Star (2016) s02e17 Episode Script

Mrs. Rivera

1 Previously on Star Principal Sportswear just called.
They're looking for somebody for their new ad campaign.
Now, I find the next big thing, I make my name.
I'm-a go old school like back in the day.
Or you could just look right under your nose.
Let's get the hell out of here.
I said move, boy.
Sponsor called.
So they're ready to make an offer? Well, actually, they did.
Yeah, well, you know, Alex, she's making a name for herself.
The question is, what are you gonna do to stand out? - Am I gonna die? - I'm not gonna let you die.
You drinking again? This is the reason Sound House was hesitant to work with you in the first place.
- Are you Angel Rivera? - What is it? It's a letter from Immigration.
They denied my DACA application.
Alex, Alex.
- Alex.
- Right here.
Alex, what do you think about the Scoopish article? So, Alex don't got time to show up to our studio session, but she has time to talk to the paparazzi? Wow, what did Alex do now? How do you feel about Noah and Star's new duet? Any beef between you two? There's no beef.
It was cute.
Cute? I got your cute.
What I want you all to focus on is my new solo track.
I'm gonna collab - with a dope-ass producer.
- Solo track? So, without Take Three? The other girls mad at you? What solo song? Do you know about this? When's the last time you talked with Noah? Alex Simone.
What's wrong with you? Why are you paying attention to that mess, anyway? Don't we got something to record? I can't believe you don't care.
But I didn't come all this way to be Alex's come-up.
Well, I must say, Ms.
Floyd, it is good to have you back at the helm.
Thank you, Jeff.
It's been a struggle in the face of my father's never-ending publicity storm.
But I'm primed to elevate this label.
And you believe that, uh, Noah Brooks can do that, huh? We're halfway there.
Sound House has asked to hear his album, and a national tour's around the corner.
They haven't come on board yet? Don't worry.
They'll come on board.
Noah has to charm the hell out of Sound House.
Kiss some ass.
Work the room.
The Sound House reps will be watching him closely.
Tonight's a game changer.
Um I-I just want to thank everybody for believing in me.
I-I won't let you down.
I promise.
Well, I hope that's true, young man.
So, this new album.
What's it called? Well, it's, um it's called The Truth.
You kill this party tonight, you're gonna be selling out arenas all summer.
Who is it? I said who is it? Yeah, you getting some rest? The hell's the matter with you? Hey, Cotton, I'm gonna call you back.
Why are you waving that gun around, man? What you want, man? Your contract with Andy.
I'm gonna tear it up.
Yeah, right.
- Go ahead, take it.
- That don't matter now.
Angel, look, I'm just trying to do the right thing.
- I'm being deported.
- Wait, what? - Yeah.
- No, look, I got to help you figure this out.
You sound like a broken record.
You can't help nobody.
You can't even help your damn self.
My dad was right about you this whole time.
You know what? I've always loved you like a son, nephew.
All I ever wanted to do was help you and your mother.
Don't bring Mom into this.
You know how you help me? Stay out of my business.
That's all you got to do, man.
Wow, you weren't lying.
Everybody and their mama's coming tonight.
You really backed up the money truck.
I'm putting every resource Midtown has behind Noah.
- He deserves it.
- Well, it feels good to finally be on the same side.
I know how instrumental you were in helping Noah get through his demons to finish this album.
Thank you.
I owe you.
Well, I can't take all the credit.
Take Three also made a lot of sacrifices of their own to help Noah get here, too.
Clearly they ain't just talent show winners anymore.
They got hits, radio play, growing fan base.
Where's this going, Carlotta? I'd like you to revisit the terms of their contract.
Let 'em know how valuable they are at this label.
I'll give them an album release date.
It's a good start.
But I know you can do better than that.
What are your demands? How much time you got? Okay, first of all, our budget is a third less than any other breakout artist on any other label.
I've done my research.
It takes money to make money, Ayanna.
Set up a meeting with my team.
I see your girls aren't the only ones stepping up their game.
- How was that? - Amazing.
You're amazing.
No, Noah, I have not forgotten.
I will be at the listening party right by your side.
I promise.
Okay, bye.
This recording session started 45 minutes ago.
And how much of my part did you sing while I was away? Do you care? I heard you were going solo.
- Can y'all stop, please? - Listen up.
Good news.
I finally got Ayanna to give us an album release date.
Plus, I got her to open up your contract so we can renegotiate.
So now is the time to be really clear about what we want.
I want a guarantee that I can do projects outside of Take Three.
You're already doing that.
