Star (2016) s02e10 Episode Script

Rise From the Ashes

1 Previously on Star And the winner is Noah Brooks! Why would I do that when my boyfriend is out there? Ask yourself that question! Your salon has been administering illegal cosmetic surgeries.
- Miss Brown, we're shutting down God's Blessings.
- You fired.
Yeah, I'm trying to get ahold of Charles Floyd.
Tell him I got something he's gonna want to see.
You sold me out.
You don't have a label anymore.
- You stole my song.
- You've been playing me this whole time? Guess it runs in the family, man.
I'm getting you help.
Elliot? Baby.
You not living without me, Cotton.
So if that means you got to go, - then that's what it's gonna be.
- Karen's in there, okay? Sir! Oh, my God.
Somebody's dead.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! - Body cold - Frosty cold - And I'm so - Bossy, so - Ain't I so - Saucy, so - And my clothes - Cost me, clothes Life of the party, always get it started - Ain't I so - Bossy boss - Ain't I so, I'm independent - Saucy - Got my own boo - Got my own boo - And I can run the cash up if I want to - If I want to Run it up, body cold, frosty And I'm so bossy Ain't I so saucy And my clothes cost me - Hood and I'm bougie - Bougie - Gucci on my booty - Booty Poppin' like a tooly, you ain't poppin', need to cool it - Just cashed out with my jeweler - Ice - While you stuck and lookin' stupid - Stuck - I'm winnin' while they losin' - Losin' - Come and get him 'cause he choosin' - Chosen Diamonds on me and they dancin' just like Chris - Doin' a wash - Pockets heavy Got me walkin' with a limp I'm a fly chick, hop aboard and take a trip - All aboard - These Jimmy Choos that's on my feet - They cost a grip - Watch your step - Body cold - Frosty cold - And I'm so - Bossy, so - Ain't I so - Saucy, so - And my clothes - Cost me, clothes - Life of the party - Party - Always get it started - Get it started - And I'm so - Bossy, bossy - Ain't I so - Saucy, saucy - Body cold - Frosty cold - And I'm so - Bossy, so - Ain't I so - Saucy, saucy - I'm independent, got my own boo - Got my own boo - And I can run the cash up if I want to - If I want to Run it up, body cold, frosty And I'm so bossy Ain't I so saucy And my clothes cost me, December cold Walk by, feel the draft Little booty matter Don't need a lot of that I'm my own boss and I got my own cash I don't need no dinner, only thing I need's a bag - Hood and I'm bougie - Bougie - Gucci on my booty - Booty Poppin' like a tooly, you ain't poppin', need to cool it - Just cashed out with my jeweler - Ice - While you stuck here lookin' stupid - Stuck I'm winnin' while they losin' Come and get him 'cause he choosin' I'm independent, got my own boo And I can run the cash up if I want to Run it up, body cold, frosty And I'm so bossy Ain't I so saucy And my clothes cost me Are you having fun? When are you gonna tell your sister? Star, I'm sleeping.
Well, get up.
We got to go get Carlotta from the hospital.
Get in the shower.
Why me? Because if I go first and use up all the hot water, Miss Ruby will say it was my white privilege.
- Star! - That's what she said yesterday.
Sim Come on, Miss Carlotta.
It's been a week.
The fire marshal says it's safe to go inside.
You good? Yeah.
Oh, we done lost so much.
My God.
Is there someone inside the house? I don't know.
I'm trying to reach my daughter to find out.
Hey, Mom.
You okay? Hey, baby.
Can't believe you made it out of there.
It's okay, Mama.
It's okay.
- Mm.
- I'm alive.
Just like you always say, God has his hands on us.
Yeah, he sure does.
- How's Jahil? - He's still in the hospital.
He should be home soon.
I told him to leave that damn coke alone.
He hardheaded.
He trying to get his life together.
How about you? How you doing since Elliot? I'm sorry I wasn't nice to that man.
But we gonna get through it.
