Stage of Number One (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I'm gonna train them to be singers.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
How will we proceed, Phanni?
I intend to make this band as great
as it was in your dad's golden days.
Your only good point is
being the bandleader's daughter.
Without me as the opening act,
who would come?
No one in this band is the real deal.
If you steal things,
we can't live together.
Where will we find
a new singer in a day or two?
Please welcome a new singer called
Kaeota Sidon.
I'm gonna be the brightest moon
blacking out all the stars.
Since I hit puberty
I've found no man to my liking
I had such a good dream last night
I dreamed that I met the best
Practicing handwriting, Saoek?
Since I hit puberty
I've found no man to my
Dad's here!
Give it back.
Give it back.
Take it.
-Give it back.
-What are you guys doing?
Give it back, please.
Hey, what did you take from him?
You wrote this?
Yes. I tried writing some lyrics,
but they're not good yet.
It's not good yet, but it looks promising.
The rhyme is wrong.
It's supposed to be
"There's no one to date."
If it's gonna be the hook,
the meaning must be clear.
And when you complain to a girl,
don't use vulgar language.
There are many good Thai words.
Yes, sir. I'll remember that.
What do you wanna do when you grow up?
want to write songs the way you do.
Attaboy! This boy!
I'm gonna be a singer like Mom.
What about you, Khwan?
Don't you want to be a singer?
Jeez, Dad.
She doesn't want to be a singer.
People don't even want
to listen to her talk.
I'd rather study, Dad.
That's a good idea, Saoek.
If one of your sisters is a singer
and you're a songwriter,
that would work.
You'll be a country family.
So when Phanni and I are gone,
you and the girls
can make a living as a family.
You're my family now.
Take care of your sisters, okay?
Yes. This is my family.
Don't worry, sir.
I'll take care of them
and won't let you down.
I won't let you down either.
Me either.
Wow, all of you are so good.
All right, come here. That warms my heart.
Two, three, four.
-Cover your face on four.
Five, six.
When you sing,
the air must come from your stomach.
Understand? If it comes from your chest,
the air won't be strong enough.
First, you must believe you're a queen,
so the audiences who pay to see you
get to see your beauty
and believe it's worth their money.
Please Mom, tell Thatsanai
to make me a new costume.
No. I called you here
for you to train and practice,
not to beg me for a new costume.
With country songs,
if you don't practice often,
no matter how gifted you are,
it won't matter.
She's so demanding at practice.
All the singing's gonna tear my mouth.
What are you writing?
-Let me read it.
No, give it back. I just bought it.
Is this how it's gonna be?
-Take it.
It's here.
Give it back, please.
Hey, Kaeo.
-Hey! Hey, that's enough.
-Here, Kaeo.
-Kaeo. Hey!
-Let go. Oh!
Oh, Ek!
Jeez. Kaeo!
Oh no, it's soaked.
See? I asked nicely to let me look.
-I'm sorry.
Come here!
Ek! Kaeo!
Kaeo! Ek!
Kaeo! Ek!
Kaeo! Ek! What are you playing at?
Ek! Get Kaeo out of there!
-Let's go.
-Earlier, you lost.
Mom's gonna scold us!
Kaeo! Ek! I'm telling Mom!
I won!
Hey, we got back a while ago.
You're not dry yet?
It took me ages to wash
the mud out of my hair.
My hair's not super short like yours.
You're a singer. You need your voice.
Don't get a cold. It's not good.
Id, are you a musician or a doctor?
Being so health conscious.
Mom too.
I don't know if she expects me
to be a singer or a solider.
Think about it, Ek. She makes me practice
singing, dancing, rope jumping,
stair climbing.
Yeah, for your lungs.
-To increase lung capacity.
-What's up?
For you.
To replace your old one,
so you can write songs.
Thanks. But you didn't have to.
I had to.
I played a part
in getting your notebook wet.
But will you be able
to rewrite everything?
Rewriting is a good idea.
While I sit and think
of a new song, I might come up
with new cool words.
That's right. You have
to be diligent and write often,
so your lyrics are sharp.
-I will.
-Get better at it.
If you become a songwriter,
you can create famous singers.
What's up, Ek?
Do you want cold medicine just in case?
Jeez, no need. I'm not that sick.
I have a hard head.
What's that old saying? A thick skull?
We use that phrase for stupid people.
But you're not stupid.
It's the wrong phrase.
Jeez, I'm super stupid.
I was horrible in school.
Listen to me.
No one is good at everything.
You're a great singer.
Otherwise, Phanni wouldn't let you
perform on stage.