Yeah, but maybe we should get it on paper so you can stop acting like a bitch every time I'm given an opportunity.
Maybe you should decide once and for all if you're here for Alexandra Crane or Take Three.
'Cause if it's not Take Three, why are you here? This is not about you or you.
I'm in there fighting for an entire group.
You know, it sure as hell don't feel like one, Miss C.
You know what? I think I'm done.
I think I'm really done with Take Three.
I quit.
- Where's this coming from? - Look, I haven't been happy in a while, especially with those two bitching nonstop.
- We can fix this, Simone.
- Can we get a "no bitching" clause in our contract, Miss C? No, Simone, that wouldn't even work.
Look, we have been at each other's throats.
Maybe we should let go of this whole girl group thing.
Let this whole girl group thing go? How can you say that so easily, Simone? Maybe you need to stop overreacting to every damn thing that happens in this group.
Oh, please.
Coming from you, that sounds ridiculous.
Okay, you know what? This is not my dream.
This is your dream.
I can't force y'all to work this out.
You do what the hell you want to do.
I'm-a be at the hospital with Cotton.
We got some good news from UNOS.
- Yeah? - Jayden got a kidney? Not yet.
But he has been officially added to the list as a priority.
" That means, like, in a couple of days? It's gonna be a few weeks at least.
What if he doesn't have a few weeks? Jayden has to wait for a matching donor organ to become available.
But you said he needs a transplant - as soon as possible.
- I'm sorry.
But without a match available, there's not much we can do besides wait.
- What's up? - Simone wants to leave the group.
Alex is acting like Roland Crane.
I don't know what to do anymore.
It sounds like Alex is doing exactly what I told you she would.
The brands, the features.
She's been positioning herself as a solo artist for a while now.
Question is, why aren't you? Look, I know you're trying to make me go solo.
It's not just me.
It's right in your damn face.
We got some traction on this article we leaked on Scoopish.
Now, you can either run with it or continue to sit back and watch Alex make her way to the top.
This track is all you.
Trust me, you sing on this, you're gonna give Alex and Jackson a run for their money.
Jackson? That's who Alex been working with? Okay.
Listen, why you calling me 90,000 times if I I'm not dodging you.
Ca I appreciate everything you've done for me, okay? I'm just not with that life.
Cassie? Cassie, Carlotta's sister? Man, where the hell you popping up from? Damn, boy.
You know you're dancing with the devil there, right? You know we fired you, right? - She's no one to play with.
- Keep my business out your mouth.
Can you do that for me? What y'all beefing about now? Oh, nothing.
Just checking in on my guy here.
Just remember he means well.
I mean well.
Look, I'm just trying to tie up loose ends.
Jahil, I don't care what you're here to tie up.
We've had to start everything over because of you.
Do you understand, ever since you came around, - you've ruined everything, all right? - Look out! Andy, get down! You okay? You okay? Stay down, just-just stay down.
- Stay down, okay? - I'm good.
Lottie, I'm good.
Andy, are you good? - Stay down, stay down.
- I'm-I'm good.
Get me a blanket.
Can somebody call an ambulance? Come on.
- Okay.
- 911 - I-I can get up, I-I'm o - You good.
You good.
- You good.
You good.
You good.
- I know, I'm good.
Put some pressure on this.
- I'm all right.
- Stay down, baby.
Stay down, baby.
You okay, baby.
All them bullets, and I just got grazed.
You sure you don't want to have this looked at? Come on, girl.
You know I got nine lives.
All right.
Hold that there.
So who's trying to kill you now? Maggie? It don't matter.
They didn't kill me.
Yeah, well, they might have.
Yeah, that should do it.
Yeah, okay.
I don't want to waste any more time.
What are you doing? Lottie, you are my heart.
- Boy, shut up.
- And no matter who came into our lives before, you know they don't match what we had.
Not Pastor Harris.
Not Maurice.
Not Ayanna? Nobody.
You know, I ain't gonna let ICE just take you away.
Why don't you just answer? Because it's Miss Carlotta.
I ain't got nothing to say to her.
So that's it? You're just giving up on Take Three? Yeah, well, music wasn't really my dream, you know? I did it for Star.
Yeah, but somewhere along the way, you fell in love with it.
I fell in love with you.
Yeah? Mm-hmm.
I realized there's more to life than chasing fame.
You know? That ain't me.
Angel, let's get out of here.
What do you mean? Run away? I got Immigration on my back.
Well, not if they can't find you.
Okay, you're crazy.
I'm serious.
Are you in or not? When are we leaving, Bonnie? As soon as you can pack your bag, Clyde.
