking]
Nah, that's not our relationship.
Welcome to the Team USA press conference.
Let's start with Fred Kerley
down at the end there.
Currently, you're the fastest man
in the world, Fred.
- There's a number of people
- That's not accurate.
aiming to dethrone you.
- You're a man of few words
- At all.
but what do you have to say
to some of those guys
coming after that title?
I'm Fred Kerley and it's my title.
[cameras clicking]
That's what they all say
until they get beat.
- [Kerley] Yeah, right.
- [laughing]
[cameras clicking]
[Kerley] I ain't come here to cheese
to the camera. It's cool that he do it,
but I'm here to run fast, to kill you,
bust your head and go about my business.
[interviewer] Can he catch you in the 100?
No. I ain't even worried about that.
[pundit] Uh, Noah Lyles,
I gotta give it up to your press team
because there's two numbers
that were out in the universe,
19.10 and 9.65.
You know, how confident are you
that we'll see those numbers?
Thank you for the compliment
on the press team. That's all me.
Why post times before the meet like that
for the first time in your career?
I'm a firm believer
in speaking things into existence.
Because if I can't tell that to myself,
how am I to believe it will happen?
Nobody worried about that, man.
If Noah runs 9.65, I'm running faster.
[reporter] Finding Marcell Jacobs
100 meters
Olympic champion back finally on track.
So what do you expect from him?
I know what form he's in.
[Lyles] A comeback, really?
They got a lot of faith in that man.
I don't think we too much worried
by him at this moment.
The answer was already,
question was already answered.
I got nothing more to say.
[pundit] Athletes, good luck in the
competition. Be well.
[Lyles] I think Jacobs
just has to work on getting it consistent.
Before he couldn't beat me.
That was my only thought.
If I get one more question
about the guy who not here
I'm tired of that. Whatever.
[sings in Italian]
[Marcell Jacobs] I laugh when I hear
these comments.
"Look, he's taking himself
out of the competitions.
He's all talk and does nothing."
I find it amusing,
because the time will come
when it counts the most
and I'll be putting a medal
around my neck.
I've got to say that so far
the trip is going well.
[music continues]
I'm starting to feel some energy.
[man] Is your body comfortable sitting?
I feel it a bit, but it isn't that bad.
[Jacobs] I could not compete
in the Rabat and Florence races.
I've had physical problems
for the last two years.
But now we're ready
for the World Championships
and it's important.
[feet pounding quickly]
♪pensiamoci noi ♪
[music fades to a stop]
[man] Let's do small circles
and then gradually increase.
[Jacobs] Right now I'm struggling to train
as I would like to.
When you've only trained
for 10 days in 3 months
to prepare for a World Championship
knowing that your opponents
prepared a lot more than you it's hard.
Position your legs that way a bit more,
in that direction
I'm feeling as I did
yesterday at the beginning.
The painkiller will kick in.
[tense music playing]
[Jacobs] I know that Noah Lyles is here
But I'm not here because of him,
I'm not here because of others.
I'm here to approach this competition
in the best possible way.
And face my opponents as best I can.
[starter blocks rattle]
[feet pound quickly]
[city traffic hums]
[tense music continues]
- [indistinct chatter]
- [dishes clatter]
Oh, I can smell it, for real.
- They smell like McDonald's fries.
- All right, that's it. Thank you.
[woman] Oh my gosh.
- Yes they are. Yes they are.
- They look fresh.
They look like
they fresh out the cooking oil.
We getting on the 525 bus, right?
No, the 455.
Did you change it?
It's in the group chat.
455 455.
[Sha'Carri Richardson] In my first
World Championship,
knowing that the world's eyes are on me,
I am just feeling the pressure come
on top of already putting it onto myself.
[indistinct chatter]
[Richardson] This is another level
of pressure that I'm not
I'm not saying I'm not quite ready to do,
["I Need Something Stronger"
by Koda Kids playing]
but I know I have allowed the pressure
to overwhelm me.
That's the biggest thing on my mind,
heading into these big games right now.
♪World on my shoulders
I go darker ♪
I get colder
I need something stronger ♪
[Boldon] There are a lot of questions
people have for the US National Champion.
