Star (2016) s03e13 Episode Script

The Reckoning

1 Last time on Star You dance like a gringo now.
There's a video of GiGi and her aunt doing drugs - that's going viral.
- Alex, please tell me - you ain't put this video out.
- No, no, I didn't do this.
- I don't even want to see you no more.
- GiGi, don't do this.
Look, what I do want to talk about is taking Xander out.
That's his guy Stephen collecting suitcases from Mateo.
Me and Carlotta's little boy, he never died.
The first American Sound Award nomination: Noah Brooks and Alex Crane! Best Pop Album: TAKE 3 for 3:31! When Star hears about the nomination, she's gonna explode.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I just got on good terms with Carlotta.
I've been wanting you since I first saw you.
Not as much as I have.
Yes! Are you good? Yes.
Yes, I'm yeah, I'm agreeing with you.
I think that, uh, hosting the ASA nominee party at Karma could definitely be a game changer.
I'm telling you, our numbers don't lie.
We've been killing it these past few months.
Mm-hmm, and locking down the deal with Ricky Ricardo definitely paid off.
Everything been okay with you? Yeah.
I mean, just a lot going on.
You want one? No, I'm straight.
How's your pops hanging in there? Well, the bastard is still breathing, unfortunately.
You know what, I better get going.
All right.
Um, I got to take this.
- Yeah.
See you at the office.
- Okay.
Hello? Thank you for hitting me back.
Yeah, she would've been 15 years old when she had the baby.
Her name is Carlotta Brown.
GiGi's social media is down.
You're worried, huh? I just know how she felt when that video got posted.
I remember when the tabloids picked up my mom's first DUI.
It sucked.
You and your mom will have a lot to discuss in therapy, you know.
Oh, don't remind me.
I just need you here to keep me sane when she gets here next week.
One of this year's hottest ASA nominations is Noah Brooks and Alex Crane's duet "So Sick," which dropped earlier this year during their brief but hot hookup.
Among the nominees, "So Sick" is the one to beat for Best Does that still bother you? You want the truth? I mean, the thought of y'all doing ASA press isn't too fun for me.
It's not fun for me, either.
It's just business.
I'm not trippin'.
I'm not.
But I'm-a go get ready for work, okay? They were right about one thing.
And what is that? You are one to beat.
Well, all of this for me? I need to go away on business more often.
Yeah, right, girl.
You know this for America's favorite Caucasian jailbird.
- Hey.
- Good to see you, Miss C! Hi, Mama.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How you doing? Ah.
- Thank you so much for coming back.
- Yeah.
You know I wouldn't miss Star's first day out.
Well, look, I'm about to get settled, and then I'm gonna shoot to the office and see what Mateo's ass wants, and then we can go get Star.
Tell that Mateo "uno momento.
" You here to celebrate with us, girl? C-Come on, get Star comin' home from jail Ow, I said - Ow.
- Don't do that.
Whoa! Don't hurt yourself.
Oh, my God.
Inmate Lewis, 1455, report to the nearest officer.
Help me.
What the ? Surprise.
Yeah, surprise.
I talk to you every day, and you couldn't tell me you was gonna be here? What if I had one of my side chicks here? Boy, please.
You're cute, but you ain't stupid.
I told you that boy got some lungs on him.
And you're living at your baby mama's house why again? All right, Star gets out of jail today.
As soon as she comes home, we'll be back to normal, I promise.
How you holding up? Everything okay? I'm good.
I'm so good, especially now that you're back.
Come on.
I think it's about that time for you to meet him.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Let's meet him.
Good morning.
You look so good.
I still can't believe you're here.
Just like I can't believe you're still wearing your wedding ring.
Come on.
That's just for appearances with my investors.
Appearances? - Yeah.
It's work.
- Or you're still in love.
Not according to my signed divorce papers.
I'm a single man.
But you're the only woman that matters.
You get that? You got to be kidding me.
What do you mean? All the investors? I'll be right there.
I mean, every company hits a rough patch from time to time, but we made it through, so you have nothing to worry about.
A gambling addiction is something to worry about.
I'm glad we were informed on how you used our money to cover your debts.
I can assure you and the rest of the investors that Gravity Media is completely above board.
This isn't the first time you've been accused of unethical doings.
I think we're missing the bigger picture here.
Gravity Records has been nominated for several ASAs, which we are fighting to win.
And when we do, the notoriety and the money that comes along with that, it'll easily cover your investments.
