Star Trek: Discovery (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

If Memory Serves

1 GARRISON: A ship in trouble making a forced landing, sir.
TYLER: It comes from the Talos star group.
Their call letters check with a survey expedition.
PIKE: My name is Christopher Pike, commander of the space vehicle Enterprise.
Our destination is the Talos star group.
PITCAIRN: There's a canyon to the left.
We can set you down there completely unobserved.
VINA: I think it's time to show the captain our secret.
This is Vina.
Her parents are dead.
She was born almost as we crashed.
SPOCK: This is all some sort of trap.
Are you real? Perhaps they made me out of dreams you've forgotten.
Is there any way I can keep them from probing my mind, from using my thoughts against me? I can't help but love you.
Let's get back to the ship.
I can't.
I can't go with you.
PIKE: Personal log, Captain Christopher Pike.
Stardate 1532.
Still no word from Commander Burnham, but I know she won't give up until she finds her brother Spock.
As much as it pains me to think the worst of any Starfleet division, I do hope she locates him before Section 31 does.
[INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER SPEAKERS] is restricted to all unauthorized personnel until further notice.
PATAR: It is critical Lieutenant Spock be apprehended as soon as possible.
And by fleeing with her brother, Commander Burnham has committed yet another act of mutiny.
I accept full responsibility for our security lapse.
As you should.
Spock's foreknowledge of these signals appearing around the galaxy and his interactions with the Red Angel constitute vital intelligence.
Are you tracking their shuttle? We had a lock on its trajectory for only minutes before it was lost.
Burnham disabled her transponder.
She's smart.
I expect she'll obscure her warp signature to keep us from regaining a trace.
PATAR: She can't hide forever.
Spock's in need of vital medical intervention.
That limits their potential destinations.
Any chance of you getting us a list of off-planet Vulcan medical facilities? Control's threat-analysis system will prioritize those.
Any other suggestions? I believe that we should I was asking Captain Georgiou.
Since you asked, I would put out a Federation-wide alert for Burnham's shuttle, but exclude Discovery.
TELLARITE ADMIRAL: Exclude Discovery? Why? We don't want personal entanglements complicating the search.
If Burnham were to reach out to anyone, it would be Pike.
Let's listen for it but not tip our hand.
Excellent observation.
Captain Leland, you have an agent on Captain Pike's ship? - Specialist Tyler is on board, yes.
- Good.
Because if Burnham communicates with Discovery, we need to know.
Keep us informed.
GEORGIOU: All of this reliance on computerized threat analysis bothers me.
In my universe, the artificial intelligence took orders from me, not the other way around.
Really? And how did that work out for you? Why don't you whip up a good reason for Discovery to stand down and relay the orders to them, since you're on a roll.
MAN [OVER SPEAKERS]: Encryption protocol verification has been ordered for all GEORGIOU: We'll find Spock and Burnham, of course, and they'll have a lovely time answering many, many questions.
In the meantime, since you felt it necessary to destroy that probe, we'd like you to comb through the debris field to find any remains that could help us understand what it was made from and why it accessed your computers.
That kind of thing.
Are you sure Commander Burnham received the hails from your ship and that she deliberately ignored them? Why would I lie? Michael always has a logical motivation for her actions.
Believe me, I know her well.
GEORGIOU: No matter how you may feel about her, she is aiding and abetting a murder suspect.
PIKE: Who also happens to be her brother.
There are many different approaches here.
The Discovery can be a more valuable asset.
Discovery’s value lies in gathering more Intel on the probe.
Oh, and if Burnham checks in, we need to know immediately, okay? I'm really busy.
All right.
My tolerance for discretion has worn very thin.
What, exactly, is your relationship with Michael Burnham? It's 100% professional, sir.
And has that always been the case? Mr.
Tyler, you and I have been through a lot together recently.
I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, and I'm asking that you do the same with me.
