Star (2016) s02e18 Episode Script

Thirty Days to Famous

1 - Last time y'all saw Star - Andy, get down! Jahil! Give me my money, or next time we won't miss.
They denied my DACA application.
Angel Rivera, you are to be detained by U.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
- Get off of me! - You can't take him! No! Angel! What did you do? - Star, who did you kill? - Our mother.
- You drinking again? - It was just one drink.
Noah, you're getting your own headline tour.
You're drunk.
Pull over.
License and registration, please.
I got Ayanna to give us an album release date.
Maybe you should decide if you're here for Alexandra Crane or Take 3.
What are you gonna do? I remember I was there for you bitches Yeah.
Ever since Star was little, she believed her name was who she was.
But I told her, fame is a trip.
It ain't love like a lot of people think.
But she wouldn't listen.
Star don't listen to nobody but herself.
What's up, y'all? Hey! What's goody in the hoodie? Please tell me y'all got time to edge me up today.
Bruce will take care of you.
- What is this? - That's your new chair.
You paid your fine, you took your classes, and now you can do hair again.
About damn time.
Back up off my client, bitch.
I got her.
Anybody seen this shoe? The other one? Mm-hmm, look at you.
I need to be working - on this mop on your head.
- You don't like it? No.
Ain't you getting ready for an album release party tonight? What you want to do, cut it all off? We need to do something.
Yeah, let's cut it.
- All right.
- Hey.
Sorry, I was visiting Angel.
What they saying about the trial date? It's a couple weeks.
That detainment center's like juvie.
I shouldn't even be going to this party.
Look, we're gonna help Angel.
But this is your first album.
We got to celebrate, now.
- Whoo-hoo.
- Yeah, whoo-hoo.
Don't y'all wish Jahil was here to try to take credit for all of this? He would be trying to take credit, too.
But there's one thing he can't take credit for.
Sound House wants Noah to co-headline the tour with GiGi.
Tickets go on sale tomorrow.
The tour starts in one month.
And and yes, you are the opening act! Yes! Yes! - You got to be kidding! Yo.
- Finally! I need your "A" game these next 30 days, ladies.
We're going on tour! We did it.
- We did it.
- We did it.
We goin' on tour, we goin' on tour - Hey, goin' on tour - MISS BRUCE: Shh.
- That's y'all on the radio.
- What? This Take 3? - Need to Take 3 - Miss C, is this that song we Mama died young so I been learned No, it's just Star.
I really kept my word, I got Simone back Pulled up to the "A," got our life on track How you let a man take your mind off that? How you talking 'bout me behind my back? I guess killing for you ain't enough - You're trashing me and Angel? - Simone, it's not I was there for you bitches Well, I'll say your name See, Noah Brooks, that was bae I don't want to hear this.
- Bruce, cut that off.
- No, no, let it play.
But she didn't know it was me, I told her the truth But she ain't care, you know she got A man at home in a wheelchair? You took it too far, let me remind you Who you are, since everybody wanna hate Star I remember I was there for you bitches Damn.
Better hide the knives.
I was pissed.
I was alone in the studio, so I was venting, but it was never supposed to come out.
I'll show you pissed! - Alex.
- Hey, hey! I've never tried to fight you, Alexandra.
Hey! You know like I know, you know like I know Baby Whoa, whoa! Stop! Alex! I'm sick of this! Get off of her! Let her go! Let me go! Let me go! Now, when y'all walk in that room, it's all about Take 3.
You leave your butt-hurt feelings right here.
Tell Star to leave her ego out, and we'll be straight.
I said that I was sorry bitch.
Whatever, you Love & Hip Hop reject.
Yeah, y'all finished? You're 30 days away from a national tour.
Something y'all been fighting for this whole time.
Don't disappoint me.
Take 3! Alex! Take 3! Jahil, you would leave me right now with this mess.
- - GIGI: Because it's GiGi Nixon, y'all, - - and I'm all about turnin' up.
Don't act like y'all don't know.
