Star (2016) s03e01 Episode Script

Secrets & Lies

1 I remember I was there for you bitches So here's what happened last season on Star I'm being deported.
- AYANNA: Carlotta Brown, the new head of Midtown Sound.
LENA: This group cannot make it through an entire national tour.
Star joins as a solo artist.
We ain't a family.
Not no more.
- Where are you flying today? - New York.
- Airport? Okay.
- International terminal.
My girl's on that damn plane.
We can confirm it is a flight out of Atlanta.
STAR: You think all of this makes you an artist.
- It don't.
It just makes you an addict.
- Makes you an addict.
- ANDY: Jahil's bullet was meant for me.
I can help you, but you're gonna have to give me a name.
Your sister.
CARLOTTA: My Cassie? The only reason why you still breathing is 'cause we got the same mother.
I told you that bullet wasn't meant for Jahil.
See, that's the difference between me and you.
I don't miss.
Well, then do it, bitch.
Do it.
Do it.
Pull the trigger.
I'll make you eat that gun, bitch.
- [THUD.]
Don't just stand there looking stupid.
Call the police.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Which one of you bitches shot me? - Your daughter here killed Jahil.
- It was an accident.
Accident, my ass.
You've been trigger-happy since you've been a kid.
Family don't shoot family.
I know that's your daughter, but I'm done with her.
I know you loved him, honey, but you got to get rid of some of this pain, Lottie.
Get out.
Carlotta, wait.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know how to tell you.
You gonna pay for what you did.
Swear to God.
All right, then.
It's on, sis.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? I bring me I bring, I bring me.
I got you, yeah I got you in my zone, baby I feel you from a mile away I never was the type to rush Hey, see me.
I'll admit, you got me looking right, and this place don't look bad, either.
Girl, you know, we got all new persuasions in here.
Asians and Caucasians, and they all got green.
WOMAN: Can I have some more of that bubbly? - Of course.
- Thank you, boo.
Look, we drinking bubbly now.
So, how does it feel, Ma, to have the hottest label - and salon in Atlanta? - [CARLOTTA CHUCKLES.]
I tell you, like I'm juggling so many balls and something about to drop.
MISS BRUCE: I know it ain't been easy.
Every time I turn on my damn TV, floored, another #MeToo, three, four All them losses, I see why Ayanna packed her pregnant ass up - and headed to London.
- Yeah, but now she about to sell the whole company to some media mogul from Miami named Mateo.
Who, Ferrera? Oh, he's all up and down that Wall Street Journal y'all started getting in here for them bougie folks.
- Girl - Well, what he know about the music business, anyway? I'm the one that's been keeping it afloat for the past three months.
That's why you been coming in here late at night, creeping with the sun.
Oh, no, what you not gonna do is use my belt as no mirror.
You are not slick.
Ain't nobody trying to be slick.
I'm just busy trying to get this European tour off the ground.
That's why I got the girls booked on a talk show today.
I got to get them back together.
MISS BRUCE: Girl, I forgot them damn girls.
Them fools about to see each other for the first time - in how long? - Three months.
I raised them to be family, but they gonna let some dumb stuff come between them.
You should've told me you was gonna be seeing them, honey.
I would've sewn a good old voodoo JuJu track - in that lace front.
No, I got a shot of Henny in me, and I done talked to God this morning, so I'm straight.
Star, I said ten minutes! NEWSWOMAN: Alex Crane survived a plane crash and turned it into a catwalk with her Principal Sportswear ads all over Times Square and she's become the It girl on the Gram.
Coming up next, we'll kick it over to Lecia in the studio.
This'll work.
Hey, big baby.
Listen, I know you hear all the nonsense out here.
But don't worry.
We're gonna be okay.
It's gonna be me and you.
Maybe your auntie will come around, if she ever talks to me again.
Which she will.
We're family.
She knows that.
And she's gonna want to meet you.
I can't wait to meet you.
CARLOTTA: I need you to confirm the venue in Prague.
