Squid Game: The Challenge (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Trick or Treat

[suspenseful music plays]
[automated voice] Your box
will contain either the power
to eliminate other players,
an advantage in the next game,
or it will result
in your immediate elimination.
[players gasp and exclaim]
Come on, come on, come on.
[Phalisia sighs] No.
- We got this.
- [softly] All right.
- Look at Jesse becoming a leader.
- Mm-hmm.
In front of our eyes.
Come on, come on. We got you.
[ominous tone plays]
[automated voice] Player 183,
you may now open your box.
[tense music plays]
[box plays "Pop Goes The Weasel"]
Oh my God.
[players gasp]
- What is it?
- [sighs]
[automated voice] Player 183
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
you must pick two players to eliminate.
- [players exclaim]
- [Chaney winces] Yeah!
[creepy choral music plays]
[ominous tone plays]
I already know who Jesse's going for.
The first player I choose to eliminate
is the only person I have not spoken to
in this whole dorm.
Makes the decision pretty easy for me.
The first player
is player 026.
[ominous music plays]
[players gasp]
[automated voice] Player 026,
you have been eliminated.
[Jada] Like, this is crazy.
My heart is racing to the top of my chest
'cause everyone is at risk right now.
The second player I choose to eliminate
is a player who has been stirring up
some misinformation around the dorm,
and spreading lies
and tearing people apart.
And I will take no part
in having this in this dorm.
[dramatic music plays]
The second player
[music intensifies]
Nothing I have said is a lie.
There is a four-person alliance.
183, 182, 179, 176.
[automated voice] Player 141,
you have been eliminated.
Mmm! [kisses]
[tense ethereal music plays]
I love you so much.
[Phalisia] Oh God.
[automated voice] Player 375,
you may now open your box.
Oh, Lord have mercy.
Good luck.
[box plays "Pop Goes The Weasel"]
[automated voice] Player 375,
you have been eliminated.
[players exclaim and gasp]
[woman] Oh, no!
[sparse, anxious music plays]
That sucks.
[Phalisia sighs]
[automated voice] Player 087,
you may now open your box.
[dramatic ringing tone plays]
[man 1] Why did he do this?
[man 2] I really don't know.
I have no idea.
[man 254] My group,
my alliance, The Corner,
the plan is to stay off the radar.
I mean, did I miss the memo?
[breathes deeply]
[box plays "Pop Goes The Weasel"]
[automated voice] Player 087,
you must pick one player to eliminate.
[dramatic music plays]
[087] I have my alliance, and I know
that this person is in an alliance.
I think they are a big player
and a big threat to my team,
so I'm I'm just ready to get this done.
Uh, I'm gonna be eliminating
player number 176.
[ominous music plays]
Oh! Man.
It's okay, baby. It's okay, baby.
- I didn't see that coming.
- Me either.
[Jesse] Not cool.
I was worried for you, man.
I was worried for you.
[automated voice] Player 130
you may now open your box.
[sighs] Oh my God.
[Chaney and Phalisia exhale forcefully]
[box plays "Pop Goes The Weasel"]
[ominous tone plays]
[automated voice] Player 130
[Phalisia sighs heavily]
you have received
an advantage in the next game.
[woman] Oh, yes.
- [344] Advantage is nice.
- [Brad] Good one.
[Phalisia sighs]
[130] I'm feeling good.
I mean, getting the advantage
obviously is the best box you can have.
I am on cloud nine right now.
Good guess, brother.
[softly] I was nervous as hell, bro.
Had me nervous as hell.
[gentle music plays]
[Brad] Ah, man.
I know she's going through it.
That's stressful as hell.
[breath trembles, sobs]
[breath trembling]
[278] She's making me cry
because it's just, like,
"You didn't have to volunteer
your ass to go up there."
Like, "You could possibly
be getting eliminated right now."
And then I'm in here
what feels like by myself.
[automated voice] Player 229,
you may now open your box.
[Phalisia] Come on, baby.
[box plays "Pop Goes The Weasel"]
[tense droning music plays]
["Pop Goes The Weasel" continues]
[Phalisia breathes heavily]
- [sighs heavily]
- ["Pop Goes The Weasel" continues]
["Pop Goes The Weasel" continues and ends]
[Phalisia gasps]
Oh my God.
