Star Trek: Discovery (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

Light and Shadows

1 BURNHAM: Personal log, Commander Michael Burnham.
My mother taught me the greatest mysteries come in threes.
Birth, life, death.
The past, the present and future.
That's where the Red Angel is from.
We now have confirmation, thanks to Mr.
The angel is humanoid and wearing an exosuit made of future technology we've never seen.
But whose future? And why? The only person who may be able to answer these questions is the one person nobody can find.
We know Spock began drawing the seven signals two months before they appeared.
Which presumes the angel shared them with him for a damn good reason.
According to his cognitive tests, he had a mental break.
So, either the angel broke him or chose him because he was broken.
Well, I don't like either option.
Maybe, uh, it showed him a future he couldn't process.
We know that he ran from the psychiatric unit on Starbase 5.
And we know the shuttle that he stole disappeared somewhere in the Mutara sector.
- Any leads? - None.
But if the Federation and Section 31 are still looking for him I think we need to find him first, sir.
I need permission to go to Vulcan.
I haven't spoken to my mother or father in some time.
Sarek's on the Federation task force.
If he had any information, we'd know.
If he did, yes, we would.
My mother, on the other hand, she hasn't always seen eye-to-eye with him when it comes to Spock.
You've already packed your bag, haven't you? I'd never do that without your permission, sir.
Take your leave, Commander.
Good luck, and hurry back to us.
Thank you, sir.
Where are you headed? We're sticking around Kaminar for a while longer.
The signal that appeared with the Angel left behind traces of residual decay that Starfleet's tasked us with analyzing.
Hopefully, it'll tell us when and where in the future it came from.
Then, good luck to you, too, Captain.
PIKE: Status report, Mr.
The sensors have detected the same spike of tachyon particles Admiral Cornwell's team recorded after our expedition to the asteroid.
Sir? Sir, these readings can't be accurate.
5,000 parts per cubic micron? - That's a lot.
- Ah, outside a supernova, no one's ever recorded densities at this level.
It's freaking amazing.
Excuse me? I'm sorry, sir.
You know how I get around violations of causality.
Plus, you said that I shouldn't curse when I was on duty.
What kind of power source could generate that amount of tachyon particles? Well, the technology may not have been invented yet.
Let's determine more about this possible power source beyond "freaking amazing".
I am attempting to launch a probe into the anomaly that may help us determine where in the future it came from.
But the extreme tachyon interference is disrupting our targeting systems.
Well, let's get closer, then, shall we? Helm, forward, one-quarter impulse.
Airiam, assist Mr.
Saru with analysis, please.
- Where's Burnham? - On personal leave.
Why wasn't I informed? Because "personal" means personal.
Captain, if Burnham's absence is related to Spock's disappearance, you owe me an explanation.
I owe you? Owe me.
Uh, Mr.
Tyler, the chair outranks the badge.
The comms are off-line, sir.
Tactical systems have failed, too.
- Talk to me, Owo.
- OWOSEKUN: Captain, these readings don't make any sense.
The computers seem caught in some kind of loop.
SARU: Computers do not do well with temporal distortions, if that is what we are dealing with.
Oh, what the frick? TYLER [ECHOING]: You owe me an explanation.
- [ECHOING]: I owe you? - The chair outranks the badge.
Captain, dead ahead.
- What am I looking at? - SARU: It appears to be a rift in space-time, Captain.
Full reverse.
Systems back online.
Okay, let's not do that again.
Saru, load your probe onto a shuttle, I'll pilot it close enough to target the anomaly and launch from there.
- SARU: Sir? - Test pilot was my first assignment in Starfleet.
I know Discovery's shuttles better than anyone else on board.
Well, I have no doubt, sir, but you are vital personnel.
I'm also the most qualified.
Are you familiar with the term "bad penny", Mr.
Tyler? Captain, you can keep me in the dark about Burnham, but not when it comes to intelligence about these signals or the Red Angel.
I'm your official liaison to Section 31.
You have to deal with me.
And what about the Klingon inside you? You are aware the war is over, right? My problem isn't with Klingons.
You killed a member of this crew.
At least your shadow did Voq.
