Stage of Number One (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

With country songs,
if you don't practice often,
no matter how gifted you are,
it won't matter.
Where is Kaeota?
Kaeo's unbelievable.
Letting a good opportunity pass her by.
-Why don't you be more like your sister?
-What do you want?
She never causes me problems.
I own a record company.
Come see me perform.
Why hasn't Kaeota shown up yet?
She said she was going to make
a pit stop at the market. She'll be here.
Let me go.
-Don't let her go.
-Let me go.
-I'm gonna bring her down.
-You can't do that!
Damn it.
Are you out of your mind?
Where have you been, Kaeota?
The shoe's heel was broken.
I was getting it fixed.
Why couldn't you have just waited for me?
Had we waited,
the audience would've thrown things
at the stage.
But that is my stage, my songs.
This is my band, my stage.
Whoever gets to perform is up to me.
You're worried about your shoes?
You're worried about your shoes?
Do you use your mouth to sing
or your damn feet?
So you need a pair
of magnificent shoes to wear.
You don't understand
how to be responsible.
You fail to prioritize things.
Phanni, calm down.
Don't fight.
Did I really make it, Mom?
Yes. Way to go.
Let me help.
Thank you.
Here you are.
Did you make it on time to see my show?
I was so shy.
I think my show wasn't
half as good as yours.
If it was you who sang,
I think you would've done
way better than me and
-And for the next show,
please welcome our angel singer,
Phanni Sidon.
That one wasn't Kaeota.
Not her, but she's not bad.
Her voice is beautiful.
Let me think of how to build her.
Hey, no hurry.
If you're really interested,
we'll go to her house.
But don't go backstage now.
Why not?
The dancers are changing.
Showing up would make you a pervert.
You know everything, huh?
-Frequent sneak peeks?
-Nop. Anyway,
I want this band's address.
Find it for me.
No problem.
Leave it to me.
That I performed on the stage today,
The thing is I
You want my band
to perform in this year's winter fair?
This is a big deal.
The event that everyone in Suphan
has been waiting for for years.
I'm not sure if, on those dates,
your band has already been booked or not?
Can I see the schedule?
Let me check my schedule for a second.
It won't take long.
Come on.
-Open it.
-I said we're not available.
See, Madam Pao has already booked us.
Cancel Madam Pao. We'll take this one.
Bigger host, better money.
How is it?
We're available.
That's good. I'll book you.
We'll do our best for sure.
I'm thinking that
we'll introduce our new singer
and let her sing several songs.
Is this her?
Whoever it is,
I guarantee their performance.
Once introduced,
the audience won't be disappointed.
Then okay.
I'll take my leave for now
and will. see you at the fair.
-Okay. Thank you.
-Yay, we're booked.
-Walk carefully.
Don't be too happy. Go practice now.
Musicians with Uncle Ud, dancers with me.
Do you mean
you're gonna introduce me
during this upcoming show?
Was that a yes, Mom?
Are you gonna be my rival?
What is it, Kaeo?
I never thought of being your rival.
I would hate it
if you became a singer before me.
Kaeo. If you had arrived on time that day,
Mom wouldn't have let me sing.
I am a substitute.
I don't want to be a singer.
I want to be loved
by Mom, by you
by everyone.
I have no need to go on stage.
There are many things I can do
to get that love.
Well. That's it.
A grasshopper with a bow
And a champak tucked behind its ear
A grasshopper with a bow
Where is That?
Whose dress is this?
This size
it's not Mom's size.
This is surely for me.
With this dress,
I'll also need some shoes.
I'm making dresses for the girls.
-No need to measure.
I think they fit.
The girls have standard figures.
We've been honored so much by the host.
That's why the dresses must be marvelous.
This winter fair,
I will introduce our new singer.
Our band will be famous.
After all, I want a successor.
Who's gonna be introduced
in this winter fair?
I just can't wait.
Where is Khwanchai?
She must be with the dancers.
You go upstairs. I'll go get her.
Okay, I'll be waiting.
I got some friends for you.
Come on.
I'm sorry.
If it's too heavy, just tell me.
I'll help you lift it.
I didn't know it was heavy.
Hold on.
-Come on.
If I really was a singer,
would you compose songs for me?
Without a doubt.
But you have to wait.
I have to compose songs for Kaeota first.
She's been waiting.
What's so funny?
Your face is funny.
It's all messed up.
Go wash your face. I'm okay here.
Where are you? Mom is looking for you.
I have to go now.
One second.
Mom will scold you for this mess.
You're good to go.
Okay. I'm leaving.
Nobody's supposed to destroy things.
