Star (2016) s02e16 Episode Script

Take It or Leave It

1 - Previously on Star - Principal Sportswear just called.
They're looking for somebody for their new campaign.
- So, what do they want me to do? - New Orleans Pride.
Pick your face up off the ground, Maurice.
I'm back.
I can't wait to get in the hotel with just you and me.
I got to go finish packing.
- Meet your grandson.
- Hey, Jayden.
I'm Cotton.
Thought I was going to meet my dad.
MISS BRUCE: Y'all been getting furniture all week.
JAX: Could you listen to a song I wrote? You could give it to someone at the label.
- What's going on with you? - Meet Natalie Knight.
CARLOTTA: Your girl is getting kickbacks.
Carlotta Why don't you give me that music you wanted Maurice to hear? CARLOTTA: The sponsor called.
Somebody else caught their eye.
The lawyer said my settlement check came two weeks ago.
I was just trying to spruce the place up.
With my money.
I got to move out.
COTTON: I'm your dad.
I don't want to come here anymore.
JAHIL: Get 911 now! ["FINESSE REMIX" by Bruno Mars and Cardi B playing] Drop-top Porsche, Rollie on my wrist Diamonds up and down my chain Cardi B, straight stuntin', can't tell me nothin' Bossed up, now I changed the game, you see me It's my big Bronx boogie, got all them girls shook My big fat ass got all them boys cooked - Went from dollar bills - I'm sure you've heard this before, but you are simply stunning, Alexandra.
Every shot: fire.
Yeah, she is stunning.
Hit the Lil Jon, okay Sure is.
I just can't shake Otis and what he did to me.
And I can't believe I'm opening up my heart to you, and you're still concentrating on Alex right now.
I can't believe that we're at a photo shoot for no damn reason, practically invisible, while Alex is on the come-up, and you don't care.
Girl, calm down.
We're on the come-up, too.
Ayanna booked us with Hot Track Live, and Sound House is sponsoring us.
Ayanna's not doing that for us, Simone.
She's getting this tour back together for Noah Brooks.
That's it.
I can't believe that bitch is back.
Okay, Star, she ain't a bitch, okay.
And regardless, we're opening up for a national tour, and this live TV performance will get us there.
Can you imagine being Noah right now? This Principal Sportswear thing - was supposed to be his gig.
- [STAGE BELL RINGS] MAN: All right, y'all, let's take ten.
I don't like being up there without them.
Just feels weird.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, okay, look, you need to get over yourself, all right? Take in the spotlight.
You deserve this.
- You're right.
- All right? Yeah.
We got it goin' on, got it goin' on Do you mind holding Ms.
Crane's robe? I need to get her a sparkling water.
Who's he talking to? - Thank you.
- Walk away fast.
You know it, you know it.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? Me I bring, I bring me.
] Hey.
- Thanks.
- How's Cotton? Getting her blood drawn in case Jayden needs surgery.
- I can't believe this mess.
- All them doctors, and they can't figure out why the boy had a seizure.
It's been three damn days.
Look at us grandparents.
Worried about a boy we don't even know.
Well, maybe it's our do-over, Carlotta.
[SCOFFS] Maybe.
Bruce said he got a mouth on him like Cotton used to have.
Oh, yeah.
That kid is a jackass.
But he is cute.
I'll give him that, he's cute.
Hey, listen, if you want to go and get the girls and Noah TV-ready for the live show, I got it covered here.
I already prepped Andy and Angel.
Want me to call Maurice, have him come pick you up? Wow.
That man is stupid.
He had himself a dime.
You want me to take his ass out? [LAUGHING]: With your heart, old man? [SIGHS] I just got so much going on.
The girls.
Now Noah.
I just can't let one ball drop.
Go home.
My shift.
My heart ain't so bad I can't sit here and cover my grandpa duties.
So, Natalie, you hired your own security firm and charged my label.
It's called capitalism.
Natalie also got our artists some great exposure.
Come on, all promoters get kickbacks here and there.
Not on my watch.
You're both fired.
Get out.
Bitch, please.
MAURICE: You sure about that? I walk, they're off their game for Hot Track Live.
And you and I both know they need to get Sound House on board for Noah's tour.
I just fired you, and you're still trying me with this cheap smooth talk? Get out.
