Stan Lee's Lucky Man (2016) s03e01 Episode Script

Facing Your Demons

1 Harry! One day, your luck is gonna run out.
I'm not lucky.
How did you get that bracelet? Same as you, I imagine.
Though, you don't seem to be having half as much fun as I have.
(SHE GASPS) We're invincible.
(HE GRUNTS) Holy shit! HARRY: How well do I really know you? ISABELLA: Do I kill people? (YELLING) HARRY: I've seen what she's capable of.
Isabella is gonna come for you.
I know it.
Dad, I don't wanna go.
If I kill her, I prove her right, - I lose.
- If you don't, we all lose.
You were a good person, and then, the bracelet got hold of you.
It's the inevitable corrosive power of the bracelet.
(FOOTSTEPS) I told you not to run.
Suri, listen to me.
You know I didn't do this.
You know it.
Harry Clayton - Don't.
- Harry Clayton, I'm arresting you for murder.
Fortune is a fickle friend Here today, and then gone again A good time girl who wanted hers is nowhere to be found Ha, ha, ha, ha, she's laughing in your face When you think that you've got it made Patient with your life now, careful with your pride Hold tight This could be a wild ride It could be a late night Who is gonna end up as the underdog? And who's going to be the lucky one? (TYRES SCREECHING) Harry, someone's here.
(STAMMERS) Eve, who's there? - (GROANS) - (THUDS) - (THUD) - (GUNSHOT) (GROAN) - (BREAKING GLASS) - Harry.
HARRY CLAYTON: OK, Eve, stay calm.
(SCREECHING TYRES) - EVE: Harry, where are you? - (THUD) Nearly there.
(CAR ENGINE) - (THUD) - Please come.
Come on.
Stay with me, Eve.
(GROANS) EVE: Get off.
I can't do this anymore.
What happened? He's from Hong Kong.
He knows all about the bracelets.
I called him when Isabella died.
He said he had a warning for us.
What happened to him, Eve? There was another man, big, strong.
And he, (SOBBING) he made me (SIRENS) Shit, I can't stay here.
I've got to go.
Eve, look.
Where? The police, they'll want to ask q (CAR DOOR CLOSING) (MUSIC PLAYING) (FOOTSTEPS) I didn't know you were on call? I'm not.
I'm just exceptionally keen.
- What's happening? - Emergency call, reported sounds of a break in, and then, shots fired.
It wasn't for that.
They've brought out half the force.
Actually that was me, DA Clayton.
Wouldn't you start tomorrow, DSI Grey? Technically, it is today.
Anyway, I was curious about this ticket.
Now, a birdie tells me that you've got a friend who lives here, Eva Alexandri.
More of an associate than a friend.
And you've got no idea what she's been up to to bring us all out at this hour? I'm sure I'm as eager to find out as you are, ma'am.
Let's take a look then, shall we.
(MUSIC PLAYING) DS ORWELL: His name is Han Wai, an employee at Tin Hau Enterprises, Korea company based in Hong Kong.
He was beaten with a large metal object and his neck broken.
We found fingerprints on both temples.
Three guesses who they belong to, Clayton.
Ma'am, this doesn't feel right.
Eve Alexandri is not a killer.
The evidence suggests otherwise.
Are we certain that there was no one else with her at the scene? Forensics came up clean.
I'm curious, Clayton, why are you so keen on protecting her? She's just your informant, isn't she? You and I both know that's a gray area.
You and I both know that's a shite area.
I take it you have a problem with me, ma'am? Absolutely, I do.
Alistair Winter died and a state-of-the-art- -made facility was destroyed.
And all because of the trouble that you've brought into our house.
I have given a full report on my involvement with the Isabella Augustine case.
But I haven't given mine yet.
Six hours ago, Alexandri passed through Heathrow on a cash ticket to Hong Kong.
DI Chohan, I need you to find her.
Bring her in.
DI, ma'am? I think it's about time you stepped up, don't you? Yes.
I mean yes, ma'am, thank you.
Ma'am, DS DI Chohan is a good police officer.
But there's only one person in this room who's capable of getting close to Eve Alexandri.
- That person is me.
- No, I can do it, ma'am.
I can.
DS Orwell, what do you think? I think I'd rather not get in the ring with either of them, ma'am.
You can be the referee then.
That will be all.
Hong Kong, work.
Oh, why not New York? New York's good.
Anna and Daisy, joyful reconciliations, Kodak moments.
Eve's been framed for murder.
She's out there.
I need to find her.
OK, so I can tag along.