Sorry, but there's no way to get rid of him, sir.
I know the feeling.
Star Trek: Discovery S02E07 - Light and Shadows [ORIGINAL STAR TREK PLAYS] VULCAN OFFICIAL: Starfleet shuttle, identify yourself.
This is Commander Michael Burnham.
Requesting permission to land at the residence of Ambassador Sarek.
Is this official Starfleet business? I'm not here as a Starfleet officer.
I'm here as his daughter.
Permission granted.
My name is Amanda.
- What's yours? - Michael.
AMANDA: Do you want to meet our son? Do you want to meet our son? [LAUGHS] You are amused by your own error? Yeah.
That is illogical.
Emotions confuse me.
Me, too.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] AMANDA: I'm so glad you're home, Michael.
BURNHAM: Spock is still missing.
Mother, I need your help.
AMANDA: Yes, we know.
Sarek's been like that for hours.
From the moment your father heard that your brother disappeared, he's been practicing tok'mar every day.
I've never seen tok'mar performed before.
Ancient Vulcans believed it could bring lost souls back home.
It isn't working.
I think it's more than that.
Sarek has the most disciplined, logical mind I know.
If it isn't working, there has to be a reason.
I think you know what it is.
I haven't heard from him.
The longer he's on the run, the harder it'll be for him.
Yes, I can see the logic in that.
No matter how angry you are with me, you have to know how much I love him.
Spock is my brother, I'll protect him.
Even if I knew where he was there is no way that I would ever turn him in to be tried for murders he did not commit.
I have not seen him.
My whole life, you've told me the truth.
That's how I know you're lying.
If you know where he is, let me help him.
You have to.
You have to let me help him.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] Spock is not how you remember him.
[INDISTINCT COMM TRANSMISSION] PIKE: Shuttle 5 approaching the anomaly.
Now at minute five, and still no signs of temporal effects.
Ready to move us another 600 kilometers closer and reacclimate.
Like a diver rising to the surface.
Don't want to get the "time bends", sir.
Time bends.
I like that.
Oh, everything sounds cooler when you put "time" in front of it.
Getting readings off the rift time rift.
Transmitting to you now, Discovery.
SARU: Captain Pike, when targeting the anomaly with the probe, make sure to avoid the aperture.
The sooner you can launch, the better.
You are on the clock, sir.
PIKE: Acknowledged, Mr.
S Acknowledged [ECHOING]: Acknowledged, Mr.
Acknowledged, Mr.
Saru BRYCE: Vocal analysis shows that all three acknowledgments are the same transmission, sir.
Captain, you are experiencing temporal distortions.
Do not proceed any closer.
Launch the probe from your current position.
Thank you, Mr.
Registering full stop.
Entering coordinates and launch sequence.
[TYLER SCREAMING] No! Something wrong, sir? Sir? Launch the probe.
Captain, there's a temporal shock wave headed right at you.
PIKE: Copy that.
Engaging evasive maneuvers.
Hold on.
[CHOPPY]: Altering course for [CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] I've lost them in the time rift.
BRYCE: I can't locate them anywhere.
No response on any channel.
No transponder reading from the shuttle, either.
Rhys? Do you detect any debris from an explosion? I can't see anything, sir.
The sensors are not responding.
If I move the ship any closer, the same thing could happen to us, sir.
Officers, our mission has now changed from research to rescue.
The captain and Tyler are counting on us.
Owosekun, rectify our sensor issues by accounting for varying tachyon levels manually.
Rhys, continue studying the anomaly.
We must understand the internal dynamics of the phenomenon in order to recognize deviations.
Because those deviations might be our missing shuttle.
The radiation will be lethal in five hours.
Do you really think we'll be able to locate them? Well, the question may not be where they are, but when.
We must assume that time does not move inside the anomaly along a strictly linear course.
No, it jumbles it all up, like a blender.
Which makes finding the captain and Tyler impossible.
For us, perhaps, but as we discovered when Mr.
Mudd attacked us, Commander Stamets has a unique relationship with time.
The tardigrade DNA protects him from the effects of temporal distortions.
Perhaps he can see something we cannot.
Yes, sir.