I was in love with Michael, and she was not entirely disinterested in me.
But I violated her trust.
I wasn't the person she thought I was, so she moved on.
I apologize, Mr.
Tyler, but I'm responsible for a lot of lives here.
Your feelings could impact our mission.
They won't.
Permission to be excused, Captain.
COMPUTER: One of 11 planetary bodies, Talos IV was a warp-capable M- Class planet with a thriving population, until several thousand years ago, when nuclear war caused a near-extinction-level event.
A small population of the indigenous species remains, possessing susceptive psychogenic abilities.
Travel within the Talos system is prohibited by Starfleet.
We're approaching Talos IV.
Whatever it is you're looking for, I hope we find it.
Now entering restricted space.
Shuttle entering critical orbit.
Correct course.
Computer, reverse starboard impulse engine and engage warp drive.
BURNHAM: Spock! It's a black hole.
We'll be crushed.
COMPUTER: Structural failure in five seconds.
Was that an illusion? No, it was a test.
We're really on the other side of the looking glass now, aren't we? Star Trek: Discovery S02E08 - If Memory Serves [ORIGINAL STAR TREK THEME PLAYS] So, uh, not much has changed.
Should feel pretty familiar.
More or less.
Anyway, I think we should, uh, take full advantage of this opportunity.
You wouldn't believe how much personal time I have saved up.
Yes, I would.
You spent every waking moment in your lab, weekends, nights.
Great, so, uh, looks like your memory's fully intact.
That's good news.
I was hoping the first time you saw him would be, uh I don't know, I I'm just glad we're together.
Look, I'm gonna make a formal request to have Tyler's quarters moved to a different deck.
There's no reason you should have to see his face every day.
Here we are.
[DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] Airiam, how we doing on the data core audit? The probe used multiple SQL injections, but I've yet to find any compromised files.
The list of facilities you asked for, Captain.
That's more than I thought.
All right, start with the Quiliam Station in Beta Quadrant and work your way around.
Quiliam? That's a Vulcan hospital.
You're looking for Spock and Burnham? Georgiou made it pretty clear we were to concentrate on collecting debris from the probe.
And we are.
The crew is on task.
Ensign Tilly, care to bring Specialist Tyler up to speed - on our probe search? - Oh, yes, sir.
Come into my office.
TYLER: What's up? Okay, so this is your Class-C mid-embrace with a very unpleasant and time-traversing cephalopod.
- What's that? - Like a squid.
Here you are post-self-destruct.
And so far, we have reclaimed one metric ton of material, all of which is from your shuttle.
There are no probe parts.
- How is that possible? PIKE: - We don't know.
Point is, we're doing our job.
If Section 31 wants us to stay stationary, so be it, but I won't ignore a crisis involving my officers.
COMPUTER: Atmosphere: 18% oxygen, 75% nitrogen, 4.
6% carbon dioxide.
Temperature: 24 degrees Celsius.
I need to take a look around.
- Who are you? - Where I come from, the one holding the phaser asks the questions.
- Are you Talosian? - No.
Human, but a permanent resident.
It's me.
Don't you recognize me? What's happened to him? Who are you? I'm an old friend of Captain Christopher Pike.
Is-is Chris is he coming back, as well? Are you saying Captain Pike and Spock have both - been here before? - Well, in some ways, Captain Pike never left.
I was a crew member on a survey ship that crashed here when I was young.
Long ago.
The Talosians put me back together.
That's the easiest way to explain it.
I'm Commander Michael Burnham.
They welcome you, Commander, and ask that you join them below the surface.
They're speaking to you now? Beam down with Spock so they can examine him.
What do you mean, "examine"? You brought us here because you knew the Talosians could help you.
Have you been in communication with them? VINA: They assure you, your shuttle will be safe here.
Coordinates, please.
Computer, two to beam down.
Are you real? TALOSIAN MALE: She is very real.
We apologize for the difficulties entering the atmosphere.