I can wine and dine Suri and Victoria Harbor while you catch the real killer without smashing up the city too much.
And then, we can go to New York, happy days.
I wish it was that simple.
Yes, I should be going to New York.
Yes, I should be getting my family back.
But this this always gets in the way.
This is my life now.
This bloody thing.
So don't go.
Stand down.
Sit this one out.
I can't.
I need an end to this, Rich.
Maybe I'll find one out there.
(MUSIC PLAYING) (PLANE ENGINE) (CAR HORNS) (CHATTER) (PHONE RINGING) Detectives, I'm Detective Shaolin To, OCTB, Organized Crime and Triad Bureau.
I'm here to help you with your extradition process.
Yeah, no, that's all I've got.
I'm sure you're going to pick some more up as we go along.
Shall we? Yes, I've prepared a briefing on a suspect.
And then, perhaps we can review your extradition protocols.
We have time for that later.
Right now, your suspect is out there.
So that is where we shall go.
Does that mean that you think Han Wai's murder was connected to the triad? DETECTIVE SHAOLIN: Truthfully, we don't know.
Han Wai is not recognized as a member of any triad society operating in Hong Kong.
DS ORWELL: What about his employers, Tin Hau Enterprises? DETECTIVE SHAOLIN: Not registered, most likely a front.
SURI CHOHAN: So we don't know who he is or why he was in London.
DETECTIVE SHAOLIN: No, but he's the key.
So we go ask.
- (CLINKING) - Ask who? - (CRASH) - (THUD) SURI CHOHAN: Do you see anything in these pictures that can help us? For instance, what about this one? (MOPED) You're losing your informant, DI Chohan.
- (THUD) - SURI CHOHAN: Look, could that be a tattoo under the scar? Look closely.
This scar hides something.
A badge of honor.
What did he say? "The Light Against Darkness.
" They're also called "the Torches," a very old triad society, once very powerful.
But they have been active in maybe 30 years.
But they are not dead.
They are just asleep.
We think this woman killed Han Wai.
She came to Hong Kong two days ago.
We need to find her.
(CHUCKLE) 7 million people in Hong Kong.
I wish you luck.
Sit down.
If I tell you, they're going to kill me.
And what will they do if we tell everyone on this street you're a police informant? How would you like that, Lenny? OK.
The Torches are looking for this woman too.
They give out this.
When we see this woman to call that number.
SURI CHOHAN: Thank you for your cooperation, Mr.
DS ORWELL: I think we'll call that "round one to Suri.
No answer.
I was supposed to call yesterday, but was too busy.
Well, it's early in New York.
She might not be up yet.
So Oh, I know that "so.
" You're my partner, Harry.
I got this far because of you.
I don't want to fight.
I want us to work together.
OK, well, then, admit that there's something about all of this that just feels wrong.
Eve couldn't have killed that man on her own.
There had to be someone else with her.
Someone Forensics couldn't detect? HARRY: Ahh.
Why are you doing this, Harry? It's not because of my promotion, is it? No, of course not.
This has nothing to do with that.
SURI CHOHAN: See, it all comes back to this because I've seen that somewhere before, haven't I? You mean this old thing.
Did I not tell you the truth? Freya left this for me.
No, don't do that.
No more stories.
OK, so now it sounds like your questioning me.
Is that why you were promoted, Suri, to investigate me? SURI CHOHAN: I was promoted because you taught me to be a good cop.
(STAMMERS) What about us being friends? (SIGH) Harry, I desperately want that, but something always gets in the way, Eve Alexandri, the bracelet.
So if there's anything you want to tell me now is the time.
OK, no, you're right.
It's time.
So here goes.
This bracelet, Eve gave it to me and I can't take it off.
It's one of a pair.
They both have a power that brings their wearers luck, extraordinarily so, but it comes at a cost.
In this case, it was my family.
So there's some kind of war brewing over your magical happy bracelets? - I think so, possibly yes.
- (PHONE RINGING) Great story, Harry.
Well, yeah, it should be because it's (FOOTSTEPS) (SIGH) it's true.
For the record, I liked it.
I know, right? See ya.
There's been a development in the Isabella Augustine case.
MI6 have managed to recover footage from the rooftop cameras hit by the MIS bomb blast.
Chohan, we can place Clayton with Augustine moments before she died.
Yes, ma'am.
There's something else.
Forensics did a second sweep of Alexandri's squad.
They found evidence that suggests Clayton was there with her at the time of Han Wai's murder.