We like you, Carlotta, but not enough to risk millions of our dollars on a rancid gambler.
Ferrera, consider this your notice of divestiture.
Sure you want to do this? 'Cause I don't want you to come back to me begging like a dog when I turn this around.
Honestly, we're more conservative.
Gambling? What the hell is wrong with you? I'm losing everything.
Well, don't lose your focus.
I mean, so what, we lost these investors, but you're right.
If one of our artists brings back an ASA, they will come crawling back.
Without their money, our doors will be closed before we even reach the ASAs.
Okay, this day just keeps on getting better.
We're just gonna have to come up with a way for Gravity Media to maximize this nomination party.
Excuse me.
Yeah, Simone.
I'm in a meeting.
Can I call you What? Oh, my God.
All right, I'm-I'm on my way.
I got to go.
It's Star.
Any update? - What's going on? - No, nothing.
All we know is that someone attacked Star and tried to leave her for dead.
Are you all here for Star Davis? - Yeah.
- Yes.
I'm her sister.
What's happening right now? Due to the blunt force trauma, Star has intercranial hypertension.
- Swelling of the brain.
- Oh, my God.
Our plan is to heavily sedate her into a medically induced coma.
We have to give the brain time to heal and reduce swelling.
- A coma? - This is unbelievable.
Okay, well, can we go see her? I'm sorry, not at this time.
We need a few hours to stabilize her.
- Okay.
- It's okay.
She's gonna be all right.
- No.
- She's gonna be okay.
- No, I need to see my sister.
- No, Simone, look.
You have got to stay calm, okay? - You got to stay positive.
- Star is a fighter.
Baby, she's not leaving us or that baby.
Y'all don't know that.
- Okay? I got to do something.
- Simone.
I called earlier about a patient, Carlotta Brown.
Yeah, you confirmed the birth of a baby boy, but I would like to check to see if there's a death certificate on file as well.
Okay, sure, I'll hold.
It's time to teach you a lesson.
That's right.
Breathe, baby.
Sheldon, please report to Neural Diagnostics.
Sheldon, please report to Neural Diagnostics.
You know, Simone, you can't shut everybody out.
We got to be strong for Star and Davis.
I can't lose my sister.
You are not gonna lose your sister.
God is already doing the hard part.
All we got to do is wait.
Look, you got to go.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do, Miss C.
I'll fight for Star over here.
You just make sure she walks out of this hospital and straight onto that ASA stage.
Well, you call me if you need me.
Do not hesitate.
I promise.
All right, baby.
Them doctors want to put Star in a coma.
They feel like that's the best option for her right now.
I can't believe this has happened.
Look, all we can do is just pray.
'Cause you-you being a single dad that's a lot.
That's a lot of pressure.
Between that and the ASAs, don't need you having no damn setback.
You think you might need to go to an AA meeting? No.
Come on, man.
I'm I ain't gonna slip.
Trust me.
My son needs me.
Okay, listen up.
Mateo and I decided to make Gravity's ASA nomination party a ticketed event.
Open it up to the public, pull out all the stops.
But what about the ASA voters? Well, we still need to woo them, but we got to make some money, too.
So, I need y'all to be on point.
Does this mean I'm singing Take 3's nominated song alone? Just 'cause if I am, I got to rearrange my vocals.
Actually, you and Noah are gonna be performing "So Sick.
" Uh, Carlotta Noah, I'm sorry.
I'm cool with us doing press together.
I just I know this is unprofessional, and it's on me, but Derek still feels a way about what happened last year Can I leave now? I don't have time to listen to this raggedy-ass ho complain about her silver spoon problems.
Can you stop fighting me? I can't stop doing a damn thing.
But if you don't want to perform, that's on you.
Leave it to the professionals.
I'm out of here.
She really hates your ass.
She just lost her aunt.
Anybody could get it.
Don't take it personal.
You check it in! Don't make me ask you again! You hear me?! Huh? Deaf or something?! What the hell are you ? Get off of her.
What the ?! Cotton.
Baby girl, you miss Daddy? I'm not your baby girl anymore.
Dior's one of my gals.
She's a unicorn, just like you.
Give me my money, Daddy.
Give her her money, Leon.
Here, take the money.
Get out of here and don't let me see you again.
You know you owe me everything, right? You forget I'm the one that named you Cotton - in the first place.
- Get off of me.
You better get the hell out of here.
I'm gonna pay you back for this.
