Squid Game: The Challenge (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Nowhere to Hide

[ominous tone plays]
[automated voice] The three players
with the most votes
will be eliminated immediately.
- Oh my God, man.
- [woman 1] I hate this so much.
- [man 1] I don't wanna do that.
- [man 2] Gotta talk to everybody.
- Is there anyone that wants to go?
- [woman 2] Three is way too many.
- I cannot possibly.
- [man 3] Wow.
[automated voice] The first
of the two dormitory elimination tests
will take place in 30 minutes.
[woman 3] Oh my God!
[man 4] Popularity contest.
- [woman 4] Dude.
- [man 5] Oh my God.
- [Leann] Oh, Jesus.
- [Bee] I don't like this.
People have now realized that just
getting through the games isn't enough.
This is the first time that our characters
might really be brought into scrutiny.
Oh my God.
[Bee] And everyone is panicking.
These dorm tests force people
to make decisions
they wouldn't naturally make,
and we don't have much time.
[choral theme music plays]
[ominous tone plays]
We gotta talk about it, everybody.
And we all gotta talk.
Yeah, we have we have to talk about it.
[man 359] Hey, do you guys all wanna have
a group discussion about this?
- Let's get together.
- [359] Group discussion.
[254] Come on, everyone in.
I know we all want to be here,
but it's really deciding
We all wanna be here 100%, right?
But a part of the game now
is three of us has to go.
And we have to find
some equitable way to do that.
We could just find
a very easy either game or resolution
where we all agree
that three people could become eliminated
after we play this game
- [all] Nah.
- that everybody agrees on.
- [Kien] No?
- [all] No.
I like the chaos of their game.
[Kien] Nobody wants
to vote another person out.
We are the vibration of love.
I'm a keynote physician
and a minimally invasive surgeon,
so usually I play a team-leader role.
Every time we feel triggered,
if we have techniques,
we could start to center ourself
and ask ourselves to choose.
Are we coming from a place of fear,
or are we coming from a place of love?
Based on what I've heard so far,
collecting everything,
I think it is best
if there's a three-person tie
and we all agree
who those three people are.
- No.
- [TJ] No way.
- That's not gonna happen.
- [TJ] No, not with it.
'Cause we're already playing games. No.
330 is arrogant. Um, just
just not really, just, grounded.
Um, he's very entitled, and he has an ego.
In this game,
there's no room for arrogance.
You guys mind
if I say something about that?
So I think, like,
if anyone wants to leave,
of course,
that is kind of on the verge of it,
remember that, like,
there are people here who do want to stay.
I think for fairness, though,
because we're in a big group right now,
not everyone is always comfortable
sharing their opinions this way.
Like, look, give us some time,
and then we'll figure it out.
- [players applaud]
- Convened.
[gently suspenseful music plays]
[Rick] Places like this,
when there's gonna be alliances,
and everybody wants to look
for the leaders of these alliances,
um, my nature is to keep a low profile.
I've made most of my friends here.
My alliances have been made.
You know you got to have that alliance.
'Cause you might need
other people to help you.
Who Who are we doing?
We're not wasting our votes
on Doc, are we?
I don't hang around
with doctors like that.
They take control of things.
I I have very few doctor friends
'cause a whole lot of them are like that.
- Yeah.
- Um, I do not associate with doctors.
There's several people out there
that do have followers.
And by removing them,
the followers will scramble,
and this might help
the gganbu gang somehow get to the end.
Listen, as long as we're all solid,
I think we'll be okay.
I think we all need to stick
because if we spread our votes out,
one of us could get mistakenly
picked off by one vote.
[clears throat] No, I I am
I'm 100% with that.
And I I think it needs to be leaders.
- I'm gonna go for, uh, TJ.
- Are you? Okay.
- [Rick] Great.
- [334] Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
[374] After yesterday,
I'm just on edge with everything.
- Really?
- [374] Yeah. Like, I've had the fun.
I'm, like I don't need to be in
for the long haul necessarily.
I think everybody
have a sense of paranoia.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- There's a lot of numbers flying around?
- Mm-hmm.
Hopefully not mine.
- No.
- Okay, thank you.
286, my friend Chad, we have bonded.
This game is all about being ready,
mentally, physically,
and we connect, and
and, uh, that's very important to me.
[Chaney] All right, so let's talk.