Do you know how much this fabric costs?
And how long it takes
the tailor to make this dress?
You got caught red-handed.
What is your excuse, Kaeo?
I planned to sew sequins on this dress
to make it shiny
and to make our band look impressive.
Why did you do this, Kaeo?
So what? This is for Khwan.
If you made it for her again,
I would cut it again too.
But this is for you.
Would you go on stage naked?
Is this my dress, Mom?
That, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. My bad.
Mom hasn't talked to me
since the show that day.
I didn't know the dress was for me.
I thought Mom was mad at me
and let Khwan replace me.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
I would have done that if I were you.
We don't want there to be
someone better than us
because we were there first.
You've been so good to me. I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's not a problem.
It wasn't my money that bought the fabric.
I love you so much.
I'll help you sew
the sequins on the dress.
The whole dress will glitter.
All right?
How is your face? Is it hurt?
What a mean girl.
I would have slapped you harder.
I'm sorry.
Aunt Phanna said Mom punished you
for being stubborn
and refused to practice.
Aunt Phanna said so?
Today, Mom talked to you.
What was it about?
she asked if I still wanted
to be a singer.
Like singing on the stage.
What did you say?
I just spoke my mind.
Basically, I can sing.
But I want to study more.
That's good.
If you don't like it, just tell her.
Don't hesitate
between singing and studying.
That's crazy.
I ordered you to sing.
And you will.
And you must share the stage with her.
Fulfill your responsibility
the best you can.
This year's winter fair at Suphan
is where you will prove your talent.
Whoever is most beloved by the audience,
that person will stay for the long haul.
You put your kids under a lot of pressure.
You scold them,
even slap them.
I want them to be competitive.
Kaeo is ready to run.
But she won't go further
if she doesn't know she has rivals.
Khwan also has her advantages.
But she's not ambitious.
I will use their own qualifications
to push them to reach the goal.
Which is actually your goal?
The goal that Kaeota and Khwanchai
are going to reach.
Your song is ready.
Really? Let me hear it.
Let's go tell Mom.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Don't swing your arms. Stand up straight.
Your epigastrium should bulge out.
-Don't push your arms backward.
What is it?
Aunt Phanni,
I've finished composing the song.
And this one is for
Let me see
how the lyrics go.
"Each day takes ages
Each night takes eons.
Each month, I'm getting lonelier."
This is good.
This song
is perfect for Khwan.
Come on, Khwan.
Practice it.
Sao composed this song for me.
But it fits Khwan better.
Go ahead, Khwan. Practice it.
Come on. Saoek, follow us.
Each day takes ages
Each night takes eons
Each month, I'm getting lonelier
Are you getting the hang of it?
Let's check the key.
-Each day
-Each day takes ages
Each night takes eons
Each month, I'm getting lonelier
Right. That's it.
This is frustrating.
Oh my goodness.
Why are you throwing a tantrum here?
If you destroy things,
there'll be hell to pay.
What hell?
What is that noise?
Oh my God. Calm down.
Take it easy.
Just tell me. I can help you.
No, you can't.
gave Saoek's song to Khwan.
Mom has her own reasons.
But Ek composed that song for me.
Why didn't Mom let you sing?
Mom is biased.
Yes. Oh!
No, Kaeo. Don't say that. It's a sin.
Surely, Mom has her reasons.
After all,
you won't be able to help.
Wait and see. I'll run away from here.
When I'm famous,
don't try to bring me back.
You can be famous here.
Just wait for the opportune time.
You must be good at what you do.
Right here, right now.
So your mom sees it, understand?
What are you two doing here?
Do what you have to do. Go.
Hurry up and move your ass. What a mess.
We go together
We come together
We have the same Suphan blood
What's wrong with you?
You got drunk as fast as I did.
It's a gift.
I am gifted.
I can sing, I can dance.
Na Na Na
-Na Na Na
-How can I sit still?
-Na Na Na
Do you know that soon,
I will be the most famous singer
in this country?
I will be more famous
than Mom and Khwanchai.
You're gonna shine like fireworks. Music.
-Who's that?
-Who's that?
Your security guard.
What are you doing here?
Go home.
Let me go. I'm not going home.
I will get drunk with my friends
who never betray me.
They don't give what is mine to others.
Stay here. My parents are away.
I have a vacant room.
-Shut up!
Go home, Kaeo.
We're going to the temple tomorrow.
-I'm not going home.
You're such a mess.
-Let me go.
-Come here.
-Let me go.
I'm not going home.
Are you going home?
Oh. Let me go.
Let me go, Sao.
Come home now.
-Let me go.
-Let's go home. Ouch.
