Star (2016) s03e11 Episode Script

Watch the Throne

1 Previously on Star It would take a lot for Take 3 to win an ASA.
Alex Crane is a different story.
- Noah? Are you all right? - (GROANS) My back! Well, I'll leave these here in case the spasms get worse.
MAURICE: I just helped GiGi release her new album.
Little surprise for the fans.
We got to get people talking about Take 3.
You had no right to move Angel.
Atlanta City Council will make Atlanta a sanctuary city.
Okay, well, I think that I should put out a song.
And hopefully, the buzz will get the vote passed faster.
What the hell is he doing here? Trying to bait me to write some songs? - Get away from my son.
- (CRIES OUT) - Crazy bitch attacked me! - (BABY CRYING) Sorry for the late hearing, but you all know how backed up our system is.
In the case of the State v.
Star Davis, the defendant has entered - a plea of not guilty.
- 'Cause I'm not.
Your Honor, we'd like to request a speedy trial.
We also request that the defendant continue to pump and freeze her breast milk for her son.
As for her trial, we're looking at a date four months out by - request of the prosecutor.
- Four months? - That's not fair.
- Simone, you need to sit down.
- Your Honor, that is - The prosecutor has asked for time to prepare.
Since the burden is on them, I've granted the request.
Next case.
- No, please, please, please, please.
- That's not right.
- Star - Hey, look, look, don't don't worry about Davis, okay? - (SOBBING) - Hold on, man, hold on.
- You ain't got to handle her like that.
- Just let me say bye to him, okay? - I'm just gonna say bye.
Let me say bye! - NOAH: Judge.
- (BABY CRYING) - NOAH: Hey, Judge.
I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine Go hard, looking for another like me Boy, stop, I bring me Whose love is the tightest? Whose kiss is the nicest? Me Whose touch is the rightest? Me I bring me I bring, I bring me.
Idle hands on the weekend But don't go jumpin' off the deep end We just playin' pretend You know, put your feet in but don't sink in Ain't no reason for us to keep it on the low, she said It's better when everybody know, she said I looked at her, said damn, it's already 4:30 - Got a meetin', got to roll - Go smoke a cigarette What's up, bro? Party people, give it up and welcome back Noah Brooks, y'all.
What you doing here? Thought Star had court tonight.
She did, but her trial got pushed back four months.
- Oh, damn.
- Yeah.
The single father thing's harder than I thought.
I'm still trying to stay on my grind.
Truth is, I'm tired as hell, bro.
- My back is killing me.
- Well, you burn the candle at both ends, you'll wear yourself out.
Yeah, well, I got to finish this album.
ASA nominations are coming up, and I got to make sure I'm on point.
I was hoping I could try out some new stuff here.
Oh, so you ready to restart Noah Brooks Night at Karma? Oh, yeah, let's get it, man.
I'm ready as hell.
I hear Dini's trying to take my spot.
They up over there.
NOAH: Let's go.
Get your flunkies, too.
Aye, now, come on.
Get up off my booth.
Let's go.
Come on, get your ghetto supreme up out of here.
- Let's go.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Your booth? What you mean? I'm the one that's been holding this down while you've been at the house playing daddy.
Yeah, whatever.
I'm the original Big Daddy.
So get your flunky ass out my booth right now.
Don't do this 'cause you see me on my come up.
Thank you so much for keeping my seat warm.
No, your seat is on fire right now, bro, 'cause I'm fish grease.
Give me some powder, 'cause I'm finna slap five from this little boy, man.
- Who do you think you're talking to? - No, no, not up in here.
Chill out.
We all repping for Gravity Records now.
And Carlotta just made me the head of A&R, and I'll tell you what, I ain't gonna have no drama on my hands while she's away.
I'm good.
You good, playboy? I'm rising up the charts, playboy.
And I got all that ASA buzz you wish you had, playboy.
So guess what.
I'm easy like Sunday morning.
(CHUCKLES) We out of here.
His suit making me sneeze.
(LIL DINI MOCK-SNEEZES) With that smedium hoodie.
Ooh, ooh, ooh - Just hold on, girl - Hold on Man, y'all got to chill out.
These newbies be tripping.