GiGi's already in London keeping this press train running.
Miss Carlotta, you really had to book this thing? Look, I know you haven't seen each other in months, but this is the hottest daytime talk show in your demographic.
And you know how Raq is, so be prepared to answer questions about anything.
I'm talking about the tour, the album, - even the plane crash.
All right? - Okay.
Then I want to talk to you about more stage time - on tour.
- Buenos días, Miss C.
CARLOTTA: Get your non-Dominican butt over here and give me a hug.
I'm still mad at you for sneaking off like that.
- How was your flight? - Long.
I know you see me standing here.
Hey, Star.
: Help! Somebody, please, help! SIMONE: Alex.
Come here and give me a hug.
Looks like you haven't even been in a plane crash.
- Come here.
You look pretty damn good yourself.
It's all the sun I've been getting.
- Ah.
- And all that sex you've been getting.
SIMONE: And all that food you've been eating.
Look, I booked this interview to remind y'all and to remind your fans that you still a group.
Now, if you're not careful, you're gonna let one night ruin this family you built.
You're sisters.
Yeah, well, sometimes family lets you down, and there ain't no way back from that.
All right, let's just get this over with, then.
RAQUEL: Let's start with this hot new video - y'all just dropped.
It's fire.
Holla, holla, holla, holla, holla Don't act like you know me When you see me and I'm shining Wasn't there when I was on the rise Me and all my bitches On the grind, we on a mission We ain't tripping 'cause it's do or die I'm doing good What you mad for? Run up the tab 'Cause we need more I'm in my bag, bag Wish you could grab, grab We on our flex, what you mad for? SIMONE: Yeah, yeah, yeah Savage, bad bitch Looking fly is a habit Stole the game red-handed We about to do damage Major, big leagues Drop-top Bentleys Money longer than you see, yeah, yeah We about to run this thing for sure We about to run this thing For sure, sure, sure So you better act like you know We about to run this thing for sure, sure, sure We about to run this thing for sure - Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah - We about to run this thing - For sure, sure, sure - Ooh, whoa, whoa, whoa So you better act like you know - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah - We about to run this thing - For sure, sure, sure - Ooh, whoa, whoa, whoa We about to run this thing for sure.
- RAQUEL: Let's give it up for Take 3! - [AUDIENCE CHEERING.]
- Okay, ladies, this is the first time y'all made an appearance as a group since your 3:31 album dropped.
But y'all have been busy.
Star, I heard there's friction between you and Joyce - on the "Turn Up" tour.
- You heard wrong.
Those are rumors.
So, no dirt to share? There's nothing new with you? Nah, sorry.
My life's been gravy lately.
RAQUEL: All right, then.
I guess we'll wrap this up.
Yeah, there's one more thing.
This is our last interview as Take 3.
Because we are breaking up.
RAQUEL: Aw, hella.
Strap in for the real tea after this commercial break.
Really? On live TV you decide to do this.
You're not breaking up the group.
So you just had it all planned out? Why do you care? You're on tour as a solo artist.
A tour you were supposed to be on, but you wouldn't stop hating.
Nah, no one's hating on your one-hit wonder ass.
Look, I think y'all need to just sit down and talk this whole thing out.
Yeah, not this time, Miss C.
I'm here to visit, but I'm going back to Angel.
And I'm leaving to New York tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Nothing's keeping me here anymore, Miss C.
Simone, can we go somewhere and talk for a second, just you and me? You know you had a choice before that tour to stick with me and Alex, or pick yourself.
And you always pick you, Star.
So now I pick me, and there's nothing you can say to change that.
You came to see me, made it a movie I had the driver, ain't no need for this And you ain't notice, what you did to me - Mmm.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- What's up? - Nothing.
You need to walk out.
Oh, maybe I'll just stop helping you pack, then.
- All right.
But I can't see anyone else with my baby Wait.
What? You don't want to post this on IG? Show your followers what we're doing.
Oh! You got jokes.