We gonna be all right, long as I got all my girls.
You ain't still messing with that convict, are you? Cotton, if you don't tell her, I will.
You know, Miss Ruby said that we could stay at her place - as long as we need to, right? - Oh, Lord.
Probably had better nights in foster care.
The marshal said we should have the salon back up and running in no time.
Yeah, that's if they don't play no games with the insurance.
Besides, the health department shut us down.
Come on, let's-let's get this done.
Y'all ready? This place ain't gonna clean itself.
Simone? Simone.
I-I can't.
- Hey.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I can't go in there.
I need one of those pills.
We don't do pills.
You're not at Ayanna's anymore.
When I close my eyes, I see Karen.
When I close my eyes, I see how I screwed up the showcase.
When I close my eyes, I'm back at juvie.
And when I close my eyes, I see my beautiful sister who has been through so much and is gonna get through this.
Karen died in that fire because of me.
Simone, you got to stop blaming yourself for every bad thing that happens around you.
Right now it's just like always.
The only thing that can fix our lives is our dream.
We need to focus on our radio play.
Why does that matter right now? Because that is the only thing that can get us out of here.
If Charles Floyd sells that label, that's the only leverage we have with whoever owns it next.
We got to keep our heads in the game no matter what.
Okay, where is your head at, Star? You know, maybe that kiss was part of that fake relationship.
Simone, that kiss was real.
Noah's feeling Alex.
And she's moved out of Derek's, so what do you think that means? Why don't you just ask her? The only thing I need to talk to Alex about is music.
How long they got you in here? Oh, man, I I don't even know.
I can't keep doing this.
I got a drunk for a dad.
I don't need a cokehead in my life.
I was just so messed up that night y'all fired me.
I thought we were in this thing together.
You know? And then you just turned.
That's why I was there, to apologize.
I was wrong.
But still, I I got a lot of work to do on the family front.
Okay? I know.
But, hey, let me manage you.
Uncle What? Let me manage you.
Man, I got some cash, too.
I got some cash to promote your music because I saw they dropped your single and you ain't getting no downloads.
You ain't getting no play.
What? Yo, you a hustler, Tío, through and through.
But I ain't hustling you.
You hear me? I ain't hustling you.
And I'm-a prove it.
You know, it's only been ten days since you lost Karen.
You don't have to go in there if you don't want to.
Take all the time you need.
I'm here.
I just got off the phone with Alex.
The interview with Noah went well.
She coming here to help now? Nah, I just told her to stay there.
I set a meeting with Maurice at the label.
You can't go.
You just got home.
I got to figure out how to fix things with the single.
Insurance adjustor again.
Between them and the fire marshal and the arson investigator, course they think I burned down my own salon.
You know what, Miss Carlotta? Let us go down there and talk to Maurice.
- You got all this going on.
- I'm your manager.
- I got this.
- No, please.
Let us do it.
I need to get out of here.
Call me when you got something.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
We'll behave.
Prove it.
Got a bundle of 32-inch Brazilian in the car, if you're nice.
I ain't talking to you.
I got the detectives telling me I'm a suspect because my name is on the insurance.
I got no money coming in and I'm up to my ass in debt.
And because that girl got killed in the fire, it's a homicide now.
They came by my crib yesterday.
Somebody told them you fired me.
They thought I was a suspect.
I had no parts in this.
This was just as much my house as it was yours, Cotton's, and them little hateful girls.
We gonna rebuild this.
With everything.
The girls, the salon Your wigs.
My wigs.
My wigs.
26 years burned down.
All because of your sorry ass.
Hi, Ma.
Hey, Miss Christine.
Where you been, heifer? - Bitch, where you been? - You miss me? - So what's the tea? - They saying it's arson.
Was that before or after the health department shut it down? You know what? I'm not even going there with you today.
You ain't going nowhere, because this place is burnt boots.
I don't know if you've noticed.
Cassie, you're really trying it.
Carlotta ain't the one for that today.
- Well, neither am I.
