Star (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

FUA...Good Night!

1 Okay, so last time you all saw Star - Dee, chill.
- Somebody come quick, please! CARLOTTA: I thought I was never gonna see you again.
Double-cross the devil's wife and you squash our beef.
MISS BRUCE: You juggling too much.
- Let me handle the salon.
- You up to it? - I heard you on the phone with Elliot.
- He offered me a job.
So he done got you locked and then gonna offer you a job? So, do I get my own parking spot? It's not just one thing this lady doesn't like about us.
She has a whole list.
AYANNA: Your group released property without my written consent.
As a result, you're parked.
Whatever we got to deal with with Ayanna and Midtown, we gonna do it together.
ANDY: Carlotta Brown's here to see you.
CARLOTTA: I did my homework on you.
Do I need to call security? I am security.
And if you take your head out your ass, you'll see that I'm security for you, too.
(MAN SHOUTS INDISTINCTLY IN DISTANCE) (EXHALES) (MOANS) Mm - I'm not hurting you, am I? - No, babe.
- Are you sure.
- It's it's perfect.
Just let's finish before Grandma get up.
Your lines are clear.
- Thank you.
- (EXHALES) You're welcome.
That new? No, my mom got this for me a while ago.
(PHONE BUZZING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (PHONE BUZZING) (POUNDING ON DOOR) They said the doors supposed to be open since Dee killed herself.
Hey, look, I'm sorry about what happened, and I know that she was your friend.
Are you you trying to bond with me or something? Just 'cause Dee's dead? I don't need your sympathy, all right? I'm good.
Wipe the pole Mami here now Make it jiggle, make you wanna catch a feel now Taste it, don't waste it Make it jiggle from the front to the back Pretty boy, catch a feel now It's real now, ain't no silli up in here If you're real, boy, become a man Cop a feel, boy.
(POUNDING ON DOOR) Cot, please open the door, I got to pee.
Come on, I been waiting so long.
When did you start waking up so early? Since I had to start grinding to get this album spot.
You gonna let me in or not? Come on, you'll get it.
I miss you.
Miss you more.
(URINATING) Careful touching your hair.
You still got stuff on your hand.
(CHUCKLES) I'm not getting in that shower for two weeks.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest I bring me Oh, good, the nail station.
Put that over here for me, babe.
We gonna have to knock one of these walls down 'cause this ain't gonna work.
You ain't knocking down no walls in this house.
This ain't no HGTV makeover.
Dyes and cuts, yes.
Little paint, maybe.
Knocking down walls? I don't think so.
Would you let me reclaim my time so we can get some coins flowing through here? You about to reclaim your spot on the unemployment line is what you about to do.
MISS BRUCE: Oh, my gosh.
CARLOTTA: Look at you.
You gotta put you on some work boots and a flannel, girl, and butch it up around there.
Bruce, why you always throwing shame? I ain't throwing shame.
I'd throw a palm tree at her ass if it'd knock some sense into her.
You know, girls getting killed for that these days.
CARLOTTA: She can pass.
And she can handle herself.
Ain't nothing wrong with working a straight job in a crooked world.
You would know about crooked.
You and my crooked daddy wrote the book.
I'm surprised the girls even took you back with your lying ass.
Stop disrespecting your mother.
You're lucky she didn't knock you out.
Hey, get out of my way, Jahil.
Hey, hold up a second.
Can I talk to you? - I'm late for work.
- Yeah, listen.
I heard about that new gig with Elliot.
Are you sure that's the way you want to go? It's legit.
I'm legit for once.
Do you have a better option, Dad? Look, I know you're hurt, okay, Cotton? - Listen.
- Listen to what? How you couldn't trust me? I had to disappear, all right? Look, we were trying to protect you.
I had to disappear until this whole thing just blew over.
But now you're gonna blow back, and we're supposed to be one big, happy family? Look, I'm just trying to put the pieces back together, Cotton, that's it.
Okay? I know I messed up.