Everyone in the band knows this.
But I still don't have my own song, Ek.
Ek, write a song for me.
-You want me to write you a song?
-Of course!
What do people call them?
A songwriting duo!
You really think so?
I want a song
that's beautiful, sweet, moving,
like a love song,
so much so that it enchants the audience.
How enchanting do you want it to be?
I want a song that's
so enchanting
it makes people fall in love with me.
Being good in school sucks.
If I did horribly in school,
Mom would have trained me
to be a singer like Kaeota.
So you're jealous of your sister?
I'm not, Auntie. I just wish
I was as good a singer as Kaeo.
Khwan, my darling,
everyone has their own talents.
Don't think about how other people
might get something better,
because sometimes,
the heavens might send us better things.
Remember that.
Mr. Nop?
You have a visitor.
He said his name was Rong.
So this is a record company.
What do you think?
Open and clean.
Perfect for the creative work
of my brain and two hands?
Your brain and two hands
can help me and your dad too.
Why wouldn't you?
Don't worry
about my producers intimating you.
I'd already paved the way for you.
But you were stubborn
and opened this tiny record company.
Can't you understand?
I want to start from zero.
I don't want to climb
your golden stairs. Or
are you worried
about my tiny record company
defeating your super-outdated company?
But it's the record company
that put you through college.
I put myself through college
with the scholarship I won.
And the capital for your company
wasn't your money.
-It was Mom's.
-If you're bringing that up,
we're done talking.
That's great.
I didn't want to talk to you.
You came to me.
-And as for Mom
-Stop talking about her!
If we can't have
a civil conversation, then we're done.
Let me tell you something.
Your second-rate record company
has no future!
Remember that!
What's up, Mahannop, my dear friend?
Hey, Thin?
Waiphot Phetsuphan, Phumphuang Duangchan,
Sayan Sanya, Khwanchit Siprachan,
Khwanchai Siprachan, or you want Sinuan?
-All the names I listed
are singers from Suphan Buri, my hometown.
So if you want to find singers,
you have to come see me in Suphan Buri.
What? You get scared easily.
Hey, have you seen Kaeo?
Yes Oh!
No. Uh? Yes.
Which is it?
Well, she's in the bathroom.
Ah! Wait! Ma'am. I'll call her for you.
Your mom wants you.
What? Yeah?
She has diarrhea.
So she probably can't run.
I don't think so.
Tell her to see me upstairs
when she's done.
-I will.
-Tell her.
Ow, it hurts!
I can't hold it anymore.
That bathroom was occupied.
This one's unoccupied.
Where is Kaeota?
Sir, one coffee, please.
Coming right up.
You don't have any new music?
I haven't bought any new records.
Listen to that for now.
You want new music?
Come listen to it with me.
My house has a great stereo.
If your house has a great stereo,
why are you hanging out in a coffee shop?
Where are you going, Sis?
Who's your sister, loser?
You crossed the line.
Pu, what do we do?
With that smart mouth, let's ravish her!
-Stay away.
-No one's around too.
Stay away!
-Where are you going?
-Let go!
Don't fight.
Police! Police are coming!
Piak, let's go.
Are you okay?
Mom, please stop!
I told you to practice.
You're as rebellious
-as you were as a kid.
-please stop. Mom!
-What do you want?
Mom, please stop.
I just went shopping for That, Mom.
Shopping? He told me everything.
You too, always enabling her.
Well, she wanted to widen her horiz
-Shut it!
I'll hit you too.
Mom, Kaeo's home now.
Don't hit her anymore.
Hitting won't help.
Why don't you be more like your sister?
She never causes me problems.
Phanni has heavy hands.
Of course.
You've never been in my shoes.
Who would be so rebellious
to get hit like you do?
Let me see that.
What happened?
Why do you have a scratch that big?
I fell.
How did you fall?
Thank goodness you didn't break your legs.
Kaeo, if something happened to you,
what would I do?
I just fell. Stop complaining.
No one stays home
with their music notes like you do.
It hurts. Get back to my wound.
-Ud, let me borrow your guitar.
Sure thing. Where are you going?
I'm gonna write a song.
I'm gonna go.
-Write a song?
Whoa, why is Saoek so fired up?
Where's Kaeo going now?
Mom's gonna hit her again.
Kaeo's unbelievable.
Letting a good opportunity pass her by.
Where is it, Khun?
This shop with imported shoes
you told me about.
I don't have much time for you.
It's up ahead.
Come here.
This is the shop, Kaeo.
Your house is cozy.
