Stage of Number One (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Someone like that guy, Peter,
doesn't hire a singer to sing
at his place for no reason.
You're ready to become my new movie star.
I have everything on tape now.
You have to promise me
that you won't leave me alone.
I won't leave you regardless.
I promised your mother and father.
You went to a loan shark, right?
Don't you know they're dangerous?
Why aren't you using a broom?
Because we would finish too quickly.
Who's the one who promised
to pay the interest on time?
You have a big house
but have failed to pay off your debt.
Wait. Who's in debt to you?
Hey, go ahead.
-On it. Go.
-Hey, don't!
-Where are you running off to?
-Come on.
-Don't move.
-Stop it.
They're raiding our house.
Don't do that. Stop.
-Let go!
-What are you doing here?
So, it's you.
You can't pay off the debt,
so I'll take your stuff instead.
-Go away.
-Get out.
-Get out.
-Get out.
Stop it.
-What are you doing?
‪Come on.
Come on.
-Come on.
get inside the house.
-Are you okay?
‪Come on.
Damn it.
Stop it.
I have the money.
Let's go.
-It's okay.
I know.
You've warned me not to borrow
but I really had to back then.
I thought I would get money
from other sources and pay it off on time.
The money they got,
what was it for?
The educational fund
the college granted me.
We have both decided.
-Uncle Id.
-Uncle Ud.
These are my small savings.
I got it from selling
my drawings in the market.
We are grateful for your kindness
and for taking good care of us.
Please take it.
No, I won't.
Poor people like us
need to take care of each other.
Take it. I said, take it. Come on.
Ek, I'm not taking
the musical instruments.
You might want to compose songs,
so you can sell them. I'm not using them.
Have you both decided where you'll stay?
We have friends out there.
We'll make it.
In the future,
we'll see each other again
when our lives are better.
-Are you awake?
Did you help me?
What did he do to me?
He didn't do anything.
A hero on a white horse
appeared at the right time.
You mean you're that hero?
Why not? Am I not handsome enough
or not rich enough to be a hero?
Both are right.
And how did you know?
Actually, we must thank my friend, Thin,
who can differentiate who is
a good and bad person.
And you must also thank yourself
for being well-mannered and calling me
to say you would stand me up.
I just wanted money.
Who would think
a good-looking person could be bad.
Why are you looking at me?
And what about me?
Good or bad?
You haven't thanked me yet
for risking my life
and getting into that pervert's den
-to help an antagonist.
Thank you.
What about Julie? Where's Julie now?
I think Thin dumped that decoy
along the way.
She must have fled
because she didn't want to get caught.
Gosh. Did Julie conspire with Peter?
Look. How can I live?
I have no place to stay.
No money. No work.
You can work here, at M Sound.
For a place to stay,
I'll arrange it for you.
You're badly hurt. Why don't you rest?
I'm fine, Auntie.
Let me ask you for real.
You got hurt this bad for helping Khwan.
Do you have feelings for her?
Auntie, I promised her dad
that I would take good care of her.
Khwanchai is like my real sister.
I'll do as promised.
If you see her as a sister,
that means you have feelings
for Kaeo, right?
"Dear Kaeota.
I'm writing this letter,
even though I have no address
to send it to."
So you have feelings for Kaeo?
I like people who sing well.
What's this?
I shouldn't have done that, Aunt Phanna.
Do you want to apologize to him?
Look. I've cooked my best.
I even collected the lotus stems myself.
Aunt Phanna taught me
how to select the best shrimp paste.
Is it good?
are you not mad at me anymore?
-I was just upset.
You cooked, so you should eat.
Oh, yes, Ek.
Tomorrow is your birthday, right?
Shall we make merits at the temple?
Yes, sure.
If you want to.
Okay. Let's eat.
Wow. You're allowing me to stay here?
Wait. Am I staying with
My room is on the other side.
This is the room
my mom rented out to the expat.
Wow. You must be wealthy.
You're not staying here for free.
You must work as an apprentice
for my record company.
The new one you said
you would start with me?
What else can you do though?
Oh, I said there's no other choice
except making you a real diva.
If you mean it,
we'll grow together.
If we share the same dream,
I'll grow with you, Mr. Mahannop.
Ek. Let's go make merits.
Are you up?
Where did he go?
He left me.
Turn the TV off.
-Turn the TV off.
-There was a fire
-What's wrong, Kaeo?
-which occurred at around
I turned it off, Kaeo.
What's wrong?
I don't like fire. I don't like sirens.
I don't like this.
I understand that
you've experienced
a similar incident before.
It mentally impacted you.
That's normal for those
who have been through bad things.
I'm also like that.
In your case, it was a fire, but in mine,
I can't bear to hear a woman cry.
What bad things have you been through?
It doesn't matter.
Well, have you been to Suphan
since the fire there?
Do you have an issue with your family?
You don't need to know.
They say the siblings' fighting
caused the band to disband
It's true, isn't it?
You know everything, huh? Mr. Know-It-All.
Better go eat.
Eat it. The chicken is tasty.
