Stan Lee's Lucky Man (2016) s03e03 Episode Script

The Zero Option

1 We've got a tip-off from MI6 that Harry Clayton and Eve Alexandri left Hong Kong three weeks ago.
Detective Inspector Harry Clayton on the run! Do you know anything about triads with snake tattoos on their hands? Snake Hands traffic heroin.
No! Samuel Blake is framing me.
Go to Dorset Rise, Clerkenwell.
Screw you, Harry, this place is empty.
Meet MI6 field operative Samuel Blake.
No, you tried to kill me.
DSI Gray, I think it's about time you arrested this man.
[GLASS BREAKING] [MOTORCYCLE ENGINE REVS] I have eyes on your suspect.
[DAN] Seven Six Five Four Three Two One - [MICROWAVE TINGS] - Porridge.
MI6 Intelligence, they've got a location for Eve Alexandri.
[MAN] Hey, Eve.
So you decided to stay.
Don't move.
Stay where you are! [GROANS] [GASPS] [GROANS] Should've ditched the bike.
Eve Alexandri, I'm arresting you for the murder of Hon Wai.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Where's Harry? Fortune is a fickle friend Here today, and then, gone again A good time girl, when it hurts Is nowhere to be found Ha.
Ha, she's laughing in your face When you think that you've got it made Patient with your life now, careful with your pride Hold tight, this could be a wild ride It could be a late night Who is gonna end up as the underdog and who's gonna be the lucky one? Queen of hearts.
Jack of clubs.
- Two of clubs - [RICH] Harry.
Ace of diamonds.
Got something.
Look at that.
You weren't trying to conceal this, were you? Looks like blood on the barrel.
Is this the gun that killed Isabella Augustine? - [GROANS] - Hey! [SURI] No! [GRUNTS] [EVE] Don't just stand there.
Help me, quick! Shit.
How's the world of import-export? As a front, it's pretty lucrative.
Your Hong Kong trip was disrupted.
- The business side went well.
- Hmm.
I heard the UK shipment was destroyed.
- What about the Wu Chi? - The Wu Chi don't like turbulence.
Neither do we at MI6.
- We're talking about Harry Clayton.
- It's not a problem.
I can handle Clayton.
- I've got my people on it.
- [PHONE RINGING] Good to hear.
Got to go.
I love what you've done with the place.
- [DOOR OPENS] - [EVE] Harry, I've just been raided.
Chohan, Orwell.
You all right? I need a drink.
[RICH] I'll see what I can rustle up.
- What do we do? What do we do? - Blake wants you locked up.
Gives him access.
He thinks he can turn you.
So let's give him what he wants.
What, just walk up to him? I can'tt get close to him, but you can.
He already tried to kill me.
That's suicide.
If Blake wanted you dead, I'd be wearing black.
Would you? Yeah, for a day anyway.
You know, make the effort.
Blake needs you alive so he can get his hands on this.
I'm not doing it.
So, what do we do? Just wait until he picks us off? First me, then you? You already told me that he didn't want me dead.
Eve, wake up! Once he has the bracelet, your life is over.
You gain his trust, you get evidence to put him away, then we get the other bracelet.
That's the only option.
- How am I supposed to get his trust? - The same way you got me.
[SLAP] I'm sorry, that was out of line - Eve? - What I came to tell you, the police raid, they found the gun.
You said it was safe.
I'm sorry.
What do you want me to say? Say that at least you wiped it clean.
I dumped out of a window to warn you! Did you wipe it? No.
What are you worried about? The video of you and Isabella was doctored.
That goes to court, it's one expert against another.
All that jury care about is the fingerprints on the trigger, and they're mine! Jesus.
[DS ORWELL] We believe this is the weapon that killed Isabella Augustine.
Used by Harry Clayton.
One hour ago, you arrested a murder suspect, and then, somehow contrived to let her escape.
The suspect threw herself from a first-floor window, ma'am.
I know what she did.
Why did you let it happen? We didn't expect her to risk her life, ma'am.
Can we talk to your MI6 contact? Do you think I would trust you with information like that? What happened this morning was gross incompetence.
Either that, or through some twisted sense of loyalty, you allowed Eve Alexandri to bolt.
Which is it? - I'm asking you a question! - Sorry, I thought you were Which is it? - Incompetence.