Oh, but I'm right.
And so is my A&R game.
I do it better than anyone at this label.
See, you've been looking for Midtown's crown jewel since you got here.
I could help you find one.
But if you fire me, I work for the competition.
Don't beg, Mo.
Bring me an artist to back up your promises.
Or you're done here.
I just got fired.
You just saved your ass.
Look, I put in too much work here not to fight for what's mine.
Now, I find the next big thing, I make my name.
You know, I remember when you used to be all talk and cheap shoes.
Now, you're just hella arrogant.
And I know what I want.
Which is why we always work well together.
So, where you gonna start? The club.
I'm-a go old school, like back in the day.
Or you could just look right under your nose.
One of the Take Three girls the dark one, Crane I think she could be bigger than her father.
Nah, nah, I'm not trying to break up Carlotta's girls.
Do you remember that you actually used to make us call you Clive as interns? Yeah.
Get the Crane girl before someone else does.
Hey, how's it going? Sorry, I'm late.
I was at the hospital.
They said everything is going good, but I got to get out of here and rehearse for Hot Track Live.
Okay, let me hurry these knuckleheads along.
- Excuse me.
How much longer? - We're done for the day.
But the commercial shoot has been moved up.
Day after tomorrow in Savannah.
Wait, when was somebody gonna tell me? Alex isn't even available.
We got a live television performance.
I'm sorry, I'm just a P.
No, no, Carlotta, we can't let the girls down.
No, I know.
I'm-I'm-a fix it.
This Hot Track Live thing is way more important.
Hey, Carlotta.
I heard about Jayden.
Is he doing any better? If it ain't about my artists, keep it moving.
I still care about you, Carlotta.
I bet you do, sweetie.
Now, go on and get some Jesus.
All you need, even if it's just This Principal Sportswear sponsorship is a big deal.
It'll open a lot of doors for you.
Yeah, we know that.
- Who's we? - Me and the girls.
Who else? Look around, this is all about you.
- You're Alexandra Crane.
- Of Take Three.
You know I think Take Three is hot as hell.
But I know you see how things are popping off for you lately.
Hey, you about to give Camila Cabello a run for her money.
Yeah, well, that's not very hard to do.
I'm just saying.
Time to start rethinking things.
Remember the way it felt I swear, I can still hear the TAKE THREE: Nights like this is for taking flicks SIMONE: Plus my booty look bigger than usual ALL: In this outfit And the DJ spins Cardi B is on STAR: So we dancing on the tables Oh, yeah, this my song.
Take a selfie for me on the plane.
- And, Alex - Yeah? Remember, steal me some caviar, 'cause you know I love it.
- Simone, stop lying.
- Okay.
STAR: You love caviar, Simone? Okay, tell me what's in it.
ALEXANDRA: Look, I'll be back in time for the show tomorrow.
Hey, I see your face, and you need to stop, because I got this.
I will be rehearsing between every take on set.
- Mm-hmm.
- Promise.
- Hey, break a leg, baby.
- I will.
NOAH: Yes.
Look at her.
Coming up in the world.
Yeah, she coming up, all right.
Nobody knows the way you know me and my convictions STAR: You're obsessing over that laptop like it's porn.
[LAUGHS] Nah, I'm looking to break a new artist.
Really? I might have something for you.
That roadie Jackson, he writes and produces.
He gave me that.
I haven't heard it yet, - but could be good.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait up.
So, you ready for tomorrow? Yeah.
Simone and I are getting ready.
Alex is being Alex.
That's got to be weird, watching her jump to the head of the class like that.
You cool with that? Everybody gets a time to shine, right? It's her turn.
Yeah, but what if she pops off? What then? Don't try to play me, Maurice.
Stay out of our business.
Focus on breaking your new artist.
You're dropping us from the show? I have to drop someone we only have 12 minutes on air.
That's only enough time for two acts.
Noah is a lock because I have to get his tour up and going.
And he has "So Sick" with Alex, so Take Three is a natural choice for that second spot.
Have you seen the Spotify charts? We have "Can't Stop Loving Her" soaring.
It doesn't matter.
Alex is hot.
Noah's a name.
Yeah, my uncle's not your favorite person.
This was purely a business decision.
