Stage of Number One (2024) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

-Kiss her! Yeah!
-Oh, my.
Khaokhwan's mom is my aunt?
It's back. Even though it's tiny,
we'll have to wait and see
how fast it grows.
I have decided
to not pursue the treatment.
I want to live my life with you
and our kid at home.
She knew that she's seriously ill,
so why doesn't she get the treatment?
You can ask her, you know.
Try talking to her.
Talk about what?
She didn't even tell me she's ill.
That day I ran into her at the hospital,
she insisted she was fine.
Feeling slighted?
I'm not. I don't care anyway.
How about this, Khwan?
Let's take our kid to Suphan.
Whether you will let her compete,
that's up to you.
I'd like you to use this
as a chance to see her.
Talk to her and
try to convince her to get treatment.
It can be treated.
The thorn in your hand needs
to be removed, so the skin can heal.
Similarly, the thorn in your heart
needs to be removed as well.
Don't let the bad blood from the past
hurt us in the present. Trust me.
The thorn in your hand needs
to be removed, so the skin can heal.
Similarly, the thorn in your heart
needs to be removed as well.
I want to know why you spread the story
that Mom died because of me.
Because I hate you.
There's someone who deserves
to see these photos.
Give them directly to him.
What's good is to have you by my side
Holding my hand on a long journey
There's only tomorrow, no yesterday
Let the cloud drift away
Once, we walked a different path.
Finally, I came to understand
Being a winner doesn't matter
As much as having you by my side
I understand
In my life
I just want
Only you
First thing tomorrow,
we will practice this song.
-Noted. Then I'll take my leave.
-See you tomorrow.
Ah, what do you think
of leaving sooner than planned?
Our daughter will have more time
to prepare for the contest then.
-The contest?
So Mom and Dad
are allowing me to join the contest?
Going back to Suphan.
When I get home, I'm going to pack.
Saikaeo told me that
she has many clothes for singers at home.
When I visit, she will share them with me.
Here, look.
-What's this about?
-It's a singing contest.
There's going to be a fair too.
My granddaughter is such a big girl now.
The last time she came,
she was really small.
I came here before?
You only have one grandmother,
so of course. We already visited her once.
We didn't spend the night though.
This time, however, we'll stay
for a few days to complete your mission.
It's the singing contest mission!
These two kids are Id and Ud's students.
Saikaeo told me that
during this year's Suphan Buri Festival,
Id and Ud are going to visit us.
Wow, this will be fun.
Khao, let's go see our bedroom.
-Let's go.
-I wanna see it!
-Don't run up the stairs.
Where's Kaeota?
We haven't seen her since we arrived.
I haven't seen her as well.
Well then, I'll go look for her.
She isn't in her room.
Where did she go?
I didn't see her around the house either.
As for school, if you need my help,
you can tell me. I'm not that good,
but I won't let you fail.
We're sisters. We have to help each other.
You ran away from home again.
Do you love attention that much?
I ran away,
and you still followed me here.
I brought my kid here
for the singing contest.
Right now, our kids are together.
Aunt Phanna said you would arrive today.
Can I sit with you?
Where are the adults, Saikaeo?
We're the only ones here.
They probably have
some adult things to do.
Let's do our own thing too.
Like what?
Aren't you going to join
the contest with me?
Ah, that's right! I have an idea.
What is it?
I don't want to compete with you.
I want to sing with you more.
So let's sing a duet.
Great idea! Let's take the stage together!
What song should we sing?
Do you remember
the song we sang over there?
Phoeng's song.
Singing as a child
It was really fun.
Are you angry with me
because I wronged you so many times?
What about you? Are you angry with me?
Well, should I be frank?
But when I thought back,
I realized that, in this world,
no one is innocent.
That's probably true.
Although, there are
many other things in this world
worth living for.
Have you
talked to Kaeota about the treatment?
I haven't even brought it up yet.
I'm afraid that
if I say the wrong words,
she will become defensive.
She's really stubborn.
Tell me if you need some help, okay?
Kaeo. That I performed on the stage today,
I have an idea. You can help, Mr. Nop.
Ek, let's switch rooms.
Please stay with Mr. Nop tonight.
Where did you go?
I heard the sound of the door.
Let me sleep here tonight.
Coincidentally, Ek is staying
with Mr. Nop tonight
to talk business.
What medicine is that?
It's to help with my sleep.
I don't want to disturb my bedmate.
When you feel pain,
what're the symptoms?
It always hurts.
I just
need to get used to it.
Have you?
I don't really know
how much pain you are in.
Though it would be great
if that pain could be shared.
In the past, when you were angry with me
and didn't want to talk to me,
you would run away
by giving me the cold shoulder like this.
I didn't run away.
I merely couldn't find the way out,
so I had to find a better way.
But now, you are ill.
You're running away from the treatment
and toward death instead.
How is this a better way?
It's better to not get treated.
Don't you know it would be terrible?
So you're running headfirst into death
and leaving everyone behind
just like that?
