Stage of Number One (2024) s01e23 Episode Script

Episode 23

I don't want to sing with her.
Why are we recording at the same time?
It's a duet.
For Mom, I will try every way I can.
Do you want to be a singer
or just someone in the news?
I should be famous
before the new wave comes.
This decade's Stage of Number One award
goes to
Bell Malee!
How are you feeling, Kaeo? Better?
Last night,
my head hurt like it was gonna break, Ek.
No wonder
you passed out in the bathroom.
Luckily someone found you.
I was worried,
so I brought you to the hospital.
-Excuse me, I'm here to examine you.
-She's here.
Are you having a bad headache right now?
Right now, no.
Watch my finger, please.
It doesn't look like eye muscle related.
What about vomiting?
With this symptom, I think
you should get an MRI
for a thorough examination.
Yes, Mr. Nop?
I've taken Kaeo to get
a physical examination at a hospital.
Is she all right?
She had a headache.
Since last night.
She's being looked at right now.
Please let me know how it goes
because Khwan is worried.
I will. I'll let you know soon.
Is something wrong?
Kaeota wasn't feeling well,
so Saoek took her to a doctor.
No wonder she left early.
But I suspect she's sick emotionally.
What about you?
Are you emotionally okay now?
I'm I'm okay now.
Our song didn't win
but at least I put up a fight.
Nothing's bothering me now.
Is your throat still sore?
You can make music again
when your voice returns.
Mr. Nop,
if I were to tell you
I don't want to make music anymore,
that I want to stop here,
would you be okay with that?
right now,
I'll let you do whatever you want.
You can marry me
and help me run Siang Thong
or train new artists
or be a housekeeper
-Mr. Nop,
you're thinking too far ahead.
I'm just suggesting taking a break.
Okay, then.
I'll go back to the first topic.
Will you marry me?
You have a brain tumor.
The good news is it hasn't gotten too big,
and it's in an area
that is not too dangerous.
But to be on the safe side,
you should have it removed.
It's okay.
The doctor said it wasn't that bad.
It can be removed.
What if it's inoperable?
I'd have to get that radiation thingy.
What if
What if I die?
I won't let you die.
I'll do everything
for us to be together as long as we can.
Kaeo, did you know
it'd been my intention
It'd always been my intention
to ask you to marry me
after the Stage of Number One event.
It has long been my intention,
but I never got a chance.
please marry me.
Hello, Saoek, I know it's late.
Yes, Mr. Nop?
Are you free tomorrow afternoon?
I just wanted
to discuss our artist development plans.
You got it.
Mr. Nop?
Is Khwanchai with you?
I'm outside the house. She's inside.
Do you need something?
I'm gonna marry Kaeo.
That's very good news, but
why do you sound unhappy?
Kaeo's sick.
Is it something serious?
she has a brain tumor.
I wanted to ease her mind
and tell her that
the treatment would work.
So we both agreed to get married.
After that, she'd have the surgery,
and we'll move back to Suphan Buri.
Move back to Suphan Buri?
Don't you worry.
I can still work for Siang Thong.
Don't worry about that. It can wait.
We'll figure it out after Kaeo's cured.
But the most important thing now
is your wedding.
You said as soon as possible.
When will that be?
Mr. Nop?
Are you talking business?
Oh, I was talking to Saoek.
He and Kaeota are getting married.
There's gonna be a small ceremony
at her house in Suphan Buri this Sunday.
Why do they have to rush?
Is something wrong?
I don't know either. He
just invited us and said there would be
only close friends and family.
Let's go together.
If you wanna go, you have to go alone.
Pay attention to receive this blessing.
One of a respectful nature
Who constantly honors the worthy
May your four qualities increase
Long life, beauty, happiness
And strength
Very good.
Look at that.
-Kiss her! Yeah!
-Oh, my.
May your marriage overcome obstacles
and find prosperity.
Congratulations, Saoek.
May you love each other forever.
Khwan wanted to be here,
but she had a doctor's appointment,
so she sent me.
-Doctor, Hello.
Please have a seat.
Phanna loves you so much.
Look at it.
Today is the happiest day of my life, Ek.
Mr. Nop, Id, Uddie,
they all attended our wedding.
I made the right choice, right?
By moving here?
Of course, you did, Kaeo.
I was sick of Bangkok as well.
We won't be apart again, Kaeo.
But you
have to go back to work
in Bangkok eventually.
My work
doesn't require me to be
in the office all the time.
I'm a songwriter.
I can write songs anywhere.
Your head hurts?
Let's sit down.
How are you?
Ek, bring me my medicine.
Sure, just a sec.
Here. Here you go.
You should rest.
Come on.
Sit down.
Come on, Kaeo.
Lie down.
Hang in there.
Oh, you two.
Where are you going?
Kaeo has a headache.
I'm gonna take her to a doctor.
Is it so serious that
she has to see a doctor? Huh?
I have a brain tumor, Auntie.
But it's not cancerous, right? Huh?
The doctor said it wasn't
and that it can be removed.