I'll give you two a few minutes.
ANDY: This is not business.
No, see, this is on Jahil.
Damn! Now we're paying the consequences.
You know, as long as we're getting repped by that snake, we're gonna keep getting bit.
Maybe we split up to get free.
Bro we weren't signed as solo artists.
Yeah, what choice do we have right now? He's not here.
We got to make some moves.
We got to get from under him.
So, what do you suggest? I don't know, man.
I think we got to split up.
All right.
Okay, I got to go, I'm, uh, I'm late for a meeting at the label.
I'll, uh, I'll be back.
I told you, I don't want you donating blood for Jayden.
I don't know where you've been, who you've been with, or what you're walking around with.
You will not put your blood in my son.
- You came looking for me.
- I was looking for Arnold.
Nakisha, you're a ho.
You is the biggest ho I know.
You practically raped me, and I haven't even been - with a woman since.
- Wait up, ain't nobody rape you.
Okay, ladies, stop, stop it.
All right? You're both talking crazy 'cause you're scared.
Jayden needs both his parents on the same page.
He has one parent, and I can make a choice - on who donates blood.
- Well, actually, they want the whole family to donate if they can.
All right? Just in case Jayden needs surgery.
You can donate.
But I don't feel comfortable with Arnold or Cotton or whatever you call yourself.
- I'll be back.
- [SIGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Time is up, bruh.
Ayanna wants to hear some of your new music, and so do I.
Come on, Carlotta, you know I don't work well - under that type of pressure.
- Look, I'm an artist, too.
So I know what it's like to have a tight grip around your music.
But you got to let go.
You said you had a new song with Alex, right? But it's not all the way there yet.
Well, they want to hear some new music on Hot Track Live.
Tomorrow? On live TV? Come on, I I need more time with my new stuff.
You didn't get the sponsorship.
That means this Hot Track Live performance is the closest shot we got at getting your tour back on.
And singing this DJ Khaled song is gonna get me there.
Trust me.
You better knock it out the damn park, boy.
You know I'm-a knock it out the damn park.
I will.
[MUTTERING] [EXHALES] DEREK: What you doing here? Somebody tried to break into your grandma's house last night.
I don't know what you're telling him for.
What he care? Grandma, that is not true.
I packed your things, they're over there.
MISS BRUCE: So, you're really about to move in with that little Mexican.
We're not moving in together.
I'm getting my own spot, off Broughton.
But I heard a few houses in the neighborhood been getting robbed.
They just hit Ms.
Dotson house, about two blocks away.
You know they stole her damn dentures? You got to be pretty hard up to steal somebody's teeth.
I mean, they was gold-plated.
It ain't nothing but them little gangbangers hanging around on the street like it's 1992.
Hey, y'all not gonna say nothing? What we supposed to say? You know we can't call the police.
You know ain't nobody doing no snitching around here.
[LIGHTER CLICKS] Yo, Alex, I sent you a song that I think would be good for your voice.
Yeah, okay, I know you're focused on Take Three.
Just take a listen.
It's worth it.
JAHIL: Hey, there you are.
So, how'd it go, huh? I'm sorry I missed the meeting earlier, nephew.
I'm not your nephew.
Ayanna dropped us from Hot Track Live.
What do you mean, Ayanna dropped you? What? I'll go talk to her.
I don't want you to do anything.
Andy and I are done; we finally found a way to get out of our contract with you.
We're splitting up.
The hell you are.
Look, just take a beat, all right? I realize you're upset.
But let me tell you something, your act is too good to let it go now.
I'll take my chances.
Stay out of my life.
Angel, come on.
You're dead to me.