Can you go to the world stage
and bring medals
in both the 100 and the 200
back to the United States
for the first time in six years?
[music intensifies]
She knows that there are people watching
to root for her,
but there's a lot of people looking
at Sha'Carri to root against her.
- [man] Set go.
- Something stronger ♪
Something to wake me up ♪
Something to open my eyes ♪
Something to make me feel like ♪
I will be stronger ♪
I want to leap into flight ♪
I want to cut through the sky ♪
I need something ♪
- [music fades out and stops]
- [swooshing]
Mi hope mi gwope guh ketch brekfast
Mi seh if mi nuh gwope guh ketch
breakfast mi probably dead.
Cah ungry a kill mi.
[in patois] I've been there before.
[Shericka Jackson] I ran in the 100,
the 200.
I'm definitely looking forward
to competing in the 100 for a second time.
2022, I was second.
And I think to add
a gold medal to that tie
is something I'm looking forward to.
[singing upbeat song]
- [man] She sounds in good voice.
- [tapping feet to the rhythm]
I wouldn't say it's good voice at all,
but if that's your opinion,
- then that's your opinion.
- [upbeat singing continues]
Let's just say I wouldn't pay
to go to a concert to listen to her.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Paul Francis] The World Championships.
So yeah, people are nervous.
After having done it
for a couple of years,
I would not say I'm nervous.
I'm just hoping that when the time comes
that the preparations we have done
people can execute the way
that they showed in training.
And as long as they do that,
then we're good to go.
- Yuh nuh si yuh glassiz a guh back way?
- No man a hot gyal, um, glass.
- Yuh put yuh lens wrong man.
- Bigs nuh deh pan dem typa a somn deh.
[indistinct chatter]
[upbeat motivational music playing]
[Jackson] The expectation of all
this put a lot of pressure on me.
But it don't distract me
or get me in a place
where I lose who I am.
Set hut!
[Jackson] Right now I'm in the best shape
of my life.
I'm hoping I can add
another 100 to my name.
Straight, yeah, yeah.
Tomorrow night we'll worry about this.
Ooh. Yo. Yeah.
Yes, I'm hungry now.
Mi wah likkle nuggets,
mi nah chavel while mi belly empty.
Walk come a McDonalds come buy.
- Mi a guh McDonalds
- Yah buy mi?
- Yo.
- [indistinct chatter]
[dramatic music fades in and pulses]
[commentator] Soon to start semis
for the men's 100 meters.
[crowd exclaiming]
[dramatic music continues]
[woman] There's three semi-finals.
The top two from each of those races
will qualify automatically to the final.
Out of each race,
the next two fastest losers
- will make the final as well.
- [fans whoop]
[Boldon] For Noah Lyles, you're not in
the final, there's no chance to pull off
a sprint double.
[woman] Fred and Noah racing each other,
that's the matchup
that everybody has been waiting to see.
Fred is the reigning
100-meter world champion.
So of course he's going to want to
defend that championship.
The 100 meters is an unforgiving race.
You have to have a good start.
If you don't, it's pretty much game over.
[dramatic music intensifies]
[announcer] It's time for
the men's 100-meters semi-finals.
[crowd exclaiming]
[fans chanting]
[commentator] First of three semi-finals.
[announcer] In lane three,
the leading Olympic champion for Italy!
[dramatic music continues]
[commentator] The Olympic champion,
Jacobs, bidding for a place in the final.
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] In lane 4, the three-times
world champion for the USA.
[speaks in foreign language]
[commentator] There's nothing quiet
about this superstar.
One of the world's
all-time great 200 meter runners,
but this is the 100 meters.
[commentator] I have absolutely no idea
who's going to win
these three semi-finals
men's 100 meters tonight,
let alone who's going to make the final.
First semi-final,
only the first two guaranteed a place.
[heartbeat pulses]
[commentator] What kind of form do we have
from the Olympic champion,
the European champion,
the world indoor champion?
Jacobs has had a very, very quiet season.
- [cymbals crashing]
- [heartbeat pulses]
- [drums pulse]
- [heart beat pulses]
[referee] On your marks
- [drum pulsing continues]
- [heart beating continues]
[referee] Set.
