Sprint: The World's Fastest Humans (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[vehicle horn beeps]
[exciting music fading in]
[exciting music intensifies]
Whoa-Whoa ♪
- [music pulses]
- Whoa-Whoa ♪
[commentator] Welcome back to the World
Athletics Championship in Budapest.
Nothing is predictable
in this most fascinating of sports.
[commentator 1] Kerley at 10.02
does not make the final.
[commentator] The world champion is out.
What happened to big Fred?
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] Thousands are going
to be gripped by an epic contest to come.
The men's 100 meters.
[drums pulse]
[feet pounding lightly]
[inhales and exhales deeply]
[man] I am shocked to see
that Fred didn't make it to the finals.
I was like, "Oh shoot.
There's no world champion in the finals.
I'm the only American that can double.
But there are other people who can double
from other countries.
I just don't think they could beat me.
- [starter blocks rattle]
- [feet pound quickly]
Still got some time, but we're
going to go, from this white line
and hit from yellow to red.
All right. How much time?
- Four minutes.
- Oh.
[man] The 100, 200-meter double is
the pinnacle in the sprint world.
It's being the guy in both races.
With Noah, his confidence in the 200s
always been higher
than it has been in the one.
Going into the final right now,
he's got eight people that's running
faster than Noah has in the 100.
You've got Zharnel,
his top-end speed is ungodly
through a hundred meters,
it's gonna be hard to beat him.
Zharnel Hughes is going into
the World Championships
as the fastest 100-meter man
on the planet.
[commentator] Oh, my goodness.
- It's Zharnel Hughes!
- [exciting music playing]
The British record for Zharnel Hughes!
[Ato Boldon] 9.83, fastest time
in the world this year.
[exciting music continues]
It's a British record.
With Fred not making the final
and Marcell not making the final,
Zharnel has emerged as
the biggest threat for Noah.
[Boldon] Noah Lyles beat
Zharnel in London,
but it doesn't matter
what you've done in the past.
When you come to the World Championships,
anything can happen.
[exciting music fades out]
I'm sorry, I don't care what y'all run.
This is mine now.
["Let's Go" by ADZii BOii playing]
[man] The most vocal
in the call room is Noah Lyles.
Yeah, I don't know what else to tell you.
He's gonna talk. He's gonna talk.
[Zharnel Hughes] Noah talks,
but he also backs it up, you know?
We ain't train 9 months for nothing.
[Hughes] So he's somebody I look forward
to when it comes to competing.
I'm ready. I'm not backing down.
They can't run past you.
[music continues]
They can't run past you
but you can run past them.
And so if anything, you just got
to stay as close to them as you can.
- Do your thing. Just believe in yourself.
- Thanks.
- You got this.
- Yeah man.
- All right, all love.
- Believe in you, dude.
[Hughes] Everything is starting to align
My body's feeling good,
my mind's feeling well,
I'm in great shape.
We're looking forward to going out there
and delivering my race
and enjoying myself.
Whoo! It's exciting, man.
Hey! Next time I see you,
- you'll be world champ, 100 meters.
- World champion.
[Noah Lyles] The 100 meters is known
as the fastest man in the world
and I've always felt
that that title belongs to me.
It's looking like we're both going to be
staring each other down at that line.
It never changes anything for me.
I'm here to race myself.
["Hear the War Cry"
by Raphael Lake playing]
[drums pulse]
[commentator] This 35,000-seat
stadium is ready
to host the fastest men in the world.
Bring the end is near
Hear the fat lady sing ♪
Ah you ain't allowed some
That's the crowd stomps ♪
Wild and reckless
Boy they call us the wild ones ♪
[announcer] Gentlemen, please come here,
get in line in competition order.
[music continues]
[Lyles] You have to have
the mindset of a god
to be able to think every time
that you're going to win the race.
Believe me.
That is what you have to have.
[announcer] It's the men's
100 meters world final.
- Let's meet the athletes.
- [drums beating]
Gold medalist for Kenya,
- Ferdinand Omanyala.
- [crowd cheering]
- The fastest man in the world this year
- [slow clapping]
for Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
- Zharnel Hughes!
- [crowd cheering intensifies]
- [crowd cheers]
- [crowd applauding]
By the time I get to the championship,
I have done everything I possibly could
to be ready for this moment.
So I just have to trust my body to do it.
[announcer] In lane six, three times
the world champion for the USA.
Noah Lyles!
[crowd cheers]
[announcer] For Noah Lyles,
he has a shot to begin his quest
to do the double in the perfect way.
[music intensifies]
[announcer] One will be
the world champion.
It's the men's 100-meter final.
[suspenseful music pulses]
[woman] I get nervous sitting
in the stands
and tears just start falling down
my face.