Whatever you do with your body is your business, but you don't want to mess with Leon.
Thank you.
Cassie? Why you not answering your buzzer? I got to talk to you about this ASA party at Karma.
Cassie? Cassie? Cassie? Oh, my God.
Cassie! You okay? Who did this? Xander.
He plotted something to double-cross Mateo, and I knew it would hurt you, and I couldn't let that happen.
He ain't gonna stop until he tears me down.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I'm so tired.
It's okay, sis.
It's all right.
I got it from here.
Okay? I'm-a kill his ass.
I had to see her for myself.
How's she doing? Sleeping.
She been like that for hours.
How's Davis? He's, um he's good.
He's in the waiting room with Megan.
I'll let y'all have a moment.
I never thought I'd say this, but I miss your crazy ass.
You're like the toughest girl I know.
You know, you're the only one I can show the ugliest parts of me to.
Right now, Star, I'm struggling.
Between Davis, the music, all these new pressures, I just It's like I got to be everything to everybody when actually I feel like nothing.
I'm trying to be everything Davis needs, but I need you to wake up and tell me if I'm doing this right.
I'm-a hold it down no matter what, you know.
No matter what, Stunt Queen.
Just promise me you'll wake up.
Any better? Yeah.
Lot better.
I still can't believe Mateo was caught up in Xander's dirt.
Lottie, can you please handle Maurice? I don't want him to see me like this.
Give me the phone.
What? Oh.
Hey, Carlotta.
I'm here to see Cassie.
Can you buzz me up? Nah, I can't buzz you up right now.
She kind of tied up.
What you want? To go over the new plans for the ASA party with Cassie.
Just e-mail it to her.
I'll make sure she takes a look at it.
Is everything okay? - We're fine.
- Go ahead, boy.
- I'll call you later.
- Just go.
- Carlotta - Bye.
But you know you can't hide in here forever.
That way Xander wins.
Lottie, honestly, I just feel like I need some time alone.
All right.
But you just remember, you built this life for yourself.
You went legit.
Now, we both know how hard that is in this family.
Keep fighting.
Don't let Xander take that away from you.
Look who came to see you.
Say hi to your mama.
Yeah, there she is.
We have to fight for her, 'cause she can't.
There's a light Inside the dark See, the days were long and cold and broken Filled with scars And I know it ain't easy To keep movin' on So you can come on home To me Stay with me, baby I'm here for you Through the rain and the battles, whatever I'll be there, too 'Cause it ain't time to go Yeah, this I know We got much more to do, so Come on, come on back To me Don't go, don't go, come on back Come on home, baby, back to me Don't leave 'cause I need you back Come and lay your head down next to me And I know it ain't easy To keep movin' on So you can come on Home to me.
She's coding.
- She's coding.
- Star? Run saline wide open.
Have the crash cart standing by.
- Give me five cc's of Ativan.
- Notify O.
Xander McPherson.
I know you're doing business with him.
Are you out of your damn mind? Carlotta, you got to trust me, all right? I know what I'm doing.
I got everything under control.
You can't control X.
He is a monster.
A virus.
I've watched him ruin people's lives for years.
Carlotta, they were gonna shut down Gravity Media.
I needed an investor.
He came out of the blue.
That's why I did it.
That bastard set you up so he could get to me.
What do you mean by that? Xander got a long history with my family.
Well, he threatened my family.
And I'm about to lose it all.
My business, my reputation, everything.
What you need to do is get back to your roots.
Trusting your instincts.
That's what got you here.
You got that hustle in you.
What, you forget how to use it? So sick of love Love - I've been giving all of me.
- How are you singing a duet by yourself? What are you doing here? I heard what happened to Star.
I wanted to come check on you.
How is she holding up? I mean, you know her.
She's a fighter.
- Yeah.
- I'm praying for her.
Look, I know this Noah duet throws you off.
Look, the whole reason you moved from New York was to follow your dreams.
I'll be damned if I get in the way of that.
I'm-a marry you one day, Alexandra Crane.
After all this crazy is over with.
I'm gonna let you get back to it.
How'd you get up here? Look, I'm not here as one of your coworkers, I'm here as your friend.
Something I know you ain't never had before.
Did he do this to you? I ain't want you to see me like this.
You know, I can't believe how many times I let that man beat me.
Like I'm some weak-ass bitch.
Anybody that puts their hands on a woman ain't a man, trust me.
And don't ever let me hear you say you're weak.