Um, what's the strategy?
We have to eliminate people
and protect people.
Yeah, but we we gonna stick together.
But you know, TJ, here's the thing.
We need to understand our solid group.
- We have a solid group.
- Jesse and Sid is part of this group.
- Solid, solid, solid.
- [Chaney] Jesse is solid.
[Chaney] So I know
who I want to eliminate.
I just don't wanna be the first person
right now to make that decision
because if my team are not behind me,
I'm definitely gonna have
a target on my back.
[tense ethereal music plays]
- [beeps]
- People might be being strategic.
[Bee] I think so.
I've heard many numbers.
One of the biggest ones
I've heard is Dr. V.
Doc, "the doc," they call him as well.
I feel that,
'cause he's quite a big character
in in terms of well-liked, well-known.
Clearly a ve very intelligent man,
people might think he's gonna be a threat.
[Bee] He's a target for that.
Um, apparently 374 was like,
"I'm ready to go home."
Apparently 374 is the person saying,
like, "I don't wanna be here anymore."
- [man] That was 374?
- Yeah.
Who is that?
- He was sitting over there in the corner.
- [man] Okay.
[Dash] I have a theory.
[softly] We need to vote together.
- Mm-hmm.
- You can't be voting a random bitch.
People are gonna be voting in groups,
and it puts everybody at risk.
- But do you think you're at risk?
- And if
Do you think you're at risk?
This is a personal thing.
You go do what you feel in your heart
you need to do.
- [Lorenzo] At this point, I'm confused.
- I am confused.
There's floating numbers though.
Have you guys heard the numbers
that are floating around?
I heard 374 was one of them.
- Dr. V was one of them.
- [054] Yes.
[359] I heard TJ was one of them.
It's dangerous putting yourself
in the limelight in this place.
I would probably say
we decide all amongst ourselves,
and we have decided ahead of time.
The game is gonna go on.
Every single day we're in it,
more and more people b
will be eliminated.
It's a part of the game.
[suspenseful music plays]
[ticking continues]
What numbers are you hearing?
I'm hearing 3-3-0.
[Chaney exclaims happily]
Confirmation, yeah!
Boom! Let's do it.
[man] Letting him do him
is gonna bite him in his his own ass.
Karma is crazy.
Yeah. Hmm! You right.
[ominous tone plays]
I have been told that, you know,
I do come across as, um, intimidating.
Like, I have a math degree.
I have a master's degree.
So, not only am I beautiful,
but I'm also intelligent.
You know, men, they don't typically like,
you know, beautiful, smart women.
They kinda like beautiful, dimbo women,
but I have the entire package.
My biggest weakness
is making impulsive decisions,
which means that I'm not taking my time.
I'm being impatient,
and I'm not thinking thoroughly through.
I have a great mind, you know?
Like, I can think through everything,
but under pressure,
you can make a mistake
just like that. [snaps]
[musical swell plays]
- [gasps]
- Come on, everyone!
What is it?
There's enough apple slices for everyone.
We walked into the room.
There was a bowl of whole apples.
- [019] Of green apples.
- Yeah.
It sounds like a real story. [chuckles]
[Lorenzo] "Oh, look at us.
How good we are."
"We cut all these apples for you."
They're coming with apples.
Okay. It smells fishy to me.
Like, it's not that they're coming
with, you know, chocolates.
So I'm wary of these apples.
We just wondered
if you guys wanted something, a treat?
I'm not that excited about apple.
I think I'm gonna pass. Thank you.
Thank you for the kindness,
but I don't want that.
[Leann] We're just here
to bring apples to everyone.
161, I found him to be impolite.
Possibly rude.
- [man] Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- [Leann] You're welcome.
[Lorenzo] Okay, I'm done
with the story about apples.
I will naturally not go
out of my way to make friends
'cause I I don't really care about that,
and I know
if there's that energy in the room,
they would just come to me,
and they would be loyal friends,
and I'm sure of that.
Um, so, no, actually,
I cannot stand people pleasers
and go around, be like, "Hi, how are you?"
Discussing things you do not care about.
We don't have a connection,
don't have to hang around with each other.
We're just there for the circumstances.
I will not be doing that.
Even for the game.
I just can't stand it. I'm allergic to it.
Like, no. It feels fake.
It needs to feel genuine,
so that, I will keep it that way.
