Star (2016) s03e12 Episode Script


1 - Last time on Star - GIGI: Alex Crane's performing.
Have her make her solo a duet.
My husband was deported from the only country that he's ever known, and I want action.
So Atlanta can be a sanctuary city.
Your performance caused your back to spasm, - but these pain killers will take care of that.
- Doc, I told you, - I'm still in recovery.
- I'll leave these in case the spasms get worse.
I got a little money that needs some cleaning.
We got unfinished business, ex-partner.
But now I see you got Xander's goons all up in here.
- It's four months till my trial.
- What's up, Prison Barbie? I'm not sharing the performance with her.
Look, there is a lot at stake, with the ASA nominations on the line.
Just what I like ALEXANDRA: Before you try to take your next punch, just know it's gonna be a long-ass fight.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I'm-a pull up in a Masi Me and the whip got a body 'Cause I don't need a colonic I count up a check in a bonnet Kehlani, I got a tsunami - Put it on him when he get a new lining - Splash All this drip, don't need no stylist Hellcat low mileage, she gotta wad up her tab - Graduated from the U of Finesse - Ha You know, ever since that solo performance Mm? You been taking charge.
That's 'cause for the first time in my life, I actually feel like I'm in charge.
Now that bill got passed and Atlanta's a safe city, I don't have to worry about losing you.
Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.
But I do have to go.
I promised Noah that I'd watch the baby for a couple hours.
- I'll come with you.
- That'd be really helpful.
'Cause Maurice wants to see me, because he's trying to push an ASA nomination.
- No way.
- They submitted us for "Best Pop Album.
" Why are you looking at me like that? - The condom broke.
- Are you kidding me? Yeah, come see this.
Chanel slides Tell me that crazy stalker bitch writing you from jail? No, it's not Olivia.
It's my mom.
She's been sober for a year and wants to ask my forgiveness.
She couldn't call you? No, she said this is easier.
For her, obviously.
It's always about her, and I'm over it.
So what are you gonna do? What I've been trying to do since I was 16.
Ignore her ass.
- That's your mom.
- She's toxic.
- Yes? Why is Miss GiGi Nixon on her live podcast talking trash about you, wearing you out? And she playing your single.
- ("TEMPTATION" PLAYING) - GIGI: Why does that sound like unwashed ass? (CHUCKLING) I'm talking about mildew, mothballs, ain't seen water in five years.
- (OTHERS CHUCKLING) - I ain't gonna let her through! No, no, no, no, I ain't gonna go there.
I ain't gonna go there.
You know why? We're live.
We're live.
I'm not gonna say something I can't take back.
- I ain't gonna go there.
- Go there, bitch.
This ain't SuperSoul Sunday.
- What is this? - You got ASA nominations in two days, and everybody's saying that this new ho Old wrinkle-ass Auntie.
If this was someone that I didn't know, I would say to myself, here's a young girl that's just trying to catch her a break.
But the reality is, she only got hers because she's Roland Crane's daughter.
- Is she serious? - WOMAN: I had a taste of him once.
- Ugh - In the bathroom, - back when I was an artist.
- Yo lying ass, you ain't never had a taste of nothing but failure.
I'll put a taste of my foot up your ass, how about that? - I got a foot for your ass.
- Are Frick and Frack done? 'Cause I am.
The fact is, this music sounds like Alex Crane herself fake, boring trash.
And Alex, baby, if you're listening, - which I hope you are - This bitch - Uh, she is out of control.
- You're a conversation but I am an entire press conference.
And don't you ever forget it! You know, she's one to talk, with her reality show one-hit wonder ass.
She's clearly trying to get in the voters' heads for the ASA nominations.
Girl, those nominations are in two days.
And you better clap back fast.
You can't not respond.
That'd damage your career.
You see how 50 slayed Ja Rule's ass and got him chopped.
Bruce, no.
No, Alex.
We are not about to feed into the bait.
Okay? Rise above all that, okay? - That's not - No, no, all right, look.
You are not Michelle Obama.
You can go low.
Ain't nobody scared of no damn GiGi Nixon.