I know how strong you are.
Now, Xander got you feeling like you ain't enough.
Cassie, I'm here to tell you, you are enough.
As long as I'm around he'll never lay hands on you again.
I promise you that.
Thank you.
Oh, come on, Pops.
You've reached Bobby.
Leave a message.
I know, I know, I know.
I got you.
I got you.
It's okay, we got through that.
We got through that.
And just heal her, Lord, and bring her home to us.
In Jesus's name, amen.
I don't get it.
How do you pray to a God that would even allow her to be in that bed? It's the same God that allowed Derek to get up out that chair.
The same God that kept you through a plane crash.
The same God that gives us chance after chance.
We just got to reach out there and grab 'em.
Because life can change in the blink of an eye, so you got to go for what you want.
Ain't no point in waiting.
You know, when I was looking at Star in that hospital bed, I thought about you and Xander.
That could be your ass laying there.
He will never lay hands on me again.
Yeah, until he come up with some clever little words and you forgive him again.
Not this time.
Look, I'm really ready to start the next chapter in my life.
And I can't do that constantly looking over my damn shoulder.
So what you gonna do? Confront him.
You name the time and the place and I'll be there.
I will.
I promise.
Don't get too lit.
I need to get to the nomination party.
Alex, this way! When are new songs from Gravity coming out? Someone looks happy.
Well, I just locked down a deal with the Jaramillo brothers as prime investors in Gravity Media.
Of course I'm going to be excited.
Alex, looking good.
- You know what, I was talking today to Carlotta.
- Yeah? She reminded me that sometimes you have to stop outsourcing - and go back to my roots.
- Oh.
Sounds like a smart woman.
She is.
You know that you and I need to celebrate, right? You think I forgot about our unfinished business this morning? No, I didn't.
Trust me.
GiGi! Just two days after your aunt's suicide? GiGi, were you the one to find your aunt's dead body? What was so bad that it made her kill herself? Did you do something? Get the hell out of here! Oh, no How does it feel knowing she just gave up, GiGi? GiGi, is there anything else you want to say? - GiGi, right here! - GiGi, one more! Come on, GiGi.
My G, I've been on one on my solo Only know how to show me GiGi, wait.
How could she not know how much I loved her? Look, I know you're hurting.
You don't get it.
She was the closest thing I had to a mother.
I pushed her to this.
If I hadn't of fired her, she'd still be alive.
I shouldn't have did that video.
If you think this the first time that Aunt Ginny's druguse has been outed, you're crazy.
Okay, everybody knew.
I'm sorry if I ever blamed you.
GiGi, look at me.
Look at me.
What happened to your aunt is not your fault.
I had to learn that lesson.
Hell, I'm still trying to learn it with my mom.
She pulled the trigger but it killed me, too.
Over and over and over I tried Tried to be a good dad You must be sick of love Daddy's gonna be okay.
He's got a show tonight.
Come on, Alex, sing my song, baby.
This can't be love Do you know how much Daddy loves you? Do you? - And all your situations - You love this part.
I'm so sick Oh, Davis.
You're hungry, huh? You know what? I know what's gonna make you happy.
I know what's gonna make you happy, baby.
- I've been giving all of me - I got you, I got you, man.
You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity - Somebody tell me what to do - I'm so sick of love I'm feeling good I'm so sick of love Hold on.
I've been giving all of me You've been giving none of you - Okay.
- It's feeling like eternity - Hey.
- Somebody tell me what to do Davis.
Davis, I'm sorry.
I'll be right man, give me a second.
You tested my patience, spoon-fed me your lies I've been giving all of me You've been giving none of you It's feeling like eternity Somebody tell me what to do Noah.
Noah, what is this?! So sick of love What is going on? Some things never change.
- Come here, baby.
- W-Wait.
What are you doing? If you want to stand there and act stupid while your boyfriend tries to kill himself, then go ahead.
But it's not coming at the expense of my family.
W-Wait, w-where are you going? I'm taking the baby.
Die alone - Than to keep loving you - What? Davis.
Bitch, you better get off that phone and go get to the front.
You know we got work to do.
I don't care about who's snitching Only care about my business, only got love for my mama My , my riches, uh, yeah All I care about is countin' money All I care about is countin' money All I care about is countin' money All you care about is We need your help, Miss Cotton.
You ain't talking 'bout them riches What is going on? Leon did this.
Fast but the money's slow And they wonder why selling dope.
