Star (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

It Ain't Over

1 This is what you missed on Star I'm going to have a very public competition amongst the label's best artists.
Musical Hunger Games? It's what the public wants.
STAR: This is what desperation looks like.
SIMONE: So, are you gonna post it on your site? A kiss from a little mama, and you got yourself a deal.
- I'm Meeka.
- Omari's sister? MEEKA: He wanted me to check in on you.
He getting out early.
What did I do with that bracelet? - DEREK: That new? - No.
My mom got this for me a while ago.
KAREN: Dee was gonna wait for me.
We were supposed to kill ourselves together.
STAR: Our mother was a junkie, and she died because of it.
What the hell are you doing here, Brody? Thought I'd come say hello to my daughter.
Hey, Star.
Hey, Carlotta.
You look good, Star.
I saw you on TV.
(SIGHS) It's amazing how much you sound like your mom.
Told everybody how proud I was of you.
That was my baby girl up there.
So you think I got money now? 'Cause I'm on TV? (SOFTLY): Nah.
Came here 'cause I owe you an explanation.
Ten years.
Yeah, I know.
I'm a different man now.
I'm gonna prove that to you.
I got a room over at The Georgian Terrace Hotel.
I'm gonna stay there as long as it takes.
Come on, honey.
(QUIETLY): What? Come on, Star.
Star? - Star! - (SCREEN DOOR CLOSES) You left that girl and her mother for dead.
She's my daughter, Carlotta.
I ain't goin' nowhere.
Well, neither am I.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? I bring me Denial, trials You're trippin' Underwater, ain't no grip Going under with the ship (EXHALES) What? Nothing.
I just love it when you smile.
(LAUGHS) I just still cannot believe this crazy lady is letting me produce our music.
'Cause you're, like, in your zone now.
And you're super sexy.
And you're super sweaty.
(BOTH LAUGH SOFTLY) What about you, hmm? I already know I'm sexy.
What? (LAUGHS) I meant, when are you gonna get back in your zone, Derek? - You haven't been to a BLM meeting - Yes, I have.
You need to get out of the house.
What are you talking about? I go to therapy every damn day.
I'm gonna walk again.
I don't care about what they say.
I know you will.
- (PHONE CHIMES AND VIBRATES) - But you cannot let this get in your head anymore.
Looks like you got to go now.
Lucky for you.
I mean it, Derek.
- Okay? - All right.
): Section B, report to the cafeteria.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER IN DISTANCE) What's wrong with you? Why you watching me in my sleep? Nothing.
You been up all night? I was just trying to make sure you were okay.
Look, last night I was tripping, a'ight? Don't report me.
I ain't gonna do nothin'.
You know I lost my mother? I mean, she didn't kill herself, but I know how it feels.
Look, I don't need your pity, superstar.
Don't you got a party to go to? (VEHICLE RUMBLING) (ENGINE STOPS) Check out my new house! Jahil, move this trash box out Carlotta's yard.
And where you get the money to buy that? Friend of mine owed me a favor.
Nah, you done stole it from a friend of yours.
You need to move it.
Bitch, we got five minutes, and I got lace fronts that need to be prepped.
Listen, Cott, maybe you can help me out? Maybe talk your mother into letting me park it here.
You got a lot of nerve.
You don't need my help.
You done lied to me for the last five months.
Look, I know, and that's on me, okay, that's my bad.
But I'm gonna make it up to you, sweetheart.
Man, whatever.
(DIALING) Yeah, can you tell Ayanna Floyd it's Jahil Rivera? Yes, again.
- AYANNA: Is everything set for the party? - ANDY: Yes.
Did we fix the sound issue on the stage? Yes, we fixed the sound issue onstage.
The caterers are here.
The decorations are here.
I got you, Ayanna.
I don't want to be got.
- I want everything to be great.
- It's gonna be lit.
Everybody's gonna be there.
Do you not remember? I studied your father.
He's the reason I went to Harvard.
It's gonna be good.
Or "great.
