Star (2016) s02e11 Episode Script

Take It to Church

1 - Previously on Star - What the hell was that? - NOAH: You kissed me.
- No.
Why would I do that - when my boyfriend is out there? - Ask yourself that question! Stop, stop, stop, stop.
No, we can't.
Not here.
You can find somewhere else to stay tonight.
I'm gonna continue to take people away from you until you give me what I want.
You not living without me, Cotton, so that means you got to go, - and that's what it's gonna be.
- How long has this been happening? - DEREK: Since the showcase.
- I'm-a get you a new therapist.
- And how you gonna pay that? - If you can find a way to move that foot, I'm-a find a way to pay for that therapy.
JAHIL: Yeah, I'm trying to get ahold of Charles Floyd.
Tell him I got something he's gonna want to see.
- You sold me out.
- What? You don't have a label anymore, and I don't have a daughter.
(ECHOING, INDISTINCT): It wasn't a dream 'Cause that's what it seems But you're real - (SHUDDERS) - ("MY LOVE" CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) - (SCREAM ECHOING) - (PANTING) (CRICKETS CHIRPING) DEREK: You always creepin' out late.
You don't care what will people think about you? No.
You haven't noticed that about me? I can't sleep.
I need to take a walk.
It's a little late to be taking a walk, no? What you doing out here, popping wheelies? There's no girl worth trippin' over, Derek.
You knew about Alex and Noah? You know, she didn't mean to hurt you.
It's good you're doing physical therapy.
Your grandma's very loud and proud about it.
It's just therapy.
And that's not Alex's business.
Okay? All right.
Have a good walk.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) (MUSIC PLAYING NEARBY) And when you dial It makes me smile I tune out the world And all the sadness Disappeared like magic And love was all that remained You can't run You can't hide From my love.
What are you looking for? Not you.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard - Looking for another like me - Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? I bring me I bring, I bring me.
You know you could just come in the house, right? Derek does not want to see me.
You think Miss Ruby wants me in there? Miss Carlotta.
How much longer we got stay here with Miss Ruby? Well, insurance money is on the way.
- Contractors say about a month.
- STAR: A month? I don't got a month left in me with her.
Girl, calm down.
You got a song on the radio.
Charles Floyd called us in, and I'm-a use that to hit him up for some money.
We can get this album done.
You think that one hot song on the radio is gonna convince him? No.
But it's worth a try.
And I, uh, also want to let you all know that I'm gonna chill with this whole Noah thing.
- Thanks.
We just gonna make a quick stop before we hit the label and (CONVERSATION INDISTINCT) Y'all wait right here.
Is it Batista? What is he doing here? CASSIE: What do you think? I don't want Mama's thug sittin' in front of my house.
Carlotta, this is your own cousin.
Will you stop? Tell your mother I can go back home.
I ain't want to come up here to see your ass anyway.
Brick, shut up and wait.
Listen, Brick is insurance for Cotton's safety.
The cops got it handled.
You is a fool if you believe that.
You know what, you need to learn how to accept a little help from family.
Your help comes with strings, and prison bids.
Get his ass out of here.
- Can I meet the group? - (KNOCK ON DOOR) - What Oh - We need to talk.
You can't just barge in here.
I should call security.
Simone needs her things back, but your staff won't let us in your house because you holed up over here since your daddy fired you.
Let me get your address, and I will have everything boxed up and sent to you.
The case worker called me today.
And as you can see, I am in no condition to pursue this guardianship thing.
Uh, how how long do you think I have? I think I can try to hold them off another week.
- So much for helping her.
- Look at her.
She can barely help herself walk.
I really should've called the police on her when she pulled that gun on me.
What you should've done was pull the trigger on yourself - like I told you to - Stop.
Hey, Star, stop! - You still got time.
- Stop! SIMONE: Obviously, she's a mess.
Hey, Ayanna, are you feeling okay? You can't keep hiding in here like this.
You're a sweet girl, Simone.
If there's anything that I can do to make things right I will.
She don't need nothing from you but her things.
Come on, Simone.
You won the showcase.
The next Midtown tour is all you.
Um, I figured I'd lock in with one or two producers before we put an album together, before we hit the road.
Um What're you talking about? Like, next summer? Try next month.
The label needs to pull in some revenue quickly, and we have a sponsor that's given us an excellent deal.
It's the one thing my daughter did right.
And if we're lucky, we'll hook in an A-list promoter.
I I won't even be ready in a month I I don't have an album.
Then pull your ass out of the clubs and into the studio.