La, la, la, la, la I'm-a play this song While I do my photo shoot Snap a couple pics In the photo booth Bathroom pics It's a photo shoot 'Cause I'm a bad bad And I know it, too Mad pretty girls with me Only two of them be my day ones It don't matter, though 'Cause we out here and we havin' fun I ain't stressin' no fellas Ain't worried about 'em, we got our own Bottle girls all on the table Twerkin' on my camera phone, and we lit Nights like this is for takin' pics Plus, my booty look bigger than usual In this outfit And the DJ spins Oh, yeah, this my song So we dancin' on the tables Till the lights come on I'm-a play this song While I do my photo shoot Bestie like, "Post that pic on Instagram "For that lurkin' bitch And yo' ex-man, 'cause they watchin'" And she right, though, 'cause she liked my pic By accident about a week ago She a silly ho, but I'm petty, so Talk to me nice, I ain't even gon' block 'em I'm-a let 'em both keep watchin' Sis, I'm lit Nights like this is for takin' pics Plus, my booty look bigger than usual In this outfit And the DJ spins Cardi B is on, so we dancin' On the tables, oh, yeah, this my song I'm-a play this song While I do my photo shoot La, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la How's Jayden? Uh, they still don't know anything.
Hey, ain't it kind of late for you to still be rehearsing? Three million people are gonna be watching us on TV tomorrow.
No such thing as too late to be rehearsing.
You're nervous.
And you're bothering me.
What else is new? I'm in a girl group.
And I'm in here working my damn ass off the night before a performance by myself.
I see Alex popping off so easy, and the only thing I can think is that should be me.
You know, the first time I sang for somebody, I got pissed off, 'cause they told me I was good.
" I didn't want to hear that.
I wanted to hear them say I was great.
Listen to me, Star, that fire right there, that's your VIP ticket to everything you ever wanted.
I saw that in you the first time you ever sang for me.
You're the real deal, Star.
All right.
Well, I'm rehearsing.
So if you could let me do that Oh, by the way, um, you were a little late on that last eight count.
Jahil, you know Just saying.
STAR: Damn it.
Neighborhood watch? Trying to get yourself back in the wheelchair? You better be careful.
It's a flyer.
With your name on it.
You ain't got no street sense? Stupid ass.
When you finish with him, can you help me? I mean, like, you can't rush perfection.
- Ma.
- CARLOTTA: What you doing, Cott? - Headed to the hospital? - No.
- Nakisha's still tripping about me being there.
- [PHONE BUZZING] I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Could you? This is Alex, I got to take this.
Just wait right here.
What's going on, Alex? Well, when you getting back here? Eventually Yo, you done with him? You can help me with my flyaways? Five dollars? Boy, your career ain't that much in the hole.
Cheap ass.
So, if y'all kill this, y'all on your way to a national tour.
Guess I can say I knew y'all hos when.
I'm sorry y'all got dropped.
It's cool.
Well, keep me updated.
- What happened? - That was Alex.
The shoot is running later than expected.
She's still in Savannah.
I mean, we're not scheduled to start the show for another four hours, so CARLOTTA: I'm-a call Ayanna and make arrangements for the jet to be on standby.
Told you.
Shut up, Star.
- Where's Cotton? - Maker Meet your maker.
- [MOANS] - [PANTING] That should be against the law no that's with your dawg Damn, baby, you're about to make me sweat out my edges.
Just trying to keep up with your big ass.
If you broke, that should be against the law I'm a real hustler What's wrong with you? - Why do you say that? - I don't know.
Just distant all of a sudden.
It's probably just I got my music on my mind, that's it.
What's going on? Angel and I broke up, so I'm just trying to figure out ways to get money so I can get studio time and finish up my E.
I'm living my life like the rules of the game I got you.
Money with money with all of my homies Ain't with none of these broads Hustling just to show out for these you lost Think that'll be enough to help you get started? I'm not taking money from you.
I'm sure I can find a way for you to return the favor.
Cassie Look, I'm a very busy woman, okay? You can run some errands for me.
That's soft Don't no that's with your dawg Just tell me where to go, and I'll get it done.
But not so fast.
First, you have to put your mouth to work.
Yes, ma'am.
That's law If you come up, don't forget about your dawg.
Without Alex, Hot Track Live green-lit Star and Simone to perform.
Take Three's not going on as Take Two.
This is live TV.
I'm dropping Take Three's performance.
Don't overreact, Ayanna.
These girls been working too hard for this.
I'm sorry, Carlotta.
Give Noah the whole 12 minutes.
What if Alex shows up? Noah has a new song with Alex.
He can close with her.
They're fire together.
All right, I'll have him mic'd and ready.
So Alex goes to that shoot, doesn't show up, but she gets to perform, and we don't? That seems fair.
Star, it ain't her fault.
