Star (2016) s02e09 Episode Script


1 - Previously on Star - COTTON: I met this dude in jail.
- Get your ass back upstairs.
- Stay away from my daughter.
- Who's this? - We together, fool.
It's time for y'all to know what's going on around here.
It's time to go hard or go home.
My ass still ain't sitting right.
You cannot say that out loud.
Your sound is the thing we've been looking for.
- And that's my music.
- STAR: I just wanted to make sure Are you ready to jump into something this quick? DEREK: If this is something that you don't ever want, just show me some respect and tell me first.
So, what are you doing in Ayanna's car? - She got me out of juvie.
- AYANNA: It's a Xanax.
CARLOTTA: You're making moves - you're not qualified to make.
- Your past is the reason Simone is at my house.
You're gonna pee right here, right now.
- What's going on, Superstar? - What is this? I got something to bury that bitch for good.
You two came up with the idea.
You're falling for him, aren't you? I don't want to do this duet thing with you.
Nor do I want to be in a fake relationship, either.
Paging Dr.
TAYLOR: The blood test came back.
The levels are normal, CT scan was negative.
Yeah, what does this all mean? Uh, it's a start.
But, you know, we're out of the woods.
Still need to run a few more tests.
BATISTA: How are you feeling, Ms.
Brown? I know this isn't the best time, but are you ready to answer a few questions? (COUGHING) BATISTA: Do you know anyone who would've done this? (EXHALES) Batista, you the only detective in Atlanta? (PHONE CHIMES) Excuse me.
What? You found out something? I'm still waiting to hear back.
Brown, I'd like you to walk me through your last few days.
Can you do that for me? Yeah.
But then you're gonna have to tell me everything I want to know.
NOAH (WHOOPS): That was crazy, right? ANGEL: Unc, can you see me? No! I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? I bring me I bring, I bring me.
Don't get too comfortable at Ayanna's, girl.
The bed looks nice, but get that work release ready, 'cause we about to hit the road, Jack.
How's my hair look? I'm not used to this yet.
SIMONE (OVER PHONE): Your bangs are short.
What do you mean, "short"? And you need to calm down.
I'm trying, but this is it, girl.
We're gonna blow up off this showcase, and I'm gonna get it all.
Getting all of what? Everything.
The album, the tour and Noah.
Man, when are you gonna tell him? Today.
And if everything goes right, I get my music and my man.
Sugar daddy The showcase is in one day.
- Which one should I hit 'em with? - O Out of those? SIMONE: Please don't tell Miss Carlotta it's me.
You can't still be mad at her.
I would've drug-tested your ass, too.
Simone's on the phone.
Which wig you like better for Miss Carlotta? I think she should be bald.
- (PHONE BEEPS) - She's still mad for no reason.
Yeah, I know.
Just make sure she uses that anger on the stage - so y'all can win tomorrow.
- I'll try.
Baby, let me get this chair for a minute Carlotta Renee Brown, sit your ass in this chair.
Yeah, you know I worked magic when I gave the girls their makeover.
- Now it's your turn.
- Oh, I'm sitting down for this.
You're gonna manage the grand prize team, you're gonna have to start looking like the trophy.
- Bruce, this is human hair.
- Mm-hmm.
How the hell you afford this? Don't you worry about that.
I always save my coins.
- Bitch, you doing more than saving.
- Mm-hmm.
I bet you there's some bald-headed little Asian girls - running around Atlanta.
- Brazilian.
Either way, you stole it.
- (LAUGHTER) - Girl, shut up.
(LAUGHING) What you laughing at, anyway? You ain't slick.
I know you back dating that boy from prison.
There's a reason I shot his ass.
Keep playing with fire.
Who told you that? I-I'm not seeing him no more.
- (MOUTHING) - Yeah, okay.
Uh, Cotton, can you, uh, drive me to rehearsal? I need to be there early.
- For what? - Uh, me and Noah are meeting up.
Don't worry.
I'm still gonna make it to our rehearsal.
- STAR: I wasn't.
- COTTON: Girl, come on.
("MONEY" BY LEIKELI47 PLAYING) Turn that music up.
I feel like we're finally on an upswing.
It's 'cause we're about to get the gold.
Yes, honey.
You about to gut these bitches with that lace front.
Home of the cutthroat Notorious, y'all know how the rest go Sleepin', one eye open Come on, now.