[suspenseful music plays]
[automated voice] Player 229
you must now pick
three players to eliminate.
[ominous tone plays]
- [278 sighs]
- [Phalisia sighs]
[exhales nervously]
[Brad] Damn, man.
This is crazy.
[Phalisia exhales heavily,
breath trembles]
[Phalisia] This is not
play nicey-nicey anymore.
I'm here for my daughter.
[whispers] This shit
getting cutthroat now.
[Phalisia] She's a brave little soul,
and I know she's a part of me.
I know I'm that person too.
And she would say, "Mommy, you got this."
[whispers] You are strong.
Keep your head up.
[Phalisia] So the decisions I make
[Phalisia]are for her.
[Phalisia] The first player
has an advantage in the game.
[344] Ooh!
[pulsing electronic music plays]
- Wouldn't even make sense.
- I know.
[bold music plays]
What the [mouthing]
- But he had the advantage.
- Yeah, that's why she's eliminating him.
That don't even make sense.
- [door clangs shut]
- [sighs]
That's the game, baby.
[Phalisia] I think the players
have underestimated me.
This is frigging wild.
[Phalisia] But I think now is the time
to start showing I can be
the winner of Squid Game.
[choral theme music plays]
[tense ethereal music plays]
These players have an alliance.
[sighs heavily]
301 or 302. You gotta break 'em up.
They're mother-son,
you have to break them up
because it's not fair.
[Phalisia sighs]
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
[suspenseful music plays and intensifies]
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
Who's 243?
[man 1 softly] Damn.
[tense ethereal music plays]
[man 1] Oh, bro. That's a power move.
This is terrible.
[Leann] Sorry, Steve.
- That's ridiculous.
- [016] Gonna miss you, bro.
[Stephen] This freakin' sucks.
I didn't even know
she for real knew who I was.
I thought I was doing a good job
staying out of the spotlight.
I'm floored.
My heart is in my shoe right now.
I don't know. This just sucks.
[exhales forcefully]
[somber droning music plays]
[clears throat]
[door clangs shut]
[sighs heavily]
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[ominous tone plays]
[man 269 gasps]
No. No.
Not good, man.
[melancholic music plays]
- Why? Rick, why?
- [softly] I don't know. I don't know.
- [man 1] So sorry, Dr. Rick.
- [269] Rick, we love you.
- [Leann] We'll see you soon.
- [man 2] I'll see you.
Yeah, I'm good. I'm good, I'm good.
[Rick] Being eliminated this way
is is extremely disappointing.
It felt so good to be part of a gang.
My gang. The gganbu gang.
I really felt like I'm protected,
but, um, I guess not.
[door clangs shut]
Very sad.
[Phalisia groans]
[anxious musical swell plays]
[automated voice] Players,
the test is now over.
[somber guitar music plays]
That was a close shot there.
- I was nervous for you.
- [Trey] I know.
[Trey] I I thought
I was a goner for sure.
The fewer people are in the game,
the more power an unbreakable duo has,
and the bigger target
is gonna be on our back.
Bitch, you made me cry.
- I hate you.
- [Phalisia laughs weakly]
[Ashley] Oh, God.
[Brad] Yeah, she bad.
She did that like a boss, bro.
Like a boss.
[Leann] You're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be all right.
That was strategic,
that was not emotional,
and I respect you for that.
And you helped the rest of us out.
That was a boss bitch move.
Boss bitch move.
[Jada] Player 229, she really, like,
gave me another sense of motivation.
Like, wow, that is some balls.
I'm sure that was
a really hard decision to make.
- I know that was your friend.
- No, it's okay.
He was a sweet man, but I know
that was hard for you too. It's okay.
[Phalisia] I don't regret
any decisions I have made.
This has now evened the playing field.
So I don't care what kind of hate
or targets I have right now.
I think majority of people will be
thankful that I did what I did.
The gganbu gang
is absolutely rocked right now.
The strategy is to regroup,
pivot, redirect,
and to not panic. Definitely don't panic.
All right, so listen. Let's talk
about what the hell just happened.
- Nobody's in here, right?
- [334] Nobody's in here.
- So, we obviously lost our wisdom.
