Stan Lee's Lucky Man (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

Run Rabbit Run

1 Eve, you've been framed for murder.
- [NECK SNAPS] - [EVE GASPS] [CROWD SCREAMING] Someone tried to take this from me before.
It ended badly.
We can place Clayton with Augustine before she died.
Samuel Blake.
He framed you for Hon Wai's murder, and now, he's done the same to me.
He does not want the bracelets.
He hunts them both to destroy them.
One extra line, and all that's good in your world will turn against you.
Harry Clayton, I'm arresting you for murder.
[VEHICLE BEEPING] [BLOWTORCH] [HARRY GRUNTS] Oi! What do you think you're doing? Hi, I can explain.
[GUNSHOT] Go! - [GUNSHOT] - Jesus! [BULLET HITS ROD] [GROANS] [ROD CLANKING] Security's a bit tighter than I thought.
- I can't get the gun.
- Come on.
Go! Go! [BOTH GRUNTING] Come on, Harry! Put this on.
Let's go! [HARRY] Come on.
Make it [TRUCK HORN HONKS] [TYRES SCREECHING] Fortune is a fickle friend Here today, and then, gone again A good time girl, when it hurts Is nowhere to be found Ha.
Ha, she's laughing in your face When you think that you've got it made Patient with your life now, careful with your pride Hold tight, this could be a wild ride It could be a late night Who is gonna end up as the underdog and who's gonna be the lucky one? So, your man with the Snake Hand tattoo back there, he's one of Blake's.
And Blake won't stop till he gets your bracelet.
Keeps him close.
Gives me a better chance at getting the other one back.
We still have no idea what damage he's done to yours.
That mark, that line, never known it to happen before.
- He shot you, Harry.
- Yeah, but, little Miss Sunshine, I survived.
So, what have we? Charles Meek, Operations clerk.
Hawksmoor Import-Export Agency.
A fiver, brilliant.
A pass card.
See? I'm still charmed.
What has that got to do with Blake? Thanks, Eve, putting up with me, it can't have been easy.
What part? The pacing, the snoring, not to mention the Hey, what happens in the hold stays in the hold.
You gonna be okay? Uh, sure, who better than a policeman would know what not to do on the run? Stay in touch.
And ditch the bike.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
She lets you call her Suribear? She told me you'd been shot.
Come here, you sack of shit.
[GROANS] - Sorry.
- No, it's all right.
It's all right.
Three weeks in a shipping container, eating dried squid About that, about everything.
How come you went to Hong Kong a cop and came back a fugitive? Suri says they have video evidence that you killed Isabella.
Well, that's where you come in.
I need to see the footage for myself.
Oh, no, no, no I am already on very thin ice [STAMMERS] thanks to you.
I didn't kill Isabella.
She turned the gun I was holding on herself.
I need you to believe me, Rich.
Yeah, 'course I do but Rich, I want to see my daughter grow up.
This is my last chance to get my family back.
But I need to clear my name first.
I've gotta go.
Keep my new number safe.
I'll file it under "Pain in the Arse.
" No, it's too obvious.
Erm look I need to lie low for a bit.
Have you got any cash? I'm skint, you know Not for long.
Take this, it's all I've got.
[STAMMERS] I owe you.
DI Chohan.
What have we got? Security guard, estimated muzzle to target distance about 30 feet.
- Mm-hmm.
- And then, we have the suit here.
Shot in the head with a 9mm semi-automatic which was found nearby.
No wallets and no ID as yet.
Sorry, ma'am? W-We've got a tip-off from MI6 that Harry Clayton and Eve Alexandri left Hong Kong three weeks ago and in a shipping container, no less.
Has he been in touch? No.
He did dive into shark-infested waters to escape me, ma'am.
I did everything I could to bring him in.
I don't doubt that for a second.
- Why is MI6 involved? - [PHONE RINGING] Hm.
- DI Chohan.
- Suri? Can you talk? Um, I should get this.
You survived? You have to give yourself up.
If you're innocent, we can sort this out.
I'm not asking you to believe me without proof, we're past that.
Find Samuel Blake, the man who tried to kill me in Hong Kong.
Check out Hawksmoor Import-Export Agency, they may be connected.
Just be the cop I know you to be.
Come on.
Pung! Gong! Mah-jong! [GRAY] So CCTV from the docks shows three people.