(LAUGHS) MISS BRUCE: Look at this one.
Oh, she want to battle.
Lazy, that's how you get your frame took Money, I got money Oh, this what y'all feeling like? STAR: What you got, Bruce? - Ooh.
- Money, I got money - CARLOTTA: Yes.
- (LAUGHTER) What else you got? What else you got, down there? - Oh! - (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) That's your problem, you always talking Oh, you gonna, you gonna bounce me (LAUGHTER) Try me? I wish, I wish a would Sho' nuff, who gonna hold us? - Oh, goodness.
- (DOOR SLAMS) Not the cemetery or the penitentiary Where I damn my contemporaries I'm too legendary Can I help you? We're from the Georgia state health department.
Yeah, I can read your badge.
What's this about? I'm the owner.
Our department was made aware that your salon has been administering illegal cosmetic surgeries, which is a health code violation, medical fraud and a federal offense.
We haven't been administering anything.
- Y'all got it twisted.
- POLICE OFFICER: Ma'am, I recommend no one associated with the salon leave the state of Georgia until we've conducted our investigation.
Investigation? Ms.
Brown, we're shutting down God's Blessings, effective immediately.
- That jacket is trash.
It's a no.
- It's trash? Hey, hey, hey.
Looking fly, nephew.
How come y'all didn't tell me the fitting was today? I did, man.
I told you yesterday.
- You did? - Here you go, ma'am.
You mean you ain't have the conversation with him? You're making this way more difficult than it has to be.
- Want me to tell him? - JAHIL: Tell wait.
Tell me what? What-what conversation? You really think I was gonna let you play me like that? What are you talking about, nephew? You stole my song.
You think I forgot? And where have you been while we've been busting our ass over here? What, you been sticking it to Ayanna? Hmm? Sorry, man.
You out.
You out.
Who you think you're talking to, punk, huh? You all forget? I got paper on both you dumbasses.
Get off me.
Well, Ayanna says that don't matter, so So, what, you've been playing me this whole time? Huh? Guess it runs in the family, man.
Appreciate it, Unc.
What have you gotten me into, Bruce? Have you seen the books? Carlotta, you ain't making money fast enough to pay the bills.
Illegal butt injections? Yes.
Butt shots.
Everybody can't afford lipo and fat transfers.
Especially dragons.
So if they want to pay me top dollar to pump their ass up, that's what I'm gonna do, - and you've benefitted from it.
- Somebody could've died.
- In my shop.
In my house.
- Carlotta.
What you want me to do with these towels? Star.
What if one of your customers come back in here with a lawsuit? Who's that on? Me.
I was trying to help you out, while you run around and be "fantastic manager," and messing with a piece of trade that can't give you nothing, can't pay not one damn bill.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, me, too.
You're fired.
- What? - Carlotta, don't do that.
CARLOTTA: Star, mind your business.
So, you really gonna try me like that? - After all we've been through.
- Did you leave me a choice? I rode with you, Big C.
And now you want to take away the only thing you know I got? No, you took it away.
If I'm gonna get my business back, I got to let you go.
I'll be back for my stuff.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Anyone come looking for you yet? No.
I put that "In Session" sign on the door last night, but I don't think I can do it again.
It's a'ight, really.
When I bounced from the last place, I knew I'd be on the streets.
That was your plan? I don't know, I just really wanted to change my life, you know? Yeah.
I mean, that's what I'm trying to do.
When we win the showcase tomorrow, I could have a whole new life.
I could start over.
You're lucky.
I mean, we ain't win yet.
You got no idea how fly you really are, Superstar.
If we win the showcase and we go on tour, I'm taking you with me.
There's no reason for you to be homeless when you got me.
Hey, you can stay at the salon.
Star told me that it got shut down, and Miss Carlotta's gonna be at the showcase anyway, so You sure? Yeah.
Trust me, you'll be safe there.
- It's right there.
- Ooh.
Yeah, but No, it's good, but we can make it hot if we want.
I mean, why does it really matter? It's not like we're actually competing.
I mean, maybe we give the people a little surprise.
You know, we always got to do the unexpected.
Something like this.
GIGI: Somebody is getting pregnant - after y'all close the show.
- (BOTH LAUGH) I see why you ain't answered my calls.
I've been blowing you up - all morning, girl.
- I'm sorry.
Hey, I got to catch up with Maurice right quick.
I'll be right back? - All right.
- Yeah, okay.