Come on.
How many cities are you guys playing in? Stop! I'm tired of your punk ass lying to me.
You told me you had one drink at Hot Track 'cause you were nervous.
You're going on tour with GiGi.
What, you want to give me a Breathalyzer? Yo, who you think you talking to? Look, you're about to sign a contract with a big cash advance, but if you get busted, you're gonna have to pay back that money.
I'm good, Miss C, I'm good.
Look at me.
Don't mess with me, boy.
Give me a moment.
This is about to be the hottest tour - since Bey and Jay.
- Yes, it is.
- Are you ready for this? - I'm so ready.
- No, you're not.
- I'm ready.
Okay, well, we got to turn up tonight.
We got to celebrate.
No, I'm good.
- Negro, please.
- Nah.
I don't know about you, but I'm tired of just working.
Okay? We have to have fun.
We gonna tour and have some fun Come on, you're about to get me in trouble.
Boy, I know you wanna.
All right, I'm in, I'm in, I'm in.
- Let's go! Come on.
- I'm in, I'm in.
Ladies and gentlemen, Noah Brooks.
Show 'em what you got, baby! Baby blue in the house! I told you not to drop that track.
- Why would you do that to me? - 'Cause it's a hit.
Do I have your attention now? Oh, you got everybody's attention.
The question is: what do you want to do with it? I want a hit, Maurice, but not like this.
You played me, and I'm tired of men playing me.
See, you ain't thinking straight.
I am.
That song gonna get people talking about you.
It might even get you a solo performance on this tour.
You're about to be the hottest piece of this Take 3 puzzle.
Look me in my eyes and say you don't want that.
I can't believe Jahil was living here.
I thought waiting a few days would make this easier.
He brought it back to his roots.
Mary and I used to record in this studio.
Yeah, we did that right here.
How in the hell did Jahil afford a recording studio? He was a hustler.
I can't believe he's dead.
Sis, he was good people.
And I know you loved him.
I'm gonna find out who did this.
Y'all take all the time y'all need.
I'm-a be in the car.
Thank you.
Y'all filming this? I'm about to make y'all precinct famous.
Make sure y'all get my good side, too.
Brooks, you might want to take this more seriously.
Sir, you've been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, and you assaulted a security guard at the club.
Man you crazy.
I-I ain't assault nobody.
That ain't true.
Turn to the right, please.
- You happy? - Your right, Mr.
I-I know I'm right.
I know I'm right.
Turn to the right, sir.
- - Uh Not returning calls now? What what is you doing? I'm sitting here working on my tour Hmm.
I got into it with Andy.
What? Yeah, you got drunk, didn't you? - Man, whatever.
- Don't play with me, boy! You know what, I'm sending you out with a handler on tour, because obviously you can't handle yourself! Man, I ain't your child! I told you to stop drinking, didn't I? - Hard head make a soft ass, Noah.
- No, first of all, you got it all twisted; you work for me! It ain't the other way around.
You better know your place.
- My place? - All right? Yeah, your place.
You need to sit your ass down.
You know what? You're fired.
I have to call you back, Doctor.
He better be prescribing you some damn sense.
You can't be here.
We're still trying to calm the scandal.
My board is starting to believe some of this nonsense, and they want to kick me out of Floyd Entertainment.
But if that jackass Trump can win, so can I.
Besides who's gonna run this company? You? How about this? Tell us how you guys met.
- How we met? - Huh.
We were born out the same We were born from the same womb.
We've told this story so many times, but I was on, um, the Gram doing covers, kind of like everybody else, and I was hoping to meet a dope songwriter.
That's how I met Alex.
I wasn't as confident in my music as I am now.
But Star was one of the first people that made me feel like I could make it - in the industry.
- That's dope.
You guys got a lot of individual success as well as group success.
Alex, I'm checking out "So Sick.
" I think it's literally so sick.
And, Star, "There For You," that thing is blazing up the charts like wildfire.
It's very revealing.
