Squid Game: The Challenge (2023) s01e06 Episode Script


[Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers"
from The Nutcracker plays distantly]
[brooding, ominous music plays]
[siren wails]
[computer processing and chirping]
[square guard] Attention, all players.
In order to win the $4.56 million prize,
you must complete a series of games.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[ink packs go off repeatedly]
[player screaming]
[Mikie] I'm gonna be your best friend,
but I will absolutely double-cross you.
[dramatic music plays]
- Oh no.
- [ink packs go off repeatedly]
- [cracks]
- [gasps]
[Spencer] They say they're games.
[ink pack goes off]
- [ink pack goes off]
- They're not.
[bold fast-paced music plays]
[Trey] I don't know if everybody's gonna
have their mom in this game.
[Bee] We are in my domain.
If there's anything
I'm going to be good at, it's this.
I'm not gonna lie.
I'm gonna tell my kids about this.
- [explosion sound plays]
- [automated voice] Player 432, eliminated.
[TJ] We're not going home, none of y'all.
You know the storm's coming,
and I'm the light-post out in the water.
[music intensifies]
- Everybody is a threat.
- We need a team.
[all, softly] Gganbu gang.
[square guard] In addition,
there will be tests of character.
[sighs heavily]
[square guard] How you play
is who you are.
[Phalisia] Now is the time
to start showing
I can be the winner of Squid Game.
- 243.
- [board flickers]
- [Phalisia] 232.
- [flickers]
You made me cry.
[square guard] You will also be given
chances to earn rewards.
You may now enjoy your picnic.
I've never felt happiness like this.
[Leann exclaims]
[Leann gasps]
- Guys, there are marbles in bottom.
- There's marbles in the bottom.
[Trey] Either I am going
to eliminate my own mother,
or she is going to eliminate me.
[square guard] Your next game is Marbles.
[droning, ominous music plays]
[players exclaim]
[ethereal music plays]
[man] What the?
[musical arrangement turns sinister]
[Trey] You know, in this room,
like, everybody is so quiet,
and I mean, like,
you can hear a pin drop in here.
Nobody wants to play Marbles.
Everybody has to play Marbles,
and only half of everybody
is walking back into the dorm tonight.
- [Mikie] Oh my God. This sucks.
- Mmm.
- Yeah.
- This sucks. [sighs heavily]
- No, I'm just nervous. Um
- Yeah.
My stomach is in knots. So if I cry now
- Yeah. No, I'm trying not to.
- [laughs]
Oh man.
Gganbu. Only a few of us left.
Ready to determine our fate.
- In a kids' game of marbles.
- Yeah.
[sighs heavily]
[suspenseful classical music plays]
[automated voice] Attention, players.
Oh, as soon as that voice comes on
[automated voice] All pairs
have 20 minutes
to devise and play their game of Marbles.
The Marbles game can be played
in any way that a pair agrees.
Any pairs that fail to pick a winner
by the end of the time limit
will be eliminated.
Oh boy.
[automated voice] You have 20 minutes.
With that, let the game begin.
[clock beeps and ticks]
[booming percussive music plays]
[Dylan] So, uh, what are you thinking?
I would be in a severe disadvantage
if we did something involving throwing
because I'm not good at it,
and I wanted to propose a strategy game.
No. Because we all know
how the strategy games work.
We can maybe agree on something
in the middle ground
that's, like, more up to chance.
[Dylan] Here's my thing.
I don't want to go home
and say it was because I got unlucky.
Maybe we can go offhand
where I go left hand, you go
To kee To keep it as somewhat
of a skill to make it fair because
- I don't think that makes it fair, dude
- How? That makes no sense.
You have to be somewhat reasonable.
[clock continues ticking]
[both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
- Bam.
- Okay.
So then you go first?
First or second? You can choose.
- No, you go first.
- Okay. So I'll go first.
[Bee] Oh my God, I'm so scared.
Oh, I wanna be sick.
- [marble rattles]
- Stop it!
- Oh boy.
- Wow. Okay.
[Ashley] We can do a skill game.
Find a bucket. Throw it in.
And whoever makes
the most marbles in wins.
- Shake on it?
- [laughs sadly]
[melancholic music plays]
[Ashley] Oh man, I love you.
This is gonna suck.
I'm so nervous.
It's okay, man. It's a game.
- Just play the game.
- [exhales steadily]
[tense ethereal music plays]
[Jackie] Why do you want to win?
[man] Because I can't afford
to retire, you know?
And also, somebody close to me
has had some health issues,
and, uh, I I think I'd probably end up
giving a donation to some of the charities
that are involved in their recovery,
to be honest with you.
- I understand that.
- What about you?
Well, I mean, you know I'm Deaf.
For me, it's about representation.
I wanna make my community proud,
and I've never seen anyone ever
that represented me.
Someone who's Deaf,
someone who uses sign language,
someone who also uses their voice.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And just being able to teach
people in here sign language.