" Where are we on GiGi Nixon? GiGi Nixon's on The Shade Room this morning.
MAN: GiGi, when's the new album coming out? That's what the hell I would like to know! My ass hurt, my head hurt, my (BLEEP) hurt, 'cause I been working this (BLEEP) too (BLEEP)! Is that a raincoat or a condom? Interstate Records is the one that's supposed to be hustling these records for me.
Let's go! Wait a minute.
Wasn't she on your father's label? Get her to the party.
Whatever it takes.
But we all still so confused But hold on Hold on - Change is coming - Yeah.
Hold on Hold on Hold on Don't you worry about a thing - Just hold on.
- Hi.
Excuse me.
Ayanna wants to see your looks for the party.
We're about to go into the studio right now.
We clean up just fine.
We're trying to concentrate on competition.
You won't even be in the competition if you don't shine at this party.
- Charles Floyd is coming through.
- We don't care who's rolling through! Okay? We look great.
Bye! STAR (SIGHS): Oy - Can I see? - Yeah.
Did you tell Simone he was in town? She can't handle that.
Change of plans.
Ayanna wants to see your group after hair and makeup in her office, wearing these.
I'm just not sure if I get them.
Rachel, what are you What is she doing here? Ms.
Wells is our new social media strategist.
She's going to help me sort through the best artists to promote at today's event.
I mean, what's the narrative here? Murder victim's girlfriend, rock star's daughter, foster care reject? It's just a mess.
I'm really not sure if this is what you want - for your label or for you.
- Ms.
Floyd, now you know if there's any group on this label - that should be performing at this party - Hey.
It's my girls.
You know how good they are live.
I still don't know what you girls represent as a group.
You realize she don't know anything, right? You got a girl in here telling you what to do who was freelancing for B-list producers last year.
(SCOFFS) God, do you ever get tired of being a cliché, white trash, wannabe diva? It's getting old, girl.
- Nope.
- Star! Whoa.
- Star.
- (STAR YELLS) (STAR GRUNTING) - Whoa! Whoa! - (CHOKING) - You bitch! - Get off of her! - Get off of this girl.
- Are you - out of your damn mind? - Come on.
- No! Come on, girl.
- Are you out of your damn mind? - Are you okay? - I'm sorry.
- I-I'm so sorry.
We get it.
- You're not coming to my party.
And the competition might be off the table, too.
You're crazy! Get out.
Get them out! Star, why you always got to drag a bitch? Why you always trying to kill somebody? Nobody wanted to perform at that party anyway.
- Star, you would have - Yeah, but this is Enough.
Enough! I said enough.
You two go back in there and work on the music.
Oh, no, no, no.
Let me holler at you for a minute.
Okay, it's obvious we need to talk about your dad.
Why would we need to talk about Brody? 'Cause you've been pissed off ever since he popped up last night.
What happened in there had nothing to do with him.
I know you got issues with him.
I got issues with him, too.
Carlotta, you know he left me to watch my mother die.
(SIGHS) All right.
Well, then say what you need to say to him and move on.
I'm not ever moving on from that.
NOAH: I'm so sick Hey I'm so sick of love Ooh I've been giving all of me You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity Somebody tell me what to do, oh - Hold on, stop.
- (MUSIC STOPS) We got to fix this hook before the party, man.
The hook isn't the problem.
It's the verse.
Oh, my God.
Didn't I ask you to lock the door, man? What, the stunt girl's sidekick got tips for me now? (CHUCKLES) I'm nobody's sidekick.
But, you know, you could use one to fix this wack track.
(LAUGHS) - So, what, you're a producer now? - Actually, yeah.
And I'm up next in the booth, so I'm-a need you to get out.
It should go like this.
Over and over and over I tried But dealing with you Is like a full-time occupation Mmm, this can't be love, love - Hey - Can't be worrying about you And all your situations Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Stop, stop, stop.
All right.
First of all, let me apologize for ten seconds ago.
- As you should.
- Can we try this? Just follow me right quick.