Ooh! Big ballin', huh? Heard you and Selena are moving out.
Is my grandma telling everybody? Your Big Mama used to be the neighborhood gossip and the neighborhood watch, too.
But it looks like we need a little bit more of that around here.
I know that's right.
I mean, I've been putting up flyers, - talking to folks.
- I know, but I wish we could do something more permanent.
Help folks on parole get some jobs.
You know, get people off the streets.
If you down.
No, I'm down.
I'm always trying to be a part of the solution.
So whatever the hustle is, I'm in.
All right.
Then we partners.
- We partners.
- Cool.
You know, I almost didn't come, Ayanna.
This place is starting to look like Death Row instead of Midtown Sound.
Excuse me.
Yo, this is my party, and I got to be searched? I'm not trying to take any chances after what happened to Jahil.
Have you heard anything? Yeah, Carlotta says he's fine.
Says I should just focus on this party.
Lena from Sound House is in the front row.
You need to impress her.
- You seen Alex? - Not now.
It's showtime.
- Yo, what up, Noah? - Let's get it.
Welcome, everyone, to The Truth album release party.
We got Noah Brooks in the hot seat.
That's Noah! What was the inspiration for this album? Well, uh, my inspiration was It was I-I'm sorry.
What-what was the question? Your inspiration.
Um Yeah, man, I love your work.
I'm Alexandra Crane, by the way.
- Okay.
- I'm looking to collab on my new solo track.
You got a sick voice, just like your old man.
Sellout like her daddy, too.
You just love to pop up uninvited, don't you? We're about to lose our girl group, and you're over here trying to be America's Next Top Feature Ho.
- Oh, me? - Yeah.
I've always been loyal to Take Three.
Till you weren't.
Anyway We, uh, saw your performance in New Orleans.
What was behind that? It seemed so personal.
- Uh - Noah was inspired by his father.
Yeah, my-my father.
Um, I-I don't exactly like talking about my family, but my music Has a connection to your family.
People like to know their artists.
Can you get off my back about my dad, please? C-Can I can I - can I get some water real quick? - Sure, take your time.
Are you okay? I'm good, I'm good.
You know, I should be at Noah's listening party.
Instead You know you want this.
Wow, this is crazy.
Who would've thought we'd be here? Again.
I always knew.
That's why I still got paper on you.
It's why you never asked for a divorce.
You know, I still got that ring.
Now, you know you ain't supposed to call me that.
That was a night of drunken truth or dare.
That we never undid.
You want to do something crazy, for old times' sake? Jahil, I'm not flexible like I used to be.
We can't try that.
- Girl, I ain't talking about that.
- You can't even do that one.
Although, you know what I know.
I mean, I would try, I suppose.
Get dressed.
I want to take you somewhere.
This group is about to fall apart, and I'm the only one who cares.
It's my whole life, and they act like they could do without me.
Star, look Take it to the booth.
You're right.
From the top.
Yeah, yeah, y'all know me You know like I know Yeah, yeah, y'all know me I done been alone since I been me Then we turned friends to a family Tell me why it feels like we enemies now Everybody gettin' hard feelings Everybody want to tell secrets Somebody should've told me, need to Take Three See, I grew up stealin' in Pittsburgh Mama died young so I been learned I remember when they came and got my sister I told 'em I would kill just to get her I really kept my word, I got Simone back Pulled up to the "A," got our life on track How you let a man take your mind off that? How you talkin' 'bout me behind my back? I guess killin' for you ain't enough Guess water is thicker than blood I remember I was there for you bitches I remember I was down for you bitches Yeah, when nobody cared for you bitches I remember I was there for you bitches Yeah You know like I know, you know like I know You know like I know, baby You know like I know, you know like I know You know like I know, baby Y'all know me When you tried to shake the drank Who was wit' you through the pain? When they took your homie's life Say, who held you when you cried? No, it wasn't for the music, it wasn't for the fame That there was for real, but you won't say my name Well, I'll say your name, see, Noah Brooks, that was bae That was my hand, by the way, 'fore you get mad I had it before Miss Crane, but she didn't know it was me I told her the truth, but she ain't care You know she got a man at home in a wheelchair? You took it too far, let me remind you who you are Since everybody want to hate Star I remember I was there for you bitches I remember I was down for you bitches Yeah When nobody cared for you bitches I remember I was there for you bitches Yeah You know like I know, you know like I know You know like I know, baby You know like I know, you know like I know You know like I know, baby Y'all know me Yeah, yeah, y'all know me.