I am totally out of my comfort zone
because we're not running the 200 meters.
We're running the hundred meters.
The 100 meters, there's no room for error.
[suspenseful music crescendo]
[referee] On your marks.
[Lyles] I'm jittery. Very jittery.
And containing it all into one moment
so that as soon as the gun goes off,
you just let your body do what it does.
[electronic pulsing]
[referee] Set.
[suspenseful music continues]
[Lyles] As soon as the gun goes off
It's exploding.
- [starter pistol fires]
- [crowd cheers]
[commentator] Coleman gets
a characteristic fantastic start!
Noah Lyles is gonna have to find
something special!
[exciting music playing]
[crowd cheers]
[commentator 1] Can Lyles come through?
It's very, very tight.
[commentator 2] Noah Lyles
and Zharnel Hughes!
It's going right to the wire!
[cheering intensifies]
[commentator] Hughes was in
the mix as well!
That was close!
[commentator 1] It looked like Lyles,
but we'll wait for the photo.
[drums pulse]
[commentator 1] So close.
He's not sure.
Somebody's not getting a medal there,
and somebody's world champion.
[commentator] It's Noah Lyles!
- World champion!
- [crowd cheers]
[triumphant music plays]
They said it couldn't be done.
They said I wasn't the one!
[commentator 3] He put his goals out,
people said, "He's never gonna run 9.6."
I don't think that matters.
The point is you let people know,
"I want to be a 100-meter world champion."
He's accomplished that now.
[commentator 1] Tebogo takes
the silver for Botswana.
And Zharnel Hughes takes
the bronze for Great Britain.
[crowd cheers]
[commentator] Look at how emotional
Zharnel Hughes is.
[commentator 3] As he should be.
Congrats to the Brits.
Their first 100-meter
World Championship medal in 20 years.
[triumphant music playing]
[Hughes] The World Championship is second
to the Olympics.
So to know that I just got a bronze medal
for Great Britain after 20 years
It's a dream come true.
Congrats, bro.
And bro? Never doubt yourself.
- Never! Never doubt myself!
- Don't ever fucking
Yeah, never!
- We got one!
- Right there, bro!
We got one, bro!
[triumphant music intensifies]
Way to do it, kid!
Let's go, Mom!
- [laughing]
- Whoo!
[announcer] Noah, the fastest time
in the world this year,
ladies and gents, your world champion,
Noah Lyles!
[crowd cheers]
I can't believe it! Oh my God.
- You did it, oh you did it!
- [motivational exclaiming]
Now we won the 100! Not the two. The one.
- We just won the 100. We all won the 100.
- Yep.
Hey. We don't back down for nobody.
The double is alive! ♪
The double is alive! ♪
- The double is alive! ♪
- Let's go to the party!
We get this day to celebrate the 100
and then tomorrow's all about the two.
There you go.
[announcer] The medal ceremony
for the men's 100 meters!
[crowd applauding]
[announcer] Gold medalist,
representing the United States of America.
- Noah Lyles!
- [crowd cheers]
[USA national anthem plays]
[USA national anthem intensifies]
[USA national anthem fades out]
[pensive music playing]
[pensive music continues]
[Lyles] Wow, I can't make it through
the whole national anthem.
This just has to be all the stress
that I was just putting on myself
to get to this moment.
[inspirational music playing]
If Zharnel didn't come up and hug me,
I would have easily fell to my knees.
- [applauding]
- [whistling]
[Keisha Bishop] He deserves to get
as emotional as he wants to get.
He's worked his ass off to get here.
Let it out.
I don't have a problem with crying,
- I just wasn't prepared for it.
- I don't cry.
Usually, I don't cry at all, bro.
- But yesterday I couldn't hold it back.
- Yeah.
I tried, but I, I couldn't hold it.
Just let it flow, man.
Just tears of joy, you worked for it,
the sacrifices you've made.
- It's all worth it. Yeah, man.
- Yeah, bro.
- So happy for you. Champion.
- Man, I'm happy for us.
- Congrats. You earned it.
- Thank you. I appreciate it.
You're doing your thing, too.
Man. I, you know what I'm saying,
I'm trying to keep up.
I can't wait to see what you do
- with this 100.
- Man
Because with the title
comes the responsibilities.
I can't wait to see what you do.
I got you. Appreciate that.
[announcer] Introducing the World Athletic
Championship champion is Noah Lyles.
Tell us how you're feeling
about this accomplishment.
The double, it's alive, it's thriving.
You've also said
the medals are obviously important,
but they're also a stepping stone,
a catalyst to doing more for the sport.
I think I've said a lot of times
I'm ready to transcend the sport. So yes.
The medals are first
because if you don't have the medals
then who's going to want to pay attention
to you?