I know that.
- But you're the most important piece.
- Listen.
I don't need you to put me back together, and I know your shady ass, so whatever gray cloud you're under, it's still following you.
Hey, hey Hey, come on.
Thanks for the car.
(ENGINE STARTS) ANDY: Good morning, everybody.
(MORE EMPHATICALLY): Good morning, everybody.
ALL: Good morning.
Hey, sorry, I was helping Derek.
AYANNA: All right, you are all in competition to be the artist who puts Midtown Sound on the map.
Good Day Atlanta will be here doing an in-house segment covering me and my new label, and two artists will be a part of that.
You will all be singing today, performing at various venues.
Those performances will determine who is highlighted on GDA.
What is this, Ayanna's Got Talent? More like Ayanna's Got Ego.
No, just chill.
We got this.
Noah, you will be a part of that segment.
We will use Good Day Atlanta to announce your new contract.
Mass Effect, surprise.
You're performing at The Loft.
- MAN: All right, all right.
- ANDY: Seena Melody Looks like she already wants your boy front and center.
Where do you want me? From what I hear, you wouldn't know what to do once you got there.
Big Trouble, you're performing at Atlanta Underground.
Uh, we're performing at a mall? STAR: The hell would you have us perform at a mall for? It's a waste of everybody's time.
I mean, we won Atlanta NextFest, didn't we? Until you have a sound, you don't know what you are.
ALEX: I have an idea.
Don't put us with cheap-ass producers and maybe we'd find our sound.
AYANNA: I've put you with a producer who can help you find a sound.
He remixed "Suga.
" You'll be singing it today.
Carlotta is there a problem here? No.
We'll do the gig.
So, we know what we doing, everybody? Let's get money.
I know how to play this trick here.
A remix in a mall is bull.
A mall is what we got to prove who we are.
Understand something, this woman is gonna make you work three times harder than any artist on this label.
SIMONE: But why? I don't understand that.
First of all, she inherited you.
She didn't get to choose you.
But on top of that, you're three strong women, and that threatens her Puts you on her level.
So just slay the gig, and we'll be able to go for whatever the hell we want after that.
I'll deal with Ayanna.
So I give him my suga, suga, suga, suga He don't deserve it but I give him my Suga, suga, suga, suga She took one of our best songs and ruined it.
I'm not singing this.
Oh, so we're just gonna tell Miss Carlotta we're gonna bag the track and blow our opportunity? This entire process has been us jumping through hoops.
We should just bounce from Midtown, honestly I'm done.
Let the contract expire.
(SCOFFS) Slow down, Rihanna.
Maybe that's an option for you, but me and Simone need this.
Yeah, the track is wack and the venue sucks, but if we leave Midtown with nothing to show for it, we're gonna be bouncing around to different labels looking burnt.
So take a risk.
Go indie.
Says the girl with the platinum parachute - in her Chanel backpack.
- Have you not seen my life lately? - I might as well be you.
- What is that supposed to mean? - You know exactly what it means.
- 'Cause you know what? Yeah.
- You still look pretty blingy to me.
- Don't get this twisted.
I don't have any jewelry on.
Do you, Simone? - Do not get this twisted.
You don't see - I'm calling it like I see it.
A damn thing unless you're in the center of it.
Guys, can we all take a breath? (CLAPPING SLOWLY) Some things never change.
And people wonder why girl groups never work out.
STAR: Talk about fake news.
I knew you weren't dead, in my bones.
And Carlotta confirmed it.
SIMONE: What do you want? Nothing.
Just checking in on you, you know, now that you're at the label that we all worked so hard to get you signed to.
You know you weren't in the picture when we got signed here, Jahil.
You weren't even in the frame.
And you wouldn't even gotten signed unless I had put you on in the first place, right? So you want to focus on what was, or do you want to deal with what is? Because let's start with Alex.
She's right on point right now.
That "Suga" remix, it's not you.
You need a better producer.
- Oh, here he goes.