- Gross incompetence.
Yes, ma'am.
[ORWELL SIGHS] - You're off the case.
- What? I promoted you.
One call, I can rescind it.
No, ma'am, you can't! Prioritise this for forensic examination.
After you've done that, find Eve Alexandri and bring her in.
Try not to fuck up.
Rescind my promotion? How could she even say it like that? - I know.
- My mum worked three jobs to put me through police school.
I'm not going to let her destroy that.
Why wouldn't she let us use her MI6 contact? What're you gonna do? Find Harry.
Find out what the hell is going on.
I'll get it back.
I'll get the gun back.
I'm no expert, but wouldn't a piece of evidence like that - Is it Saturday? - Yeah.
So it'll have gone to the storage facility in Hendon.
A high-security building full of vital police evidence.
I need to get it back tomorrow at the latest.
- No rush, then.
- First thing Monday, it goes to the lab.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute.
I know this guy, Darius Kelleher, burglar, he's never been caught.
How do you know he's a burglar if he's never been caught? Street cameras put him near major jobs.
But he's smart, he hacks into security systems, he never leaves evidence.
And I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help a cop.
Ten grand to get his interest, and then, there's three million in seized notes at the facility.
I'm gonna need the codes.
But if you steal the gun, they'll know it's you.
Three million in used notes? The cops will think it's a robbery.
- But the gun.
- I'm not gonna steal the gun.
- I'm gonna wipe it.
- [SURI] Harry.
- Nice.
- Yeah, it belongs to a friend.
- How did you find me? - Your assistant told me.
Where is he? I have no idea.
When did he leave this? Ages ago, when it was still in fashion.
You're a terrible liar.
Hey! Suri.
No, no, no, no one is in there You're smiling.
You're lying to me and you're smiling.
I'm Harry's friend.
Why won't you let me help him? Like you did in Hong Kong? Everything you do makes things worse.
How're we supposed to be a couple when you won't trust me? Don't.
[SIGHS] Wesley.
- What do you want? - I'm looking for your brother, Darius, it's kinda urgent.
- You're not safe here.
- I'm not safe anywhere.
- You know where can I find him? - You think I'm going to tell you that? You're talking about my brother.
Godfrey Doyle.
Oh, goody.
[HARRY] Godfrey.
Don't be so formal, Harry.
Call me God.
Gentlemen, this is Detective Inspector Harry Clayton He put me away.
I did.
To be fair, you had murdered your wife.
Two sides to every story.
And you're a murdering bucket of shite in both of them.
Not according to the Court of Appeal.
Three years.
I'm entitled to damages.
[SHOUTS] [MOANS] Never give a Belfast man a stick.
Touch that, you'll be spraying the walls.
Help What would your wife want me to do? Please Harry.
Call an ambulance.
[DROPS CUE] Give this to your brother.
You find Harry? Do I look like I found Harry? I spoke to Gray again about her MI6 contact.
- What'd she say? - "Need to know.
" - We need another lead.
- Well, you're off the case.
I want to know who tipped her off about Eve Alexandri's address.
Keep an eye out.
What? No.
No Hey That's the kind of shit Harry pulls.
- Get caught doing that - I lose my job.
- You go to prison! - Steve! No.
Absolutely not.
Okay Very good.
Very good.
Your mum'll be proud.
[FOOTSTEPS] [BANGS] Sorry, I just wanted to I just wanted to check the address.
[LOUD BANGS] What the fuck was that? Yeah, it doesn't usually do that.
[ORWELL COUGHS] "Doesn't usually do that?" You're welcome.
- [BEEP] - [BLAKE] Come up, Detective.
I saw you in Hong Kong.
You and your partner blew our operation.
Shall we take this through to your office? Here is fine.
What was the operation? Bringing in Eve Alexandri.
Return Harry Clayton to the fold.
Why are you here? We're both looking for the same people.
I thought you could help.
Did you? You're MI6.
You've been doing some digging.
Need to be careful.
[SIGHS] I've been careful long enough I need results.
All right.
Any information, I'll flag you.
Help you impress your boss.
My brother, Wesley, said you wanted to talk to me.
This wouldn't be entrapment, would it? Wouldn't stand up if it was.
What's the job? Police storage facility, Hendon.
[LAUGHS] - And you want this done when? - Tomorrow at the latest.
