Squid Game: The Challenge (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Friend and Foe

[ominous tone plays]
[square guard] Player 393,
please pick one ally
to join you in the next game.
Only 12 more players
will survive this test.
The 11 players not picked
at the end of this test of allegiance
will be eliminated.
[tense music plays]
[Jackie] I'm picking this player
because I trust that they're going
to make the right decision.
[musical swell plays and rises]
[players applaud]
[Phill sighs heavily]
[Amanda] That's it.
You can't trust anybody in here.
Pick a woman, Phill, please.
Please pick a woman.
[Jackie] Phill has been
my closest friend in here,
and I feel
like I can trust Phill completely.
[Phill] Making a choice like this
is never easy.
I know that
the precedent has been set by Amanda,
but in this moment,
my instinct is to choose Sam, player 016.
Sam has been
a very good friend up until now,
and he deserves every opportunity
to move forward in this competition.
I don't know what to do.
[tense pulsing music plays]
[musical swell plays and rises]
Player 278.
- [Ashley sighs]
- [players applaud]
[Ashley whimpers softly]
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
[Ashley] It is clear that, like, the women
are trying to kind of stick together
to the end,
but, you know, I selected Sam, 016,
'cause that's my guy,
and I wanna keep him around.
Player 023.
[023] Thank you.
Player 051.
Player 221.
[Hallie] I'm the last woman standing,
and I am panicking.
[sighs heavily]
[Hallie] I'm like,
"Hey, what about sticking together?"
[anxious choral music plays]
I just have to pray that they see me
as a teammate and an ally.
Representation does matter.
And so, I will continue to respect
what's been going on here today.
Player 355.
[players applaud]
Oh, Hallie.
[Hallie] One way or another,
player 019's plan worked,
and all nine of the women
are standing in the top 20 right now.
[square guard] Only five more players
can be saved from elimination.
[ominous music plays]
I've met some really amazing men here,
and women,
but they are standing beside me,
and it's agonizing
to have to pick between you all.
[Trey] I'm trying to do
the people math in my head.
Hallie is in a friend group
with Elliott and Roland and James.
And I'm just I'm spiraling in my head
because I'm like,
"We're getting down to the wire."
[musical swell plays]
Player 429.
[Elliott sighs]
[sighs heavily]
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[dramatic music plays]
Honestly, I don't
I don't even know who I wanna pick yet.
[chuckles sadly] Man, this sucks.
[Roland breathes deeply]
[Trey] I can't help
but feel a little nervous.
Like, who have I made
really good friends with,
and am I their number one?
I guess if I had to pick someone,
it would be
Player 301.
[ominous tone plays]
- [Trey sighs]
- [players applaud]
[intriguing music plays]
I I think I found
my best friend in Roland.
Thank you, dude. Thank you.
I I thought I was a goner for sure.
[bold music plays]
I love all you guys.
Um, I I think my mom would kill me
if I didn't pick this person.
[Dan] If Purna can get picked here,
he's gganbu gang.
He's picking me.
I need Purna to get picked.
Player 269.
[James continues sobbing]
[growling, ominous music plays]
[square guard] Player 269
you have the final pick in this test.
[Dan] I don't wanna lose.
I don't wanna go home.
I'm praying that James
comes through for me here.
Player 031.
[sighs heavily]
[players applaud]
[Purna] I love you guys.
[players chatter indistinctly]
[square guard] All remaining players,
you have been eliminated.
- [man 1] That sucks.
- [man 2] This is awful.
[Chad] Eleven people.
[melancholic music plays]
- [man 3] Too many.
- [man 4] Eleven good people.
[Dan] The air is just sucked out of me
like I've been gut-punched.
[door clangs]
This is devastating.
[computer processing]
[ominous music plays]
[square guard] Attention, players.
- Here are the results of the test.
- [device beeps]
[counter ticking]
[players exclaim]
- [man] Oh my
- [woman] Wow.