Material illusion is our primary form of defense.
BURNHAM: I'm beginning to understand that.
Do you only speak telepathically? We will converse in the ancient way if you prefer.
Can you tell me why, exactly, he risked our lives bringing us here? [LOW HUM] The Vulcan is experiencing time as a fluid rather than a linear construct.
Conventional logic has not helped him interpret such an experience.
He knew you'd be able to help him.
He knew that conventional medical understanding would be useless.
Should this variance continue, he will lose his mind, permanently.
What could have possibly changed his experience of time? It is easier for us to show you his thoughts than explain them.
But we require something in return.
The memory of what happened between you and your brother on Vulcan.
TALOSIAN MALE: We wish to view the entire conflict between the two of you during childhood.
The defining experience.
The wound you inflicted.
You want to experience our pain? Why? For your entertainment? This is how we understand.
How we survive.
Survive another way.
[LOW HUM] TALOSIAN FEMALE: Your brother's sanity will depend entirely on your cooperation.
It's better not to resist, Commander.
They dive deeply into our minds.
Our hopes.
Our memories, our fears.
Even our dreams.
This is how they found me after the crash.
They gave me the choice: to live the rest of my life as I am or as I was.
You see? They're not unnecessarily cruel.
And even though this may just be a projection, it it feels as real as it looks.
TALOSIAN FEMALE: To reorder your brother's mind, we must disengage him from logic.
But you must pay the price.
We may watch you relive your memory? Yes.
But I need to see my brother's mind first.
Very well.
[LOW HUM] SPOCK: It began the night you ran away from our home.
[PANTING] Deep into the forests of Vulcan's Forge and its many dangers.
That is when the Angel first appeared to me.
I thought it was a dream, a premonition.
It showed me [ROARING][GASPING] your death.
[SNARLING] [SCREAMS] [GASPS, PANTING] I told Mother and Father where I had seen you in the forest.
The Angel saved you.
She changed your fate.
Years later, it appeared to me once again.
Another dream, another premonition.
I now understand its meaning.
And where it must lead me.
It guided me to a remote planet and showed me the end.
My mind to your mind.
My thoughts to your thoughts.
[GASPS] [GRUNTS] [PANTING] Now you see.
Dinner is served.
Computer, music, please.
[MUSIC PLAYING SOFTLY] You kept all my things.
Well, I-I thought about, uh, sending stuff to your mom.
I tried to pack it.
It was too hard.
I wasn't ready, I guess.
Here, um, first course.
Your recipe.
Is it good? Yeah, I-I guess, it's just It's just unfamiliar.
It's your favorite.
I have that memory.
It's just, my-my senses, my feelings don't connect with it.
Or anything, really.
I- I think wh-what you're dealing with is-is a-a form of neutralizing shock.
It's not that simple, Paul.
It's not a matter of identity, because we know who you are.
Or maybe that's just who I was.
I I think we should try to normalize What's normal about this? You never put together dinner in our quarters before.
I'm just trying to help.
I'll do anything.
Please tell me how I don't know what to do! You keep pushing me to feel something! You want me to just pick up where we left off as if nothing happened? You have no idea! Look, uh, losing you was-was the worst thing that ever happened, but but now that you're here again, I'm-I'm just trying to treat it like what it is: a miracle that I dreamed about every night since you Since I died.
Say it! Why are you so angry with me? You know what, Paul? That's a good question.
Tyler, this is my ship.
More importantly, this is my crew.
I will not call off the search.
I will not leave two of them out there.
Certainly not when one is accused of crimes I don't believe he committed.
When we're not in our right minds, Captain, we're capable of anything.
I can believe that about you.
[SCOFFS] Not about Spock.
It doesn't matter what you believe.
31 believes he's a killer.
You may find them first, but you won't get to them first.
Section 31 is watching you.
Not just Leland and Georgiou, but their whole operation.