Slay her! Drag that bitch! I bring me Get mine, 'bout mine, go hard Looking for another like me Boy, stop I bring me Whose love is the tightest - Whose kiss is the nicest? - Me - Whose touch is the rightest? - Me I bring me I bring, I bring me.
JOURNALIST: So your new album, Sober, dropped last week.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Getting a little hot out in these streets Oh, yeah, uh-huh Tell me a little bit about the title.
It's no secret.
Everybody knows - I've-I've had my share of struggle.
- Mm-hmm.
- Um, but I'm in a good place now.
- Right.
And you can hear that in the music.
A big part of that positivity has to be your new son with Star Davis of Take 3.
- Congrats.
- Yeah, thank you.
Thank you.
- That's, that's my little man.
- All right.
It's got to be a little tough, though, with his mom being in-in jail.
- Can you talk more about that part? - Well, she's innocent.
Right? And, uh, that'll be proven in due course.
But for now I'm handling my business - and trying to be a good dad.
- Okay, good dad.
Well, listen, the ASA nominations are about two days away.
- Ooh - Rumor has it you and Star could be nominated in the same category.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
- (CHUCKLES) - You know Star's "There for You" was like out of here.
- Yeah, it's blazing, I know, I know.
- So - a little family beef, competition? - Oh, man, no-no-no, no-no-no-no.
- You know, nobody wins when a family feuds.
- Mmm.
If Star wins, Davis wins.
And that makes me happy.
- Okay, I like that, I like - Yeah.
- She's giving me the "wrap it" sign.
- (CHUCKLES) - Got to go.
Anyway congrats, bruh.
- Yo.
Yo, man.
- We got to get out of these streets.
- Hey, no, you know we do.
(LAUGHS) I will.
- Already.
- What's up, man? - You good, baby? - (DAVIS FUSSING) You good? Yeah, you good.
One of these - What's up? - What are those? It's Oxy for my back.
Come on, now, it's just for pain, not partying, and this is my last batch.
I feel so much better.
Don't trip.
I just hope you don't get dependent on those.
I know what that's like.
- And now Davis comes first.
- Man, I know.
All right? I'm not gonna do anything to mess him up.
I'm about to get on the phone with Star, and she's gonna ask me if you're looking out for him.
You can tell her the truth.
We've never been better.
(DAVIS FUSSES) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) So what was so important? So you wanted proof that Xander's tied into Gravity Media? Here it is, right there.
Clear as day.
That's his guy, Stephen, collecting suitcases from Mateo.
So Mateo's in on it.
Should we go holla at him? No, because X probably threatened him.
Or worse, his family.
Fear is how he operates.
Yeah, well, we can't have that up in Gravity Records this close to ASAs.
It'd shut us down.
Yeah, which is why we need to flip Stephen.
He can lead us to a way to frame X and get him out of the picture.
You know, this isn't why I thought you called me over here.
We haven't spoken since we kissed.
Since we kissed? No, negro.
You kissed me.
You didn't like it? Look, I already told you I do not ride my sister's previous horses.
Okay? This is strictly business.
And if you want your precious Gravity Media to not go down in flames, we need to act fast.
'Kay? But you look cute, though.
This ASA stuff got me running around like crazy.
What's this meeting about, Maurice? Well, you called it.
I was hoping you could tell me.
ALEX: That was me.
I wanted to thank you personally - (CHUCKLES) - for reviewing my music.
Oh, and say hi to my fans.
You're live, baby.
Bitch, I'm live every day of the week.
I want to throw a silent listening party.
Tomorrow night.
GiGi Nixon versus Alex Crane.
Three tracks each.
Houston Connelly from Billboard has agreed to come down and take a little listen.
Yo, Houston predicts who's nominated for ASAs every year.
ALEX: Exactly.
She's agreed to write a review about our music.
I'm good, love.
I'd slay any damn listening party.
GiGi ain't scared of you, Meghan Darkle.
See, I get it.
You feeling real tough 'cause your little viewers is watching.
Hey, y'all.
When it's clear you don't know a damn thing about GiGi Nixon.
So listen closely and get some oxygen in your lungs, 'cause I'm about to bury your ass and win this thing.
Let's go.
Being in here without Davis is killing me, Simone.
He's being looked after, and he's getting all the love that he needs.