Clayton and Eve, followed by this Chinese guy.
And we've been looking for Samuel Blake, the guy who attacked Harry in Hong Kong.
Um, no luck as yet.
Okay, what have we got on the two bodies at the port? Uh yeah.
So Rita Baxter, Gateway security guard, 47.
Killed with a bullet from a 19mm.
And Charles Meek, 36.
Now working as a clerk at Hawksmoor Import-Export Agency.
Um yeah, well, we can check that out.
[ORWELL] There was actually a 9mm found next to his body with one set of prints on it, his.
Mah-jong, again! [CANTONESE] [MAN] Detective Inspector Harry Clayton on the run! Oi.
How the mighty have fallen.
- How the tables have turned.
- You'll be wearing a table in a minute.
I need a shower, shave and a fake ID.
Sure, Harry, I can get you a new passport, anything you want.
Do you know anything about triads with snake tattoos on their hands? Don't fuck with them, Harry.
Snake Hands traffic heroin.
Do you know who their boss is? No.
But I know some of their dealers.
How much to take me to one of them? There isn't enough danger money in the world.
I'll find another pimp to help.
How much more have you got? [GRAY] Last sighting of them is heading across Tower Bridge.
And we've got to move fast before anyone else gets killed.
There's no actual footage of Harry shooting anyone at the docks, ma'am.
[GRAY] Still, this has Clayton's MO all over it.
Teflon Man creates carnage, and then, walks away unscathed, yet again.
Not just Harry, Eve Alexandri was there too.
She's also a murder suspect on the run.
[GRAY] Then, our priority is to bring them both in.
Where would you go? Who would you turn to? You still shagging his fit brother? What? No.
Because it's professional conflict of interest.
I think we can ditch protocol just this once.
Talk to him.
Maybe he's still carrying a torch.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
[PHONE RINGING] DS Orwell? Watch DI Chohan.
She's the one person Harry Clayton might try and reach.
They were very close, he won't hesitate to exploit that.
Not necessary, ma'am.
I've known Suri DI Chohan for many years.
Her integrity is unquestionable.
You seem as loyal to her as she is to her mentor.
What I've learned that the strength of a team lies in its loyalty to each other.
Not when that loyalty is blind.
Clayton is her weak spot.
I hope DI Chohan isn't yours.
Don't do anything stupid, Harry.
The Snake Hands are connected.
That's what I'm betting on.
They work for the guy that set me up.
I'm gonna find him.
[HARRY] I was looking to buy.
I don't do walk-ins.
[HARRY] I'll make it worth your while.
My mate said your gear was good.
Pure as snow.
You want to try before you buy? Well, it's a bit early for me.
Think I can't smell a cop a mile off, hmm? [SNIFFS] You're way too clean.
Now, get the fuck out of here.
Okay, I'm I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[GROANS] [SHOUTS] [GASPS] Is that dirty enough for you? Who supplies you, is it the Snake Hands? Tell me or I will slit your throat.
Do you know a Samuel Blake? A Turkish guy.
I don't know his name.
- [HARRY] Where do you meet? - Different locations.
- Where? - Clerkenwell.
They ring every third week.
That's all I know.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] [PANTING] I should go in alone.
- You sure? - Mm-hmm.
Men can act pretty strange when they've been dumped.
- So I'm told.
- He doesn't know that yet.
[KNOCKS] [RICH] Nice to see you.
Sorry, work.
It's been busy.
You said.
Still missed you, though.
This visit, it's about Harry.
Really? Oh I got these for you.
Um, allergies, sorry.
So - He's not contacted you? - Me? No.
I hope that's the truth, Rich, because I can't be with a man who's aiding and abetting a murder suspect.
- Harry's not a killer.
- We have filmed evidence, Rich.
Until I see it with my own eyes I have to believe that he's innocent.
I so shouldn't be doing this, so don't breathe a word.
We seconded all the CCTV footage.
[TAPPING KEYBOARD] See for yourself.
I'm just gonna pop to the bathroom.
[DOOR OPENS] Sorry to have to do that to you.
How could he do such a thing? All I know is Harry is in some deep shit, way over his head.
He needs our protection.
Whatever he's done, I still care about him.
That's what I love about you.
I didn't say that.
I shouldn't be doing this.
[SURI] Anything on Hawksmoor? It's a reputable import-export agency.
