Squid Game: The Challenge (2023) s01e08 Episode Script

One Step Closer

[creepy choral music plays]
[tense ethereal music plays]
[Trey] Both of my parents
were, uh, college athletes.
They They went to really good schools
and and played super competitive ball.
We were a competitive household.
Like, I mean, we
we played games all the time.
We would We would shoot hoops.
Like, my dad really pushed me
to to study hard
and, uh, like, work really hard
in in sports and stuff.
I tried, like, every sport in the book,
and, of course, nothing stuck.
It was stressful. Like, there
there are expectations that are set up.
And, like, you w
Sometimes the expectations
are too high, and and you fail.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[suspenseful music plays]
[Elliott] It's one each, guys.
It should be one each.
[Trey] Ashley's not making
any sort of motion
that she's going to step up for me.
And the best I can do is is keep going.
[Mikie] You think you got this?
Or do you want someone to
[ethereal music plays]
[players cheering]
[Phill] Yes, Trey!
- [Roland] Stay put.
- [Hallie] Oh my God. Oh my God.
- [Purna] You did it, man! Whoo!
- [Hallie] Oh my gosh.
[tense pulsing music plays]
[James applauds]
Just chill. Take your time.
[Chad] So they're not passing?
She's not gonna jump up?
[man] I guess not.
Man, he's welcome to overtake.
I don't mean to call shots for anyone,
but I think it's fair
if someone else steps up.
Shit, you talking?
- [Mikie] You got this, Trey.
- [Amanda] It's not Trey's turn though.
- [Mikie] No, it's not. It'll be
- [Amanda] Ashley's.
[James] Oh my gosh.
[ethereal musical flourish plays]
- [Chad] Trey, what are you doing?
- [clangs]
- [James] No!
- [players groan]
[melancholic music plays]
[automated voice] Player 301,
[ominous music plays]
[Chad sighs] Oh my God. Trey.
[Roland] It was really sad to see Trey go.
He just feels like
one of those perfect people
that come once in a million, you know?
Seeing him get eliminated was probably
one of the saddest things I had to watch.
[Elliott] She didn't say
a damn word either.
That's on Ashley, that is.
[Elliott] We just stick to the plan.
It's a 50-50 decision across everyone.
It's fair for everyone.
No one's gonna be able
to stand their way out of this.
Everyone has to make that decision.
I don't understand
what's so hard about that for everyone.
[bold music plays]
[Mai] I think 278 is selfish
by not advancing for the team.
That has shown her character.
Moving forward,
I will be watchful for 278.
She has shown me
that she is not a team player.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous music plays]
- [Amanda] Go on, everyone. Go.
- [Mikie] Go, P.
[Mikie] That's everything Trey's done,
isn't it?
[Purna grunts softly]
[Ashley] I don't wanna play this game.
I got all the way to the front.
I can no longer hide.
And I have to jump.
I have no choice but to jump.
[ethereal musical flourish plays]
[musical swell plays and rises]
[players cheer]
[Ashley laughs]
- [man laughs]
- Okay, I'll take it.
- One of y'all better pass me up.
- [Purna] I'll go now.
I ain't hopping down
this whole goddamn bridge.
[suspenseful percussive music plays]
Whew! I'm going there, man.
Do it. Just do it.
Not going homeward this early, man.
- I'm doing this.
- [man] Oh, he's ready!
[ominous tone plays]
[musical swell plays]
- [cheering]
- [man] Let's go!
- [man] Yes!
- [Roland] Let's go, Purna.
That's teamwork, baby.
You guys gotta make another jump now.
[players laugh]
[Sam] Go, guys. Go.
[tense music plays]
Whew! Hallelujah, man.
Please come. [laughs] Do an honor.
- Congratulations.
- Yeah! Oh.
- [Roland and James] You got it, Jackie.
- [Amanda] Come on, Jackie.
[Jackie] I am so scared.
It all feels so much,
and I'm trying to connect within myself.
[Amanda] The clock.
[sighs heavily]
[Jackie] Trying to trust my gut.
[flaps lips]
[dramatic tone plays]
- [trap door clangs]
- [players exclaim]
[Bee] No.
[melancholic music plays]
[Phill sobs]
[Phill] I am devastated.