Look, ma'am, I know Harry's complicated, but I'm pretty certain he's not a killer.
I don't need "pretty certain" from you, DI Chohan.
I need to know that I can trust you to do the right thing when the time comes.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Good.
Until then, you do not let Clayton out of your sight.
SURI CHOHAN: Understood, ma'am.
(PHONE RINGING) Eve, I'm in Hong Kong.
MIS is thinking you murdered Han Wai.
Why are you here? We need to talk.
Harry, you can't be here.
It's too dangerous.
Get on a plane.
SURI CHOHAN: So, what happened to you last night, Harry? HARRY CLAYTON: Oh, you know this and that.
DETECTIVE SHAOLIN: We've got something.
(CHATTER) 30 minutes ago, a call came in on the phone number Lenny Kwan gave us.
He says the woman in the picture has been seen every day at the Tigerman Tea House in Wan Chai.
She's asking questions about Tin Hau Enterprises.
So the Torches know where Eve is.
- She says thank you.
We'll find her there.
(MUSIC PLAYING) We expecting trouble? DETECTIVE SHAOLIN: The Tea House is here at the end of the boardwalk.
SURI CHOHAN: OK, Detective To, you come with me inside.
Steve, Harry, you take the boardwalk.
Even Grey knows it.
I'm the only one that can get close to Alexandri.
If she sees you, she's going to bolt.
You're not going to make me regret this.
It's me.
That's exactly what I'm worried about, Harry.
Are you going to introduce yourself before I arrest you, big man? Oh, I don't know.
Why spoil all the fun? (THUD) (GONG) (GUNSHOTS) (GLASS BREAKING) - (THUD) - (GRUNT) (GUNSHOTS) Here.
(MOPED) (GUNSHOTS) Someone tried to take this from me before.
It ended badly.
(CRASH) (GRUNTING) (SIZZLE) Fun, fun, fun.
(GRUNT) DETECTIVE SHAOLIN: His name is Samuel Blake, dual nationality passport, English, Chinese.
He comes and goes.
But when he is here, he brings trouble.
What kind of trouble? We think he has connections with the Wu Chi triads, otherwise known as the Snake Hands.
But he moves way too quickly and too quietly to be pinned down.
He wasn't moving too quietly at the tea house.
Excuse me for a moment.
(CHATTER) I spoke to DSI Grey last night.
She said that Forensics could only place one other person at Han Wai's murder.
That was you.
Oh, what, so you think that I'm Eve's accomplice now, huh? I'm not sure I know who you are anymore.
Why is DSI Grey only talking to you? - Because she trusts me.
- Oh, my arse.
She's using you to get at me, Suri.
Oh, look, speak of the devil.
Go on.
(PHONE RINGING) DSI GREY: DI Chohan, are you alone? Yes, ma'am.
What about you, Steve, eh? You think I'm a suspect? Well, I think Suri is handling a very difficult situation as best she can.
You didn't answer the question.
I think you're a good cop, Harry.
It doesn't mean you haven't lost your way.
Jesus, that big bastard at the tea house cracked me good and proper.
I'll be back in a minute.
(FOOTSTEPS) (PHONE RINGING) Hi, Rich, it's not a very good time.
You're telling me.
The police are here.
They're searching the flat.
HARRY CLAYTON: Well, calm down.
Calm down.
You've got nothing to hide.
That's the thing.
For once, they're not interested in me.
- Hey.
- They're asking about you.
- Hey.
- They're saying you murdered Isabella.
(THUD) Rich? Shit.
- Good.
Then you'll understand that I need you to arrest Harry Clayton.
I understand.
His cut was bleeding.
Harry shot Isabella Augustine.
He killed her.
What are you talking about? Detective Chohan, I've been instructed to detain your colleague.
I need to get through.
(PHONE RINGING) It suddenly seems like I'm very much in demand today.
SURI CHOHAN: Harry, can you explain to me why I've just been told to arrest you.
I didn't kill Isabella Augustine.
Yes, you did, Harry.
I've got a video of you shooting her in cold blood.
Where? S Suri, I didn't.
Are you listening to me? Isabella killed herself.
Someone must have altered the footage.
No, Harry.
Someone is coming for me.
You need to let me find them first, Suri.
You have to let me go.
- Don't do this.
- HARRY CLAYTON: Do what? Make me choose between you and my job because you know which way I'll go.
Then you catch me if you can.
(SIGH) All right, boss, call it.
What are we doing? OK, we need a list of every business interest the Torches had on this side of the bay.
We are not letting him go, not like this.
So, Eve, let's start with the headlines.
