Stage of Number One (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

That is my stage, my songs.
This is my band, my stage.
Whoever gets to perform is up to me.
This year's winter fair at Suphan
is where you will prove your talent.
You put your kids under a lot of pressure.
It's as if you want them
to hate each other.
I want them to be competitive,
to push them to reach the goal.
You'll never beat me.
You might not even finish the song.
Uncle Ud, please show the monks out.
Come on, let's see them out.
Okay, Ud. Let's go.
Farewell, Venerable.
-Venerable, farewell.
-Venerable, farewell.
I didn't see the eldest daughter here.
You mean Kaeota? Yeah, you're right.
Khwanchai is the sole hostess today.
Kaeota hasn't come yet?
She's still sick, isn't she?
I am sorry.
It was an accident, Mom.
I shouldn't have let it end this way.
I can't reverse time
to fix the problem, can I?
I'm such a bad daughter.
Someone like you should go die.
Why did you come
in the middle of the night?
Afraid of being denounced?
Denounced? For what?
You caused her death.
You killed Mom!
It was an accident. I didn't do it.
An accident
that originated from you?
You know it.
You have just said it yourself.
Admit now that you killed Mom.
-You killed her!
-Let go of me!
-Why did you kill her?
-You're hurting me!
Stop now, Khwan! You're my sister!
Feeling hurt?
What about Mom?
Do you think she would feel hurt too?
Before she died,
did she feel pain?
please look upon the face of your killer.
Whoever commits evil
will face consequences.
I won't consider you my sister any longer.
From now on, we have
nothing to do with one another!
Is that true, Khwan?
So that's why Kaeo
didn't come to the funeral.
She's likely too scared to face us.
It's a shame that our leader insisted
on naming her as the successor.
Said successor also acted out so much
that it killed her own mother.
A child who causes their mother's death
is called a traitor, isn't it?
How heartless.
Her bandaged eyes,
are they going to recover?
We need to monitor her for two weeks
to be sure there's no nerve damage.
In the meantime,
you should let the patient rest.
Thank you.
The doctor said to let you rest,
so we should get going.
Have a rest, Phanna.
You shouldn't have been caught
in the crossfire.
I have no one else besides you now.
You have to recover.
What about Kaeo?
For me,
our family
has only the two of us left now.
Khwan, come here.
Where is Kaeota?
-She's gone.
-To where?
-I don't know.
-How could you not know?
What happened anyway?
Why did Kaeota have to run away?
She instigated people
to fight in front of the stage
which started the fire
that killed Mom!
No way.
It's true.
She has run away
because she's too scared to face
the one who knows the truth.
I thought the police had come!
-Where is Kaeo?
She went to Bangkok. Didn't you know?
How come you didn't know?
You live together.
How did you know?
Mee saw her at the bus station.
She was carrying a backpack.
Are you going after her?
This is my name card.
Are you sure you want to work with me?
Aw, of course, I'm sure.
It's better than staying here.
It's boring taking care of the field.
Moving into a city means
I'll get to see a new world.
Let me tell you one more thing.
The position
of assistant managing director
is not suited for anyone other than me.
All right. Come on, get in the car.
Wow, the Bangkokian's car is so cool.
Son, where are you going?
You missed the van. It just left.
Hello, this is Phanni Sidon's house.
Who would you like to speak to?
Compensation for the damage?
Excuse me,
our band members got burnt.
Everyone was injured.
Everyone suffered some damage.
We did as well.
It's 60 baht.
Why is everything so expensive here?
How do the locals even live like this?
Hey, that's my bag! Thief!
Return my bag!
He's a thief! Stop right there!
He stole my bag!
Stop running!
Where did he go?
Mr. Nop.
Mr. Nop's card was in that bag.
What should I do now?
Let me see how much we have.
Wow, only 120 baht!
It's because we have
to pay compensation for the fire
and for making them
cancel mid-performance.
This is a lot of money.
We shouldn't even have to pay.
Well, when they came to invite us,
they showed so much reverence
to Phanni, but now?
They disregard us completely!
Such a pretentious employer.
What should I do? I'm all alone now.
Who said you're alone?
You still have me.
What're you going to do then?
We have to see how much
we can afford to pay them.
Then we need to manage our budget,
so we can survive.
We must get through this.
Hey, don't give up!
We must get through this!
Do we have to disband?
We only have no money.
The clothes only got burnt.
The instruments were only ruined.
We only need to pay
compensation to the host.
Mom is only dead,
so there's no leader.
We're alive, aren't we?
I used to be a temple boy.
During that time,
my life truly had nothing.
I feel that I'm lucky
to have met my family.
They're a good family.
You guys are like my family.
I know every one of us has a brain.
We also have two hands.
You are so optimistic.
Actually, I wish to be a pessimist.
It's good
that I have you to rely on.