Yeah? I'm so sick Just follow me.
I'm so sick of - Love - Love Ooh I've been giving all of me - You - You been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity Somebody tell me what to do Oh, I'm so sick (CHUCKLING) Okay, okay, okay.
Help me lay this down right quick.
- No.
- (SIGHS) - Why would I help you, Noah? - It sounds good.
You want me out of here or not? Please? Play it back.
I'm so sick - Mmm - Mmm - I'm so sick of love - I'm so sick of love Mmm I've been giving all of me You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity Somebody tell me what to do, oh I'm so sick Mm-hmm, yeah So sick of - Love - Love Yeah - I've been giving all of me - Yeah.
You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity BOTH: Somebody tell me what to do, oh (DOOR OPENS) Hey.
You-you going somewhere? Yeah, I'm, uh, going to pay the electric bill before they shut the lights out.
Alex is acting up.
And I wanted to, like, make some dinner or something for her.
You mind stopping at, - like, the - Yes, I mind.
- Huh? - Alex is right.
You don't want to go no damn place.
- Grandma, what are you - Yeah, I heard.
What happened to your activism, huh? What happened to that boy who told me that he wanted to be the man of the house? Your life did not end that night.
Stop acting like it did.
You stop acting like it didn't! All the people we laid in the ground your daddy, his brother.
Both my boys.
There are black men in jail, in prison right now who can't go nowhere, but you can.
You want to get your girlfriend something, roll your ass out and get it your damn self.
(DOOR OPENS, SLAMS) (DUCKS QUACKING) Why are you here, Brody? 'Cause we both know you ain't nothing but a taker.
That's all you ever did with Mary.
I'm not about to let you do that with your daughter.
You don't know me anymore, Carlotta.
I know once a hustler, always a hustler.
(CHUCKLES) Man, you got a selective memory, don't you? Oh, no, my memory is clear.
That's all I watched you do, was drag Mary down like a damn riptide.
You know, you stand there, wearing that cross around your neck, looking a little different than you did back in the day I'll give you that.
But we both know what went down.
She was your best friend.
What about what you did to Mary? Hmm? I made peace with my mistakes.
How long you been telling yourself that lie? Yeah, I produced it myself.
Hello? Look, I know the track is a little rough, but you got to admit something's there, right? I mean, there's-there's something in it.
Connie? (MUSIC PLAYING) (DOOR OPENS) Hey, I need to ask you some I don't even know why I came in here.
- Go on and get high.
- No, no, wait, wait, wait.
Don't go.
What, you want me to get high with you? Come on, let's just do a little bit.
Look, Cotton, are you crazy? If your parole officer catches you positive, you're going away for good.
- Okay? - You would've had a stroke - doing all that blow at your age.
- I wasn't even gonna It's not even mine.
I wasn't I wasn't even gonna do it.
(LAUGHS) Ah, Cotton, they got me by the balls.
I mean, no one in the music industry wants to touch me - or my music.
- Why not? It's dope.
Yeah, it is, but it ain't mine.
It's your cousin's.
Wait, I have a cousin? Yeah, long story.
- My track needs work.
- So work on it.
- (CLICK) - (MUSIC STOPS) I met this dude in jail, and he's about to come home.
Is there a problem? I'm just a little nervous.
Don't be.
I'm here.
Whoa, whoa! What the hell are you doing?! We could sell that on the street, stupid.
Let's both clean up our lives.
Driving by the park tonight I was stopping at the light It reminded me of all those days.
I heard the girls are out of the party.
I don't care about no damn party.
All I care about is the competition.
You're a mess.
Look, I've seen managers take all the blows and burn out because they ain't taking care of themselves.
I want you to meet me somewhere this afternoon.
Don't you have to be at that damn party, kissing Charles Floyd's ass? (CHUCKLES) Yeah, Ayanna knows I have something way more important to do.
And I want you to come with me.
I'll text you the address.
Denial Trial You trippin' Underwater, ain't no grip Going under with the ship.
Yo, what is going on with you today? And I know you ain't on your period.