You know, I saw the interview.
Yeah, I just really wish people would stop asking me about the plane crash.
But baby, you survived something horrible.
You know, what happened to you was a miracle.
Can't be mad at that.
Look, a-are you sure you're okay with driving instead of flying to New York? I just don't know if I'm ready to fly just yet.
You want to drive, we're driving.
Thank you.
RUBY: I'm happy to see you left the rice and beans for the collard greens and neck bones, but I got a ton of stuff for you to do before you get out of here tomorrow.
Come on.
- Come on, boy.
- Should go.
- Okay.
- I'm not gonna miss that.
- I'll be back.
- WOMAN: Your tray table - Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, but you're Alex Crane! [LAUGHS.]
You're in coach.
Yeah, yeah, it was a last-minute flight.
Oh, right.
I saw the fight you had with your girls on stage.
But I get it.
That wheelchair lyric was shady.
: I mean, the disrespect, girl.
I am Team Alex all day.
Oh, damn, we got this long flight and I didn't even introduce myself.
I'm Bianca.
- Hi, Bianca.
- Hey, girl.
You know, you're a lot smaller in person.
Ripped jeans, white tee Girl, you got that glow [LAUGHS.]
I barely recognize this place.
I see you done let them Dominicans tear your hair up.
- But you look good, though.
- Still so beautiful - She's back.
Girl, I thought you were in New York.
Come here.
Why don't you tell her how you quit that job your mama got you after two damn months? I missed home.
I missed my son.
I still miss Jahil.
I need to be around family.
- Yeah.
- Child, sure, but if you missed your son, you'd have never left him.
- Girl, stop it.
Are you playing? - Oh, God.
I'm back.
- MISS BRUCE: Oh, you definitely back.
COTTON: I don't miss you, bitch.
MISS BRUCE: That's okay.
They made you realize you was really finished, honey.
COTTON: I'll cut these ends.
Yeah When nobody cared for you bitches 'Sup, stunt queen? Mostly just been keeping this tour alive - since you've been gone.
- [SIGHS.]
Welcome back.
Do I look like I've been rehabilitated? You look a little better than the last time I saw you.
Well, you know, in rehab, all you can do is work out and think about how you were right.
I let my addiction win.
Yeah, it wasn't sexy.
Okay, can-can I just say thank you without you giving me all that lip? You want to thank me, kill it on this European tour.
I'm-I'm rested and ready.
All right, I-I need this tour to keep going.
I mean, when I ain't making music, I go into that dark place, and I'm not trying to go there again.
That was my hand, by the way What's up, Noah? You back from your "vacation"? [LAUGHS.]
Rehab is not vacation, J.
And, look, I've been two months sober.
You promise we gonna be riding clean in Europe, right? - I'm just glad to have you back on tour.
- Yeah.
Man, I got so tired carrying around this deadweight thirsty thot.
Ask your fans if I'm deadweight.
I just heard you begging for more stage time when we start in Europe.
I was trying to give you a break, 'cause you're looking a little tired out there.
- Excuse you? - A little wobbly.
No, no, no.
Come on, J.
J, chill, come on.
What, you gonna take her side now? L-Look, I'm on the side of getting my money.
All right, I've been two months out the game, and I got to come out the gate strong, and that means I need both y'all to be on point.
She ain't even worth it.
You talk a good game Big words, small change I ain't impressed, better switch lanes And hit me with the flames.
Nice to meet you.
Pleasure is mine.
Ayanna speaks highly of you.
Well, she should.
I'm keeping her company in the black.
Or should I say your company? Congratulations.
Congratulate me in a year, when I turn a profit.
Right now, this is just an investment.
Well, you invested in the right company.
I mean, Midtown is poised to just - Oh, you don't know? - Know what? You see, I already conquered Miami's market.
So now I want to own Atlanta, so our new company will focus on movies, fashion and gossip, not music.
- Record business is over.
- Over? I have a tour that's about to make this company a lot of money.
