Stage of Number One (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I'm sorry.
Someone like you should go die.
A child who causes their mother's death
is called a traitor, isn't it?
You have to promise me
that you won't leave me alone.
I promise.
This month, we will each get
our share as usual.
However, it will be reduced.
I'm looking for someone
who can help me become a singer.
Someone from a record company is coming.
Dress up and take great care of him, okay?
Have you ever given me your heart?
I don't think of you in that way.
Do you see that man?
He's so naughty.
No one dares to mess with him.
That singer from Suphan singer
remember her?
How was it?
Just having dinner while looking pretty
can earn you some extra money.
Why did he pay us
such a large sum of money?
He already took us out
to a luxurious dinner.
Don't dwell on it too much.
Someone like him is good at making money.
A lonely man of wealth.
He was so polite.
At first, I thought
I was going to be molested.
For real?
A singer using their own body
to earn money?
There's no such thing.
Mr. Peter is a gentleman.
He doesn't grope anyone.
The one doing the groping here will be me.
What is that?
It's nothing.
Just something a nurse gave me.
Don't worry about it.
All right.
I'm heading to bed now. I'm so sleepy.
If Peter asks for you again,
you should go.
A kind, rich man like that
is a wonderful thing for you. Trust me.
Hey, you!
Is there no one who catches your eye?
There is someone.
Two people.
One of them is in Suphan.
Suphan again?
I told you.
Ever since the whole stage burned down,
their reputation has taken a hit.
No one attends their performances anymore.
Oh, and the other one?
She's busy being affectionate
with a drug dealer.
Is she being manipulated?
After all, she ran away from home alone.
I heard that from the grapevine.
Even though I called the band,
they said Kaeota
left after the death of the bandleader.
Wait a second.
You called the band.
You have their number?
What? They accept gigs. They're a band.
Why didn't you tell me?
Then why didn't you ask?
This is Phanni Sidon's house.
How can we help you today?
Good morning.
I'm Mahannop, Nop for short.
I'm the owner of M Sound.
I'd like to speak with Miss Khwanchai.
This is Khwan speaking.
Oh, Miss Khwanchai, um.
All right, I'll be frank.
I listened to you singing in Suphan.
Your voice is amazing, so I'd like
to ask you to become
an artist for M Sound.
You mean
you're asking me
to make a music album with you?
Yes, I'm asking you
to make a music album with me.
A music album!
What? They called to ask you?
Yeah, he said it's
a country music record company,
and they're looking
for a promising singer.
A record company is a must these days.
Actually, I've been thinking.
-I think
-Hey, is this for real?
Do we really have to eat
rice with fish sauce?
Take a peek into the kitchen.
There's nothing else in there.
At least we still have
one last bottle of fish sauce.
You can eat plain rice if you want though.
All right, I'll bear it.
I'm not a selfish person
who will save only my own skin.
That's admirable.
You're truly commendable
to always think of others.
A person like that
can be called the darling of the masses.
Your darling too?
Have you ever given me your heart?
I don't think of you in that way.
I won't leave you regardless.
I promised your mother and father
-and Aunt Phanna
-It's okay.
I already promised myself
that I will make you
fall in love with me.
That's right.
You are my darling
and everyone else's darling too.
Every single member of the band loves you.
Miss Kaeota.
where's Mr. Peter?
He has some urgent business
to take care of.
Ah, I apologize.
Mr. Peter has an appointment
with the record company owner.
He told me to give you this.
Thank you.
I'll take my leave then.
Three hundred.
-Give it to me.
-Give it back.
-What're you doing?
-I'll keep it for you.
-Give me.
-No, it's mine.
Didn't you say we didn't have any income?
Where's that money from?
It's all right. Khwan merely
I borrowed it from my dad's friend
Uncle Yong so we can get by.
Oh, aren't Luli and Lila going out
to buy pork for Aunt Phanna?
-Ah, yes.
-That's right.
-Let's go.
-Come on, let's go.
I'd like to talk about the record company.
What did you answer them?
Nop, about Khwanchai.
So she
Did she reject us or what?
Well, she said that
she's worried about her band.
She prefers to stay with the band.
Then she thanked me
for the opportunity, blah, blah, blah.
Though frankly,
it's a pity, so disappointing.
Yeah, it is.
Well, whatever. Let's look around.
-Good evening.
-Hi there.
We're here to look for a singer.