- So let me produce it.
Come on.
Like I did for Mixed Harmony.
Let me do it.
You haven't even been here for a second, and you're already trying to STAR: You were a half-assed manager, Jahil.
What? You want to try your hand now at being - a half-assed producer? - Look, I've been working on a lot of music while I've been away.
And I got decades of experience under my belt in this game and you know it.
So you're serious? - Yes, I am.
- You think this is about to be some kind of shakedown? That's not how this is gonna go, Jahil.
We've been at this label working our asses off to turn this hustle into something real.
You were actual dead weight.
You're not pulling us down this time.
Go sell drugs or girls or whatever it is you do.
You're not allowed on the executive floor without security anymore.
- Excuse me? - Um, unfortunately, Ayanna has asked that all your communications go through your new A&R exec, Maurice Jetter.
Is this about the other night? Obviously.
- Well, you let me in.
- Well, you came in and put your feet on the lady's desk and fixed your drink.
- Didn't nobody ask you to do all that.
- You said, make myself comfortable.
You know what? I'm tired of being disrespected at this label.
What's the matter? This kid here is telling me that I need my new A&R guy to hold my hand at this label.
I'll handle this.
- Come with me.
- No.
I don't need to be handled.
I just need to see whoever this A&R guy is.
I'll take care of you, just this way.
(DOOR OPENING) This is ridiculous.
And of course, he's not here, right? Look, let me tell you right now, this is not the way you do business.
I don't know what it is you do around here, but take note of this very moment, and do the exact damn opposite.
What is it you do around here, anyway? I'm your A&R guy.
Maurice Jetter.
You needed to vent.
You been handling this album all wrong.
Ambushing the last president, storming into Ayanna's office I didn't storm in her office.
We had drinks.
No one hangs artists over balconies anymore - or jumps on tables during meetings.
- Well, maybe they should.
At least deals got done.
Maybe that's how cats rocked it in the Mixed Harmony days, but this is different times.
What you know about Mixed Harmony? I have dope taste in music.
Well, good then.
You should know my girls are the dopest.
I'm on their side.
Yeah, and at 3:00 you got another artist in here.
At 4:00, you got another group.
- Can you even focus? - Look, I asked to work with your artists because I see their potential.
Now, our job is to make sure they're ready for this album.
- Don't question my focus.
- Then we need producer approval.
(CHUCKLES) You trippin'.
Look, we both know when artists don't have producer approval, it's a bad look all around.
Prince, Beyoncé, - Miley Cyrus, Stevie, Marvin.
- All right, Carlotta.
Look, they all took control of their careers.
They didn't let nobody call their shots.
Okay, if they kill this gig at the Underground, then I can make that ask.
Fair? I mean, not completely fair, 'cause the record is wack, but - my girls still gonna kill it, anyway.
- (SNORTS) So, fair.
ELLIOT: PVC, it's not rocket science.
Ship it here so I can cut it.
You didn't have to get so dressed up.
I didn't know what to wear.
WORKER: Hey, mami.
Show me that brown sugar loaf.
Why don't you let me see what's going on in that dress so I can sleep good tonight? If you saw what was going on under this skirt, you'd sleep good every night.
- How about a preview? - Hey, hey.
You talk to my employee like that again, you're fired.
WORKER: Chinese ass.
You know, better yet? Grab your tools and leave.
You're fired.
Go! Elliot.
- I'm here to help you.
- Don't.
Could you just show me where the office is? This is our stage? At least we're close to the sticky buns place.
I'm-a go check the sound to make sure at least that's right.
This is not happening to me.
- This is not happening.
This - STAR: Yo, this is happening.
- Come on, let's rehearse these harmonies.
- (CELL PHONE BUZZING) This is Derek's medical insurance.
I got to take it.
Can you do it when we're done rehearsing? Damn, that girl is making all the wrong choices.
Maybe she doesn't have any choices.
WOMAN: Noah, quick one for the girls? - Of course.