The hell I'm letting you close us down.
You'll get a hefty severance.
I don't want your money.
- I want time.
- For what? To prove you wrong and keep these doors open.
There's a gala in three days.
I'm going to announce my vision for the company to the new investors.
I'll be there.
I'm working on a deal that will change your mind.
I'll see you.
Man, I can't believe that you and Derek are moving tomorrow.
I just got home.
- Wait, you said "home"? - I did.
How's Angel? He's good.
We're good.
I-I just everybody I know is here.
You know, Miss Carlotta, the salon, Miss Bruce, - Cotton - Star.
- I hate her.
- Me, too.
But I miss her.
Look, if you miss her, then you have to talk to her before you go back to the D.
Oh, my God! Alex damn Crane! You know you gotta hustle So every day I hustle [CAMERA CLICKS.]
Girl, you should do a solo album.
- Bianca - Or a clap back album, 'cause what she said on that track was Can you please stop talking to me? [THUNDER RUMBLES.]
Sorry, but I've been a fan of yours since forever.
See a brown skin girl like me figuring herself out just like me.
But I'm sorry I was bothering you, Miss Crane.
PILOT: Ladies and gentlemen, we've lost our right engine.
Flight crew, prepare for emergency landing.
It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.
Pushing these whips, yeah they call me masser Mayor, he think that I'm selling coke Um, hey, it's, uh getting late.
You ready to get out of here? Um, it's okay.
I'll get myself home.
Simone, come on.
Look, I'm not a little girl anymore.
I'm 18 years old.
I'll text you when I get home.
You better.
SIMONE: I will, I promise.
One, two So every day I hustle Why I can't Joyce keeps tripping 'cause my set time is going over, so I need more time on stage.
And I need my solo album off the ground.
I'm not in the mood right now, Star.
If I got to go on stage and save that cokehead's show every night, I feel like I'm not rewarding you for doing your job.
You can negotiate your deal points on your next tour.
I don't have time.
I got to plan for my future right now, Carlotta.
I know what's going on with you.
I can see it.
- I've been trying to hide it.
- I know, the girls threw you for a loop breaking up the group like that.
But that's just what happens when you're part of a girl group.
I will fix it.
It's not just a girl group.
My sister's all I've ever cared about.
And she don't care about me.
Yeah, I know what it feels like to have your own sister turn her back on you.
But there is a lot riding on this tour.
I'm adding more dates, more venues.
I got some really big things in the works.
I'm announcing a major touring deal with Sound House.
All right.
Bring it.
- All that I want is the commas - [RINGTONE PLAYING.]
I wanna give some to my mama Hey.
Hey, I was just about to call.
: I saw you on the Gram with Alex.
I don't know the last time I saw you look so happy.
I miss you.
Looks like you miss Atlanta a little bit more, though.
I just called to say good night and I love you, okay? Have fun, babe.
NINA: How much money did you lose? Hello? Hello? I am really him though Are you okay? No.
Are you okay? No.
BOTH: It's my husband.
You're married? But I don't want to talk about him or my sister or nobody.
Tonight was supposed to be about me.
Then what are you doing out here? I mean, it was dead in there, so Night's pretty young.
Let's go somewhere else.
We turned up the profit on the "Turn Up" tour.
Sound House's partnership with Midtown is a success, and it's only getting better.
I just brokered a ten-year worldwide touring deal with Sound House worth $200 million.
Yo, I don't need you dipping on me again, okay? I signed on to do this tour to be with you, not the Great White Ho, with her roly-poly ass.
Come on, J.
You said we was gonna be riding clean, but you're high as a kite right now.
Come on, Noah, just a little pregame courage, that's all.
Nah, man, some of us actually care about this tour and the people on it.
No, bitch, you must've forgot who put you on.
Who put me on? My hit song put me on.
One hit don't make you no star.
You're right, I was born one.
- CARLOTTA: Noah Brooks has come back - Come on y'all, we up.
She think I'm playing with her trick ass.