You know, and then after you get the
medals, then you get the times and then,
more and more people gain interest
and now you boost the whole sport.
[cameras clicking]
You know the thing that hurts me the most?
- Is that I have to watch the NBA finals
- [cameras clicking]
and they have world champion on they head.
World champion of what?
- [cameras clicking]
- [laughing]
The United States?
Don't get me wrong.
I love the US.
But that is not the world.
[cameras clicking]
To be honest, it was never about the NBA.
They just got their feelings hurt.
[tense music playing]
But in my mind all I saw was,
"Oh, this is just an opportunity to help
push the narrative of track and field."
[tense music continues]
Everybody got to learn a bit of something.
You know, as I look around
this World Championships,
we have almost every country
out here putting on they flag.
We are the world.
We got to do more.
We got to be presented to the world.
[audience applauds]
[man] Noah likes the idea that,
"I want anybody talking about me,
talking about us, and if we can do
some things to get them talking about us,
like being a double champion
at 100 and 200, I'm going to do it."
[interviewer] Are you ready? 200 and what
do you feel, what do you think?
I'm ready and I'm excited.
200 is my home. It's where I live.
I know that turn,
I know that straight away.
I know every 10-meter increment.
I know how people think they should run it
and I know how to run it.
200 is gold and records.
That's what I want.
If you put your goals out there,
like 19.10,
- it's coming up, I mean
- It is!
- Could it be this weekend?
- I want it to be this weekend.
As I go out onto the track,
I'm going to say,
"All right. I'm ready. This is the moment.
And I've been waiting for it."
[hip-hop music playing]
[crowd cheering]
[Lance Brauman] Running the semis
in the 200, Noah's very confident.
You know, since he's been a pro,
he's only lost two 200 meters.
I don't mean to sound over the top
but, you know,
right now he's established himself
as the 200-meter guy.
[Lance Brauman] But to do this double,
it's not just a matter of running fast,
it's a matter of running fast
over an extended period of time
with multiple rounds on multiple days,
with less recovery.
You know, we'll see.
- [hip-hop music continues]
- [electric vehicle hums]
[vehicle crashing]
[commentator] Oh wow.
[music intensifies]
I'm hoping that the official is okay.
Whoo! And it was a big crash and some
a body was ejected.
You could tell, it was a real crash.
It was a crash crash.
[music stops abruptly]
- So
- A body fell out and rolled.
- [hip-hop music crescendo]
- [swooshing]
[hip-hop music continues]
No, the party was all crashed
and they all got smashed.
I want to make sure it's fine.
- We need to go and check.
- Just need to look erm.
[indistinct chatter]
[commentator] There was an incident
involving two golf carts,
and apparently Noah Lyles' cart
was involved in a collision
with another golf cart.
I went there, they wouldn't let
me in any farther.
They got the doctor there, so
- Noah?
- Yeah.
- He hurt?
- I don't know, I didn't see it.
[drums pulse]
AJ kind of went he went forward,
something, his eye was
Yeah, he's in the medical.
I saw him in there; he ain't running.
Say what now?
Unless they slowed us down, he was in
the medical when I went down there.
- AJ?
- Hudson.
[commentator 1] They were saying
that he's got some glass in his eye.
I think it's Andrew Hudson.
[electronic pulsing]
[suspenseful music playing]
Man, what the fuck?
[crowd cheering]
[commentator 1] It's all getting
a little bit congested
and just to mark your card,
we've had a slight delay to the start
- of the Men's 200-meter semis
- [crowd murmuring]
because of the accident
with the car bringing the athletes.
- [suspenseful music]
- [whistling]
He'll have to have all kinds of help
when he gets back here,
- it'll feel like he got hit by a truck.
- Got hit by a truck.
[announcer] It's time for the semi-finals
of the men's 200 meters.
This would have been heat number two.
They've been reordered
because of a collision
between two of the golf carts bringing in
athletes from the warm-up area.
[commentator] I'm not quite sure how that
even happened.
- You had one job. One job.
- [chuckles]
Stay out of the way of the other buggies.
Come on.
- The most unbelievable shit.
- Yeah. He'll be alright.
[suspenseful music continues]
[commentator] We are going back
to the track
for the next semi-finals
of the men's 200 meters.
Although this was scheduled
to be the third semi-final.
It is the second
because the men who were due out first
are still yet to go.
[music stops abruptly]
The problem is that we need to understand
from medical if he's able to compete now.
Because if medical says that he's able
to compete now, he should compete now.
[tense music playing]
[crowd murmuring]
[tense music pulses]
Their carts crashed.
They were in the cart
that was coming down the hill. Yeah.
He's holding his back
like something happened to him.
[crowd murmuring]
[commentator] It's our final semi-final
in the men's 200 meters.