Yeah, that's a lie.
You're early.
Brody showed up last night.
Yo, Brody? Brody, your father, Brody? He's not my father, Simone.
He's just a bitch who came in and out of our life, looking for a fix or a piece of ass from our mother.
He is not my father.
Yeah, why didn't you tell me? Because I didn't want you trippin' like you are right now.
First thing out of his mouth was how he saw me on TV.
His broke ass wants a piece of the pie.
That's it.
- Yeah, we ain't got a pie.
- Yeah, but we will.
And he's not getting any of it.
Let's start this over.
And stop talking about this.
Denial Trial You trippin'.
- Hey, Star.
- What? We should try to get back into that party.
Simone Davis now you're talking like my sister.
If we make Ayanna's dad happy, we make her happy.
- And we're back in the game.
- How are we gonna get back in? How did we get into any party? I mean, we could bust into the party without an invitation, - but that's really rude.
- We can't help it.
We wasn't raised right.
(LAUGHS) (STAR LAUGHS) (PHOTOGRAPHERS CLAMORING) She wanna vibe That's a vibe Yeah, uh This right here is the head of Business Affairs at your company.
Don't forget our meeting on Wednesday.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Cancel it on Tuesday.
That's done.
Save that seat for my father.
Shh! - It's security back there.
- Okay.
(SQUEALS) You guys.
Still took you longer, though.
Y'all are extra.
Simone, go get those ugly dresses.
I'm about to slip the engineer our music.
You invited me to church? I heard you were a spiritual woman.
Unless I misread you.
I figured you'd be down for it.
No, I grew up in the church.
It's just it stopped being an outlet for me.
Say it.
Say it! I am a man.
(CRYING): Am I? Am I? Am I, am I a man? HARRIS: You asked for my help! You did! Both of y'all are confused! Not God, just the people in it.
Well, it's not like that around here.
Maurice Jetter.
No, you didn't.
- Pastor Boyd.
- Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Oh, let me introduce you.
- This is - Carlotta Brown.
Mixed Harmony was my jam.
(LAUGHING): Okay? I mean, God, you and Mary were the perfect blend.
Thank you.
- We were lucky like that.
- No, my sister.
You were blessed.
And we're blessed to have you join us for worship.
Y'all come on in.
Let me introduce you.
(PHOTOGRAPHERS CLAMORING) You get the social media campaign ready.
I mean, pictures, all of it.
Just do us both a favor and don't act too desperate, okay? No, desperate? No, no, she's coming to Midtown.
Not desperate.
- Yeah, we good.
SIMONE: Yo, did you just cut layers in your hair? When we come in with the hook, we need to make sure - we push these vocals.
- We know, Alex.
This is Ayanna's first time hearing our new music.
Charles Floyd has a pitch-perfect ear, - so we have to be on.
- Don't you worry.
I'm not leaving that party until Charles Floyd loves us.
Do not use your vagina.
No promises whatsoever.
Please, don't encourage that little monster.
- I cannot stand this dress! - STAR: It's hideous.
- Oh.
STAR: Well, that's Cute.
- It's kind of therapeutic.
- Yes.
Y'all all eyes in that place are gonna be on us.
Let's do it.
WOMAN: GiGi, are you coming to Midtown?! - MAN: Coming to Midtown?! - MAN 2: We love the dog! - Somebody take the damn dog.
- (DOG BARKS) - Take him.
- Andy, get the dog.
WOMAN 2: GiGi, you look great! MAN 3: GiGi, what are you wearing? WOMAN 3: We love your new hairstyle! WOMAN 4: GiGi, are you coming to Midtown? Now, that's a star.
- Damn.
- All eyes on us? Somebody's coming.
Go, go, go, go, go.
GIGI: Y'all pulling out all the stops, huh? - That's how we roll at Midtown.
- That's how every label rolls when they're trying to sign your ass.
I wasn't born yesterday.
I'm-a need some bomb-ass producers and some good records.
You'll be the label's marquee artist.