Well, then, whose fault is it, Simone? Star, don't forget: if Noah gets this tour, you open up for him.
Come on, keep it together.
I'm sick of this.
MAURICE: I'll take care of her.
Stay out of it.
What you gonna do, punch me in my face again? This is my job, Carlotta.
Take Three's success is my priority, and as your A&R, you want me on your side.
You're trying to do too much all the damn time.
- I'm not a narc - Yeah - Ridin', ridin' - Ridin', ridin' All my homies ridin' Heater tucked inside In case the enemy collidin' - Ridin', ridin' - Ridin', ridin' All my homies ridin' Heater tucked inside - What's up, man? - What's up? I got it.
What can I do for you? Uh, here to get the platinum wash.
I need big things, swangin' like I'm in Texas - You must be Cassie's new bitch.
- [LAUGHTER] What? There ain't no bitches over here, homeboy.
Relax, I'll take it from here.
No, I'm not ignorin' you But sucka I-I gotta disregard I just wanna have a pot to piss in So increasin' digits is my only mission Hit the dealership, get a Cadillac Hit a lick and then Cassie love breaking in a virgin.
- MAN: Yeah.
- MAN 2: Yeah.
MAN 3: Yeah.
CARLOTTA: Ayanna's going out on a limb for you.
She wants that tour.
So do we.
You got to fill the whole 12 minutes.
That wasn't the plan.
It is now.
You got to adjust.
Man, I-I'm not ready to debut my new music tonight, all right? Well, you better get ready.
Snake hittas get no respect I just do it for the love Going hard, got no regrets Sorry that I missed your voice mail Damn it.
You drinking again? This is the reason Sound House was hesitant to work with you in the first place.
It was just one drink.
I promise.
Just to relax from all of this.
That's it.
Ca I know you mad, I know you mad, I know you mad 'Cause I got some bad, I got some bad I got some bad habits STAR: Ayanna's stealing our shot like it's nothing.
You'll always have a shot, Star.
You know why? 'Cause you're a killer.
You're sick.
Why don't you just say what you know? - No, we don't got to do this.
- Yeah, we do.
You know exactly what I did to my mother.
I told you.
And you been walking around like you don't know nothing, like everything's normal.
Yeah, you've been to the dark side.
A lot of artists have.
That pain, that inspires some incredible work.
Run this game on some other bitch, Maurice.
Yeah, well, you know Alex, she's making a name for herself.
That's got to hurt.
The question is, what are you gonna do to stand out? Hey, J.
I brought you some juice.
I only let my mother call me J.
JAHIL: Well, she's your mother, too, all right, and she cares about you.
We all just want you to get better.
He's really hot.
I'm gonna go get Dr.
[SIGHS] Am I gonna die? Listen, kid.
I know you don't know me very well, but I know that there's a lot of people out there that love you, okay? Especially Cotton.
And, hey, I'm your grandpa, right? I'm not gonna let you die.
Okay? I promise.
NOAH: Make somebody say Yeah - Make somebody say - Yeah - Make somebody say - Whoa Make somebody say You feel it when you're dancin' with your hands up - Yeah - Don't worry 'bout a thing - Just let it all go - Yeah I know I can make somebody say Whoa - Make somebody say - Whoa.
[CHEERING] Thank you.
Thank you.
All right, so, uh, I guess I'm-a follow with, uh, one of my old joints, a classic, "Pull Up.
" [CHEERING] It's 2:00 in the morning And I'm through with what I got to do so, yeah Driving through the city in an old-school Chevy low pros We'll get another chance.
What if we don't? Star like a you know what For some of that you know what But you playing games and I ain't gonna take it Pick up, pick up I know that it's late and I'm faded But, baby, get up, get up SOS, 911, Mayday, Mayday Emergency code red Baby, baby, I know where the spare is for such an occasion Come through, tie you up like a straight home invasion I'm here.
Where are the girls? I got to talk to them.
No, no, no, all you you just got time to change - for "Aim x Shoot.
" Come on.
- Okay.
- Can you hold this for me? - Yeah.
Touch you like you've never been touched Hurry up.
You dealing with a real one here You dealing with a real one here Never gonna need another fix - Never, never - I got everything That you need, you know I would Do you need some help? Well, hurry up, girl.