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator] They're cleanly away.
Good start for Omanyala.
We still haven't seen
Lyles coming into his running.
Now we see the fire in the belly
from Noah Lyles.
[crowd cheering]
[dramatic music crescendo]
[commentator] Lyles and Sani Brown.
Brilliant running.
- [commentator] Noah Lyles, 9.87.
- [indistinct announcer]
[commentator 1] He was pumping
his fists 20 meters out.
[commentator] That was
a fantastic victory.
[crowd cheering]
He was fourth.
Fifth, even?
[pensive music playing]
[commentator 1] The
Olympic champion, Jacobs,
has just had far too many problems
this season and it isn't really a surprise
that he will not be in the final.
Sitting at the back, fucking hell.
[pensive music continues]
[Lyles] Exactly what I wanted to see.
- Man, came out them blocks.
- [breathing quickly]
I saw where Omanyala was. I said,
"Boy, you ain't get out hard enough."
[bangs shoes]
You that close to me, that's a problem.
And I know my coach gonna chew me out
for all that finger wagging,
jumping across the line, but I'm sorry.
It's gonna come out.
[indistinct chatter]
Surely getting into the final
would've been great
but I knew it was going to be
extremely difficult and complicated.
It is known that
the 100 meters isn't an easy discipline.
There's no faking it.
[speaks Italian]
[Jacobs] It was a very difficult moment.
I suffered the most on a mental level.
It's been a season.
It's really nice to see you out there.
[Jacobs] There were physical problems.
But I think the physical problems are
always due to something.
There was also an issue of mindset
that hindered my peace of mind.
[pensive music continues]
It was hard. It was really hard.
This is not my year.
100 is terrible if you're not
at the 100 percent.
- But, you know, fuck it.
- [indistinct chatter]
I have to say that when
I won the Olympics
you think that, "Okay, I've achieved
everything I had to,
as long as I keep going this way"
Whereas I should have worked
twice as hard.
[pensive music fades out and stops]
- [announcer] Semi-final number two
- [drums pulse]
and the athletes on the track.
[announcer] I n lane seven is
t he fastest man
- in the world this year at 9.83.
- [crowd cheers]
Representing Great Britain
and Northern Ireland, Zharnel Hughes.
Go Zharnel.
Go Zharnel!
[referee] Set.
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator] This time they're away.
And it's a great start from Coleman.
Who's going to come through and join him?
Come on Zharnel! Come on Zharnel!
[commentator] Hughes into a groove.
[dramatic music intensifies]
[commentator] Coleman and Hughes I think
just from Ryiem Forde.
Very, very good running
from Zharnel Hughes.
He's giving himself a chance.
- He's into the World Championship final.
- [indistinct announcer]
[man] I'm feeling very confident.
I'm just staying relaxed
and enjoying the moment.
Round by round, I'm taking it.
I'm not trying to think too far ahead
because even though I'm coming
as one of the fastest men in the world,
you can easily get sidetracked
and I'm trying
not to let that happen to me.
[drums pulse]
[announcer] It's time for the third and
final semi-final of the men's 100 meters.
And let's welcome back to the stadium
the defending world champion for the USA,
Fred Kerley.
- [dramatic music pulses]
- [crowd cheers]
[commentator 1] Fred Kerley
in imperious form this season.
- [fans shouting]
- [fans whooping]
[commentator 1] The man who still has
the title.
Let's see if old boy busts his load
in the first round.
[music pulses continue]
[commentator 2] Everybody's coming for the
crown that Fred Kerley has.
[commentator 3] Can Fred defend
his world title?
[inspirational music fades in and out]
[tense music fades in]
[referee] Set.
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator 3] Last semi
in the men's 100.
Here we go!
[crowd cheers]
[commentator] Fred Kerley takes a while
to get into his running.
Oh, oh, Fred.
[commentator] Seville going really
well, the Jamaican.
And Kerley's having to work here
to come through.
[Lyles] Uh-oh.
[commentator 3] Kerley's gotta work
for it!
Oh boy.
[dramatic music playing]
Oh, Fred.