Which psychiatric unit have you escaped from? I can get the codes to get in and out of there.
I know, for a fact, there's three million pounds in cash.
Used notes.
Proceeds of crime.
It's all yours.
What do you get? I get my freedom.
Why does a detective need his freedom? Ex-detective.
This is mental, but for three million [PIGEONS TAKE FLIGHT] [DARIUS] Oh, fuck! That's you, that is.
If that was me, you'd need more than a wee bit of tissue.
Feeding 'em.
Encouraging vermin.
I'm going to need a hacker, a wheelman.
Someone to give us snide vehicles and uniforms.
And they're gonna need paying up front.
- Ten each.
- Ten each? You want this doing or not? Ten each.
Call my brother tomorrow, first thing.
He'll let you know if we're on.
One rule No violence.
Oh, I don't believe in it.
Get out of here.
Just spoke to my burglar.
We're good to go.
- That was quick.
- Had to be.
Only one glitch.
- Just the one? - The burglar's a grass.
That would explain why he's never being caught.
I recognised a number on his phone.
Belongs to a CID officer.
Eddie Cavanagh.
He runs the informant programme.
- You sure about the number? - 290568.
Course I'm sure.
29th of May, 1968, our first European Cup.
Jesus, call yourself a Red? Your burglar's gonna drop you in the shit? Not if everything goes according to plan.
I get rid of the evidence, he gets his money.
But what if something goes wrong? He'll throw you under a bus to save himself.
I'm going to get some insurance.
Come on.
This is Orwell.
I'm on your floor, I'm in the bog.
I need you to hear me out.
If you want to arrest me after that, that's fine, but, if not, I need a - Hello.
- Massive favour.
Harry Clayton, I'm arresting you on the suspicion of - Don't resist me, Harry! - Steve! - Harry! - 30 seconds! Please! 30 seconds please.
Let's start with you murdering Isabella Augustine.
That film was doctored.
I got proof to Gray, I told Suri.
- Harry - [DOOR OPENS] Why should I believe you? [MOANS] [GASPS] [BLAKE] Sorry about my guards They're a bit over-zealous.
Don't worry about any scarring.
I have surgeon over from Harley Street to look after you.
You can stay here for a bit.
[GROANS] [EXHALES] Your place is blown.
You can come and go as you please.
[GASPS] Now why did you break into my offices? Was it for Harry Clayton? No.
I was looking for you.
Me? Why? I'm curious.
What made you think I wouldn't try and shoot you again? You did that for show.
You need me alive.
Do I? I'm the only person that can remove Harry's bracelet.
You'd do that for me? Maybe.
[HARRY] How many times? I didn't kill Isabella.
I threatened her with the gun, but I didn't kill her.
Come on.
My fingerprints would be all over that trigger.
That's why I need to get into the storage facility.
- Well, that place is impenetrable.
- It's not.
I've got help.
So, why do you need me? The code changes every six hours.
I don't have access.
- Well, nor do I.
- But you can get it.
Steve, I helped when you were in trouble.
Samuel Blake is MI6.
He wants me dead and he's using Gray.
I I just need to buy some time to try and prove it.
I can't do it without you.
[BEEPING] [GUARD] You can go.
And they say crime doesn't pay.
- [DARIUS] Have you got those codes? - Soon.
- Soon? - I told you.
I need this done today.
I'll have the codes.
We've hacked the whole system.
This is coming at you live from Hendon Police Evidence Storage Facility.
Who's your computer man? - Wesley.
- Double first in Computer Science.
If you are unlucky enough to get yourself banged up it's good you come out of it with something.
Lost my wife and kids but, hey, I've got a degree.
And this [DARIUS] It's not the degree, bruv, it's what you do with it.
[EVE] Why have you brought me here? If I just told you I was a senior MI6 officer, would you believe me? Maybe.
I'm just snagging on the fact that you're a criminal.
The people we put away you have to swim in their filth.
Maybe this is a front.
This? Be one hell of a front.
You know what I want? But not just me.
It's simple, really.
All we want is a better world.
If you destroy the bracelets you destroy all hope of there being a better world.
"Because the bracelets protect the equilibrium of the planet"? - You know they do.
- No.
This is what I know.
For thousands of years the bracelets have enriched the individual whilst causing war, famine, disease, the deaths of thousands.
