Stage of Number One (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Come make merit and offerings
with Phlengphon Donsawan,
the "cute-eyed singer,"
a country sweetheart.
Come enjoy his voice
and give him garlands.
Please come no matter where you live.
Phlengphon Donsawan
-If he knows you're not married
-will be there after a long wait.
Phlengphon is coming?
He's here.
See you guys tonight!
Is he really coming?
He's here!
Phlengphon Donsawan is here, everyone!
You're not Phlengphon.
If you want to see
the real Phlengphon today,
please come to Wat Hua Khung!
That was amazing!
-Give her a big hand!
-I can't hear you.
Make some noise!
-How was that?
-You want more?
Will you come if we come back next year?
So we won't come back.
-We will. They want us.
-I meant elsewhere.
All right, for the next performance,
you'll get to hear and see
the handsomest singer
with the best voice.
Please welcome Phlengphon Donsawan.
This Suphan Buri stud from Don Chedi
will win your hearts with the song
-"Why Would You Be Single?" Applaud!
Why would you be single?
Everyone who's in love
Is happy every day
Giving each other sweet kisses
When sick or sad
-Excuse me!
-Nursing each other
Having kids to look after things
Praised as patriots
Why would you be single?
You'll see Yama in death
If he knows you're not married
He won't let you be reborn
Why would you be born
And not find happiness?
Don't waste your life
Get married, youngsters
Thank you. Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Why would you be single?
You'll see Yama in death
If he knows you're not married
He won't let you be reborn
Why would you be born
And not find happiness?
Don't waste your life
Get married, youngsters
Who are you?!
I'd like to apply to be a singer.
Dokfai is our resident singer.
-Who are you?
What are you getting up to here?
Uh Well, I'm applying to be a singer.
Will you take me?
I can sing for you.
What a waste of time. Go home.
Wait. Who's gonna sing for me?
Why would you be single?
Everyone who's in love
Is happy every day
Giving each other sweet kisses
When sick or sad, nursing each other
Having kids to look after things
Praised as patriots
Why would you be single?
You'll see Yama in death
If he knows you're not married
He won't let you be reborn
Why would you be born
And not find happiness?
Don't waste your life
Get married, youngsters
What's this, baby? What's this?
Don't you see
they're practicing choreography?
I live in Suphan Buri
You live in Yasothon
I miss you
When you're gone
I miss the times
-We spent together
All right.
Come sit, Phanni.
Phanni, it's busy this year.
When will you return
as the supporting act?
I really wish I could go.
But I'm gonna wait
until this little one comes out.
I won't miss a single gig.
By the way, do you want a boy or a girl?
I don't mind either way.
My only wish is that they can sing.
I'm gonna train them to be singers.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Isn't that right, baby?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A singer?
Since I hit puberty
I've found no man to my liking
I had such a good dream last night
I dreamed that I met
The best man
He took me to the movies
He took me on a lovely date
Giving me a tour in a garden
Handing me
A white cheesewood flower
-Kaeo, get down.
-Tucking it
Behind my ears many times
He kept dropping it
-Kaeo, get down.
-Five or six times
I woke up startled at four o'clock! Jeez!
What a shame!
What a shame!
Go back to your seats.
We'll all be punished
if a teacher shows up.
What are you kids doing?
You again.
Are you a singer or a student?
This is a classroom, not a stage.
If you keep this up,
if you fail and repeat a grade again,
your little sister will get
to junior high ahead of you.
She keeps yapping about getting ahead.
"Kaeota, your sister is gonna
get there ahead of you."
Damn you. Get ahead of me!
Anyone who wants good grades,
get ahead of me.
You ran so fast that I couldn't keep up.
You couldn't keep up with me?
You got ahead of me in school,
like our teacher said.
But on everything else,
I can't compete with you at all.
As for school, if you need my help,
you can tell me. I'm not that good,
but I won't let you fail.
We're sisters. We have to help each other.
Put my name on the cover and submit it.
Come on. Let me borrow it.
You said yourself that you'd help me
and wouldn't let me fail.
I guess I have to.