[piggy bank chimes digitally]
- [woman 1] Wow.
- Wow.
[woman 2 groans]
[square guard] The current prize pot
now stands at $4,360,000.
[023] Oh boy.
[Amanda] It's there now.
It is literally there.
I know there's still 19 players to go,
but it is there. It's within grasp.
[Hallie] Oh my God. [groans]
I can't believe it.
[Chaz] A little PTSD. Kinda took me back
to elementary school.
- [all laugh]
- [Phill] Yeah.
- I'm glad to see you here.
- [Chaz] I'm glad to see you here.
- Girls, gays, and theys stick together.
- Girls, gays, and theys.
[ominous tone plays]
I I feel
like I'm an introverted extrovert.
Um, uh, growing up, um, in Brazil,
when I was younger,
I was very extroverted.
I had a ton of friends.
And when I moved to America, um,
I was actually bullied pretty viciously
[chuckles]um, in middle school,
and that sort of, I think, put me
into a small shell, um,
that I sort of had to stay in for a while.
But it also kind of helped me
become more comfortable with being myself.
And so my motto is to pretty much
always avoid conflict and confrontation.
Um, and I did study psychology
in college as well,
so I think I have
a little bit more of an understanding
of how people's brains work.
But at the same time, I basically have
no strategy going into this.
Um, I'm kind of going in blind.
I really just have no idea
how this is gonna go.
You know, usually I'm pretty good
at reading the room,
and I'm definitely
a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.
So, that's definitely
my game plan, I guess.
[players chatter indistinctly]
I owe you my undying loyalty.
You have shown me
actions is more powerful than words.
You keep saying you got my back,
but today, you have proven
[voice breaks]you got my back.
- I love you, TJ.
- I love you too, Mai.
- And I mean it.
- I
[Mai] I feel guilty because, you know,
I didn't trust him, but he has my back,
and he is my supporter.
I just have to put in my memory bank,
and maybe I can, you know, use it to see
if it's helpful in the next game.
- [Mikie] I'm in your debt.
- [Chad] No, you're not.
The only thing you gotta do is
compete your ass off for your kids, man.
- Hell yeah.
- Just do everything you can.
And And then buy me a pint.
- Done. Sold.
- [laughs]
Get you an old-fashioned, how about that?
- There we go. Even better.
- Yeah?
- Even better.
- You're gonna receive a soggy envelope.
It'll probably leak through,
but, like, I'll try.
Yeah. No, no, I'm I'm coming to Ireland.
I'm coming to your hometown.
- Fantastic. [claps]
- Yeah.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous tone plays]
[Mikie] When I met my wife,
she had two children.
So I have two stepchildren.
Three biological, two stepchildren,
but they're all my children, you know.
Six-year-old Scarlett,
she has, uh, a couple
a couple of different,
uh, additional needs,
or however you should say it.
But she's been non-verbal for a while.
Uh, since birth.
In the last year or two,
she's really come out of her shell.
She can now speak to us.
She can tell us
if there's something wrong now,
or if she's hungry, or she's thirsty,
or if she has a sore head.
I'm so happy with her development.
Winning the $4.56 million
would be life-changing.
It would be
It would take a lot of pressure off.
That money would secure a safe environment
for Scarlett when she's
when she's in need,
when she'll need that extra help,
and we're not there to give it.
That's what it would mean to me.
Twenty people left.
[keyboard clacking]
[square guard] All staff,
please prepare for the next game.
[dramatic percussive music plays]
[tense ethereal music plays]
[musical swell plays and rises]
You guys wanna come learn
our top 20 chant for Squid Games?
- [Chad] I knew you had one!
- [all laugh]
- This guy is crazy.
- [Phill] Of course.
So the words are,
"Squid Games. Let's get this cash."
- [Chad] All right. Let's do it.
- Squid Games ♪
Let's get this cash ♪
[creepy choral music plays]
Two, two, clap, down. Pop.