- Well, I got a pocketful of ass-whuppings, just say the word.
Oh, please, Carlotta, ain't nobody scared of you! You should be, many times as I whupped your ass! - That's what you thought.
- No, that's what I did.
I didn't come here for this.
What you come here for, Ma? She's here because I called her.
We need help.
You're already broke, dreams burnt down.
You ain't got no room for pride, girl.
Oh, my God! I know all the words to your songs.
Noah, Noah, your boo's here.
Hey, smile.
Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her! Oh, no, no.
I know that he won the showcase, but it feels like they both did.
Let's go.
Aren't you gonna wait for Alex? She ain't waiting for us.
I thought those fans were for me, but they were all about you and Noah.
I know.
It's crazy.
How you been? Been trying to reach you.
- My bad.
- What? You and Noah been holed up, getting it in, huh? That kiss was a mistake.
- Derek found us backstage, and we - Wait.
Derek literally rolled up on y'all? It's not funny, GiGi.
He kicked me out.
I haven't even picked up my stuff yet.
I've got to work with Noah to get this radio play.
I can get y'all on the radio.
I'm doing this pop-up shop at this loft.
Premiering my new joint.
What if I get you guys to sing on a track, and then direct my fans to your track? Boom.
- Boom? - Done, bitch, done.
Let's roll.
I told you that place could've made us a lot of money.
But no, your ass wanted a clean business.
- Look at it now.
- I don't know why you talking.
As many welfare checks and Social Security Numbers as I faked for you, consider us even.
Mama, don't let this bitch get your blood pressure - "Bitch"? - All raised up.
We got business to take care of.
And what would that be? No, let me guess.
You want me to reopen the salon so I can start cleaning a couple hundred thousand, huh? I ain't stupid.
I know this family.
- We have an offer to buy.
- I ain't interested.
Carlotta, please.
You know the salon and the house - is in Mama's name.
- And mine.
Ain't no sale without me.
She getting fat, Ma.
You need to tell her to lose a couple pounds.
My man like my pounds.
Hey, Grandma.
I-It's not strange having them stay here, is it? No.
We, um all saw that kiss.
She made a mistake.
I know you love her.
You know, Grandma, I don't want to talk about that.
All right, honey, you a grown man.
I respect that.
Do it again.
How long has this been happening? Since the showcase.
I'm-a get you a new therapist.
Uh, how you gonna pay for that? We still don't have my settlement check.
If you can find a way to move that foot, I'm-a find a way to pay for that therapy.
All right.
What country is this? I see you've made yourself comfortable.
Where's Carlotta? She had to do some stuff with the salon, so we came here to handle our business.
Which is telling you to put our damn song on the radio.
Single's online.
- People are hearing it.
- Not enough people.
We need plays right now, or we're going back to square one.
You know that, right? Can you hear the fans outside yelling Alex's name? - We got heat.
- They're not screaming "Alex and Take Three.
" They're screaming "Alex and Noah.
" That's what I hear.
- Take Three's not a priority.
- But what if we're on GiGi's new track, at the pop-up tonight? GiGi telling me she wants us to premiere the new song with her.
After the gig, she'll drop it online with links to Take Three.
Sounds like Take Three just became a priority.
You make that happen, y'all back in the game.
I warned you to stop working and get some rest.
Look, Doc, when can I get the hell out of here? You know, you're a lucky man.
The amount of cocaine you took, you should be dead, given your condition.
You have a bad heart.
You need to take it easy, which means less stress, less alcohol and definitely no more cocaine.
As a matter of fact, you'll want to consider rehab.
Next time, you might not be so lucky.
Do not scream.
I'm-a do whatever it takes.
You're not living without me, Cotton.
You ain't acting right.
I'm okay.
Why did you really call me to come down here? I-I just want you and Mama to make up.
When pigs fly.
Come on, let's go get something to eat.
Let's go get one of those Patti peach cobblers.
That's diabetes in a box.
We'll be fat.