Look, I've been to juvie and jail.
I can do this in my sleep.
This is different.
I got put in the hole today.
Why? It don't matter.
It don't matter.
I just got to get through this and get back to Davis.
They moved my trial date, and they're giving my attorney the runaround.
(CRYING): I'm just gonna be in here forever, Simone.
Just-just stay stronger for me, just for a little bit.
- (DAVIS COOS) - Why don't you sing with me? Simone, I'm not about to sing with you.
I got bitches breathing down my back.
We were somethin', but you were frontin' (CRYING): Now I'm sittin' here Wishin' I could get you out of my head Baby, I tried, but I can't unlove you You know you got your hooks in my soul - (CRYING) - Feels like I'm dyin' slowly All because you And your love will never let me go.
I love you, Star.
I love you, too.
Look, we got to do something.
Okay? Star's falling apart in jail.
Why is nothing happening to her case? I don't understand.
Because of Charlene.
You know, she's obviously up to something.
She was the one who baited Star.
She admitted that she killed Brody.
And now she wants Star to suffer because Hunter and Arlene are dead.
Well, look, I wasn't gonna say nothing until we had concrete evidence, but something about that girl case is fishier than Cotton's pantyhose.
Bitch, you know my goodies stay fresh.
- Bitch, where? - And now is not the time for that, girl.
Give them the tea.
I know for a fact that judge got a dirty rap sheet.
I just can't prove it right now, but, baby, I got my ear to the street.
And I'm watching that Charlene ass.
But you know Star can't handle this much longer.
Look, I got this, a'ight? Let me check my contacts.
Y'all focus on what y'all need to for these ASA nominations, okay? Maybe once Star get out, she'll have some good news.
Okay, well, I got to go, 'cause Maurice wants me to meet him - at the label.
- ALEXANDRA: And I got to pick out three tracks to kick GiGi's ass, so Ooh, can you pick out four tracks to kick her ass? - Mm-hmm.
Is that your mom? Yeah, I'll tell you more about it in the car.
(BILLIARD BALLS CLACKING) And that's my ball.
- Well, I'm sorry.
- MAURICE: Guys.
All right, y'all.
This is Irv Riddick.
I know who Irv Riddick is.
He's on the panel for the ASAs.
MAURICE: Well, this is his soon-to-be fourth wife, Crystal, and she wants everybody in the A to know she secured the bag.
Now, tomorrow, she's having a bachelorette party, and Irv is spending some major cash on it.
- They want y'all to perform.
- Me? I said they want y'all to perform.
Now, listen, by y'all doing this last-minute favor, it could change the game for y'all.
With Irv on the panel for the ASAs, this could be the final push y'all need for the nomination.
Now, Noah, are you up for it with your back? - 'Cause I need you to show the hell up.
- Come on, man.
I need people to have a little bit more faith in me.
You know what to do, then.
(DAVIS FUSSES) Y'all look cute together.
I could see this for us.
Sure, someday.
Well, you know, it wasn't that long ago we were planning this for ourselves.
Wanted to be like Bonnie and Clyde and run away, start a family, live that simple life.
Yeah, well, you know how that story ends.
Plus, we're together now.
You know, we're not running away from anything.
Okay, well, I'm a dreamer.
Can I dream? Simone, it was hell for me to get back here to America to save this marriage.
Made me re-evaluate what I really want in this life, and I know what I want now.
My sister's in jail.
I'm trying to take care of her baby.
This is a lot to process right now.
I won't I'm not trying to stress you out.
Hey, uh, yeah, I'll be right there.
Okay, bye, Alex.
I got to go do this appearance thing with Alex, but, um, we'll talk about it later, okay? Whoop! - Thank you.
- ALEXANDRA: Uh-uh-uh.
Listen, you've always said you wanted a family, right? Well, I don't know why I'm not jumping at the chance.
Whoop, whoop! Pull over, that too fat - Angel, maybe? - No, I love Angel.
Then maybe you're just not ready, Simone, and that's okay.
How's your mom? She wrote me a letter.
Something with her AA meeting, and I just don't feel like sitting around, listening to her sob stories.
I've been there and I've done that.
I'm over it.
Look, I would sit through anything to get my mother back.
I know.