- [man] Let's go!
- Everybody looking good?
- [buzzer sound plays on speakers]
- [all exclaim]
[doors clang and whir]
[dramatic music plays]
[players exclaim]
- It's a game.
- What?!
[Chaz] It's a game.
[square guard] Attention, players.
It is now time for the next game.
Please follow our staff
into the game hall.
[Ashley] All right, we can do it.
We got this.
I hope game five
is an eating contest, Trey.
[Trey chuckles mildly]
[Roland] I definitely feel the money
getting closer to me.
When we first started this game,
it felt like you were holding
a lottery ticket,
and you were just, like, praying
that you had the right numbers.
["The Blue Danube Waltz"
by Johann Strauss plays]
[TJ] We here. Final 20.
At this point,
it feels like we've earned something.
It feels like
we're fighting for something now.
It's not just a chance we're taking.
It is within reach.
At this point, if I lost,
it would feel like it was ripped from me.
So, I will definitely fight
against everyone to get to the end.
[ominous music plays]
[Chad] Oh jeez.
- Uh-oh.
- Oh, what?
- What the hell is that?
- What?!
- [Jackie] What the hell is that?
- [Elliott] What the hell is this?
[players exclaim]
[Amanda] Well, this is new.
[Trey] Yeah,
that's not something I recognize.
- Oh, a magic box.
- [Bee] What do you think?
- I'm not thinking.
- Cool.
[Mikie] Guys, whatever comes up
off that black thing,
we just gotta get it done.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
- [Elliott] Here we go.
- [Chad] Oh jeez.
- [Marina] Oh my God.
- [Amanda] I enjoyed the excitement.
- Now sets in the nerves.
- [Ashley] Oh, shoot! Now.
[musical swell plays]
[Hallie] I'm gonna throw up. [gasps]
[man] Oh!
[automated voice] In front of you
is a claw machine containing a bear
for each of you.
These will decide the order
you will play in the next game
Glass Bridge.
[anxious musical flourish plays]
[computer processing]
In Glass Bridge,
each set of tiles
is made of two types of glass.
[disquieting music plays]
One type is safe to stand on.
The other is not.
[Bee] Oh my God.
[automated voice]
Before you play Glass Bridge,
you need to determine
the order in which you will cross.
You'll pick a teddy bear
from the machine before you.
In each teddy bear is a number,
which you must give to another player.
- [all gasp]
- Oh my God.
- [all exclaim]
- [Jackie] That's the twist.
You do not want low numbers. There
There are way too many 50-50 chances
for you to be eliminated.
So, any of the low numbers,
like, I'd say one through seven,
I'm not wanting any of those.
You wanna be at the end of the line.
Let people Let people take the hit
in the Glass Bridge.
Like, it's my $4.5 million, not yours.
[ominous music plays]
[automated voice] Player 287,
please select the first bear.
[suspenseful music plays]
- [button beeps]
- [crane whirring]
- [beeps]
- [whirs]
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[Mai] Zero-four.
[ominous tone plays]
[Mikie] I think anybody
in front of the number 12 position,
they have the hardest job of them all
and most likely are gonna get eliminated.
[automated voice] Please give vest four
to the player of your choice.
I chose this player because
I don't know this person. Um
I don't think the person attempt
or try to talk to me.
[Mai's breath trembles]
[musical swell plays and rises]
[ominous music plays]
[computer beeps]
[Roland] Not the worst number.
[Amanda] Well done.
[Marina] I'm shook. [scoffs] I'm shook.
You know, we've we've come together
as one and a family,
but I feel like she
she falls off that, and and
and sometimes her reasoning
for what she does
is is really no reason at all.
[inhales sharply]
[melodramatic sweeping
classical music plays]
I got number six.
[Ashley sighs]
Thank you.
[Ashley] I just met the man the other day.
That's it. It wasn't nothing,
like, deep behind it.