- They're gonna go crazy.
We're always gonna ride for you.
We love you.
Thank you.
Check me on Good Day Atlanta tomorrow, a'ight? - Okay.
- Thank you.
You here to see how it gets down? I'm just here to get my sneakers cleaned.
Oh, okay.
You just happened to choose the same mall Ayanna has us performing at? But you know if we kill this, she'll put us on GDA with you, right? And we will show your ass up, so you should be a little shook.
Shook? Three chicks harmonizing in a food court? Come on, baby.
- Okay.
- WOMAN 2: Oh, my God, there's Noah.
But stay tuned.
Let me show you what putting it down looks like.
What's up, baby? How you doing? This is what desperation looks like.
You know you came to see me blow.
And you will.
(NOAH CHUCKLES) ALEXANDRA: Yes, we already filled out all the paperwork to see what coverage he's eligible for.
No, this is not a pre-existing condition.
How the hell is being paralyzed a pre-existing condition? No, I don't want to be transferred over again.
I been trying to get this answer for the past three days.
Hell - You need to get your head on straight.
- Damn it! Okay.
(ECHOING): Suga He makes me feel so good That man of mine - Though half of the time Damn, man, would you stop popping up on me in stalker mode? But every time we make good love All the bad seems to go away And I always give him something he can feel 'Cause I got nothing if I can't make him stay Oh, suga, suga So, I stopped in on the girls earlier to say what's up and they were at each other's throat.
Then they turned it on me.
Stop dropping in on them.
It's my show now.
Stay away from them.
Are you serious right now? We're good.
They're all you.
He ain't going nowhere Wrong or right, I don't care I just want to keep him here So I give him my Suga, suga, suga, suga He don't deserve it but I give him my Suga, suga, suga, suga So I give him my (DISTORTING): Suga, suga, suga, suga.
(PIANO PLAYING) (VOCALIZING) What ever happened to you And all of the things that you knew? Before you were twerking and dropping it low in the club Doing too much And now that you're rollin' with Molly You've become the life of the party Such a rebel In a cold, cold world - The ratchet life - Ooh You want the ratchet life You hide behind your disguise But I know the truth You ain't 'bout that ratchet life - Ooh - Won't last till the morning light You're still putting up a fight - What do you have to prove? - Ooh I just miss the old you One selfie, two Swisher Sweets And three bottles of Jack Four bundles of imported hair Five little thoughts Chasing the fame Tell me how long do you think it will last? The ratchet life No more of this ratchet life Doo, doo, doo Just throw away your disguise 'Cause I know your truth I know your truth You're so much more than this ratchet life Ratchet life Won't last till the morning light Morning light You're still putting up a fight Up a fight What do you have to prove? You have to prove I just miss the old you Ooh, ooh, ooh Unforgettable you Irresistible you.
(TIRES SCREECHING) So I give him my Suga, suga, suga, suga (ECHOING): Suga.
Good night.
WOMAN: What is she doing? WOMAN 2: Look at her.
Oh, my God, she's crazy.
(PEOPLE SHOUTING) MAN: Now I'm interested.
When I said I wanted you to smash this performance, I did not mean my $10,000 speakers.
Is there some kind of mental deficiency I should know about with you, Alex? No, no, I'm great.
In fact, since you're the one that had us Sit your non-talented ass down.
Alex, just sh-shut up.
Listen, don't let this one performance define us.
Um, excuse me, Ms.
Ayanna, do you know what it's like to be singing your heart out and people just stuffing their face with gross food? It's It's your job to make them forget about stuffing their face with food.
Make them forget about everything.
If you can't own a food court audience, how the hell are you going to own a stadium? STAR: I don't know.
Give us that album spot - and maybe you'll find out.
- (AYANNA CHUCKLES) You have got balls on you the size of Texas.
I don't really find that offensive.
Balls are awesome.
WOMAN (IN VIDEO): Oh, my God, what is she doing? WOMAN 2: Look at her.