People that I've just chatted with
for, like, five minutes
are telling me, "Good morning."
But I'm deaf.
- I've seen your hearing aids, yes.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Why have you not taught me
any sign language?
- I've talked to you. You haven't
- It goes both ways, Tim.
If you'd come up to me
and gone like that, I'd have gone
[Jackie] That's not my job
to come up to you.
- Are you playing the sympathy card here?
- Sympathy card?
- Tim. Tim, what are you doing?
- No, no, no, no.
No, because you've not mentioned this.
You've not indicated at any point.
- And you know that.
- Tim, we're not friends.
You've saved this for this moment.
- I know I know your game.
- Tim, that's really icky.
You started talking to me,
and you just went like that automatically.
I was like, "Oh, she signs."
At no point have you done that.
- No, Tim.
- You've done that for this moment.
Tim, you're
you're ruining yourself here.
You tricked me.
- Oh, Tim.
- No, I'm
Oh no, I'm sorry.
I feel bad for you.
I don't feel too bad for you
because you're going home in a moment.
[ominous tone plays]
[chuckles sadly]
Let's just see
what the universe has to say about that.
[Tim] Absolutely.
[clock continues ticking]
[tense ethereal music continues]
[Trey] I just want to win.
I just wanna be the best
at at something. [chuckles]
You know?
And I just wanted to find
that inner drive to do it.
I think I have discovered it again.
I I love you, Mom.
I love you too.
[music intensifying]
[both sigh]
Now I'm gonna beat your ass.
- Good luck with that.
- [both laugh]
[mellow brooding music plays]
There's no way you're taking this off me.
That's so messed up, bro.
I don't wanna battle it out
with you though.
One marble, closest to the wall wins?
- Yeah.
- So we're gonna shoot to the step.
Put all marbles out. One shot.
Closest takes it all.
- Sounds good.
- We're just gonna let the clock wind down?
Let it run all the way out,
leave 20, 30 seconds left.
- Okay.
- Boom.
One shot. Winner takes all.
- Deal. Yeah.
- All right.
[Brad] You wanna just dig the hole,
see how many we can get in the hole?
- Toss, then whoever gets the most in wins.
- Toss. The most in, wins.
[both] Oh!
[inhales sharply] All right.
Coming up.
[Chaney] I have complete tunnel vision.
I'm only focused on myself,
and I'm only focused on the marble.
- [221] Ow.
- [Chaney] Damn.
[sighs heavily]
[clock continues ticking]
[Jackie] Go ahead.
- I'll let you go first.
- [Tim] Okay.
[tense music plays]
- [marble thuds]
- [groans]
[clock continues ticking]
You can pick the game, but I really don't
wanna do a game of throwing.
I'm not gonna do anything
besides a game of throwing.
Only gonna do a game of throwing?
Yep. I'll go I'll go
any game of throwing you want
- that involves more than one marble
- I'm not comfortable playing throwing.
Don't have to raise your voice,
it's fine.
I'm not raising my voice.
You It's okay. Listen.
I thought you were a competitor.
I am a competitor.
That's why I'm not gonna fold.
Clearly not.
[Dylan sniffs]
Why are you being so stubborn?
I'm giving myself a chance to win,
as you should.
[pulsing synth music plays]
[TJ sighs]
- [marble rattles]
- Oh!
- It went in?
- Yeah.
- Did it really?
- It went in.
- [marble rattles]
- [Jesse gasps] Oh!
- Ooh!
- Nice throw.
Thank you.
[Tim exhales]
- [rattles]
- In.
- [Jackie] In?
- Yep.
[marble clinks]
[sighs heavily]
[sparse somber music plays]
[marble rattles]
[209] Two-zero.
- [rattles]
- [scoffs]
You're not gonna make every one of these.
- [kisses]
- [451] Oh man.
[Brad] Oh my gosh, this is so difficult.
[Jada] This is crazy.
Should we wait a little bit?
[Mai] Okay, let's wait.
[Jada] There's just
a lot of pressure on this game.
Um, you know, I had to go
through crazy tribulations, so
Happy that I got this far [clicks tongue]
um, but one of the biggest things
I think I would do with the money
is, um, put some of the money
towards, like, a kidney donation center
'cause I donated my kidney
this time last year to my brother.
[clicks tongue] Um, I know
that this would really
move my family, finally, in the direction
that we deserve to go
'cause we don't deserve
to continue to be in a cycle of pain
and going through
all the struggles that we have.
- I f-feel your struggle.
- Mmm.
Of all the things that life throw at you.
Uh, I've been down
to the bottom of the pit.
My family does not trust me in my decision
by, you know, being in the military
or being a single parent at 19.
And, uh
[Jada] You can let it out.
- [sobs] And it's hard. This was hard.
- You can let it out.
It is. It is hard. It's hard.
- It's hard because
- It's hard.
Because I have nobody.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, so.
- Always, never give up.
- Yes. And I absolutely won't.