I would have fought it to show my kid
that I genuinely tried for her,
that I tried to be with her.
Don't force your thinking
on me.
We aren't the same.
I wanna watch my kid sing on stage, Khwan.
I don't wanna die yet.
I don't really know
if there is much hope,
but you need to get treated,
so that we
will get to see our daughters
together on the stage.
Ek, where have you been?
I went to collect lotus stems.
You should have told me.
I wanted to join you.
Actually, collecting lotus stems
was only an excuse.
I wanted to play in the water to relax.
You can relax now, Ek.
I've convinced Kaeo to get treatment.
Are you serious?
Though she said
she wants to see Saikaeo sing
in the festival first.
You can make an appointment
with a doctor in advance.
That's great.
I'll go see Kaeo.
Where are we going, Saikaeo?
Come on, come see this room.
My mom keeps many pretty things in here.
It's so pretty!
-This one is pretty too.
-I'll take this.
Wow, a hair clip!
This pair is for you, Khaokhwan.
Try them on. See if they fit.
Try them on.
So cute.
Khwan said Kaeo's going
to get the treatment.
That's right.
Kaeo asked for more time though.
She said she wants to see
the kids on the stage first.
After that,
we will see.
-Don't run. What if you slip?
Hey, be careful. Watch your step now.
Saikaeo gave me these shoes.
Don't they look cute?
They look very cute.
Are you going to practice singing
with me today?
Of course. But we would like
to sing a duet instead.
Khao, let's put the shoes away
and go to the kitchen.
Let's practice later.
Mm, okay.
Then, we'll go help grandmother
make khanom tarn.
Okay, girls.
-Let's go.
I hope they'll love each other forever.
Me too.
They're siblings.
There's no other choice.
When you're family,
that's what you always will be
just like their mothers.
Goodness, Kaeo!
Are you hurt?
I thought I placed it in the right place.
It's all right. I'll clean this up.
Kaeo, take a seat. I'll take care of it.
Sit here.
Anyway, where are the children?
They had practice earlier.
Now, they're watching how their grandma
makes khanom tarn in the kitchen.
Do you want to see them?
Can you stand?
Here they are.
They smell wonderful.
Can we eat them now?
Of course, you can.
Here, I tried my best just for you.
Eat up, girls.
They smell so good.
Palms are black but the sweets
made from palms are yellow. Why is that?
That's because the insides are yellow.
they're inedible in this state.
We need to get rid of these strands first.
If we use the palms before doing that,
oh, boy, will the sweets taste bitter!
Mom said it's like having friends.
If they're bad friends,
you should cast them aside.
I see.
But we are good friends
and good cousins,
so we can stick together, right?
Come on, help me bring them outside.
When I was a child,
Aunt Phanna would make sweets
and teach me at the same time.
As for me, Mom always gave me
singing lessons indoors.
I didn't escape the lessons either.
Country music is in our blood.
We couldn't avoid singing.
Come on, let's have some khanom tarn.
The smell is calling us.
It's here, everyone,
the long-awaited Suphan Buri Festival.
Let's enjoy the music and performances
and witness the youth singing contest.
See you tomorrow.
The event starts at 3:00 p.m.
Dress comfortably and properly.
The event is sponsored by our very own
Subdistrict Administrative Organization.
This dress looks wonderful, dear.
maybe you should find some accessories.
I have this. I want to use this.
This is
This is Aunt Kaeo's.
Saikaeo doesn't like it, but I do,
so I'm gonna use it.
What do you think? Do you like it?
It's really beautiful.
Are you sick, Mom?
My lipstick is probably too faded.
I'll reapply it right now.
You're the most beautiful mom
in the whole world!
Kiss me?
Mom, let me put it back for you.
All right.
Saikaeo, go find your father first.
I'll be down in a moment.
Slow down. I'm dizzy.
Wow, we're the same age.
Why are you clinging on to me now?
I feel dizzy every time you drive.
You like to swerve to the left
then to the right.
You also brake and speed up on a whim.
Luckily, I brought this with me.
How is it?
Sour. Refreshing.
It really cures my nausea.
"Pensri Candy"?
What are you standing there for?
Ouch, my bad knee.
I miss you guys.
How've you been?
-Hey, your nieces ask about you a lot.
They wondered
if their teachers would come.
My students and nieces
are participating in the singing contest.
How could we not come?
I could hear you guys
even from the backyard.
-Oh, please come here.
-Hey, that's Phanna.
Hello, Ud and Id.
Hello, Phanna. You're as radiant as ever.
Grandfather Id! Grandfather Ud!
Oh, wow.
My nieces really are good kids.
Khaokhwan, Grandfather Id's student,
is ready!
Saikaeo is ready too, because
we're gonna sing a duet!
If we lose, we lose together.
If we win, we win together.
Because we are cousins, so we don't want
to compete with each other.
That's great, you two.
-Where's Kaeota?
-I can't see you clearly.