ALEXANDRA: I'm trying.
But I can't get this zipper.
- loved - When I pull up Touch you like you've never been touched When I pull up You dealing with a real one here Pull up, you dealing with a real one here.
So, uh I'm, um I'm gonna, tonight I'm gonna sing a new song for you.
The song is starting.
Come on now.
- ALEXANDRA: I'm coming.
I'm almost done.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- NOAH: Hope you like it.
- Noah's expecting you on stage.
You've been tryin' to Take all My energy Where's my mic? Where's my mic? But I'm just tryna do me Took your time to Make sure I lose Look who we have here.
But you could never break me No, I ain't I ain't No, I'm not the same, no, no Yeah Yee I swear that I've changed Can't wait to the day Hey, yay When I break away, when I break away So take your aim And shoot 'Cause I'm bulletproof Give me everything that you got Do your best And take your best shot Aim Shoot 'Cause I'm gon' pull through Uh.
Do the worst you can do I can't lie No, I steal the show When I'm in my in my element You don't know just who you're messing with NOAH: You can try But you can't control STAR: What's for me is what I'll end up with So do your best, but you can never win No, I ain't I ain't No, I'm not the same No, no Yeah - Yee - What is she doing? I don't know.
STAR: that I've changed, can't wait till the day She's being Star.
Hey, yay When I break away, when I break away Every day, every night since then I've been waiting on the battlefield Waiting on the moment To take on you Got my troops, we're hand in hand If we fall, we'll get up again Got a mission that I'm gonna do So take your aim and shoot.
[CHEERING] Give it up for Star.
Give it up for Noah Brooks.
I'm sorry, Alex.
Maybe she thought you weren't here yet.
No, no, she knew.
- [LAUGHS] We killed it.
- All right, - all right.
I see.
That was crazy, it was.
- STAR: That was crazy.
You're garbage.
Yeah, you know what, Star, - you took it way too far this time.
- Why, Simone? 'Cause I filled in for her? Or 'cause I sang with her man? Star, when are you gonna learn? How many more people do you have to hurt? [PHONE VIBRATES] Y'all gon' have to raise your damn selves for a minute.
Can you do that? Do you remember me? Me and my goons bare arms I don't even know who you are right now.
And you don't need to know who I am.
What you need is cash.
That's why I gave you an opportunity to earn.
No, you gave me an opportunity to be your personal drug mule.
You know what? This was a freelance gig, all right? Here.
You don't even have to pay Uncle Sam.
Poppin' bottle after bottle, yeah, we tow it up Ya girl give me the eye - 'Cause she want a thug - You're welcome.
'Cause you don't want it with us We known to get it poppin', get it jumpin' - Thank you.
- [PHONE VIBRATES] Yo, I got to take this.
Run the shower.
I'll meet you there.
Hello? - Yeah, you got another job? - So sick, make 'em throw it up Good.
Need a sip, tell em pour it up Need a sip, tell em pour it up Need a sip, tell em pour it up So sick, baby, throw it up Me and my clique What are you doing here? I mean, I'm I'm glad to see you.
Are you okay? Nah.
Look, if it makes you feel any better, we didn't get to perform either, so Me and Andy broke up just to get out of our contract with Jahil.
Everything I worked for is over.
And, you know what, everything leads back to him.
I grew up looking up to him.
And I can't even trust him.
I can't trust anyone.
You can trust me.
I know that we haven't been talking, but I want to trust you.
But you keep a lot of things inside.
Yeah, well, there are some things that are not so easy to talk about.
[SIGHS] Whatever it is, I can handle it.
I promise.
Well, okay.
My, uh my foster father Otis he he did some things that that I didn't want him to do.
You don't have to say anything else.
I love you.
[SNIFFLES] Star reminded me of Etta James.
She was open, raw, ready.
The crowd loved her.
So why are you trippin', Maurice? You already have your Star.
Yeah, Carlotta would flip if I push Star to go solo.
But Star, that girl, she's a force to be reckoned with.
Do I walk away from that? You love Carlotta.
You can't even hide it.
I don't want to hurt her.
So you're willing to sacrifice your career for her feelings, Mo? You're acting like a newbie.
- [SCOFFS] - Star wouldn't just give you Midtown.
She's capable of delivering the world.