[musical swell plays]
[man 445] Yeah, I guess.
Game recognize game.
[ominous tone plays]
[creepy choral music plays]
[automated voice] Attention, players.
The vote is about to begin.
Players, please form an orderly line
in front of the keypad.
You all ready?
Lead the charge.
[Leann groans uncomfortably]
- [laughs]
- Okay. Do you wanna be first?
I don't I mean,
I don't care to go first.
You got this.
[automated voice] You will each have
to choose a player to eliminate.
You will all vote,
and the three players
with the most votes will be eliminated.
I am shaking. Like, even though
I haven't been out making enemies,
I haven't been in mess,
I haven't been in drama,
I just know that everyone
is on edge right now.
So anyone can take any little bitty thing
and hold a grudge against something,
and then, boom, you're up for elimination.
[automated voice] Players,
when instructed,
please approach the keypad
and key in the number
of the player you vote to eliminate.
[ominous tone plays]
I can't believe it. [chuckles]
[Lorenzo] Am I worried? No.
I mean, I don't really
have any beef with anyone.
I know I'm safe 'cause there's
a lot of people that people don't like.
[automated voice] The first time
a player receives a vote,
their picture will appear on the screen.
Damn it.
Ooh, this is crazy.
[Dash] The thing about this
is if you're the first person
to vote somebody new,
you literally expose your vote,
and that is
a huge disadvantage in this game.
You are guaranteeing
somebody is gonna be coming for you.
[tense music plays]
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
[buttons beeping]
[musical swell plays]
- [people gasp]
- [softly] Oh my God.
[374] Once I see my face go up
on that board with the first vote,
I know I'm toast.
One of my strategies has been
to project weakness in some situations.
So, you know, I'm going around,
I'm telling people
that I'm a little unhappy.
I kind of wanna go home in some ways.
So I think some people think
I might wanna leave.
[players groan and exclaim]
- [man 1] That's not cool.
- [man 2] Damn.
That's so savage.
[Trey] First person voted for is 374,
and, like, that's a good enough reason
to vote someone out at this point.
Nobody wants to be the first person
to put up a new name and a new face.
I don't think that's gonna make
a lot of people happy.
[tense music continues]
[Leann] It's not really hiding
when you're second because everyone knows
who you voted for,
but I'm thinking about
who has been rude to me,
and I I thought that was
a good way to go about it.
[buttons beeping]
[anxious, growling music plays]
[Leann sighs heavily]
[musical swell plays and rises]
- [players gasp]
- [man] Damn.
- [178] Oh my God. Oh my God.
- [woman] I was not expecting that. Wow.
Why is she picking me? [sucks teeth]
[Lorenzo] There's snakes everywhere
in Squid Game.
You cannot trust anyone, I'm telling you.
[Leann] Every little decision matters
and I'm not going to be afraid
to make a difficult choice if I have to.
[pulsing synth music plays]
[019] I'm really impressed with player 302
because we're both
independent, strong women,
and us women need to stick together.
I can't wait for my turn.
Mm-mmm. They're not ready for this.
[buttons beeping]
[buttons beeping]
[buttons beeping]
[Chaney] People are scared
to put another person's face up there
because then you gonna be a target.
[buttons beeping]
[chuckles dryly]
[Chaney] I see 161, and I see 374,
so we know that going into this,
we have to eliminate three people,
and I am getting ready to put
the next player up there on the board.
So I'm about to have a target on me
because I'm about to put
the third player up there.
[clanging suspenseful music plays]
[buttons beeping]
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[ominous tone plays]
[man gasps]
Damn, she she did it. She did it.
Yes, I am serious.
Dead serious.
[scoffs mildly]
[Chaney] I'm standing here voting for 330
because my team decided to vote for 330.
And so we wanna try our best
to stick together.
When we have opps out there,
we wanna protect each other,
and be there for each other,
and be loyal to each other.
[TJ] 179. She's standing by her words.
She's not afraid,
and and everybody's just, "Whoa."
This is a strong woman.
[buttons beeping]
[buttons continue beeping]
I think it might be
about to get interesting.
Oh, it might be.
Good-looking guys up there.
Think we need a woman.
It is what it is.
[exhales forcefully]
[buttons beeping]
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
[mock gasps]
[mockingly] Oh my God. It's me.
- Who would've thought?