A lot of people love to see girl groups rip each other apart.
But there's no beef here.
- Is there? - I'm a fan.
I love to hear that, especially since word is that Star's "There For You" just hit seven million downloads.
- Congratulations, Star.
- Hmm.
What's next, ladies? I have to hand it to you.
You saved your damn job with Star's new single.
I'm taking advantage of the momentum.
I booked her a photo shoot, and I got more coming.
I knew I'd find your slippery ass here.
You bailed Noah out of jail, and then you covered it up.
I got friends at the police station.
His face would be all over the press, and his tour would be over before it started.
- You're enabling him.
- Didn't he fire you? You better wake the hell up before you lose everything.
You got one artist who needs rehab, and the others are being torn apart because of a song you released.
When I heard Star's single on air, it already had heat.
I ain't release it.
- Then who did? - I did.
Star had some things to get off her chest, and we struck gold.
You're just up in everything now, huh? No, not anymore.
I'm picking up your slack.
I mean, you got a lot going on.
Losing Jahil, and Keep his name out of your mouth.
If you hurt Noah, or you come between my girls, me and you gonna have a problem.
Try me, bitch.
Look out! Andy, get down! Hey.
What you doing here? I want my money, Andy.
Cassie, I'm gonna get you your money, okay? You think just 'cause you hit it right, - I'm playing around or something? - Come on, Cassie.
I always take care of you, don't I? Hmm? - Say yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Keep going.
Maybe it'll buy you a week, before I stop at that coffee shop on Peachtree, one where your parents have brunch every week.
Why you ain't tell me they was white? Cassie, if you don't leave my parents out of this That's up to you.
Break time.
Let's get out of here.
Since when you doing solo shoots? When Alex was doing all of her solo stuff, you kept saying it would help Take 3.
What's the difference now, Simone? Alex didn't put out a diss track.
We're finally getting everything we wanted.
Yeah, the track is working, so I'm doing what I can to help us.
There you go again, trying to save me.
Look, you should save your damn self.
It's for Mama, too.
This has nothing to do with Mama.
Yes, it does.
I got to do what she couldn't.
'Cause I'm the one who killed her.
Stop, Star.
You didn't kill her.
The drugs did.
She said she needed medicine, so I gave it to her.
But it just seemed like she was getting worse, so I gave her more.
And she died.
I've been trying to find a way to tell you.
Yeah, that's because you think I'm some broken kid that can't handle themself.
But I can.
And I ain't gonna hold it against you, what happened between you and Mama.
You were a kid.
Yeah, but you need to let it go.
I can still see her dying, Simone.
Let it go, Star.
It's a choice to be broken.
I will cross every line I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid I will fight the fight Win or lose Win or lose.
I thought you weren't messing with the Jackson track anymore? Star's getting hers, so I can get mine.
You sure you know what you're doing? You three girls together are fire.
Have you talked to Carlotta yet? Here we go.
All right, look.
I know you had to get me out of that DUI.
And I hate that I let you do it, but I hate it even more that you hold it over me, over some lies in a track.
- Were they really lies, Noah? - Come on.
I'm going home.
Yeah, you do that.
- Cotton, just sit down and say whatever it is.
- What is this about, Cotton? Damn.
I know who killed Jahil.
It was Omari.
I let him live.
I couldn't go through with it.
And I gave him a second chance, but You stupid bitch! - Carlotta, no, no.
- He knew that was her father! And now he know you got a son, I bet.
- Omari's a dead man.
- No.
Stupid, playing with this fool I told you - not to play with from the beginning.
- Wait a minute.
Look, if I let you walk out that door, you gonna ruin your life.
You ain't killed nobody yet.
Just 'cause you went along with that plan with me and Mama, you still didn't kill nobody.
And you ain't about to.
You need to get Cotton and her baby out of town.
I got this.
I do this.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Come here.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I visited Jahil's grave for you.
And I talked to your mom.
We're getting money together for a lawyer.
My hearing moved up.