I don't even wanna go forward.
How could I, without my buddy?
Without the one
who's been there since the start?
Truly, like, one of the best people
I've met in my life.
[Sam] It's heart-wrenching to see
another one of my friends get eliminated.
It's like a light went out in the game.
[automated voice] Player 393, eliminated.
[ominous music plays]
[woman 023] We're more than halfway.
[Roland] As long as everyone
sticks with the plan.
Halfway done.
[Mikie] Jeez, time is going fast, guys.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Bee] You got this.
- Love you, man.
- Love you, Purna.
Let's make it together. Whoo.
- Bee, what vibe are you feeling?
- Don't do this to me.
[Sam] It's a vibe. Just take it.
- Follow your first gut.
- So, Purna, you're thinking left then?
That's what I'm thinking,
but go with your guts, okay?
[tense percussive music plays]
Do whatever your gut is saying.
- Ah
- [Hallie] The clock is ticking.
[Amanda] The clock.
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.
[ethereal music plays]
- [players cheer]
- Let's go! Let's go!
[Purna] Who's taking the next risk?
- Nine.
- [Elliott] Fantastic.
[Ashley chuckles] That's what's up.
[tense percussive music plays]
I'm thinking across.
Thinking, if they've gone
- To the right?
- Yeah, they've gone
[Roland] Exactly what I was thinking.
- Elliott, I love you, man.
- [Sam] You got it.
- You got it, Elliott.
- [James] We love you, Elliott.
[Elliott] Let's do this.
[musical swell plays]
- [players cheer]
- [Roland] Let's go!
Let's go!
- That's on you, Mum!
- All right, let's go, Phill.
- Come on.
- [Phill] Roland.
Can I get a hug before you pass on?
[Phill] I'm sorry I put you
in this position.
[Roland] Hey, I'm still here,
and you still got a shot.
You got this, man, okay? You got this.
What are you thinking?
Whatever you're thinking, you think.
- [Phill] Nice knowing y'all.
- Hey, you're gonna make it, man.
- You're gonna make it.
- [023] You'll be fine. Use your gut.
[Roland] That's what I was thinking.
[musical swell plays]
[players cheering]
- [players] Yes!
- [Roland] Let's go, Phil!
Let's go, baby! Whoo!
[Mikie] Let's go, Phill! Let's go!
[Elliott] Let's do this.
[Roland] Chad,
I would like a hug before you pass on.
I love you.
[Chad grunts]
- Chad, I love you, bro.
- I'm good.
Love you, man. Make the right decision.
- [023] It's your choice.
- Whatever you feel.
- [Ashley] Go straight up.
- [Chad] Congratulations.
- [Phill] You're a good person, Chad.
- [Ashley] Go straight up, Chaz.
[Elliott] Whatever you feel,
Chad, in your heart.
- [Bee] You got this.
- [Sam] We need to hurry.
[Chad sighs heavily]
What do you think, Mai?
[Mai] Oh my gosh.
You gonna put this on me?
- [players laugh]
- You know I trust you.
- [Mai] Oh, Chad.
- [Chad chuckles]
[tender music plays]
I wouldn't be here without you,
so you tell me, Mai.
That's a lot of pressure, Chad.
No. It's on me.
You're my hero.
[Mai] I feel very scared
'cause I don't wanna be the person
that determined Chad to be eliminated.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Mikie] Oh, God.
What do you feel, man?
I feel I feel like Mai needs to tell me.
Oh my God. Why are you doing this to me?
- [Chad] Which one?
- Left.
- [023] Okay, straight ahead.
- Here?
- Straight ahead?
- [players] Yes.
[ethereal music plays]
[James gasps] Oh my gosh.
[musical swell plays and rises]
- [all cheering]
- [Roland] Let's go! Let's go, Chad!
- [Chad] Thank you, Mai!
- [Ashley] Yes!
- [Chad] Thank you, Mai!
- [Mai] I love you! I love you!
Wow! Let's go!
- [Ashley] Let's go, Rose!
- [Bee] They're doing well.
Come on up.
All right.
[suspenseful percussive music plays]
[Roland] Good luck, Rose.
- [Rose] Oh God.
- Good luck, Rose.