[Phill] Number eight.
Damn, that's tough.
[Phill] I'm sorry.
[button beeps]
[crane whirs]
[music intensifies]
[Jackie] One.
[menacing music plays]
[breathes deeply]
I'm choosing this player
not for any malicious reason at all.
I feel like this player
has been a leader in here
in every way possible.
[TJ sighs]
And I don't feel like anyone else
is more capable
than this player to lead us.
[gentle music plays]
[Jackie sighs]
I'm sorry, TJ.
[TJ] It'll be all right.
The highest risk is number one.
I'm scared.
Of course I'm scared.
I mean, she's killed me
with that decision.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous tone plays]
In my teens, uh, me and my friends,
we used to run from
like, jump roofs.
So, in New York City,
all the houses are bunched up.
So we used to just run
and jump between the gaps
and from roof to roof.
And My mom's gonna kill me.
Um [chuckles]
And, uh, there was one time
it was like a two-story,
and I tripped,
and I just fell in the garbage.
That That was scary
'cause I could have fell
on the concrete and hurt something.
But beyond that, I always say,
"Have you seen a giraffe fall?"
And people are like, "What? No."
And I'm like, "That's me."
Like, "I don't fall."
"It takes me too long to fall." [chuckles]
[woman] Oh, is he gonna bring it?
[Chaz] Number three.
This is crazy.
[Chaz] I have 3.
I don't know who to give it to.
I'll just do "Eeny Meeny Miney Mo."
That's the best way.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous tone plays]
- [Chaz] Sorry, bud.
- Sorry, Trey.
[eerie violin music plays]
[light-hearted classical music plays]
[Sam] Number zero-nine.
Thank you, man.
[bear squeaks]
[Purna] Together.
She gave me number six, so it will be
kind of nice to have her in front of me.
[sighs] Let's hope.
Good luck.
Lucky number seven.
- I wish you the best of luck.
- Thank you.
[sighs heavily]
[TJ scoffs]
[laughs gently]
You gotta be shitting me, yo.
- [woman laughs]
- [players] Twenty.
Number 20.
[players laughs]
[Amanda] You could not make that up.
[TJ] The number one player in Glass Bridge
has the guaranteed golden route
to the next game in his hands.
[bold music plays]
Told you I got your back.
[softly] Thank you.
[computer processing]
[keyboard clacks]
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[ominous tone plays]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Amanda, softly] I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
[Amanda sobs]
Thank you, thank you.
- Good luck out there, Phill.
- Thank you.
[musical swell plays and rises]
[Hallie] Fourteen.
Thank you. That's a good number.
The number I picked is 17.
[computer chimes]
[Rose sighs]
[computer chimes]
- That's for you.
- Thank you.
That's yours.
[computer chimes]
[automated voice] Your order
has been chosen.
Please follow the staff
into the game hall.
[Elliott] Love you all.
[eerie music plays]
[man, softly] Let's go.
[musical swell plays]
["Claire de Lune" by Claude Debussy plays]
- [Trey] Oh God.
- [Chaz] What?
- [Chaz] This is crazy.
- [TJ] Shit.
[man] Beautiful.
- [TJ] What the
- [Chaz] Yeah. This is epic.
[Purna] Wow.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
- We here, y'all. We here.
- Boy, we here.
- [TJ] Dang!
- [Chaz] This is crazy.
This is mental.
[TJ] Let's just attack the moment.
That's all we can do.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
In front of you
are 17 pairs of glass tiles.
Each pair has one tile
that is safe to step on
and one tile that is not.
[dramatic percussive music plays]
Any players that make it
to the other side will pass this game.
[TJ] To guess the right step
seventeen times feels impossible,
but my nature
is to fight.
To fight to the last second,
the last breath, the last everything.
I I never give up.
Let me see y'all. I just wanna see y'all.
Good-looking group.
- Y'all beautiful.