I ain't your man, I We on a wave, that luxury flow And I don't watch what I say, but I say what I know Don't wait on me It's too late for me - I walk with that step - (CHUCKLING) So I'm meeting with the Atlanta Community Council tomorrow.
And I'm gonna invite them to our immigration fund-raiser at Karma.
We got to make Atlanta a sanctuary city.
I know I can't save Star, but at least I can try to save Angel and bring him home, you know? - You are so dope.
- Thanks.
- You kill it.
- (LAUGHS) I will say, though, it's a little weird, being here.
All that stuff that's happened with Star.
You are one of Billboard's "Ones to Watch" this year.
I mean, she would drag your ass if you missed this.
Excuse me.
This was just delivered for you.
We're about ten minutes away from the group photo.
(GASPS) You guys, this is a Sapphire Party invite.
It's, like, a super exclusive pre-ASA event.
What's that, some Illuminati-type thing? No.
Why is every black person obsessed with Illuminati? 'Cause it's real.
The headphones are an invite, but the mic? This means you get to perform and are in the running for an ASA.
DEREK: You damn right.
You're one to watch, remember.
Let me take that.
I need to go back.
I love to watch you walk away, too.
Right, right, right Right, right, right, right I got some pyramids of money in my section My section Even if she had a man, she wouldn't text him Thank you, thank you.
Appreciate it, sweetheart.
No, no, no touch, got protection Father, forgive me, I have plenty to say JOHNNY T: Yo.
Old Man Brooks.
He's asleep.
- That man does not sleep.
- Look.
LIL DINI: Oh! Let me get him, let me get him.
Lights out, bitch.
- Lights out, lights out.
- LIL DINI: Get back to the life.
(SIGHS) Miss Alex.
Maybe I should give you a round of applause or something.
A Sapphire invite and a performance? Don't you get brand-new on me and forget - a bitch is on payroll.
- I don't know.
I feel like, with all this shine on me, maybe that could convince the label to try to get an ASA for Take 3.
After all that screaming and whining you did about going solo.
Finally getting your glow up, and you can't let the group go.
I've just been thinking about Star.
And I just want to give the girl some good news.
I think the only good news Star want to hear is that her charges been dropped.
(SIRENS WAILING) What's going on? (SIRENS CONTINUE) - Body cold - Frosty cold - And I'm so - Bossy so - And I'm so - Saucy so - And my clothes - Cost me Ho-zilla has returned.
- Party - Always get it started - Ain't I so - Bossy - Ain't I so - So, so, so - I'm independent, got my own boo - Got my own boo - And I can run the cash up if I want to - If I want to - Run it up - Body cold - Frosty - Frosty And I'm so bossy, ain't I so saucy - And my clothes cost me, hood and I'm bougie - Bougie - Gucci on my bootie - Bootie Poppin' like a toolie, you ain't poppin' Need to cool it, just cash up with my jeweler While you stuck here looking stupid I'm winnin' while they losin', come to get him - 'Cause he choosin' - Choosin' Diamonds on me and they dancin' - Just like Chris - Doin' a waltz - Pockets heavy, got me walking with a limp.
- (APPLAUSE) GiGi Nixon is back and ready to sit on her throne.
- MAN: GiGi's back in town.
- WOMAN: GiGi, we missed you.
(CROWD CLAMORING) Well, you're acting brand-new.
Now that you see me.
Wait, are you still salty about how I called you out - on stealing the track? - (CHUCKLES) I'm over that.
I'm talking about you trying to diss me.
Yeah, I saw the livestreams, the photos, oh, and the comments you made in Billboard, where you said you're the sound the label really needed.
That was shade.
All I meant is I have something to say for my solo album.
Oh, and I don't? No, you tried to come for me, baby girl.
But you can't compete.
- Or you don't compare.
- Mm.
The queen is back.
Bow down, bitch.
Oh, my God.
SIMONE: We are here today so Atlanta can be a safe place for immigrants.
And we believe a vote can help with that.
Gravity Media and Karma are partnering together to create a fund-raiser to raise awareness about the issue.
Councilman, we'd like you to come.
This council appreciates all voices of the community, but honestly, I sense an ulterior motive.
Sir, social justice is our motive.
I hear you're about to film a movie.