Let's go to VIP.
- Bone, don't you know lil' mama fully loaded - (LAUGHS) Mmm.
No, there must be some mistake.
Yes, it is.
'Cause the desperate bitch section is across the way.
Then get your ass over there.
You know what? I'm out.
No, Alex.
These are our seats, thank you very much.
Oh! And this is my jam.
You know what that means.
Bitch! Get those nasty-ass lips off of me.
Don't touch me.
- Crazy ass.
- Oh, you're feisty.
That's what I like.
Touch her again, bitch.
I dare you.
You know what? I'm done.
Come on, Simone.
What? Don't be like that.
- You were wrong for that.
- Why? - I thought we were having fun.
- Mm-hmm.
I sure was.
You mad 'cause you liked it, love? (LAUGHTER) That party was crazy last night.
ALEXANDRA: Yep, especially when GiGi tried to make out with me.
As if that wasn't enough, when I woke up, I got ten missed calls from my mom.
- And? - I thought about what you said last night, - so I called her back.
- And what'd you say? That turning a new leaf doesn't erase the past.
That me being 16, having to put her in a car 'cause she couldn't stand up, while the paparazzi were taking pictures, just doesn't go away.
Or finding her in the bed with my boyfriend.
Let's not forget that.
- Yeah - That doesn't just vanish because she's better.
She's never even said "I'm sorry.
" Not once.
Maybe she don't know how? - Yeah, that's what she said.
- MISS BRUCE: Look, bitch, my connect just came through.
I got the dirt on that old shady-ass judge.
He been meeting some old-ass white woman at the Peachtree Motel every night this week, and it ain't his wife.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Uh-huh.
Miss Charlene been getting that ass slapped with that gavel on the weekly.
Ah! Oh, okay, and now that image is locked in my brain.
Thank you.
That image is nasty.
What we gonna do? Well, you know I'm a product of the system, so it could go either way.
I like when you get all foster kid ratchet on me.
Thank you.
All right, your X-rays are promising.
Now, how's the pain been? Oh, I'm managing.
You know me, Doc.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I am prescribing you 800 milligrams of ibuprofen.
Oh, wait, wait, we-we're getting away from the Oxy? Well, I, I know you had some concern given your history.
I just wanted to respect that.
But, Doc, it's been working, right? I mean, I'd hate to change up what's been working, especially right before these big performances.
Look, maybe, like, one more refill, you know? Just for a safety net? Well, if you're sure.
- Yeah.
- Well, you bet.
- Here you go.
- NOAH: Thank you.
You know what? I should knock you out for even thinking about hobbling your ass up in here.
- What do you want? - I-I've been calling.
I've been calling and calling, no answer.
Didn't you hear me? Something's wrong with me.
- I got - And I don't give a damn.
You can go.
I'll always be your father.
(CASSIE CLICKS TONGUE) MAURICE: You shouldn't speak to your father like that.
You want to talk about it? I don't feel like it, so you can just dead the whole Dr.
Phil routine.
Look, sooner or later you're gonna have to be honest about your feelings.
You only get one dad.
What, you're trying to be my shoulder or something to lean on? Talk to him.
Look, what I do want to talk about is taking Xander out.
The best way to catch a snake is with a rat.
So we got to get Stephen's ass fast.
Mm, but he doesn't seem like the snitching type.
Well, this is why God made baseball bats.
Beating some dude's head in ain't gonna make your problems go away.
And we're keeping Gravity's name clean of dirt, remember? Oh, yeah? Then what's your plan? Everybody's got a negotiating point.
And I got the gift of popping off.
So come on.
Baby, you gotta know I miss ya I know I miss ya - My one and only issue - One issue I never got your number and I want to see you tonight My baby You gotta know I miss ya - You know I miss you - My one and only issue - What's up? - How them songs coming along? I mean, hey, I'm-a just use the songs on the album.
They're ready to go.
I told you, songs ain't good enough.
Meghan Darkle was right about that.
Now, fans don't like it.
Some of them tracks you left off was better, but you didn't even want to listen to me.
- I'm listening to myself.
- Girl No, you're listening to Missy, and she don't know nothing about music.
Why can't you ever just trust my instincts? Oh, baby, I made you.