This would have been the first semi-final
barring that golf cart crash,
which we understand
Noah Lyles was involved in
and hope he's okay.
[tense music continues]
Mark says he's out there though.
All right, well, we'll see how it goes.
- Ain't got anything to do now but watch.
- Yep.
[exciting music playing]
- [drums crescendo]
- [cymbals crescendo]
- [exciting music continues]
- [crowd cheers]
[cheering intensifies]
[commentator] Such drama on the way
here, but all is well.
Everyone's on the track.
Andrew Hudson.
He's had some treatment. He's okay.
[vuvuzela blares]
- All eyes, of course, on the main man
- [crowd applauds]
the showman, the man of the moment,
Noah Lyles.
- [drums pulse]
- [bells clang]
A little dinged up,
but I knew it'd shake my competition
more than it would shake me.
I mean, if I was getting shaked
that means they're double shaked.
So if I just act like all is normal,
and they look at me and be like,
"Oh, shoot. He thinks all is normal."
Then that's going to keep up the energy
of this guy is invincible or something.
[exciting music crescendo]
[referee] Set.
- [starter pistol fires]
- [crowd cheers]
[exciting music pulses]
[commentator] Always a sense
of anticipation
when Noah Lyles
is on a track in his element.
[crowd cheering]
[exciting music intensifies]
[commentator] And it's a beautiful bend
by the reigning champion.
Floating down the track.
How fast is it?
Very, very
[cheering intensifies]
I need some advice.
I don't know how he be doing that.
[commentator] Lyles is desperate
to make it two out of two.
[commentator 1] He was able to turn off
the afterburners in the last 30 meters.
and hopefully no after-effects
from golf buggy gate.
[Bishop] Even though he competed
well in the semi-finals,
I know sometimes you don't feel
the impact of the accident immediately.
My biggest fear is that
he will not compete well in the finals.
[drums pulse]
It's so stressful.
Whoever's driving that cart,
if something happened to Noah Lyles,
he'd have to sneak out of
town in the dark of night, boy.
[exciting music pulses]
[drums crescendo]
[indistinct announcer]
- [motivational exclaiming]
- [feet pound quickly]
[indistinct announcer]
Yuh kalek yuh medal ahredy?
Suh mek mi si it nuh,
mek yuh put it inna yuh bag fah?
Tajay gih ar it!
Come mek mi si di medal
an nuh inna nuh awgument wid mi,
cah yuh know wen mi stawt mi nah dun.
[woman] I lost the 100, I got a silver.
I was disappointed in my execution,
compared to the semi-final
and it cost me a gold medal.
Dis nice doe.
Eeh yuh add wah nedda medal, finally.
- Yuh know ow much dat wort?
- A wol eep a medal dat!
[Shericka Jackson] Just thinking about it,
my emotions are just all over the place.
[motivational music playing]
I was happy because I got a medal,
but I was sad because I didn't run
for what I know I was supposed to run.
But what I have to do is just
go back and focus on winning
the gold medal in the 200, so
[director] Are you still chasing
the world record?
I am definitely.
[commentator] Shericka Jackson onto
the scene with Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce!
- It's Jackson, 21.46!
- [vuvuzela blares]
[Jackson] In the 200,
I'm second fastest of all time
behind the world record holder, Flo-Jo.
[commentator] She becomes
the fastest living woman on earth.
- She came ever, ever so close
- [vuvuzela blares]
- to breaking the world record.
- [vuvuzela blares]
[drums crescendo]
- [clacking intensifies]
- [gasping]
[drums pulse and stop abruptly]
[commentator] Florence Griffith Joyner.
- [crowd cheers]
- [inspirational music playing]
[Boldon] There are a lot of people going
into this year's 200-meter
World Championship rounds who think
[referee] Set!
Shericka is going to break
the world record
set by Flo Jo way back in 1988.
- [crowd cheers]
- [inspirational music continues]
[Boldon] That world record has been
there now for 35 years.
[drums pulse]
Shericka, she has more times
right around the world record
than anybody in history.
["We Gettin' to It" by Devin Hoffman
& Radiccio Nash playing]
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator] Jackson streaking away.
It's going to be Shericka Jackson, 22.5.
I ain't answering the messages ♪
[Allyson Felix] She's running times
we haven't seen
in a very long time in that event.
[commentator] Shericka Jackson steps away!
I think Shericka can break
the world record in 200 meters.
Everything points to that direction.
[commentator] Look at the time!
- 21.55.
- [swooshing]
- [commentator] 21.4. Wow.
- [vuvuzela blares]
[commentator 1] But now the spotlight is
firmly on Shericka Jackson.
Your never do it ♪
[announcer] Erm.