You have to promise me
that you won't leave me alone.
Come on, little puppy.
Where would I even go?
I promise to stay by your side.
Excuse me.
Could you tell me the way to Bang Rak?
Ah, there. Take the 62 bus.
-Thank you.
-No problem.
Oh, it's close.
Hey what're you doing?!
-None of your business.
-Give it to me now.
-Is this how a Bangkokian behaves?
-This is Bangkok, now you know!
-Miss, this woman stole your wallet!
-Get lost!
Hey, my wallet!
-Hey, wait!
-Stop, miss.
Don't bother. Here's your wallet.
All right.
Thank you.
It could have ended badly.
Yeah, it's no problem.
Wait a moment.
Where are you hurrying off to? Home?
I'm just going to wander around.
I have no home.
No home?
You can stay with me for the time being.
By the way, who are you looking for?
Ah, I'm looking for someone
who can help me become a singer.
You want to be a singer? Can you sing?
I sure can. Do you want to hear?
I will sing for you.
All right.
Oh, ho, so this is Bangkok?
It's so much larger than the countryside
There are more cars in the street
Than there are oxen in the rice field
People walk shoulder to shoulder
It's a mystery where they're going
Wow, you're good.
Hmm, you certainly came
to the right place.
There's no need to look elsewhere.
I am a talent scout.
Someone like you
is my type.
Hello, this is Phanni Sidon Band.
How can we help you?
Yes, we accept!
We perform regardless of the budget.
We accept the job.
And we will perform
all the songs you require.
Everyone, we have a performance!
-Go, let's do this!
-Let's make this a great show!
Sing beautifully
just like these beautiful new clothes.
Do you understand?
Let me see.
Are you excited?
Wow, I don't even know
what I'm looking at here.
Can't you dance with more energy?
Hey, it's the host.
-Good afternoon, sir.
-Good afternoon, sir.
-Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.
What time should we be on stage?
There's no need. Just look around you.
There's no audience here.
-They probably don't know.
-How could they not know?
I paid for the advertising trucks
to parade around town since this morning,
but the seats remain empty.
I know why. This was a mistake.
I'm so stupid.
Wait, please let us perform,
and the audience will come for sure.
No one will be coming to watch you.
They said that your band is cursed.
Death occurs everywhere you perform!
Go back the way you came.
Not only are you unknown,
you're also bad luck!
Take your instruments away!
Ah, what?
-At least let us perform.
-Yeah, that's right.
-No, just go away.
-We spent a lot on the new clothes,
and now we don't even get to be on stage?
Sheesh! Performers, let's pack up!
I want to slap
Okay, that's enough.
-You may go.
-When do I need to come in again?
-You mean the twentieth?
-I mean after twenty years.
Who would want to wait that long?
Hey, how was she? I think she looks good.
"Looks good"?
Give your food to me now.
-You're clearly hangry.
-Give it to me.
Her voice is surprisingly amazing.
-Amazingly loud, that's it.
Has the unemployment rate
increased recently?
Hundreds come for the audition,
but only a few of them are good-looking.
And none of them have a good voice.
What's next then?
Should we go out and search?
-Suphan again, right?
-No, not there.
What if there's another fight?
Um, then where will you go?
I need to think.
A place with a lot of singers
I know it's hard,
struggling all by yourself.
It's okay. I won't steer you wrong.
Turn around.
Let me tell you, the singers here
get paid based on performance.
Don't worry, I will train her for you.
In that case, you can start today.
Oh, and find her a proper dress too.
I'll get you a new dress.
I told you it would be fine.
Here, try it on.
Wow, it's so beautiful.
Are you nervous
to sing in front of a crowd?
Oh, I'm not nervous at all.
When I was in the band in my hometown,
I would perform in front of hundreds of
people, so this will be a piece of cake.
All right, that's good.
You see,
they'll love my voice so much
that they'll visit daily to hear me sing.
If you can do as you said, Kaeota,
you will be very rich indeed.
Oh, ho, so this is Bangkok?
It's so much larger than the countryside
There are more cars in the street
Than there are oxen in the rice field
People walk shoulder to shoulder
It's a mystery where they're going
Aunt Orn said when coming to Bangkok
We need to look left and right
Watch out for the pool of shrimp paste
Or the Bangkokians
Will accuse us of being peasants
Oh, ho, so this is Bangkok?
It's so much larger than the countryside
There are more cars in the street
Than there are oxen in the rice field
today is payday.
Ah, everyone.
This month, we will each get
our share as usual.
However, it will be reduced.
-I have news to announce.
My friends in a big band
have asked me
to invite you all to join them.
Who's coming with me?
Wait a second, Id.
What you're doing now
is equal to abandoning our band, you jerk.
I don't care what you think, Ud.
Are you telling me you'll stay
even with no work?
Yeah, I'm staying here.
Whoever wants to leave can go wherever!