- Who would've thought?
[Kien] Given what happened, I just chose
the same person that chose me.
I'm trying to give myself
a fighting chance.
[Lorenzo] I'm not going out
without a fight.
If I'm gonna go out,
I'm gonna go out with a bang.
I don't remember if it's "3-0-2" or "302."
I just wanted to make sure.
It's the same.
- I think I got it now.
- Either one. Okay.
[Lorenzo] I didn't like you
from the beginning.
Haters gonna hate,
but karma will bite them if they hate me.
[buttons beeping]
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[ominous tone plays]
[gloomy pulsing music plays]
[clears throat]
[buttons continue beeping]
[ominous tone plays]
[Dash] It is so obvious
that 179 is the ringleader
of that core four alliance,
and a lot of the faces up on that board
are just simply not threats.
So I'm really hoping
that people are smart and type in 179.
[buttons beeping]
[buttons continue beeping]
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[ominous tone plays]
[dramatic music plays]
[automated voice] Players,
the voting is complete.
The three players with the most votes
will be eliminated immediately.
[Lorenzo] I'm here for the money.
I got no loyalties.
My loyalty is with the piggy.
[automated voice] The first player
eliminated is
[suspenseful music plays]
player 374.
Mmm. Gone.
[sucks teeth] Finished.
[epic dramatic music plays]
[automated voice] The next player
eliminated is
player three
[man] We'll see you, man.
[Chaney] Mm-hmm.
[Chaney] Whoo!
3-3-0 has left the building.
[players clapping]
I'm excited because
I was the one who was ballsy enough
to put him up there on the screen.
It was nothing personal.
It was a group decision.
But I still feel
like I have a target on my back.
[music intensifies]
[automated voice] The final player
to be eliminated is
[musical swell plays and rises]
player 161.
[ominous tone plays]
[Lorenzo] I think people
are definitely sheep.
I got out today
because I was on the board.
Because she called me.
Otherwise, no one would've done that,
and I would've been still in the game.
I don't blame them.
I blame her.
[woman 051 sobs]
[door clangs shut]
Rose is upset.
[Trey] Yeah.
[keyboard clacking]
[counter chimes digitally]
[automated voice]
There are 70 players remaining,
and the total prize fund is $3.86 million.
[bank chimes digitally]
[ominous tone plays]
The first time no one clapped.
That's been one
of the hardest decisions for me now. Like
- It feels icky. It feels icky.
- Yeah.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
Lights out will be in 30 minutes.
The second dormitory elimination test
will take place tomorrow morning.
[Leann] I mean,
the only reason I voted for 1-6-1
was I had just seen him be
a little rude sometimes, and
I don't think he ever had
anything positive to say.
- [Leann] But it's a game.
- [Brad] It's a game.
- I mean, all you can do is play the game.
- [120] Exactly.
Well, I think I have some enemies now.
I was an editor at the New York Times,
and I worked in a lot of departments.
I was hired to work in sports
because that was my background.
I always had a ball in my hand,
I never had dolls.
I I didn't see the point of dolls,
uh, so I played sports.
My mom was an athlete.
My mom was a really great athlete,
um, for her time,
and I played several sports
in high school and younger,
but I ended up going to college.
I went to Kansas State University,
where I was the first woman to receive
a full-ride basketball scholarship there.
[musical swell plays]
- [Chaney] Were you scared for me?
- I'm glad you survived, girl. I was.
[Chaney] Aw!
- So I voted for that other dude 'cause
- You did?
- Thank you.
- Nah, it's okay, girl.
- I'm glad to see you still here.
- Thank you, boo.
Like, he's so sweet.
I do feel like people's true colors
are starting to come out.
I really just need my alliance around me,
you know, 176, 182, and 183,
to reassure me
that I'm wanted in this space.
Who you vote for?
Who you vote for? You vote for me?
[Dash] No, I was really nervous,
and I was trying to help save you and 302.
I'm glad you knew
it was a team effort too. Okay.
[Dash] No, no, exactly. So, I put my vote
on the one who went home first.
'Cause I coulda swore
I saw a 179 being put in. I see it.
From me?
- I'm just playing, Dash.
- Girl, don't play with me.
I didn't want anyone seeing
'cause I was like, "Doot-doo-doo."
No, absolutely not.
I would not do that to you.