Very good, Khwanchai, my beloved sister.
-Oh, it's raining. Let's go home.
All right. Hey.
Say hi.
So you know each other.
-Whose son is this?
Wait, no. It's not like that.
This is Saoek. He's an orphan.
Venerable Uncle raised him
since he was a baby.
He's very old now.
And this one's getting bigger and bigger.
So he asked me to take the kid in.
You're too kind, honey.
Hey, kid.
What can you do?
What grade are you in now?
I finished primary school.
I can do all the chores.
I can fetch water, pound rice.
I even cleaned the temple.
All right.
If that's the case,
be a roadie for the band for now.
I will. Thank you.
-Hello, Dad. Hello, Mom.
-Hello, Dad. Hello, Mom.
Hello, girls.
Look at the time.
Where have you girls been?
We got stuck in the rain, Mom.
The rain came down so hard,
so we hid in a pavilion.
Look, my hair got wet.
Who's this, Mom?
His name is Saoek.
Your dad brought him from a temple.
He's gonna live here with us.
Your name is Saoek?
That's a funny name. Who named you?
-Venerable Grandpa.
-Was there Venerable Grandma?
-Oh, right.
Women can't become monks.
You lived in a temple.
Why didn't you get ordained?
Venerable Grandpa said to study first.
What grade are you in?
Did you finish primary school?
Do you like singing?
You have to know how to sing
to live in this house.
Wait. That's enough.
You asked him a million questions.
Go change first.
Interrogate him later.
There's plenty of time.
Yes. Let's go, Kaeo. Let's shower.
You'll catch a cold.
Please, Sis.
-Let me stay with you.
Me abandoning my sister?
It was you who left me first
for that pre-cut sugarcane seller.
You want some? Very sweet.
But not as sweet as your face.
I was just unlucky.
He was already married.
How could I compete with that, Sis?
Jeez, every job is already taken.
What are you gonna do if you live here?
You know very well that
I'm an excellent cook.
After I got away from him,
I opened a rice and curry shop.
Please, Sis.
We're sisters after all.
What should I do, Id?
I asked what I should do.
Uh, I think
family is unbreakable.
-He's right.
It's already crowded here.
Why would we take anyone else?
There isn't enough work as it is.
We have roadies.
There are dancers everywhere.
As the band manager,
I'm telling you no.
What now?
The manager says there's no job.
No job, my ass.
Do you think anyone in this house
can really cook?
Why do they always eat papaya salad?
Their faces are becoming papayas
and their necks yardlong beans.
Id, all you eat is sticky rice.
Look at your skin.
Wrinkled as a rice box.
What didn't you mention it?
Look at his short legs.
Goddamn it! You're picking on me!
-Hey, Id!
-You want some?
-Are you picking a fight?
-You girls
are so vulgar. Crazy girls!
Can you take her in, honey?
Of course. Why not?
Your sister is my sister.
Thanks, hon.
So you're letting me stay?
I'm so happy.
I missed you so much. How are you doing?
Phlengphon Donsawan Band.
What can I do for you?
What's going on?
Venerable Uncle fell. He's in a hospital.
Here you go, Sis.
I brewed you some lemongrass tea,
very little sugar. Take little sips.
It'll soothe your stomach.
Right, it'll soothe my stomach
but not my heart.
Look, my husband left this afternoon.
He hasn't even called.
I don't know
if he will stay there
or come home.
Where is it?
What did I hit?
It's nice having you here,
so I won't be so tired.
I don't mind being physically tired.
But I'm mentally tired
from all the slugs and leeches
sucking wages.
I'm so tired.
Damn it.
What did I hit?
And look. The rain hasn't let up at all.
I don't see anything.
‪Don't waste your life
‪Get married, youngsters
That was a song by Phlengphon Donsawan.
His fans requested it in honor
and remembrance
of a famous singer we loved.
Phlengphon Donsawan passed away last night
in a roadside accident in Suphan Buri
I can't believe
Phon's not here anymore.
About our pre-booked gigs,
how will we proceed, Phanni?
Why are you asking her?