Do you think you're surprising me with this information? When Leland reaches Spock and Burnham, he will bury them.
Discovery’s search only shines a light on her.
What are you saying? Trust Michael to find the right way through.
Ultimately, it's the safer choice for both of them.
If you trust Burnham more than Section 31, why are you working for them? I know they act in gray areas, and I know they're dedicated people trying to keep you and every other part of the Federation safe.
After what I've been through, after what I've become, I can be of service there.
[DOOR WHOOSHES OPEN] [DOOR WHOOSHES SHUT] SARU: Captain, may I have a moment?Walk with me.
It appears someone on our ship accessed the transceiver array and sent out an encrypted, unauthorized subspace transmission.
Three of them, actually.
Large bursts.
Petabytes of data.
An unauthorized transmission? Where? Unknown, sir.
Not just anyone can access that array.
There must be some trace of the sender.
Well, if there is, sir, we will find it.
You saw the Red Angel.
First as a child, then again a few months ago.
What is it? - Who is it? - If I knew, we would not be here.
I was asking rhetorically.
Then at least ask something I have never asked of myself.
Can we have a better version of this conversation? Is there a valuable question in your arsenal? Yes.
Do you actually think the beard is working? The barren planets Andoria, Earth.
Is the Angel a time traveler? The engineering comprehension necessary to build its suit would suggest so.
And some of the memories it shared with me have yet to occur.
[SIGHS] There was no one left.
A possible future.
One that could well be determined by our actions.
Yours and mine.
Yeah, yours and mine.
Spock, there is so much that I No.
I am not here to absolve you, Michael Burnham.
This is not about your feelings.
Guess I'm a fool for taking that personally.
I risked everything to bring you here.
It does not surprise me that you see it that way.
But it was I who brought you here to see what I have seen.
How does my seeing help you? I required someone who had context of my time line.
Of me.
So you required family.
An interesting choice of words, coming from you.
Shall we continue? There is a great responsibility at hand.
To serve the needs of the many.
I'm listening.
An impermeable layer of energy surrounding the suit.
A quantum field I was unable to infiltrate.
Still, the thoughts I received from within it were human.
Human? There was loneliness, desperation.
You will need to see more.
Our hosts will attempt to safeguard your mind if you continue.
But if you need to rest before No, I don't.
Show me.
Spock, there's been an event.
Signals in space seen across the galaxy.
The pattern is undeniably what you previously described.
And what you are drawing here.
They're real.
My vision wasn't a hallucination? "Premonition" might be a more accurate word.
Then the images I saw in the mind meld these signals Somehow, you reported them before they appeared.
What do you think they are? I believe they represent an attempt to communicate.
By whom? Perhaps these signals have appeared before.
Somewhere else? As a Starfleet science officer, you would have been exposed to a comprehensive historical History will not provide an answer to your query, Doctor.
Instead, you should be asking me how is it I can remember tomorrow? It was a mistake to come here.
I must leave.
Spock, leaving would be premature.
There are Section 31 officers coming to transfer you to a more specialized facility.
Section 31? Your mind is in crisis.
The Vulcan part of you requires time to heal.
SPOCK: You are correct.
Time most certainly has something to do with it.
[GRUNTING AND GROANING] What happened after that? Section 31 thinks you murdered these people.
I see your faith in my character has not changed since we were children.
You are inside my mind, yet you still need confirmation.
Do you see murder here? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [HUSHED MURMURING] I'm sorry.
I don't expect you to understand, but it wasn't really me.
It was Voq.
Bring him out.
It doesn't work like that.
I can find him.
[CROWD MURMURING] [GRUNTS][CROWD GASPS, MURMURS] This must be allowed to play out.
Are you sure about that? Stop it.
[GRUNTING] Stop! Stop, you Bring him out! [QUIET MURMURING] [GRUNTING, PANTING] I don't even know who I am anymore.