SPOCK [MUTTERING]: Constructionism combines the epistemological thesis about what can be known with a meta philosophical view on the nature of philosophical questions.
Formal logic utilizes plausible reasoning and inductive methods organized into subsystems.
The most important of these systems is classical logic [CONTINUES MUTTERING] The most important of these systems is classical logic Formal logic utilizes plausible But even if their premises are true All inductive arguments are therefore deductively invalid.
The premises of an inductive argument do not entail the truth of the argument's conclusion.
In deductive logic, the methods of reasoning and the procedure for finding evidence are investigated.
In deductive logic, the methods of reasoning and the procedure for finding evidence are investigated.
Only if it is impossible for the conclusion to be false while the premises are all true.
[MUTTERING] SPOCK [MUTTERING]: A deductive argument is one that aims to show its conclusions must be true.
Spock, can you hear me? Spock.
To say that a logical construction is valid is to say that the premises are true - It's Michael.
- A deductive argument is one that aims to show its conclusion must be true.
[SPOCK CONTINUES]How long has he been like this? Two days.
I couldn't go to Sarek.
He would weigh the needs of the many against the [MUTTERING] We've got to get him to a doctor.
is classical logic.
Every avenue leaves a trail.
Mother, he's just repeating the First Doctrines of Logic.
He's trying to ground himself.
SPOCK: 8-4-1-9-4-7.
[ECHOING]: 8-4-1-9-4-7.
[ECHOING]: 8-4-1-9-4-7.
[ECHOING] What are those numbers? I don't know, I've tried looking.
Are they coordinates? Are they command codes? - Are they birthdays? - I don't know, I've tried everything.
We have to get him to a hospital.
You're not taking him anywhere.
Mother, if he were a full-blooded Vulcan, these emotions would have driven him insane by now.
You cannot keep him here.
Spock came to me for help, and I will never turn him in.
And under Federation law, I don't have to.
Please don't do this.
As the wife of the Vulcan ambassador, I have the legal authority to invoke diplomatic immunity in order to shield my son from extradition.
Unless the ambassador objects.
PIKE: The sensors are useless.
You're wasting your time.
We need a fixed point to target if we're gonna navigate - by dead reckoning.
- You telling me how to fly now? Captain, I'm not the enemy here.
You got any experience behind the stick? Take it.
[ALARM SOUNDING] Adjust heading to 1-90-mark-2.
That's the signal that brought us to Kaminar.
How is this possible? It disappeared before Discovery arrived.
We're being pulled back in time.
Or worse, we're traveling through past, present, and future all at once.
We could be together for all eternity.
Unless the rift closes while we're still here.
In which case, eternity might not last as long as we think.
I have to assume Discovery's coming through the anomaly for our flight path.
Release the plasma from the nacelles.
Three bursts, five minutes apart.
The thrusters will ignite the fuel.
All due respect, sir, we need this fuel.
That wasn't a suggestion, Mr.
Captain, every decision you've made so far is about your guilt at sitting out the war.
You're trying to prove your bravery at the expense of our lives.
That's enough! You will release the plasma, or when we get back to the ship, and we will get back to the ship, I'll throw you in the brig.
And then you can think about guilt while awaiting court-martial for failing to follow a direct order.
Do you understand, Specialist Tyler? Initiating plasma burn, sir.
The captain is lost? How the hell did that happen? Well, he and Tyler got swept up in a time rift.
A time rift? What's a? Wait, are these radiation levels accurate? They'll reach lethal exposure in four hours.
And Saru wants me to plot the shuttle's trajectory by using the mycelial network as a constant? Well, since you have tardigrade DNA in your system, it should be a piece of cake for you.
Beyond the event horizon, time exists all at once, which makes finding them like catching a grain of sand in a hurricane, using a pair of tweezers.
To say that a logical construction is valid SAREK: You lied to me, Amanda.
I assume you hid our son in this sacred crypt because it contains katra stones, which blocks any outside telepathic link with him.
You assume correctly.
Your behavior was impulsive and shortsighted.
AMANDA: How dare you.
I accepted this life because I love you.
And now Spock pays the price like he always has.
This is my worst fear.