Come on, whatever will happen will happen.
For now, please take your share.
Come on. Here.
Here's yours.
Uncle Ud.
This is yours.
Uncle Id.
Take it.
There's not much.
Can I even make ends meet?
I told you
that you needed to sit with the customers
to get more money.
I can't, Julie.
I'm here to sing, not to be groped.
I really want to be a singer,
not something else.
I understand your point.
You have to do it though.
You act like my younger self
when I had just arrived in Bangkok.
Back then, I dreamed
of being a singer as well.
And what happened?
I'm stuck singing here even now
because there's no agent helping me.
And you want me to be like you?
No way I'm doing that.
Ah, well, that's not what I meant.
I'm trying to say that
if you want more money,
you have to be a café singer.
Sing to collect money.
Do this for a year
and you will have a lot of money.
you can become a real singer.
For now, focus on making money. Trust me.
I only have to endure it
for a little while, right?
I don't have a role here anymore,
so I don't want to stay
and waste your money.
Come on, we live together as family.
We will face everything together.
-Even hunger
I won't face hunger with you.
Whoever wants to stay should stay.
As for me, I think it's time to move on.
I arrived with no fanfare,
so I will leave with no fanfare as well.
It's better that way.
Don't complain or try to convince me.
There's no bad blood between us,
so let me leave, okay?
All right.
Khwan, let her go.
Oh, really?
Saoek, you won't even try to convince me?
What is there to convince?
Even if I did, you would come up
with hundreds of reasons.
There would be no end.
-Take care of each other, okay?
Everyone is born
with a life map of their own.
We meet at the same road.
However, when reaching a junction,
we have to go our separate ways.
Thank you for everything.
We won't forget your support and virtue.
Virtue? I have virtue?
Of course, you do.
Good luck on your new journey.
I hope we will see each other again.
We will. I'm sure of it.
I have to go now. The car is waiting.
Okay, good luck.
-Stay safe.
Everyone has to start somewhere. Trust me.
Let's go.
Good evening.
Let me introduce you to Kaeota.
This is her first day here.
It's a beautiful name.
Are you a virgin? Let me see.
Sit closer to him, so he can see you.
I take
My comfortable rural life for granted
And run away
I'm bored of working in the field
So I leave without a care
A warning sounds
Like a provocation
Too blinded to see clearly
Eventually, I get hurt
Oh, the Bangkok sky is clear
And the artificial light is bright
Though the path
Is still shrouded in darkness
I meet the rich and the beautiful
As for the generous
I never see them
They always bully me when we meet
Their viciousness hurts my fragile heart
I can only use my body
Or fall into poverty
I'm miserable
Because of deception in Bangkok
This is Phanni Sidon's house.
How can I help you?
Is that you, Kaeo?
Can you hear me?
Where are you now? Please tell me.
I meet the rich and the beautiful
As for the generous
I never see them
They always bully me when we meet
Their viciousness hurts my fragile heart
I can only use my body
Or fall into poverty
I'm miserable
Because of deception in Bangkok
Come here.
Let's toast.
Bottoms up.
Are there really a lot of singers here?
There are.
Before going
to watch over my father's field,
I used to come here daily
to listen to the singers.
So you're the expert. Point someone out.
Well, surely, they would have changed
the singers by now.
The singers have changed,
but the patrons are the same.
Hey, Nop. Do you see that man?
He's like the godfather of the circle.
-What circle?
-The partygoers' circle, of course!
He's so naughty.
No one dares to mess with him.
He's sitting beside that singer
from Suphan. Remember her?
Oh, you're right, it's Kaeota!
Didn't she say she loves country music?
How come she is a café singer now?
I think she's interesting.
-Hey, Nop! Where are you going?
Are you deaf?
I just told you not to mess with that man.
We'll be in trouble
if you approach them now.
What then? How long do I need to wait?
Just wait for that man to leave first.
Then you can go talk to the singer.
Or maybe, on second thought
We should observe from afar.
Maybe this Kaeota
likes the bad boy type, like Peter.
Let's find somewhere to sit. Come on.
Here. I know you were waiting for this.
Is it okay?
Mr. Peter, the car is ready.
Good timing. Let's go.
I got a letter saying I got a scholarship!
"Dear Kaeota."
"I'm writing this letter,
even though I have no address
to send it to.
If I knew where you were,
I would likely"
You would likely go after her, am I right?
Even now,
your heart still yearns for her?
She left without a word,
and you're still in love with that woman!
Look at me.
Khwanchai is standing right here,
right now!
But I like people who sing well.
Have you ever given me your heart?
-I'm not
-"Not" what?
I don't think of you in that way.
Why do you want to quit at the same time?
If I were Kaeota, do you think
we would end up like this?
No one stands by me.
I don't wish to stay
in your shadow anymore.
Do you still want to be a famous singer?
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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