Who do you think you're talking to? You allowed the fight to proceed? Well, I believe the confrontation was a necessary and unavoidable catharsis for both men.
But hardly an example of by-the-book conflict resolution.
[SCOFFS] The Starfleet manual offers no regulatory guidelines for interactions between humans with Klingons grafted to their bones and a ship's doctor returned from the dead.
Then, occasionally, we have to make it up as we go along.
SARU: That is the situation in which we find ourselves, yes.
This is not intended with any judgment, Mr.
Saru, but I suspect that, before your own evolution, you might have made a different call.
Perhaps, Captain.
Given the unusual nature of our circumstances, I'm going to overlook the incident, but this can't happen again.
And please make sure everyone's aware that we will not be settling our differences with violence, but with the uniform code of contact.
And that goes for you as well.
Understood, Captain.
H - How I'm not used to you being afraid of me.
Used to me? It's a lot to digest.
There's something I need to say.
When you came to Talos, I'd been alone for so many years.
I never imagined happiness or love.
And when the Talosians decided we were unsuited for each other when you left, it was worse.
Because I knew what I'd lost.
I've thought about you- us- often, and wished that you would have come with me.
Chris, I didn't need to.
That's what I'm trying to say.
They brought you back to me.
Not the real you- it's illusory, of course- but the part of you that still lives inside of me.
We've spent a lifetime together.
I'm glad I'm glad you're not alone.
All this time, you kept me sane.
Kept me tethered to what I once felt.
Even though I was never the person you thought I was.
You didn't deceive anyone, VINA.
I felt it, too.
But you're here now.
This is real.
As real as it needs to be.
But the Talosians' ability to project illusions across space is limited.
And the farther away you are, the harder it is to sustain.
There's someone you need to see.
You're on Talos? Can you see me? Yes, Captain.
I found Spock.
He directed us here so the Talosians could show me his mind.
The first thing I need to tell you is Spock is innocent.
There were no murders.
I didn't want to communicate through subspace.
Section 31 might have traced our transmission.
I know what happened.
Georgiou reported that she tried to hail your shuttle while Spock was on board and you failed to respond.
I took Spock to Captain Leland, and he tried to use invasive Terran technology to rip his mind apart.
But why? What do they want with Spock? My memories of the future.
Spock it is good to see you.
Captain, I have seen the Red Angel, and it revealed the final outcome of our current time line.
If we are to escape what awaits us, we must follow the Angel's design.
What design? Please, the window is closing.
SPOCK: Captain, I never believed I would ask this of anyone, but I need you to take me on faith.
You must come for us now, if you can.
Chris, hurry.
We're out of time.
Hurry for your friends.
They're counting on you.
You should at least at least get your hand checked out.
Why? I I can feel it.
And I'm not letting anyone fix things I can feel.
Look, just come home and It's not my home anymore, Paul.
That version of me that called your quarters home, that version of me is dead.
And I'm not going back.
But is it because you don't want to or - because you don't know how? - What difference does it make? Would you please just move forward? And let me do the same.
I, uh Okay.
[ELECTRONIC CHIMING] MAN [OVER SPEAKERS]: Commander Stamets to Engineering.
Engineering, status, please.
Commander Stamets is just getting into position now, Captain.
What's our destination, Captain? Talos IV.
OWOSEKUN: Captain.
Talos is in a restricted section of the Alpha Quadrant.
Yes, it is.
Hit it, Airiam.
[ENGINES POWER UP] [ENGINES WIND DOWN] [WHIRRING, CREAKING] The spore drive just disengaged, sir.
What's going on down there? It appears to be a failure in the spore hub.
Sir, I'm seeing corruption in duotronics.
Corruption that seems to have been introduced manually somehow.
Have there been previous corruption issues with the hub? Not like this.
We run level-three diagnostics on the entire spore drive every ten hours.
[ALARM BEEPING] Someone deliberately corrupted the system.