- Oh, my God, she's crazy.
- (FEEDBACK SQUEALS) AYANNA: This makes Midtown look bad.
Okay, I know you pissed off, Ayanna, but do you see that? 200,000 views.
Forget about what happened.
We should be riding this moment.
You'll perform on Good Day Atlanta with Noah.
Are you serious? Yeah.
Looks like you girls are failing upwards.
Let's hit it.
(SQUEALS) That's-that's garbage.
Failed It could be a failed prayer, maybe? (SCATTING) (SCATTING) Got it, got it.
I found it.
I found it! - MAN: Shut up! - No, you shut up! We know the original version of "Suga" works.
Yeah, and we know that the crowd will respond to it.
Yeah, but we also know that Noah's not gonna do anything new, so we might as well.
Ooh, Alex, we should start rehearsing that song you've been working on.
That's true.
We should.
That song is dope and it's new.
We can't do "Suga.
" It just blew up in our faces.
Like, it literally blew up in our faces.
Look, it's not even close to ready, okay? - Alex, it's really good.
- It's not there.
We can get it there.
I'm too damn fried right now to think of another song.
Stop pushing me.
We stick with what we know.
(INTRO TO "PULL UP" PLAYING) - Really? - Uh-huh.
So, you're just gonna do all your old songs again? Not old.
Unlike that island remix you guys tried.
- STAR: We didn't like it, either.
- Uh-huh.
But I guess it's what you have to do Remind people why they liked you.
NOAH: Correction: loved.
That's still past tense.
At least I ain't got to pull no stunts to get my shine on.
Nah, that's true, you do well enough with scandal.
Y'all are wrecking equipment.
I'm surprised you're still here.
You're gonna be even more surprised when you see us tomorrow at Good Day.
You didn't know.
Nobody told you? We're performing on Good Day Atlanta, too.
Y'all performing after me? It's not a good look.
I mean there's not gonna be no hype left.
The way I see it, you're setting us up to knock 'em out.
You're the fluffer.
We're the finisher.
You wanna love me stranded But love doesn't Need a hostage No, no It's like I gave too much I don't wanna work too hard I ain't thinkin' bout you.
JAHIL: Hey, now, what's up, all you pretty ladies in the house? - What's going on, now? - What you want? Changing lives, my brother, changing lives.
Don't you worry about it.
Check this out.
Ladies, I was up all night last night working on a new track for you, and I'm telling you right now it is it is hype.
Oh, I mean, not today, Jahil.
No, no.
No, no, I got that.
Not today, not tomor Look, I know it's not gonna change how I let you all down before, I know that.
But, look, I ain't beggin'.
Okay? I ain't beggin' here, okay? You know why? 'Cause I got the goods for real.
Let me play it for you.
I'm just I'm looking for an opportunity, okay? Get your ass outside.
Hey, Lott.
Lott, I know this sounds crazy, all right? But I got what they need, all right? I know them.
Sounds crazy? Look at you.
Pinned to the ceiling.
It's caffeine, all right? I'm not doing coke.
I told you not to push up on them, didn't I? Will you just take a listen? 'Cause I want you to hear this.
- I was up all night, and I - Yo, this is so - this is so typical of you, Jahil.
- What? Blowing something up and then coming back through like there's no debris left behind.
You got to live with the choices you made five months ago.
What? The choice I made? (CHUCKLES) Hold on a second.
W-Wasn't that you? Wasn't that you who helped me to fade out? That was to keep Cotton and them girls safe.
- Oh.
- And now look at you.
You go behind my back to them, huh? Oh, wow, okay, so it was to keep the girls safe, right? Wow.
No, pardon me, you know, I thought it was also to help keep me safe, but - don't worry about it.
- It was.
And we did it.
But I can't have you getting in those girls' head.
They got a performance on Good Day Atlanta, and I need 'em focused.
You can't just get back in with the group like nothin' ever happened.
So if you want to drop a track on them, or even a single note, you got to come through me.