The food here is good,
just like in my hometown.
Oh! That's why the taste is so familiar.
Hey, you sound like someone from Suphan.
I am from Suphan, Kaeo.
So, you are from Suphan.
How did you meet Mr. Nop then?
I studied high school in Bangkok.
That's how I met him.
We studied, hung out,
and did things together.
Then he went to study in Australia.
We met again
when he opened a record company
and asked me to find singers.
Studied abroad
That's why he's smart.
You like him?
It's good that you don't.
Nop is a good colleague.
But to be a boyfriend,
especially for you, no, he's no good.
Believe me.
Nop is hot-tempered and bossy.
Most importantly, he abused women.
Don't be alone with him.
If you have to, ask for me to be there.
If you even think about falling for him,
think of my handsome face
as a warning sign.
Do you like Kaeota?
I do, or I wouldn't have brought her here.
Not like that. What I mean is
do you like her like a man likes a woman
or as the mother for your child?
No. Nothing like that. It's work.
That's good if you mean it.
A woman like Kaeota,
I looked her in the eyes, and I knew
that she is flirtatious.
Is it all in your head?
I don't feel anything.
That's good. You don't feel anything
because she's not your type.
And this is all just work.
Don't feel anything.
I just told you I don't.
You don't like Kaeota.
Can I court her then?
So all that you asked
was leading up to this?
You know me.
Can I?
Do what you want.
Just don't mess up your work.
If you do, you die.
-Got it?
Not your type. You don't like her.
Next, we'll announce
the Stage of Number One Award of 2001.
This is the prestigious honorary award
by the Country Music Association
Khwan, come watch it with me.
for Thailand's country singers.
The award is given once every ten years,
and this is the seventh awarding ceremony.
It's the Stage of Number One Award.
It's only given out once every ten years.
-Here is our winner!
We'll have to wait for another ten years
to see who's going to win
the next Stage of Number One Award.
This is the award I used to want.
If I pin my hopes on you girls,
there's a chance, right?
Someday, I'll win that award.
We'll bring you this award, Mom.
The Stage of Number One will be ours.
From now on,
practice singing with me every evening.
You're good.
The Stage of Number One Award
is too far to reach, Mommy.
I don't know what to do, Mom.
This award
must be won for you, Mom. You'll see.
500,000 BAHT LOAN
I have something to tell you.
Thank you all very much
for being together with us.
Some have recently joined.
Some have been here since I was a kid.
We all have been through rough times
and good times together.
But it's beyond my ability now.
Our band hasn't had a job for months.
If we still stick together,
things will get worse.
It's time we give up.
It's time we go our own ways.
I apologize to all of you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Where are you going?
And what is this?
The title deed.
I think
I will mortgage it to pay off the debt.
If there's any money left,
I'll invest it in something.
I also have some savings.
Take it. You can use it.
No, Auntie. You keep it.
It's me who takes care of you,
not the other way round.
What about your studies?
Khwan, don't abandon them.
I think I'll try for distance learning.
I will never abandon them.
That's good.
No matter what you do
or what you decide to do,
I will be by your side.
We will never leave each other behind.
Come on.
Yes, Auntie.
Don't cry.
Excuse me,
let me ask you something.
When someone
wants to be a singer and comes to Bangkok,
where do they go?
Probably a café.
Brewery restaurants, dude.
I don't know.
Where are you going?
Turn around. It's not this way.
I'm sorry.
Country singer? Back in the old days,
they would go to Buppha Sawan Alley.
"Buppha Sawan Alley"
I have heard about it.
But how to get there, Uncle?
Please tell me.
You don't need to go there.
It's no longer there.
Since the rise of solo artists,
those country bands
all went their own ways.
Eggplant, tomato,
dried chili, pickled fish,
fish sauce, oops.
I have them all, right, Auntie?
I saw you checked them three times.
You have them all, believe me.
I've never been a food vendor.
I don't want to be missing anything.
I must not make any mistakes
on my first day.
We can fix any mistakes.
Don't be afraid.
We traded the house for this shop.
No matter what, we must make money.
You spilled it.
I can barely cover the rent
let alone the cost of gas.
I'll pay it later.
Don't make it too long.
I get many requests to rent this car.
Okay. I'll try my best.
Better hurry up.
I think my songs
are a bit too sad, Mr. Nop.
What style of songs you prefer?
Just ask Choothin for an idea.
I can help you.
Have you ever had a good idea, Thin?
Look. The first glass to clear your mind.
The second glass to expand your mind.
The third glass to be smart.
The fourth glass to express wisdom.
-The fifth glass to
-That's enough. How many glasses?
Don't make her drunk.
Who's doing that?
Kaeo, actually, I
don't want you to be too close to him.
He is dangerous.
Who's dangerous?
Hey. Let's do this.
How about drinking together?
To celebrate that we're
from the same hometown.
There's nothing better than celebrating.
Here you go.
You're challenging me.
Don't ever think that I won't drink.
Go ahead.
Hello, DJ.
I'm asking you for a favor.