All right.
- Last one?
- Last one.
[clicks tongue] Man.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous tone plays]
[Brad groans]
- You're the winner, man.
- I'm sorry, buddy.
[tender music plays]
- [sighs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Damn, damn.
Hey, now don't be, man.
Kill it, bro.
- I will. I will.
- Like, just take it all the way, bro.
- Just frigging do this.
- Yes.
That's all I'm saying.
That's all I'm saying.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh, damn.
- [sighs heavily]
- [451] Why'd you make us do this?
Twenty marbles.
[breath trembles]
[musical swell plays and rises]
[ink pack goes off]
[Brad falls]
[automated voice] Player 337, eliminated.
[bold dramatic music plays]
[031, softly] Made it.
[exhales sharply]
[ink pack goes off]
- [automated voice] Player 339, eliminated.
- [ink pack goes off]
Player 404, eliminated.
- [ink pack goes off]
- [automated voice] Player 361, eliminated.
[077's breath trembles]
- [ink pack goes off]
- [automated voice] Player 083, eliminated.
[Dylan] You said
let's just throw it up to nothing, and I
- I'd rather go off on a game of chance.
- I'm not gonna agree to a game of chance.
- You wanna forfeit the game?
- You're the one unwilling to compromise.
What do you mean?
I proposed so many compromises!
You're the one
who's sitting here like this.
- I'm not gonna fall into your trap.
- It's not a trap.
I can't argue with a brick wall
at this point.
You're being the brick wall.
And I'm not trying to argue with you.
I'm trying to compromise.
- We have eight minutes.
- Yep. It's gonna be a long eight minutes.
[clock continues ticking]
[ominous tone plays]
[droning music plays]
- [Leann sighs]
- [marbles click]
- Good luck.
- Good luck.
[Leann] Most mothers
would just let their kid win.
[exhales deliberately]
[Trey] Two points.
That's two points as well.
[Leann] But the drive to compete
is just sometimes too strong
to to tamp down.
[Leann] Oh, that's in.
- You think so?
- I think that's in.
[Leann] What's it gonna mean to him
if I let him win?
So I'm trying to beat him.
[groans] Come on.
[exhales forcefully]
[Favour] Odd.
- [sighs] Oh my God, this is not cool.
- Okay, keep going.
- This is messing with me so bad.
- Keep going.
Oh my God. This is so intense.
This is so intense.
[Kyle] I know. Yeah.
I feel like I'm not gonna be able
to throw the the marble.
- Yeah.
- [sighs]
[Kyle] One shot, one marble.
[Trey] Eight-eight.
- How many balls?
- [Trey sighs]
Five balls left.
[Leann] All right.
[exhales] Plenty of time.
[Phalisia sighs]
Come on.
- [marble clinks]
- [cheers]
[Ashley] I wanna compete,
but it just sucks,
like, the position that you're in.
Okay, go ahead.
- Go ahead.
- [sobs]
- [Phalisia whispers] Come on.
- [sobs]
[softly] Come on.
[Ashley] We're here for, like, a goal,
but damn, it's, like, bittersweet
'cause, like, that's my girl!
[sighs heavily]
[209 sighs heavily]
[209 sighs]
- [marble clinks]
- That's it. I'll go up and count 'em.
[anxious pulsing music plays]
[Jackie] The game was
whoever has more marbles wins.
- Does that mean I win?
- I guess so.
[marbles rattle]
Good game.
[ink pack goes off]
[automated voice] Player 382, eliminated.
I count four of yours, two of mine.
- [Dan] Yeah.
- It was a good ride, man.
And I'm glad you've won.
And don't forget.
[tender music plays]
Keep pushing through.
- Gganbu forever, brother.
- Yeah.
- [ink pack goes off]
- [automated voice] Player 209, eliminated.
[sighs and sniffles]
- [Chaney] What is it? Two, four Six?
- Five-six.
- Five-six?
- Mm-hmm.
So I could make a Ooh.
[softly] Okay.
- That's it.
- That's it.
- I love you, baby.
- Congrats, bro. [sighs]
[221] Mmm.
[Jesse] One
- Guard, we have a winner.
- I won.
- [Jesse sighs heavily]
- Guard.
- You have all my marbles.
- No.
- [sadly] No.
- [sobs]
- [sobs] Goddamn.
- I'm sorry, Jada.
[Jada sniffles]
[Mai] I'm so sorry. [sighs]
- I love you, Jada.
- [ink pack goes off]
[automated voice] Player 097, eliminated.
- [ink pack goes off]
- Player 334, eliminated.
[TJ sighs and sniffles]
[ink pack goes off]
[automated voice] Player 183, eliminated.
- [016 sighs]
- Player 344, eliminated.
[musical swell plays and rises]
[ink pack goes off]
Player 179, eliminated.
[tense ethereal music plays]
[clock continues ticking]
[Leann] Oh God! Jesus.
[Trey] Two shots left.