Hey, you can wear that hat if you want to.
I'm drowning here.
But I ain't gonna give up, 'cause you know what? 'Cause I know when I got lightning, and you know it, too.
And you know what, I got me a track, and it's a great track! I just need a shot here, Lottie.
Yeah, you do.
Just not with my girls.
(SCREEN DOOR BANGS SHUT) Alyse Eady? - Star Davis.
This is Big Trouble.
- Hi.
We're the act performing after Noah.
Oh, I thought there was only one act performing today.
Uh, we actually have to get her into touch-ups.
I'm sorry.
AYANNA: Hey, girls.
Put these on.
- Why? - You're too shiny for backup singers.
Backup singers for who? Oh, you didn't actually think you would be rewarded for your behavior? Oh.
You did.
You're performing right after Noah's interview.
You'll sing "Pull Up.
" I think you all know it.
You're out of your damn mind.
I'm very much in it.
My label my rules apply.
Come on, Ayanna, backup singers? Really? They're not no "ooh and ah" girls.
They are today, and they'll go wherever I choose.
They work for me.
WOMAN: Everybody, places! MAN: Stand by, sound! So, Noah, back in the ATL.
Well, you know, I never really left.
I got too much love for my city.
It's been a pretty tough year for you, though That highly publicized assault case last year - with your former label exec - Yeah, well, that label wasn't a good fit for me.
That's why I came over to Midtown Sound.
It's more of a home than any label I ever been at.
And I'm not here to talk about a case that's been closed.
- I'm here to sing.
- We're waiting for it.
We're gonna hear from Noah Brooks after the break.
All right, places, places.
Everybody, places.
And we'll be back in 90 seconds, okay? SIMONE: He's our competition, and here we are trying to make him look better.
ALEX: I knew it.
We shouldn't have signed with this label This is a waste of our time.
Okay, I know that face What are you thinking? What if it's not a waste of our time? We already got on the dresses.
Let's do this.
Do what? Hijack this bitch.
Oh, you don't have to ask me twice.
Wait, y'all singin' background for me? Wait.
I thought y'all were gonna show me up.
This is all you, bruh.
Okay, here he is performing his number one hit, "Pull Up," Noah Brooks.
Oh, yeah This is not the way to introduce these girls as artists on this label.
Can you back me up here? Oh, wow.
Make sure y'all keep up, yeah? It's 2:00 in the morning and I'm through With what I gotta do, so Through fun, yeah I'm riding through the city in an old-school Chevy - Ooh, ooh - Low pros, restless - Than a you know what - Than a what? Feeling sexy than a you know what - Than a what? - Got me texting Like a you know what Like a what? For some of that you know what - Yeah, what? - But you playin' games And I ain't gonna take it, pick up, pick up I know that it's late and I'm faded, but, baby Get up, get up - Check it out - SOS, 911 - Mayday, Mayday - Emergency - Code Red - Mayday, Mayday I know where the spare is for such an occasion 'Cause they tie you up like a straight home invasion Ring, ring, blowing up ya phone Pull up, pull up Got something you don't wanna miss Beep, beep, blowing on my horn - Pull up, pull up - Yeah, you know, I'm that chick - Love ya like ya never been loved - Pull up, pull up - Touch ya like ya never been touched - Pull up, pull up - Ya dealin' with a real one here - Pull up Ya dealin' with a real one here - Now, when I'm in the mood - I pull up - And when I want to - I pull up - That's what I do - I pull up - And when I want you - I pull up Nobody can love you this good Love you the way that they should Nobody but me, I'm the queen of your world Keep it up till I hear you say good girl Good girl, good girl Ring, ring, blowing up ya phone Pull up, pull up Got something you don't wanna miss - Beep, beep, blowing on my horn - Oh, oh - Yeah, you know I'm that chick - Ah, ah - Love you like you never been loved - Never been loved Touch you like you never been touched You're dealin' with a real one here You're dealin' with a real one here.