Who took you to your very first recording studio, huh? Who taught you how to use your gift? Can a sister get some? - You did.
- (LAUGHS): Yeah.
Now, before we pick these songs, let's get our creative juices flowing.
This the good stuff.
You ever think about what the good stuff did to my mom? Girl, your mama died 'cause she ain't never know when to stop.
We ain't like that.
Let's get it.
(GINNY EXHALES) (GIGI SNIFFS) - (EXHALES) - (SNIFFS) - (GRUNTS) - (COUGHS) GINNY: Right there, right there.
(GIGI SNIFFS) JUDGE: Hit me harder.
Hit me harder! Harder, bitch.
- Mamacita, bad boy.
- Come on.
- Treat me like a dog.
Treat me like a dog.
- Bad boy! - Mommy likes a bad boy.
- Come on! - Who is it? - (HIGH-PITCHED): Housekeeping! We don't need any.
Go away! - What? - What you need is Jesus and a condom, with y'all nasty, perverted asses.
I'm-a make this real simple on you, Judge.
You got two options.
Option one: I can release this video and you lose your job and your wife.
If she got any self-respect.
- Think I'm playing? - COTTON: Or option two: you can admit that this beanbag-built bitch bribed you and let Star Davis out of jail.
Or option three? You could all kiss my ass.
Don't worry about them.
You can't prove a thing.
SIMONE: You know, Star told me everything.
I know you killed Brody.
CHARLENE: Your sister is a liar and a whore.
Brody, he killed my sister.
I know what it's like to lose family.
But I'll be damned if I let you disrupt everything in your path - to get what you want.
- JUDGE: Look, I don't know anything about any murders, okay? But what I do know is that this woman, she bribed me.
- Shut the hell up! - Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead! We got you, bitch.
You better get Star out of jail.
- Right away.
Right away.
- COTTON: Come on.
DEREK: You ain't gonna do nothing with that.
I'm really trying to find a reason not to.
Think of all those times you was with your mom in public.
Feeling humiliated 'cause she was drunk.
GiGi's situation is no different.
And that's the sad irony of this entire situation.
You really want to put this out there when you know how it feels? At this point, I don't know what else to do to have her stop coming for me.
- Your music.
- And if that doesn't work, what? She wins.
She don't win, Alex.
Look at that video.
Look at her life.
Her aunt's an addict, just like your mom.
No one wins in this situation.
(SIGHS) I don't work for Xander no more.
- Yo, you lying, we saw you.
- Easy, Cassie.
My man.
My man, you could be doing a lot better.
I saw the stickers on your truck.
The last thing you want to do is end up in jail, away from your kids.
Now all you got to do is tell us what Xander's doing for the company.
I ain't no snitch, and, besides, X been as good to me as he's been to you, bitch.
Did you just call me a bitch? I will bust your ass talking to me like that! You don't know me.
You don't know me like that, bitch.
MAURICE: Cassie! Tell us what we want to know right now, bitch.
Look, are you done? Are you done? - Yeah, I'm sorry.
- Now, you know I ain't with this gangster mess.
If this is about your dad, deal with him.
If any of this get back to X, I'm-a be back to Kunta Kinte that ass, you got that? We out this bitch, Maurice.
(WHISTLING) Arriba, arriba Hey Cold gang with The more money make more rain Pourin' up a pint while I'm baggin' propane Point-blank range give a nose rings Skip to my lou with a pack in the cat Jiffy Lube, where the, where they at? Drippin' ooze, the Patek all wet Birds in the trap, they ain't leavin' out they nest Baguette, pavé-set like Yup, runnin' with the pack, got slapped Hands in the cookie jar, cut his finger off bein' greedy, we gon' cut his tummy out Hundred on the road, took a couple routes Plush mama house, Hermes and Fendi couch Uh, I ain't really with the razzle-dazzle Knock him off and then I throw him off the boat, paddle Go to Tijuana, put the on the saddle Sack him,, and cop a pterodactyl Pap him, choppa bitin' down like an apple Uh-oh.
- Welcome, welcome, welcome.
- Hello.
- What's up, Irv? - Welcome, welcome.
- I'm Simone.
- What's up? Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's my pleasure.