Spill it, bitch.
When did the fake become the real? I get it, though.
- Noah is fine as hell, honey.
- Mm-mm.
It's not real.
You know who he reminds me of? Your sexy-ass daddy.
Mm! Roland Crane.
Ooh, child.
What? I'm just keeping it a hundred.
Look, Noah kissed me once.
Once, and it's never happening again because I have a boyf Wheelchair-rollin', cornrow-havin', power to the people-vibin', sexy-ass boyfriend.
- Exactly.
- Hmm.
And, after tomorrow, me and Noah are done.
The lies.
The lies we tell ourselves, girl.
Uh Baby, I know you're still mad, but I really want to talk.
I know you're here, Elliot.
Your car's out front.
Baby E-El Oh.
What's your emergency? We have a few buyers, several media companies.
Great offer and cash.
You won't want to sell after you see the showcase.
We're letting the public decide the winner.
It is PR gold.
It's all speculation.
I know what I'm doing.
Trust me.
We'll see.
I believe in my artists.
If we get two million social media impressions off this show, I want you to back off and let me complete my full year as the head of Midtown like we agreed.
- If not - I sell.
(CHUCKLES) Do you know why I go play poker every Wednesday night, YaYa? It's because I never lose.
JAHIL: Hey, you want to tell me what's going on with my singers? - Can't you see I'm busy? - I don't care.
Excuse me, Dad.
Jahil, you know how important this is for me.
I am with my father.
So, what, so you're gonna allow this to happen? You're gonna let those boys let go of me? I am not going to get into their heads the night before the showcase.
What do you expect me to do? I guess nothing, which means you're a bigger snake than I thought you were.
I suggest you leave before I have you escorted out of here.
You better fix this.
Thanks, Dad.
What the hell's going on here? You can't have folks coming up here, telling you what to do.
The reason I had him leave is because I'm loyal and that's what I live by.
Loyalty is family.
Uh I cried about over a million times You tested my patience, spoon-fed me your lie (GROANS) Come on, okay, okay.
What, what, what, what, what is it? - What is it? What - Hey.
Who you talking to? - Uh - (LAUGHS) - The music spirits.
- Uh-huh.
I'm asking that they grant me the -Uh-huh.
- A great idea.
- Oh, okay.
I know.
- I know.
Where's Alex? - She stepped outside to clear her head, too.
We're just stumped on this one part for this new version of "So Sick.
" Play it for me.
It's in the second verse.
Uh I cried about over a million times - You tested my patience - Needs another lift.
I feel like needs to happen in the second verse.
Right, right, right.
It's a little Yeah, it's a little dry after the hook.
- Uh - 'Cause it's just your voice.
- Uh-huh, a little dr - (LAUGHS) Thank you.
Thank you.
- I'm dry - No, but for real.
She should be on it.
She should be singing the high harmony.
- That's all.
- Um, what do you mean? Can you show me? Uh, sure.
I cried about over a million times You tested my patience Spoon-fed me your lies Got me hurtin' Mmm, oh-oh Need a surgeon.
- Uh-huh.
- That's it.
I-I'm really glad that we can be friends after everything.
I actually came here to to talk to you about something.
ALEXANDRA: Yo, I got it.
- Oh, hey.
- What's up? Did you need me? I didn't get a text? Oh.
No, my phone's been messing up.
We just we have a sound check in a couple hours.
Wanted to see if you wanted to ride together.
Oh, yeah, sure.
- Okay.
- It sounds good.
- Thanks.
- Good seeing you.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
I'm good.
- You good? Okay.
That hook Star fixed it.
Let me see you there.
So sick of love Mmm, oh-oh I've been giving all of me You've been giving none of you.
(DOOR OPENS, SHUTS) JAHIL: I'm so sick of this business.
Did you hear what happened? I don't have time for this, Jahil.
Me and the girls got sound check to get to.
Those little bastards dropped me.
After all I've done for 'em over the past few months, they let me go.
- You got 'em on paper? - Yeah, I got 'em on paper.
Well, then you ain't got nothing to worry about.
(TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWS IN DISTANCE) Where your little girlfriend? She ain't helping you? (CLUCKS TONGUE) I warned your ass about her months ago.
You got what you deserved.
Look at you.
You would let them down eventually.
How could you even say that to me, Carlotta? You think you're better than me? Huh? You got lucky with those girls.