- [334] Yep, he's gone.
- [Dan] We lost Quadzilla.
- [334] Yeah.
Um, anybody have any ideas,
you think, what happened?
I think I think we're too visible.
Everybody knows
we're the strongest team, right?
- So we should be less visible as well.
- [Dan] I agree, that's smart.
- That girl made a savage, brutal move.
- [334] Yeah.
But it it was a move
that I woulda made.
Taking the kid out with the advantage
was also a great move,
but now we know that she's a player.
So my advice, we don't talk
to anybody else about anything.
It's a dumb saying, but loose lips,
dude, they're gonna sink our ship.
- I know, literally, yeah.
- Right, so Yeah.
- Listen. Quietly, quietly.
- [031] Yeah. Ggan
[all whisper] Gganbu gang.
- That's good, that's good. That's good.
- Yeah.
- [Dan] Come on. After you.
- [334] Thank you.
Live to see another day.
- That was
- Ten percent of people gone.
Phalisia kept looking at me.
I thought we were toast there
for a second.
[Leann] And gameplay
to take the one with the advantage.
I mean, that was so smart.
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
[players chatter and exclaim]
[flickering sounds play]
[man] Ooh! Oh my God.
[chiming digitally]
No more clapping.
[tense music plays]
Show me the money.
I don't even wanna look at it.
This game has been testing people
left and right,
but this is what it is now.
This is a harsh reality.
This ain't meant to be fun.
This could be our last day. We don't know.
When you start to feel safe,
this game bites you in your ass.
Look at that damn piggy bank.
Look at the piggy!
"Do you hear me?"
- She's getting squeaky.
- Yeah, it's getting squeaky.
The key thing here is to just to make
as much connections as you can
because if something happens like that,
you don't wanna be the one
that they're putting out.
But I don't have "an alliance."
I can confide in you, and I can trust you,
and I got these conversations,
but we're not the type
to be, like, "Oh, it's an alliance."
Because as soon as people hear that,
they feel threatened.
Winning would completely change
my life, 360.
Um, one of the biggest things
I plan on doing
if or when I win the money,
um, I would actually donate
a portion of it
to a kidney donor assistance center
because I actually donated my kidney
to my brother this time last year, so
Yeah, my little kidney
is pumping through his body now.
So thank God, you know.
So, um, yeah, he is doing good.
Definitely seeing, like,
his health increasing,
um, and getting better,
I think, is so beautiful.
Happy for him. [chuckles]
I would never say
this shit to his face though.
Like, me and my brothers don't have
that relationship at all. [laughs]
[278] I know that was hard,
but I'd rather you open that box
than that elimination box.
I was like, "Damn,
what I'mma do if my bitch leave?"
I was cursing you the hell out.
[Phalisia] I know. I saw you crying.
I was crying. You made me cry, stupid ho.
[Phalisia] You thought I was going home.
I was, like, "She thinks she going home.
I think she going home."
[Phalisia] It was so many emotions.
It I was so nervous.
I didn't wanna be up there by myself.
I know. But you made
some great decisions, girl.
I was like, "Oh, that's my girl!"
I've never been
so mentally taxed in my life.
- Except for labor.
- [both laugh]
[musical swell plays]
You know, I was a straight-A student,
like, coming up,
especially in high school. Like, I was
I was bad as shit
in high school, you know?
I I used to fight in school, you know,
talk back to teachers,
but I always kept good grades.
And so, you know,
the teachers and the counselors,
they would take me under their wings
because they saw,
like, so much potential in me.
Like, I ended up going to Smith College.
I'm on the campus for the first time.
It's so white.
Like, it's like a culture shock for me.
You know, I'm coming from Atlanta.
Atlanta is the Black mecca of the US,
and so it was a culture shock.
But, like, I
My heart immediately was like,
"Girl, this is your school."
Like, it was so small and so beautiful.
Like, the people were love, you know,
the professors were love.
And I was like, "Oh, yeah,
this is where I belong."
Being a Smithy
definitely, like, helped shape me,
and the women that I met on campus,
you know, they've made me stronger.
You know
You know, I think, you know, all that shit
prepared me for this competition. Ooh!
[ethereal music plays]
[musical swell plays]
[404] We're good.
Yeah, we're good.