You need to go out there and kiss the ring, and tell 'em how nice I am for letting you open up for me.
I'm really trying to behave, but you need to get your girl before I do, Noah.
- What? - Come on.
Star Davis will continue to open for co-headliners Joyce Sheree, and our very own Noah Brooks has returned! Give it up for him, y'all.
Joyce, what the hell are you doing? Getting my damn respect.
I made this tour.
: Oh.
You gonna do what I told you to do back there and kiss the damn ring.
What ? Get off me, now.
SIMONE: I don't want to talk about it.
ALEX: "I'm 18," huh? So not cool, Simone.
You had me up worried about you all night.
I knew I shouldn't have left you alone.
Anything could have happened to you.
This is my fault, and I'm sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
- Alex.
- I'm so sorry.
- Alex, calm down, okay? You're acting like I got kidnapped, or something.
- I'm okay.
- No.
No, I should have stayed with you.
I should've stayed.
Bianca [CRYING.]
: Hey, it's okay.
You're gonna be okay, okay? - No - Ma'am, please come with me.
- No can you take her? - You're Alex Crane.
- Ma'am.
I got you.
- No, you need to take her, too.
- It's gonna be all right.
- You need to I got you, Miss Crane.
All right.
No, you need to take her.
She needs help.
I asked you for one thing.
Yo, I'm not taking the fall for this one, Carlotta.
Yes, you are.
And so is the rest of Midtown Sound.
- What are you talking about? - Sound House canceled the tour, and my ten-year touring deal.
- What? - NOAH: No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, h-hold on.
What? They can't do that.
MATEO: They can and they did.
It's over.
And so is Midtown Sound.
Who is this? Ayanna sold Midtown Sound to Mateo.
I promised I would deliver a successful tour, but with Sound House pulling out, Europe ain't happening.
You know, I have a sense for these things, but I thought you would prove me wrong.
We got to fight, Carlotta.
What's the plan? Star, I've been fighting since I've been behind this desk.
I promised I would keep this dream pushing because it was Jahil's.
But I can't fight alone.
Mateo's announcing it at the gala tonight.
I'm sorry, but it's over.
RUBY: Boy, what you doing with my record? You know you raised me to be the man I am, Grandma.
You're my rock, my first ride or die and my first weed connect.
I know I ain't always made it easy for you, but I love you so much.
And I want you to know that.
Fire Oh, I love you.
Your daddy'd be proud.
Thank you.
I'm gonna miss you, Grandma.
Enjoy New York.
You deserve it.
I'll be all right.
Beau finally got himself some Viagra.
Ooh, Lord! Keep that same energy, okay? - Hold on, hold on.
- Ah, what you doing? - [MUSIC VOLUME INCREASES.]
- Fire Trying to see if you still got it, Miss Lady.
Aw, your crippled ass couldn't even crawl last year.
Talking about do I still got it.
You gonna take it there? - Give me some booty.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Get her out of here.
Girl, this my salon.
I'm gonna fix this family today.
I'm sick of it.
Not now, Ma.
I heard you're going on tour, and I don't like that trash you going out there with.
Well, maybe they just need to learn that guns aren't the answer.
Nothing's wrong with carrying a piece.
As long as you're ready for the consequences.
Take 'em to church, Mama.
Shut up.
God and guns.
That's what you taught us.
Right, Ma? We from the streets.
I had to use my pistol.
But if that has anything to do with you and her trying to kill each other, I'm sorry.
Okay, now, fix it right now! I'm getting in the car.
Move, girl.
Look when Mama was hustling, you raised me, you fed me.
You even whupped my ass.
I don't want to go to war with you, Carlotta.
I know how much you loved that man.
Y'all used to talk about how y'all was gonna take over the music industry, and I was gonna tag along and steal all the money.
I've been fighting to keep that dream alive.
But I failed him.
I lost.
I used to think you and Jahil was the same.
But the difference is, he never went down without a fight.
So you gonna let him down like that? I loved Jahil.