(SONG ENDS) (APPLAUSE, CHEERING) My girls ain't nobody's backup.
Yo, that was a crazy idea, and totally worth it.
- Yes.
- Yo.
Let me holler at you.
Say what you gotta say.
Y'all can figure it out on your own.
Look, I been in this game long enough to know that that's the weak-ass move you pull when your music is trash and you're thirsty for attention.
You mean our saving you from having to perform that dry-ass song one more time? You're welcome.
You think I'm playing with you.
This ain't no game.
This is my career, my life.
Now, I don't know who got you twisted, but I want you to hear me right now: I am not the one.
(NOAH SIGHS) You know, you're doing a great job.
- Really? - How about I thank you by taking you out to dinner tonight? I don't know, Elliot.
(SIGHS) It's okay, it's fine, I just thought, - you know - Not right now? Okay.
"Not right now" is a good answer.
It means you're already thinking about the future.
I got to go walk the site.
But, uh you good here? Top-shelf bourbon, one round, please? Oh, I'm sorry.
Am I bothering you? Yeah, sort of.
My bad.
Won't happen again.
BARTENDER: You good? WOMAN: Yes.
Thank you.
What are you listening to? - Huh? - What are you listening to? Oh, nothing.
Just, uh you know, a magnificent track.
- Let me hear.
- You want to hear it? - Yes, I'd like to hear it.
- Really? Mm.
- That's good.
- Yeah, you like it? - I do.
- Good.
Who's the producer? He's smart, imaginative.
Hopefully, he's not too quick.
Oh, no, he times it just right.
(EXHALES) Yeah, why don't you, uh, why don't you call him sometime find out? You didn't just randomly wander in here tonight, did you? - I don't know, did I? - Uh, no, you didn't.
You know exactly who I am and what I do.
Better yet, I know exactly what you need.
Oh, you do? Make that call.
(DOOR OPENS) Oh, we're not accepting applications right now.
The receptionist job has already been filled.
You don't look like no secretary to me.
And you don't look like your raggedy ass belongs in here, so what do you want? I'm Meeka.
Omari's sister? He wanted me to check in on you.
You can tell him I'm fine.
You can tell him that yourself.
He getting out early.
Wanted me to give this to you.
And that ain't my résumé.
(WOMAN SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) What's up? You here for the barber's position? MAURICE: No.
I-Is Carlotta around? (MOUTHING) I ain't got nothing to say to you.
That's cool.
What if I'm here as a paying customer? We closed.
Peace offering.
I'm not drinking today.
Oh, I am.
(QUIETLY): You know we need the coin.
(SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) Your edges are jacked up.
(LAUGHS) Very.
You you want to line me up? I thought that just maybe, you were different.
But you just you just a punk on the payroll, kissing Ayanna's ass.
Well, I got you and the girls the producer approval.
(CORK SQUEAKS, POPS OUT) Y'all are beasts.
Go away, Bruce.
So what's your plan? I got a few things.
STAR: Alex, pick up the phone.
It's important.
Carlotta wants to talk to us.
Call me back.
All right.
Okay, move you on? Okay, one, two, three.
(GRUNTS) Okay.
(GRUNTS) Okay.
- Hey, sorry I missed your call.
- Hey.
I was just working on some stuff in the house.
What's up? Carlotta just wanted to talk to us.
But You good? Yeah.
I'm great.
You sure? (LAUGHS): 100.
Why? I was knocking, and I I saw you in there.
With Derek.
Alex, I knew it was hard, but I did not know it looked like that.
And you been doing that every day.
I mean, I told you so.
"I told you so"? You know what I'm saying that I'm sorry you're going through this.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I'm 19, playing nurse to my man.
Sexy nurse.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) At least he's paralyzed and can't beat your ass.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
That's a plus.
I'm just so sick of everything being out of my hands.
Our future.
Me and Derek's.
But you know what? Either way, you know what you've got? Come here.
- Come here.
You got these two - Oh, God.