I'm pulling away from that so I can focus on making Atlanta - a sanctuary city.
- With a nightclub performance? This issue is personal to me.
My husband was deported from the only country that he's ever known, and I want action.
I want to help people.
Both sides of this issue want to help people.
Half of this city is living in fear that immigrants are going to take what's theirs.
The other half lives in fear that we're changing the Open Door Policy that this country was built on.
Please be specific.
The real issue is that this council has delayed a sanctuary city vote for years.
- It's about time.
- (PROTESTERS CLAMORING) Calm down, please.
If we gather enough support, will you push up the vote? This was a waste of our time.
This meeting is adjourned.
A waste of time? There's families fighting to stay together.
There's children being ripped away from their parents.
This is not a waste.
- (DAVIS COOS) - (WHISPERS): Just a little bit.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's he doing? Blowing through these bottles.
Well, I'm about to go see Star, - so I can pick up some breast milk.
- Oh, thanks.
- Can I hold him? - Yeah.
- I need some Davis time.
- Of course.
Come on.
You all right? Heard you had the hearing, right? I let that councilman get in my head.
(PHONE VIBRATES) (SIGHS) Lil Dini talking crap on social media, talking about I'm too old.
I'd rather be too old than thirsty.
I don't know what's so funny about a new black father being exhausted.
Ignore his cockroach ass.
I can't.
It's already viral.
(SIGHS) And I didn't even get invited to the Sapphire Party this year.
I mean, it's not like I care, but I got Davis to think about, you know? And your cred in the street is like money in the banks in this business.
Street cred, huh? - (DAVIS FUSSING) - (SNIFFS) You smell that? - Is that him? - Oh Yeah.
GiGi, your album is going well.
My niecey is the hottest in the game.
That's why I had her on a firetruck.
Bitch, it was my idea to put my niecey on the damn firetruck.
You steal ideas like you steal ding-a-ling.
Okay, how can y'all comanage if you can't stay focused? Now, Maurice.
I'm trying to get some of that ASA love.
- What's the campaign budget? - $75,000.
(LAUGHS) Our weed budget is past $75k.
Where is Carlotta Brown? GINNY: Why are you asking for another bitch? - We got this.
- MISSY: Chocolate, you need to cut whoever else you're giving ASA money to and give it to GiGi.
She's the star of this label.
Well, I got other artists that have a buzz - we need to capitalize on, so - (SCOFFS) Like Alex Crane.
(GIGI CHUCKLES) Alex doesn't need a campaign.
She has a family dynasty propping her up, okay? I'm the one out here grinding.
I'm the one keeping the lights up in here.
Yes, well, you are one of our most valued artists.
Alex Crane's performing at the Sapphire Party, right? She is.
Have her make her solo a duet with me.
If we both share the stage, you'll see who's running things.
Look, I can't just make Alex share a performance.
Find a way, Maurice.
(MOUTHING) I won't leave you But we've got to run Way past the river till the morning comes The angels in Heaven Gonna sign your name If you book your ticket for the freedom train.
Yes, yes.
We gonna be getting 'em woke, popping bottles at the same time.
And we'll be streaming your performance across all Gravity Media platforms.
Well, I just want to make sure that the sanctuary supporters are on our side, get some street cred.
You know, I actually got an in with the spokesperson.
- Lucia Dopazo.
I can reach out if you - I already called her.
- She's gonna come sit down with us.
- (DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) - Lucia Dopazo? - SIMONE: Mm-hmm.
I almost didn't come when I found out that you were involved.
- Hey.
- Y'all know each other? Yeah, we grew up together in Cuba.
What a small world.
Even smaller expectations.
I've been a part of this movement for years, and now you think that you're gonna come in and use our platform for your business? This is not about my business.
We're just trying to be taken seriously, and we know that you can help us with that.
Help with what? A concert? What's your message? And are you ready to be the face of this thing? I'm just trying to help my husband.
This affects thousands of people.
Are you ready for that? Simone, Derek, can you guys give us a second, please? SIMONE: Yeah.
- Why? - What do you mean, why? You know how I feel about this issue.
- What's in it for you? - Nothing.
You can't throw money and flash at this.
(SCOFFING): You - These are real people.