I don't want to be a Torch anymore.
All I've caused is anger and suffering.
After Isabella died, I asked the Light Against Darkness for help.
When I asked them to take her bracelet back, they sent Han Wai to London to retrieve it.
You know the rest.
I came here to find them.
So Han Wai's killer, the lad, nasty bollocks - at the tea house.
- Same man.
(THUD) I don't know who he is.
HARRY CLAYTON: Samuel Blake.
He framed you for Han Wai's murder.
Now he's done the same to me.
But why? Why doesn't he just kill us? You maybe, yeah.
But he didn't.
I'm protected.
He knows it.
We just need to find the Torches before he finds us.
No, intel said the Torches were coming for you at the tea house.
Then they must have known you were compromised.
They were there.
HARRY CLAYTON: Hung Hom underpass.
EVE: Look, we're here now.
Is this it? - (DOORS OPENING) - Driver? (SCREAMING AND GRUNTING) (BOAT MOTOR) HARRY CLAYTON: Was that really necessary? (MUSIC PLAYING) (BUZZING) - (BEEPING) - Fillings.
(SLOT MACHINE) (COINS CLINKING) (SIGH) Damn machine's rigged.
There you are.
Eve Alexandri, last of the Torches.
Madam Chung, Dragonhead of the Society of Torches.
No bowing.
You've had a difficult few days.
And you, Harry Clayton, how is that working out for you? (COIN CLINKING) (SLOT MACHINE) (COINS CLINKING) The bracelets have worn you thin.
That is often the way with those that carry them through dark times.
So now you wish to give them back, don't you? I didn't choose this life.
HARRY CLAYTON: And I would very much like mine back.
And yet, your business is not complete with them.
You are being hunted.
His name's Samuel Blake.
- He wants the bracelet - I know who he is.
And he does not want the bracelets.
He hunts them both because he chooses to destroy them.
Come, there is something here you should see.
(BOAT MOTOR) Are you sure about this? You know Harry, the feeling that however well you got to know him, you'd never see the whole picture.
Well, this is it.
Yeah, I know we never got the whole picture but I also know he's our friend.
Are you absolutely sure? SURI CHOHAN: Yeah, he's our friend, Steve, but I've just received footage of him killing his ex-girlfriend.
What am I supposed to believe? (BURNING) (CHIMES) MADAM CHUNG: You are in the Temple of the Fortune.
HARRY CLAYTON: These are the tools.
These made the bracelets? By the blacksmith Lanfar in 733 AD.
This is all we have left of that time.
The first bracelet was a gift for the Emperor.
But it was forged in error.
Simple mistake, an extra line of young gave it the power to control luck.
We, his daughters, saw his creation as a great gift that gave mankind a way to steer its destiny.
So we became the Light Against the Darkness.
But we have always had our enemies.
Some desired the bracelets for themselves.
Others, the worst of them, saw our gift as a blight on humanity, the corruption of the fates.
- (GUNSHOT) - (GROAN) - They became zealots - (SPLASH) men who would do anything to extinguish our light.
- And like Blake - (THUDS) - if he is the man - (GUNSHOTS) I fear him to be, then, he will know that before he can destroy the bracelets, then, first you have to destroy you.
He can try.
Very well.
I will take the bracelets from you.
- (RELIEVED SIGH) - Thank you.
First, I must chop off your heads.
Is there any other way? - (SLICE) - (GROAN) EVE: Fuck.
It's a GPS tracer.
What happened to you in the tea house? (THUD) Blake, when he knocked me out.
MADAM CHUNG: And now, you have led him straight to us.
MADAM CHUNG: I don't run.
(GUNSHOTS) Too slow.
Little girl, do not twist the ear of the dog that bites.
SAMUEL BLAKE: Detective Clayton.
I think it's time we had another word, don't you? Two years ago, I was a pretty good cop with a nasty gambling problem, which means that I was probably the worst candidate on earth to be given a lucky bracelet.
Flash forward to this afternoon, I've been framed for Isabella's murder.
Oh, excellent work, by the way, I'm assuming that was you.
Thank you.
I am rather proud of it.
I've lost my wife, my daughter, my job, my friends, my whole life to this stupid bloody thing.
Lucky me.
So if you want this, you're welcome to.
But first you'll have to strip it off my rotting Belfast carcass.
I thought you'd never ask.
Oh, come on.
You and I both know it's not going to be that easy.
That's why we're going to have to do things the hard way.