Ask me. I'm the band manager.
Huh? Just cancel them.
Return the deposits. That's all.
Of course, we'll return them.
We can't perform.
That's the right thing to do.
The problem is how we will do that.
The funeral costs us a lot, right, Phanni?
It was necessary.
For the ceremonies, the temple,
the food
If that's the case, don't cancel the gigs.
I'm gonna sing in his place.
Who's gonna hire you?
The quality will be lower.
They want to hear the master,
not some fraud.
Hey! Who said I was a fraud?
Haven't you realized yet?
Think hard.
They want to hear Phlengphon,
but they get Phlengphon's wife instead.
You've never been a headliner.
You're just a supporting act.
She is that, but she's as good as anyone.
We can form a new band.
I'm gonna be the band manager myself.
Give me a break.
You think running a country band is easy?
The headliner must be great
to win the audience.
Most importantly, the manager
must be smart.
Then let's make a bet.
If the pre-booked gigs
don't get cancelled,
Phanni will perform and draw an audience.
Announce that the Phanni Sidon Band
will perform instead.
"Elder Saeng, Wat Thung Mahakan."
We'll decide this with one gig.
Let's listen together.
I'll turn on the speaker.
Hello there.
Hello, Elder!
I'm Yiam, the manager of the Phleng
Elder? Phlengphon just passed away.
Do you know the female singer he trained?
She has a great voice.
Wherever she performs,
the audience gives her tons of garlands.
It's Phanni Sidon,
Phlengphon Donsawan's sweetheart.
We will bring everyone.
Phlengphon's reputation will be intact.
Will you still hire us, Elder?
Of course.
Phanni Sidon
is Phlengphon's wife, isn't she?
Bring everyone.
We will. See you there.
Thank you very much, Elder.
I found our new band manager.
Keep on calling every client of ours.
You got it.
As for you, Yiam,
you don't want to work for me.
Get your ass out of my band as of today!
Hey, Id.
How do you say, "Get out," in English?
-Get out.
-Get out.
Get out.
-Get out.
-Get out.
-Get out.
-Get out.
-Get out.
Tell them I won't order cutouts
from this shop again.
Look at it. I look terrible in it.
You got it.
All right, everyone, listen up.
Our band needs a revamp.
Whoever isn't earning their keep,
you're fired.
Jip, Taen, Poen,
you're the laziest bunch at practice.
You three are fired.
I'm going. You think I want to be here?
You'll thrive for sure.
Phanni, what about me?
Am I fired too?
You were Phon's confidant, Id.
You went through everything together.
You too, Ud. I won't fire you.
As for the costumes,
I'll let Thatsanai be in charge.
Hello, everyone.
I'm Thatsanai, Phanni's junior.
And these two dancers,
they're quite good.
I think they'll spice up the band.
-I'm Maluli.
-As for me, I'm Malila.
I think
the three fired earlier
should have been these three.
Opposite vibes.
Do you agree?
What are the adults gonna do next?
Is the band going to get gigs?
I know, Sis.
What are you talking about?
Why are you still up?
Did you really fire Yiam?
Listen to me.
I intend to make this band as great
as it was in your dad's
golden days. Therefore,
if anyone in the band disagrees,
we can't take them with us.
I see. You're teaching us that
when we set our minds on something,
we must take it seriously
and be determined, right?
That's right, girls.
Because this world
only wants the winners.
And if we want to win,
we have to go over everyone's head.
Remember that, girls.
Only winners
are wanted in this world.
-Yes, Mom.
-Yes, Mom.
It's almost the time
you've all been waiting for,
the results
of the Stage of Number One award,
the award given out every ten years
to the country singer
You think you're gonna win, Phanni?
Are you crazy?
Who's gonna give it to me?
I perform in the countryside.
I'm rooting for Phoeng,
Phumphuang Duangchan.
It's time, everyone.
This time, the winner
of the Stage of Number One award is
Phumphuang Duangchan.
-Your pick won.
-My pick won.
That's right.
-Mommy! Mommy!
-Mommy! Mommy!
I'm here, girls.