CARLOTTA: Oh, sorry, we had an appointment.
CHARLES: Perfect timing.
We're sending Noah on tour for six months, and we'd like Alex to join him.
- Wait, what? - No, I'm not going on tour with him.
I have a group.
We have a song on the radio right now we're doing better than ever.
I mean, unless we're going to join her.
- That's not part of the plan.
- CARLOTTA: Hold on a minute.
Let's let's all take a step back.
CHARLES: Noah and Alex have a hit.
They are the couple that everybody wants to be.
ALEXANDRA: Okay, yeah, that's nice and all.
But it's not real.
Okay? Everything between us was fake.
CHARLES: You sold the hell out of fake, and the fans all love you two.
Which makes Alex a crucial part of this tour.
You can't just take our producer on the road, Mr.
I mean, the girls need Alex to make their album.
And they can.
In six months, after the tour is over.
You can't make me go.
But my legal team can.
I own your music.
I own your voice.
I own your time.
Enjoy the tour, Ms.
You supposed to have our backs.
My back.
Baby, I do.
It's not over.
Now, Noah needs an opening act.
As soon as we lock down some things, I'll have Charles' ear.
Then I could pitch Take Three.
Think about it.
With Alex already going, it's a win-win.
But he ain't even thinking about that.
He ain't heard my pitch.
Don't be so sure of yourself, Maurice.
Jahil is up in the mix.
I can smell it.
Well, so am I.
Well, can you make it happen soon? I'm serious.
I got family drama, and the last thing I need is my girls falling apart.
Baby, I got you.
Trust me.
I haven't trusted too many men in my life.
Well, you gonna have to trust me.
I wanted to talk to you about the tour.
You're doing a stellar job, Mr.
- You remind me of me.
- (CHUCKLES) Business-minded, focused.
The kind of exec I can see a future with.
- Well, that's the goal, sir - If you play smart.
I wanted to talk to you about Take Three.
Taking them on the road with Noah could really build their fan base.
It's true.
They're, uh, they're talented.
But answer me this.
What do the top ten grossing tours of all time have in common? I don't think he needs a lesson in music history.
JAHIL: Well, maybe you need a lesson in finance.
It's men men is the common factor, see, 'cause men, they sell out the stadiums because it's the ladies and the girls that are buying the tickets.
Why have one Noah when you can have three? What have you got in mind? I'm thinking "The Men of Midtown.
" Noah Brooks, with Andy - and Angel.
- (SCOFFS) You got to be kidding.
Jetter, what are your thoughts? Well, they're both compelling groups.
Both have singles on the radio.
You should hear the new song my girls are working on before you make a decision.
Look, my boys got a new joint that's poppin' too.
And we got more views, more followers, - more talent.
- Right, right, right.
All right.
I should listen to everything.
Why don't we just have a sing-off? - Like the old days.
- Hm.
I like that.
- We ain't scared.
- Hmm.
This is gonna be fun.
Let's give this another try, okay? This time, I'm applying a stronger current.
You all right? Yeah, I'm good.
- What are you doing? - We're done for the day.
You said the session was for an hour.
Yes, but from the moment you came through that door, - your mind has been somewhere else.
- What are you talking about? Derek, you don't get it.
You're gonna need to use every ounce of your energy if you want to walk again.
I got a lot going on.
I can see that.
And that's what's holding you back.
Not your legs.
You tell me to trust you, and then you flip-flop on me? "Men of Midtown"? Come on.
Shooting it down would've made me look like an amateur.
You should've had our backs in there.
You did look like an amateur.
- ALEXANDRA: Okay, all right.
- SIMONE: Hey.
Let her talk.
- I need that tour.
- STAR: You want that man to respect you? Try forming an opinion of your own and sticking to it.
Listen, young lady, right about now, I'm the only friend you got at this label.
I am fighting for you.
- For us or Carlotta? - Does it matter? - I'm on the team.
- Really? 'Cause to me, it kind of seems like he's all about himself.
- Don't it feel like that? - Yeah, a good A&R fights for his artists.
Now we're seeing just how good he isn't.
Control them.
The man who used my daughter.
My ex-business partner.
Don Talbot.
He needs to pay for what he did to me.
What do you need? His daughter runs his label, and she's everything Ayanna never was.
And you want what? I need you to find out their next move, and deliver it.
This music game is like a round of chess.
Even if the moves don't come for years later.
You get me that victory, and your boys will open for Noah.
STAR: We need to get it right and win this sing-off.