All right? I made them and then I handed them to you on a silver platter.
Like you made me and Mary? You cold.
You know that? (PHONE BUZZING) (SIGHS) Yeah, Cotton.
What's wrong? (MONITORS BEEPING) What happened? It's Elliot, Mama.
I found him.
(CRYING): There was blood everywhere.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) It's gonna be okay, baby.
(SOBBING): I think he's gonna die.
I think he's gonna die, Mom, and I don't know who did it and Cotton, you know exactly who did this.
(CLUCKS TONGUE, SIGHS) (SOBS) I want Elliot, Mama.
I had him right in front of me and I messed it up.
It's okay, baby.
We all mess up.
He's not gonna die, babe.
AYANNA: Hey, guys.
Thanks for coming to Midtown Sound's showcase.
We have a lot Trying to give myself a cheekbone.
AYANNA: Get this party started.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE IN DISTANCE) So, did you tell him? I tried to, but Alex walked in.
So, why would that stop you? What you stoppin', nada ho-ass thing I'm poppin', what you stoppin', nada ho-ass thing I don't know, I just 'Cause I'm poppin', what you stoppin', nada ho-ass thing I'm poppin', what you stoppin' You think he could like her for real? 'Cause I think I think Ladies, we need to rehearse.
You ready? - Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- Take it from the hook.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Five, six, seven, eight You can use your Imagination You better use your Imagination Let your mind run free Tell me what you wanna do to me, use your - You better use your - Imagination.
Vocals sound tight.
Just make sure you're pushing out those notes, Simone.
(EXHALES) Always got notes for me, Miss C.
Y'all all need to push those notes out.
How's Elliot? He's still in ICU.
Cotton's there.
Look, I'm not sorry about what I did the other night, Simone.
I drug-tested you because I love you.
Let it go tonight.
You don't get many second chances, and you got one right here, right in front of you.
All right, y'all.
Now, give it up for the newest acts of Midtown Sound! (CHEERING) Oh, no, honey.
Now, y'all acting like you ain't at the biggest showcase in the record label history.
I said, are y'all ready to turn up?! - (CHEERING) - Well, let's go, then! Y'all, and the best part is we're streaming all across America.
But right now, I want to give a special shout-out to all of the music power that's in this room.
I'm talking about serious tastemakers in the business, y'all.
Come on.
Let's give it up.
This ain't no wack-ass singing competition.
This is Midtown Sound! (OVER COMPUTER): Now I want to introduce you guys to one of the hottest acts on the label.
Let me introduce you to Andy and Angel.
- (CROWD CHEERING) - (MUSIC BEGINS) Go get it, then.
(SNORTS) I feel the cool breeze in your hair See the sunlight in your eyes Looks like somebody's ready to take on the world.
(CHUCKLES) What are you doing here? - Thank you.
- Mm.
I had to come see my baby.
Derek when this is over tonight When you win? You winning.
All right.
If we win we start over today.
All this Noah stuff is over, done after tonight.
I promise.
And I want everyone else to know that.
It's me and you.
I ain't mad at that.
You gonna introduce me, Crane? Derek this is my interrupting friend, Gigi.
Damn, girl, you told me your dude was fine, but you didn't say fine.
Get it now.
You ready? - You're about to be up.
- All right.
Good-bye, Gigi.
DEREK: All right, well, you got to go.
ALEXANDRA: Thank you.
I'll see you out there.
You ready? It's time.
I'm I'm just super nervous.
We have a lot riding on this, you know.
I know, baby girl.
I know.
All these other looks are trash.
- (LAUGHS) - Okay.
We're up.
- Hey, hey, hey! - (CROWD CHEERING) Okay, I see that last number had y'all worked up, huh? Well, that's right, keep it on up, you guys.
Keep those votes coming because we are just getting started.
Next up are the three baddest bitches in the game.
Y'all ain't ready.
But I still want you to give it up for my girls, Take 3! (CROWD CHEERING) - (MUSIC BEGINS) - (VOCALIZING HARMONY) You know them girls wouldn't be up there without you.
They're the ones who put in the real work.
Let's go, ladies.