I voted for Chaney,
but I'm totally lying to these people
and and saying that I didn't,
because she's clearly
the leader of an alliance.
So, during the next game,
I feel like they may come for me,
and I know it's not just me
who is feeling very vulnerable.
[Chad] A lot of people
say they'd get a tattoo.
- Oh, I am.
- That's awesome. Yeah?
I'm getting the calling card
with the circle, triangle, square.
- You're getting it? Really?
- The card with the color and with 232.
And then, um, I might even add
the gganbu gang to it.
- Really? Wow.
- Uh-huh.
I might get a collage with that.
- Look at you.
- [Stephen] That'd be sick.
[Rick] People are quite surprised
that I have, um,
some rather large tattoos.
Um, I have one that encompasses
my whole right lower leg up to my thigh.
It's the story of my life.
It's a tribute to my family.
Most people think doctors, older doctors,
don't do those kind of things.
I mean, my hobbies
are too numerous to count.
And, uh, one of them is growing orchids,
and I have a large life-size orchid flower
on my leg for every grandchild
with their initials in it.
Eighteen. And I hope to put a few more,
although there's no more room.
[gentle classical music plays]
- [Leann] Good night, everybody.
- [players] Good night.
[Dash] Good night.
What a day, man. What a messy, messy day.
[bell chimes on speakers]
[automated voice] Attention, all players.
This is your wake-up call.
[man] Whoo! Let's go!
[automated voice] The second test
will commence shortly.
[uplifting classical music plays]
- [TJ] How do you feel?
- Last night was was hard.
I'm grateful to still be here
to see another day,
to still be in this competition
and give it my all.
Even just the thought of being eliminated
is a real wake-up call for me.
I need to keep, like,
as many people on my side as I can.
It's, like, don't make enemies.
I'm feeling so fired up
and ready to slay this competition.
It looks super naive, but I've had
the same game plan from the start,
literally to do
what feels right at the time.
- Authenticity is the best strategy.
- You get Yeah. Oh yes.
We are all finding
person-to-person elimination
harder than a game,
and everyone is forming teams
and alliances and stuff.
Everyone who's in alliances
are seeking extreme reassurance,
and everyone's trying to decide
who the next people are they might go for
so that they can feel safe.
What are you guys feeling
about about what's coming up?
I think this is when they're gonna start
putting teams up against teams.
I think if we can stick together,
we'll be better off.
There'll be a time to split up,
but for now, we stick together.
- Gganbu gang!
- Shh.
[Dan] Easy though. Go ahead,
Lexie, you do the one, two, three.
- One, two, three.
- [all, softly] Gganbu gang.
- Hey.
- All right.
- [chuckles]
- All right.
Everybody here is a threat.
- If you made it to this point
- [Mai] Right? Yep.
- Everybody's a threat, you're right.
- everybody's a threat.
Y-You know I got your back.
So, whatever you need, just let me know.
- Thank you.
- Um
- And I'd do the same.
- Yeah.
[054] I just feel like emotions
are just really, really high in here, man.
It's insane.
Okay, guys, so this is the thing.
This is the thing.
There's a four-person alliance
between Chaney, Darius, Coach, and Jesse.
And there's a lot of people
that follow them.
We all just needed to vote for Chaney.
That's what I did.
I'm lying about my vote though.
I voted Chaney because she is the leader
of that alliance.
I don't know what you want me to say.
You need to be careful in this place.
- [woman 080] Yes.
- Oh, I know.
Be careful because you do not want
to have a target on you.
[intriguing music plays]
All right, wanna see
some 360 spins, Mc McTwist?
- Double-quadruple-cheeseburger flips?
- [woman] Yeah, I do.
I haven't done this for a while.
It might hurt. Ready?
- [woman] Whoa!
- [man grunts] There.
[woman chuckles]
- [Jada grunts]
- [players cheer]
[Jada laughs] Did I do it now?
- I'm not gonna lie to you.
- [Darius] Mm-hmm?
[woman 054] Dash.
[Dash] Hi. How are you?
He was just talking
about you guys', um, alliance, like
L-Let me have a seat, honey,
'cause I gotta hear this one.
He He He basically just said
that he voted for Chaney.
[Darius] What?!
He was basically saying
that would've been our best strategy.
I can't believe that.
I feel like is, uh
It's gonna be arm's length for me.