Didn't you say that
she wouldn't sing anymore
since she's with him?
Nop, wait! Where're you going?
Can't you see who's sitting
right beside her?
Nop! Seriously?
What're you doing here, Kaeota?
I work here.
This place doesn't suit you.
Do you still want to be a famous singer?
Do you still want me
to make a music album?
I didn't give you a chance last time.
This time, however,
I'm giving you a chance.
Will you accept or reject it?
Watch your step.
So this is your company?
Is this all?
I don't even see a recording room.
Where's the composer?
And where's the musicians?
I think you should invite
your first singer
to have a seat first.
Um, Miss Kaeota.
Please sit.
Do you like to eat gaprao?
I'm not hungry.
That's not what I mean.
I'm trying to make a metaphor.
When you cook gaprao,
do you need to own a pig farm?
Do you understand?
The music industry has its own system.
There are numerous ways
to advertise and promote the business.
Although I don't own everything,
I can choose anything.
And today, Mr. Mahannop
has chosen you.
You want to mold my music career,
but you have nothing.
It's starting from scratch.
Those who join us have to do it with us.
Someone has already contacted me.
Mr. Peter.
Nop, let her go.
-Um, we'd like to warn you
We're in no position to warn her.
We should let her do as she likes.
Don't get involved.
Well then,
thank you for today.
I appreciate you thinking of me.
On Wednesday,
I have a meeting with him.
This Wednesday?
Um, Wednesday
I booked a recording room
for you on Wednesday.
We're going to record your first demo.
All right.
Hey, Nop.
What are you thinking?
Watch your step.
Be careful.
-There's a staircase in front of you.
-Slowly, all right?
can you see more clearly now?
I can fumble around somewhat.
I feel sorry for you.
Though I'm fumbling around too.
I've never sewed before in my life,
yet here I am.
I have to try
to do anything I can to support everyone.
-Let me see.
Does doing anything you can
include asking for a loan?
Let's chat.
I talked to Uncle Yong.
He said he never lent you money.
So where did you get the money from?
Tell me.
You went to a loan shark, right?
The type that leaves their ad
on the electricity posts?
You know their interest rates
are extremely high, right?
if I hadn't done that,
how could our band members
have supported their parents?
Or paid for food?
please don't be angry with me.
Kaeo, store your garlands
and then come here, all right?
You see, those garlands
are all from Mr. Peter.
You should thank him. I'll be right back.
I'll be right back. Give me a second.
Are you here specifically for me?
I'm going to hold
a big family party at my house,
so I want a good singer
to entertain the guests.
You want me to sing there?
It'll be on Wednesday. Please come.
Where is it?
Phu Phlet Park, my condo.
I'll pay you for singing.
Forty thousand.
Forty thousand?
Wow, it seems he really likes you.
If you accept this gig,
you will get the whole salary
and not need to share any of it.
Can we really go? The boss won't mind?
He won't mind. It's our day off.
Let's go have fun.
Come on, have some water.
Keep your body hydrated.
Drink it.
I don't want soda.
Can I have water instead?
Why? I already poured it for you,
so drink it.
Come on.
I don't want to drink soda.
Soda is full of sugar.
I don't want to get plump,
so I'd better drink water.
Hey, everyone!
Hurry up!
This is our first gig this month.
-Hurry up!
-Come on, quick!
-We're here!
Where's Saoek? Why isn't he helping?
It's so hot.
-Ah, hey!
Help us carry the equipment.
-Put everything back inside.
The host canceled the gig.
What? Canceled?
And we were almost done
carrying it all out too.
Ah, it's good that they canceled.
We can take the deposit then.
But I accepted the gig without a deposit
to win them over.
You didn't ask for a deposit?
I'm sorry, everyone.
-I am sorry!
I was so excited.
-It was our first gig in months.
-This is disappointing.
Auntie, let me help.
Although my eyes can't see
as clearly as before,
I am not deaf.
I heard everything.
You think that
I'm stupid, don't you?
I'm not smart like Mom.
I'm not as smart as
I'm not as smart as others.
I don't even know
if I can keep the band afloat.
Khwan, child.
We may be in a difficult situation,
but remember,
there must be a way out of it.
I don't know how long it's going to take.
No one loves me.
No one stands by me.
No, my child, don't think like that.
Come on, don't cry.
What is this?
It's from Mr. Rong.