What? I'm being deported.
Who do we got to call? Simone, I lost.
I don't have any rights here.
You have me.
And I'm not gonna lose you.
You have your whole life ahead of you.
I'm leaving.
My lawyer said he's gonna help us get an annulment.
What are you doing? I love you.
Good Day Atlanta is gonna start off with a performance reel.
Get everybody pumped up about tomorrow's tour opening.
Come on, babe, time to get up.
He left me here because he thought this is what I wanted, and I don't want this.
I want him.
I want him, and I'll do whatever it takes to get him back and be with him again.
Simone, you been in this bed two weeks.
I don't expect you to understand, Miss C, because you've never loved anyone the way that I loved Angel.
Ow! Now, get your little narrow ass up off of that floor and stop acting crazy! And yes, I have loved.
I just buried him.
Going home? If I want to be ready for my first night on tour, I need to go get some real sleep.
Maybe we can relax in other ways.
I'm just really tired of fighting.
I'm trying to fix you just like I tried to fix my mom.
Yeah, look, I'll throw it away.
Look, it's nothing.
No, and then you'll buy another one, just like she did.
I can't do this again, with you.
This is just to take the edge off, that's all.
Please, look, look.
I don't need it.
I can't.
Don't say that.
Don't say that, please.
Don't cry, come on.
I'm sorry.
I'm trying.
Come on, it's you and me.
- You and me.
- You need to get out.
Yo, ATL, make some noise! 15 minutes to showtime! You got 15.
Listen, don't let tonight get ruined by all this mess.
This what y'all been chasing for months, and here it is, we're here.
Now, look, I know Noah is on that bill and so is GiGi.
They got the pictures, but Take 3 is right there in the middle, and you got a crowd out there that's waiting to hear Take 3.
So, I need y'all to get hype, get it up and get ready to murder them out there! You know what I'm saying? You got to put it in.
- Come on, come on.
- For you.
- Come on.
- Only for you, Miss C.
Of course for me.
It ain't about you all the time.
It's for me.
I get some, too, tonight.
It's a good night for me.
Ready? One, two, three.
Take 3! Yes.
That wasn't See, that wasn't so bad.
Why y'all act like y'all hate it? Y'all know y'all love when I get y'all to do that.
I'll be in the hall if you need me.
Come on, get ready.
Let's do it.
I take advantage, when you say I can't have it Say that it's damaged, take it for granted Got an understanding - It's just - Between us But they got eyes, so I know that they've seen us No, they don't seek trust, no, they don't see love Look all they want but they're not gonna reach us from All the way up here All the way up here, all the way up here Look all they want but they're not gonna reach us from All the way up here, all the way up here All the way up here Oh Send my good wishes Bathe in my riches, paint in my pictures Painted all over me Painted all on my sheets 'Cause it's just between us But they got eyes, so I know that they've seen us No, they don't seek trust, no, they don't see love Oh Trying to practice what I'm preaching Look at you and I'm in heaven Heaven Oh, my goodness, oh, my gracious They don't have the mouth to teach us They don't have the Oh, they don't have the hands to reach us All the way up here, all the way up here All the way up here They look but they're not gonna reach us from All the way up here, all the way up here All the way up here Aye, aye-aye-aye, yeah.
Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Thank y'all for downloading my new single.
I don't, I don't know what to say.
I'm-a let y'all say it.
Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Y'all know me! Sound House can't get behind this.
Don't worry about it.
I'll get them together.
It-it'll be fine.
Uh, this group cannot make it through an entire national tour.
- Take 3 is out.
- Wait a minute.
I think Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You don't have to do that.
- Uh, guys - Star's single is getting national attention.
It's definitely hot enough to push ticket sales.
Your opening act is standing right there.
What you trying to pull? I'm only doing what you should be doing as her manager.
I told you stop trying to come between these girls.
Star, don't listen to this mess.
Carlotta, he's not wrong.
Star has proven to be a crowd-pleaser - across all demographics.
- "All demographics.