All right, look, Andy forced my hand, and I wasn't gonna let that ride, at all.
I mean, what would people think about me? That's all you care about, is what people think about you.
You damn right.
I got a business to run.
- You thirsty.
- Thirsty? - And you reckless.
- Reckless? And you ain't never gonna amount to nothing in this life, Cass - Don't talk to me like that.
- Nah, you ain't nothing! - [QUIETLY.]
: Carlotta - Nothing.
How could you say something like that to me when we got the same blood running through our veins? Because I don't need this to get respect.
Ooh, yeah, 'cause baby, your loving got me going Hey.
There must be something in the water How long are y'all gonna keep this up? Y'all not getting bored? [SIGHS.]
What's up, Star? Midtown is getting sold off.
So you know what that means for Carlotta.
We got to help her.
Help Carlotta or help you? Save Midtown, save your deal, right? Save the woman who took in three hungry, broke-ass girls that showed up on her porch and turned her world upside down.
Just do this, and then y'all don't got to talk to me ever again, if that's what you want.
Look, look, look, look.
What I told you? It's always sneaking out.
You about to be worse than Star.
I ain't sneaking out nowhere.
I'm going to fight for my company.
I ain't ever failed a day in my life; I ain't about to start now.
You better get it, Mama.
Jahil would be proud.
I know he's looking down, watching all this mess.
I can feel him.
Yeah, me, too, baby.
All right.
Whup his ass.
Girl, what you playing? - - I'm gonna free my weary soul MATEO: My vision is for Gravity to be an intuitive stream of content.
It's all about movies, fashion, gossip.
Guys, dreams can come true.
And Gravity's mine.
Well, you can't build a legacy leaving money on the table.
I mean, Gravity can't compete without a music component.
Now, with Midtown's music, you already have a huge fan base to build on.
Why not use it? She's got a point, Mateo.
What the hell are you doing? What I do best.
Selling my artist.
Look, I know the tour didn't pan out, but I can build this company.
My mind is made up, Carlotta.
I'm sorry.
Can I see you in the morning? Can I see you in the morning, can I? Can I? 'Cause I love the way you're talking 'Cause I love the way you're talking, ooh I could be your only girl I could be your whole damn world And we could get lost in it, I could be your only girl I could be your whole damn world We could get lost in it Talk too much, I know, but you get me, though You did this? No, but I'm here for it.
Buckle up.
I can't help but feel like we've been here before Oh, oh Tell me that you want to put up with me Love me just the way I'm supposed to be Promise you I wouldn't be wasting your time Time No lie, I think you're my type I really like the way you don't lie Get me just right, oh, why? I could be your only girl I could be your whole damn world And we could get lost in it Never catch you looking at other girls You tell me I'm right when I know I'm wrong Rambling again, but you want to know Oh, oh No lie, I think you're my type I really like the way you don't lie Get me just right Oh, why? Too high But you make it all right I want to see you in the daytime Stay up all night Oh, why? [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.]
Y'all want to hear more music and content like us? You'll get it at Midtown Sound with Carlotta Brown at the helm.
Come on up here and say something, boss lady.
Give it up again for my girls Take 3.
You know, I invited my girls up here tonight because I wanted to announce something.
Midtown Sound is no longer in business.
Thanks to the genius, the maverick, Mateo Ferrera, we are now Gravity Records [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.]
a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gravity Media.
Come on up here, Mateo.
Thank you, Carlotta.
Thank you very much.
Yes, my wife and I are very excited to launch Gravity Media and Gravity Records here in Atlanta.
Babe, can you come up here, please? This is Nina Ferrera, head of Content and Acquisitions for Gravity Media.
Gravity Records, huh? Nice move.
But you better bring real cash to the playground before I close the park.
Well, you've seen what I can bring to the playground.
You want me to make you some real money? Stay on your swing.
You got seven months.
Give me six.
Let's skip the introduction, get to know me on the vocal I be worldwide, I ain't w-w-with you locals Got the rap game, dance game in a choke hold.