So remember, on the second verse, we're gonna do this twice.
- Right.
- Ready? Five, six, seven, eight I didn't know him, but I guess he had it coming I heard he like to put his hands Everywhere they don't belong And I guess it finally caught up Somebody f'd him up I know who did it, bitch named Karma, that girl had enough Of course I remember that particular night The only thing that I killed was my dress and my mic I can't help you, don't know who you looking for All I know is that I want to be a star So please don't try to put the blame on me I didn't do it Now that he's out of my life All I know is that I'm free I didn't do it, I didn't do it, didn't do it, didn't do it I couldn't do it, I didn't do it, didn't do it Didn't do it, I wouldn't do it, didn't do it Didn't do it, didn't do it, I ain't do it, I didn't do it It wasn't me, it wasn't me, no Do you know what it's like to live from house to house Crying every night with different hands on your mouth? We can't actually do the chicken head.
Why not? Okay, okay, show me what you want to do.
STAR: Okay, so Let's just do something, like, still a rock, but chiller.
- Down.
- Okay.
STAR: Yup, and then something else.
And try this, too.
That's cute.
- Okay.
- Try it.
Hey Now try both.
- Hey.
- Now back to the hook.
So please don't try to put the blame on me I didn't do it, no Now that he's out of my life All I know is that I'm free, I didn't do it I didn't do it, didn't do it, didn't do it I couldn't do it, I didn't do it Didn't do it, didn't do it, I wouldn't do it I didn't do it, didn't do it, didn't do it, I ain't do it.
I didn't do it, it wasn't me, it wasn't me, no.
- Andy and Angel ain't gonna beat that.
- Are we done? - Charles Floyd got to pick us.
- Yep, done.
So how long did it take you to learn that? That depends.
How long you been standing in that doorway? You know, we're competing to open for you.
- What? - You don't know what goes on around here? You just don't pay any attention? - (CHUCKLES) - You better be pulling for us.
SIMONE: Star, I'm hungry.
Can we please go get food while I'm a free woman? Yeah, Simone, and you're not going back to juvie.
Stop talking like that.
- See you on tour.
- I don't doubt it.
Alex, you coming? I need to holler at you for a second, Alex.
I'll catch up with you guys.
- What's up? - Okay.
I know that I'm probably crazy for asking you, but I need you to take a listen to something I'm working on.
Are you serious? I could've sworn I have my own album to write, and to try to win this for my group.
Please? I have to write this album in a month.
One track.
- One.
- One.
ANGEL: I saw you girls killing it in there.
Yeah, well, we got no choice.
I guess you don't, either.
Hey, man, if me and A get that opening spot, I'm definitely not going back to Miami, so, yeah.
Well, that means I'm definitely going back to juvie.
What are you talking about? Well, Ayanna was gonna pursue guardianship, but it got all messed up, so So what are you gonna do? Find a new foster home, run away.
Or I could get married.
That's how messed up the law is here in Georgia.
Well, look, I don't want to be the reason why you go back there.
If y'all win this thing, then it's meant for you.
You read in between me What's your deal, anyway? My deal? Yeah, your deal.
I know you liked that girl, uh, Karen.
Yeah But sometimes I, uh, I get a vibe from you.
A vibe? Yeah, a vibe.
On I'm just playing with you, I mean, I know.
And you're not wrong about that vibe.
Leave the lights on Oh.
Leave the, leave the lights on On On, on Won't close my eyes Show me what you can do Do (GASPS) Please don't be afraid, baby.
You remember when we was in prison? Things were good.
You know, I took care of you, protected you.
I never hurt you while we was in there, right? I want you to leave town with me.
Nobody else needs to get hurt.
All right? I know your mother just got out the hospital Stay away from my family.
Just come with me.
All right? We can start over.
(TAPS KEYS) Uh, all right.
See if this works.
I just changed up the tempo.
("FILTHY SHEETS" PLAYING) You kept your cool Had me fooled Got a lot on my Yes.
Yes! (CHUCKLING): This is it.
Crane, I don't know what I would do without you.
- Thank you.
- Noah, all I did was add a few strings.
You know how to do that.
You don't need me for this.
Yeah, I do need you.
Same way you needed Star? - You played us both.
- No, it wasn't like that.
Noah, just stop.
Stop with the constant lies.
Star didn't want anybody to know.
You and me (SIGHS) it's different.
We got music.
And I've I've never had that with anybody else.
And this label's on my back about this album, and I honestly feel like I can't write it without you.