Do you know that I used to read Alice to Spock when he was a little boy, before Michael came into the house? "which way I ought to go from here? "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to", said the Cat.
Do you know why I read him that book? Because Spock had difficulties.
Human difficulties.
Learning, reading, writing.
The Vulcans called it L'tak Terai.
A temporary complication remedied at the Learning Center.
He had no support.
Nobody wanted to help a half-Vulcan child with a learning disability he'd inherited from his mother.
And in order to save our son, I began to read him a story about how to survive when up is down and left is right.
SAREK: Your obsession with a book about chaos has done a disservice to our children.
They were the ones who were on both sides of the looking glass.
Not you, Sarek.
You never truly respected humanity.
If that were true, I would have married a Vulcan.
Would you have left Vulcan for me? No, you wouldn't.
I sacrificed everything for our family.
That does not change the fact that you have harbored a fugitive, which is a flagrant abuse of my authority.
I don't live under your authority.
I'm your wife and I'm your partner.
Try again, husband.
SPOCK: "'But I don't want to go among mad people', "remarked Alice.
"'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat.
"'We're all mad.
[MOUTHING] "'I'm mad.
You're mad'.
"'But how do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.
"'You must be', said the Cat".
He is regressing.
If Spock relinquishes all logic, he's lost.
BURNHAM: Father.
I believe this is connected to the Red Angel.
Spock saw it.
And the seven signals, before they appeared to us.
You hid this from me.
I wanted to find him first.
I was trying to save his life.
Amanda, you are correct.
Spock needs help, which is why you must deliver him to Captain Leland.
Throwing him at the mercy of Section 31 might be throwing him to the wolves.
You want to deliver our son to the people that are after him? The sole reason they must be after Spock is because his mind contains answers the Federation desperately needs.
Outside of this room, no one is more motivated to heal Spock than Section 31.
And what are they gonna do when they're done with him? Lock him in jail and throw away the key? Not if he is innocent.
And there is another logical reason Michael must do this.
Your career as a Starfleet officer will be jeopardized once again if you fail to fulfill your duty.
SPOCK: view on the nature of philosophical questions.
And I am not prepared to lose both of our children on the same day.
the framework of this system, the relation of logical sequence is PIKE: Status report, Mr.
Plasma levels at 30%, shields down to 23.
We're circling closer to the aperture.
So you got what you came for.
How's that? Dire straits, high stakes.
Low probability of surfacing.
And the bonus of taking me down with you.
I am trying to get us out of here.
Arguing with each other isn't going to make it [GRUNTS] What is that? It's our probe.
But somehow it got an upgrade.
BURNHAM: N-C-I-A-9-3, do you read? I'm Commander Michael Burnham, and my passenger, Lieutenant Spock, requires immediate medical attention.
MAN: Alter course to 1-3-1-mark-7 and power down your thrusters.
SPOCK [ECHOING]: 8-4-1-9-4-7.
GEORGIOU: I'm impressed you found Spock before we did, and that you used your own mother to do it.
I would have enjoyed manipulating mine like that.
If she'd lived a little longer.
Did you kill her? It's a blur.
LELAND: We've given Commander Spock a sedative for this procedure.
Captain Leland, what is that? It allows us to scan and repair Spock's neural impulses.
Control wouldn't proceed if there was any risk to your brother.
Give us the room, please.
[DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] That includes you.
] [DOOR WHOOSHES SHUT] [DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] I hope Spock is innocent.
If he isn't, my gut tells me he may not have been himself.
I know how painful this is for you.
You need answers.
So do we.
We will find them together.
I made that promise to Ambassador Sarek, and I'm making you the same promise.
Thank you, Captain.
Is there anything you can tell us about your brother's psychological makeup that may help us? [SIGHS] He's brilliant, curious.
When he was little, he seemed to have fewer filters.
Everything reached him.
My mother said he had a condition called L'tak Terai as a child.
I've heard the term.
It's a spatial and order dysphasia.
Much like dyslexia.
Pretty common on Earth.
Not so much on Vulcan.
I received permission from Admiral Cornwell to extend your leave.
However, our facilities are classified.