- [Elliott] You got this. You got this?
- [whimpers] I don't know. I don't know.
[Roland] Rose, we appreciate your bravery.
[Phill] You can do this.
[Chad] I got your hand. I got your hand.
- Okay.
- [Chad] All right. You're fine.
[continues ticking]
[Roland] You got it, Rose.
[Rose] I know my God is leading me.
I'm just hoping my ancestors
do me well to survive this game.
I'm just hoping my God leads me through.
- [sighs] God.
- Come on, Rose.
Love you guys.
- [players] Love you too, Rose.
- [Purna] Gonna make it, Rose.
[Chad] We We're almost to the end.
[ethereal music plays]
[musical swell plays]
[all cheer]
- [Roland] Let's go! Let's go!
- [players] Yes!
- [Roland] Let's go!
- [woman] Oh, wow!
- [Chad] Let's go.
- [Rose laughs] We got this, guys!
Oh my God!
My ancestors are with me. Yes, they are.
- [Ashley] Three more.
- [Chad] Let's go.
Three more.
[tense music plays]
[Elliott] Whatever happens, you got this,
Siobhan. Make that decision.
[Sam] You got it, Siobhan.
- [Elliott] You got this.
- [Mikie] Wow.
[Ashley] Take your time, baby.
I mean, not too much, but yeah.
[Mai] Go, go, go, go.
Any suggestions?
'Cause I don't know what I'm thinking.
[Elliott] It's your decision, Siobhan.
It's not ours.
- [Sam] We believe in you.
- [Elliott] Go with your gut, girl.
[music intensifies]
- [trap door clangs]
- [Rose sobs]
[players groan]
[automated voice] Player 023, eliminated.
[man sighs]
[Rose sobs]
[woman sighs]
[pulsing gloomy music plays]
[sniffles and groans]
[Purna] Okay, who's next?
- [Sam] Mikie wants to do it.
- Let's go!
- [Bee] Come on, Mikie.
- [Sam] We're proud of you, Mikie.
[Ashley] This game is tense.
One at a time.
[Sam] Go, guys, go. Two more to go.
[Bee] Come on, Mikie.
- [Ashley] Let's go, y'all.
- Love you, Mikie.
Oi, let's go!
[Mikie] $4.56 million is on the line.
Whoa. I don't like the sound of this one.
That would change my life.
My family's life.
That would provide
the best care for my children.
There's no way
I'm gonna leave this place without it.
[Bee] Come on.
- Where am I going? Where am I going?
- [Bee] You can do this.
[Chad] Whatever you're feeling.
Luck of the Irish. Let's get it!
I guess I'm going right here.
[musical swell plays]
[players] No!
- [woman groans]
- [Bee] No.
- [Chad sighs]
- [woman] Whew.
[dreary music plays]
[automated voice] Player 254, eliminated.
Gonna miss you, Mikie.
[Chad] J-Just walk over. There you go.
[Sam] You got it, James.
- I love you.
- Love you too, man.
You can do this.
You're You're gonna be safe.
You're gonna be safe.
- I love you, Phill.
- I love you too.
Good luck.
[Chad] You You're gonna make it.
He's absolutely terrified.
I can't tell you how proud I am of him.
- [Sam] I'm so proud of him.
- [Ashley] His ass shaking.
[Bee] James, we are so proud of you.
- [Hallie] Love you, James!
- [Roland] We all love you.
Lead Lead us onto the stage.
- Be the hero.
- [Bee] You got this.
[Sam] Take us onto the stage, James.
- [Bee] Take a breath.
- [Chad] Be the hero, James.
[dramatic music plays]
Should I do left or right?
- [Mai] Right!
- Mai says right.
[music intensifies]
[James] No!
[all exclaim]
[Chad sighs]
[Roland] Oh my gosh.
[automated voice] Player 269, eliminated.
[sobs] I'm so sorry, James.
[Hallie] It's okay, Mai. It's okay, Mai.
[Ashley] It's okay, bro.
Nobody knew. Nobody knew.
- [Rose] Well Mai, you're fine.
- [Ashley] Nobody knew. Nobody knew!
- [Sam] You couldn't have known.
- [Ashley] Nobody knew 100%.