- Why the black alert? - We have to get to Talos IV to retrieve Spock and Burnham.
But our spore drive has conveniently gone down, and it wasn't an accident.
You think someone tampered with it? Who? Who would do that? Well, we might be able to narrow down the list by asking who had a vested interest in keeping us here.
SARU: And someone on our ship has been sending unauthorized, heavily encrypted subspace transmissions to unidentified recipients.
I don't know anything about - unauthorized transmissions.
SARU: - Odd.
They were authorized by your command codes.
I sent nothing.
To no one.
Someone must have spoofed my code.
And sabotaged the spore drive.
- You don't really think I - I've recently learned that Section 31 has accessed invasive neurologic tech.
Maybe they used it on you.
Maybe you don't even know you're doing it.
That part of my life is over.
I'm sure I-I'd know if I did something like that.
I'm sorry, Tyler.
I can't afford to take your word for it.
And neither can you.
Have him confined to his quarters until further notice.
[SCOFFS] Trust me on this, if nothing else: Section 31 will find a way to track you.
Thank you, Mr.
I agree.
Set a course for Starbase 11 - at maximum warp.
- Aye, sir.
Radio ahead.
- Say that we need repairs.
- Aye, Captain.
Maybe that'll throw off any potential pursuers.
Starbase 11 is two light-years from Talos IV.
Exactly why I want Section 31 to think that we're going there.
We'll pick a point midway, alter course and then run silent.
That should buy use enough time.
I hope.
BURNHAM: Thank you for helping Spock.
I'm pretty sure he would have died without your help.
Discovery will be here soon.
There isn't much time.
I owe them my memory.
You don't want them to force payment.
It's awful.
SPOCK: I've shown her all the memories she needs to see.
Yeah, well now you have to share one of mine.
It's the price I agreed to for your recovery.
[LOW HUM] YOUNG SPOCK: Michael, wait.
[GASPS QUIETLY] Michael, wait.
Where are you going? Spock, I'm a danger to your family.
Our family.
There are too many Vulcans who don't want humans living here.
Father knows the separatists aren't gone.
They'll come back and attack your home.
Our home.
We'll fight them.
It's better this way.
You deserve to grow up somewhere safe.
Safe is a relative construct.
Safe has inconsistent meanings.
Stop it.
I am going.
Then I'm going with you.
I don't want you with me.
Don't you understand that? You are my sister.
[ECHOING]: My sister You you are helping the human part of me learn to express The human part of you is so small it won't make a difference in your life.
Why can't you get it through your head? I don't want a freak like you as a brother.
- But I love you.
- Love? You're not capable of love.
- I am.
- No, you are not.
You are Vulcan, and you will always be cold and distant, like a moon somewhere.
You're not worth my effort.
But you promised you would teach me the ways of Earth.
- That maybe we could live there one day.
- Don't you get it? I don't want you in my life.
Stop following me you weird little half-breed.
[GASPS] Spock, I didn't mean any of those I am aware you were trying to sever our emotional connection so that I would be less distraught by your absence.
A primitive tactic, but logical.
No, it was more than that.
The Logic Extremists would have targeted our family as long as I was still in that house.
I did not want you to get hurt or killed.
But I should have tried something else.
Anything else.
Spock, I am so sorry.
In point of fact, I am grateful.
Your words showed me how damaging my humanity could be.
No, your humanity was beautiful.
I was a child.
You were a catalyst.
In an attempt to escape emotion, to escape you, I fully submerged in logic.
But my bedrock of logic, my constant, has always been time itself.
And now time has failed me.
Logic has failed me.
Emotion has failed me.
I have nothing to build upon, yet build I must.
This could be the defining moment for multiple civilizations and millions of lives, and I am not ready.
Are you more angry with me or yourself? Do not attempt to psychoanalyze me, Michael.
Better minds than yours have tried and failed.
Yet you chose me for this journey.
You value our connection.