I feel like my my trust for him
has just gone [mimics plummeting]
Prize, baby! [chuckles]
Ooh, woulda got me riled up, girl.
That got me riled up.
[Darius] Wow. You know,
I thought he was our friend.
So I'm actually going to have to tell 179.
Player 141,
it's starting to get a little messy.
We gotta keep an eye out for him. [sniffs]
Girl, Chaney! You won't believe this.
[183] I'm kind of deaf
so I got to sit right here.
Okay, I'm listening.
[Darius] So, guess
who's going around saying
that choosing you
would've been more strategical?
- Who?
- Dash.
[ominous tone plays]
- Wow. Wow.
- [Chaney] Ooh.
- Mm-mmm.
- [183] That's terrible.
[Chaney] I'm not surprised. I really feel
like he put my number in up there.
[Darius] Absolutely.
Dash is out of control.
We need to start creating allyship.
We'll protect you.
[man] There you go,
that's a fair throw. Nice!
[woman] Oh! Okay. Okay!
[players chatter]
[tense ethereal music plays]
Look. All of them
[soccer players chatter]
That was the leader.
- The ringleader?
- Hell yeah.
[woman 229] I am a watcher.
Seeing all
these male-dominant alliances form
rubs me the wrong way. Um
Being married to a woman, a strong woman,
we deal with this every day.
When I When I see this here,
it just really just
It pisses me off.
Um, this is not what we're here for.
- [soccer players laugh]
- [automated voice] Attention, players.
Player 232,
please proceed to the chore room
with a player of your choice.
Stephen, let's go.
- [Dan] Go ahead, Stephen.
- [Stephen] Let's get it.
- [man] Have fun.
- Yes, sir. Wait for me, old man.
There was no stability in my household,
no direction.
I come from a big family.
Uh, nine kids. I'm I'm one of nine.
And my parents
started having kids at an early age.
I'm talking
way too early to be having kids.
And we've been homeless.
We've been living in cars.
We've been ho house and couch-hopping
as a bunch of kids, man.
And we never had We didn't ev
We weren't even able to eat every night.
So I'm not very close with my parents,
not even my mom,
which I mean,
I was a my mama's boy growing up.
So yeah, I I I still talk to my mom.
It's not like we're not acclimated,
but the dad, my dad,
pretty much out of the picture. He sucks.
[tense ethereal music plays]
Oh, look at what we have here.
[gasps] Ddakji.
Go for it.
[anxious flute music plays]
You You know how to flip those?
- Flipped.
- Oh, you have to hit it?
[Rick] Your turn.
Got to hit it.
- So I just smack it on top of it?
- Yeah.
- And I missed.
- Sometimes it's not always strength.
It's more like, maybe, like that.
Oh, wow.
[lighthearted classical music plays]
[Rick] I try to put my foot there.
- Like that.
- [Stephen] Look at you.
Oh, that was easy.
Easy Easy throw.
[Stephen] Little corner.
- [groans]
- Try Try again.
- Like this?
- Yeah.
- There it went.
- There you go.
You are something else, Gramps.
- Whoa.
- [Stephen] Wow.
[Rick] Got it.
This is pretty freaking easy.
And then I don't get it. [chuckles]
[automated voice] Attention, players.
Player 243
you have lost Ddakji.
[ominous tone plays]
[Stephen] Damn, what the hell is going on?
[laughs sadly]
We're good, man.
[Rick] The cards.
[Stephen sighs]
[Rick] I thought
we were just playing a game.
It's kind of my fault.
Um, I'm not worried about myself.
I'm worried about Steve.
I'm thinking, "243, the time is up."
[musical swell plays]
[creepy choral music plays]
What the heck is that?
It's a candy bar.
- It's a what?
- A candy bar.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[Rick exhales heavily]
[clears throat]
Oh, my.
- You are something else, Gramps.
- Just call me the old man.
- I call my dad old man.
- Oh. Well
But I like it.
I can't bring another kid home.
My wife would kill me.
[laughs] Definitely!
[laughs] I thought
[Rick] I I feel relieved
that Steve was coming back with me.
I'm insane. Oh, Steve.
Holy cow.
That was scary.
Thank goodness
I wasn't responsible for his elimination.
[Stephen] That's crazy.
[suspenseful, brooding music plays]
Just low-key. Low-key.