I'm not one of the people
in his collection
whose monthly wage comes in an envelope.
I know you're not.
Mr. Rong also knows that
you don't want to take anything from him.
So he sent his right-hand man.
Then please tell my father for me
that even if I'm starving to death,
I won't touch his money.
I'm sorry.
I can't convey your words to Mr. Rong.
He pays my salary.
I can only carry out my job.
I'll take my leave.
Wait, Uncle.
I understand
-that it's your job but
-How about this?
When you are in trouble
or need help with something,
think of me.
I'll take my leave now.
Hello, Mr. Nop.
I don't want to stay
in your shadow anymore.
Suwit already told me
that you don't want my money.
Think of it as your mother's then.
Did you so feel guilty
that you're trying to bribe me?
You know why
I don't want to stay with you.
It's because the memory of you
abandoning Mom for other women
and causing her to die of a broken heart
still haunts me.
You're heartless enough to hurt Mom
even though all the money
that built your empire
came out of her pocket.
Stop saying things
you really know nothing about!
I established the company
with my own abilities.
If you want to be arrogant
and refuse my money, that's fine.
But do not speak for your mother
who had been long gone
because you and your mother
are not the same person.
I will stop speaking about it
if you stop interfering with my life.
Thanks for your hard work.
We'll be able to earn money
for food this way.
Let's keep going.
I think there must be a better solution.
do you have another job for us?
Tell us if you do.
Come on, get up. What's wrong?
Are you okay?
It's so hot today.
Hey, do you remember
why we ran away to become dancers?
Why was that?
Because we didn't want
to harvest sugarcane.
I remember now.
-I'm overheating. My skin is burned.
-Am I going to have melasma?
-Your face is a mess!
Do you still want to be a famous singer?
Why? Do you still want me
to make a music album?
Will you accept or reject it?
I booked a recording room for you.
We're going to record your first demo.
I'll wait for you.
You want me to sing there?
I'll pay you for singing.
Forty thousand.
M Sound at your service.
May I speak to Mr. Mahannop?
Ah, Mr. Mahannop is not here.
Um, would you like to leave a message?
And may I ask who is calling?
It's Kaeo.
Please tell Mr. Mahannop that
I'm not going to go to M Sound today.
Don't wait for me.
I already have another appointment.
I see.
You have an interview
with some big shot, don't you?
Ah, it's not that. I'm performing
for Mr. Peter at Phu Phlet Park.
Anyway, please tell Mr. Nop that
I won't be going,
or he might think I stood him up.
Pardon, where?
Kaeo, are you done?
Mr. Peter's car is her.
They can't park for long,
or the police will clamp the car.
Um, I have to go now.
Kaeo? Hello, Kaeo?
What the heck.
-Who was that, Thin?
-It was Kaeota.
Said she's not coming.
She's likely going with a big company.
No surprise but it's upsetting.
What's the matter?
Your face looks like a sick dog.
Kaeota said that
Peter hired her to sing at his condo.
He'll lure her into his condo,
and a clip will likely come out soon.
Wait a second, this
So you're saying that
Peter is manipulating her
to be his porn star?
Yes, that's what I'm saying!
Someone like that guy, Peter,
doesn't hire a singer to sing
at his place for no reason.
Where is his condo?
You plan to go there?
This is flesh, not armor.
Do you think you're a superhero?
We need a helper.
Why do you want to quit at the same time?
Who's going to dance if we have a gig?
There's not going to be any gig.
It's been months.
Well, if we continue to stay put,
we'll starve to death for sure.
We're not as strong as Saoek
who can harvest sugarcane all day.
We were born to be dancers.
Let us go dance somewhere else.
Saying it that way,
does that mean another band hired you?
Do what you want then.
I have no strength to stop you.
Sometimes, we need to let things go.
-Farewell then.
Come on, let's go.
What, Khwan?
-What is it?
-Khwan, get in here!
-What is it, Uncle Ud?
Where did they disappear to?
I don't know!
What happened?
All the performance clothes are gone.
Even the accessories are gone.
Really? How?
Luli, Lila!
-So heavy.
-There are so many bags.
-Luli, Lila!
-Luli, Lila, what are you two doing?
-Hurry up, get the bag on the car!
-Give me the bag now!
-Give it back!
-Start the engine now!
-Don't do this!
-Let go of the bag!
-Khwan, let us go! We have to go now!
-Let us go. Khwan!