We need to talk.
Didn't we have a thorough discussion yesterday? Different day.
Cass, you forced my hand.
I rode with you since day one.
Loved you more than myself and my whole family.
You and I both know that you have never cared about anything but yourself.
How could you say something like that? You have had my heart since I was 16 years old.
I would've done anything for you.
You think this is who I wanted to be? You and your family, you made me this man.
Christine, she had me running drugs when I was a child, a little kid.
I did it and I stayed in this mess, 'cause I loved you.
I love you.
I hate you.
Back up.
You sorry.
You ain't no real man, taking no real responsibility.
I never forced you to put your hands on me.
I never forced you to put me down.
But it's over for you, Xander.
You know why? 'Cause I know who you really are.
I know who you are.
The Feds know who you are.
Turns out you the one with the leak in the organization.
And all your dreams to run the A ain't gonna ever come true.
You know why? 'Cause I told 'em everything.
Feds know about your whole operation.
You gonna rot in jail.
Droppin' a dime on you was the hardest call I ever had to make, bitch.
You ratted me out? I thought you don't snitch.
That applies to family, and we know your ass ain't family.
Cassie! Cassie! Nobody takes me down.
Nobody takes me down.
Nobody takes me down.
I just got your message.
Everything okay? Noah's back on that mess again.
I ain't gonna let him screw with Davis's life like that.
Oh, wow.
So what you trying to do? I want Davis full-time with me until Star wakes up.
Simone, that's a lot of responsibility.
That's a whole child.
Are you sure you want that? I've already talked about it with Angel.
I'd rather have this baby with me than in the system.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Where's Davis? Davis? Simone came to get him.
He's safe.
Damn sure safer than he was with you.
What? Are these worth it? Wait, look Megan, Megan, look Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Baby, baby, what are you doing? Wait - I need I need those.
- No.
That's where you're wrong.
You need your son for your life, but you don't need those pills.
Oh, baby.
Look, baby Megan, look, look, look, I promise, I promise.
- You're all I need.
I-I just - You almost killed your son! Do you realize that? I lost a baby.
I know that that wound gets deeper and deeper every day.
Refuses to heal.
- Megan, Megan - I don't have the strength to do this with you anymore.
I love you.
All right? All right? I-I love my son.
I won't do this again, all right? I will never do this again.
- Megan, please.
- I love you.
Come on.
But my love can't make you sober.
Goodbye, Noah.
Wha What's going on? You see me I feel like I'm always enough Despite all my flaws, babe Just hold on I get I'm not easy to love But bank on my word Look, I know that I'm wild But I'm so worth the ride If you open your mind And take a chance on me Baby, if you take my hand I'll give this love the best I can If trust is really all we have - I want you to believe in me - I do - Want you to believe in me - I do Mm, please, you want to believe in me I do, I do, I do, I do I can do it if you want to believe in me Yeah, yeah, please, you want to believe in me I do, I do, I do, I do Oh You're it, I'm all in Ain't thinking twice about that I got you and all that I'll love you without a regret Just give me your patience Please have some faith in me Believe in me, yeah Baby, if you take my hand I'll give this love the best I can If trust is really all we have - I want you to believe in me - I do - Want you to believe in me - I do Mm, please, you want to believe in me - I do, I do, I do, I do - I can do it If you want to believe in me, yeah, yeah Please, you want to believe in me I do, I do, I do, I do Oh Alex I can't believe you did all this.
Derek, I love you.
And I don't want to waste another moment.
I have everything with you.
And, over these past few days, I've been watching Star fight for her life and GiGi hurt.
I realized that I don't want to take anything for granted.
Baby, you have a lot on your shoulders.
You don't have to prove anything to me, okay? I can't focus on that.
This is about everything you've been to me, for me, since the day I met you.
I love you, too.
This isn't the only surprise.
I I don't want to wait for the crazy to be over, 'cause it'll never be over.
You've always been right there.
And I want that forever.
Derek, will you marry me? From the first day I met you and laid eyes on you, I knew I would be with you for the rest of my life.
So, is that a yes, because - I want to hear it.
- Yes.
Where you been? I've been trying to call you.
Take them damn glasses off.
You went to see X without me, didn't you? All right, whatever happened it's over.
For me.
But not for you.
Xander was my devil, but Calvin is yours.
We ain't got to talk about him.
No, we have to talk about it.
He told me about your son.
The baby that you had with Daddy is alive.
This is what I found.