(VOCALIZING HARMONY) Late night, we could meet up late night Bet we'd do some things you thought you'd never do If it feels right I bet you wonder what it feels like To see me dancin', take it all off just for you You'd like to lay your body down Next to me You know I like to play around Such a tease Maybe one day it can go down How we think Don't lose your concentration Use your imagination You can use your Imagination You better use your Imagination Let your mind run free Tell me what you wanna do to me - Use your - Imagination You better use your Wake up Wake up, wake up In the morning we could wake up And maybe we could go another round or two - Or two - I know you wanna taste love But I just keep making you wait, love 'Cause I know I could get caught up so bad with you You'd like to lay your body down Next to me You know I like to play around Such a tease Maybe one day it can go down How we think Don't lose your concentration Use your imagination I be doing them things you wanna see me do Doing them things like I need to do Doing them things, have ya sprung like Like whoa, like yo, yo I'm never losing And you ain't no fool, that's the reason you choosing That's the reason we do this Baby, you better use it Use your Imagination Let your mind run free Tell me what you wanna do to me - Use your - Imagination - I know you ready for it - You ready, you ready But it ain't the time for it - So use your - Imagination - You think she's okay? - What's going on? - Damn.
I was right.
- You ready for it What you never had before So use your Imagination You can use your Imagination You better use your Imagination You can use your Imagination You better use your Imagination You can use your Imagination.
Simone! - Are you high? - Get off me.
- Okay.
- Look at me.
Look at me.
I need some air.
What is she on? We should go after her.
- Hey, you ready to do this? - I got her.
- Don't worry.
- All right.
- Carlotta.
- Hey.
Look at these.
Look at the name on the label.
- Where is she? - I'm going to get her right now.
- Star.
- Miss Carlotta she doesn't need "I told you so" right now.
Just let me do it this time.
(DOOR CLOSES) How long has she been feeding this to you? She gave these to me to help me.
She's not helping you.
She's not helping you.
Trust me, Simone.
- Let go.
Trust me! - No.
She's helping me.
No! No.
Why would you do that? We've done this before.
I'm not doing this again.
Do you understand me? You are not going anywhere near Ayanna Floyd, ever again.
Look, she has my back.
She's giving you this stuff to control you.
She's crazy.
I should've listened to her.
I just feel like I might have taken 'em wrong.
You think you took 'em wrong? Simone, you shouldn't be taking any of this at all.
What is she doing to you? I ruin everything, don't I? Say it! If we lose this competition, it's 'cause of me.
- It's gonna be because of me.
- It's not because of you.
- Simone.
- I need to leave.
Yeah, and don't follow me.
- Simone! - Don't follow me.
Where the hell she keep the matches at? You got to be kidding me.
How'd she get ahold of this? - (CAMERA CLICKING) - Yeah, baby.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I'm trying to get ahold of Charles Floyd.
Jahil Rivera.
Tell him I got something he's gonna want to see.
Yeah, I'll hold.
(SNORTS) Don't you know payback is a bitch.
- (DOCTORS CLAMORING) - Losing him.
- Get that crash cart.
- Hurry up.
We need the ventilator, stat.
DOCTOR 2: Time of death: 7:52 p.
(SOBBING) - (CROWD CHEERING) - All right, now.
I know y'all done heard of these next two, honey, because who the hell hasn't? Next up is Noah Brooks featuring Alexandra Crane.
It's "So Sick," y'all.
(Cheering) (MUSIC BEGINS) Nah, nah Over and over and over I tried But dealing with you Is like a full-time occupation This can't be love Love Got me worrying about you And all your situations NOAH: I'm so sick - (CHEERING) Hmm - So sick of love - Love Ooh, oh I've been giving all of me You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity Somebody tell me what to do Oh, I'm so sick Hmm Did you see her leave? I'm getting security to stop her.
Wait here.
- I can't wait! I have to find her.
- The last thing I need to do is lose eyes on both of y'all.
I've been giving all of me You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity Somebody tell me what to do Oh I cried about Over a million times You tested my patience Spoon-fed me your lies Got me hurtin', mmm Oh, oh Need a surgeon I'm so sick Whoa ALEXANDRA: So sick of love Ooh, oh I've been giving all of me NOAH: You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity Somebody tell me what to do Oh (NOAH GRUNTS) - And now my love is gone - Now my love Is gone, yeah - I can't stay no more - I can't stay no more - Now my love is gone - Now my love is gone - And I can't stay no more - Oh Ooh-ooh, aah-aah I've been giving all of me You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity Somebody tell me what to do, oh.
- (SONG ENDS) - (CROWD CHEERING) NOAH: (WHOOPS) That was crazy, right? I mean, I-I I didn't even know what was gonna happen.