[087] So, yeah, man. That was nuts.
[254] Man, you took
some serious bullets, like
[087] It was weird though.
I didn't feel nervous at all.
I felt calm.
- You had purpose.
- I had a purpose.
Before anything goes
any further with that,
we appreciate you, man.
- Nah, sure.
- Honestly.
Hey, The Corner, dude.
We're riding The Corner till the end, bro.
[087] Mikie's a funny dude.
We have the same sense of humor,
and he cares a lot
about the people who care about him.
He, uh, has difficulty trusting people
and letting people in,
but once you're in that inner circle,
you're you're locked in.
Okay. Hypothetically, guys,
let's be real about this.
If, just between us three,
I know it sucks to do us three
'cause there's six of us,
but I trust you two. I don't trust them.
- [voice speaks distantly]
- Someone's coming.
Yeah, no, then you just jump-shot it
next time you're
- Swish.
- Money.
[chuckles] Nothing but?
- Nothing but net.
- Net.
- [laughing] Ned.
- Net.
We call our friends group "The Corner"
because we always hang out
in the corner under the beds.
As well as the three of us,
there's 339, 065, and 077.
Good guys, good girls. Strong team.
I will eliminate them one by one
when I have to, though.
That's That's a fact.
Ned, would you hurry up, man?
- Yeah, hurry up, dude. Come on.
- [Ned] Hey, I'm sorry.
- If it stinks, we're gonna leave you.
- [both laugh]
[automated voice] Attention, players.
The lights in the dorm room
will be switched off shortly.
["Claire de Lune" by Claude Debussy plays]
Good night.
[Dan] Game is crazy, man.
This game is absolutely insane.
I know you ain't gonna shoot for me,
and I ain't shooting for you.
- Not in a million years.
- So at least we know that's solid.
So if one of us goes down,
we go down fighting.
[woman] All right. Good night, Squid Game.
[bell chimes on speakers]
[automated voice] Attention, all players.
This is your wake-up call.
["Trumpet Concerto in E-flat"
by Haydn plays]
Good morning.
- Another day.
- [Trey] Yeah, another day in paradise.
[326] Yeah, another day in paradise.
There we go.
[exhales intentionally]
Ooh, that really done made me
lose my appetite.
[Phalisia] How'd you sleep, Jesse?
Good. I had this dream where my mom
Well, not my mom,
but whoever my mom was in my dream,
had, like, me and like ten people
around the house,
and we had to move around
like Red Light, Green Light.
Oh hell.
- [Leann] What's up, Roland?
- Hello.
Roland, I guess you're
you're a good person to ask about this.
But, like, um, have you heard rumblings
of anybody that is, like,
still targeting my mom after
I don't think so.
I haven't heard anything about you guys.
It's gonna get really interesting
if we keep going here, you guys.
[Roland] Yup.
And then there're only gonna be
people left that we care about.
It's gonna be awful.
[musical swell plays]
So, about six months ago,
my lung collapsed,
and, uh, I was in the hospital
for eight days.
I It was really hard breathing for four.
It was, like, chest tubes and surgery,
whole nine yards.
It was It was awful.
My My mom and my girlfriend
were with me the entire time.
Like, all eight days.
My mom flew out from Jersey.
Um, she she stayed with me
in in the hospital,
uh, with with Cecilia,
and, uh, it was it was the nicest thing
those two have have ever done for me,
and I'm forever grateful.
But, like, it it, like,
really took a physical
and emotional toll on all three of us.
Is I mean, it was it was near death.
Like, it was close.
And you know [laughs]
it's it's just like
those types of situations put things
into perspective in a really big way.
I'm enjoying my experience.
I am. That's all we can do.
So whatever they throw at us,
we don't care, man.
Whatever, bring it on, lady.
- [automated voice] Attention, players.
- Bring it on, lady.
[automated voice] Five players
are required for a chore.
- [players exclaim]
- [254] Sus. Sus!
- [man] Hell no.
- [woman 1] What?
[Phalisia] You should do it.
- Do it.
- [Ashley] I'll do it.
- [Jada] You gonna go?
- [065] Get me in there.
- [Chad] Go ahead, Mai.
- I got it.
- [Chad] You gonna do it? Are you? Good.