[commentator 1] That is close.
The Jamaican wins.
But where was the world champ?
[dramatic music fades]
[commentator 1] Seville and Tebogo
taking the automatic spots.
Kerley's gotta wait and see.
- I don't think he made it.
- Close to four, yeah.
[commentator] I think
Fred Kerley's missed out.
[commentator 1] Kerley is third,
it looks like.
[commentator 2] That did not look
like the Fred Kerley
that won the world title last year.
Yeah, I don't think he made it.
[commentator] Kerley at 10.02
does not make the final.
He is out.
Yeah, he did bad.
[commentator 2] Didn't have that
on my bingo card.
That's my pick to win the whole thing.
What a disastrous semi-final.
[commentator 3] The world champion is out.
What happened to big Fred?
[tense music playing]
[man] From the start,
wasn't as aggressive as he needed to be
and then on the back
he didn't try to make an adjustment.
And that cost him.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no. You have to go
[commentator 1] He wants to get out.
They want him to go through the mix zone.
He wants to go out
the way that he came in.
Please, please stop.
I'm I'm going.
- [tense music continues]
- [indistinct announcer]
[reporter] What happened out there, Fred?
[woman] Don't let him through.
- [woman 1] You just got into finals?
- No.
[tense music intensifies]
[man] I been there.
So talk to me about this season.
What happened?
I know that I should
have been over that 9.88 hump.
My time USA's and World Championships and,
but it ain't happened that way.
- So you weren't mad?
- Of course I was mad.
- Okay.
- I said, of course I was mad.
- Like, you know what I'm saying?
- Okay.
Like, I have no need
to get down on myself.
2024, it started already.
So I know what I gotta do to get stronger,
get faster.
Diet, from the the gym.
You gonna give up candy?
- Is that gold medal worth giving up candy?
- Yes yes.
Red Bull, all that stuff.
It's like sacrifices.
I gotta get what's mine.
Like, that's the gold medal.
- It's gonna be a whole new you then, huh?
- Yeah.
I like it.
Finish the job.
["Goat" by Jo Stunnah playing]
[music intensifies and fades]
[music playing on radio]
[woman] Just an hour and a half
to become a proper hot girl.
[woman giggling]
[woman] Because we're athletes,
we're sweating so much,
so I want to put like four layers of glue,
so she don't run
and then you see the wig behind her.
[Junelle Bromfield] To some people,
it taps into an alter ego
when they put on their wigs,
but I don't think that's Shericka.
- She has a bunch of black wigs.
- [exciting music plays]
[Jackson] Junelle is wanting me
to branch out.
But I'm not a fan of colors.
[interviewer] What does
Junelle want you to wear?
I'm nervous.
Burgundy ♪
Don't worry, I got this Shericka.
[Jackson] If I don't compete well,
- I usually be like mentally shaken
- [pensive music playing]
because I think
the Olympic took me out a lot
because there was so many negatives
out of not making the 200.
It usually trouble me mentally on the day,
but then I like, "No man. This is not me."
I started to put on mental blockers.
I have so much mental power.
I have to use it.
[pensive music fades out]
So how are you feeling about tomorrow?
Yeah, I had training this morning,
which went well despite the rain,
it went great.
I'm getting my hair done
- even though I'm nervous.
- Well, now.
But you know Shericka is my favorite so
you know who I'm rooting for.
You better.
[rap music playing]
Practice makes perfect ♪
Feeling perfect after practice
Need my jersey and the raptors ♪
I won't stop until it happened
I ain't got no time for napping ♪
[commentator] It's time for action.
And it won't be too much longer to wait
before we begin with the semi-finals
at the women's 100 meters.
Question for Sha'Carri. Last year,
your 2022 season was pretty rough.
You didn't even make the semi-finals
at the US Championships.
I'm wondering
what differences did you make
either on or off the track that allowed
you to be so consistent this year?
Well, obviously I didn't make
the team last year.
I don't think you had to say that.
But the fact that I'm sitting here now,
it's just the difference
between now and then
is just staying dedicated and focused.
Blocking out the noise,
blocking out media like yourself.