Whatever you need, you'll have.
Because of my history with your family, I'm willing to listen.
My father remains a big fan.
That's why I'm here.
I'm-a need some serious face time with him after I get my drink on.
It's a privilege to represent the best in the game, GiGi, and you are the best.
Hold, please, 'cause I just seen my girl Lawanda.
Girl, I haven't seen you since - that video shoot in Tampa! - Go.
But now that don't feel right It made me put away My pride So long You made a wait for something Who let you in? I'm in tight with the caterer.
You make even that sound filthy.
You never called me.
The song didn't make me want to.
What if I told you I just got back from Miami and I got a whole new sound? Never been heard here in Atlanta before.
You're cocky.
I like that word in your mouth.
But stay woke - They be creepin' - (CHUCKLES) They gon' find you Gon' catch you sleepin' In Isaiah 43:18, the Lord tells us not to call to mind - the former things.
- MAN: Right.
Or to ponder things of the past.
Oh, but, y'all, sometimes, we need to go back.
- And ask forgiveness.
PASTOR BOYD: Not just from God, but of ourselves.
(CONGREGATION REACTS) I wonder if there's anybody here tonight who wants to testify.
If you feel so moved by the spirit.
- Yes.
Yeah, Sister Carlotta, please.
We welcome you.
- Y'all encourage our sister.
- (APPLAUSE) We're family here.
I heard Charles Floyd is coming in right now, - so we better hurry up.
- Guys, I got a wedgie.
Okay, Ayanna is right there, and we need to go Go.
Go, go, go.
'Sup, Midtown? We are Alex, Star and Simone.
We're Midtown's newest group, and we're here repping the best and hottest music coming out of Atlanta right now.
Do y'all love Atlanta music? CONGREGATION: Yeah.
I haven't been in a church in a while.
But somebody thought that this was exactly where I needed to be.
ALEXANDRA: And we would not be here if it wasn't for the lovely, the gracious Ayanna.
And I see ain't nothing changed, 'cause pastors are still trying to get you to sing.
(LAUGHTER) So, okay.
Denial, trials You trippin' Underwater, ain't no grip Going under with the ship I get it, Bible It's no hope But we all in that same boat Trying to stay up on the float - But hold on - Hold on - Change is coming - Hold on - Hold on - Hold on Don't you worry 'bout a thing - Just hold on - Hold on - You can make it - Hold on - Hold on - Hold on Don't you worry 'bout a thing - Listen what I tell you - Hold on - When you want to let go - Hold on - Just keep a hold - Hold on And everything will work out right - Listen what I'm saying - Hold on - I know you losing hope - Hold on - No, but you can't let go - Hold on Don't you worry 'bout a thing Just hold on Neglected, jaded You're losing, in a sea of nobodies Trying to tell you how to be I get it, been there Believe me Everybody think they cool But we all still so confused But hold on Hold on - Change is coming - Hold on - Hold on - Hold on Don't you worry 'bout a thing - Just hold on - Hold on - You can make it - Hold on - Hold on - Hold on Don't you worry 'bout a thing - Listen what I tell you - Hold on - When you want to let go - Hold on - Just keep a hold - Hold on And everything will work out right Listen what I'm saying - Hold on - I know you losing hope Hold on - No, but you can't let go - Hold on Don't you worry 'bout a thing - Just hold on - Oh, oh - Hold on - Oh, oh - Hold on - Oh, oh Don't you worry 'bout a thing, just hold on - Oh, oh - Hold on - Oh, oh - Hold on, yeah Don't you worry 'bout a thing, just hold on.
- Oh, my God.
We just did that.
- And it-it didn't, it didn't suck.
- It didn't suck.
- She looked so mad.
- Great job, you were amazing.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- Did you see Ayanna's face? STAR: Oh, she was mad.
She might drop us, but it was worth it.
- Guys, I'll be - Thank you so much.
Thank you.
- I'll be right back.
- Simone, where are you going? - Wait.
Where are you going? - No, no, no, no, no.