- [Mai] Huh? Yeah.
I can tell you, I am not doing it.
[automated voice] If they manage
to complete this chore,
there will be a treat for the dorm.
- [all exclaim]
- [Jada] I will do it!
[players cheering]
- Hold on. I wouldn't go running for that.
- [woman] I'll do it for you guys!
- Hold on now, guys.
- [Jada] I will do it, guys. Let me do it.
[automated voice] Please select
the five players
who will be taking part in the chore.
- [Ashley] Right, we got five.
- We got five.
Get your hand down, man.
- No. Hell no.
- [065] We're bringing something back.
We're bringing something back, y'all.
- You think you're okay? Certain?
- [065] Yeah.
Said nothing about what happens
if you don't do it on time.
Yeah, I know.
It might be really hard, man.
It might be a 1,000-piece puzzle.
I think we got it.
[Mikie] My first thought is as simple as,
"The treat will probably be
five people have been eliminated,
and that's everyone that went
into the chore room."
[Chad] Good luck. You got a strong squad.
Good luck back there.
I know you gonna bring it home.
[Mai] Volunteering myself,
it, uh, puts me in control.
I want to be in control
of my destiny and my fate.
- [054] Oh!
- [Mai] We're here. Oh, oranges!
[Jada] Oh, we have to juice oranges.
- [054] Oh my God. Okay.
- [Jada] I'm down.
- This is good.
- What's the time limit?
- [065] We shelling oranges today!
- [automated voice] Players
Your chore is to squeeze juice
from the oranges provided
and fill all three jars.
If you do so successfully
within 30 minutes,
you will win a treat for the dorm.
With that, you may now begin.
- Go!
- Are we cutting oranges like this?
- Yeah.
- [065] Okay. Yeah.
- Man, I wanna eat one of these!
- These oranges look so nice.
[players chattering]
So how do you feel
about what went down yesterday?
It's just
Two days of eliminations like this?
- [man] Yeah.
- I think this is the worst way to go.
It's hard 'cause it brings out
the worst in people too.
Like, I genuinely had no idea about
all this beef and all these alliances
and stuff like that, which is scary,
because you never know.
I don't think it's bad.
Like, I feel like from the outside,
I feel like you guys might look
like an alliance maybe a little bit.
[droning music plays]
- Just because you guys hang out a lot.
- We're just good pals.
- I
- No, I know, but I'm just saying.
Like, some
some of these "alliances" are unspoken.
Like, you know what I mean?
- They're just people who just are like
- Right.
If push comes to shove,
we'll get in a line together.
Oh my God.
Maybe we shouldn't be seen together.
[all laugh]
We're gonna look like a weak-ass alliance
with three people.
- Yeah, we're playing a pretty poor game.
- Yeah. [laughs]
[somber music plays]
[393] I'm a lone ranger.
I don't Mmm.
I can work in groups,
but I don't prefer it, you know.
There's something about my hearing loss
I feel like I have to give a lot of energy
when socializing with hearing people.
I've gotta listen.
I've gotta lip-read sometimes.
I've got to, you know, read the room.
It's a lot of work.
To survive, I'm gonna try my best.
I'm gonna do whatever I can
to live another day,
but I'm not willing to
I'm not willing
I'm trying to think
of how to say "screw people over"
without using the "f" sign.
[musical swell plays]
Some people are saying
that they just don't trust anyone,
and I don't feel that way.
- Yeah. No, I trust you guys.
- I know you guys would
I trust you guys absolutely.
- [453] Yeah.
- I love you guys. I really do.
- Aw! Yay.
- Yay!
Oh, let's keep it low-key
or people are gonna eliminate us.
[keyboard clacking]
- [054] Oh, you've got You've got kids?
- Yeah, I have a three-year-old.
- A boy or a girl?
- It's a boy.
I'm a boy mom! Can't you tell?
- You imagine me with a little girl?
- Yeah, you're definitely a boy mom.
She fall, get to crying,
I'd be like, "Get up. Suck that up!"
Ashley and Jada,
I think you guys are so funny.
- [Jada] Aw!
- Seriously.
You remind me of my friends,
you know, back in the Navy.
They They're
They speak their voice, you know?
They never hold anything back.
Aw. Thank you, May.
