Stage of Number One (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

It's time we give up.
It's time we go our own ways.
He left me.
When someone wants to be
a singer and comes to Bangkok,
where do they go?
I trust you, Mr. Nop.
If you mean it,
we'll grow together.
One Thai salad without papaya.
Left when he wanted to.
Returned when he wanted to.
Ek, why did you come in?
Well, you were avoiding me.
I wasn't.
But I didn't want to see your face.
You're heartless.
You ran off and left me on my hardest day!
I did it because I knew
it was hard for you.
So I had to do everything
and figure out how to help you.
leaving me and disappearing?
Look at this.
Come here.
Come here.
Take it.
I was determined to save every baht,
very determined,
in case it could help pay off the debt
and give you some relief.
At least,
it would lighten your burden.
You're giving this to me?
It was always yours.
if it's really not enough,
I can go back and make more money.
By leaving me like the last time, right?
I told you I didn't just up and leave.
I left you a note.
But I was in a bit of a hurry.
And the first bus came so early,
so I only wrote you a short note.
I remember it too. I wrote,
"Take care of yourself.
I'll come back to help soon."
I didn't see the note.
I only saw the love letter
you wrote Kaeo, confessing your love.
And you burned it, didn't you?
So what happened?
Did you find her?
You ran off together.
You two must have been so happy.
I left to look for her,
but I couldn't find her.
So you came back to regroup.
-Forget it.
Just seeing you come back
makes me happy.
I'll set up your room.
They all look great, Mr. Nop.
This one is pretty.
I think this one is good.
What do you think?
It's pretty, but
I think this one best fits the concept.
It can be the cover.
-Isn't this one pretty though?
-They're all pretty.
Hey! Nop, buddy.
Your friend's shoulder.
Show me some support.
Give it your best.
Jeez. Of course, I will,
with your strong support.
My dear listeners,
there's good news for music lovers.
Coming soon is an important contest
for new singers with great voices
to battle on a famous stage.
Don't forget.
For any of our listeners
with great voices, here's your chance:
the country singing contest
"Rising Country Stars with Great Voices".
The prize is worth hundreds of thousands.
Most importantly, our contest
has created countless
famous country singers.
I won't name names because if I start
Let me help.
It's perfect for those who have the dream
of becoming a country singer.
Go ahead and apply.
-Your dream has sent you an invitation.
-Aren't you interested?
The "Rising Country Stars
with Great Voices" contest.
I think
you should apply.
If I'm interested, then what?
I don't have a band anymore.
A band doesn't matter.
You're still here.
Talented people have nothing to fear.
I'd only embarrass myself.
Who would care about a small-town singer
without a band like me?
I just said it.
It's a singing contest,
not a band contest.
I'm a green papaya salad seller now,
not a singer.
Why are you so whiny?
Get your confidence back already
and make Phanni proud.
What if I lose?
You'll really lose if you don't compete.
Opportunities don't walk up to us.
Talented people seize opportunities.
Think about it.
If you take part in this contest and win,
you'll get the money to pay off the debt.
And if you want a band,
it won't be difficult to get at all.
And are you going to chop papaya
and sell green papaya salad
forever, Khwan?
Auntie Phanna
Let me Wait
Let me see. Let me see that.
Kaeota can't get involved in any contests.
Hey, don't you know
all famous singers
who are still successful today
took part in these contests?
I get that, but
Kaeota is an artist now.
One year of our hard work
is about to yield fruit.
Wait a little longer.
Will you trust me?
Yes, sir. I trust you, sir.
You have to trust him
because he's the one with the money.
The money is one thing,
but we started from step one together.
we do two, three, four, five together.
If Phanni was still here,
she would have said what Phanna said.
Be honest.
Do you really want to sell
green papaya salad forever?
Why? Selling green papaya salad
is a profession
that allows me to support myself.
why are you fooling yourself?
You think you were born
to sell green papaya salad?
You were born to be
a daughter of Phlengphon
and Phanni.
dreamt that her daughters
would succeed and become famous singers.
Am I right?
All Mom ever talked about was
the Stage of Number One award.
And don't you
want to fulfill Phanni's dream?
At the very least,
go win
the Rising Country Stars award.
Don't you agree?
Here we go. The cassettes
just came from the factory.
My first work.
"Kaeota M Sound"
is ready for distribution.
So, Mr. Nop, how are you going to make
my songs explode and become popular?
Great tone. Great music.
I wish you a successful debut.
Thank you very much.
What's wrong, Ms. Kaeota?
You mind me touching your hands?
Please be supportive of my music.
For my next visit,
I'll buy you some snacks.
You mean it, Ms. Kaeota?
If you drop by often,
I'll play your songs every hour.
If it wasn't a work meeting,
I'd slap him and break his face.
Nop, I admire you for tolerating that.
Honestly, I felt more uneasy than you did.
Kaeo, I'm sorry
you had to go through that.
But sometimes, for work,
we have to control our emotions.
When we can't control them,
everything we built
will quickly disintegrate.
I understand.
Thank you very much, Mr. Nop,
for reminding me.
It's okay.
The path to our success is up ahead.