[tense music playing]
[Jackson] I think Sha'Carri,
when she came in this sport,
she never know
how to deal with negativity.
If you don't know how to deal with it
the media will eat you alive.
[reporter] Your mindset, you were nervous,
didn't have such a great time in May.
Thank you for mentioning I didn't have
a great time, that was already obvious.
[tense music continues]
Huh. To haters, I really say all that
motivation has brought me to this moment.
It helped me overcome
and it helped me get through.
And just continuing to go forward,
I feel great.
[cameras clicking]
[Richardson] I feel like in the media,
every move I make,
there's a lot of noise about it.
You get what you get
and you get what you give.
Okay, so that's just me.
[pundit] Ladies and gentlemen, thank you.
[Dennis Mitchell] These athletes are going
to stress over that moment
the first time the gun goes off.
But it's our job, you know, as coaches,
to try to find ways
to take that stress away from the athlete.
["Work" by Jonny Gorenc
& JASPER ROSS playing]
[music intensifies]
[Boldon] Sha'Carri Richardson,
we've seen the talk.
Now, can you look at those Jamaican women
right in the eye and defeat them?
If she does not leave
the World Championships with a gold medal,
people will have more questions
as to whether she can deliver.
[referee] Set.
- [whistle blows]
- [starter blocks rattle]
[Allyson Felix] Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce,
she has built her reputation
as a big time performer.
And so, a lot of people
will always expect her to win
because she's done it so much before.
[man] Shelly and I, we started out
pretty much at the same time.
So to see she's still going at it,
it's amazing
the level that she's still at.
And let me question myself,
maybe I should have stayed
a little bit longer, you know?
[tense music playing]
[woman] Lot of persons say
I've won five world titles,
what do I do with another one?
What do you mean,
what do I do with another one?
I want another one.
I don't want to limit myself.
And at this stage,
I don't have a lot of time left.
It's not like I can say,
"Oh, if this doesn't go well,
I have the next five
years to come and get it." No.
- [starter blocks rattle]
- [feet pound quickly]
[man] Who is the real queen
of Jamaican sprinting?
Shericka will certainly feel like,
"Well, it should be me."
[Johnson] And she can be that torch bearer
for the Jamaicans in the 100 meters.
But with Shelly-Ann, you know,
having been the queen for so long,
you can never count her out.
And she's defending world champion
as well.
I've never seen a situation
where the king or the queen
- is just going to hand over the crown.
- [music stops]
by Adam Relf & Kimba Bush playing]
[Mitchell] When I walk into a warm up area
and those athletes see me,
I want them to know
that it is time for battle
and every athlete that you see behind me,
you're going to have to deal with.
Jangalang jangalang
Shake 'em off pop chains ♪
Jangalang jangalang
Shake 'em off watch me ♪
[Mitchell] It's about war.
Jangalang jangalang
Shake 'em off watch me ♪
[Mitchell] Physically, you have to respect
the fact that every athlete
that's on the line with you has done
physically what it takes to be there
because they're standing next to you.
So you have to draw from something
that is not physical.
And the mental
is what's going to separate you.
[music fades out and stops]
- Hey, that's money. Okay?
- [panting]
- We give them nothing today.
- [panting]
We taking everything we want.
You understand?
You got the ability,
you got the skill, you got the desire.
Let's throw everything out there.
All them emotions that you had earlier.
You feel me?
All that stuff gotta be emptied out there.
Okay? We got two heats tonight.
All right, two runs tonight.
That's 20 seconds of work.
All right, let's do this thing, man.
Let's get one more start in down there
at the start working on that reaction
- and we out of here.
- Yes, sir.
[commentator] This is
the sports arena of dreams.
[suspenseful music playing]
[drums pulse]
[crowd cheers]
[commentator 1] Defending champion,
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.
Two races away from tying Sergey Bubka
in being a six-time winner
of an individual event.
First, she's got to get into the final.
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator] They're away first time.
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce with a bit to do.
- Tamari Davis going well.
- [crowd cheers]
But now the mercurial Jamaican
coming into her running.
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce 10.89.
She's into the final.
[drums pulse]
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] The reigning champion has a
chance to successfully defend her crown.