" Right.
I'm not standing here listening to this.
We ain't a family.
Not no more.
Everything I've ever done has been for us.
Would you stop with the lies? Look, Take 3 is a package deal.
Not according to their contract with Midtown.
Then Sound House is on board.
Star joins the tour as a solo artist, if she's in.
My "A" game is on, baby! And yours better be, too.
What's up? Nothing.
Nothing, nothing, nothing.
Just trying to just trying to get my mind right.
Well, isn't Alex supposed to be helping out with that? She trippin', just like Carlotta.
They don't get the pressure and what it takes for me to get out of it.
Your process is your process.
Everybody got their own thing.
I know I do.
Want to share? What you got? You stupid, girl.
Turn up.
Noah! Noah! Noah! Noah! Yo, I want to thank y'all for coming out tonight.
Thank you so much.
This means so much to me.
Y'all my people.
I know I've been through a lot, I made some bad mistakes but y'all stood by my side, and I really love y'all for that.
And to get things started, I want to bring my girl out, GiGi.
- We are not together.
- I know that.
So I really don't understand what the hell the big issue is - about what I'm doing.
- Of course you don't understand.
- Of course I'm not gonna understand.
- You reckless.
- What you mean I'm reckless? - What you mean what I mean you reckless? - You reckless, you outchea.
- See, this [BLEEP] right here that I'm talking about, this is why - we are not together.
- Man, look, and even though - we ain't together, we still homies, a'ight? - I mean - You out here got your [BLEEP] in these streets.
- You know what And I don't like it.
Yeah Uh I just wanna talk to 'em For about, like, five minutes Get this off my mind I told you hold on like En Vogue But you holding on to that shower pole This ain't VH1 and I don't play You got me out here lookin' like Stevie J I know you out here touchin' Check it out And I don't like it See, it'd be different if you lovin' But you just out here touchin', yeah I know you out here [BLEEP] Uh, and I don't like it See, it'd be different if you lovin' Uh, but you just out here [BLEEP] Okay, stop The cable man touched my baby mama Yeah, that's my broad, who told you I ain't want her? That's what started, that's what started all the drama She want my money 'cause I gotta lotta And now that chick is rolling like them enchiladas But fellas be paying they child support, don't they? Don't they? Uh But fellas be up in the courts, don't they? And you want it all on the first, huh? And you want it all in a lump sum Touchin' But you just out here touchin' Ooh I told you hold on like En Vogue But you holding on to that shower pole This ain't VH1 and I don't play You got me out here lookin' like Stevie J.
Noah! Noah! Noah! You cool? You okay? Alex, you okay? I just, I got in a car, and I didn't know where I was going, and then I was just hoping you were here.
Something happen with Noah? - What did he do? - No.
It doesn't have anything to do with him.
He's a drunk just like my mother.
And I'm becoming my father.
Stop it.
That is not who you are.
It didn't used to be.
Not when I was with you.
I'm going to New York tomorrow.
I just need to ask my dad why he's so messed up.
Why am I constantly trying to find something new, just like he does, when everything was perfect right in front of me? I got a girl now.
And it's easy with her.
She doesn't lie to me.
Of course I'm going to take my father out at Floyd Entertainment, but it will take some chess moves.
Let me call you back.
Why are you working in the dark? I was just taking some time to organize your calendar Is that my checkbook? You're forging my name? Ayanna, I Security's gonna get you out of here.
Please listen to me.
Just somebody's trying to Andy, give me get Let go of the gun! - Andy, let go of the gun! - They're trying to kill me! What is wrong with you? I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I need you.
I didn't know who to call.
- I-I didn't know what to do.
- Did you touch that gun? Did you touch the gun? Yeah, yeah.
What are you doing? Getting your fingerprints off of it.
- Damn it.
- All right.
I got it.
Go get yourself cleaned up.
All right.
You're gonna be all right.
There's an ambulance on the way, okay? - No ambulance.
- What? No.
I've been shot in my own office.