- (EXHALES) Not that you would know.
Oh, my Hell no.
I'm not sharing a performance with her.
For what? GiGi is still one of the biggest names on this label.
Now, if she decides to pop off on you, that could derail everything.
You see what the Beyhive did to Keri Hilson.
Nobody is scared of GiGi.
You play this right, it could feel like an endorsement.
Just kill it onstage with GiGi.
You and Take 3 are on ASA's radar.
Don't you want some good news to take to Star? Then you tell her how you cracked that bitch face on stage.
(GIGI GROANS) It took longer than I thought remixing that wack-ass melody so my vocals could shine on Alex's song, but, ooh, when I hit them runs, everybody's gonna be so impressed at the Sapphire Party they're not gonna see anything else on that stage.
- (GIGI CHUCKLES) - If you don't like my song, then why did you ask to be on it? They only asked you to perform because of your name.
I worked to get where I am.
You threw a couple ratchet lyrics on Auto-Tune - and shake your ass all day, that's it.
- Oh, so she want to see ratchet.
- Let's go.
- Auntie, don't get that dusty-ass wig snatched off your head, okay? - Look who's talking, helmet head.
- Okay, try me.
MAURICE: Ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies, ladies.
You both deserve to be here.
Now, why not just Mariah and Whitney this duet to give the people something they can remember for the ASAs? You really think you can hang with me? Oh, I know I can.
Just make sure you keep up with me.
Bring it, bitch.
Let's go, Auntie.
MISS BRUCE: That way.
(CLAPPING) Gravity is doing well.
You got a sold-out festival.
You got albums dropping.
Cash coming in, huh? I'm a smart businessman.
This right here was a momentary setback.
Keep your money.
I'll take a favor instead.
- What kind of favor? - The kind you don't keep on the books.
I'm not gonna be your pawn.
So do yourself a favor take the check and leave.
So strong.
(CHUCKLES) But where was that when you came crawling to me with your tail between your legs? I pay what I owe.
Thought you said you were a smart businessman.
We got unfinished business, ex-partner.
Good to see you, too, Cassie.
And why the hell you got a baseball bat? I keep one in the trunk of my car for times like these.
I mean, you should know by now that crazy ain't stupid.
Yo, somebody call security.
- Cassie, why are you here? - I'm here because I'm five seconds away from swinging on yo' ass.
- Start talking.
- Oh, I'm supposed to be scared? Nah, you talk to the cops when they come up in here and arrest your ass.
Man, you ain't about to call no cops.
I was coming up in here to ask if you could cash me out our little business, but now I see you got Xander's goons all up in here.
Nah, you ain't about to dirty up my sister's label.
Is you crazy? What the hell are you talking about? Oh, you don't know what the hell I'm talking about? - You know what I'm talking about.
No! - Get her out of here.
And if you see her within 100 feet of this place, - you kick her ass across town.
- Yo, this ain't over, bro.
- Yeah, get out.
- Get your hands off me.
With your crazy ass.
(LOCK BUZZES, CLICKS) You get the milk I left? Gonna pick it up on the way out.
How's my boy? Davis is fine, okay? I'm staying at your place with Noah, - helping him watch the baby.
- But you heard the judge.
It's four months till my trial.
What's up, Prison Barbie? - Star, don't.
- Don't worry.
Not about to let this bitch get to me.
I have a son to get home to.
You know, I hated Mama for leaving us.
And now I'm doing the same thing to Davis.
And I hate myself, Simone.
- Girl.
- Stop.
We are all watching over your little man.
Me, Derek, Carlotta, Cotton.
Even Miss Bruce, and you know she don't trust no babies.
(ALL CHUCKLE LIGHTLY) And speaking of bitches GiGi's back.
And claims she's coming for me.
She's trying to compete with me at the Sapphire Party, but Well, just like I'm not gonna let this bitch get to me, don't let GiGi get in your head.
You're not competing with anybody but yourself.
You know that.
What about you, Superwoman? What you up to? Girl, I am far from Superwoman.
I just feel like I got no business talking about immigration or family.
Simone, you were six years old when somebody ripped you away from your own family.
If anybody can speak on this, it's you.
Do it.
For me, for Angel.