What are you doing, Mom?
This is the award I used to want.
Practice hard like Kaeota. You're good.
I'll be too old in ten years.
if I pin my hopes on you girls,
there's a chance, right?
You got it.
We'll bring you this award, Mom.
That's right, Mom.
The Stage of Number One will be ours.
Either one of you
getting it would be fine for me.
-Yes, Mom.
-Yes, Mom.
The Stage of Number One must be ours.
Someday, I'll win that award.
Can't I have it too?
If you won't share
-I'm gonna tickle you!
Stop it!
Stop it!
The more
I look at the sky, the sadder I get
The countryside seems miserable
I'm alone, I dream of finding my beloved
Oh, my poor wretched heart
Happy living in my dreams
Hammering away at my work
No sympathetic ears of a life partner
Been dreaming for years and years
Of true love to keep my heart company
Are you done with math, Khwan?
Jeez, if you want it done fast,
do it yourself.
I'll love you faithfully
I'll dedicate my life to you
My heart knows only true love
A magpie croons as my heart yearns
My country home feels
Desolate and despairing
What do we do, Kaeo? It's far.
Hey. Hey, slow down.
Even golden paddies look gloomy
-Leaving my heart to burn
Miserable without a loved one
The countryside laments its life
Far from the lights of the city
If I have my dream beloved
-Khwan, do it for me.
-Happy as a clam
-I can't.
-The countryside is
Heaven for common folk
These golden fields see us snuggling
No other happiness can compare
-Are you okay, Kaeo?
-It's so heavy, Khwan.
Just a bit further, Kaeo.
We're almost home.
-Why did it have to break down today?
-These golden fields see us snuggling
-Why is this happening?
-No other happiness can compare
Give it back, Kaeo!
Do it yourself, Kaeo! You'll fail!
-Kaeo, give me back my homework! Kaeo!
Kaeo! Give it back!
Since I hit puberty
I've found no man to my liking
Auntie, you wanted my help?
Look at this.
Chochaba's blouse.
Its dye stains other clothes.
Do you think Chochaba
has a good voice?
She's a charmer.
She draws a lot of garlands.
He took me to the movies
He took me on a lovely date
Giving me a tour in a garden, handing me
Your singing sucks.
You criticized me?
I was just telling you
if you're not ready,
practice some more.
What about you? You suck too.
At least I sing on a real stage,
not twirl around on a bench like that.
If your slap hurts me
to the point I can't sing,
Phanni might be in trouble.
Don't forget I draw a lot of garlands too.
What are you doing?
You can't do this.
Kaeo! Enough.
Why did you stop me?
I hate that woman.
She thinks she's a good singer.
Someday, she'll be sorry.
Kaeo, leave her alone.
If you want to sing, do it.
It doesn't involve her.
Kaeota! Kaeota!
Come back and sing
so we can practice our dance too.
I'm coming!
-She's coming.
Keep dancing.
Since I hit puberty
I've found no man to my liking
Screw you, Kaeo.
Your only good point is
being the bandleader's daughter.
And Phanni got famous
because her husband died.
No one in this band is the real deal.
Without me as the opening act,
who would come?
You old hag with two kids.
Where the hell is it?
Hey, is there anyone here?
Have you seen my gold ring?
I remember taking it off
to shower the other day.
I can't find it anywhere.
Huh? It's not in the bathroom?
It must be where you left it
unless someone took it.
Who in our band
is the most suspicious to you?
I found it, baby.
I knew it, Mom.
I called Chochaba and everyone else
to the practice yard.
Cho, you bitch.
Let's go, Mom.
Let's go, baby.
What's happening?
I don't know!
This is my gold ring.
How did it end up in your room?!
It wasn't me. I don't know anything.
Don't deny it.
I have proof here, and you're denying it.
I don't know anything.
Whose ring is it? How did it get there?
You don't know?
You don't know?
-Calm down, ma'am!
-You hid it in your blouse.
If you steal things,
we can't live together. Go.
Get your ass out of my house right now!
-I don't know.
-Don't touch me!
Watch her pack.