My girl has been missing for months.
I can't find her anywhere.
She likes your program so much.
Please help me.
Please announce that
I'm searching for her.
‪Dear DJ
‪Please deliver this message
‪Every minute
‪I almost go crazy
‪I don't know why
‪She left without saying
‪She left me worried
‪Waiting for her with tears
‪Please deliver
‪This message
‪I made it a poem
‪To remind her of our hometown
‪Please read every day
‪She will hear it soon
‪Fly this poem through waves
‪For her to know I'm waiting
I'm waiting for your return.
I can't sleep.
Where are you hiding?
-Whom are you with?
-What about Thin? Where has he gone?
-You left me devastated
-waiting for your return.
-That's him.
He's like this when he gets drunk.
-No matter how tired I am,
-He disappears.
‪I will always
-wait for you.
-I'd better go now.
‪Send her this love poem
‪From this devastated man
‪Waiting for her news every day
‪Hoping she's still alive
‪Is she doing well?
‪-Is there anyone taking care of her?
‪-Is that you, Kaeo?
‪Please just let me know
‪I pass on this message for her to DJ
You trust me, don't you?
That I can make you famous.
I trust you, Mr. Nop.
What about you?
Are you sure about me?
‪Send her this love poem
‪From this devastated man
‪Waiting for her news
-Every day
‪Hoping she's still alive
‪Is she doing well?
‪Is there anyone taking care of her?
‪Please just let me know
‪I pass on this message for her to DJ
What's wrong with it?
Nothing what?
Is the car broken?
Yes, it is.
Looks like you have something to tell me.
No. And you?
Me neither.
I think that last night,
something good must have happened
that I don't know about.
That's suspicious.
I think something was weird last night.
Actually, I don't remember much.
My memory suddenly got cut off.
Me too. I don't remember anything.
My memory got cut off.
Both of you?
If it happened to both of you,
I'll tell you about last night.
I was drunk last night.
I woke up at the condo's fire exit stairs.
I was shocked.
Tell me, who brought me there?
Are you crazy? Nobody did that.
Last night, you were drunk.
You got up and walked to the fire exit.
-Are you sure?
If there's nothing else,
I'll go into the office.
Something must have happened
last night for sure.
I said nothing happened.
There was nothing, okay?
Well, nothing.
Nothing. And where have you been?
Oh. Here.
I visited the composer
and asked for the songs
he had already composed. And yes,
there were lots of them.
Check them out. I think we can use some.
Oh, you're making yourself useful,
and you have connections.
That's awesome.
You hired me as an assistant,
and I will be the best one for you.
Thank you, sir.
I'll check the song lyrics first.
Watch over the office for me today.
I'll get my car repaired.
Hey, it's leaking so much.
Can you still drive it?
I can drive it. Take care of the office.
-Check, please.
-Yes, sure.
-This meal is on you, right?
Total, 40 baht.
-Here you go.
Are you a singer?
People fought in front of the stage,
and there was a fire.
I remember.
Our district became the talk of the town.
The incident made the headlines.
But what was the singer's name?
I don't remember.
I don't remember either.
What was her name?
Your change.
Oh, yes.
Thanks for the meal.
Don't pay attention
to those unpleasant words.
Yes, Auntie. I don't care.
Do you want anything else?
One takeaway papaya salad
with pickled fish.
Yes, sure.
To Bang Rak.
Just wait at the office. I'll be there.
We'll select songs Thin got
from the maestro.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you work in the music industry?
Yes, that's right.
I opened a small, new record company.
That's good.
Are you selecting songs for singers?
Yes. I got some songs.
I think they don't suit my singer.
Regarding the songs
Well, excuse me, can I make a suggestion?
When it comes to songs,
if you want them to suit your singer,
you need to compose them.
The maestro should compose songs
based on the singer's life.
Those kinds of songs are always famous.
The songs that are not famous
are ones that everyone can sing.
That sounds valid.
Do you listen to music a lot?
I used to work as a convoy
for a country band back in Suphan.
Oh, Suphan is where
there are lots of good country singers.
-Don't tell me you also sing.
I don't sing.
But my sister can sing very well.
Your sister sings?
How about bringing her
to audition at my company?
I wish I could bring her there.
I have no idea where she is now.
The reason I came here to drive a taxi
is to find her.
She ran away to Bangkok.
She wants to be a famous singer.
Bangkok is not that small.
And there are many girls
who want to be a singer.
I wish you good luck.
I hope you find her. I think
she might not be that far from you.
Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
-This is my business card.
-We've arrived.
-Thank you, man.
It's my luck you know
the backstreets so well,
or I would have been late.
Here, keep the change.
Oh, thank you.
A moment, please.
-How much?
-It's 20 baht.
I'll pack it for you.
Thank you.
One Thai salad without papaya.
My songs.
Radio stations finally play
my songs, Mr. Nop.
Thank you very much.
You are the daughter
of Phlengphon and Phanni.
Don't you want to continue Phanni's dream?
For Mom.
For the Stage of Number One in the future.
Just do it.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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