Since you want to go solo.
Felt good, right? - Felt good.
Did it sound good? - Are you kidding me? Look, I've been doing this a long time.
That hook alone, it was raw, it was fresh.
And who knew you had bars? Yo, you got to listen for yourself.
All right.
Water is thicker than blood I remember I was there for you bitches I remember I was down for you bitches I told you.
That hook is kind of crazy.
- Right? - The hook's kinda hard.
You did that.
It sounds good.
It does.
But I didn't come in here for all this.
I came in here to vent, get some stuff off my chest, not record a diss track.
Diss tracks have launched many careers.
And, besides, you need to let everyone know that Alex ain't the only one with talent.
That's what they think? Yeah.
But I'll let you make the call.
Drop it.
I really don't think anyone noticed.
I went off about my dad.
I wasn't exactly charming.
Everything about you is charming.
How do you think you got me? What happened to being by my side tonight? I know.
I just started talking to DJ Dash about music and my solo track, and Star's hypocritical ass flew in.
- Things just got crazy.
- Yeah, they did, huh? Really, no.
I hope it was worth it.
Noah! - Come on.
- Come on.
All right.
Stop squirming, you got to trust me.
- What? - All right.
Where are we? What are we doing? What we do best.
Keep your eyes closed.
- Keep 'em closed.
- They're closed.
I'm gonna play you something that I've been working on.
Huh? Is this the old studio? Wait a minute, is that? Yep.
That's the first demo we every worked on.
I put a little remix on it.
You like it? Yeah, it sounds good.
- Jahil, why are we here? - I told you, girl.
I got big plans for us.
Lottie, it's always been you.
I love you.
You're too sweet.
You're so silly.
What's the matter? Why you stopping? You're bleeding.
He's bleeding out.
We need two liters of O-neg, stat.
Somebody pack while I clamp.
I know you're in shock, but any information could help us catch the shooter.
Get down! Oh, my God, you're hit.
Stay down.
Somebody call 911! Come on, put some pressure on it.
Just-Just push down on it real hard.
- Carlotta, what you want me to do? - Call 911! No, just stay down, stay down, honey, stay down.
Jahil, you hit.
Please, baby, just stay down.
The paramedics rushed him straight into the OR.
He's been in surgery ever since.
But I know he's gonna be fine.
- Ma'am - Don't.
Please don't touch me.
He's gonna be fine.
What's going on? I thought he was okay.
So, Mama downplayed the surgery because she didn't want us to worry.
Apparently, he has a heart condition that only she knows about.
So what are they saying? It's touch and go right now.
He's currently in surgery.
Is it bad? It wasn't, but they can't stop the bleeding.
Is Angel here? - Does he know? - He does.
He just blames Jahil for everything that happened between him and Andy, so Jahil's gonna be fine.
He's it's Jahil.
What about Carlotta? How's she holding up? Let me go check on her.
- Yeah.
- Yo, I'm telling you, he's gonna be back at our door tomorrow, trying to manage us.
It's always about music for you, ain't it? Don't you want something more than that? Simone, I don't even know what that means.
I'm about to go get some coffee.
- Y'all want some? - I'm good.
I'm gonna try Angel one more time.
Look out! Andy, get down! - Call 911! - Andy, are you good? - I'm-I'm good.
You - Somebody call 911! Call an ambulance, please! I know it's all in your hands, God.
Help me to stay strong, please.
How much can we take? How's Jayden? He's still waiting.
But he's hanging in there.
Come on, let's pray.
You go.
Look, Mama, it's been too long.
God don't want to hear from me.
God ain't got no watch.
Dear God, please heal my family and protect my mama.
In Jesus' name.
Hey, C.
How he doing? He out of surgery, but they ain't saying much.
Oh, God.
What y'all sitting round here looking so worried for? You know ain't nothing that man can't overcome.
You know, Mexicans real resilient.
- Mmm.
You look beat up.
- Thanks for coming.
He gonna be good.
Be all right.
Uh, ma'am, you can go in now.
Thank you.
Hey, man, you really need to get your ass down here right now.
I understand, man.
Listen, Angel.
Whatever it is, y'all need to squash it.
Get here.
Hello? What did he say? He hung up.
I, uh I'm gonna call him back.
Jahil? Lottie.
I'm right here.
It's it's always been you.
I I love you.
Jahil? Jahil.
Jahil! Ma'am.
- Jahil! - Code blue! Wake up, baby.
Come on.
You need to leave the room.
Pulse ox is dropping.
Ma'am, let the doctors Patient's decompressing.