I don't want you to need me, Noah, and I don't want to have to go on this tour.
I've sacrificed enough, and now I feel like I could lose my group, which you don't seem to care too much about.
You really think that about me? Honestly, I don't know how I feel at the moment.
All I know is I have to go to a rehearsal, because my group is waiting for me.
You know, before you start accusing me of not caring, why don't you ask yourself: how do you think your song got on the radio? (HUMMING) DEREK: Here you go, creeping again.
Why are you out here this late? There's crazies outside.
I could ask you the same thing.
Are you good? You must've went off on somebody at the label, again.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Oh, so now you a mind reader and night patrol.
I mean, who do you think Alex came home to talk to every night? You do your therapy today? You can call it that.
You're gonna walk again.
You know that, right? I really just got to put my mind to it and do it.
(SIGHS) I'm gonna take a walk.
Hope you don't get abducted.
Don't worry.
I'm a white girl in America.
They'll find me.
Hello, stranger It's been a minute Since we last kicked it By the way, I just got in town And I won't let cumulus clouds All in the sky Ruin my vibe So you decided to come in this time, huh? - But since recruiting - You play that thing? Yeah.
I'm an artist at Midtown Sound.
I got a song stuck in my head.
You want to help me get it out? Baby, I wonder Why don't you sing a little bit for me? Would you (SOFT PIANO CHORD) My heart sings In a key No one has heard And when you dial You make me smile I tune out the world And all the sadness Disappeared like magic And love was all that remained You can't run, no You can't hide From my love People can say what they want I really don't care at all I know this love is for real And I don't care about the way they feel 'Cause I know that I'd trade it all For you The ground may shake us One day the sky will take us Despite what we go Through You can't run You can't hide You can't run You can't hide You can't run Baby, you can't hide From my love.
In town for business? I'm in from Maryland for the night.
Seems stressful.
I'm trying to close an impossible deal right now.
Hey, listen.
Can I tell you something? You have to be very careful in this bar because men, they'll just come up to you.
They'll try to talk to you.
They might even try to buy you a drink.
I mean, they're not even sure if you like Scotch.
I'm telling you some of these guys, they don't give up.
WOMAN: I see that.
So, you're, uh, you're married, huh? Afraid so.
Thanks for the drink.
CARLOTTA: What y'all doing now? Carlotta No, you always trying to start something between me and Cotton.
CASSIE: Ain't nobody even talking about you.
Omari pulled up on Cotton last night.
CARLOTTA: What he do now? Tell me.
You can't tell me, but you can tell them? You know what? I'm locking his ass up in jail right now.
Locking his ass up in jail? Girl, shut up.
You shot that man in the foot.
That didn't do nothing but piss his ass off.
Now you want to call the po-pos? I mean, come on.
If you want him gone, you know what we got to do.
She right.
I know how to protect my daughter.
He said he'll kill you, Mama.
CARLOTTA: Well, let his ass try.
- Let him come up in here.
I'll blow his - You know what? You got a whole lot of mouth, Carlotta.
Sis, you know that man is never gonna leave her unless he gets what he wants and he wants to own her.
You know I know.
My ex-husband almost broke me down.
Remember that? Omari is not gonna get my daughter.
He could have killed me last night, Mama, and there was nothing you could've did about it.
CARLOTTA: He's not gonna get you.
This family will take care of it.
Please don't try to put the blame on me I didn't do it Now that he's out of my life All I know is that I'm free I didn't do it, I didn't do it, didn't do it - Didn't do it.
- Girl, I hate this song.
(CHUCKLES) Do you really think we have a chance to win this sing-off with that? - Come on, Simone.
- It's not that bad.
It's really not.
And Angel and Andy don't have what we have.
They don't even know each other.
But you got to stop worrying about juvie 'cause that's getting into your head.
It's gonna mess you up.
ALEXANDRA: Yeah, you should think about your friend.
You know, your your girl.
- Karen? - Yeah.
You didn't do it, didn't do it, didn't do it You didn't do it, didn't do it.
- (STAR CHUCKLES) - Really? Yo, y'all are gonna burn in hell for that.
- Y'all ruthless.
Going to hell.
- Mm-mm.
- (ALEXANDRA LAUGHS) - Star? Star, who is that? This is some random dude I met in a bar.
It's Jackson, actually.
Nice to meet you, Jackson.
Well STAR: Where are you going? You really don't have to leave, guys.
ALEXANDRA: We are going to get work done.
You stay right there.
STAR: I hate you.
I hate you.
JACKSON: You said you were signed here.