Get in the minibus now! Driver, let's go!
-Go now!
Luli, Lila!
Luli, give them back!
Come on.
They took everything.
There's nothing left, Ek.
There's nothing left.
Just walk in. What are you afraid of?
Is this really Mr. Peter's residence?
Yeah, that's right. I came here before.
Um, are you sure?
Can I trust this?
Why are you hesitant now?
Mr. Peter is a kindhearted millionaire.
He's not dangerous. Come on.
We can go back after singing a few songs.
Come on.
You're here, my capable Kaeota.
Wow, you look radiant today.
Ah, you compliment only Kaeota.
Am I just a tagalong to you?
I was joking.
It's good that you both came.
Kaeo will feel safer.
Please come in.
Um, where is the party you mentioned?
Who else has arrived?
I'd like to greet them.
No one has arrived yet.
It's not yet the start time.
The food also hasn't arrived.
I've ordered the food
from a luxury hotel just for you.
Is that so?
A moment, please.
Ah, okay.
Hey, Miss Tagalong.
Joking, Julie.
Could you take your beautiful body
to get the thing for me?
Ah, sure thing.
You stay with Mr. Peter, all right?
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry for today.
I've ordered the food from a hotel,
so I let the housekeeper rest.
I'll have to serve the guests myself.
Open it yourself,
so you feel assured that it's safe.
Remember, wherever you go,
open the bottle yourself.
Thank you.
where is Julie?
Don't worry, she'll be back.
Come on, we'd better sit down.
Are you sure it's here?
I'm sure.
I used to contact someone here.
By the way, this woman
Is she your girlfriend?
No, she's not.
She's a singer I'm negotiating with.
I tried to befriend the guard,
but no matter how I much asked,
he wouldn't reveal
which floor Peter lives on.
If he stays tight-lipped,
we'll have to find it ourselves.
Still remember how to use it?
Of course. You taught me.
Carry it with you
just in case.
I appreciate it.
Nop, that woman.
She's also a singer
in the cafe where Kaeota works.
-Let's follow her.
Uncle, see you later.
Thank you so much.
How are you holding up? Are you hungry?
No, I'm not. By the way,
where is the restroom?
Ah, it's that way.
Please make yourself at home.
Be careful.
Are you all right?
It's like the room is spinning.
You'd better sit down.
Be careful.
I think you feel car sick.
I'll get you some smelling salts, okay?
-We're here.
-Who are you?
Don't remember?
It's okay if you don't.
You still know what this item is, right?
Take me to Peter right now.
Yeah, don't dally.
Miss Kaeo.
Miss Kaeo?
I suppose
you're ready to become my new movie star.
Is there anything I can help?
Um, it's okay.
They're with me.
-We're with her.
-Yes, sir.
What's this?
He has a gun!
So do I.
-What if the neighbors burst in?!
Let them come and let them
bring the police so they can arrest you.
-Get the camera.
Stay still.
That's my personal belonging.
What right do the two of you have
to interfere with my hobby?
It's human rights.
Though you'll never understand
because you're inhuman.
How many victims have there been?
It is none of your business.
This time
it's my business.
What's the matter?
Do you want to watch too?
Shooting a naked woman is an art.
Fools like you two won't understand.
And are you so clever?
You lure women into your lair
and film them without their consent!
That's not the point.
All of them come here
of their own free will.
I never have to force them at all.
Great speech.
Thank you so much.
I have everything on tape now.
So at this moment,
you should put your hands
above your head and turn around.
This isn't an empty word.
Turn around
or I will shoot.
Thin, take over the gun.
On it.
Go. I said go!
Damn it!
Ah, over there. Almost done.
I'll take those parts, all right?
Just a little bit more.
Are you holding up okay?
Keep going.
Smile and keep going.
Like this.
The other side too, raise it up.
You're doing great.
Let's go.
Come on.
Why aren't you using a broom?
Because we would finish too quickly.
Such a slacker.
Who's the one who promised
to pay the interest on time?
The deadline was two days ago!
Getting a loan means
you need to pay it back.
Pay up!
-Hey, don't!
-What's your problem?
‪Eat this!
‪Eat this!
It's time for us to admit defeat.
Let's go our separate ways.
I am truly sorry, everyone.
We'll see each other again in the future.
Do you like Kaeota?
Do you have feelings for Khwan?
I trust Mr. Nop.
What about you? Are you sure about me?
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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