- I'll be back.
We have to talk to Mr.
Floyd right now.
Let's just split up and find daddy before Ayanna sics her goons on us.
- We got, like, five seconds.
- Okay.
Be back in, like, ten.
'Sup, sexy.
Hey, you know, uh, we started something last night.
I'm happy to finish.
Course, we'd, um, we'd have to do it standing up.
You have to be a lot taller.
Are you out of your damn mind? What are you doing here? - Damn, girl, you look fly.
- Okay, they're gonna send the cops - after your ass.
We need to go.
- No, I didn't skip out just to go back empty.
Look, I just came to do some dirt.
You know, pour one out for Dee.
It ain't like she getting a real funeral, anyway.
But you probably wouldn't understand.
You ain't like us.
Yo, Karen.
Wait up.
NICK: Two packs of cigs, and, uh, two packs of chew.
SORAYA: Uh, can I see some ID? NICK: You asking me for my ID? I'm an American.
Where's your damn ID? - I don't want any trouble.
I just - Shut up.
I lost my damn job over some politically correct bull like this.
You people taking everything from us.
- That Chinaman fired me - SORAYA: I didn't take anything from you, and I suggest that you leave.
NICK: You leave this country.
Leave something for my kid brother.
Hey, yo.
It's time to get out of here.
Come on.
- (SCOFFS) Stay out of this, GIMP.
- NICK: Attaboy.
Hey, I said leave her alone, man.
It ain't no Wh-What's the issue? DEREK: No! - (GASPS) - (LAUGHTER) - SORAYA: Hey! - (LAUGHS) - Oh! - Go! Get out! (LAUGHTER) You all right? (GRUNTING) (PANTING) Can I do anything to help you? Sir.
(DOOR BELL JINGLES) Dad, where are you? I thought you were coming.
I thought you'd like to see what I've done with the place.
I got GiGi Nixon here.
I'm probably going to sign GiGi Nixon to Midtown.
Whatever you want, there's nothing better No, she hasn't signed the deal yet, but you say I never do anything for the family.
I can do this.
I have to get back to my party.
Good-bye, Dad.
(PHONE BEEPS) They can hate, they can hate They can hate - (SIGHS) - Hey.
How the hell did you get in here? And how did you get on my damn stage? I got on that stage 'cause that's where I belong.
You know, you and I are just doing the same thing right now.
Jumping through hoops, trying to impress Charles Floyd.
But I guess Daddy's not coming? Take me there, baby That's none of your business.
I'm like hella fine wine, better with time Want to spend time, got to spend that dime I'm sorry.
Get the hell out of my party.
They don't even matter They don't, they don't You brought down the church in there.
It was good to hear you sing again.
You know one of the reasons why artists think I'm a good A&R exec? 'Cause I don't spread no business.
When me and Mary first hit, I knew she was going too far with the drugs.
And I ain't do nothing to help her.
'Cause I needed her on that stage just as much as she needed to get high.
- You were young.
- I was selfish.
That's why I can see it in Star.
(PHONE RINGING, VIBRATING) Hello? Star, Alex, GiGi wanted to meet you both.
Were you leaving? - Hello.
- Hey.
- So happy to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Nice to meet you.
- Ah.
We just felt like we were overstaying our welcome.
- No.
- My girls aren't welcome here? (CHUCKLES) No, of course they're welcome.
Star and Alex are emerging artists at Midtown.
We have a burning passion for our artists, all of them.
Burning, like a herpes sore.
Ha! Girl, you got a way with words.
Thanks, but that's actually Alex.
She wrote the song that - you heard us perform tonight.
- Come on, sister.
You better get them checks! I love that song.
It was so nostalgic, but it was still hittin', like a little one, two.
I'm actually thinking of signing to Midtown.
What do you guys think of the label? How they been treating you, now? - (FAKE LAUGHS) - (ALL LAUGH) I think I'd like a glass of champagne.
Bottle of champagne.
The best champagne.
- Took the words right out of my mouth.
- There it is.