The smith who forged them may have wanted balance, but didn't factor in the greed and the blood lust of the people that wore them.
How many have died since you put the bracelet on Harry Clayton? Destroy them, you destroy everything.
Who told you that? You've been indoctrinated by a cult that's poisoned history.
That is Wu Chi bullshit.
- You've no proof! - No proof? I've seen it! You've seen it.
We've both suffered because of it.
We know what it can do, but you put belief before fact.
Why is that? Is it because you've got nothing else? [SCOFFS] I'm wasting my time.
Go on.
- Wait! - No.
The plan is we go in like a solid-bond security delivery.
Then we use your codes.
The place is full of cameras, we'll be identified.
[DARIUS] Wes can control that, but we only have two minutes.
What, we have got two minutes to get in, do the business, get out? How many officers are in place? Got the rota right there.
- [HARRY] Four? - [DARIUS] We make the delivery, wait for the delivery guy to move into the main storage area.
When everybody's in the same area, we spray the joint with halothane.
They're out for ten minutes.
Just the place is massive.
Half a million pieces of evidence.
And we've got two minutes? [PHONE RINGS] [WES] They use a radio-frequency identification system.
- Darius.
- The ID code on the evidence corresponds with a barcode on the smart-shelf.
Click on it, and the area where it's stored lights up.
Your gun was stored yesterday at 14:04.
That's where it is.
That's where the money is.
[DARIUS] Okay.
He's done all right for himself, your brother, eh? Yeah, he's proper, is Darius.
- Real chap.
- Yeah.
- My wheelman's disappeared.
- Do you know anyone else? No one I trust.
Job's a bust.
Stick to the plan.
I know a driver.
[LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY] I can't believe I'm hearing this.
You never let me drive.
Remember that bumper sticker you got me? "The World's Worst Driver.
" Well, this is your chance to prove me wrong.
Wrong Wrong? [RICH SCOFFS] I wasn't going to tell you this, but Suri - Oh, how is she? - How is she? She dumped me, because of you.
Oh Yeah.
This is how you get her back.
This is how I burn every bridge I've ever built.
What I'm gonna say might sound borderline insane.
- Oh, well, here we go again.
- [ANGRILY] But this guy Blake is evil There's no other word for it And I don't think anyone can stop him, except me.
Well You must be desperate, if you're asking me to drive.
I am, Rich.
I am begging you.
Promise me you won't do that thing with your eyes, if I crash the gears.
Is this your driver? Taught him myself.
I had a driver let me down once.
Now he's in the cement propping up The Shard.
Hardened criminal.
Cement Suit yourself.
Oh, looks all right.
Got these an' all.
Navy's not really my colour.
[HARRY] Really? [PHONE RINGING] Oh Sorry - Eve.
- Harry.
You found Blake? - Yeah.
- What'd you get? I didn't get his trust.
I didn't get anything.
Listen, get back in there, do it! Harry, I need your help I'm right in the middle of something.
I'll call you when I can.
Everything that I've learned, believed If I am wrong, I need to know! [SIGHS] You're not wrong.
You were lied to as was your mother.
Why should I believe you? I watched the bracelet engulf in flame everyone I ever knew to save the life of one man.
What does that prove? You think you have a duty to Harry Clayton.
But you don't.
Where's Emitt? Oh, you know, sick of working weekends.
[MAN] Can't say I blame him.
Let's have a look.
[BEEPING] This way, boys.
[DOOR BEEPS] [DARIUS] Get a move on.
Two minutes, in and out.
Go! [YELLING] [BEEPING] On the floor! Don't look at me! Get on the floor.
- What are you doing here? - [YOUNG MAN] Training.
On a Sunday? You're keen.
- Not anymore.
- You want to live, stay down.
I want to live.
I want to live.
Don't look at us.
That's 30 seconds.
Thumbprint required.
Kid, get up! On your feet! - You said to stay down - I know what I said.
But now I need your thumbprint.
Look, it's not going to work.
You need the boss's.
- Where is he? - [YOUNG MAN] He's not here.
- That's him in the drop-off area.
- Get on the floor! How many areas need a thumbprint? Just this one.
The used-notes area.
- We're running out of time.
- Get what you came for! Go! Don't you look at me.
What the fuck? "Code not recognised.
" The two minutes are up.
The codes have changed.