Owned by a conglomerate.
They have no idea what Charles Meek could have been involved in.
How'd Rich take it? I didn't tell him.
As Gray said, best to keep him on side.
But I did put a tracker on his phone.
Your lipstick's smudged.
So this kid can make me a passport? Sure.
Is he a Mason? The kid's not right in the head.
It's okay.
The drugs keep him calm.
Shoes off, please.
[CAMERA FLASHES] What's a bright kid like you doing breaking the law, Bobby? No questions, part of the deal.
£200, £20 notes only.
20, 40, 60, 80.
20, 40, 60, 80.
All there.
Thank you.
He has to count it six times.
You know, you're still young enough to turn your life around.
You have to leave now.
Or it won't be good.
- I'm just saying - Now, please! Ah.
Okay, son.
- [RICH] Yeah, I got the footage.
- I saw it, Harry.
- Suri showed it to you? Well she didn't want to, but I managed to talk her around.
- She even left the room.
- [HARRY] She did what? Eyes on target.
Old school, just in case your signal fails.
Okay, I see you, Rich.
They'll be tracking your phone, you're gonna have to ditch it.
Do exactly what I say.
What's going on, Harry? Just keep walking.
So you're okay with this, yeah? Okay with what? Well Doing this to Rich.
It's not getting a bit personal for you? It's not gonna stop me doing my job.
I've lost him.
I've still got him.
Oh, he's turned around.
He's coming this way.
Quick, in here.
Tracker, one.
Old-School Orwell, nil.
I think your promotion's gone to your head.
He should be right here.
Excuse mee, madam, can you open your bag, please? Police.
What have I done? Shit! - You owe me a new phone.
- Uh-huh - It's pretty damning.
- That's why I need to see it for myself.
[SIGHS] Here.
- You don't think I did it.
Do you? - No.
I trust you, but I understand why no one else would.
Where you gonna stay? Uh, I'll find somewhere.
You need to make up with Suri.
She deserves to be happy, you both do.
Yeah, I think that ship has sailed.
Ah Try the old Clayton charm.
Worked out well for you, I see.
Hey Watch out, Harry.
Thanks for believing in me.
Please, [STUTTERING] your shoes, my floors, and [SHOUTS] What did Harry Clayton want? [STAMMERS] Driver's licence, fake passport! If he comes back, you call me.
[STIFLED SCREAM] - Write it down.
- 0770-0900726.
Hurry up.
[WOMAN] Oh, we are going to miss the plane.
[MAN] Oh, no, we're all checked in.
- [WOMAN] You take this lot.
- [MAN] I'm just going to lock up.
[GIRL] Mum, put it here.
[HARRY] Eve.
Nice place, Harry.
It's like our old container got a makeover.
It's a short-term let.
- It looks so real.
- Yeah, no wonder Suri's head is so fried.
- It's Blake.
- How the hell did he get the footage? Madame Cheung said now he has the other bracelet, he has the power to destroy you.
He is your shadow.
He won't win.
Not if I can prove this has been doctored.
So, I need your help, I'm being framed for murder.
It's a long story, but Sorry, I can't get involved.
Do your parents know where you are? No.
No, they fuss.
They don't get it.
They don't live with the noise.
Does the gear stop the noise? You don't understand.
It starts as a craving, becomes a compulsion.
Soon, your tolerance demands higher stakes, hmm? Gambling.
That was, um, that is my poison.
- I've hurt a lot of people.
- I'm not hurting anyone.
I lost my family.
I wouldn't wish that on anybody.
- Can you get them back? - I'll die trying.
Who framed you? A very bad man called Samuel Blake.
He works with the Snake Hand triads.
Coiled snake, right hand.
A Chinese man came here looking for you.
Shit, um Sorry, forget it, Bobby.
The damage is done, whether I help you or not.
I'll see what I can do.
OK, but not here, you come with me.
No, I can't leave, you can't stay.
But don't answer the door unless it's me.
And, Bobby, you call me if anything happens, okay? Okay.
Thank you.
[STAIR CREAKS] That not bother you? No.
But now you have to do it five more times.
You can.
Charles Meek, what you got? [BEEPS] [BOBBY] A section of this video has been omitted.
The footage has been doctored using insert editing.
They've composited the time-date stamp with the original onto the falsified footage.