- Thank you, TJ. Thank you.
- [Amanda] Believe in you, TJ.
- I am so l lucky to get to know y'all.
- [Marina] You are good, TJ.
- Gratitude and humility, y'all.
- Gratitude and humility.
- [Marina] You got it.
[Mikie] Let's clear this bridge!
[Roland] I'm sure some of you have thought
of this, but I'm gonna pitch it anyway.
- [Chaz] I love you.
- [Amanda] Go on.
[Roland] Everyone takes one turn.
Eighteen, nineteen, twenty,
you guys are lucky ducks.
Everyone else has to take one turn.
If they're safe, they stop there.
And the next player has to overtake them
and make the next decision.
[ominous tone plays]
- [Purna] Let's do it.
- [Roland] That's fair.
- Everyone has a 50-50.
- [TJ] Do we agree to that?
Do we agree to that?
- [man] Yes.
- [woman] I agree.
No, it's every man for themself.
You have to play your game for yourself.
That's just the honest truth.
It's not gonna work. If one person
doesn't wanna do it, it's not gonna work.
Until you're on that glass,
you have no idea how your belly feels.
[Roland] I'll say,
if everyone else is willing to do it,
I 100% will take my 50-50 shot.
We made it this far.
[Elliott] E-Everyone here's gonna have
to make a decision.
Everyone here's gonna have
to make a decision, but we we do that,
and we do it together. Okay?
[TJ] Being number one,
I I didn't think I stood a chance
of getting across this bridge,
and I know
it's an individual game. I know.
In the long run, only one person can win.
However, in certain games,
it requires teamwork.
We're a team in this one. We have to be.
Because we won't get through this game
if we don't trust each other,
we don't lean on each other.
[Elliott] Guys, we
we got to do this as a team, guys.
- [Purna] Yeah. Let's do this.
- [Elliott] The only way we
The only way we get through this
is we do it as a team.
Just commun We We just need
to communicate with each other
and trust the decision. That's it.
[TJ] This plan might have just
saved my ass, for real.
I only have to guess correctly once.
That's it, just once.
And someone else takes the reins,
someone else takes the risk.
[clock beeps and ticks]
- [players] Good luck, TJ.
- [clapping]
- Good luck.
- [Mikie] Let's give him some space.
[Purna and 023] Yeah, give him space.
[ethereal music plays]
[TJ] I know I can do this.
Be confident in yourself,
and everyone will feel the same energy.
My heart is in the right place.
My mind is balanced.
Take your time, Teej.
[TJ] I know I can do this.
We will make it.
Not "we can." We will make it.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[gentle piano music plays]
- [trap door clangs]
- [all gasp]
- Oh my God!
- [man] What?
[Amanda] Oh my gosh.
[automated voice] Player 182
- [flickers]
- eliminated.
[creepy music plays]
[Mai] My heart stopped.
That is my friend.
It's an awful, awful way to see him leave.
And without saying goodbye.
[Mikie] That has set the tone of the game.
And just like that, anybody can go.
[automated voice] Will the next player
please step forward?
[ominous tone plays]
You got this, mate.
All right? You got this. Okay?
[dramatic music plays]
[Chaz] I only have to make
one 50-50 choice and get it right
to get through to the end.
- [players] You got it, Chaz.
- [Ashley] Take your time. That's easy.
[Mikie] First one down, Chaz.
[Roland] Trey is number three.
[music intensifies]
[Chaz sighs]
[man] You got it, Chaz.
[Trey] The energy in the room
can be best described as just
[in gravelly voice]nervous.
[Chaz sighs]
[exhales steadily]
[people gasp]
[trap door clangs]
- [gasping]
- [players] Oh my God.
[Amanda] Shit.
- [automated voice] Player 221, eliminated.
- [flickers]
[brooding, gloomy music plays]
I'm right after you, Trey.
That's what everyone has to do.
You got this, bud.