The, er,
lady with us today is, er, an athlete
who is within millimeters
of Flo-Jo's world record.
Please welcome Shericka Jackson.
- [crowd cheers]
- [crowd whistles]
[announcer] Everybody's wondering,
Flo-Jo's world record,
what can we expect from you next?
I think anything is possible.
Last year I ran 21.45
- and I'm definitely faster than last year
- [cameras clicking]
so I believe that I'm among the best.
You have to want it.
- You have to believe it.
- [piano pulses]
You have to believe that you are capable
of breaking the world record.
Then everything will fall in place.
I wrote a time that I want to achieve.
- Can I ask you what that time is?
- I definitely won't tell anyone.
Right after I finish competing,
I'll definitely post it.
[Boldon] Some people are thinking,
"Well yeah, Shericka's the favorite
and we're not really sure
if it's going to be close."
I'm not one of them.
You know who the most dangerous person
in the race is?
Unbreakable ♪
Waiting for Shericka Jackson
is Gabby Thomas of the USA.
["(We Are) Unbreakable"
by MUSZETTE playing]
Nah-Nah-Nah ♪
She's just run the world's fastest
200 meters for the season.
Unbreakable ♪
If those two lock horns, that's going to
make for an exciting race in the 200.
Nah-Nah-Nah ♪
- The Jamaican fans were amazing.
- Mmm-hmm
- I love them.
- I know.
They told me, on the way here,
every time I saw them they were like,
"All the best, but not in
front of Shericka."
- And I was like love you guys.
- All the best, well kind of.
Truthfully, I have not had a season
where I've had to really compete
against Shericka.
This will be a first for both of us.
The Olympic year,
she didn't make it out of the prelims.
And then last year I was injured.
So this is the first year
that she and I go head-to-head in the 200
and I'm really excited about it.
["I Need Something Stronger"
by Koda Kids playing]
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator] Watch Gabby Thomas,
runs a phenomenal 200.
[commentator 1] She has been doing
nothing but winning.
Gabby Thomas is by far America's
best 200-meter runner right now.
[commentator 1] It's a long time
since I've seen Gabby Thomas,
in any 200-meter race, not winning.
[Gabby Thomas] If I see you off the track,
I am smiling, I'm chatting.
But then when I'm actually on the line,
it's a whole different person,
it's like an alter ego.
I'm gonna rip your head off.
[music intensifies]
[Thomas] Shericka is definitely a force.
I don't know what's gonna happen
when I line up next to her.
But Olympics year, I ran a crazy 200.
Last year, she ran a crazy 200.
So now it's time for both of us to come
and see what happens.
[music fades out]
- [fan] Go USA!
- [laughs]
How are you feeling
during the Championships?
- Very stressful.
- It was stressful?
I have to sit there in that room
with all those people
and they're not all rooting for you.
- They're rooting for other people.
- I just I
Which makes me want to fight them,
every last one of them.
I'm just supposed to sit there and not
throw something at them
when they cheer for somebody else?
[rap music playing]
I really want a quarterback
With tough skin ♪
Go hard or go home ♪
Go hard or go home ♪
- Mamie!
- [electronic beeping]
How you feeling?
I feel really good.
I honestly, I have no complaints.
It was a good race.
Gonna get some recovery this afternoon
and get ready for tomorrow.
I gotta save some energy.
Gotta get through these rounds.
- Well, continue to shine.
- Thank you.
[Sha'Carri's Grandmother] See, I told you.
They should comment on you
and you was determined.
- You're a good one.
- Yeah yeah
You talking about my 100.
I gotta sit on that one right now, Mama,
I got put it on the back burner.
I just, I gotta focus on the two now.
[exciting music playing]
After the hundred,
I'm more excited now to run in the 200.
That way I could see, you know,
if I can bring home another medal.
I just want to keep going,
I almost feel like
I can understand why people are greedy.
You know?
When you have a bag of chips
and you just keep eating them.
I just want to keep feeling good.
The main job is done.
It's like, you do your schoolwork and now
you got extra credit to do, you know?
So now it's time for the extra credit.
["Quit Your Lookin' at Me"
by Lee Richardson playing]
Come and Come and get some ♪
You can all come
Come and get some ♪
Come and get some
Come and come and get some ♪
Lookin' at me lookin' lookin' at me
Lookin' at me ♪
[Thomas] We're going to have to throw down
at this point.
We have to fight for
the leading position
in the World Championships.
Because I am on the internet.
I see what everyone's saying.
- So I want to be the best.
- [swooshing]
[commentator] It's time for
the women's 200 meters semi-finals.
Three semi-finals on the way,
the first two in each
automatically qualify for tomorrow's final
and two-time qualifiers as well.