Special equipment can detect traces of the original, proving this to be fake.
I've extracted the code, Harry in order to show hidden files.
This should put you in the clear.
[BANGING] Yeah 1:00pm, Dorset Rise Clerkenwell.
Yeah, all right.
Got it.
[BLAKE] Is that the next shipment? [MAN] Yes, boss.
It's all sorted.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] Hi, this is me, leave a message.
- Harry.
- [BANGING] I won't let them get away with your murder.
Don't let them get away with mine.
I've nailed down what doesn't bother me.
So, Blake, the Turkish Snake Hand, the dealer talked about.
They meet at Clerkenwell.
So Blake's using his business to traffic heroin.
We get evidence of that, expose him, we put him away.
- [KNOCKING] - [GIRL] Breakfast, Bobby Hello! Pizza time! Bobby? [SCREAMS] Harry, I just got a call.
It's Bobby, he's been killed.
Listen, Kalim, stay where you are.
Harry, the drug dealer's disappeared.
I could be next, please get here quick.
I should never have got him involved.
I'm on my way.
Harry I won't let them get away with your murder.
Don't let them get away with mine.
[KALIM] Yes, bring it Come on.
- My phone.
- No.
No time for that.
Now, listen, I'll send you money from wherever I end up.
Oi! You looking for me? [BREATHING HARD] [GROANS] [SHOUTS] [GRUNTS] [BOLT, SCREAMS] [GRAY] Bobby Hayes, 19, specialised in fake documentation.
Luckily for us, he installed a hidden camera in the hall.
Last two visitors Harry Clayton, enters 16:33, leaves nine minutes later and then at 22:05.
- It's the guy from the port.
- Hmm.
- Still on Harry's trail.
- [PHONE VIBRATING] Excuse me.
DSI Gray Where? Okay.
Reports of gunfire off Frith Street, Soho.
Chinese man chasing a white guy.
Do you work for Samuel Blake? The mood I am in now, I am far scarier than he is.
Did you kill Bobby Hayes? Do you even know the names of the people you kill? [MAN] He died because of you.
I'm no killer Yet.
I've no choice.
I follow orders.
How does it work? The heroin distribution? Who are Blake's contacts? Where is the base in Clerkenwell? The Wu Chi live by the Sword of Silence.
What is the Wu Chi? Blake's triad gang? I, Bo Jing Chow took an oath.
So did I.
[GRUNTS] I, Harry Clayton do solemnly and sincerely declare that I will well and truly serve the Queen.
With fairness, diligence and integrity.
And I will discharge all the duties there all faithfully according to the Law.
- Who are they? - [PANTING] The Wu Chi are the ancient enemy of the Torches.
[BO JING] We will destroy the bracelets before they, and those who wear them, destroy the world.
And how do you plan to do that? Samuel Blake framed me, yes? The Wu Chi are always a step ahead.
You're a rabbit in a trap.
You don't understand that yet.
But you will.
[POLICE SIRENS APPROACHING] Tell it to the cops.
[LAUGHS] Shit.
[POLICE SIRENS] Jesus! - [EVE] You got this phone.
- [HARRY] Yeah, nothing on it.
The man would rather spike his neck than fail his boss, what does that say about Blake? I put Bobby in Blake's sights, what does that say about me? Look.
You weren't to know.
I wish I could believe that.
That's Blake's man.
Harry, this could be the place where Blake processes the heroin.
If we get evidence linking him to this place, we can put him away.
[WOMAN] Please, please.
[SHRIEKS] He'll regret that.
- Ready for the next load.
- [BLAKE] Have you heard from Bo Jing? No, chief.
Not yet.
I'll call him.
Bo Jing? That you? We've got company, lads! [SCREAMS] [YELLING] Go, go, let's get these kids out of here.
Get the kids.
Come on.
Go! [COUGHING] Jesus! - What about them? - We'll get them to a safe house.
[BREATHING HARD] - Taxi! - Go, go, go, go.
- Come on.
- Go.
Go, go, go, go.
Bobby knew he was gonna die.
But he still thought he could help me.
- Listen - Don't let them get away with mine.
I've nailed down what doesn't bother me.
I've nailed down what doesn't bother me.
His laptop.
I'll call you.
- Are you two okay? - [WOMAN #1] What are you doing? [WOMAN #2] Are you all right? [POLICE OFFICER] Come on.