The surgery is actually this week.
Does Khwan know you're sick?
It's okay, Auntie. Don't tell her.
I'm begging you.
If she's gonna hate me until I die,
let her do what she wants.
After the release of Bell's album,
Siang Thong doesn't have any new artists?
My team and I discussed
what we should do
with the training department.
Our conclusion was that
we needed the head trainer.
The head trainer?
the most suitable one to be the head
of the training department is you.
And I believe if I nominate you,
no one will protest. You can do it.
I will be the head trainer
who produces diamonds for Siang Thong.
You can set my salary.
I'll give you everything.
After the surgery, she'll need radiation
to eliminate the remaining tumor cells.
She'll need to persevere.
If her body gets stronger,
she'll recover quickly.
How is she now?
How about this?
Don't come into the office
until she's better.
Don't worry about work.
Take care of Kaeota.
Didn't you say she was very weak?
I think you're her best emotional support.
Okay. Yes.
Oh, Khwan.
I'm leaving. Wanna ride with me?
Go ahead. I'd like
to take care of a few things.
You sure?
If life has taught me anything,
it's that time waits for no one.
If something's bothering you,
you need to sort it out.
You never know
if you'll get the chance again.
Does it hurt?
You're awake, Kaeo.
How are you feeling?
I think I had a dream.
I dreamt that
Khwan was standing here
she asked me if it hurt.
It was just a dream.
It wasn't a dream.
I saw Khwan in front of your ward.
She really was here.
That's a good thing for both of them.
So you know Kaeota's sick.
It wasn't that hard
to piece things together.
how was it seeing her?
It wasn't anything.
I was just making sure she wasn't dead.
We removed the whole tumor.
No cancer cells were found.
Yes. Thank you.
All I can do is keep waiting
Sometimes, I can't help but cry
The one I'm waiting for
Does he really exist?
I don't belong to anyone
Nobody owns my heart
I'm feeling sorry
What did I do wrong?
I want someone by my side
When my heart gets cold with loneliness
Embrace me
Hold my hands and warm my heart
Make me feel worthy
Actually, this song
was originally a ballad,
but I didn't record it,
so you haven't heard me sing it.
But I think this song
should be fast like this.
It works. It wouldn't work as a ballad.
All I can do is keep waiting
Sometimes, I can't help but cry
The one I'm waiting for
Does he really exist?
Huh? What's with him?
you look sleepy, gloomy, and tired.
That's right. I transcribed music
all night long.
I haven't gotten any sleep yet.
Haven't slept? Here.
Chew some candy.
It's satisfyingly sour.
You'll be wide awake.
How is it?
It's nice and sour. I feel better.
I'm wide awake now.
Such bright eyes.
-Give it here.
-Give me three of those.
Wait for me.
My name's Khaokhwan.
I'm here to take singing lessons.
-Ud and Id,
You know my mom?
These two uncles
were once vocal coaches and music teachers
in my country band.
It's been a while.
Hey, you.
Your body is with me
-But your heart
-is that the voice of a student here?
-Never belongs to me
That's right. She's practicing singing.
That is your song, Mom.
-Yes, baby.
-Can I make just one request?
But this singer has a great voice.
Can I take a look?
-Of course.
-Come on.
-Wanna see?
-Come on.
-Come on. Come.
I don't want to hear you say "us"
With her hidden in that word
Who does this hug
Actually belong to?
Although it's warm
It's not real love anyway
-This kid
-Can you love me and only me?
Yes. Kaeota's daughter.
How was it? Does she like it here?
She's playing with a friend.
Oh, she makes friends so fast.
Kaeota's daughter.
Kaeota's daughter?
Saoek's daughter is training here too?
Oh, Mr. Nop.
Mom's here!
So this is your daughter.
Saoek said her name was Saikaeo,
but he never introduced us.
Is she training here too?
say hello to Uncle Nop.
He was
my former boss.
What former boss?
Hey, I'm your uncle-in-law.
Do you know what an uncle-in-law is?
An uncle-in-law is an aunt's husband,
right, Mom?
Who's my aunt?
Khao's mom is your aunt.
Khaokhwan's mom is my aunt?
Saikaeo's mom is also my aunt?
We're cousins! That's awesome!
Are you feeling all right, Kaeo?
I'm all right.
This air is better here,
and so is my health.
I'm happy for you.
Mr. Nop,
let's go. I have an errand to run.
Okay, let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
When will we see
each other again, Saikaeo?
Next Sunday, do you wanna hang out
at my house in Suphan Buri?
Can I go?
How about this?
Let's go home first, and we'll
make a plan, okay?
Let's go.
Let's go.
Message me on LINE, Khao!
-Watch your step.
You train at the same school
with Khaokhwan?
How was she? Tell me all about it.
She was so cute,
and she sings really well.
I asked her to come visit us, Grandma.
Did she say she'd visit me?
Of course.
That's great, baby.
-Are you tired today?
-Not very
Didn't we agree you'd take
a shower when we got back?
Go take a shower.
I'll take a shower.
-I'll come to you later.