Since when did Davis sisters stop fighting? GUARD: Davis.
Time's up.
You don't stop fighting, neither.
Kiss Davis every night for me.
I already do.
- Hey, you hungry? - Yeah, a little bit.
- There's Lucia.
- Uh-huh.
Well, give me a second before? (CHUCKLING): I should have known.
You again.
You're like a bad rash.
- Will you hear me out, please? - I don't have time.
The fund-raiser tonight at Karma is not a gimmick.
I truly believe that your organization's support will make a difference.
I want you there tonight to see what we're trying to do.
- We should be working together.
- Why? I don't expect you to ever forgive me leaving you for Mina, but right here, right now, we both want the same thing.
For immigrants like us to be safe in our new country, okay? Don't let your anger with me stand in their way.
I'll see you tonight.
I'm just looking for my Lolita That's a bad little mamacita That's a dangerous señorita She make me want to touch and go Go, go, go, go I'm just looking for my Lolita That's a bad little mamacita That's a dangerous señorita She make me want to touch and go, go, go, go, go (ECHOING): Go, go, go, go.
It's too easy for a pimp.
- (DOOR OPENS) - Hey, man, we got to talk.
'Cause you messing with the wrong one, brother.
You want to smoke over some jokes, bro? I got too much on the line to be playing games with you.
A'ight? That picture puts my ability to provide for my family at risk.
And you're sending the wrong message about my sobriety.
(SCOFFS) Sobriety.
Let me grab a drink on that.
'Cause it sound like a sad American Idol commercial, bro.
Oh, you think I'm playing with you.
You're trying to make people think I'm still using.
What I'm trying to do is make your non-album-dropping ass relevant again.
- Oh, yeah? - (SCOFFS) You should be thanking me.
- Or - Or what? Huh? Or bow one down to the new king, playboy.
My album's on the way.
You're trying to hold on to your spot, and it ain't yours no more.
So you need to get off the porch, dog.
(BARKS) - (BARKS) Nah, you a little dog.
- (WOMEN GIGGLE) (YAPPING, CHUCKLES) I don't even know why I waste my breath.
(CHUCKLES) I don't know what you was thinking, either, bro, with that shirt on.
What you really is is a kitty cat.
- (WOMAN GIGGLES) - (MEOWS) A pussycat.
(LAUGHS) (MEOWS) I already paid you back.
What the hell are you doing here? The moment you took my money, you stopped dictating the terms of this relationship.
Now you are going to do exactly as I tell you, and you are going to do it with a smile.
Go to hell.
I think this means I might have to go down and visit your Uncle Camilo.
(GRUNTS) (BOTH GRUNTING) I got a little money that needs some cleaning.
My last washer and I parted ways, so I need you to pick up the slack.
Or maybe, uh me and my little friend here, we go down and we visit your uncle.
Andre! Should I call the cops? No, I know exactly who did this.
You owe me for destroying Gravity's offices.
If you think I'd destroy my sister's office over you, you got another thought coming.
Well, yeah, since you came trotting into my offices like the hood version of Lemonade, you're my number-one suspect.
You know what, I'm gonna take that as a compliment, because I like Beyoncé.
But I didn't come up in there for your damn computers.
I came in there because you trying to do my sister dirty by bringing Xander over to Gravity.
Who in the hell is Xander? Oh, Negro, don't play stupid with me.
Xander is the reason for the raid at Karma.
I mean, he was running drugs and he was also laundering stacks.
And I saw his right-hand man all up in Gravity Records.
Oh, so you're really not playing stupid.
I don't know nothing about that.
- Wow.
- But with the ASAs around the corner, I'm not about to let Gravity go down on no bull.
Then you need to protect my sister's company and yourself.
Check into your books to make sure your ass don't end up raided.
I'll look into it.
Thank you.
Oh, that's not for you, black.
That's for Carlotta.
I don't care about your attitude.
(QUIETLY): Damn, he's fine.
Ah-ooh Hey.
- Ooh.
- (MUSIC STOPS) You didn't have to stop 'cause of me.
That sounded fire.
I'm just saving my energy.
- I'll need it.
- Yeah.
So, how you holding up? You know me, I'm good.
- Yeah, I do.