I might've said that in passing.
I guess you're nobody till you have your very own stalker.
Listen, I have a band and we're looking for a new lead singer.
You interested? I have a band that you just met.
So how about you give me your number? My homie recorded you last night, up until you, um you vomiting.
Thought you might want to hear it.
I do.
You got something special, Star.
You got a lot of pain in your voice.
You know that, right? Yeah.
I know that.
Which is why you don't want to know me.
I mess people's lives up for a living.
Why you gotta do me like that? Why But send me that recording.
Wh-why you gotta do me like that? Where's your uncle, man? He said he's on the way.
I think you're gonna like what I found out.
Check your e-mail.
Don Talbot's daughter is trying to close a deal with a huge artist.
(CHUCKLES) Jetter, you're gonna be on a flight to Miami.
Of course, but for what? I need you to sign an artist.
Told you there's gonna be opportunities here for you.
- Copy that.
- So what does this mean for my boys? Thank you all for gathering on such short notice.
My staff and I have done some research and some calculations and we have come to a decision.
We're going with "The Men of Midtown Tour.
" CARLOTTA: You said you were gonna give my girls a chance.
We ain't even sing yet.
How is this even happening? - Come on, man.
- CHARLES: Miss Brown, I know this is very disappointing, but Maurice is gonna sit down with you and come up with a plan for the group when Alex returns.
I can't let you put my girls on the shelf for six months.
What are we supposed to do for six months? Excuse me.
Simone, I'm sorry.
I wish there was something I could do to help.
Yeah, no one can help me.
- Simone.
- Don't follow me.
- MAURICE: I'm sorry.
I did all I could do.
- Yeah, you could've fooled me.
We did it.
I'm-a take you places, all right? (APPLAUSE) Oh, so, okay.
All right.
You and the old man pretty cool, huh? Yeah, we tight.
- Why, you jealous? - No, it got me thinking 'cause I had some dirt on Ayanna that either went up in that fire or someone like you found it.
(SCOFFS) Come on, now.
What what was the name of that song your girls were about to sing? I didn't do it, didn't do it.
You think this is a joke? Jahil, we been through a lot, man.
That you would pull a stunt like this is lower than I thought even you could stoop.
But, hey.
You got what you wanted for your boys, right? Look, Lottie, I'm just trying to make it happen.
Okay? I'm tired, I'm t I'm tired of living like this.
I mean, I'm living in a damn backyard.
Whose? Whose backyard? Exactly.
JAHIL: Lottie! ("EVERYBODY PLAYS THE FOOL" BY THE MAIN INGREDIENT PLAYING) - You say you're even thinkin' about dyin' - (CHUCKLES) This place looks like how I feel.
You ain't here for small talk.
Then why am I here, Carlotta? You want to beat me down again? Everybody plays the fool (CHUCKLES) Life is full of surprises, ain't it? So, you gonna keep licking your wounds or you gon' get up an fight? AYANNA: Been fighting my whole life.
Well, I need you to step up now.
I got to protect my girls against your father.
What'd he do now? He's trying to break them up, forcing Alex to go out on tour with Noah and, by coincidence, Jahil's boys.
These men stick together, don't they? Didn't you and Jahil have a fight the night of the showcase? Then, out the blue, your father does a drive-by, and suddenly you're out, and he's in.
Do the math.
Never met a coke head who could screw like he could, though.
- Yeah, I know.
- (CHUCKLES) They played us.
I'm not about to roll over for it.
I know neither are you.
So payback? To payback.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I heard about Take Three and the tour.
That spot should've been yours.
I mean, if it was my choice, it would be.
I don't even like Andy.
Look, my bad.
- What you did for us was - No, no, listen, it's good.
We're good.
Look, like it or not, it's gonna be you and I on this tour together.
Just the both of us, every night a different city Okay, you were right.
What we have between us and the music, it is special.
Look, I'll do whatever I got to do to help you.
I'll get up on stage, smile, sing, all that.
But one thing I will not let you do is get in between me and my girls.
Okay? 'Cause once this is all over, I'm going right back to them when we're done.
Fair enough.
So, about that track - that you played me - Mm-hmm.
I have some thoughts.
Yeah? Good thoughts? - I hate it.
- Ugh.
I know, I know Mmm.
- WOMAN: Yeah.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
WOMAN: You bet.
(SNIFFING) (CHARLES CLEARS THROAT) Heard you were holed up in a hotel.
Why all the theatrics? I come from a theatrical family.
I'm fine.
Thanks for asking.