Section 31 doesn't allow non-assigned personnel to stay on board.
I'd rather not leave him alone, sir.
You won't be.
He'll get the best care the Federation has to offer.
We both need him to get better, Burnham.
Look, we're less than four hours away from Starbase 23.
Spock will be with the doctors until then, anyway.
Go ahead to the Starbase.
Get a bit of rest.
Listen, the best thing you can do for your brother right now is to take care of yourself.
He's gonna need you.
[DOOR WHOOSHES SHUT] [WHISPERING]: Spock, can you hear me? [SHUDDERING BREATHS] L'tak Terai You must have been so lonely.
Knowing you, you made something beautiful out of those mirrored images.
[ECHOING]: 8-4-1-9-4-7.
SPOCK AND BURNHAM: 8-4-1-9-4-7.
7-4-9 BURNHAM: 1-4-8.
The numbers are backwards.
Sir, I found something.
Residual traces of three deuterium plasma burns.
I think it's the captain.
Well, why burn off valuable fuel if you are being pulled into a rift? It's an old trick they taught us in flight school to alert search parties.
Figured it's something a former test pilot would do.
Well done, Mr.
Send those positions to Commander Stamets.
STAMETS: I'm calculating the shuttle's trajectory.
Not in three-dimensional space, but using corresponding coordinates within the mycelial network.
Well, my fourth-dimensional math must be off.
This looks like you just sprayed the monitor with grated Parmesan.
This plasma burn looks like it happened a week ago, this one yesterday, and the third one Eight minutes from now.
No, your math is spot-on.
Nonlinear temporal progression is a mind bender.
That's not good.
It's drifting toward the rift's aperture.
Well, why would it do that? Well, the currents in there work like water swirling down a drain.
The temporal distortions make spatial orientation meaningless to the human brain.
Unless you have tardigrade DNA.
Come on, Tilly.
PIKE: Engaging external shielding.
It's trying to find a way in.
Some of the metals in this thing don't even register on the periodic chart.
And atomic decay measurements indicate the probe's core has aged 500 years.
[THUMPING] So, what, it-it traveled 500 years in the future, someone messed with it and sent it back to us? Yeah.
[GRUNTING] - Where are we going? - To the transporter room.
I need to be on that shuttle.
I can fly them out.
Move! Sorry, but calculating transporter coordinates from here onto a moving shuttle inside of a temporal distortion? It doesn't look distorted to me, Tilly.
It's just anomalous.
But if your calculations are off - by even a fraction, you will end up - Very dead, which is why you'll be running the transporter on my mark.
- Oh, man, I knew you were gonna say that.
- [DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] No, w-w-wait, can-can we just stop for a second and think about this? What if we send the PADD over first - and see if it - We don't have time.
In one minute, the shuttle will leave the triangulation zone and we'll never - be able to find it again.
- Right, but, no - There must be another - Tilly.
Trust the math.
More importantly, trust yourself.
I wouldn't let just anyone beam me in and out of time.
- Excuse me.
- Stamets? I'm actually here ten minutes from now.
Admittedly confusing, but don't worry, I'm gonna get us out of here by using the network as a road map.
Did it work? Is Commander Stamets all right? I've got the shuttle.
It's exiting the anomaly.
On screen.
What is that? STAMETS: Discovery, this is Stamets.
We've picked up a hitchhiker; it's our probe but with a few modifications.
And in addition to it trying to kill us, it's accessing our ship's data core.
- Yellow alert.
- We have your, uh, shuttle screens mirrored here, sir whoa.
The probe is searching our computers at incredible speeds; I will attempt to lock it out.
PIKE: We'll try on our end.
Grab the Fahrenheit tools.
Rhys, can you target the probe without destroying the shuttle? Not with your shields so low.
Can we beam them out? They're too near the rift to get a lock, sir.
Hold on, I'll move us closer to Discovery.
[POWER FALTERING] Plasma's gone.
We're in drift.
It's pulling us back into the rift.
[GRUNTS] I've disabled the cameras for 60 seconds, so listen closely.
Your instincts are correct, Michael.
That machine is a memory extractor.
It will destroy your brother's mind.