[Phalisia exhales slowly]
[marble clanks]
[sighs] I don't know what to do.
If I miss, I'm done.
Well, don't miss.
[both sigh]
[tense ethereal music
swells and continues]
I don't wanna go home
because I dug a hole in the ground.
You're gonna go home because you didn't.
[musical swell plays]
Pick your weapon.
I'll pick yours. You pick mine.
- How's that? Yeah?
- All right. Okay.
- One in the middle.
- I want you to have this little guy here.
- This one?
- Yeah.
[ominous tone plays]
[suspenseful music plays]
All right, you win. I'll play your game.
We have two marbles, and I guess
the closest thing to putting it in that?
- Just?
- Yeah. Does that feel equal to you?
[Dylan] All right.
Go. Go! Please.
- I'm so nervous. Okay.
- Take your time.
Oh, please, God.
Give me this.
Please, God.
Please, God.
[exhales deliberately]
- [clanks]
- [sighs]
[gentle melancholic music plays]
Good luck.
[Ashley sobs]
[softly] Good job.
You better take it home.
[laughs sadly] I wasn't supposed to win.
Yes, you were.
It's okay.
- [Leann] You have one ball left?
- Yeah. One ball left.
[musical arrangement turns suspenseful]
[Leann] Oh, God.
[breath trembles]
[chuckles sadly] Oh my God, oh my God.
I don't wanna go.
[tender music plays]
[sobs softly]
[Leann sobs]
Why'd you shank those two balls, Mom?
[both chuckle]
I was just trying to go up,
and it went long.
You have to go on.
- Yeah, I will.
- You keep going.
You're stronger than I am.
They're gonna be so proud of you.
[breath trembles] Can you please come home
and tell me you won it all?
- Yeah.
- Please.
[both chuckle]
[clock continues ticking]
- [Kyle] Closest to that step?
- [Mikie] Yep.
- Three, two, one?
- Yep.
[Mikie] Everything riding
on one little bowl.
[together] Three, two, one
[Kyle sighs heavily]
I never thought in a million years
I'd beat you at throwing.
[Kyle sobs]
[Mikie] I'm sorry.
[Kyle's breath trembles]
I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- [sobs]
[sinister music plays]
We just keep shooting.
[marble clanks]
- [marble rattles]
- [Aurora] Thank God.
[sighs] Five seconds.
- [Dylan huffs] That's one.
- [marble rattles]
All right, tied. Shoot, shoot, shoot!
- [Aurora] Two, one.
- [clock beeps]
[Dylan] Shoot, shoot!
[automated voice] Attention, players.
The game is now over.
[droning music plays]
We have to decide who won,
or we're both gonna get eliminated.
[sighs] How else do we solve this?
I was the first to make it in.
I'm not doing that. Absolutely not.
- Dylan!
- You agreed to for us to take shots.
We both We took the same amount
of shots, made the same amount.
But I was the first one to make it in.
And I g And I let you go first.
- Dude, come on. I feel I've succeeded.
- Tic-tac-toe in the sand?
The time is up.
The time is up. I think it's fair
if I if I win after this.
No. I absolutely disagree. Absolutely.
We have to make a decision
or we we're both eliminated.
[pulsing suspenseful music plays]
I'm I'm not just gonna give you the win.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[ink packs going off]
[automated voice]
Player 065 and 399, eliminated.
[dramatic music plays and builds]
[sighs heavily]
[Mikie] Games aren't supposed to suck.
[ink pack goes off]
[groans softly]
[automated voice] Player 087, eliminated.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
Goddamn. [chuckles sadly]
[Phalisia sighs]
- I love you.
- I love you too.
[sniffles and chuckles sadly]
[melancholic music plays]
[sniffles] You got a bitch crying.
Yeah. Just make me proud.
I will.
[Ashley] You know,
wins are supposed to feel good.
[Ashley] That felt like a loss.
[ink pack goes off]
[ink pack goes off]
[ink pack goes off]
I'm sorry you beat me.
I'm sorry I beat you too.
Dad is gonna be really proud of you.
[Trey sobs] I know.
[Leann] He really is.
He told you to play honorably,
and you have, every step of the way.
- I'm so glad I played with you.
- [chuckles] Me too.
[Trey sniffles]
[Trey whimpers and breathes deeply]
[ink pack goes off]
[automated voice] Player 302, eliminated.
[musical swell plays]
[keyboards clacking]
- [man 1] Oh!
- [man 2] Hey!
- [players exclaiming]
- Oh my God.
- Wow!
- Oh my gosh.
[Trey] Going back into the dorm
and not having someone
that you know you can trust,
you know is gonna be there for you
Like that person is gone.
I think I had an advantage,
uh, having my mom here.
And now I think
the playing field is really leveled,
and I have to figure out, like,
"How do I move forward without her here?"
- [TJ sighs]
- Good to see you, man.
How hard was it, man?
- It was really hard. It was really tough.