- (SLICE) - (SCREAMS) (GUNSHOT) (BREAKING CLASS) The taxi Clayton escaped in was found dumped in Kowloon Park.
Here's a list of Torch interests on that side of the harbor, illegal gambling dens, bars.
Most of them closed down a long time ago.
But these are unaccounted for.
(BEEPS) Any casinos? No, we don't have casino in Hong Kong, only gambling ships that go into international waters.
There's a ship right there, the Joy Luck Palace.
That's it.
I think we found him.
I've seen the horror and the pain that these bracelets can cause.
So I'm here to put you out of your misery.
Take a seat.
(GASPING) You see, what you don't know is, right here, where these braces were forged, one extra line, and all that's good in your world will turn against you.
(YELL) (ZAP) (SCREAM) (POP) Now let's see.
That's one.
Now, I just need yours.
Be lucky, Harry.
Get him.
(PANTING) EVE: Harry, get to the boat.
Let's go.
MADAM CHUNG: We need to get to Kai Tak Pier.
My men will pick us up from there.
- (GUNSHOT) - (SCREAM) HARRY CLAYTON: I wish people would stop shooting at me.
You good, Suri? Not exactly.
HARRY CLAYTON: You and me both.
Work trips are never as much fun as you'd hoped.
Don't run, Harry.
I gotta run.
HARRY CLAYTON: You OK? MADAM CHUNG: I'll be better with a beer.
Not far now, next pier.
(BOAT HORN) SURI CHOHAN: Harry! Any danger of us going any faster? No, It's a bad boat.
(BOAT HORN) SURI CHOHAN: Stop the boat, Harry.
HARRY CLAYTON: Can't do that, Suri.
- Harry, Harry, no.
- (BOAT HORN) Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Harry, no! (SCREAMING) (BOAT MOTOR) Harry! (GROANING) HARRY CLAYTON: Take care of Madam Chung.
Get her to safety.
It's me they're after.
MADAM CHUNG: This is your world now, Harry Clayton.
Blake is your shadow.
You must take the second bracelet from him before he wakes the shadow in you.
Do this and I will relieve you of your burden.
Now, go.
Go, go, go.
SURI CHOHAN: I told you not to run.
Suri, listen to me.
Harry Clayton, I'm arresting you for murder.
Just one question before I go, how'd you know I'd be here? It's just you, isn't it? You've always been attracted to the mad shiny ideas.
Jesus, you know me too well.
Yeah, I'm afraid so.
So what does that tell you about what I have to do now? - Harry, no.
- I'm sorry.
It's the last mad shiny idea I have left.
Let me take you in.
You can explain all of this.
I tried.
Try harder.
We were pretty good together, Suri, huh? We were bloody brilliant.
Ah, well.
- Harry! - (SPLASH) Harry, no! (MUSIC PLAYING) Harry! (WAVES) The currents could have taken his body out to sea by now.
I'm sorry, Detective Chohan, but there's very little chance we'll find him.
And Eve Alexandri? She could have fled inland or taken the boat somewhere.
Hong Kong is an easy place to run from.
I wish I could have done more.
No, no, you've done everything.
Thank you, Detective.
Detective Chohan, Detective Orwell.
DS ORWELL: So, back to London.
Yeah, well that's going to be DS ORWELL: Yeah.
You said we were missing something about Harry.
What is it? DS ORWELL: I don't know, ma'am.
I think he sees a world most people don't, a world that can swallow you up.
(GROANING) She wants to know if you want opium.
(SCREAMING) (PANTING) (GARBLED, INDISTINCT) (BREATHING HEAVILY) EVE: What now? Back to London, clear my name, find Blake, get our lives back, get my family back.
What if he finds us first? If he wants a war, he can have one.
(MUSIC PLAYING) RICH: How come you went to Hong Kong a cop and came back a fugitive? (GUNSHOT) Suri says they have video evidence that you killed Isabella? Looks so real.
Detective Inspector Harry Clayton on the run.
Do you know anything about triads with snake tattoos on their hands? They work for the guy that set me up.
- (GRUNTS) - (THUD) Blake won't stop till he gets your bracelet.
We still have no idea what damage he's done to yours.
Watch DI Chohan.
She's the one person Harry Clayton might try and reach.
I won't let you drag me down with you any more.
We're done this time.
It's over, Clayton.
EVE: No.
(SCREAMS) Patient with your life now, careful with your pride Hold tight, this could be a wild ride It could be a late night And who knows when it ends our lives It's the roll of that dice It's-it's a guessing game Who is gonna end up as the underdog? And who's going to be the lucky one?