[drums pulse]
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 2] Wow, this semi-final
we talked about this lineup.
[commentator] Sha'Carri Richardson.
She is in a brutal second semi-finals,
sandwiched in between
Shericka Jackson and Marie-Josée Ta Lou.
[commentator 1] This is the biggest moment
of this young lady's athletic life.
[dramatic music playing]
Just another race. Let's go.
[tense music playing]
[commentator] Tension in the air.
[commentator 2] Just two automatic
qualifying spots up for grabs.
Get in this thing early.
[tense music fades and stops]
- [referee] Set.
- [blocks rattle]
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator 2] Slow start
for Sha'Carri Richardson.
[commentator 4] She did not respond well
to the gun. She's in the back.
[tense music playing]
[commentator 2] Will she respond to
pressure? She's gotta chase them down.
Shericka Jackson is a world-leading
athlete striding down the track.
She's home and dry!
Boom, boom, boom.
Take it down, baby girl.
Take it down. Take it down.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 2] That is an error.
I don't want to use that word too harshly,
but Sha'Carri Richardson,
that was not a good start
and I think you can see is very concerned
that her time won't be fast enough.
She's vulnerable.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Boldon] In the semi-final,
if you don't cross
the line in the top two positions,
you have to wait.
And if your time is good enough,
then you'll be allowed
into the final eight.
Maybe somebody in the third semi-final
runs faster than she does and she's out.
- What was the winning time?
- I think 10.79.
[suspenseful music continues]
[commentator] Sha'Carri Richardson's
time is now coming up,
[Richardson] Because I didn't have
a certain level of focus,
I ended up having a bad start.
That just brought another level of
reality, like, anything can happen.
Nothing is guaranteed
and you don't get no do-over, you know.
[commentator] Oof.
One more semi-final to come.
[indistinct announcer]
Come on! Come on!
- [drums pulse]
- [clock ticking]
[referee] Set.
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator] This time, they are safely
away, a good start by Dina Asher-Smith.
Morrison of Jamaica
with a bit of work to do.
This is good running by the Briton.
Now the Saint Lucian coming through
Alfred came through
and so too Brittany Brown.
[fast and slow clock ticking]
Where are the times?
- [cymbals crash]
- [drums pulse]
[commentator] Sha'Carri Richardson
on 10.84 is fine.
Perfect time.
I want to know if I qualified?
- [woman] You're qualified, yes.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [woman 1] Good job, Sha'Carri!
- [man] Congratulations.
Good job. I love you.
[commentator] Jackson, Ta Lou,
Richardson, Fraser-Pryce.
Four of the eight quickest women
who have ever lived.
That's how good the final's going to be.
[indistinct chatter]
So, there will be a brief break.
Not long before we see the women out.
[motivational drums playing]
The time that we have to get ready
for this World Championships final
is about 20 minutes.
[music fades in and intensifies]
[Mitchell] So as a coach,
I have to pick the things
that I know that my athlete will receive
in that 20 minutes that will make
her successful in this moment.
So the thing that I'm gonna choose
to work on is her start.
We need to get a good start
going into this final.
- [blocks rattle]
- [screams]
[feet pound quickly]
[Jackson] I am ready for the 100,
you know.
Once you reach the final,
the drive that all of us have, I think
If we line up, it's a war zone
and you have to bring
your A game on the war zone.
[dramatic music continues]
- Hey, just another race.
- Just another race.
Good luck.
I got a question for you. I'm not going
to ask you till we get in there.
I don't want you to answer me.
- I want you to show me, okay?
- Yes, sir.
Come on.
- Who's the fastest?
- [music fades]
[dramatic music returns]
I am.
- You got me?
- I got you.
Let's do this.
- [crowd cheering]
- [drums pulsing]
[announcer] It's the
women's 100 meters final.
- [bells ringing]
- [fans shouting]
[fans cheer]
[announcer] In lane nine, the fastest
in the world this year
at 10.71, representing the USA.
Sha'Carri Richardson.
[crowd cheers]
Come on, girl.
Run your race. Run your race.