But I have to warn you we might
frequently face things like that.
No matter what I have to face up ahead,
no matter how bad,
I'm ready.
Hey, Kaeota, I think
we should get something to eat. Yeah?
Let's leave the bad stuff here.
Yeah? Come on,
let's find something to eat.
Come on. What should we eat?
My treat.
Each day takes ages
Each night takes eons
Each month, I'm getting lonelier
Each day takes ages
Each night takes eons
Each month, I'm getting lonelier
You brought them to burn our stage?
‪Mom, hurry.
I can't sing.
What now, Ek?
Sorry. I'm gonna use the restroom.
Please excuse me.
I'm so full today.
Uh, Mr. Nop.
Can we discuss something?
All right.
What is it about me
that gave you the confidence
to make me your company's first artist?
My intuition probably.
Or you can call it an instinct.
That's not true.
When you came to my house,
you wanted someone else.
Oh, that one refused my offer.
She said no when I called her.
I suck.
Even though you didn't really
want me to be your artist,
I still randomly ended up with M Sound.
I'm going home.
Happy? You finally paid off the debt.
Thanks a lot, Ek.
As soon as I get the chance,
I'll pay you back.
No need. The house is our house.
Your parents were my parents.
I'll take care of you no matter what.
Did you forget?
Khwanchai was an option, but I chose you.
And there's nothing wrong with that.
And I think I chose right
because you're one of the good singers.
"One of the good singers".
You mean I'm not the best?
you and
As I was saying, you and I
have been through ups and downs
from the onset, started out together.
And I'm not the kind of person
who will leave
their life partner to someone new
so easily.
What life partner?
Kaeota, I'm sorry. I had to go number two.
You took forever. Can we go now? Come on.
She seems upset. Kaeota!
Yes, Mr. Rong?
I ran into Nop.
He has a girlfriend?
I heard her name was Kaeota.
I don't think so.
Kaeota is Mr. Nop's artist at M Sound.
I heard she was a country singer
with a great voice from Suphan Buri.
No matter how great her voice is,
if she's not in the right place
at the right time,
she won't succeed.
Mr. Rong,
do you think Mr. Nop's
record company will thrive?
Have you decided
if you're gonna compete or not?
You mean you really want me to compete?
I'll tell you something, dear.
Your mother,
she walked the walk.
She practiced singing every day.
She was so determined
to be a singer.
Phanni never let golden opportunities
slip through her fingers.
Please go.
I loaded everything in the car.
Was that everything?
Auntie, I'm going.
Take good care of her.
Don't worry, Auntie.
I'll do my very best to take care of her.
Auntie, take good care of yourself.
Don't worry about me, dear.
I can manage easily.
This is called the Victory Monument.
Pay your respects.
Ek, does the Skytrain pass by our place?
Wanna ride it?
No, I'm scared.
We're here.
you stay here.
Huh? This is your bedroom.
Your things are everywhere.
So where do you want me to
You You can lie down and relax there.
The bed is yours.
We'll sleep in different corners.
-And I'm barely here anyway.
I'm out driving all day.
And some days, I come home late.
So you can stay and relax here.
I'm gonna go drive.
Time is money here.
Oh, Khwan.
Lock the door while I'm gone.
It's dangerous.
I will.
Do I really get to sleep
in the same room as Ek?
For the contest,
for Mom, for the Stage of Number One award
in the future,
let's go.
How much is this?
105 baht.
-Okay. Thank you.
No change.
Won't you try this singer?
Good songs.
No, thanks. She's not popular.
I never heard her songs.
Excuse me. Oh, found it.
-Mister, I'll take this one.
105 baht.
Thank you.
You look familiar.
Are you from the hot pot shop?
Is this album selling well?
Don't ask if it sells well.
I haven't sold a copy.
And her songs are never on the radio.
Who would buy it?
What the hell?
Kaeo's songs aren't on any stations.
We gave the songs
to many well-known radio stations.
Or are there a lot of new songs lately,
so there's no quota?
No quota or no
What? No what?
Jeez, haven't you heard the phrase
"A thousand per song, a song per day"?
You mean we must pay
a radio station 1,000 baht
for them to play our song once?
I thought you knew.
I saw you trying to save money
on the music video.
Don't tell me you don't have money.
-Hey, the inheritance from your mom
-Don't talk about my mom's money.
This is a business,
and I'm not like my dad
who squandered my mom's money.
And what if Kaeo finds out?
What are you gonna do?
Come with me.
Where are you going?
Are you okay? What's with the sour face?
I went to a record store.
My album doesn't sell at all.
rest for now. I have to
run an errand.
I should be back in the evening,
so you might have
to find your own way home.
What about you, Thin?
Oh, I have to go with him.
Turn on the radio.
Gods of Country station, 109,5.
They're about to play your song.
Let's hear it.
Mr. Nop, it's really my song.
My songs are finally on radio, Mr. Nop.
I'm so happy.
Ek! I finished!
Okay, you finished.
Let me see.
You got it. I'll submit it for you
at the radio station.
Hey, Ek, listen to this singer.
She has a good voice.
A new singer?