- Yeah.
And I know pressure's a trigger for you.
Davis is like a nephew to me.
(LAUGHS) I love that boy so much.
Though I may need some pointers on how to raise a kid - while his parents are in the spotlight.
- Ah.
Best way to raise your kid in the spotlight is to not raise your kid in the spotlight.
- That's it right there.
- Yeah.
I was I was trying to find that.
So, what else is up? The Sapphire Party you taking Derek? No.
He actually has something going on at Karma, - but why? - I was hoping I could tag along with you.
I mean, as a friend, of course.
- Mm-hmm.
- I mean, I'm just trying to keep my name in the conversation, and I know how much cred that party can get you.
And I could use some cred right now.
Yeah, I saw the meme.
- (SIGHS) - (LAUGHS) - Dini is an ass, but we all know that.
- Yeah.
Just don't stoop to his level.
I'm trying to avoid it, but - you know how this business is.
- Yeah.
I watched my dad get into little beefs with new artists, and it's really useless.
Wait, the same dad with all those plaques on the wall? Come on, your pops knows the game.
A lion's got to thin out the herd.
That's just nature.
Why can't fame just separate itself from the music? You don't want to go at GiGi's neck? Not really.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I just want to make music.
That's it.
And I feel like I shouldn't have to fight anyone else but myself to make it.
See, you could say that, but you're still on the come up.
Noah, and you're one of the biggest artists - in the world right now, fool.
- That's today.
Tomorrow's not promised.
At the top of the mountain, everybody, the whole world, wants to hear your music.
But how bad are you willing to fight to get to the top of the mountain? How bad are you willing to fight to stay? I feel like you just made up that whole speech just so I could take you to the party.
I mean, I - I may have tweaked a little bit.
- Mm-hmm.
Is it working? Thank you for coming.
I came to support the cause.
Nothing else.
You are still stubborn as an ox.
Unlike you, I haven't changed.
Lucia, the only thing I owe you is an apology.
I'm not gonna let you question who I am.
You're not the man I remember.
Well, that man dumb enough not to have married you when he had the chance is gone.
I know I lost my way somehow from the boy you grew up with and the man you loved, but I'm finding my way back.
So I'm supposed to believe that you're a changed man.
I guess so.
Prove it.
How? The man I remember could dance.
They movin', they movin' - They movin' - Las mamis Latinas They movin', they movin' - They movin' - Las mamis Latinas - Come with me, papi - Uh-huh Come with me, papi - Uh-huh, uh-huh - Come with me, papi Come with me, papi Huh, my Spanish ain't well I'm black and Puerto Rican, oh, what the hell There's so much to tell you How can I say, "Can you come through?" - Papi chulo - I want you, matter of fact, I need you No español, but you can be my teacher I'm Rican, you're mexicana Me your papi, tú no sabes I've got these Latin mamis Whew.
- You're a step slow.
- Oh, come on.
You dance like a gringo now.
They movin', they movin', they movin' Gringo? They movin', they movin', they movin Las mamis Latinas They movin' they movin', they movin' - Las mamis Latinas - They movin', they movin', they movin' You raising enough money to help make Atlanta a sanctuary city? The bar's doing good but not great.
- Uh-huh - Come with me, papi Are y'all having a good time tonight for a good cause? (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) I'll be honest.
I almost didn't make it here tonight.
I felt a certain kind of way being center stage for a movement that's so important.
But my sister reminded me to keep fighting.
And I realized that everything I've been through in my life has prepared me for this moment.
Even though I'm not an immigrant, I've lived through the pain of being separated from my family.
My husband was ripped away from me and the only country he's ever known because Atlanta hasn't declared itself a sanctuary city.