Stand up.
[POLICE RADIO] [COMPUTER BEEPS] [BOBBY] A section of this video has been omitted.
The footage has been doctored using insert editing.
They've composited a time-date stamp of the original, onto the falsified footage.
- [PHONE RINGS] - [SIGH] - DSI Gray.
- We need to talk.
[SURI] Ma'am.
Detective To from Hong Kong Police has identified the body in the building site as Bo Jing Chow, 33.
He's wanted there for four separate contract killings.
He went off the radar about three years ago.
Yeah, he's got a snake tattoo, that could signify a triad society.
It's his link to Clayton that matters.
And that bastard's out there and he's already running rings round us.
Dan, get onto, uh, Vice Squad, find out how the triads currently operate.
Uh, do you know they're actually called SCD Nine now.
It's more, uh, politically correct.
Not as catchy though, is it? [PHONE RINGS] - DI Chohan - Suri? What the hell's going on? Samuel Blake is framing me.
He doctored the footage you saw.
I have evidence.
- So does Gray.
- Then hand yourself in, explain.
Let us help.
If you really want to help me, go to Dorset Rise, Clerkenwell.
There's a door to a sewer.
Samuel Blake has triads processing heroin down there.
It's run through Hawksmoor Import-Export Agency.
Get evidence, in case Plan A goes tits up.
What's Plan A, hell Hello? Scew you, Harry, this place is empty.
Why send us here? I've put my career on the line for you, lied to Gray.
I won't let you drag me down with you anymore.
We're done this time.
Come on.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] - Thanks for agreeing to meet me.
- It's a risk.
But then that was quite a bag of tricks that you sent me.
You think this Samuel Blake's framing you? Not just me.
Eve Alexandri witnessed him murder the courier, Hon Wai.
He's using Snake Hand triads to run heroin.
He ordered one of them, Bo Jing Chow, to try and kill me.
And last seen with you before we found him spiked to death.
- He did that to himself.
- Another suicide.
Do the world a favour, don't join the Samaritans Why would this Blake frame you? It's complicated.
But would I be here if I was guilty? I have given my life to the force.
You're targeting the wrong man.
You're making some serious allegations.
- I'm in a serious situation.
- Oh, aye.
The kind where you'd be willing to say anything to get yourself off the hook.
- No.
- So, what I'm wondering is would you be willing to make those allegations to his face? - What? - To my face.
Make them to my face.
He got to you as well.
Sit down, Clayton.
This man had Bobby Hayes killed.
Why? Because Bobby verified the footage.
Would that be the smackhead you paid to lie for you? [BLAKE] Poor kid.
He got mixed up with the wrong man.
I'm starving.
What's good here? He tried to kill me in Hong Kong.
It was his men who attacked us when we got back to the port.
Yes, it appears I was doing my job.
Ex-DI Harry Clayton, meet MI6 field operative Samuel Blake.
- What? - [BLAKE] Six years running counter-intelligence operations against the triads in London and Hong Kong, almost wasted because I had the misfortune of running into you.
Agent Blake has been cooperating with MIS.
He was ordered to bring in two dangerous murder suspects before they embarrassed the force even further.
It's over, Clayton.
[BREATHES HARD] No, you tried to kill me.
You came after me for the bracelets.
For the what? If I tried to kill you it's because you are a dangerous man, Harry Clayton.
You're a murderer.
DSI Gray, I think it's about time you arrested this man, don't you? Yes.
Harry Clayton, I'm arresting you the murder of Isabella Augustine.
Run, rabbit, run.
[GROANS] Don't worry.
We'll get him.
His luck will run out.
You'll see.
I have eyes on your suspect.
MI6 Intelligence, they've got a location for Eve Alexandri.
- Police! Hands where I can see them.
- Don't move! The police raid.
They found the gun.
All that jury care about is that the fingerprints on the trigger, they are all mine! What's the job? Police storage facility.
2 minutes.
In and out.
You think you have a duty to Harry Clayton.
But you don't.
If you destroy the bracelets, you destroy all hope of there being a better world.
How many have died since you put the bracelet on Harry Clayton? Suri, whoa, whoa! - Suri, wait - Get in the car.
Master of faith.
Now, you can play God some more.
I know these ruins by heart, bitch.
I will hunt you down.