[Hallie] It's not your fault.
[tender classical music plays]
[Elliott] Guys, guys, guys!
- We need to hurry up.
- [Sam] You got it.
[Elliott] We need to start
moving fast now.
[Sam] Good job.
[Rose claps]
[scattered applause]
[Roland] One at a time.
[Phill] Completing the bridge
doesn't feel like a victory.
Stepping across that line
without Jackie doesn't feel right.
[Ashley] You know,
eight players got eliminated,
but I wasn't one of them,
and so I'm grateful as hell.
Please let me off this high-ass bridge.
- [Chad] Congratulations.
- [Elliott] Well done, my love. Well done.
[Chad] Mai, she got me across the bridge.
She was the only one
I would've trusted with that decision.
I I'm glad she picked
the right tile for me.
I need her in the finals with me.
[players] Yes!
[Mai] I can't believe I'm in the final 12.
It's unbelievable.
But 278 doesn't deserve to be here.
If I get the opportunity,
I have to eliminate her.
[powering down]
[keyboard clacking]
- Whoa, whoa!
- [Bee gasps]
- [Chad] What the heck?
- Oh my God!
- [Chad] Wow! What the hell?
- [Roland] How is it actually this empty?
- [Amanda] What?
- [Chad] Basically, all the beds are gone.
Such an eerie feeling.
We went from hundreds
of people staying here
to only 12 of us in this massive dorm.
This is weird.
[Ashley] This shit's so empty, bro.
Everybody gone.
- Good work.
- Good work.
- I love you, Roland. I really do.
- I love you too, Mai.
I'm so glad you're still in this.
[Ashley] I don't know these people
from a can of paint.
I immediately felt that cliquey shit,
and I'm irritated as hell.
[Purna] This feels good, man!
[Ashley] And also, I'm feeling scared
'cause I'm like,
they're gonna get another chance
to, like, vote people to eliminate,
and they're gonna eliminate
floaters like me first.
Guys, the only reason why
we made it through with this many people
is 'cause we worked together, okay?
All right.
[scattered applause]
[ominous tone plays]
So, my mom and dad,
they were married when I was super young,
but I never seen them together.
Both of them, I would say, you know,
"got it out the mud," you know.
Uh, neither one of them grew up,
you know, with their parents.
They kinda had to,
you know, get it on their own.
You know, make a way
for themselves in the world.
Um, I would describe my mom
as, you know, strong, tough love,
you know, hard exterior.
You know, hard exterior.
And she raised me
to be tough, just like her.
Um, so I also have a hard exterior,
and you know, it takes some knocking down.
You know, I have to knock down some walls
before I let people in.
[musical swell plays and rises]
[ominous tone plays]
- [Ashley] How you feeling?
- [Mai] Mixed emotion.
[Ashley] Yeah, same.
It's, like, you happy you made it,
but also Yeah.
- [Mai] It's sad. Yeah.
- Lost some homies.
So it doesn't feel good.
[buzzer plays on speakers]
Okay, let's make a line.
Let's hug and let's make a line.
[creepy choral music plays]
Attention, players.
Here are the results of the fifth game.
[scattered cheers]
[Chad] There we go.
- [Amanda] Whoo! There we are!
- [Phill] Yay.
[device beeps]
[Chad] Hey, there we go.
Let's go.
Fill that piggy up!
[gentle music plays]
[Bee] Wow.
[Amanda whoops]
[chiming digitally]
[square guard] The current prize fund
now stands at $4,440,000.
[Chad] Oh! 444!
[square guard] There are
only 12 of you left.
Eleven other players stand between you
and $4.56 million.
[intriguing music plays]
The next test is tomorrow,
and it will be played face-to-face.
- [man] Wow.
- Oh my gosh.
[Chad] Could be tough
to sleep tonight. Whoa!
The feeling is odd
between the team right now.
The piggy bank,
it's almost to the top at this point.
We all remember
when it was completely empty.
It feels like it was months ago.
- We can sit over there.
- [Sam] Yeah.
[Chad] It's a very strange feeling
because we definitely miss our friends,
but we know that we are very, very close
to winning that ultimate prize.
[Phill] I miss Jackie.
[Sam] I miss Jackie too.