- [Trey exhales steadily]
- [player sighs]
What are you thinking, Trey?
[Trey] There's something that I like
to call "higher number privilege."
The higher numbers, like the upper teens,
they're very laid-back, chill,
like, lackadaisical about
how they're approaching
talking about the situation.
What are you thinking?
[Trey] Whereas the lower numbers are like,
"Y'all need to stop
breathing down my neck."
Like, "Get off my back."
"I've got a life-or-death decision
to make, and you don't have
four-and-a-half million dollars
on the line."
[Sam] You got it. If anybody's got it.
[James] You got this, Trey.
- [Chad, softly] Oh my God.
- [Mikie] Do it, Marina.
[tense droning music plays]
[Amanda] Well done, Marina.
[clock ticking]
Trust your gut, Trey.
[James] Trey, make it.
Make it, please, God. Please make it.
[musical swell plays]
- [Mikie] Legend.
- [Bee] Come on, come on, come on!
[James] Oh my gosh.
- [players cheer]
- [man] Let's go!
[James] Yes, Trey!
- [Roland] Yes, sir.
- Let's go!
- [Amanda] Well done, Trey.
- [Bee] Yes, Trey.
- [Elliott] You got this, Marina.
- [Mikie] Good job, good job!
[Mikie] 301 took a leap of faith,
no fear in him.
It really pumped some morale
into the team.
[Purna sighs] Hallelujah, let's do this.
I'm still sticking with the plan, Marina.
[Roland] Going into this game,
our game plan as a group
was everyone has to make one move.
Then everyone has exactly
a 50-50 chance of beating this game,
and I think
that's the only fair way to do it.
You already made your choice,
Trey, if you wanna stay.
Would you Would you go in front of me?
I would.
- You would?
- I would.
- You would overtake?
- I would overtake.
[suspenseful music plays]
I'm overtaking.
- You're overtaking?
- Yes.
- [Amanda] Well done, Marina.
- Hell nah.
- [Roland] Thank you, Marina.
- [Elliott] Well done, Marina.
I'm going right in front, buddy.
Either way.
[Mikie] The plan is in full motion.
Seventy-seven comes from the back
and up to the front,
and it's just a matter
of following the footsteps now.
[Marina] No crying.
[Marina] It's time to focus,
it's time to dig deep
and and and take my fate and own it.
[inspiring music plays]
[musical swell plays]
[players] Please, please, please.
- [trap door clangs]
- [all exclaim]
[automated voice] Player 077.
- [flickers]
- [automated voice] Eliminated.
Ah, hell nah.
[Ashley] Marina's stupid as hell, okay?
Like, you picked the wrong glass,
and you've fallen through.
And you ain't even have to do
all of that, girl. Like
Sit your ass back and relax.
[suspenseful percussive music plays]
[Trey] I turn around, and I see 278,
and she's not moving at all.
I've rolled my dice. I've flipped my coin.
I've taken my 50-50 chance.
It's time for 278
to step up and take hers.
[tense pulsing music plays]
Did y'all think I deserve number three?
- [players] No.
- No, not at all, Trey.
- [James] No.
- [Bee] I don't.
[Trey] I'm not gonna ask directly.
But I wanna make sure
that she feels like she's saying no,
as I am asking for help.
[Elliott] It's one each, guys.
It should be one each.
[Ashley] I'm confused as hell
because I don't remember agreeing to this.
I'm not sacrificing myself
when I already have a low number.
If it comes to me
having to stand on one spot
until y'all ass move past me,
and that's the best thing for me,
that's what I'm gonna do.
[music intensifies]
[Trey] Ashley's not making
any sort of motion
that she's going to step up for me.
And time is is running out.
[clock ticking]
I don't want the whole group
to get eliminated because of one person.
[Mikie] You think you got this?
Or you want someone to
[man gasps]
- [man] What are you doing?
- [players exclaim]
[ominous closing theme music plays]
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