[music fades out]
[announcer] Let's meet the athletes
for the 200 meter semi-final.
In lane eight,
we have the world leader
and Olympic bronze medalist for USA.
- Gabby Thomas.
- [crowd exclaiming]
[commentator] She's the fourth fastest
woman ever at this distance.
She's fresh and ready.
[referee] Set.
- [starter pistol fires]
- [crowd cheers]
[commentator 1] Best turn runner
in the field is Dina Asher-Smith.
That's what
Gabby Thomas has to respond to.
[commentator 2] But here comes the
Gabby Thomas clicks it up another gear
and is going straight through
to the world final.
[commentator] Gabby is ready
and she dominates that.
I feel like she's very ready to contend,
not just for a podium spot,
but for that gold medal.
[exciting music decrescendo]
[commentator] Here is the final women's
200-meter semi-final
and it features
an athlete who has just created
- headlines around the world.
- [drums pulse]
Sha'Carri Richardson,
Shericka Jackson and Marie-Josée Ta Lou.
What do you call that? The semi-final of
[commentator 1] The final of death.
Because somebody isn't getting
one of those two automatic qualifiers.
[referee] Set.
- [pistol fires]
- [dramatic music plays]
[commentator] Final semi-final
of the women's 200.
Sha'Carri Richardson,
second from the right.
[commentator 1] The world champion has
made sure
she has done the job on the turn.
[commentator 2] Richardson's got
to drive through.
[commentator] Here we go.
She's gotta rely on that finish.
Sha'Carri Richardson's in trouble.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] But now
she starts to wind up.
She's coming by Ta Lou and will get there.
[crowd cheering]
[commentator] Shericka Jackson
with the win.
[commentator 1] No kill room for Sha'Carri
this time.
She is into the final.
[commentator 2] Only the top two
coming back
for what promises to be one
of the great finals of the week.
- [cheering]
- [whistling]
- [squealing]
- [indistinct chatter]
We gotta semi!
I'm excited y'all.
I get another medal if I place.
[indistinct chatter]
- When you run, bro?
- Tomorrow, bro.
- I'm so excited for you, bro.
- You my man, man.
- That was that was a good race.
- I appreciate it, bro.
You did some magic.
Let's do the double, let's do the double.
- So it's magic to everybody else
- Let's do the double.
- You gotta get the 200, man.
- Oh it's coming, bro.
Went out there,
shook off a bit of rust today.
I'm ready to go.
[rap music playing]
[drums pulse]
[rap music intensifies]
[commentator] Note the fans in the stands,
cue the air fans,
because it is hot here in Budapest.
91 degrees. High humidity.
This is tough for the athletes.
Take a look what I got ♪
The thing is,
it's like 30, 32 or whatever.
- Oh, Celsius.
- I call crap.
'Cause of 100 day,
I was like, this feels like it's 40.
It feels nuts.
I've never run in something like this.
[commentator] We got to talk about
this weather in Budapest, okay?
The weather is hot!
And it's not only hot, it's humid.
If you worked out in that type of weather,
you don't drink water,
you gonna cramp up and drop like a fly.
Got that fire
Got that feeling ♪
- Look what I got. Look.
- That it's blinding ♪
You're prepared today.
Oh. "Potential disruption due to
extreme high temperatures." Ha!
- Disruption of what?
- I don't know. Life. Life itself.
[rap music continues]
[Hughes] The sun is so so, so draining.
What is this, man?
How am I going to run in this?
I'm a I'm a hotshot ♪
- [drums pulse]
- [indistinct chatter]
[Brauman] After the semis,
Noah probably could have done
a little better job resting.
Shows up a little tired.
He's starting to feel
the races a little bit.
Fell asleep on the trainer's tray table
before we started warming up,
which is not usual either.
[tense music playing]
As far as going after the double,
it takes a lot to be able to be "on"
for an entire week like that.
You know when the exhaust
of the fan's cooler than it is outside.
That's a bad thing.
Considering the heat, the rounds,
all the press conferences, the golf cart.
All everything put together,
it's starting to add up.
I'm gonna need that air to blow
a little harder. Just a little.
There you go fan! Fan that man!
[music continues]
[Brauman] It's an accumulation of
activity, which makes it a lot harder.
Lane four!
[Lyles] So this is the first
World Championships I've ever had where
I did two events.
Coming in in the morning,
the 200, that sun was scorching.
Oh man. My legs were heavy
and they just felt like
they had a bunch of gunk up in there.
I'm trying to, like,
get my body to wake back up.
Because we still got a job to do,
which is me winning double gold.
[whistle blowing]
Doing his warm up, a little sluggish.
I am a little less confident
than I was before.
[synthesized music playing]
People have been talking about
a world record.
When he was tired, we're trying to run
fast enough to win the race.