[exciting music playing]
[announcer] In lane four, three times
the world 200-meter champion for Jamaica.
Shericka Jackson.
[crowd cheers]
And in lane five,
ten times a world champion,
three times an Olympic champion
for Jamaica!
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.
[crowd screams]
[exciting music continues]
[announcer] Who is the fastest woman in
the world? Let's find out.
[dramatic music crescendo]
[suspenseful music playing]
[suspenseful music intensifies]
[referee] On your marks
Let's get in early now, get in early.
[suspenseful music crescendo]
[electronic pulsing]
- [referee] Set.
- [blocks rattle]
Let's go, baby. Let's go!
[starter pistol fires]
[cheering loudly]
[commentator] They're away first time.
Can Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce deliver?
She's got a good start,
but watch Shericka Jackson!
[exciting music playing]
- [music continues]
- [drums pulse]
[commentator] Here comes
Sha'Carri Richardson!
- Come on, baby!
- [commentator] Is she going to do it?
Come on, baby! Come on, baby!
[commentator] Oh! Sha'Carri Richardson
from nowhere!
[commentator 3] Sha'Carri Richardson
has won the world title!
[commentator] Incredible performance!
Richardson came through like a rocket!
[commentator 4] To overcome
40 years of history,
there's never been a man or a woman
to make a final on time
and then win the world title
in the 100 meters.
That's what Sha'Carri Richardson just did.
["Live Like Legends" by Koda Kids playing]
[exclaiming loudly]
[commentator] The Jamaicans are stunned!
[commentator] Richardson can
hardly believe it.
[crowd cheering]
We're gonna live like legends ♪
[announcer] She loves the sport,
the sport loves her!
The new world champion
in the championship, performance record,
Sha'Carri Richardson!
We're gonna live like legends ♪
[crowd cheering]
[Richardson] Winning
that race was phenomenal.
That was a validation
of all the work I put in,
despite, you know,
what the world may see or say.
Baby, I tell you,
I tell you that this girl.
This girl, baby
she deserve everything she gets tonight.
She deserves everything she gets.
[announcer] Fastest time ever seen
in 40 years of World Championships
going back to 1983.
I know how long
you were trying to get a gold medal.
It was because of you! And you!
Queen of the world!
[Richardson] The sacrifices I've made,
the time I spent,
the energy I put into it,
that just represents an understanding
that all of what you did, it has paid off.
Give me a hug, boy.
- Right on, baby. Appreciate you.
- Good job tonight.
- Right on.
- Right on.
[inspirational music playing]
[exclaiming loudly]
[cameras clicking]
[crowd] Ah!
We're gonna live like legends ♪
Thanks so much!
We're world champs!
Reigning down these blessings ♪
That's what I'm talking about, baby.
- That's how you do it!
- [shrieking]
Is that how we do it?
Is that how we do it?
I love it!
[inspirational music playing]
- [shrieking]
- [laughing]
Girl, I love you to death, baby!
- You got it! You got it.
- [laughing emotionally]
You worked so hard for this, baby.
You deserve everything
you're going to get.
Enjoy the next day.
- And the day after that.
- Yes, sir.
You earned this, baby.
Now your journey starts.
- And I'm just glad to be in the back seat.
- I love you.
- [laughing]
- [Mitchell] Whoo!
[Richardson] Whoo! All right, let's go!
[commentator] It's the men's 100-meter
World Championship final.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] 8 athletes about to pour
heart and soul in a bid for global glory.
They run faster than Noah has
in the 100 this year.
[Lyles] I'm jittery. Very jittery.
- [referee] On your marks
- [whistling]
[commentator] Occasionally in life,
there comes a moment in sport
so utterly captivating and uncertain.
[referee] Set.
[commentator] It stops
the world in its tracks.
This is one such moment.
[starter pistol fires]
[crowd cheers]
["It's Our Time" by Raphael Lake,
Aaron Levy & Dumi Maraire]
They don't want it with us ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
We want the whole world to see ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
It's our time ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
It's our time ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
They don't want it with us ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
See and you'll believe ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
It's our time ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
It's our time ♪
Oh, oh, oh ♪
Subtitle creation by: Lesley Taylor
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