Boy, you must like danger, sitting your black ass out here as dark as it is.
You know this house full of trigger-happy Negroes.
Carlotta here? She ain't, but I got two good ears if you need to talk.
You know, I've been to rehab, too.
That first day out ain't for punks.
You holding? Nah, nah, I'm just [SIGHS.]
The tour is canceled and I got to start over.
And the last time that happened, I found myself on the roof ready to jump.
But you didn't.
What stopped you? It's not what.
It's who.
STAR: It just makes you an addict.
BOBBY: Don't be no punk, boy.
Go ahead, do it.
Solve your temporary problem with a permanent solution.
Go ahead.
You ain't got the balls.
Get your ass down here.
Now! Boy, I came here tonight to see my son perform his great comeback tour and I see you up here acting acting like not my son.
I ain't raise you to be weak.
You know, this is the first thing you've done for me in ten years.
Let's make it the last, Dad.
Ain't it crazy that the one person that's always kept me on point is the one person I got to get high to forget? So what you gonna do? - I got to stay sober.
- Yeah.
You got to stay on point, man.
I mean, if that mean coming to see me every time you get in a rut, fine, I'll talk you straight.
But you got to be honest.
Like, all day.
I'm-a ask you again.
Is you holding? [SIGHS.]
Come on, let me get you home.
This stuff gonna be the death of you.
I had them eating out of my hands tonight.
Yes, we did.
They better buckle up 'cause the Ferreras are here to stay.
Figured we'd celebrate.
It's not easy for someone to catch my eye Not tonight.
But I've been waitin' for you For my whole damn life For my whole lifetime Don't be afraid to tell me if you ain't with it - You ain't with it - I see you're focused Yeah, you're so independent.
My man, can you close me out? CASSIE: Oh, wait a minute.
We didn't get to talk yet.
I didn't think you were gonna show.
Well, I got tied up in some business.
Sit down.
Full disclosure: I'm not your sister's favorite person right now.
Oh, I know.
And I know how she treated you, too.
I did my research.
You used to play a little ball, right? - Look, what's this about? - Me and you.
I mean, Lottie might be on top right now, but that's not gonna last forever.
Carlotta is not the only one with big plans.
So ambition runs in the family? She thinks I'm nothing, but I'm-a show her ass and I need a partner with connects, somebody like you.
I'm listening.
Well, if this ain't like the old days.
You bailed us out a lot of times.
It was our turn to do something for you.
Well, if it's one thing I learned after tonight is you got to fight for what you believe in.
I still believe in Take 3.
Well, it don't matter, anyway.
Y'all still under contract.
- Y'all owe me another album.
- What? There wouldn't be a label if it weren't for what we did tonight.
Well, that was tonight.
Tomorrow's another thing.
Mateo wants to see me fall on my ass and that ain't happening.
You got six months to deliver me an album.
Figure it out.
Look, Miss Carlotta, we are different people now.
Save that for some other sucker.
You chose this family, Alex.
This is your home.
This is your dream.
You gonna tell me you happier now than you were when y'all were together? 'Cause I ain't buying it.
Well, I'm not happy in the D.
I miss it here.
I miss my family.
And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I th I think I'm gonna ask Angel for a divorce.
Neither am I.
Every time I close my eyes, I'm on that plane.
It's okay.
You're home now.
We can get through anything.
All right.
I'm pregnant.
I told that boy to close the window before he left.
Letting all the cool air out of my house.
I ain't got no money, so you better get the hell out of my house.
What makes you think I need money? I said get Take your clothes off, old lady.
I said take your clothes off.
I'm about to give you the ride of your life.
All these secrets and lies.
I don't know how much more I can take.
I got this, right? [CHUCKLES.]
What you laughing at? You not funny.
You think you funny.
You not.
I got this.
As long as I got you, Jahil.
Baby, I tried but I can't unlove you You know you got your hooks in my soul Feels like I'm dying.