It might be a little small,
but it's somewhere to sleep.
It's not as comfortable as your big house.
You're weird. You have a big house
but won't live there.
If we run a record company
and just lie around,
how will we find a white elephant?
I had to come here.
You had the right idea
to come to Suphan Buri.
Because people here make melodies
even when they sigh.
-Sighing in melody?
But be warned, not everyone can do it.
-Because if that was the case,
I would have already been a singer.
So these people you're talking about,
have you found them?
I'd checked before you came.
There's one. Her band just debuted.
-Very pretty.
Give me a minute.
Her name's on the tip of my tongue.
I remember her face but not her name.
Whatever. I'll introduce you to her.
Don't worry. Let's get something to eat.
-Okay, come on.
Here you go. Here.
Take a seat.
Sir, three iced black coffees.
Coming right up. Just a moment.
I told you my friend's shop
was filled with the stuff you liked.
Next time, don't buy me things.
I have money. I can buy them myself.
Think of them as gifts from your lov
Loving fan.
To be honest, they're gorgeous.
Next time on stage,
I won't have to wear Mom's.
They're outdated.
But tell me the truth.
Can you really dance in these high heels?
Aren't they too high?
Whoa. Hey.
All Suphan Buri girls are hot.
I saw one yesterday. So hot
That's her.
Nop. This is the girl
I was telling you about.
The pretty one with a great voice?
Yes, that's her.
What do you think?
-Sings great too?
Let me see.
Oh! The heel broke.
Let's go back to the shop.
Eh? Hey, what do we do?
Duh. Follow them.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
Whoa. It's this damaged?
I'll take care of it.
Fix it well. Don't let it break off again.
When will I get it?
Does Sunday work for you?
My cobbler's not here.
I need them sooner.
Can you get it fixed by Saturday?
Yes, I can. I'll get the cobbler.
I'll write you a note.
Where have they gone? I saw them just now.
Can you at least remember the band's name?
The band's name?
-on the tip of my tongue.
Again? Is there anything else there?
Hey, I got it!
Let's ask my mom. She remembers for sure.
-You're sure?
-Yeah! 100%.
Let's go.
-It's a waste of time
-It takes days to fix.
Take me straight home.
If my mom finds out again
Excuse me.
I'm I'm Mahannop. Well,
you dropped this yesterday.
Who's this, Kaeo?
I don't know him.
If that's the case, let's go.
She's mine. Stay away.
I own a record company.
I'm looking for an artist.
What record company?
Go look somewhere else.
Nop, is everything okay?
-Let's go.
-Come on.
My name's Kaeota.
If you're looking for a singer,
come see me perform
at the temple fair this Saturday.
The Phanni Sidon band.
Ek, I'm scared of Mom.
If I were Phanni,
you'd be hit on the back.
Jeez, I went to buy shoes.
I'm gonna wear them on stage.
Where are the shoes?
One of the heels broke,
so I'm having it fixed.
One of the heel needs to be fixed
right after you bought them?
But they're gorgeous.
When the heel's fixed,
I'll show you.
-What's this?
I bought it for you.
-For me?
So that I keep my mouth shut?
I thought it looked nice.
And you don't have many new shirts.
Please wear it.
Where's Kaeo? She's not back yet?
Gotta go.
Saoek? Saoek, Son?
Get me lotus stems, Son!
You must love the notebook I bought you.
"Hug Myself"
"Each day takes ages
Each night takes eons
Each month, I'm getting lonelier
Someday, the heavens might
Take pity on me
And bring me someone"
What are you doing?
I was just wondering
what Ek has been writing all day.
He's writing a song for me.
-Of course.
But he hasn't finished it yet.
Do you like Ek?
That's a relief.
What about you?
Do you like Ek?
I haven't thought about it.
The world has more than one man.
I'm Mahannop.
I own a record company.
If you're looking for a singer,
come see me perform.
The Phanni Sidon band.
-Oh, Khwan. Grab the boat.
-Sure thing.
-Wait! Okay. Can you reach it?
I got it.
Take them.
Wow, why did you get so many?
Auntie Phanna said
she'd only make a small pot.
These will need a large pan.
Too lazy to break them? Huh?
Don't worry. I'll help you.
You should train to be a singer.
When you become great and famous,
you'll get huge garlands like this.
Do you like singing, Ek?
I don't.
But I like people who sing well.
What must I do to sing well, Ek?
You have to practice.
Practice hard.
I will.
-Let's get going. Phanna's waiting.
Whoa, so many.
Let's go.