Don't let her take anything
from our house!
All of you,
get it through your heads.
If you have dishonorable intentions,
I won't keep you!
Get out!
Take her away!
-Thank goodness I caught her.
-How did you do it?
I'm done with her. Let's go.
Not pretty and a thief too.
Lila, what's going on?
You missed the news. Come with us.
Don't socialize with a thief. Come on.
I actually feel bad for her.
Why would you?
She's a bad person. I'm glad she's gone.
I lost our opening act.
Honestly, it helps save money.
where will we find
a new singer in a day or two?
Where will we find one
who's new, bubbly, capable,
sings great, is an heir
to her mother's talent,
as if cast in the same mold.
If you slack off at practice,
you'll be sorry.
I'm so excited.
I'm gonna make a costume for you.
-You get to sing for real.
-I'm so happy, Khwan.
Wait a little bit.
Hello to all of our fans
who traveled here today.
We won't waste your time.
Before you get to see
our headliner,
please welcome a new singer called
Kaeota Sidon. Give her a big hand!
Give her a hand!
Go, Kaeo!
You can do it, Kaeo!
Since I hit puberty
I've found no man to my liking
I had such a good dream last night
I dreamed that I met
The best man
He took me to the movies
He took me on a lovely date
Giving me a tour in a garden, handing me
A white cheesewood flower
Tucking it behind my ears many times
He kept dropping it
Five or six times
I woke up startled at four o'clock
Jeez, what a shame
What a shame
Screw you, Kaeo.
Your only good point is
being the bandleader's daughter.
No one in this band in the real deal.
Without me as the opening act,
who would come?
Do you think
Chochaba has a good voice?
Honestly, in our recent gigs,
I've been wondering
if she stole some of the garland money.
But I haven't been able
to catch her in the act.
Jeez, what a shame
What a shame
-Amazing! Watch your step.
Oh! My Kaeo is the best!
You were amazing.
You got a big crowd.
The stage is empty. Go!
-I'm going.
You were amazing. Right, Ek?
Yes. You were great.
You were great, baby.
-Thanks. Thank you, everyone.
Don't be complacent.
I was listening.
You were off pitch a little.
Jeez, just a little bit.
Who would have noticed?
She put a lot of emotion into the song.
It's unacceptable.
My daughter must be the best.
Practice more.
I'm gonna get better,
so fast that no one can catch up.
Everyone, please welcome Phanni Sidon!
Your turn now, Mom.
It's time.
Kaeota, my love!
What's up, Khun?
Son of Chief Khuean, grandson of Maen.
Tracing me back to my dad and grandma.
I might have them ask for your hand.
What did you just say? Huh?
Kaeota, you sang beautifully.
If I didn't, I wouldn't have received
all those garlands.
Didn't you see earlier?
Duh. Of course, I did.
Half of the garlands you got,
I had my boys give them to you.
So beautiful.
do you want my help?
No need. I'm done.
Go study.
I already finished studying.
-Ready for the exam?
Huh? Aren't you gonna take the exam too?
No, I'm not.
I'm aiming
to get into Ramkhamhaeng.
There are scholarships for musicians.
Have to take an exam for them.
I already applied.
I get it
May your dream come true.
Khwan, how about this?
Let's set our goals
and see one day
who gets there first. Yeah?
Wishing for things from the moon?
I don't think I need to anymore.
Because I already have a good family
and a sister who sings beautifully.
I hope that's what you really think.
Huh? Why wouldn't it be?
I don't know. Aren't you jealous of me?
Watch me.
I'm gonna be the brightest moon
blacking out all the stars.
‪Music is a bridge
‪Dreams are motivation
‪-No matter how tired
‪-Or how hard
‪-This star
‪-Will be bright
‪Shining, standing out, resounding
‪Toward the Stage of Number One
With country songs,
if you don't practice often,
no matter how gifted you are,
it won't matter.
Where's Kaeo going now?
Mom's gonna hit her again.
Mom, please stop.
If we run a record company
and just lie around,
how will we find a white elephant?
I own a record company.
I'm looking for an artist.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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