She was always such a calming presence.
I'm really proud of her.
I'm I'm beyond proud of her as well.
I'm so proud.
I don't know. I had this stupid idea
that it'd be both of us together
until the end.
[Roland] Hallie,
you're in a mood right now.
I know. Look at these skips.
Look at these skips.
This nervous energy
makes me uncomfortable.
[Rose laughs]
I hate this place.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous tone plays]
I'm pretty confident in in my abilities
to hold my cards close to my chest.
I grew up a little gay boy
in a very religious family.
It felt like I couldn't be myself
because if I was myself, I was at risk
because the talk was constantly
about how people like me
were going to hell
or they were going to die
because of their decisions.
And so,
I tried everything as a kid to not be gay.
I made You know,
I tried making deals with God.
I tried I j
I feel like I tried everything
that a that a kid could think of.
And after I left home and came out
and lost my family to their prejudices,
I've built a new family,
and I have other people
who have filled those roles
in a better way than the
than my blood or relation ever has.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous tone plays]
I'm dreading the next test.
You're gonna finally
get me out, aren't you?
That's gonna be the moment.
Oh, it's the moment
we've all been waiting for.
No one is safe.
It's anyone's game, completely.
Even, like like, today showed that.
[Bee] The fact that player 019 and I
are still here together,
when we were both next to each other
at Red Light, Green Light, it's unreal.
The two of us in the final 12 means
that one of us winning is one in six,
which is
We We would never have believed that.
[Amanda] Yeah, I liked that.
[Chad] We've gone down to 12 people.
Twelve people.
It's so I'm like, "Oh my God."
I can't grasp it. Like, wow.
- [Chad] Twelve people, 444 out.
- [Mai] Yeah.
- [sighs]
- 444 people out.
We're down to 12.
If I If I have a choice,
it gonna be me and you, but head-to-head.
- That'd be great. You're gonna go 100%?
- That'd be awesome.
Yep. And you gonna go 100%.
Yeah, I'll I'll go 99.
I'll give you a percent.
[both laugh]
[gentle music plays]
[Mai] Talking to Chad,
we are solidifying our friendship,
uh, to take us to the final.
We don't wanna be super vocal,
and we wanna strategize
how to move forward,
you know, with, um, with the two of us.
I don't think there's a person in here
that we have to worry about,
like, backstabbing or anything like that.
- I don't know. We'll see.
- [Chad] Yeah.
I mean, with with that much money
on the line, anything's possible.
Yeah. Yeah.
My close friendship
with Chad is wonderful,
but at the moment,
I want to hide my my agendas
because, you know, I don't feel
that I can trust anyone completely.
Now, it's like, you know,
it's a pack of wolves now
trying to get a piece of meat.
- [Chad] Insane.
- Hello!
- [Chad laughs]
- [Bee] Hello.
- [Elliott] Hello there!
- [Amanda] Hello! Ho!
How are you Londoners over there?
We're We're, uh
We're plotting and planning.
[Mai laughs]
[Chad] There's plenty of beds available,
but I see Bee, Elliott, and Amanda
all still keep bunk beds together.
So that's concerning me.
People are scheming
because that money is real,
and everybody wants that cash.
We have to make sure
that we're watching to make sure
there's not an alliance coming
to take to take us out.
- Thank you, Chad, for being here.
- Thank you.
Of course. I'm not allowed to go
until you tell me I can.
[laughs] Stop it.
[both chuckle]
[Amanda] Bee.
My Amanda.
How have we done this?
- Someone up there's looking out for you.
- Yeah.
[Ashley] Okay, let me
just say this though.
If we have another test and a vote,
we should all rally up and vote,
like, for real,
'cause they got numbers over there
in they little crew.
[Sam] Yeah.
I God, I hope it's not a vote.
It's gonna be another test.
And we gonna have to break that up.
'Cause if we don't,
then it's gonna be them.
[Sam] Yeah.
And it is crazy 'cause it's like,
you don't wanna do
no weird-ass backstabbing shit
'cause you still representing yourself.
You get what I'm saying?
And I don't move like that.