- The best for you, GiGi.
- Always! And you two.
Funny how things work out, right? And I hope you remember it, 'cause I saw you today, and I'm not gonna forget that.
I don't know who messed you up so badly, Star, but you're lost.
I guess we're just two sorry-ass bitches trying to make it.
Prove everybody wrong, huh? I mean, I can't believe you just stole that bottle, though.
That's crazy.
I borrowed it while that dork was just staring at your butt.
Shut up.
He wasn't looking at my butt.
- Yeah, he was.
- Yeah? I wouldn't be surprised if he was staring at both of our butts, 'cause he looked like some jacked-up version of R.
Like he tripped and fell or something.
Why are you always calling me Superstar? We just left a fancy party at a damn record label.
- Hmm.
- You're about to blow up, kid.
No, I ain't no star.
I'm about to get in trouble just like you for missing curfew.
Look, we juvies, man.
We just throwaways.
(DISTANT ALARM SOUNDING) How'd you end up in there? My mama had me when she was 14.
We were like sisters.
She got hooked on some hard stuff, so I had to start making money.
You know, stealing, boosting.
That's how I met Dee.
She was like family.
(DOG BARKING) Do you know your dad? No.
You? Uh well, I have a kind of stepdad.
But he's actually in town right now, and he didn't even tell me that he was gonna be here.
It's like I'm invisible sometimes.
Maybe I could be your family.
You're corny, Superstar.
- (LAUGHS) It just hit me.
Did it? (VEHICLE APPROACHING) Get your ass in this car.
- I mean, we had it under control.
- CARLOTTA: Oh, yeah? Which part? The getting lit on Fulton Industrial, or-or-or missing curfew? I mean, how'd you even find us? I got apps on your phone.
Look, you are only here because the system doesn't have another place to put you.
You're not a criminal.
But you keep messing up, and they're gonna start treating you like one.
- Just like that girl.
- Karen ain't no criminal.
That girl is in jail.
You're not like her.
Yes, I am.
And you know what? I'm just like my mama, too.
You are.
You're smart and you're beautiful.
And you're talented.
But I'll be damned if this is the last stop for you.
And that's why I'm watching you, 'cause Mary can't.
Well, then, stop watching me because it's my life.
Did you know that tonight was the first time I ever actually felt like myself? More than at your damn salon or that stupid label.
(DISTANT SHOUTING) I'm not buying you another phone.
You came.
Nice room.
- Who'd you hustle this from? - I got a little money now.
- Want to come in? - No.
I want to tell you what I think of you, and then I want to leave.
You're not my father.
- I don't know you.
You're a stranger.
- Let me just explain.
Do you remember the last time you saw me? You said, "I'm so sorry.
I'm gonna be back.
" (CRYING): You left me in an apartment with my mother with a needle in her arm and my little sister on the floor.
I was high.
You know, me and your mom, we were so messed up.
But we did something right.
We made you.
I swear to you, you were always with me.
I'm not leaving Atlanta unless you give me a chance.
I got to make this up to you, Star.
(SOBBING) Star, I love you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Smells good.
What'd Miss Ruby make us? I made it, thank you.
You? You made this? - Yeah.
- Mac and cheese.
I love it.
You'll also love this.
So we both have some secrets.
Alex, I know what it is.
You get stressed, you start shopping.
You also haven't been honest with me about your feelings.
But neither have I, so Okay.
Uh, you go first.
Well, you were right.
I do need to get out into the world, get back to my work.
'Cause this chair? (SCOFFS) It's so hard.
But today I actually went out.
- You went out? - I went out, and the world outside ain't changed one bit.
(SIGHS) I'm not gonna let this chair stop me no more, either.
Your turn.
I said it's your turn.
- Okay.
- Okay.
NOAH: So sick of love I've been giving all of me You've been giving Ooh Somebody tell me what to do Oh, yeah (WHOOPS) (SIGHS) You know, you are real hot and cold.
- Take this off.
Shut up.
- I got - (STAR GASPS) - Mmm.