You know that.
Sorry I'm late.
I was just explaining that Jayden's kidneys are shutting down.
We have to stabilize him and then begin dialysis.
What does that mean? You gonna have to find him a new kidney.
- He could have one of mine.
- No - Bitch, that's my child, too.
- Cot.
- [SNIFFLES] - It doesn't matter.
Unfortunately, neither of you is a match.
I've already put Jayden on the UNOS list, so now it's-it's just a waiting game.
JAHIL: Doc, in the meantime, you can test me.
And anyone else we know, for that matter.
STAR: What you doing? You're gonna hide in here all night? [CHUCKLES] Yo, thanks for having my back tonight.
They ate it up.
We're trending.
- [ZIPPER CLOSES] - Yeah, I saw that, but I didn't see any tweets about how good the song was.
Oh, my God, Noah, you're so sensitive.
It's some of your best work.
You don't need a tweet to tell you that.
[SIGHS SOFTLY] I was wasted when I wrote it.
Thought you were done with that.
So did I.
Old habits are hard to break, right? Noah! Noah! Are you stepping out on Alex? Are you and Star together? Is she inside? - It's not even like that.
- But you just sang with her.
- Is she replacing Alex? - [SCOFFS] Look, she just filled in, all right? That's it.
Nobody can replace Alex.
- MAN: No-Noah! - WOMAN: Noah, Noah, what is your relationship status with Alex? MAN: What did you think of her performance? It's my job as your manager to protect you.
You need to be in rehab.
- What? Come on.
- Look, you heard me.
We got to figure this out.
AYANNA: Sound House saw your performance on Hot Track Live, and they loved your new song.
They want to hear your entire album.
[CHUCKLES] Really? Uh, that's-that's amazing.
- O-Okay.
- I told you.
- It's all good.
- [SIGHS] Congrats, Noah Brooks.
You're one step closer to a national tour.
[CHUCKLES] I-I can't believe this.
Whatever the hell you've been doing to get here, keep doing it.
Because it's working to finally get you back on top.
[NOAH SIGHS] Oh, my God.
I'm ready.
You sure? We can wait as long as you want.
You said you love me, right? Yeah.
[PANTING] [KNOCKING] God, that's Miss Carlotta.
Go, go, go.
[CHUCKLING]: Go, go, go.
I mean, what difference does it make now? - Everything's on the table already.
- Go, go.
Just go.
- I'm not here.
- [SCOFFS] Are you Angel Rivera? Yeah.
Please sign here.
What is it? It's a letter from Immigration.
[PAPER RUSTLING] They denied my DACA application.
I got a notice to appear.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Where have you been? At the label, right? - I'm sorry.
This week has been crazy.
- This week? My whole damn life.
First, it was the music.
Then Mary.
Then Mary's girls.
Now Noah.
I needed you this week.
- I know.
- I blame you for this.
- Hey, don't talk to your mother like that.
- When I ran off to be with Grandma, you told me don't come back until I became a man.
So I tried to be a man, and I got with Nakisha for you, so that you - would take me back.
- I'm sorry.
Now my son is about to die because I tried to be something that I wasn't.
[SOFT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING] Jax? What's up? This is your track? Yeah, it was, um I was hoping Take Three would consider it.
Let me have it.
[MUSIC STOPS] You for real? Your voice on this would be crazy.
You think you think Star's gonna be cool with that though? I can't worry about how she feels.
Not anymore.
This is business.
So let's get started.
MAURICE: I got your next solo artist.
I'm about to close the deal right now.
NOAH: I'm not the same, no Yeah Yee It'll get the people talking, which is a good thing.
Scoop-ish will run it tomorrow.
Hey, yay You sure it's a good idea? When I break away I'm sure about you, Star.
Now it's time to see what the world thinks.
Got my troops - We're hand in hand - [SIGHS] If we fall, we'll get up again Got a mission that I'm gonna do So take your aim and shoot.
You must be out of your damn mind thinking you can run game on me.
We didn't shortchange you, - and that's on everything.
- You know what? Why am I missing 15 G's? ANDY: What the hell? CASSIE: We're almost done here, baby.
Cassie, listen Nah.
[BODY DROPS] Let's get the hell out of here.
I said move, boy.