You ain't the only one who know how to duct and tuck.
That should be good.
GiGi wants us to come in after the second verse.
How it is, uh, staying at Miss Ruby's? You mean Derek's? What's going on with y'all? I'm sorry.
One sec.
It's Noah.
Yep? Why can't we just switch it to tomorrow? I'm rehearsing right now.
Yeah, I'll see you there.
You guys can, uh, start without me.
They want me to do a photo spread with Noah.
You know what? I'm doing this for us.
I mean, she ain't bitching, she's just you know, Star ain't good with her feelings, so What about you? You are? You haven't said one word about Karen.
I mean, I didn't talk about her much before she died, so Yeah, but why? You know we have your back, Simone.
Yeah, well, it's just 'cause, at first, it wasn't nothing, you know? It was I mean, we were cool, we were friends, and being into her just it just happened, all at once.
Like, before I even knew I was feeling that way, I was done.
- I was just - You were already in.
Well you guys don't have anything to worry about with me and Noah.
Yeah, 'cause it's all fake, right? Yeah.
Well That kiss that you guys shared at the showcase That wasn't the only time? I'm gonna be late.
Can we get a fresh battery on this camera over here? Yeah, we'll be ready in about five minutes.
Looks real.
So the interviewer wants to ask you guys a couple questions about the video and the kiss, and, uh, she's gonna take it from there.
Why are you here? Where's Rachel? Rachel's probably out day drinking with the rest of the people that quit when Ayanna got fired.
Charles Floyd is up there in the office rearranging God knows what, and Angel and I, we're just trying to get our singles off.
Well, we don't have any radio play, either.
That's interesting.
Only person that ain't got to put in work around here is you.
So, what, you jealous, now? Man, I'm just trying to see if history will repeat itself.
Hatin' ass.
Um, look, I-I heard about the fire.
I'm sorry about Carlotta.
You know, she's good people.
Which is why I should be with her right now instead of at this wack interview with you.
I'm doing this for radio play, for Take Three.
That's it.
That's all this is.
Yo, this place is dope.
They are pushing these two hard.
New album, new image.
Frickin' big-ass pictures.
It should've been us.
Where's GiGi at? She said she'd meet us here.
And she's still at the studio, making some final touches on the track.
So, Alex, you gonna be all about Take Three tonight? Instead of Noah's boo? Look, if you have something to say to me, I suggest you say it right now.
I just did.
Let's get dressed.
That's what I thought.
Hey, I'll be back.
Can you hold this? Yeah.
Don't go far.
I just bought this.
Gonna renovate it, paint it, you know what I'm saying, rent it out - Hey, Noah Brooks.
- What's up, Simone? Yo, you a dog.
Hey, give me, give me a second.
Give me a second.
- Why you coming for me like this? - You got both of them girls thinking that they got something with you.
You know, Star don't open up to nobody, and she was about to open up to your crazy ass, and you played her.
Okay, listen, you got it all twisted, all right? Star ain't want nothing to do with me.
Yes, she did.
And she was gonna tell you.
Well, I didn't know.
Yeah, that's because you were too busy messing up Alex's life, 'cause you a player.
- That's what players do.
- Okay, I didn't play anybody, all right? Star backed off from me.
So I let her go.
But that's what she wanted.
And-and what me and Alex have You and Alex what? We just got something.
Yo, so you got feelings for the both of 'em.
That's real messed up.
Look, I know you're a superstar and all, and we're crashing.
So right now's not the best time to be creeping around.
Crashing? What Maurice just released your record to the radio.
What are you talking about? But we ain't got no radio play.
Yo, this ain't a game to us.
Tonight is all we got.
So stay the hell away from Alex and Star, so nobody gets hurt.
Got it? Men are trash.
Since you won't let me tear this bitch down, the least I could do is help you clean it up.
I don't need help.
I got it.
Aw, you always did have such thick, pretty hair.
But I knew there was a "but.