And I'm here on business.
(CHUCKLES) You don't have any business, from what I understand.
I want Take Three on the Noah Brooks tour.
(BOTH LAUGHING) You won't be laughing when you lose your sponsor.
I highly doubt that.
I put that deal in place when I was the head of the label.
The CEO is a friend of mine.
She agreed to do it, despite being one of the many women whose asses you grabbed over the years.
What a ridiculous accusation.
Is it? If you lose your sponsor, everyone will know why.
Good luck trying to find another one to sign on during the PR nightmare you'll find yourself in.
You need to keep your sponsor happy, which means keeping me happy.
Thanks, Daddy.
STAR (SINGING ON PHONE): My heart sings In a key - No one has heard - (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) And when you doubt - You make me smile - What is that? The song I keep hearing in my dreams.
It's driving me crazy.
I was walking by this bar the other night, and they had a open mic, so I thought if I sang it and got it out, I would feel better.
This is it.
- I don't know.
- You can't run, no You can't hide From my love (SIGHS) The day your mother died, - when I came to get you girls - People can say what they want - that song was playing in a loop.
- I really don't care at all Your mother was playing it while she was getting high.
I don't care about the way they feel - - You don't remember that? - I know that I'd trade it all for you The ground may shake us One day the sky will take us - Despite what we've been through - All I can remember is Brody running.
You didn't say a word for two weeks You can't hide just kept humming that song.
You can't run I don't think this dream is a dream.
- It's a memory.
- You can't run Baby, you can't hide From my love.
- To a successful trip - (ALL CHUCKLE) and for signing one of the hottest artists out there right now.
I'm just doing my job.
You made it clear that there was room for growth here, sir.
I like loyalty, but I saw that you stood up for Take Three.
Is your loyalty to me or Carlotta Brown? My priority is Midtown, sir.
- Mm.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) Hey, come on in.
We were just celebrating.
CHARLES: Thanks to you Maurice, why don't you tell him? We just signed one of the biggest artists in the game, - right out from under Don Talbot.
- Revenge is sweet.
Well, I guess that makes us The Men of Midtown.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
To the Men of Midtown.
I ain't gonna tell you how I did it, but it's done.
You're going on tour, Star, so go celebrate.
I'll join y'all later.
Mama, why you call me over here to this place? - This ain't my church no more.
- But it's my church, and I'm leaving tomorrow.
So come on, and let's sing it like we did back in the day.
Come on.
Come on, Mama.
I don't want to sing in this place.
I got bad memories here.
Carlotta, get your behind up here and sing for Mama and the Lord.
(BEGINS PLAYING "OHHH LORD") Oh, I've been down About a time or two But you picked me right back up again When I reached out For you, oh, Lord You brought me strength to my weakest parts You showed me the way, yes, oh, Lord I'm so glad I trust you And now all I can say is Oh, Lord Thank you for loving me Oh, Lord Thank you for giving me Your grace And your mercy Through my darkest days Thank you Oh, Lord You know, you don't have to do this if you don't want to.
I told you I wanted to help you, didn't I? With you, life I can win No matter what I'm going through JUSTICE OF THE PEACE: By the power invested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife.
And realize all you've done for me I'm grateful for friends, I'm grateful for love I'm grateful for music And the stars above I'm so glad I trust you And now all I can say is Oh, Lord Thank you for loving me Oh, Lord Thank you for giving me Your grace - Kill him.
- And your mercy Miss Christine said kill him while they in church.
Hey, don't do it.
Take it off of him.
Brick, I said take it off of him.
Darkest days, thank you.
You saved my life in prison, so you think that it belongs to you, but it doesn't.
And I don't know why I love you so much.
And I know you love me, too.
But this ain't the right kind of love.
It ain't.
I deserve better.
Bitch, you come around here again and threaten her or her family, your little fine ass is dead.
- Let him go.
- You saved my life And now all I can say - Oh, Lord - Oh, Lord Thank you for loving me - (STAR AND ALEXANDRA LAUGH) - What happened? Carlotta says we get to all go on tour.
- All of us.
- Didn't I tell you it would all work out? How did this happen? I I don't know.
She couldn't say.
Does it matter? If she jumped over somebody's cold, dead body, it means you're getting out of juvie! You're out of juvie! - Get excited! - You saved my life You saved my life Oh, Lord Oh, Lord Thank you For everything you have done For me.
(MPUTER): I've been looking for my sister for a week now.
And now this.
But the police will find whoever did this or I will.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) We got a problem.