-I'll be back.
-Come closer.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Let's go see our child sing.
You want to see our child sing on stage?
Mr. Nop already took
the children and Aunt Phanna.
We will go together, all right?
Please go to the hospital.
No, not yet.
Kaeo, they'll be able to cure you.
Please go to the hospital.
Let Kaeo go see her daughter.
All right then.
Come on.
Let's go.
Be careful.
Welcome, everyone,
from all over Suphan
and from nearby districts
and other provinces.
to the joyful Suphan Buri Festival.
Let's distribute our incomes
by spending money at the festival.
Think of it as joining a temple fair.
Let's support each other without a care.
Every activity is enjoyable.
Every dish is delicious.
After you're full,
don't forget to enjoy the music.
Being friends with the mayor has
its perks. We have the best seats.
Where are our little singers?
Ah, Saoek took them to get registered.
Um, they also
have Ud and Id as their caretakers,
so we can relax.
Kaeo, are you okay?
I'm fine.
These dancers remind me
of Lila and Luli, Khwan.
I agree.
When will it start?
I'm dying to see my granddaughters
on the stage.
-Thank you.
All right.
You can go on stage
according to your number.
We will be judging the contestants
based on the quality of the performances
and their charm.
Khao, where are your shoes?
I'm gonna get my shoes.
If I don't come back in time,
go ahead and get on stage.
Don't wait for me.
Hey, Id.
Where is Khaokhwan running off to?
Come on, go after her.
Khaokhwan, where are you going?
Welcome, everyone,
to the Suphan Buri Festival.
And now, it's time
for the youth singing contest,
with a trophy
awarded by Subdistrict
Administrative Organization.
There are five contestants.
If you're ready,
please give a round of applause
for Karavek!
Ek, dear.
Our daughter,
what number is she?
Ah, she's number five.
Our daughter too.
Mm, yes.
This girl sounds great.
Yes, she does.
-Look at her dress.
-Sweet voice.
Where did I misplace my shoes?
Can you remember where you put them?
When I prayed in the temple!
Khao, wait!
She is really cute.
And that concludes the second performance.
Let's give her a round of applause.
For the next contestant,
since contestant number three
has just withdrawn
-let's watch contestant number four.
If you're ready,
may I introduce you
to Dala from Ban Huai Ma Loi!
Ek, dear.
Does this mean our child is next?
That's right.
How do you feel, Kaeo?
I'm fine.
Mr. Nop.
Right now,
Khaokhwan is searching
for her favorite pair of shoes.
She said if she can't find them,
she won't sing on stage.
I'm going to look for our daughter.
What's the matter?
Well, it's my Khaokhwan.
She lost her shoes.
Now, she's searching for them
just before going on stage.
I feel like I'm going to faint.
Do you realize?
Who does she resemble?
Will she find her shoes?
Well, if she doesn't find them,
Saikaeo will have to sing alone.
Slow down. Be careful!
I braked already,
why don't you believe me?
Be careful.
I put them down here before I went inside.
My bag.
Excuse me, uncle.
Have you seen a brown bag around here?
There were shoes inside it.
The shoes were scary.
I threw them into a canal.
A canal?
Keep it together.
You can wear sandals instead.
No, I'm only going to wear
that pair of shoes!
Where are you going, dear?
I said the shoes were scary.
I threw them away.
I threw them away.
I think Khaokhwan can't find the shoes.
Hey, Saikaeo, I think
you should get ready now.
The previous contestant
is almost done singing.
If Khaokhwan isn't back,
I won't go up and sing.
We've now listened to three young singers.
We're now going to meet
contestant number five.
Is this their turn?
-They are number five, right?
-Yes, they are.
A moment, please. Are you ready?
Mr. Nop also disappeared.
They haven't found them then.
-Found what?
-The shoes.
-Where did she lose them?
-Yeah, where?
Khao, did you find the shoes?
It's okay. The audience
doesn't care about the shoes.
But I care.
You gave them to me, and I lost them.
And when I go on stage,
my feet won't look good,
so I'll lose my confidence.
Let's count down together.
Five, four,
three, two, one.
Saikaeo, Khaokhwan.
-Contestants number five,
Saikaeo and Khaokhwan.
My granddaughters!
Our daughter, Kaeo.
The more
I look at the sky, the sadder I get
The countryside seems miserable
My nieces.
When I'm alone
I dream of finding my beloved
Oh, my poor wretched heart
Happy living in my dreams
Hammering away at my work
No sympathetic ears of a life partner
Look at their shoes.
Been dreaming for years and years
Of true love to keep my heart company
I'll love you faithfully
I'll dedicate my life to you
My heart knows only true love
A magpie croons as my heart yearns
My country home feels
Desolate and despairing
If I have my dream beloved
I will be so happy
The countryside is heaven for common folk
These golden fields see us snuggling
No other happiness can compare
My sister, Kaeota, is
the most beautiful girl in the world.
She also sings the most beautifully
in the universe.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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