" But why do you hide it? Why do you always wear those ugly wigs? It's not like I'm hiding something, Ma.
My wigs are my style.
Your style? You ain't got no style.
When's the last time you talked to your daughter? Actually, we talk a lot more now.
- We good.
- You sure? Ma, don't come up in here, starting no mess.
And stop acting like you know Cotton better than I do.
Well, I sure knew her better when you didn't know if she was a boy or girl, didn't I? And you ain't never gonna let me forget it.
You got that right.
All you need to know about my daughter is that I got her.
And I'm a better mother to her than you ever were to me.
Who you talking to, heifer?! You good? No.
But I can sing backup.
There's radio people out there tonight.
It's the whole reason for this.
We got to pop.
- I know you can do it.
- Pop.
What you still doing? Let's go.
It's time to sing.
GiGi's song.
This this beat is different.
We still got to sing the song.
As long as the melody's the same, let's No.
No, we're not singing this song.
You're trippin'.
We're singing it.
We're not, okay? The hook is plagiarized.
- Yo, Alex, wait up.
- Yo, I need to holla at you.
Hey, girl.
You ready to kill it tonight? Did you hear the new track? Dope, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, real dope.
I didn't know you were sampling a hook from Lil' Rage.
I'm not.
The new hook you just put on "Bossy" is the exact same.
Well, yeah, I know.
You know? Girl, are you serious? Can't you see I'm busy right now? You just plagiarized it and you think that's okay? "You straight-up plagiarized it and you think that's okay?" Girl, you grew up in the industry.
You know how it works.
Why you trippin'? This whole damn industry is built off of people boosting from each other.
I'm doing you a solid, girl, - not the other way around.
- I'm so sorry, GiGi.
I don't know what came over her.
She probably drunk.
Or too caught up in Noah's ass to be thinking straight.
You're supposed to be smarter than that.
I know you lost Elliot.
And that pain don't just go away.
How you hangin'? Why is my crazy-ass mother telling me there's something wrong with you? What happened the night of the fire? 911.
What is your emergency? Hello? Is anyone there? I know Omari killed Elliot.
Did he threaten you? Do not scream.
I'm gonna continue to take people away from you until you give me what I want.
Omari's not why I'm sad, Mama.
It's Elliot.
I promise.
So you our manager now? Just calling shots like our votes don't count? You, out of all people, are saying this to me right now? You cannot seriously think we're about to debut - a dirty song.
- I seriously think we can do whatever it takes.
And that's what it takes right now.
But you don't care about that, as long as it doesn't interrupt your little glow-up.
I'm sorry, I mean Derek Oh, not Derek.
Noah's glow-up.
It's a lie, okay? It's cheating.
You, of all people, are talking to me about cheating? - Star, don't.
- That's none of your business.
- Okay, let's do this, Alex.
- No.
Let's have this conversation.
You cannot just walk away from me.
You made this my business when you let it affect the group.
You knew this was a fake relationship.
- Fake? - Yes, fake.
From where I was standing, that kiss looked pretty real.
You gonna stand here and tell me that you didn't have something with him before that showcase? I didn't.
But I wanted to.
Might as well just tell you guys now.
Derek didn't break up with me because of that kiss.
What are you talking about? Noah and I after the show, we we almost had sex.
And you call me a whore.
Your man's in a wheelchair - and you're getting it from Noah.
- I just said "almost.
" Just like how you almost slept with my dad.
- Oh, my God.
- I'm trying to tell you the truth right now, and you're judging me on this? 'Cause I was there first, Alex.
Ooh, finally.
Fir Where first? I was with Noah first.
Before this fake relationship ever even started.
How long? A couple of months.
We were gonna break it off before the showcase, and I was pushing him away.
I didn't want to.
And I was gonna tell him.
What's up, y'all? Just dropped this three days ago, and, um, this will be the first live performance.
So I hope you enjoy it.
Let's do it.