What's the code? - What are you doing? - You think I'm fucking about? - He's a trainee, for God's sake! - You see this, son? This'll be your eye.
What's the code? - I don't know! - Wait! Wait! Let me have a go! [WHISPERING] Please.
[BEEPING] Come on.
Come on.
- Shit! - You're losing an eye! No, wait.
[STUTTERING] Two, three, zero, one, nine.
You try it, I will text Wesley.
[DARIUS] Oh, yes This This is why we get up in the morning.
I had one rule.
No violence.
You broke it.
What are you doing? What are you doing? Where are you going? What? [STUTTERS] Come back! You come back here, or I'll make sure you're fucked.
I'm telling the police exactly what you did.
You're telling no one.
No one? No one? Are you out of your mind? You! Open the door.
Open! Open the door! [ENGINE STARTS] - Where's Darius? - In a cage, where he belongs.
Can we go? [GEARS WHIRRING] - You're doing it.
- What? That thing with your eyes.
You're unbelievable.
- Thanks for noticing.
- What you doing? Stitching Darius up, like he stitched up Wesley.
Can we go? [PHONE CHIMES] You guarantee me immunity, I'll give you a name.
[OFFICER] Okay, Darius, give us a name.
[OFFICER] Your brother? That will put him away for a long time.
[DARIUS] Yeah, I know.
What's going on? Break-in at the evidence storage facility.
What? You think Harry? Well, don't keep her waiting, will you? It's been green lights all the way.
[HARRY] Oh, God We're being followed.
- There's nothing behind us.
- Drone.
Pull over under this bridge.
[CAR BRAKES] We need to split up.
I'll give you a call when I get a chance.
Hey, Harry.
- Hey, what about the van? - It's clean.
- Leave it.
- Right.
- Five minutes.
- Harry.
- We did it.
- Aye, so we did.
Thanks You didn't mess up.
- Five minutes, stay here.
- Right.
- Listen carefully.
Harry Clayton is on foot, heading south on the A4202.
- Is there anyone with you? - One other officer.
Take him as back-up.
Clayton may be dangerous.
- Who is this? - You know who this is.
I'll update you when you're near the target.
Work to do.
Erm, right, do we need back-up? No, I'm gonna drop Harry Clayton on Gray's desk.
Bound and gagged, with a ribbon round his neck.
Nobody puts Suri in the corner.
You'd better believe it.
Suri! - Get in the car.
Easy! Good job.
[SURI] Shouldn't we have taken a left turn back there? We're good.
I know where I'm going.
Hang on.
Why have we stopped? Where's this? - It's all right.
We're all good.
- No, we need to get him back! You're the boss.
[GROANS] Right, let's go.
He's in the back.
Help yourself.
- Yeah.
[BLAKE] Hello, Harry.
How's your luck holding out? [LAUGHS] You've loved playing God, haven't you? The master of fate.
Sending a girl into a man's war.
Well Now you can play God some more.
Who do you think that is? [DISTANT SCREAMING] What the hell is this? No! No [MUFFLED SCREAMS] [SCREAMS] No.
What do you want me to do? I'll do it.
Tell me, what do you want? The world is shaped by men forged in fire.
You're fucking insane.
As long as my heart beats, I will hunt you down.
Less than 60 seconds till the ropes burn through.
Let him go.
Only time to save one, Harry.
Eve! - Eve.
[HARRY] Shit.
Harry! Eve! Come on! [EVE] Harry! [SCREAMS] - Eve! - [WATER SPLASHES] No.
Eve! [SURI] Harry! No! - Eve! - Harry! - [SURI] Harry! - [HARRY] No! No, Eve! No! Eve! No! Eve! [GASPS] - No! - Get up, Harry.
- No.
- You need to go.
Blake! Blake! Blake! You don't go, I'll have to arrest you.
Go! - Hey! Hey! - [POLICE SIRENS] You said this was an official MI6 operation.
- Not a bloody kill list.
- [LAUGHS] Thank you for saving my life.
Oh, yeah, I'm the big hero now.
Red light! - [TYRES SCREECHING] - [TYRES SCREECHING] [GRAY GRUNTS] You're working for me.
Has your luck changed? Sometimes good, sometimes bad? Next you will die.
So now it's gonna kill you? Maybe.
But it hasn't got me yet.