What did we do? What did we do?
We did some dishes.
- [Chad exhales]
- [Mai] Breathe.
Oh, look at that. No one's in here.
- Ew. Nasty showers.
- [sighs]
- The other way. Nice!
- One, two, three, four.
- [players exclaim]
- Clap!
I miss my son.
I just had a dream about him too, like
What would your boyfriend say right now?
- Come home.
- [both laugh]
I just miss my daughter, you know?
I just hope that she's not, like
My daughter's not thinking,
like, "Where's Mommy?"
Like, I hope she's just, like, calm.
I know I thought about it.
I was like, "I wonder
if my kid, like, asking for me."
Then you feel guilty for signing up
for this shit and leaving your own kid.
[Phalisia] I'm doing it for her.
I think they're rooting for us. I think
I think they are.
[both sob softly]
[Phalisia] So, we tried having kids, um
with IUI,
which is intrauterine insemination.
Wasn't We weren't successful many times,
um, at least five.
[smacks lips]
[sighs] And, um
We were actually
on the brink of getting a divorce
because it was really hard
on both of us.
Um, and, um
So we took a break
on just trying and focusing on us.
Getting back to loving one another
and en enjoying one another, and
[sighs]we got to another point
in our life where we were ready.
And, um
Yeah, we were blessed with a baby girl,
and she looks nothing like me
and a lot like my wife,
and it was my egg,
and it just works out so perfectly.
[sighs heavily]
[musical swell plays and rises]
[ominous tone plays]
- [buzzer sound plays on speakers]
- [375] What the hell?
[players chatter nervously]
[doors whir]
- [Jada] I told you, I told you.
- [Dash yells]
- [woman 1] I told you, guys.
- [Dash] Oh, no!
- Oh!
- [man] Ah.
[Dash] Uh-uh.
[woman 2] What is that?
[Stephen] What in the heck is this?
[Dash] I I'm scared
of being in the front honestly.
[woman 326] Why?
[Dash] Bad things happen
to the people in the front.
- At least we'll go down together. [laughs]
- No, I'm not going down.
What the hell is this?
[Dash] Oh my God, I'm terrified.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
This is the second dormitory
elimination test.
Five volunteers are required.
[Phalisia] Do you wanna go?
[Phalisia] Before today,
I've been like a silent prowler, I guess,
but now it's time. The
The numbers are starting to get lower.
I need to start stepping up.
- [man whispers] Should I volunteer?
- Hmm?
- Should I volunteer?
- It's dangerous.
Should I volunteer?
[ominous music plays]
[Stephen] There's no way
I'm gonna volunteer.
I don't want anything to do with it.
I'm not trying to have the
the possibility of getting eliminated.
Hell no. No, they can take it.
[Chaney] Mmm.
[man 183] All right. I'll be one.
Someone has to do it. Hopefully,
this kind of gives me the chance to
to do some justice
and get a good positive thing
out of this situation.
We got one volunteer.
[man 375] Clearly,
people can get eliminated.
But I'm gonna do it.
I'm just gonna take a leap.
Should I volunteer?
[man 1] Hmm?
- [man 2] Yo, yo.
- [Joel] I'm gonna do it.
[Jesse] We got three? Four?
- [Joel] Four, five.
- [man 130] Five.
[players applaud and cheer]
[creepy choral music plays]
[Phalisia sighs] What'd I do?
[sighs] My stomach is in my ass.
- What do you think that means?
- [Jesse] It's a jack-in-the-box.
Oh, my God.
There's gonna be one that has, like,
an elimination or something, like, bad.
[Jesse] Oh!
[Phalisia sighs]
[suspenseful music plays]
[automated voice] The five players
who have volunteered
to take part in the test,
please choose a box to stand behind
from the six available.
Oh, I feel sick.
- Money, all day.
- Hope so.
[musical swell plays]
[Phalisia sighs]
[Jesse] Don't overthink it, feel it.
[breath trembles]
It's a good box. It's a good box.
[automated voice] The six boxes
in front of you contain a surprise.
[suspenseful music intensifies]
- [Amanda] I have a bad feeling about this.
- I have a bad feeling too.
[automated voice] Your box
will contain either the power
to eliminate other players
an advantage in the next game
your immediate elimination.
[players gasp and exclaim]
[exhales heavily]
[ominous closing theme music plays]
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