Welcome to the palace.
Man, I, uh I'm kind of surprised that you're at your fiancée's bachelorette party.
I mean, it's like that sometimes, you know? Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) He doesn't trust my ass with you, - and, uh, neither do I.
- I mean, you could look, but you just can't touch, baby thug, - you feel me? - I was really moved by what you did to make the A a sanctuary city.
I just speak out for what I believe in.
And I respect you for that, too, so I plan on keeping my eyes on you, Miss Simone Davis.
Maybe next year you may score your own nominations, possibly as a solo artist and (CHUCKLES) of course, do it like a boss.
Paper chase ambition GIGI: Hi, love.
I got your video.
Blackmailing me? GiGi, we may be very different, but we both have addicts in our family and I know how ugly that is.
That's why I'm not posting this.
What do you want? A thank you? I want you to back off.
From now on, it's about the music and nothing else 'cause if you push me again, the world is gonna see who you really are.
- The hell was that? - Nothing.
Let me see.
- Let - Let's go.
(CHEERING) - Yeah - Whoa, yeah When I do it on my own No one does it better, came in this world alone We're separate, not together So please don't take it personal When I'm just bein' me, 'cause who else is gonna be? I'm tryin' to take over the world I'm not about to slow up If you can't keep the pace Then you're just playin' catch-up Again, don't take it personal 'Cause I'm just doin' me The way it's supposed to be, hey BOTH: Say what you wanna say I get it, ain't no sucker can't hurt my feeling But it's cool Please really do you BOTH: But I'm-a get this money 'cause I stay on my grind Steady stackin' paper-paper Work for every dime But whenever you see me, know it's all love, all love Holla when you see me 'cause it's all love, all love Just feel like I'm about to blow Ain't got time for games, this ain't no flex This ain't for show BOTH: Just trying to make these dollas-dollas Chill, you don't want these problems-problems Focused on my money matters Don't take it personal That's just the way it goes BOTH: Say what you wanna say, I get it Ain't no sucker can't hurt my feelings But it's cool Please really do you But I'm-a get this money 'cause I stay on my grind Steady stackin' paper-paper, work for every dime But whenever you see me, know it's all love, all love Holla when you see me 'cause it's all love, all love.
EMCEE: Give it up for Noah and Simone.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) What? - Bruce just called.
- What'd she say? She said Star's getting out of jail.
- Wait, what-what, when? - We got dirt on that judge.
I didn't know it would work, and then, by this time tomorrow, she gonna be with Davis.
- I-I-I knew it was gonna work out.
- Oh, my God.
I knew it was gonna work out.
I knew it.
'Cause it's all love, all love.
You ain't never seen it drip like me Iced out, lights out like me Cop a bag, cut the tag, like me Like me Simone, you made it! All right, so how was - the bachelorette party? - Oh, it was great.
- I mean, it was crazy, actually, but, um - Good.
- Star's getting out of jail.
- DEREK: What? Bruce, Cott, and I took down that judge.
Now I just got to figure out a way to get back at that nasty-ass bitch Charlene.
You should've seen the way that she smacked that ass.
It was disgraceful.
ALEXANDRA: I don't want to see that.
Alex, there you are.
Thanks so much for coming.
I really appreciate it.
Alex, I can't wait to hear your new tracks.
It's a bold move to take on GiGi Nixon.
Yeah, I just want respect and a chance to show people that my music is enough, - 'cause it is.
- DJ: All right, Atlanta.
We got GiGi Nixon taking on Alex Crane tonight.
Now, if you're listening to Alex, your color's gonna be pink.
If you're Team GiGi, your color's gonna be blue.
Got it? Good.
Put your headphones on in five four three two - one.
GiGi, we got a problem.
You know that video of y'all getting high? Yeah.
It's all over the damn Internet.
GINNY: That bougie-ass slut Alex.
This is your fault.
You pushed me into this rivalry, and you pushed me into those drugs.
- Oh, we'll fix this.
- Oh, no, I'll fix it.
You've done enough for me.
I'm done.
What you mean you done? I mean I should've dumped your ass when I got my recording contract, - just like the label suggested.
- I gave up my career - so that you could have yours.