I won't give my father the satisfaction of thinking I'm weak.
Stop it.
You ain't weak.
Girl, I'm I'm preg I'm pregnant.
It's Jahil's.
What a mess.
- - CARLOTTA: I know it was a lot of blood, but she's already discharged and back to work.
But you got to tell me why you needed that money so bad.
Jahil's bullet was meant for me.
Who you owe? Who's after you? Look, I can help you, but you gonna have to give me a name.
Who killed Jahil? Look at me, answer me! Your sister.
My Cassie? You owe my sister money?! Is you crazy? Oh, my God.
- Carlotta.
- Oh, my God.
I think you're right.
I see we have a quorum in here today.
You're in my seat, girl.
It's not your seat anymore.
I'm taking over leadership of Floyd Entertainment.
You are the one who taught me how to play chess, Daddy.
True, true.
Very true.
Get him out of here.
Don't put your hands on Get off of me, damn it! Bye.
Perfect timing.
Now that I'll be running Floyd Entertainment, allow me to introduce you to the new head of Midtown Sound: Carlotta Brown.
You're fired.
Slow down.
Pace yourself.
- My bad.
I'm here.
We here.
- We here? - We here.
- Yo, can y'all chill? I can hear you from my dressing room.
Noah, please don't tell me you messing with this bitch again.
Second night of a national tour, you believe that? What's up? When I got to Atlanta, it was just me and the girls.
That's all we had was each other.
So when I pictured this, I was here with them.
Instead, I'm here with you.
Look at you.
Noah, you're throwing it all away.
Man, I'm not trying to hear your mouth right now before I go onstage! What are you trying to do? What the hell are you doing, Noah? I'm on top, Star.
That's what this looks like.
That's what it is, but you wouldn't know that 'cause you ain't never been here before.
I'm right where you are! I'm alone and you're alone! And you're crumbling.
I ain't alone.
You hear them cro You hear the crowd? And you're crumbling.
It's a choice to be broken, I'm learning that.
I'm trying to change.
Are you ever gonna change? You can't, can you? 'Cause you think all of this makes you an artist.
It don't.
It just makes you an addict.
Not Prince.
Not Michael.
Just an addict.
Y'all give it up for Star Davis! You talk a good game Say all the things that you think Think I want to hear, let me be clear When it comes to help, don't trip I can do it for you, baby, and I do it for myself Understand I don't want to be alone Play the backseat and take what you give I just can't, so I won't Anything I want, anything I need, I'm able So as far as what I'm bringing to the table I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard - Airport? - International terminal.
- Boy, stop - I bring me - Uh, name, please? - Alexandra Crane.
- And where are you flying today? - New York.
Your I.
, please.
- Bad bitch - That's me - That bitch - That's me - Game bitch - That's me - Lame bitch - Not me What you get is what you see And I bring - I bring - I bring I bring me I will never ask for nothing That I won't give in return You will never have to question The value of my worth If we had no money, we would be all right If we had no money, you would still be mine I could give you all that you need And as far as what I'm bringing to the table I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me - Boy, stop - I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest How you doing, miss? I need to get on that last plane - to New York.
- Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
That gate's about to close.
My girl's on that damn plane.
And I bring, I bring I bring, I bring me.
It's just been announced an airplane has gone down in the Appalachian Mountains.
We can confirm it is a flight out of Atlanta.
Names of those on board have not been released.
It just makes you an addict.
Get this whiskey poppin'.
Cotton leave already? Yeah, she starts at, uh, Floyd Style tomorrow, so I put her on the last flight to New York.
That's good.
She deserves a new start.
Rough year for her.
Barely been a month since her father died.
Well, that ain't easy to get over.
Yeah, especially when his murderer is somebody she loved.
Somebody she believed in.
But, you know, some people always let you down.
- I know how that feels.
- So do I.
Sometimes you don't know who to trust.
Well, it's a good thing you took him out.
Omari, I mean.
You know I always got your back, Carlotta.
The hell you do.