Just left my baby girl a message Saying I won't be coming home I'd rather be alone She doesn't fully understand me 'Cause I'd rather leave Than to cheat But if she give me some time I can be the man she needs There's a lot of lust inside of me And we've been together since our teenage years I really don't mean to hurt her But I need some time To be alone But when you love someone You just don't treat them bad Oh, how I feel so sad Now that I want to leave She's crying her heart to me How could you let this be? I just need time to see - Where I wanna be - Where I wanna be Where I wanna be Sweet little do-dee-do-dee I don't mean to hurt you, baby Oh, no, oh See, when you love someone You just don't treat them bad Oh, how I feel so sad Now that I want to leave She's crying her heart to me How could you let this be? I just need more time to see - Yeah - Where I wanna be See, when you love someone You just don't treat them bad Oh, how I feel so sad Now that I want to leave Oh, she's crying her heart to me - How could you let this be? - Yeah And I just need more time to see Where I wanna be - Oh, baby - Where I wanna be.
You packed everything up.
Think I got it all.
Derek, I'm so sorry.
I asked you to tell me if there was something.
What happened? I don't know.
I was just confused.
And so much has happened this year.
Derek, I had an abortion.
Not a miscarriage.
I knew you'd be mad that I lied to you.
I think that's why I was stealing.
I felt like my life was spinning out of control, - and stealing gave me control.
- Stop.
I wasn't myself anymore.
And that pushed me further away from you.
And then Noah came.
I'm so sorry.
I would have understood.
What I don't understand is how you've you've been lying to me since the day we met.
- I know.
- Do you? Noah ain't got nothing to do with any of this.
You're feeling him? Why don't you just be honest? Stop using me as an excuse.
My bad.
I can come back.
No, we're done.
What's all this? It's the last of my stuff.
It's over.
Um, I'm gonna go put these in the house.
All right.
Tell Carlotta we'll be in in a minute.
All right.
You know, sitting out here is not gonna make it less real.
Y-You don't get it.
You never lost someone like this.
And don't you dare say Hunter, - because Karen's nothing like his sorry ass.
- Oh, I know.
Yeah, you were caught up in all this stupid drama.
It was like she was just some random street kid that no one cared about.
Like her life didn't matter.
But I loved her.
I know.
I'm sorry I didn't know her.
It's okay.
'Cause I did.
You know, I felt like I saw Mama that night.
When the paramedics were taking Karen away, it was like Mama dying al over again.
And for a second, I thought it was I thought you were under the sheet.
But I've been thinking a lot about Mama lately.
What I'm saying is, you deal how you deal.
And we'll be okay.
Am I a lesbian now? Am I a lesbian? I don't know.
How would I know? But I hate labels.
- I know.
- It don't matter.
What's up, Miss C? Maurice told me that Charles Floyd is taking over the label.
That's a good thing, right? I mean, anything's better than Ayanna.
- Just don't sleep with him.
- Who, Charles Floyd? - What is he, like, 70? - Ew.
- I have a very specific cutoff.
- Oh, God.
Listen, this could be a clean slate for y'all.
I mean, Ayanna was trying to prove herself, but Charles, we already know what he can do.
He's a star-maker.
You play your cards right and your ship could be coming in.
The question is: are y'all ready to get on? Why-why is that hand there again? Because she's not gonna let go of this thing.
- Let's just do it for her.
- All right, fine.
- Oh.
- She's not gonna stop.
Yes! Come on, let's go.
But tonight, we got to say good-bye to somebody special.
Please tell me you talked to your uncle.
No, man.
I wouldn't hold your breath.
You know he likes to make a lot of promises he can't keep.
Turn on the radio.
What? He has risen indeed.
Who the hell let you out the hospital? I made nice with a few of the nurses.
Now, turn on the radio, or you're gonna miss your track.
- Hey, what are you talking about? - I paid for 500 spins, which means I just put you both into the big leagues.
I mean, 500 spins is barely the big leagues.
Oh, you been on the radio before? You? You been on, you been on the radio before? - No, man.
- No? Oh.