- No! Drugs and alcohol ruined your career, and then you had the nerve to push me into your same vices.
Giving me weed at only 12 years old? - I know you hurt - No, I'm not hurt.
I'm just seeing things as they've always been.
And you know what? I'm through with it.
So why don't you walk your ass up out of here, 'cause I don't even want to see you no more.
GiGi, don't do this.
You the music - (CRYING): You're all I got.
- Stop it! Get the hell out here before I call security! - Get the hell out! - You're all I got! Get the hell out before I call the security! Get out! So you're just gonna hide back here all night and not enjoy the party? You know what? I was sitting here, thinking that we not after the same thing.
I mean, you want Xander to stay out of the way and I want to get rid of his ass for good.
No, I was trying to look out.
Maurice, look I'm a lioness, ain't no controlling me.
Anybody that tries will get their ass mauled.
Well, they say when animals attack, it's usually out of fear.
And we know I ain't afraid of nothing.
You know, you and I are more similar than you think.
Boy, please.
You're just talking out the side of your neck.
I'm serious.
We're both hustlers that grew up in the hood with toxic relationships with our parents.
Except my daddy issues are on steroids.
Well, that's no different than my mom, who hates me because I reminded her of my pops.
Damn, that's that's messed up, especially with your fine, chocolate sexy ass.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) Yeah, well, with all the evil stuff that was said and done to me growing up, I never saw it that way.
When's the last time you talked to your mom? (CHUCKLES) This morning, because I was able to deal with it and get past it.
You know what? Finish your drink, - come out and party with us.
- Okay.
Damn, Daddy fell again? Hospital? It's that bad? - Alex.
- Hi.
I have another event to get to, but I wanted to say you took the high road and it worked.
There's no denying your artistry.
There'll be an article printed before midnight.
I hope it helps with the ASAs.
Thank you, Houston.
I told you to go high.
- Y'all - Hey.
There's a video of GiGi and her aunt doing drugs that's going viral.
It's bad.
Alex, please tell me you didn't put this video out.
No, no, I didn't do this.
I don't know how this happened.
GiGi! How in the hell did you let this happen? You know it's gonna be a PR nightmare.
Welcome to my life.
- (LAUGHTER) I know I get distant And I pull myself Away Even overwhelmed with the simple Day-to-day Memories of tragedy Consume my brain These are the recipes The recipes to going insane These are the recipes To going insane Oh These are the recipes to going insane And, no, I never, ever thought I'd get this far Get this far My star was rocky and my trials were hard I feel anxious, I'm depressed Heart is beating out my chest Damn, I think I need some rest But I'll just sleep when I'm dead Word to Drizzy, I'm upset Social life is a mess Everything is a wreck And I blame myself Oh I know I get distant And I pull myself away I get overwhelmed with the simple Day-to-day Memories of tragedy Consume my brain These are the recipes To going insane These are the recipes To going insane.
(ECHOING LAUGHTER) GIGI: The hell are you looking at? Put that damn phone down.
GIGI: What are y'all doing? Get back (GUNSHOT) (PEOPLE SCREAMING) Oh, my God.
No, no! (CRYING): No Somebody get help! No No! I'm sorry, Auntie.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We'll be revealing the ASA nominees in the general field categories in just a few moments.
I can feel the excitement already.
Can you guys? The last time Y'all ready? - Yep.
- Well, I just got off the phone with Carlotta.
She down there in Miami, nervous as hell.
Hey, y-y'all don't feel kind of weird celebrating like this - after what happened last night? - MAURICE: Well, I just hope this PR disaster don't affect these nominations.
TASHA: Are you guys ready? - (AUDIENCE CHEERING) - I'm so excited! It's time.
TASHA: In the gateway of Best Song - Noah Brooks and Alex Crane - (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) score the first American Sound Award nomination - for "So Sick.
" - You did this.
You did this.
- You did it, too.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Congratulations, baby.
Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) TASHA: First up MAURICE: Congratulations, brah.
Irv really loved your performance.
So whatever you did, you keep doing it.
Thank you.
- You keep doing it.
- (LAUGHS) TASHA: Hasan Bahar for "Venom.
" And then to round this thing on off, our Best Song nomination is Come on, Star.
none other than Miss GiGi Nixon for "Bossy.