It's been years.
I haven't seen any signs
of you and Khwan
reconciling with each other.
Being estranged like this
is not good.
It's good we're estranged, Auntie.
Being estranged when you're alive
gives you a chance to reunite.
But being estranged when you're dead
will rob you of the chance
to love each other
and hold each other again.
She was very active today.
She made a friend who's her cousin,
and they liked each other.
It exhausted her.
Saikaeo was actually lovely.
But Khaokhwan is lovelier.
Every parent thinks their kids are better.
Since our kid's so lovely,
wanna have another one?
Mr. Nop.
I'm being serious.
You know being an only child is lonely?
But you wouldn't get it.
You have a sister.
There's nothing good about it.
Siblings compete with each other.
That's true.
Why don't they love each other?
Or do you want
to wait until after death to reconcile
like me and my dad?
You've taken great care
of yourself, Ms. Kaeota.
Your previous result was good.
Let's take another scan today.
Is the room prepared?
Yes, Doctor. Please.
-This way, please.
Come on.
How's school?
You must have made a lot of friends.
Are they mostly boys or girls?
-Thank you very much
-for watching her.
it's fine. It's my pleasure.
What's up?
Mom's not done with her examination?
Not yet.
We have to wait
for the result from the doctor.
Let me see that.
Hello, Uncle Ek.
Saikaeo. You're here.
-Mr. Saoek, Hello.
How did you get here? Who are you with?
I came with my mom.
She went to visit someone
and had me wait for her here with Ting.
I'm gonna get some snacks.
Uncle Id said to practice
singing this song.
Did you start, Saikaeo?
You remember the lyrics?
This song?
I wore a black shirt.
-Very good.
Mom's here!
-Ek, hello.
What's wrong with Kaeota?
I saw her upstairs.
It's nothing. Just a routine check.
So shall we go? Dad's waiting.
I'm gonna go.
When will we see
each other again, Saikaeo?
We can call each other.
-Goodbye, Uncle Ek.
I'm going, Saikaeo. Kiss, kiss.
Here's a hot cappuccino, Mr. Saoek.
-Here are some snacks.
-Thank you.
-You can go straight home, Ting.
-Goodbye, Mr. Saoek.
I'm gonna go.
-Come on.
Why didn't you tell me you were done?
It's nothing. Everything is all right.
Come on, let's go home.
Let's go.
Come on, baby.
Kaeota, Saoek!
-Oh, Khun.
President Khun.
Hey. I'm here to see the abbot
to discuss the Suphan Buri Festival.
It was held at Lan Khon Meaung last year,
but I think we'll do it
at the temple this year,
so the temple benefits
financially from it.
That's great.
We'll get to make big merits.
You wanna sing on stage?
I prepared a contest for kids.
Garlands are ready too.
Don't forget, on the next full moon.
Don't miss it. I'm gonna go.
Do you wanna be a stage mom?
What about you?
Wanna be in a singing contest?
I do.
Can I invite Khaokhwan?
Of course, you can.
Invite her? Aren't you worried she'll win?
I'm not. We're family.
Whoever wins is fine.
-Smart girl.
Can I borrow your phone to call Khaokhwan?
Here you go.
Thank you.
Kids these days.
Let's go.
Saikaeo said that
the Suphan Buri Festival
would be held in her town,
and there'd be a singing contest.
You wanna see it?
I'm gonna compete.
There'll be a contest for kids.
Let me compete. Please, Mom. Please, Dad.
You're gonna compete with Saikaeo?
Aren't you worried she'll win?
I'm not. We're family.
Whoever wins is fine.
I don't wanna compete with her.
I just wanna sing with her.
When is the festival?
Saikaeo said
it's in about two weeks.
But I don't want you to compete.
It's back. Even though it's tiny,
we'll have to wait and see
how fast it grows.
Mom won't let me compete.
How am I gonna tell Saikaeo?
-Khaokhwan, my mom's sick.
She's in a hospital.
When will you come hang out at my house?
Come see Grandma Phanna
and let's practice singing together.
I have to tell Mom and Dad first.
If they allow it, then I can go.
Then ask them quickly.
I'll wait. Everyone here will wait.
It's growing quickly.
It's pushing into other parts
of the brain.
If that's the case,
can we have it removed?
It will require surgery,
radiation therapy,
and chemotherapy to fight it.
Be honest with me.
If I don't get the treatment,
how long will I have?
In your case, you'll have
three to nine months.
I have decided
to not pursue the treatment.
I want to live my life with you
and our kid at home.
Hey, Kaeo,
don't give up so easily.
You're a badass. You never give up.
I'm not giving up.
But it has been my intention
to die
in the clothes I choose
and at the place I choose.
Promise me.
Don't let our daughter know.
It's okay.
I wanna watch my kid sing on stage, Khwan.
I don't wanna die yet.
I'm gonna get my shoes.
If I don't come back in time,
go ahead and get on stage.
Don't wait for me.
When you're family,
that's what you always will be.
Subtitle translation by: Chonnikarn Ounob
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