Go away.
Tell me the truth.
Why won't you leave me alone?
I can't leave you alone.
I love you.
Anybody home?
Hello. Anybody home?
Hey, what are you doing here?
Don't you remember me?
I'm Mahannop, from the record company.
Well, I'm looking for
A singer to launch an album.
We're not orphans here.
You just show up and ask us to go.
You think it's easy?
I don't think it's easy, but
we need to talk
and get to know each other first.
Talk about what?
Can I talk to you directly
without a middleman?
I'm here to see Khwanchai.
What? Looking for Khwanchai?
First, you said you were interested in me.
Actually, you have this personality,
but my record company is new,
and the truth is
we can afford only one singer,
and I heard Khwanchai sing,
and I just thought
she's got it.
She can be famous
with a record company supporting her.
Go home.
She's not here, your Khwanchai.
this is Phanni Sidon's house.
I've come to the right place.
Khwanchai is not here?
She's not. Go home.
Let me repeat.
Is there no Khwanchai here,
or is she not here now?
She's not here now. Even if she was,
I wouldn't let her talk to you.
Why are you keeping her from me?
Listen to what I have to say.
Khwanchai doesn't want to be a singer.
She wants to study.
She was on the stage that day
because she was forced by Mom.
She doesn't want to be a singer.
I don't believe that
because how she looked on the stage,
I could tell that
she is the real artist.
Well, okay.
Here's my card.
Please give it to her.
She might change her mind
and want to go to Bangkok to be a singer
with a good record company.
That's all. Ask her to call.
Do you know that I am Kaeota
of Phanni Sidon Band?
Yes. Please give it to Khwanchai.
Can you not perform in the winter fair?
And give me back
the song Ek composed for me.
Kaeo, what are you saying?
You want me to offend Mom?
I can't do that.
You said you don't want to be a singer.
Why would you perform then?
Kaeo, Mom told us to do our best.
Didn't you hear that?
Let me tell you something.
Stop pretending to be a good girl.
When we were young,
I always did everything for you.
I always let you win.
But now, let me do things for myself.
I know if somehow I can sing,
I will be loved.
I will have my place to stand.
What about you?
Have you taken a second to think
about people
other than yourself?
I forgot to tell you something.
If not because of me,
you wouldn't have had
your first day on stage.
What do you mean?
You don't have to walk me here.
Then when you're done,
wait for me here. I'll pick you up.
Take care.
Don't worry and don't pick me up.
I can go home by myself. Safe drive.
-Uncle, no new songs?
-I don't know what to listen to.
Damn it, Piak.
You listen every day.
How will he find time to get new songs?
Do you want new songs?
You wanna test me?
With that smart mouth, let's ravish her!
Oh my God.
Stay away!
This is why. The method you're using
chases girls away.
I kind of like you.
But I don't like the way
you approach me so intensely
that I get frightened.
What do you like?
I like it formal.
If you want to date me,
come see me perform at the winter fair.
After that, let's go to the sea.
To the sea?
Yes, sure.
I want to listen
to the sound of crashing waves.
You know the show date?
See you in front of the stage.
I'm off now.
Please help me, Khun.
Just guard me in front of the stage.
He threatened to abduct me after I sing.
-So cheap.
-He is.
I'll send my people to beat him up.
Get all of them. Let's stage a fight.
-Come on. Hand it over.
Move the stuff.
Take it easy.
you're not getting ready now?
-I'm going to!
-You girls are way too slow.
I'll make you my wives.
Make them your wives? Over my dead body.
Are you sure? Over your dead body?
The most handsome guy in the world.
Carry the stuff.
Don't just speak.
I speak, therefore, I am.
Saoek. What's the matter?
-Uncle Ud.
Venerable Grandpa isn't doing well.
There's no car taking him to the hospital.
I want to take him there.
Your venerable grandpa
is like our relative.
Please check on him.
Bring the small car.
Don't worry about things here.
I'll handle them.
Can you manage?
Like I said, don't worry.
Take care of Venerable Grandpa.
I'll take care of things here.
If there's no room in the car,
we'll squeeze in the bus.
Go ahead and drive safe.
I'll leave it to you.
Don't worry.
Go now.
I'll be right back.
Why today?
Let's go.
Let's go, Khwanchai. Get ready.
A grasshopper with a bow
And a champak tucked behind its ear
A grasshopper with a bow
And a champak tucked behind its ear
The boys are feeling so alive
The boys are feeling so alive
Wearing baggy pants, carrying a liquor jar
You're so drunk
And that's why you've come to see me
When you're not drunk
You said I'm not pretty
If you're not drunk
You don't come
When you're drunk
You think I'm pretty
You tell me I'm beautiful
You come straight to me
I wear worn-out clothes
And you still say I'm pretty
Because you're drunk
I only see you when you're drunk
Where are you when you're not drunk?