Lotus flowers rise and bloom
Swaying back and forth
With their rocking leaves
Small leaf frogs croon
Chasing and cuddling
The sun has set and hid
Behind two bushes of green amaranth
Cattle and their calves are rounded up
Wading water and mud
In hazy shadows
They're all so ugly.
Goodness. Kaeo!
You're ransacking them
and calling them ugly?!
What song are you gonna perform tonight?
Have you prepared it?
Kaeo, have you heard?
The governor's
and the district chief's wives
are coming tonight!
Phanni said whoever moved them
and gets lots of garlands
will get to perform in the winter fair!
I also invited someone
to see me perform tonight.
Invited? Who did you invite?
Kaeo? Who? Who did she invite?
What are you doing, Khwan?
I'm gonna put my books away.
I haven't used them since I graduated.
They might be useful to someone else.
And you said you'd take
the university entrance exam.
Do you think you'll get in?
I think I should be able to get in.
But if not,
I can go to one of the open universities.
Open universities?
The universities you don't need
to go to class, right?
That's good.
So you have time to practice singing.
You mean Kaeo, right?
I mean both of you.
Haven't you ever wanted
to become a singer, Khwanchai?
I don't think
I can compete with Kaeo.
Why can't you, baby?
I've heard you sing.
You sing quite well.
You just need practice.
And don't ever think you won't do well.
You must find a way to sing well.
Yes, Mom.
If you sing well,
I'll have Saoek write you new songs,
so that our family
has both singers and a songwriter.
You're gonna have Saoek write songs?
He's gonna be so happy, Mom.
So from now on,
practice singing with me every evening.
I will.
You're good.
Here, it's fixed.
I left them here days ago.
I just got them back.
Your friend sucks.
Drive me to the temple.
Stop at a phone box first.
I'll call and tell That
to bring me my costume. Let's go.
Why hasn't Kaeota shown up yet?
Where is she, Thatsanai?
Oh. She'll be here soon.
She called and told me to meet her here.
Why didn't you come together?
What if she doesn't arrive in time?
We'll all be screwed!
She said she was going to make
a pit stop at the market.
She'll be here. Don't worry.
I'm sure Kaeo knows her responsibilities.
She'll be here in time.
Don't worry.
Hurry up, Khun. Step on it.
I told you to come earlier,
but you didn't listen.
I'm gonna be late.
I'm hurrying.
The temple fair isn't that near.
What's wrong with the car, Khun?
Calm down, Kaeo.
The temple is just up ahead,
just a few kilometers away.
Just a sec.
Will I make it there in time?
We have to hurry. Make it quick.
Why does it have to break down now?
While our girls are getting dolled up,
let's find you guys a slacktivity
-Slack and act.
Smile, everyone.
What did that guy come to see?
Comedy or horror?
-He's like this.
Khwan. Is Kaeo here yet?
Please support us.
She's getting out of control.
Kaeo's not here yet. Go back home
and check if she's okay.
-Kaeo's not here yet?
-I'll go.
Can we go?
It's ready.
It won't start.
Give me a sec.
Khwanchai. Go change.
What did you say, Mom?
Get your hair and makeup done.
And wear that costume.
Wait, Kaeo.
I'll drive you.
It's too far to walk.
I can walk. Worry about yourself.
She's ready! Ta-da!
Guys, the audience's gonna boo. Hurry
Are you ready?
Lotus flowers rise and bloom
Swaying back and forth
With their rocking leaves
Small leaf frogs croon
Chasing and cuddling
The sun has set and hid
Behind two bushes of green amaranth
Cattle and their calves are rounded up
Wading water and mud
In hazy shadows
The dusk drum thumps
And echoes from afar
Floating clouds of smoke
Come from fires to keep mosquitoes away
Sneaking off to sit
And relax by a riverbank
A love song lingers
Floating from the field's end
If you're looking for a singer,
come see me perform
at the temple fair this Saturday.
The Phanni Sidon band.
Showing off his singing to the elders?
Why won't the wind
Leave a girl's cheeks alone?
-The wind caresses my cheeks in jest
Khwan, get down here!
Calm down. You can't go up there.
Then get her down!
I'm gonna open for our band!
I wish the wind was someone's kisses
Oh, wind, I'm so lonely tonight
-You can't!
-You can't!
You can't, Kaeo!
Tell me the truth.
Why won't you leave me alone?
I love you.
I've finished composing the song.
This song is perfect for Khwan.
Whoever is most beloved by the audience,
that person will stay for the long haul.
You'll never beat me.
I'm here to see Khwanchai.
Here's my card. Please give it to her.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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