- You got these two - This is not gonna help at all.
- Beautiful boobs.
- What are you? - I (SCOFFS) - to rest your head on.
- No.
- Your weary head on.
Ugh, I don't need this at all.
Oh, everybody does.
(LAUGHS) So are we celebrating, or are we mourning? (SIGHS) They're giving us control of the producer situation.
- (GASPS) - Are you serious? (LAUGHTER) (SCREAMS) - Hey, hey! - From now on, nobody's dictating our music but us.
You have producer approval.
As we should.
- SIMONE: Finally.
- ALEXANDRA: God So now you get to decide who and what you really about.
Okay? So am I mourning or celebrating? I'm celebrating, baby.
Oh, that's my joy.
- (LAUGHS) - That's a lot of money.
- (WHOOPS) I'm every woman - It's all in me - Hey.
- Anything you want done, baby - What? - I'll do it naturally - Carlotta! - I can't believe I tried to fire you.
It's all right, baby.
You gave me something to prove.
But don't doubt my skills.
Alex should do it.
Write and produce.
Nobody knows us better than her.
- This is true.
This is true.
- I accept.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Did I tell y'all? - What? I caught Cotton masturbating this morning.
- Ew.
- Can someone take me back to jail? - (LAUGHTER) - Come back! - Ring, ring, blowing up ya phone - Pull up, pull up Got something you don't wanna miss - Love ya like ya never been loved - When I pull up - Touch ya like ya never been touched - When I pull up - You dealing with a real one here - Right here Ya dealing with a real one here - (WHOOPS) Hey! - By the time we ended that hook, - he was dead by that point.
- He really was.
Three chicks who pulled up to Atlanta trying to get in.
- And we pulled up! - Hey! - See you guys tomorrow! - Bye! - Bye, girl! - Bye.
(DOOR CLOSES) KAREN: Look, I didn't ask for a room change.
They just stuck me here.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER, DOORS CLOSING) We having a party in here? The last thing I need is for my roommate to be ODing on some pills.
How many did you take? None.
Dee was gonna wait for me.
We was gonna take 'em together.
We were supposed to kill ourselves together.
I didn't make it.
But you did make it.
And you're not alone.
(CRYING) Give me a run for my money There is nobody, no one to outrun me (SPEAKING): Another world premiere! So give me a run for my money Sippin' bubbly, feelin' lovely Livin' lovely Just love me - What up, Stunt? - I wanna be with you, ay - I like that nickname.
- I wanna be with you Maybe you're right.
Maybe I do pull stunts for attention.
Just love me If I didn't ride blade on curb, would you still Love me? - If I minimized my net worth, would you still - Love me? - Keep it a hundred - I'd rather you trust me than to - Love me Keep it a whole one hund': don't got you, I got nothin' Ay, I got somethin' - But it seems to be working.
- Hold up, we gon' function - We gon' function - Ay, no assumptions - No assumptions - Feelin' like Tyson with it - Can't recognize game? - Only for the night, I'm kiddin' Only for life, you're a homie for life You're a homie for life, let's get it Hit that shoulder lean I know what comin' over mean - See you 'round old man.
- I know what you need Already on ten, our money come in All feeling go out, this feeling don't drought - This party won't end - You seem happy.
I am.
It's Lately it's been pretty difficult to see that, but even with all the noise, one thing I know is that I love you very much.
Love you, too.
There is nobody, no one to outrun me So give me a run for my money Sippin' bubbly, feelin' lovely Should should we stop? I know you can't Love me Come here.
I wanna be with you, ay, I wanna be with - Come closer.
I am closer.
Come closer.
Told you that I'm on the way I'm on the way, I know connection is vague - Pick up the phone for me, babe - (MOANS) (CAR DOOR CLOSES, TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS) - You get her back on time? - 10:00 p.
on the dot.
- Okay.
What the hell are you doing here, Brody? Thought I'd come say hello to my daughter.
Hey, Star.