Or do you have other girls
When you're not drunk?
You only come to me when you're drunk
Someone chases you away
You're acting romantic
And you want to cuddle
I cuddle you and you pass out
A grasshopper
With a bow
And a champak tucked behind its ear
A grasshopper
With a bow
And a champak tucked behind its ear
The boys are feeling so alive
Wearing baggy pants, carrying a liquor jar
That was Kaeota.
Please give her a big round of applause.
Thank you very much, everyone.
It's so crowded here today.
You look so handsome, Pu.
Of course.
See you soon.
I can't wait.
Thank you.
Is that Kaeota who you talked about?
-She's good.
Damn it.
She's very good. I support her.
Coming up next, not to waste your time,
a new singer will be introduced.
You'll never beat me.
You might not even finish the song.
Please welcome Khwanchai,
the singer from Suphan
with the crystal-clear voice who will sing
"Hug Myself".
A big applause for her.
Hey, let's watch her first.
-This one?
-Yes. Just one song.
Each day takes ages
Each night takes eons
Each month, I'm getting lonelier
On the weary days
I just want a hug from someone
Looking around, I see no one
I hug myself alone
I soothe myself every day
Soon, this too shall pass
-If you want to date me,
-If the sky
-come see me perform at the winter fair.
-Has mercy on me
And brings somebody into my life
All I can do is keep waiting
-He threatened to abduct me after I sing.
-When I can't bear it, my tears show it
-I'll send my people to beat him up.
-The one I'm waiting for
Does he really exist?
I don't belong to anyone
Nobody owns my heart
I'm feeling sorry
What did I do wrong?
Ouch. Who was that?
-Khun. Are you trying to bother me?
-If not you, then who was it?
-What's your problem?
I didn't do anything.
What's wrong with you?
I think we'd better go now.
Let me listen to the end.
I don't think the song will reach the end.
Let's leave.
We'll watch it later. Quick.
Come get it.
Let me go.
Go away.
‪Eat this!
I said go.
Go away.
It's getting out of hand.
-They're fighting.
In front of the stage.
My goodness.
What do we do?
Ud, Id. Get Khwanchai down from the stage.
Don't let her sing.
-Let's go.
-Hurry up.
-You two, start packing now.
-Hurry up.
-Where are the girls?
-Let's go!
-Hurry up.
-Come on, pack our stuffs.
Go away.
Burn it.
Fire! Khun.
Get out of here.
-Khun, let's go now.
Hurry up. Go, Khun.
Hurry up, Khun.
Let's get out of here.
Khwanchai. Slowly, slowly.
Get down here.
-Hurry up!
-What is it?
Haven't you finished packing?
There's a bomb out there.
It's burning now.
Pack the stuff.
You go there first.
-Khwan, go.
-Where's Mom?
-Where's Auntie?
-She might use that door.
-Right, let's just go!
-Let's go now.
-Hurry up.
Hurry up. The fire is burning here now.
Pack the stuff!
Auntie, where's Mom?
I haven't seen her.
The fire is getting nearer.
Khwanchai! Where are you?
Mom. Mommy. Where are you?
Why are you still here?
Get out of here.
Don't worry about the stuff. Let's go.
-What do we do?
This way.
Are you all right?
Kaeo, see if your sister
got out already or not.
-Hurry up. Go check on her.
-Go check on her.
Okay then.
Mom, go out with Aunt Phanna.
Please take care of Mom.
-Don't worry. Check on your sister.
-Take care of Mom.
Check on your sister.
Oh my goodness.
Get on the bus.
Get on the bus.
Come quick.
-Get on the bus, girls.
Is everything all right?
Pack everything up.
Mom! Is she on the bus?
Has anyone seen her?
Khwan. Don't go.
Come back.
-You go first. I'll wait here for a while.
Hurry up.
Phanni. Are you okay?
Mom. Mommy. Let's go.
Ud, Id, help Phanna.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I didn't think
they would bomb the place.
I thought they were fighting.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Is this because of you, Kaeo?
You brought them to burn our stage?
It wasn't like that, Mom.
-Why did you do this?
-No, I didn't.
Khwan, get Mom out of here.
I'll help those inside.
I'm sorry.
You should have died, Sister.
My friend from a big band asked me
to tell everyone to join them.
Who's in?
You must promise me
that you will not leave me.
-Where's Kaeota?
-She's gone.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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