Congratulations, you're nominated.
You all right? You know it was Alex who put out that video, don't you? Alex wouldn't put your business in the street like that.
- Her mom's an alcoholic.
- The only people that had it in their phone were her and me.
So if she didn't put it out, somebody took it out my phone.
You think you know who? When my mama died, Ginny and Missy promised to protect me.
But all they argued about was who would get to make the decisions.
They treated me like a paycheck.
- I'm sure that wasn't true.
- It's a fact.
That's why I know it was Missy who put the video out.
The messed up part is, she was just trying to break our family's toxic-ass cycle, but she just made it worse.
(CRYING) Drugs got my mom.
And now my aunt.
Who's next? Me? - Look, it-it doesn't have to be that way.
- No (SIGHS) Look, when my father left, my mom picked up the bottle.
I did the same.
Look, we, we do what we see.
What we learn.
But we can unlearn it, right? I hope so.
Come here.
Come, come here.
- Okay.
Come on.
- I don't want to be like that.
NOAH: You won't.
GIGI: I don't want to be WOMAN (OVER P.
): IV nurse, report to 7 West.
IV nurse, report to 7 West.
): Dr.
Watkins, extension 2301.
Watkins, extension CASSIE: Mama called and told me you fell.
Hey, baby.
How's my little girl? Thank you for coming to see me.
Sit on down.
Come on.
This ain't no "Kum-Bah-Yah," okay? I'm here to tell you the truth.
You ain't going nowhere before you hear it.
Now, Lottie, why you got to be like this? I done told you, I'll give you any flavor of ice cream you want.
Just be nice to Daddy.
Now sit on down there.
Come on, baby.
You think I'm Carlotta.
Be nice now.
Be sit on down with Daddy.
- You raped her! - Huh? You raped Carlotta.
You got her pregnant and left her to grieve that baby all by herself.
- She was only 15.
- Wh-What's happening - I cannot hurt you, 'cause that would require for you to have something that you don't have: feelings.
You hurt me.
I've let men drag me and degrade me and beat me, all because of the approval and the love that I never got from you.
I'm sorry.
Ain't no apologizing for that.
I mean for coming in between you and Carlotta.
Because of me, the two of you aren't together.
I'm sorry.
He's alive.
Me and Carlotta's little boy.
He never died.
He's-he's alive.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) (MOUTHS) ALEXANDRA: Of course, my mom's got to make this moment about her.
SIMONE: You know, maybe she's calling you to say congratulations.
Yeah, no, I'll call her back.
That's a long conversation.
But I've decided to go to therapy.
Derek convinced me.
That's 'cause Rose kept calling my ass, so You know, I think that's really great.
I think we all need to try some new things.
What? Does that mean you trying to be a baby mama? Absolutely not.
Okay? I'm not ready for that.
You know, finally, I'm actually happy where I am and where things are going.
And things are finally happening for my career.
Music should definitely be your baby.
Okay? You should go to therapy about that.
TASHA: Are you guys ready? And last but not least.
This is the one, you guys.
This is the one we've all been waiting for: Oh, what, so y'all ready? Best Pop Album.
First up, Amber Drake for Champagne Dreams.
Seena Melody for Heartbreaker.
- (MOUTHING) - Dellan Dana for Terrible Dream.
And last TAKE 3 FOR 3:31.
Congrats to Take 3.
- We did it.
- (LAUGHS): This is crazy.
(PHONE VIBRATING) It's Miss Carlotta.
She's texting congratulations.
She's getting on a flight right now to come pick up Star with me.
ALEXANDRA: When Star hears about the nomination, - she's gonna explode.
- Oh, God.
- She's gonna be impossible.
- Look, can I get me a bonus now, please? - (LAUGHTER) Oh, my God.
- For what? I know what nominations mean.
They mean more coin.
You got it, you got it, and you got it.
Congratulations, girls.
Y'all worked hard, y'all deserve it.
That bitch, that's me.
WOMAN: Hey, white trash.
I got a message from Charlene.
And this who she sent? Bitch, you don't scare me.
You just gonna stand back there breathing all heavy? Huh? If you think I'm going out without a fight, you crazy.