We - What the hell was that? - What? You kissed me.
Why would I do that when my boyfriend is out there? Ask yourself that question.
Stop blaming me for everything that's happening between us.
Damn! It ain't just me! I just want you closer AYANNA: Midtown Sound in the house! (CROWD CHEERING) All right, now don't forget.
We are going to be releasing a single from each one of the artists that you saw perform tonight to streaming, so you need to log on and download right now.
We want to know what you, the audience, has to say.
We've already surpassed our social media projections, so we're gonna turn to our live stream to find out who you've chosen as the winner of Midtown Sound's Showcase.
AYANNA: And the winner is Noah Brooks! (CROWD CHEERING) It looks like y'all feeling the two-time Grammy-winning original bad boy, back on top with his hit single "So Sick" featuring Miss Alexandra Crane.
- Give it up, everybody.
- (CROWD CHEERING) Where's Noah? Has anyone seen Noah? Dad! (LAUGHS) Hey, what the hell are you doing? Dad? Hey, come on! Dad! Move! Dad! (MOANING, PANTING) No, no.
Stop, stop.
No, we can't.
We can't do this.
Not here.
(PANTS) (SIGHS) You need to find somewhere else to stay tonight, okay? (QUIETLY): Derek.
- Dad, please, stop.
- (CROWD CHEERING IN DISTANCE) Dad, stop! We have to get back in there now.
You know how important this is to me.
What are you doing? - You sold me out.
- What? I know about you and my ex-partner.
And I know that you gave him everything he needed to get my label out from under me.
- I'd never - Really? How did you get that? Kind of makes me wonder whether this company is interested in Midtown, or just trying to get into your pants.
I lost my best artists, my business partner, my company, investor after investor after investor.
And all of this time, it was you! You fell into bed with the one person that was trying to destroy me.
I was young, Dad.
Oh, no, no, no.
You were disloyal! The one thing I can never forgive! You don't have a label anymore.
And I don't have a daughter.
You understand? Everybody was right about you from jump.
You-you killed Elliot.
Well, you promised me a future and a life together outside those walls.
And he got in the way.
Now I'm gonna continue to take people away from you until you give me what I want.
You-you think that you killing him makes me want to be with you? I'm gonna do whatever it takes.
You're not living without me, Cotton.
So if that means you got to go, then that's what it's gonna be.
Then do what you got to do.
'Cause it ain't nothing left here for me.
Now get out of my way.
Punk-ass bitch.
We need to talk.
Oh, my God.
Unc, can you see me? Come on, tío.
No, no.
I'm getting you help, okay? I'm getting you help.
I'm getting you help.
Pick up that gun.
And pull the trigger.
It'd be great PR for Midtown.
Don't you think? No? Okay.
I'll do it.
Do it.
Honestly, I don't think you have the guts.
That bitch ain't worth it.
Stay out of this.
I told her not to mess with my sister.
Right? Didn't I? I know.
But you'd be doing her a favor if you pull that trigger.
Put the gun down, Star.
Trust me, you do this, and everything you work for is gone.
Your sister needs you.
Come on, baby.
Let's go home and check on Simone.
(WATER DRIPPING) (SIGHS) I told you you ain't living without me.
You don't understand.
That's my house.
Sir! Sir! Do you understand?! No, you got to let me go.
No! How'd this even happen?! - Ma'am, you can't go in there.
- That's my house.
You don't understand.
No, no, no.
No, no.
- Is there someone inside the house? - I don't know.
I'm trying to reach my daughter to find out.
- Simone.
Calm down.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
We got to go in there.
You don't understand.
We don't have to go in there! You need to calm down! - Simone - No! Listen to me.
Karen's in there, okay? Karen's in there! - Simone! Somebody's in there! - Karen's in there! Did you hear her?! - Where is she?! Where is she? - She said Karen's in the house.
She said Karen is in the house! I don't know.
Simone! (GLASS SHATTERS) No, Carlotta! No! No! No! No! Simone! Help her! No! (HEART MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) I just spoke to the fire marshal.
The fire's been ruled an arson.
(SIGHS) Why would somebody want to burn my salon down? That's what we need to find out.
What? Why are you looking at me like that? - Miss Brown - No, let me.
What? Baby the salon wasn't empty at the time of the fire.
Somebody got hurt? Oh, my God.
Somebody's dead.