Like, I just wanna compete
and play the games,
but then you gotta deal with this, like
I mean, I love Bee and Amanda,
but it's like
[Ashley] Yeah. I mean, they cool,
but at the end of the day,
if it came down to it,
they'd vote one of us out over them.
They'd pick them over us.
[Sam] I feel really good
about Phill and Ashley making it through.
We are making alliances.
And if our strengths
can eliminate another player,
there are no hard feelings,
and we should take our place,
rightfully, in the finale.
It's so crazy.
[automated voice] Attention, players.
The lights in the dorm room
will be switched off shortly.
["Lullaby" by Johannes Brahms plays]
[Mai] All right, good night.
Thank you for your support today.
[Hallie] Sweet dreams.
[Phill] Hey, guys.
Good night.
[Hallie] Good night, Phill.
[Purna] Good night, dear friends.
["Trumpet Concerto in E-flat"
by Joseph Haydn plays]
[automated voice] Attention, all players.
This is your wake-up call.
[humming along]
[Ashley] What's the ga
What's the movie where he's like,
"Teach me how to dance"?
And they're teaching him
how to dance like this.
I'm waking up this morning, and I see
these cliques, these alliances, you know?
There are some people
who've been riding with each other
since the beginning of the game,
you know, some people who feel
like they're super besties.
And so right now, I have to pretend-friend
because, like, I'm gonna need the numbers.
[Phill beatboxing]
[Elliott] Yeah.
Go, P! Go, P!
But don't go pee 'cause it's
[all cheering]
[Roland] I like Purna. He
He has this super positive,
like, goofball energy to him.
He's never looking for the bad in people,
never looking for the bad
in the situation.
He's just happy to be here.
- [Ashley] Look at his shoulders!
- [all cheer]
[Roland] Okay. Okay!
[all cheer and laugh]
[ominous tone plays]
My family, they moved to Nepal in 1992,
and that's where I was born.
Uh, my mom was nine months pregnant
when she came to Nepal
and started her life as a refugee.
Um, I was there for 16 years.
We never had any electricity,
and it was very poor medical care,
and it was a tough life.
I have seen people dying
from fever or simple diseases,
and I have seen people struggle for food,
like, what they're gonna eat the next day,
and I thought that was normal.
[chuckles] I thought that's what life is.
But now when I see, now when I look back,
I I realize how tough it was,
and I need to be the hope
for the people who are still struggling
and who are still fighting
every day for food, for their life.
And I'm not sure if I will win,
but I can promise that I will make it far,
and I'll never give up.
[musical swell plays]
[players] Go Bee! Go Bee!
Go Bee! Go Bee!
[laughing and cheering]
[buzzer plays on speakers]
[tense music plays]
- [Bee] Okay. Maybe it's just a game?
- [Chad] Okay.
- [Elliott] Here we go.
- [Rose] Okay.
[Chad] Whatever it is,
we'll get through it together.
- [players groan]
- Oh, hell no!
- [Rose] Oh my God.
- [Roland] Oh, shit.
[Rose] No, no, no, no.
[Chad chuckles sadly] Okay.
[ominous tone plays]
- [Elliott] Oh!
- [Chad] What is that?
[Rose] Oh no!
[Chad groans]
[square guard] Players,
it is now time for your next test.
[tense ethereal music plays]
[Chad] We're looking at a multi-million
dollar die right now, potentially.
[Elliott] Yep.
[square guard] Before the test begins,
you must select a leader.
I'll I'll be if you want.
[Hallie] I was gonna volunteer
- I will.
- but if there's other volunteers
[Chad] Well, let let's let's make
arguments for the people,
and I'll start
because you know where I'm going.
Mai has been my go-to from the beginning.
I know she'll be fair to all of us.
That's That's my candidacy
for for Mai.
Do you know what? I I think Mai
Mai would be my choice to be fair.
Thank you.
- [Roland] I'm with that.
- [Phill] All in favor of Mai?
- [Rose] Yeah. I am.
- [agreeing]
[Mai] Volunteering myself
is taking control of the game.
It gives me an advantage
so that I can be in control
of my destiny and my fate.
[square guard] Player 287,
when instructed, you should roll the die.
If you roll a six,
one player must be eliminated.
[music intensifies]
Before you roll, you must
either choose to nominate yourself
or you must nominate one other player
to be at risk of elimination.