Good song.
the lyrics aren't very good.
Or the song's just not right for her?
Ek, do you think the cadence
in her voice sounds familiar?
Who is this?
Who? Do you know her?
Just wait for the DJ to tell us.
They'll say it after it plays.
Oh. Wait a sec.
What's wrong with it?
Typical. Out of battery.
Jeez, Ek.
I was paying attention.
Well? Feel better than
when you were recording it?
I feel amazing, Mr. Nop.
I feel like
I'm listening to it with hundreds
and thousands of people.
I'm so excited.
Thank you very much, Mr. Nop
for making today possible.
That's good, Thin.
He called to ask if we heard it.
Other stations will play it.
They don't wanna be outdated.
This song is taking off.
Jeez, what's with him?
Well, I think you should go home and rest.
take a shower and go to bed.
-Okay, good night.
-Good night.
I won't turn back
I won't turn back
Until I succeed
I said those words
To my parents before I left
I vowed to the heavens
I promised my beloved homeland
Before I left to work hard
And make my way in a faraway city
No matter how hard it gets
I remind myself to tough it out
Life is arduous
Under the roofs of a big city
Often times, I'm exhausted
I close my eyes and see poverty
A large amount of debt
Awaits back home to be settled
I won't turn back
Until I succeed
I said those words
To my parents before I left
-Hello, Suea.
I brought Kaeota
to thank you for playing her song.
I have to say that
getting to play your song
was my pleasure.
What's up, Thin?
The owner is asking about the sales?
Excuse me for a moment.
Asking about the sales?
So the more I play your songs,
the better your album sells, right?
See? Isn't it worth 1,000 per song?
How's that?
A thousand per song, a song per day.
You play a song for 1,000 baht?
I have a quota for you today.
Is my singing so bad
you had to pay people to play my songs?
Kaeo, listen.
Listen to me.
It's how marketing works these days.
It's an investment, Kaeo.
Do you invest? You do.
What do you invest in?
In dance and singing lessons.
I have to invest in management.
Trust me, Kaeo.
In this day and age, everyone does this.
Did you think they were
gonna play our songs for free?
we don't get anything
for free in this world.
Where is she?
Your pay for today.
Thank you.
Dry all of these and you can go home.
I will.
No! Give it back! Help!
What were you doing?
-Are you okay?
Where have you been? Huh?
Use this. You'll sleep soundly.
You washed dishes
so you could afford this.
You almost got mugged by a junkie.
What should I call it?
Can I name it the Tough Blanket?
You can call it the Khwanchai Blanket,
so you'll think of me when you use it.
Go to bed.
I submitted your application
at the radio station.
The moment of truth is tomorrow.
I won't be able to sleep.
I've never been in a contest.
I don't know what place I'll get.
don't overthink it.
Try to sleep.
If you can't, chant silently.
You'll fall asleep.
Jeez. I thought you were
gonna sing me a lullaby.
You're so unromantic.
Why would I be?
I'm not a singer.
Go to sleep.
I'll sleep soundly tonight.
May the ghosts get whoever's not asleep.
I'll sleep then.
Next, please welcome
our last contestant today.
Let me introduce
Miss Khwanchai Sidon!
Take the mic.
What's wrong?
I believe
that you can do it.
I won't turn back
Until I succeed
I said those words
To my parents before I left
I vowed to the heavens
I promised my beloved homeland
Before I left to work hard
And make my way in a faraway city
No matter how hard it gets
I remind myself to tough it out
-Life is arduous
-Under the roofs of a big city
-Gently. How are you doing?
-Often times, I'm exhausted
I close my weary eyes and see poverty
A large amount of debt
Awaits back home to be settled
As a bird without a perch
Flying in a concrete jungle
A life drama
Determined by hardship
Forced to struggle in every scene
From waking up to falling asleep
Comforted by a dream of returning
To its perch someday
I won't turn back
Until I succeed
I said those words
To my parents before I left
I vowed to the heavens
I promised my beloved homeland
Before I left to work hard
And make my way in a faraway city
No need to walk
with your head down and feel ashamed.
People here don't take money.
I don't believe you.
If you don't believe me,
ask the DJ when you see her.
Come on.
Thank you for listening.
Let's take a pause here.
We'll take a short break.
See you at the start of the next hour.
You got it. Kaeota's "It Takes
the Right Bait to Catch a Tiger".
I'll play it. Goodbye.
-Ying, hello.
Mr. Mahannop.
You brought Kaeota yourself today.
Much prettier than the cover.
Thank you.
Please root for her.
If you need anything,
M Sound is ready to support your station.
There's no need.
I play according to the requests,
not the thickness of the money envelope.
Ying? Watch the TV.
-It's the results of our contest.
-The winner of this year's
Rising Country Stars
with Great Voices contest is
This girl has a great voice
and is lovely too, Mr. Nop.
Khwanchai Sidon!
Are you looking for a singer?
She just won a contest.
I'm going to have my own single!
Is there a songwriter who can
make a song specifically for Kaeo?
I know someone.
It's the song you wrote for me, isn't it?
Let me have it.
I will completely defeat you,
Do you have feelings for him?
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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