Why should I believe you? Leland is just a puppet following orders.
And I didn't think you'd want your brother's blood on your hands.
So you're telling me this out of the goodness of your heart? No, the goodness of yours.
I know so much more about you than you can imagine.
But that's for another time.
Right now, you're going to attack me, then rescue Spock, which is good for you.
And that will make Leland look bad, which is good for me.
Ten seconds, Michael.
So, what will it? [GRUNTS] [COUGHS] Trying to make it look good.
[COUGHS] Not bad.
Once more, with feeling.
[GRUNTING] SARU: Captain Pike, we cannot get a transporter lock for you on our end, and we will lose you to the rift in 34 seconds.
Commander, can you calculate the transporter coordinates for Discovery remotely? Uh probably? Great.
Saru, I'm blowing up the shuttle manually.
Engaging self-destruct sequence.
Better hurry with those calculations, Mr.
STAMETS: Sending transport coordinates now.
Coordinates received.
Standing by to transport.
Self-destruct activated.
STAMETS: Owo! Beam us out.
Owo, beam us out! Now, now, now, now, now, now, now! [TYLER SCREAMING] SARU [ECHOING]: Commander Airiam, are they safe? Commander Airiam, are they safe? Commander Airiam? They are securely on board.
]: Attention, all personnel.
Security breach in main shuttle bay.
Security breach to the shuttle bay.
Standard detainment protocols remain in [POWER SURGING] Thank you, Mr.
Thank you, everyone, for, uh well, our lives.
Don't thank us yet, sir.
A shock wave from the shuttle explosion is about to hit us with a time tsunami.
That one's not as cool as it sounds.
Detmer, maximum warp.
Get us out of here.
Aye, sir.
[SIGHS] It's good to be back in the chair.
You should probably get that checked out.
On Qo'noS, we wouldn't even bother to bandage it.
You know if it wasn't for you, that think would've sliced me in two.
Just instinct.
No, it's more than that, and I am grateful.
And, Mr.
Tyler, you may have been right about why I, uh why I gave myself the mission.
And a few others, if I'm being honest.
Your plasma burn was the right call, sir.
Like you said, you were the most qualified.
Saru, have you analyzed the probe's attack on our systems? Well, analyzing, sir.
It will take us time to discover what it was looking for.
That probe came from the future and tried to kill us.
The Red Angel comes from the future.
Captain, are you suggesting it may share the probe's hostile intent? Mr.
Tyler has broached that possibility before, and today I think he might have a point.
Whether the Red Angel is here to end something or start something, one thing's for sure.
We're in the middle of a fight for the future.
Always, Mr.
We are always in a fight for the future.
LELAND: You let her go.
She overpowered me.
Check the cameras.
Where is she taking Spock? They're family.
Maybe they're going on a picnic.
Georgiou do not overestimate your value here.
Who do you think you're fooling, Leland? You need me to keep Burnham from finding out the truth.
The truth? You're responsible for the death of her parents.
Mind your manners.
You're no longer calling the shots.
MAN: Sectors 0-1-4 and 0-1-5 report all clear.
Sensors are picking up elevated EM interference in 0-1-6.
WOMAN: Clear, 0-1-6.
Let's move on.
MAN: Acknowledged.
COMPUTER: Section 31 ships beyond sensor range.
Spock, can you hear me? 8-4-1-9-4-7.
Computer, search database for matches with the following numbers: 7-4-9-1-4-8, in that order.
COMPUTER: Working.
Give me everything you have.
"Either the well was very deep, "or she fell very slowly.
For she had plenty of time as she went down" COMPUTER: Working working "to wonder what was going to happen next".
What are you trying to say? Talk to me.
COMPUTER: Database match found.
One planetary system, located at 7-4-9-mark-1-4-8.
Identification: Talos IV.
They were coordinates.
Computer, set course for Talos IV.
Maximum warp.
[POWER SURGING] Where are you taking us, Spock? I've seen the possible future.
One that could well be determined by our actions.
This could be the defining moment for multiple civilizations.
- Millions of lives.
- Show me my brother's mind.
Now, you see.
Star Trek: Discovery S02E07 - Light and Shadows