- Yeah.
Yeah. I I get it.
But, you know, just know that,
you know, we here now.
- Yeah.
- The The moment's here now.
- Yeah.
- Let's get it.
- Let's get it. Let's get it, dude.
- [laughs]
Let's get it. Ugh, Jesus.
[Trey] I'm worried that losing her
puts the spotlight
a little bit more on me,
and I don't need any more spotlight.
Like, I don't want a target on my back.
[451 sniffling]
I'm glad to see you guys.
Glad to see you too.
- [Jordan] Uh, I skipped the game.
- [all laugh]
Give me a hug, bro.
I've been here the whole time.
[451 laughs]
- Sorry, dude.
- [sniffles] That sucked.
Sorry, dude.
[451] If I'm being honest,
I don't feel good.
I feel like I just betrayed
a friend of mine
to bring myself closer to a prize.
But my strategy in this game,
and also throughout a lot of this,
has just been to keep my hopes up high
and my head down low,
knowing that anything could happen
and it's not worth worrying about.
[TJ] 'Cause, like, we're mourning.
- [Mai] Yeah, it was hard for me. Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
[TJ] You know I love you?
- Yeah.
- Mmm.
- I'm glad that you here. I'm here.
- Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
[TJ inhales sharply]
Mai, 287, is wise, super wise, and and
genuinely cares about people.
There's an age gap between us.
However, I see her in me,
and she sees me in her.
[tense music plays]
[Jackie groans]
I'm so happy I'm here!
Yes! I'm so happy you're here too.
- Bad bitches here.
- [Phill] Yes!
Wait. Bad bitches here?
[Jackie and Phill] Bad bitches here.
[Jackie] Bad bitches here.
Bad bitches here.
After that game,
I feel more distrustful than ever.
But I feel like
I can trust Phill completely.
That's my person in here now.
[Phill] Ooh! Go, Jackie! Go, Jackie!
President of the Bad
Wait. Bad Bitch Club.
[both laugh and exclaim]
[buzzer sound plays on speakers]
[players groaning]
- [Bee] Oh my God.
- [man] No way. No way.
[Ashley] Man, leave us alone.
[suspenseful music plays]
[player shushing]
[woman] I'm so scared.
[square guard] Attention, players.
Here are the results of the fourth game.
[bold, minimal piano music plays]
- [counter ticking]
- [players chatter]
[Rose] Oh my God. I can't believe this.
Thirty-two players were eliminated.
- [man] Damn!
- [Rose] Oh!
- [device beeps]
- [flickering]
[chiming digitally]
[cheering and shouting]
Let's go.
[Ashley] Jeez Louise.
Whoa, whoa-oh, oh, oh, oh! Whoo-whoo!
- Oh my God.
- That's damn near full!
[various players] Oh my God.
[players cheering]
- Almost there! [laughing] Oh my God.
- That money, girl.
- [355] I can't even think about that.
- Four-point-two! Oh my God.
[355] The money's becoming more real,
and I thought the real game
was gonna be the challenges,
but I think the real game
is figuring out what's going on
in every other player's head right now.
[077 exhales sharply]
Wow. Just us, bud.
The current prize fund
now stands at $4,250,000.
- [various players] Wow.
- [man] What the heck?!
My mom's up there.
My mom's up there, guys.
[Rose] Oh my God.
[Roland] Wow.
[pulsing synthesizer music plays]
[016] Unbelievable.
That was the hardest victory
of the day, easy. Easy!
- And the most deserved.
- Yeah.
You try and stay two steps ahead,
and the game is 400 steps ahead,
but you do what you can
to control what you can,
and this is the most stressful situation
I've ever been in.
- [Dan] It's gonna be dead in here now.
- [031] 50% gone. Boom, just like that.
We have to, uh, re redistribute
our our team here, right?
- [chuckles] Yeah.
- This is Who's left? Just us, right?
- Well, n
- Who
- Marcus is gone. Brian's gone.
- Yeah.
Gonna be awfully quiet
in here tonight, baby.
Wow. Let's see what's next.
- Real gganbu gang there, man.
- Yeah, baby!
[Dan] I need to make it through each day.
Not I'm not worried about what's next,
what's down the road.
I'm worried about getting
through every single day, one at a time.
I'm here to win.
And I'm here to take home
that giant, big-ass piggy bank.
That's why I'm here.
Who's, uh Who's Chad's top top three,
and who's the dark horse?
[Chad] Oh yeah.
Honestly, I I'd I would bet on Mai.
- To win?
- Yeah. She is so mentally tough.
- Dark horse.
- [Chad] Yeah.
- You're saying clear favorite, like
- Clear favorite.
- Yeah.
- [090] Right.
[ominous music plays]
I was born in Vietnam,
and I left during
the fall of Vietnam in 1975.
I was eight years old.
And I can remember that, you know,
going to the airfield
where everybody, you know,
all the, um, refugees are laying on the
uh, laying down on the airfield.