Mai! See, now Ashley got me saying "My."
I'm Mai,
but my granddaughter call me "Meimei."
- Aw!
- [Mai laughs]
That is so cute.
- [Ashley] What is the treat?
- What do you guys think the treat is?
[Jada] I think the orange juice
is a part of the treat.
Or are we squeezing this for the staff?
- [laughs]
- [054] No!
- Exploitation!
- [laughing]
[automated voice] Players
you have 30 seconds remaining.
- Wait. No.
- What?
[Jada] No, she's lying.
- Squeeze.
- [Mai] That's okay.
No, no, everybody's full, right?
Squeezing, squeezing.
Squeezing, squeezing, squeezing!
Oh, hell yeah. I I got a big one.
- This might be it. This might be it.
- [054] Yeah, yeah.
Oh, baby.
- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah, it's over with.
Yeah, I think we're gonna Oh! We're
- [exclaiming]
[065] Come on, baby! All the way up!
- [Jada screams]
- We got it!
[Ashley] Wait. Relax.
That's not full. That's That's bubbles.
- That's full.
- Yes, that's absolutely full.
- It's full.
- [automated voice] Players.
- Shh!
- Your time for chores is over.
Please stop what you're doing immediately.
[054] Yeah. We got this, we got this.
[065] I don't know what's gonna happen
if we don't complete this task.
We don't know
the stakes behind if we fail.
I've kinda been laying
really low in this game,
and I don't want to, you know,
throw my name out there,
and the first thing
just be an absolute failure and flop.
If she says anything else
but "You passed"
[automated voice] Players,
please return to the dorm.
[054] What?
The results of the chore
will be announced later.
[all groan and exclaim]
[Ashley] Oh my gosh.
Why you gotta do us like this?
Okay, so we don't even know if we passed.
God, I wonder what they're doing.
I hope they're okay.
Mai was in there,
and I really like Mai, she's really sweet.
My parents taught me
don't volunteer for anything,
'cause most likely it's gonna be shit.
- [man 1] Sweet.
- [all cheer]
[man 2] We got five people back.
[054] Don't clap, guys,
'cause we don't know.
- You made it? You didn't make it?
- [221] We're not happy?
Because we don't know if we passed.
- [326] Oh, you don't know?
- [054] No.
I pray to God it's a treat. [mock sobs]
- I really want it to be a treat.
- See, I'm a chocolate person, so
My favorite desserts are all lemon.
Lemon cakes, lemon
lemon poppy seed muffins,
lemon meringues.
- [groans and wags tongue]
- Oh my God, like, come on.
[buzzer plays on speakers]
[intriguing music plays]
[doors clang and whir]
- You guys aren't scared?
- Why are you scared?
[Jada] I don't know.
[square guard] Attention, all players.
Earlier, a number of you
attempted to complete a chore.
That attempt was
[all cheer]
As a reward,
the whole dorm will now receive a treat.
[players cheer]
The treat
is a picnic.
[all cheer wildly]
Let's go! Let's go!
[TJ] That's what I'm talking about.
Yeah! Yeah!
[344] Oh, wine and cheese would be lit.
I just want chicken nuggets.
[stately classical music plays]
[square guard] You must now choose someone
to share your picnic with and line up.
[019] Partner? Come on.
[336] Right, let's do it.
We gonna stick together? Let's go.
- [Bee] Anyone need a pair? Have a pair?
- Charlie already claimed me.
Why don't you and Mai link up?
- [Jada] Come on, Mai, we can be paired.
- Okay.
[all chattering]
Anyone wanna pair up?
[Dylan] We're at 63 people.
There's gonna be one odd man out.
- You need a pair?
- [399] Okay.
[Dylan] And so I decided to go with Aurora
'cause she's the closest person around me.
I'd rather be partners with you
than be the one person out.
[Aurora] Okay.
- I'm happy to be the spare.
- [square guard] Players.
Each pair must now
collect a picnic blanket
and find a space to sit.
[man] Time for some food.
- [Ashley] Thanks. Where you wanna sit at?
- [Phalisia] I dunno.
- Thank you.
- Let's get it, brother.
- [Jada] My gosh. I feel like a princess.
- Thank you.
- I smell cookies. Ooh!