- Unfortunately, Mr.
Rivera's heart - No.
couldn't withstand the surgery.
- Don't you say that.
- He didn't Don't you say that.
Don't you say that.
- No.
- No.
I just had to get my head straight.
Where's he at? What's going on? No.
The stress on his heart from the massive loss of blood was just too much.
I'm sorry about your husband.
But his kidney was a perfect match for Jayden.
I'll give you a few moments, Mrs.
Mama, they found a match.
Jayden has a donor.
Ma I know, baby.
Oh, no.
Jahil said he wasn't gonna let Jayden die.
He kept his word.
I love you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You know, it doesn't have to be so awkward every time we see each other.
Life is way too short for that.
You're right.
I mean, Jahil nobody expected that.
I've been seeing what you've been up to lately.
Proud of you.
You're not looking too bad yourself.
It's good to see you on your feet.
You know, if you ever need anything, Alex I'm right here.
For real.
Hi Lena.
I've been expecting your call.
Have you heard anything from Sound House? Nothing.
I should have heard something back by now.
I'm sure you'll hear back from them soon.
I messed up.
I-I really needed you there that night.
Yeah, and I'm sorry.
You were too focused on your own hustle.
I just wanted to get back to being me.
That's all, man.
My bad.
Have you been drinking again? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This cannot be happening.
No, no.
Okay, but wha-what are you doing? You're drunk.
Pull over.
And do what? Get a DUI? Man, my career will be over Noah, pull the damn car over now! What up? This is Noah.
Make it short and sweet.
Noah, I have great news.
You're getting your own headline tour financed by Sound House.
Looks like your luck has turned around.
Noah Brooks is finally on top.
License and registration, please.
Where you headed? To bury a friend? Well, keep it safe, and, uh, get those tints removed, all right? I'll be sure to do that.
Thank you.
I can't believe I just did that.
He spoke Spanish.
He spoke English.
But everybody know his first language was hustle.
He was always like that since we was kids.
I mean, who else could take a black girl and a white girl from the hood and make 'em a hit record? We fought a lot, but he was my rock.
He could make me so mad sometimes and then turn right around and just have me laughing.
Jahil was not a man who did the right thing all the time, but he had the right heart.
That's my ride or die.
And I ain't never gonna love another man like I loved him.
But luckily, his legacy will live on through his daughter Cotton and through his grandson Jayden, who is recovering from surgery right now.
A little fighter just like his grandfather.
And through his nephew, Angel Rivera who would-would like to say a couple words.
I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what I would like to say.
Could you play "Soon and Very Soon"? Soon and very soon We are going to see the King Soon and Soon and very soon We are going to see the King Hallelujah, hallelujah We are going to see the King Soon and very soon We are going to see the King Soon and very soon We are going to see the King Soon and very soon We are going to see the King Hallelujah, hallelujah We are going to see the King Soon and very soon We are going.
Why you ducking me, boy? Hey, what's wrong with you? It's not the time or the place for this.
First of all, watch your tone before I knock your teeth out your mouth.
Did you really think that I was gonna let your black ass skate after you hit me for 15 Gs? You really want to do this right now? Give me my money, or next time we won't miss.
And it'll be your munchkin ass in that box going to see the King.
Can't believe he's actually gone.
One minute, he was snorting coke.
Drinking a bottle of Scotch.
Finding out about another relative he didn't know he had.
Yeah, like when we met online? You became the sister I never had.
Ho-ish sister, but still.
But she ain't wrong.
We should talk, guys.
Yo, Maurice, it's me.
I talked to the girls, and we're all good.
Take Three is the priority for us.
Delete that diss track.
Natalie, I need to drop a track tonight.
- You sure you got this, son? - Yeah, I got it.
Angel Rivera, you are to be detained by U.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
I'm gonna ask you folks to step aside.
Yeah, I know what you're doing here.
Uh, could I just bury my uncle, please? - We don't wait on criminals.
- He's not a criminal.
- Let him bury his uncle.
- Get off me, man.
- Hey, man, get off me.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Get off me! Stop it! - No, no, no.
Please! - Get off me! - No, no, no, no, no! - Get off me.
- Have some respect.
- No, no, no, no.
- Step aside, people.
No, no, no.
- You can't take him.
- Simone.
- No, no, no.
No, Angel! - Simone, Simone Where are you taking him? - Don't take him! - It's okay.
Angel, look at me! We gonna figure it out.
- Don't you - No, no, no, no! They can't take away Angel! No.
No! No, please! Angel! No! Angel.
- I can't do this anymore.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, baby.