And being eight years old,
I was, like, curious,
so I I had, you know, my head up.
You know, trying to see
where's the bombing coming from,
or where the guns,
you know, were shooting at.
And so I I just,
a split second, I lift my head up.
A soldier automatically, so quick,
put the the gun, you know, to my temple.
And he was about to shoot me
because, you know,
he thought I was a threat.
So my mother yanked me
so hard to the ground.
And in that split second,
my life was, like, almost over.
That is a moment
where I would never, never forget.
[sobs] And that moment is like, you know,
a driving moment for me to be strong.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous tone plays]
[automated voice] Attention, players.
- [Bee] She's so sassy today.
- [man groans]
If it's a chore, I got it.
No fear, no glory.
[Amanda] Oh, here we go.
[automated voice] The next test
will happen later today,
and for this,
players must pick one captain.
Oh my God!
- Y'all trust me enough?
- [030] Let's turn time, let's do it. TJ?
- Y'all good with TJ?
- [man 1] TJ?
[man 2] I'm good with TJ.
- [man 3] TJ, are you down to do it?
- Wait. Hold on, hold on.
Honestly, do y'all
trust me enough to lead y'all?
- Yeah!
- [man 4] I trust you, TJ.
[man 5] I trust you.
If If y'all trust me,
I need 100% trust. And if y'all
If I get that trust,
y'all y'all have my undivided attention.
- [man 6] You got my trust.
- [man 7] Let's do it.
- Whoo, TJ!
- [man 8] You wanna do it, right?
- Absolutely.
- [man 8] Okay.
- No fear, no glory!
- [Rose groans]
[031] Let's hear it for TJ!
Oh God.
[players applaud]
[Amanda] This will be interesting.
Humility and gratitude, baby.
It makes me feel extremely humbled
and extremely gratuitous
just that to know that my trial
and errors through my life
has led me up to this moment.
Because the thing is, the thing is
is, like, with me,
like, I'm used to leading
in pressure situations.
[Mikie] I knew TJ would do it.
TJ likes to be the man.
I didn't even hear one other suggestion.
I guarantee you
nobody wanted to be the captain
for fear of being eliminated for failure.
- [automated voice] Player 182.
- Yes.
[automated voice] You have been selected
as captain.
I'm waiting for the next lines,
what that means.
[Chad] I was taking a nap. I'm waking up,
and I'm learning that we
"unanimously" voted 182 as captain.
He's not my captain.
He's not my leader.
I thought we should have had a discussion
because there are
much better leaders out there.
I don't have faith in him.
He could take me out at any second.
Attack the moment.
That's it, that's all you can do.
That's it, literally. That's all you got.
[automated voice] Players,
the test begins in an hour.
Choose your friends wisely.
[Jordan] "Choose your friends wisely."
- What does that mean?
- [man 1] That was sinister.
- [man 2] Yeah.
- [man 3] It was.
Choose your friends wisely.
You'd normally say
when someone's gonna stab you in the back.
[Amanda] So someone's
gonna eliminate a friend.
[Bee] I don't like it.
Y'all wanna come over here in the middle?
So we're Everybody, yeah.
[TJ] A true leader inspires others
and makes sure they feel
as great as the leader does
about the group.
So, um, my whole mantra
is "Attack the moment."
'Cause that's all we got, is the moment.
So let's let's come together
and just pray, y'all. Like, for real.
Like, just a quick a quick prayer.
A quick eight-second prayer.
And And peace
is not unattainable, y'all.
So let's do this. Let's do this.
Head down, y'all. Please, head down. Um
I just wanna thank God
for the family that we made.
Uh, the unexpected family.
Thank God that all of us had
the experience to even meet each other.
Everybody can be one at a moment.
- Yes.
- Amen.
[various players] Amen.
[intriguing music plays]
[scattered chattering]
- Who put him in charge?
- I bloody knew it.
He put himself in charge, didn't he?
- [Amanda] Yeah.
- I never said anything. Every time.
[laughs] I can't cope, Bee. I can't cope.
- Ahh!
- [Amanda groans]
Men doing men things. [chuckles]
Men doing men things.
[ominous music plays]
[Amanda] I think
when people first meet me,
they always think, "Oh, she's a bimbo."
I'm always underestimated.
And when I tell people I was
a weapon engineer in the Royal Navy,
they're like, "What? Really?"
And I'm like, "Yeah, why not?
Why wouldn't I be?"
I turned up one day
with a pink suitcase and a glitter dress,
and they actually bet
that I wouldn't last longer than a week,
and I ended up in charge.
It wasn't something
I went out actively looking for, or to do.
It was just, I think,
a part of my personality.
I respect people,
and I've got a good eye
for what's right and wrong,
what we should be doing,
making good decisions,
and I get stuck in.
[musical swell plays]
Ah, I'm feeling annoyance
at the whole situation.
Us girls need to stick together.
[Amanda] Yeah.
- It's nine girls.