That's all we talked about.
[exciting music playing]
There's a lot of talented people
on that track, so, you know,
sometimes you just need to have
everything right to win.
[exciting music fades out]
["Take Your Shot" by King Marino playing]
[commentator] What a night in Budapest.
Men's 200 final
and the women's 200-meter final
still to come.
Two acts of drama to go.
[music fades]
You want me to braid
your other one or you
I think he want to come over.
You do this one first and then
Okay, I'll just do that right now.
[man] Ooh! It is hot.
It's like humid.
[announcer] The gathering point is open
for the finalists
- of the women's 200 meters.
- [indistinct chatter]
Come on, baby, it's work time now.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Set go!
- It's good. Go be special.
[man] Shericka has oftentimes referred
to the 200 as her baby.
We have other persons who have run
smart times in the 200 meters.
Gabby being one of them.
Sha'Carri, I guess,
will be one of the main competitors.
So real track fans are licking their lips.
Records are made to be broken.
[suspenseful music crescendo]
All right, let's go, girl.
Let's do it. Okay?
[inspirational music playing]
Let's go, baby.
You know what you gotta do,
just go in there and do it.
- No more talking, baby.
- Yes, sir.
- One more time, who is the fastest?
- I am.
- Let's go to work, girl.
- All right, get 'em.
["They Know I Got It" by The Hoof
& Meredith Hope Raney playing]
Yeah I know you looking
Know you looking at me ♪
Everybody talking when I step up
On the scene ♪
Real nice with it but my attitude mean ♪
Step up off your feelings go get
To the green ♪
[cash register dings] ♪
[Boldon] I think we're going to have
one of the best 200-meter races
for women that we've ever seen.
Is the world record a possibility?
Absolutely it is.
Shericka Jackson wants
Flo-Jo's world record
[music continues]
and, at her core, there is a killer
instinct in Gabby Thomas
and, of course, she would want to send
a message to her rival in Jamaica
so it could be better than the 100.
And that's going to be hard.
Everyone talking
They know they know ♪
[Boldon] And Sha'Carri's going to go
into that race,
and she's gonna say,
"You know what I'm gonna do?
I am going to give you
such a hell of a run
that you guys are gonna have to break
Flo-Jo's world record to beat me."
[music fades out]
[crowd cheering]
[slow clapping]
[commentator] Shericka Jackson is
the reigning champion in this event.
But the conversation in Jamaica is,
- is Sha'Carri in Shericka's head?
- [indistinct announcer]
Because Sha'Carri has beaten Shericka
every single time
they have met this year at 100.
[announcer] Let's meet the athletes
for the women's 200 meters final!
[dramatic music playing]
- [crowd cheers]
- [fans whoop]
[commentator 1] What a moment.
What a night.
- What a final.
- [shrieking]
This women's 200 meters could be
utterly electric.
[cheering intensifies]
[commentator 1] I'm not
exaggerating when I say
you can almost feel
everyone's pulses quicken.
That is the sense of expectation
here in Budapest.
Whoever wins this
may have to run very, very close
to a 35-year-old world record to do so.
[music pulses]
[commentator 1] This is the women's
200-meter World Championship final.
- [indistinct chatter]
- [motivational clapping]
[drums pulse]
[electronic music pulsing]
[referee] Set.
[music decrescendo]
[starter pistol fires]
[commentator 1] The ultimate final
explodes into life.
[crowd cheering intensifies]
[dramatic music pulses]
[commentator 1] Richardson on the outside.
Gabby Thomas, the fastest athlete in the
world this year, right out in lane eight.
Jackson's going really well in the middle.
[crowd cheering]
Thomas trying to go with her.
But it's Shericka Jackson at the moment.
Can she hold it?
[crowd cheering]
Come on, Shericka.
[dramatic music decrescendo]
[commentator 1] But there's
no stopping Shericka!
[inspirational music pulses]
[crowd cheering intensifies]
[commentator 1] She's storming to victory
here. Watch the clock. This is so fast.
[inspirational music pulses]
[inspirational music continues]
[music pulses]
[commentator 1] It's a brilliant,
brilliant title defense!
[crowd cheering intensifies]
[commentator 1] 21.41 confirmed
for Shericka Jackson.
Just seven hundredths away
- [vuvuzela blares]
- from Flo-Jo's world record.
[commentator 1] And a mark
of her confidence
is that she looked
fleetingly disappointed.
What she really wanted tonight,
above the gold,
was a world record.
She's getting closer, you know.
She is getting closer.
A lifetime best for Richardson in third,
her second medal of these championships.
And Gabby Thomas,
- the Olympic bronze medalist,
- [exclaiming]
adds a world silver to her collection.