- Wait a minute.
- Is that your track? Come on, y'all, you got a plan of your own? 'Cause let me tell you something right now, Charles Floyd, if he does decide to sell this label, this means insurance.
It gives you the chance to land somewhere else.
You're welcome.
It's on the radio.
- It's your last second chance, man.
- Well, look, I hate to be a dick about it, nephew, but I'm gonna take as many second chances as I want.
You know why? 'Cause I got you signed to a three-year contract, and you, too.
So just quit your bitchin', sit back and enjoy the ride, huh? You gonna let him call you a bitch? It don't matter.
We on the radio.
We about to take up all of Charles Floyd's label.
Go get it.
Angel! We're on the radio, baby! Ugh.
Why are you in here? Look, not now.
I don't feel like fighting.
I'm tired and I just want to drink.
Ain't yours, anyway.
You know Ronnie Lawson died.
- What? - Yeah.
How? They say it was lung infection, but, you know, I think it was AIDS.
Mm, mm, mm.
Y'all used to get lit after every service on Sunday.
That was my baby.
That was my baby.
He was my crush.
Yeah, he was mine, too.
Till you slept with him.
Bitch, there you go with that crazy imagination of yours.
- I never slept with Ronnie Lawson.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's what he said.
- Then he's a liar.
- He the one that told me that.
- God rest his soul.
- 'Cause he was a liar.
- He was.
Lyin' ass.
He used to get away with it with them green eyes.
Aw, God bless his fine ass.
What happened to us, Cass? You want to go there? You picked a side.
You wanted to be legit, and there ain't no legit bone in your body, Carlotta.
There's not.
- I picked survival.
- No, you don't know me.
I know you a lot.
And it was easier, because Mama always liked you better.
Well, you got the singing voice.
Oh, hey, Mama.
I ain't going nowhere.
Mama, put that damn gun back in your purse.
Mama, I'm the one that needs it.
Show 'em, baby.
Oh, my God.
Is this why you called your grandmother here? You thought I couldn't protect you? - I didn't want you to.
- Why? Because you shot his ass and he still ain't scared of you.
He says he's gonna kill you, Mama.
Just let Grandma and Titi Cassie take care of it.
- They still in this life.
- So what are you saying here? To sit your ass down.
- No.
I'm calling the police.
- Lottie! - No.
I said no.
- Come back here! I know you've been holding your feelings in for us.
You don't have to.
We want to know everything about Karen.
We almost kissed right there.
- Almost? - Yeah.
That's not the Davis way, girl.
We finish the deed.
Even when we're sharing dudes.
So what we doing? Uh, you do know this is illegal, right? Uh-huh.
So is half the stuff you've done since you've been with us.
You corrupt now, too.
Fair enough.
Look, about Noah You don't even got to do this.
For real, I don't, I don't want this coming between us.
Ain't no boy getting in the way of our dream.
- Never.
Bros before hos.
Forever! - Forever.
It's your girl, Nicki.
- I got some of the hottest tracks - Wait.
Coming up in just a little bit, but first - Is that our song? - Did you leave your phone plugged in? - That's not the radio.
- That's-that's the radio.
That's not the radio! Yo! That's not the radio! - That is not Simone.
- Oh, my God! Simone, we're on the radio.
We're on the radio, girl! Yo, it's Karen.
She's looking down on us, okay? That's her.
She got a heavenly connection to Hot 97? - Okay.
- Thank you, girl! Okay! - Hey, hey - If it feels right I bet you wonder what it feels like To see me dancing Take it all off just for you You'd like to lay your body down Next to me You know I like to play around Such a tease Maybe one day it can go down How we think Don't lose your concentration Use your imagination You can use your Imagination This is us! Girl, this is us! Imagination Let your mind run free Tell me what you wanna do to me, use your - Imagination - You better use your Wake up, wake up In the morning, we could wake up And maybe we could go another round or two - Or two - I know you wanna taste If you're not gonna tell her, then I will.