- It's gonna be us against them.
- Yeah.
- [Jackie] Hi, Marina. Hi, Amanda.
[Amanda] Come on, Jackie.
There's only nine girls in here.
How We have to stay together.
We can't just keep
knocking each other off.
You're right, you're right. Yeah.
Girl power, man.
- [man 429] How are you, man? You good?
- [flaps lips] Come on.
I I've been in situations like this
plenty of times before.
You've co Yeah, I'm sure you've led
led people to much greater things.
I have. And And the thing is,
it's, like, because they trusted me.
- Well done for stepping up, bro.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- I'm glad to have you as my leader.
- I'll lead us I'll lead us correctly.
- [Mai] Come here for a minute, Chad.
- What up?
[Mai] So
What's up?
- I don't trust TJ.
- Oh no. Not at all.
[Mai] 'Cause his clique is still here.
- [Chad] I don't trust him at all.
- No.
He said he got a pure heart.
I don't think he got a pure heart.
- Nope.
- No.
TJ, he's an entertainer.
So, uh, in my mind, being an entertainer,
they project a character that,
you know, people want to see.
Chin up. I'm gonna tell everybody,
put they chin up and be strong.
No heart, no glory. No pain, no fear.
But captains el get eliminated.
Yeah, they sure do.
[Dan] 286, 287, they are not satisfied
and are not at all in love
with the way 182 is talking to everyone.
So now is my time
to seize their dislike for him,
use it to my advantage,
then we can make our move
no matter what is coming next.
[TJ] Get y'all mind right.
Get y'all mind right.
[Dan] He's gotta be
the biggest target right now.
- [Chad] 100%. Yep, yep, yep.
- Right?
- 100%. TJ's getting nervous.
- [Dan] He sure is.
Not that you can tell
because he's always talking.
[Chad] Yeah.
I think there could be votes,
there could be anything.
So we just gotta make sure
Yeah, we gotta get make sure
we have a couple of votes, right?
Yeah, we're good. Um
I have enough people in
in every group that we're looking at
If you need another one,
If you need another one,
I'm with you guys.
- I don't know anybody else.
- No, no, you're with us, but but
- You know, s Yeah.
- Yeah, I'll stay in the periphery.
We just look out for each other
like we have been.
Just keep playing the game.
Under the radar. No BS. We're good.
- We shouldn't talk too long.
- No.
- I'll go mingle. All right?
- Yeah. Good call.
I think I have a a real good
bullshit-ometer, I can tell you that.
[sniffs] Um, there are many tells
when people are not confident.
Uh, everybody has a different one,
but I think part of being a good leader
is letting people talk,
not always talking yourself.
Listen more than you talk.
Get information.
That's how you can tell
how people operate,
that's how you can you can predict
what someone is going to do.
By how they talk,
how they act, their mannerisms.
And, um, in this game,
being able to have any certainty
of what someone may or may not do,
that's a huge advantage.
[musical swell plays]
[players chattering indistinctly]
[Marina] I think a lot of people
underestimated us girls.
Strength in numbers at this point.
There's only nine of us.
I think we all should deserve
to make it through.
Because, unfortunately
[Amanda] We do, yeah.
'Cause women need to stick together
because otherwise,
you're we're easier to pick off.
[Bee] I agree.
- I have every lady's back in here.
- It's girl power, man.
The only way I think women
should be going out from now on
is because they lose to a challenge.
So we have the opportunity
to prove that we are worthy.
Because they're making
the assumption that we're not.
[Marina] Yeah.
[355] Knowing that there's nine women
and 22 men is a scary thought,
and I'm willing to go to bat
for any one of these women right now.
Us girls need to be on one single page.
- Yeah.
- [Amanda] On the same page.
- And don't break it.
- [Bee] Nope.
Because it won't work out otherwise,
I don't think.
[Bee] 'Cause they can't get rid
of all of us. One of us has to win.
[Marina] Us girls, as a unit,
we can do we can do a lot of damage,
and now's the time
to make a move and stick together.
And if we do, we we can
we can make a splash.
[Marina] Here comes Mai.
- [Hallie] Another lady.
- [Amanda] Here she is. Come on, Mai.
[Mai] We never have any ladies' group.
- [Bee] Come to the ladies.
- [Amanda] It's what we want.
[Mai] I see the females together,
and I'm thinking if there is a vote
or if there's a test
to vote, you know, each other out,
it would be to my advantage
to, you know, form an alliance.
Come to the female group.
- [Mai] Woman power!
- [Hallie] Rose!
- Rose.
- Okay.
[Amanda] The one shot we've got
is to pull the women together.
I'll rely on you, and you rely on me.
'Cause if 22 men get through,
they're gonna vote us out.
- [Amanda] Jackie.
- [Mai] Jackie!
Jackie, come!
[Amanda] Can I just say
this is the first time all us girls
have been together on our own without men.
[Ashley] It's nine women left
in the competition. Isn't that crazy?