Let's make Atlanta a sanctuary city.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Fire in my blood, they tell me pray Tears in my eyes, they tell me wait I won't make a move until I pray But I don't have another day to wait Meet me at the river, children, pray But hurry, we don't have much time to wait Gone before the morning if we pray Stars will give us light to guide the way Shed no tears but cry Freedom If I live or die Freedom Oh, my Lord, I'm coming for my Freedom Thousand miles and runnin' for my Freedom Shed no tears but cry Freedom If I live or die Freedom Oh, my Lord, I'm coming for my Freedom A thousand miles and runnin' for my Freedom Live to tell the story if we pray Mmm, I hear 'em coming, children, wait Do it for the glory, God, I pray Either give me freedom or the grave Meet me by the river, children, pray Talk to God and break away your chains Rather die free than live a slave Cause if I die, I know I'll live again Shed no tears but cry Freedom If I live or die Freedom Oh, my Lord, I'm coming for my Freedom Thousand miles and runnin' for my Freedom Shed no tears but cry Freedom If I live or die Freedom Oh, my Lord, I'm coming for my Freedom A thousand miles and runnin' for my Freedom I won't leave you, but we gotta run Way past the river 'fore the morning comes The angels in Heaven gonna sign your name If you book your ticket for the freedom train Oh Hallelujah - Oh - Hallelujah Do it for your glory, oh, God Hallelujah Do it for your glory, oh, God Hallelujah Shed no tears but cry Freedom If I live or die Freedom Oh, my Lord, I'm coming for my Freedom Thousand miles and runnin' for my Freedom Shed no tears but cry Freedom If I live or die Hallelujah Oh, my Lord, I'm coming for my.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) I brought some dollars to throw around Donate to your cause, she be spinning in the air Like it's Wizard of Oz, baby, clap, clap, clap She deserving applause ALEX: I literally used to wait up for my dad to get home just so he could tell me stories about this party.
Yeah, I remember my first time.
I was feeling myself.
I was such an ass back then.
For one song and a check.
What? You? - Whatever.
- Nah.
- I changed my ways.
- I don't believe you.
Look, I know you got your own beef to settle.
Go kill it.
Don't let her win.
I won't.
What about you what are you about to do? (CHUCKLES) I'm just gonna sit his ass down, be back in time for Davis's midnight feeding.
Sounds like a plan to me.
- Oh, yeah.
- Let's do it.
Let's do it.
In plain sight Smoking in front of Maglites I take flight before we can hit the road Got the club waiting for us.
GINNY: You giving me Black Excellence.
I need Blac Chyna.
Well, I don't have to be ratchet all the time to stay relevant, and Alex Crane doesn't own the bank on being classy.
Stop trying to be something you ain't.
You just a hood chick from College Park.
MISSY: True.
Why would you say that to me? We gotta be louder than loud to be heard.
And that's why we had to let the label know who they was messing with.
What does that mean? Tell me.
Well, we had your cousins tear up some stuff, that's all.
- Respect got to be earned.
- Got to be earned.
You have to stop with the hood dumb-dumb thinking, okay? - That's how we got banned from the Source Awards.
- Excuse you? Look, there is a lot at stake with the ASA nominations on the line.
Now, I'm going from ashy to classy, and I will stomp out Alex Crane somewhere in between.
Right here, gorgeous.
Right here.
- Put that right here.
- No, I'm sorry.
This is for Noah Brooks' table.
(SCOFFS) (SCOFFS) Miss Stella, look like you got your groove back, huh? You the only bitch I see here.
Bitch, huh? Okay, well, cool thing is I know better than to, uh, you know, hit my elders, but that Soul Glo curl is dry.
(PEOPLE GASPING) Think it's past this little boy's bedtime.
Pimp down.
Hey, keep the party going.
Come on, come on, come on.
Some drinks on me, baby.
GIGI: Look at all these people waiting to see me drag you.
Auntie's put word out about my surprise performance.
- Just you? - Oh, that's right.
This was supposed to be your big moment at the Sapphire Party.
Don't worry, boo.
Your girls will take you back.
Remember, the label put you on my stage.
You're eating off my plate.
I love live performances.
Don't you? Anything can happen.
There's no doubt you're a poseur Yeah, you're just my type You know your way around, don't you? You know just what I like (FAINT): I need a bad kind of sweet Hey, something's wrong with my mic.
Before gravity pulls me down Oh, no, to the other side Hello.
Can anybody hear me? What's going on up there? Don't judge me 'Cause you said you loved me I know who's to blame To hell with this.