[triumphant music playing]
[Thomas] To have a medal is just
an amazing feeling.
The women sprinters are coming in
and we're doing really special things.
Shericka is a really hard one to beat.
I'm sure that she won't be the only one
next year that I'll be trying to beat.
[fan] That's what we do! Nice, ladies!
[Sha'Carri Richardson] I'm excited about
that bronze. That you go, girl.
I told myself that was
my pat on the back for myself medal.
I mean, I'm like,
"Oh you a real doubler now.
Okay, a true doubler." The fact that
I have two individual medals.
[triumphant music continues]
[Jackson] Probably checking
the world record twice this year.
It's a good feeling, you know.
Then that mean I'm capable of doing it;
that mean I just need to fix
what needs to be fixed.
Just go back to the drawing board.
What needs to be worked on, we work on it,
and then we come back next year.
[commentator 1] The women's race more than
lived up to its hype and expectation.
Now it's time for the men.
["Is That All You Got (feat. King Marino)"
[by Lee Richardson playing]
So is that all you got? ♪
[commentator] This is the men's
200-meter World Championship final.
[Bishop] A lot of times people ask me,
"Well, are you nervous?
Because you know Noah's going to win."
No, you don't know Noah's going to win
because anything can happen.
Is that all you got? ♪
[suspenseful music playing]
[Hughes] The only thing that can stop you
from achieving great things is you.
You are your own competitor.
So you look at yourself
in the mirror daily.
You have to remind yourself
of who you are,
the goals that you're going for
- and the commitment
- [crowd cheering]
and the sacrifices
that you're making, it has to pay off.
- [announcer] Zharnel Hughes!
- [crowd exclaiming]
[crowd applauding]
[commentator] And now,
to the star of the show,
the reigning champion,
the newly crowned 100-meter champion.
[announcer] Noah Lyles!
- [crowd cheering]
- [inspirational music playing]
- [vuvuzela blares]
- [crowd cheers]
[Lyles] It's a faith thing. It's the
belief that something is going to happen
without having proof.
And I feel like
my whole life has been that.
I've had severe asthma when I was young.
I had to believe that I wasn't going
to deal with that my whole life.
[inspirational music continues]
I had to believe that I was going to turn
pro out of high school.
I believed that
I was going to break records.
My whole life has been faith.
And because of those moments,
I know that this is no different.
I don't have to be perfect
to make miracles happen.
[slow clapping]
[referee] Set.
- [starter pistol fires]
- [crowd cheers]
[drums crash]
Go baby, go!
[commentator] It's a sling shot
around the bend.
Tebogo's going very,
very hard on the outside.
Oh my God!
Hughes running away in the middle.
Lyles needs to stay relaxed here.
[exciting music playing]
[Lyles] I don't believe in idols
I believe in myself.
I believe in what I can do.
I don't need to break any world records.
I just need to win.
I just need to be me.
[crowd cheers]
[commentator] Now it's time
Lyles pulling away.
[music intensifies]
[exciting music crescendo]
[commentator] It's gold again!
The greatest showman delivers
a blockbuster finish in Budapest!
- [clapping]
- [exclaiming]
[commentator] But he's proved
once again under incredible pressure
that he is the man to beat.
That he is the man of the moment.
[inspirational music intensifies]
[Hughes] I had to settle for fourth.
It sucked.
Because I just missed out
on another medal,
but I promise the next time
I come around,
it won't be like that again.
[commentator] Knighton the silver,
Tebogo a brilliant bronze,
but they were blown away around the bend.
[commentator 1] When you think
about the 200 meters,
three names are gonna live
throughout history.
Michael Johnson,
Usain Bolt and Noah Lyles.
[inspirational music pulses]
- Damn.
- Amazing.
Hey, you don't see stuff like that
every day!
[triumphant music playing]
When you're done here,
- I'll see you downstairs.
- See you downstairs.
- You good?
- Yeah.
[fan exclaiming]
[director] What's it feel like to double?
Makes you feel like the man.
I mean nobody can tell you anything now.
You're now the sprint god.
Like, you're the 100-meter champion,
the 200-meter champion.
Everybody can say, "Oh, I'm the fastest."
I'm like, "No, I'm the fastest."
And I got the medals to prove it.
[Lyles] World's fastest man.
It's about time.
[announcer] The double king, the one,
the only, Noah Lyles!
[commentator 1] He's 26.
He's at the very peak of his powers.
And he's got the Olympic games
in less than 12 months' time.
[cameras clicking]
I dunno how y'all do this.
Y'all gotta come back Olympics next year?
Oh, no.
I gotta get my training on.
[title track hip-hop music playing]
[music intensifies]
[music crescendo]
[music continues]
Subtitle creation by: Lesley Taylor
[music fades out]
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