[Amanda] So no women are going today,
and we stand our ground.
Hands down.
[Marina laughs]
[Jackie] I agree completely.
We need to stick together.
But at the same time,
I have that thing in the back of my head.
Can I trust the women? I don't know.
[creepy choral music plays]
[buzzer plays on speakers]
- [Bee] No! Oh.
- [TJ] Let's do it, y'all!
- [Bee] No.
- [man 1] This is it.
[woman] I hate this.
- No!
- [023] Shh.
[man 2] I don't want this.
[man 3] Can the game be
whoever throws up the first wins?
'Cause I'm feeling like doing that now.
[Ashley] Oh Lord.
- [Jackie] Here we go.
- Here we go.
[Marina] It's time.
[knuckles crack]
[square guard] Players,
the test is about to begin.
Player 182,
please stand on the ramp to my right.
You have been building relationships
during your time here,
and now you will be responsible
for each other's fate.
- [man 1 whispers] Oh God.
- [gasps]
[square guard] Only 20 players
will pass to the next game.
[man 2] You're kidding.
[softly] Wow.
[Bee] We're hoping this is the moment
for the women to stick together.
It's super tense because a plan is only
as good as the opportunity to apply it.
So we are really nervous.
[exhales slowly]
[gentle suspenseful music plays]
[square guard] Player 182.
As captain, you will automatically
pass to the next game.
[softly] Wow.
[Trey] Getting an advantage publicly
is almost like a disadvantage
at this point.
Like, that's that's a scary thing,
and, like, that that's a target
on your back for sure.
[square guard] Now you will show
where your true allegiances lie.
Please pick one ally
to save from elimination
and join you in the next game.
The 11 players not picked
at the end of this test of allegiance
will be eliminated.
[Bee sighs heavily]
[fast-paced suspenseful music plays]
[TJ] I pick
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[serene music plays]
I pick player 287.
[light applause]
Go on, Mai.
[Dan] Earlier in the day,
I I heard her talking
about how much she could not stand him,
and he freaking picks her.
[softly] Thank you.
[square guard] Player 287,
please pick one ally
to join you in the next game.
[brooding pulsing music plays]
You know what to do, Mai.
[Amanda] This is it! This is the moment.
Us women, we're gonna stick together.
We know our mission. We know what to do.
If everyone plays the part,
we should all get through.
[Marina] It's time to get the ball moving.
I know she's gonna follow through
on what she says,
and I know
she's gonna pick one of the girls.
[Mai] I have no idea who I should pick.
286, Chad, has my trust, loyalty.
Or should I, you know,
support the females?
It's just a very hard decision.
[square guard] Player 287,
please pick one ally.
[music intensifies]
Player 286.
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
[scattered applauding]
Well done, Chad.
She broke the chain.
[Amanda] Don't agree to stick together
and then break it
because you're showing me
I can't trust you.
And you're not just showing me that,
you're showing the other women in there.
[Dan sighs heavily]
[Dan] We made a deal.
He said, "I got you."
This person's story hit home with me,
and I wanna make sure that they have
the opportunity to play the game.
The player that I'd like
to join in the next game
is player two
[ominous tone plays]
[Mikie] Thanks, brother.
[Mikie sighs]
["Winter - Op. 8 Concerto No. 4"
from Vivaldi's Four Seasons plays]
[Mikie] The player I'm choosing
has always been there for me
when I didn't have anybody else.
Simple as that.
[Marina] I didn't doubt you
for a minute. [sighs]
- I love you.
- [Mikie whispers inaudibly]
[Marina softly] Okay.
[Marina] Now is the time to make a move.
My pick is definitely
going to get the ball rolling.
Player 018.
- [applauding]
- [Bee] Oh gosh.
Oh, thank you.
[sighs] Thank you. Thank you so much.
Player 019.
[Amanda] Come here, you.
I feel like we need
to even out the numbers moving forward,
and we've been
massively unnumbered as women.
[Trey] All-girls alliance? Like, what?
Like, did I miss something?
Player 393.
[Bee] It's the first time I think
the men have felt threatened
by the women in this whole competition.
And it feels really good to have a moment
and to be like,
"We can make our own alliances too."
We can do what we want as well,
and we have control
over this competition as well.
[Dan] I'm running scenarios
through my head like an absolute madman.
How many women are left
and how many spots are left?
I'm trying to calculate
if I even have a chance right now.
[Jackie, softly] Thank you.
If I pick Phill
and tell him to pick a woman,
do you think that'll be okay?
It's up to you. It's your decision.
[Jackie sighs]
[sinister suspenseful music plays]
[square guard] Player 393,
please pick one ally
to join you in the next game.
[Jackie] I know we had,
like, already spoken
about putting the girls priority,
but Phill has been
my closest friend in here,
and picking someone else would be
It would be betrayal.
I I don't know what to think.
[music intensifies]
[exhales heavily]
[ominous closing theme music plays]
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