- I smell something sweet.
Oh, man, I'm so ready for all of this!
I'm so excited.
Do you reckon
you can fit three on a blanket?
- Thank you.
- [woman] Jordan, there's another blanket.
- Is there?
- Yeah.
[Jordan] I don't mind, you know,
having a picnic by myself.
I'm an only child.
I'm a pretty solitary guy.
Thanks, mate.
I'm happy to take a risk. I feel
like you never know what's gonna happen.
I kind of like that I've got
a singular thing all to myself, you know?
[man] Hey.
[players cheering]
["Waltz of the Flowers"
by Tchaikovsky plays]
[man] Nice!
[Chaney exclaims happily]
[man] We're ready.
This is so cute.
Oh my God, I'm so excited.
Give us a basket first.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[square guard] You may now
enjoy your picnic.
- [man 1] Yes! Orange juice!
- [man 2] Gummies, baby!
This is cute!
- It's the juice. It's the juice!
- Oh!
- What's in here?
- [031] I think it's a cookie. Whoa!
- Look at that! [laughs]
- Oh!
- Oh!
- I've never felt happiness like this.
- [whistles]
- They went all out on this one.
- We got barbecue chips!
- [yells]
[woman 1] Oh my God.
[woman 2] There's candy!
They do love us.
- All right, hold on. Give that to me.
- What?
- I'm doing some searching.
- Oh.
[Leann gasps]
[ominous tone plays]
[ominous music plays]
Oh, this is [mock sobs]
What's in here?
[Phalisia gasps]
- Put that shit back.
- There's marbles in the bottom.
Oh, we got candy, we got Oh!
- [031] Yo, look at this, look at this!
- Let's go!
[339] Let's go!
[man] Guys, can I just say
to the people who did the chores today,
thank you so much.
- Thank you so much.
- [players applaud]
[sighs] Oh, God.
It's okay.
[breath trembles]
[Trey] I see those marbles,
and my heart sinks.
[chuckles sadly]
[Trey] Either I am going
to eliminate my own mother,
or she is going to eliminate me.
[ominous tone plays]
[031] Oh, there's more. Here, here.
Oh, marbles! Oh no!
Guys, there's marbles in bottom.
[ominous tone plays]
- Pick up the thing.
- [339] Marbles in your basket.
- [woman] It's true. You open the bottom?
- [Mikie] Oh, my God.
[Kyle groans heavily]
[marbles rattle]
This is sick, yo.
[Dan] Damn it,
I knew we should have split up.
[Dan] This is a cruel,
vicious, savage game.
we're gonna have to battle it out.
You are trifling.
I looked into my false bottom.
There's no marbles.
[Ashley] 229 has become,
like [sobs]my homie-lover-friend.
I know she wants it,
like, way more than I do.
And so that's tough
because somebody has to go home.
[somber music plays]
It sucks so bad.
Jesus Christ.
[flaps lips]
[sobs] Can't talk at the moment.
[sighs heavily]
Favour is starting to cry.
He's He's devastated.
I am wondering if he's gonna stay
this emotional throughout the game.
If that's maybe an advantage for me.
- I don't wanna play you.
- I don't wanna play you.
[Leann] You really better win it.
- Mai, we're gonna play to the death.
- I know, right? We will.
We have no other choice.
[doors clang and whir]
[suspenseful percussive music plays]
Oh my God.
I feel sick, man.
Attention, players.
Please stand and follow the staff.
Your next game is Marbles.
[ethereal choral music plays]
[square guard] You will each go
head-to-head against your picnic partner.
And only half of you will return.
[dramatic music plays]
[man groans] Throwing marbles for 4.56.
[Leann] Most mothers
would just let their kid win.
[Phalisia] One of us
is not coming out of here.
- [TJ] I'm here to win. That's it.
- [sobs]
[woman 1] I am literally terrified.
Please, God.
[man 1] Oh my gosh.
[man 2] I don't wanna lose.
I don't wanna go home.
[woman 2] I feel like people
are gonna start changing.
- [man 3] I wanna win that money.
- [man 4] I need to win this game.
[man 5] Just like that. Anybody can go.
[square guard] Congratulations.
You are the winner of Squid Game.
[ominous theme music plays]
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