[musical swell plays and rises]
[dramatic music plays]
Oh boy.
You okay, Mai?
[square guard] The test will continue
until three players are eliminated.
[droning, gloomy music plays]
[Elliott] Can I just say,
in theory, if we all nominate ourselves,
then it is is a game of chance.
[Roland and Elliott]
It's the friendliest way to do it.
We all know what we're rolling for.
We're rolling to stay in.
If we get a six, it's
We're not meant to stay.
It's complete chance.
There's no There's no maliciousness.
Everybody agrees to it, I think.
We're all taking the gun, pulling
the trigger, and hoping it doesn't blow.
- [Chad] Mai Mai will set the standard.
- [Sam] Yep.
[Sam and Chad] And we'll go from there.
[square guard] Player 287,
the test has begun.
[dramatic musical flourish plays]
[exhales slowly]
I'm not gonna nominate myself.
[tense percussive music plays]
Um, I worked just as hard
to be in the final 12,
just as everyone else.
And as a team yesterday,
we needed everyone to be part of it,
and I'm sorry, Ashley,
I have to nominate you.
[sinister musical flourish plays]
[Ashley] I'm pissed.
You're saying that I'm not a team player,
but in this moment,
you're not being a team player
because that's not what we agreed upon.
[square guard] Player 278,
you are at risk of being eliminated
if player 287 rolls a six.
[Chad] I don't know what's going on.
Mai definitely caught me off-guard.
I think it's a bad look,
but it's the game we're playing, I guess.
[square guard] Player 287,
you should now roll the die.
[dramatic music plays]
[ominous tone plays]
[tense music plays]
[square guard] Player 287,
you chose to put player 278
at risk of elimination.
You have not rolled a six,
so they are safe.
[Ashley] Girl, I don't know why
you thought you had the power
to get me up out of here.
Like, it doesn't work that way.
Like, my destiny is on me,
not on your ass.
[square guard] Player 287, you must now
choose who to pass the die on to.
[Hallie] Seeing Ashley thrown
under the bus,
and no one speak up about it is hard.
But hopefully,
everyone can keep nominating themselves,
and it doesn't have to get ugly.
[Roland] Dang, that's tough.
[tense ethereal music plays]
I nominate myself 'cause we ball.
[players applaud]
[Roland] Thank you, guys.
[Amanda] Well done.
[Roland] People can work together.
Even when we're this close
to $4.56 million,
we're gonna work as one.
[square guard] Player 418,
as you nominated yourself,
if you roll a six, you will be eliminated.
Never rolled a six in my entire life,
and I'm not starting today.
[Amanda cheers]
- [ominous tone plays]
- [cheering]
- [Roland] We ball!
- [Phill] Whoo! We ball!
[both] Let's go!
Never rolled a six in my life!
We We all have to go,
so let's just calm down.
- [Roland] Sorry, I was just freaking out.
- [Sam] You did a good job.
[Roland sighs heavily]
[tense music plays]
Let's go, 016.
- Let's go, Sam.
- I nominate myself.
I feel way more comfortable
taking a game of chance
than strategy and backstabbing.
[Sam sighs heavily]
[Phill] I've been friends with player 016
throughout this entire process,
and seeing him go
just on a dice roll would not seem fair.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
- [Sam sighs]
- [Roland] Let's go.
- Whew!
- [Elliott] Well done, man.
I'm going to nominate myself.
[bold music plays]
[Bee] It's very tense
watching people roll the dice.
I'm just waiting for it to be my turn now.
I play a lot of backgammon,
and I'm really good at rolling sixes,
which is good in backgammon
but will get me eliminated in this game.
[Elliott] You got this.
- [ominous tone plays]
- [player] Whew!
[tense percussive music plays]
[Bee] I'm going over in my head
what I want to do
in the face of calculated strategy
versus what I usually do,
which is take a chance and wing it.
I'm going to nominate myself.
And by the way,
I always roll sixes, so, like
And I love a gamble.
[Roland] Dang.
Hey, you called it though.
[ominous tone plays]
- [sobs] No, I'm not letting go of you yet.
- Oh, okay. I'll bless you.
[square guard] Player 018,
you have rolled a six
and have been eliminated.