Temptation Trying to tell me I should Sensation Got me thinking I would Temptation Ooh, ah When it's really, really bad for you - But it never felt so good - Mm-hmm - Temptation - Mm-hmm Temptation (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Man, I feel like a sinner A little closer to hell Oh, 'cause it burns when I'm with you Oh, can I help myself? Don't judge me 'Cause you said you loved me I know who's to blame Temptation Trying to tell me I should Sensation Got me thinking I would Temptation - Ooh, ah - When it's really, really bad for you But it never felt so good Temptation testing my weakness My patience is fading My pulse is pulsating My God, don't forsake me Ooh Temptation Trying to tell me I should Sensation Got me thinking I would Temptation Ooh, ah When it's really, really bad for you But it never felt so good Mm-hmm.
My performance has gone viral.
We're asking for the vote to be moved up.
We rallied support fair and square.
I'll see what we can do.
Next up, prison reform.
- She is something else.
- She means every word.
Councilman, I want to talk to you about something.
Xander McPherson is in the running to land that real estate project on Peachtree.
Consider this an added endorsement.
And there's more where that came from.
Good seeing you.
- Hey, Lucia.
- You haven't changed.
Some things never change.
- Think free, eat good - Yeah.
Sit, learn, laugh, smoke one Let me call security.
That's not necessary.
I came to apologize.
You didn't vandalize Gravity Records.
GiGi's crazy-ass family just admitted to it.
Drama just seems to follow you no matter what label you on, Maurice.
Yeah, speaking of, I'm-a check Gravity's books, see if you were right.
On a scale of one to ten, how drunk are you? (CHUCKLES) Zero.
But I could use a eight.
(CHUCKLES) To heal my soul 'Cause peace of mind Damn.
That's the kind of glass you pour when you got trouble with women.
But I doubt that, as fine as you are.
(CHUCKLES) You need to have a conversation with my ex-wife.
She'll tell you I ain't that fine.
I really messed that up.
She's the best woman I've ever had.
You better watch your mouth.
You had my sister.
(LAUGHS) I mean, at least you had one or two good ones.
I mean, my ex was nothing but trash, and I wasted years chasing after him.
I think you mentioned that.
You know, you think we we just be aiming too high? I don't think I've aimed high enough.
No, I mean, maybe we just looking in all the wrong places.
See, my problem is, I I get with the women I work with.
And I like the crazy ones.
The key to life Can you feel me? Can you feel me? Ah Hey, hey Oh, no, no, no, no.
I just got on good terms with Carlotta, and the Brown sisters just don't rock like that.
So you better get your fine ass up on out of here now.
- (LAUGHS) - Yeah.
I'm gonna go check on them books, Cass.
All right.
You have yourself a good night.
You, too, Maurice.
You should be glad I didn't whup your ass back there for what you did.
You keep coming for me like this, I'm-a come back harder every time.
Silver Spoon, I'm impressed.
You know, I didn't think you was tough, but you is.
So let's toast to that.
Relax, Ice Queen.
No more punches to throw.
Oh, so we're friends now? Tonight.
See, you proved yourself.
But I've been proving myself for years.
I don't have a family legacy behind me.
I'm creating one.
I earned this.
And I'm just getting started.
So before you try to take your next punch, just know it's gonna be a long-ass fight.
Then game on, bitch.
(DAVIS FUSSES) Let me lay you down, 'cause Daddy's back is killing him.
- I won't leave you, but we got to run - (GROANS) Way past the river 'fore the morning come Angels in Heaven gonna sign your name (SIGHS) If you book your ticket for the freedom train, whoa Hallelujah - Whoa - Hallelujah Do it for your glory, oh, God Hallelujah Do it for your glory, oh, God Hallelujah Shed no tears but cry Freedom, Hallelujah - If I live or die - Freedom, hallelujah Oh, my Lord, I'm coming for my Freedom, hallelujah Thousands miles and runnin' for my Freedom, hallelujah - Shed no tears but cry - Freedom, hallelujah Talk tough now.
I could mop these floors with your dirty ass.
- Then swing.
- On any other day, I'd be happy to.
But I got a son at home and a lot of people looking for a reason to keep me away from him, and you won't be it.
Stay out my way.
Thousands miles and runnin' for my Freedom.
Baby, I tried But I can't unlove you You know you got your hooks in my soul Feels like I'm dying slowly All because you And your love will never let me go.