Perhaps the bedrock of your logic is this relationship.
You are correct, however, on one matter.
It was foolish to idolize you.
And I regret it deeply.
VINA: Discovery's approaching.
There is another ship close behind.
They want you to know you're in danger.
The Section 31 ship is hailing, sir.
Tyler's confined.
They didn't find us through him.
Answer them, Bryce.
I know where you're going, Pike.
Cut your engines immediately.
That's an order.
I'll start following orders when you start telling the truth.
Or did you not think I'd find out what you were going to do to Spock? LELAND: Last warning, Chris.
Stand down.
Detmer, drop us in over Talos IV.
Owo, the second we're in range, start scanning for our people.
- Got them, sir.
PIKE: - Beam them up, quickly.
Copy that, sir.
Achieving lock, and beaming now.
[ALARM BEEPING] And? I've locked on with our transporter, - but I'm getting interference.
TILLY: - Sir, Section 31 has a lock on Burnham and Spock as well.
Leland again, sir.
Put him on.
Pike, disengage your transporter beam immediately.
- I can't do that.
- If one of us doesn't let go, Burnham and Spock will be ripped apart atom by atom.
Is that what you want? Because that's exactly what's going to happen if you don't disengage your transporter beam.
Mute screen.
What do I do, sir? Captain? Let your friends go.
It's the only way.
Let them go.
Let us all go.
Trust me.
Goodbye, VINA.
Owo disengage transporter.
Yes, sir.
[SIGHS] - They've disengaged.
- Beaming in now.
You did the right thing.
That will be noted in my after-action report.
Now, you and your crew are to report to Starbase 11 and await disciplinary action.
Leland out.
You look exceptionally pleased with yourself.
Aren't you surprised Pike gave up so easily? Thank you for your insight.
Now, this time, I'll do the talking.
Captain, I detect a shuttle approaching from the planet.
OWOSEKUN: Trying to scan it, Captain, but something is blocking us.
Should I hail them, sir? No.
They wouldn't want to risk answering.
Let them in the shuttle bay.
Saru, with me.
LELAND: Welcome back, Commander.
What were you doing on Talos? This will go easier if you answer me.
Or it can go harder.
I beg to differ.
Say goodbye, Spock.
Goodbye, Spock.
What is this? What's happening? BURNHAM: Captain.
Commander Saru.
But how? Talosian projection.
That's how.
Greetings, Captain.
Are you all right? Much better for seeing you in person, sir.
Even if we are only riding into danger.
Is that a smile I see on your face? I believe it is.
Well, welcome to Discovery.
Those Talosians tried this trick with me in the Terran universe once, and I blew them and their stupid singing plants off the face of the planet.
Well, you might have told me about the scope of their abilities.
And miss seeing you explain yourself to the admirals? Oh, Leland, I wonder how this will work out for you.
Captain on the bridge.
Spock, I need to hear about this Red Angel.
Do you know what it is? A human, and nothing more.
BURNHAM: It appears this person is attempting to change the outcome of our current time line.
And what is that outcome? A future in which all sentient life in our galaxy has been eradicated.
By what? Unclear, Captain.
Well, we should sure alter course and get the hell out of here.
- In just a few minutes.
- Discovery will become the most wanted ship in the galaxy.
I don't suppose the Red Angel offered you any advice on how to handle a situation like this.
But my limited experience as a fugitive suggests only one course of action.
And what is that? We run.
PIKE: I can't ask any of you to participate in what is clearly an act of disobedience.
- Course heading, sir? - TILLY: Does feel like we should get moving, like, now.
I think you have the crew, sir.
Helm, get us out of here.
Welcome to Section 31 headquarters.
Are those mines? Blade mines, they'll slice the hull like cheese.
This is your captain.
Brace for a bumpy ride.
Shields down to 41%.
What the hell was that? What is Airiam doing? Michael? Star Trek: Discovery S02E08 - If Memory Serves