It's okay, girl.
[pulsing melancholic music plays]
[door opening]
[Bee] I'm absolutely gutted,
but I do not regret
anything I did in this contest
because I played a game true to who I am,
and I did everything I could
to enjoy every step of this competition,
and I would do it again.
[Amanda] Ah, love you, Bee.
- [sobs]
- [Bee] You got this!
- [Elliott] She called it. What the hell?
- [Rose] Yeah.
[sighs heavily]
[square guard] Two more players
will be eliminated in this test.
[sighs heavily]
[tense percussive music plays]
[sniffles and sighs]
[Elliott] Ashley.
[Roland] Ashley, there's no pressure,
at least from me,
with whatever your decision is
because you've been targeted.
- [Mai] It's not targeted. Okay?
- No, I I know it's not.
- She's not targeted, okay?
- I completely understand.
I just meant that as, like,
you selected somebody in the group.
Right. But I I I don't want
any negative connotations
that I'm out to get her. I'm not.
Um, I'm choosing Mai.
[ominous tone plays]
I don't think it's fair
for me to be nominated twice.
So I just think it makes sense.
- [Sam] Valid reason.
- It's a valid reason. Yep.
[ethereal music plays]
[ominous tone plays]
[eerie piano music plays]
[Ashley] It lands on a five,
you know, one short of six.
So she got a little lucky.
She got a little lucky.
[music intensifies]
I am nominating myself.
- [Ashley] Ooh! Spicy.
- [Roland] Come on, that's good.
- Yeah!
- [all applaud]
[ominous tone plays]
[players chatter in support]
[Purna] Let's do this.
[dramatic music plays]
I nominate myself.
[all applaud]
Part of the game.
And also it's for family, right?
That's right. That's right, brother.
All right, P.
- Let's go for it.
- Let's do it.
- Good luck.
- Ready? Let's do this.
[musical swell plays and rises]
[ominous tone plays]
[macabre music plays]
- [all exclaim]
- [Ashley] Oh.
- Oh my God.
- [Amanda] Oh goodness. Come here.
[Ashley] Crazy.
[square guard] Player 031,
you have rolled a six
and have been eliminated.
Love you, Purna!
We love you.
[Purna] Let's do this!
[music intensifies]
[Roland] It's rough.
[square guard] One more player
will be eliminated.
[tense pulsing music plays]
- [Chad] Good luck.
- [Elliott] Good luck, Phill. You got this.
I will be rolling myself,
and no matter what happens,
I love you all.
It was an honor to be with you.
[Sam] Phill's in danger,
and I do not want the hurt
of losing any of my close friends.
[musical swell plays]
[ominous tone plays]
- [Chad] Oh, Jesus.
- [Phill] Yes!
[Roland] Whoo!
[Amanda] Thank you.
Good luck, Amanda.
I nominate myself.
[ominous tone plays]
Amen. Amen.
[sighs heavily]
We're, um, ten people away
from being eliminated
to to winning this money. So
you gotta start thinking
and using your head.
With that being said,
I'm still gonna go with my heart,
and I will self-eliminate if I roll a six.
[various players] Good luck, Chad.
[Mai] It's a life-and-death moment,
and I'm scared that he will be eliminated,
and my world will be shattered.
[music intensifies]
[ominous tone plays]
- [players exclaim]
- [Ashley] Ooh.
[Roland sighs heavily]
[square guard] Player 286,
you have rolled a six
and have been eliminated.
[sad sweeping music plays]
[Roland] I'm so sorry, Chad.
Damn you, Chad.
[continues sobbing]
[Chad] It's okay.
It's okay, win it. It's okay.
I'll see you at home.
[Mai sobs]
- [door opens]
- It's okay. No, it'll be all right.
[Rose] It's gonna be fine, Mai.
[Hallie] Bye, Chad.
[player sighs]
[player inhales sharply]
[Ashley] You nominate me
and now you're crying for yourself.
I hate a bitch
trying to feel sorry for themselves.
[Ashley] Mai, you want to play dirty,
karma is a bitch.
You put some bad vibes
out into the universe,
and Chad was sacrificed.
[musical swell plays and intensifies]
[ominous closing theme music plays]
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